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Item Location Help Answers
"Special item" in Farebuy? 2
Another miracle? 1
Anyone know how to make the dragovian sword stronger? 1
Are there monster that throw skull helm? 1
Aside from the casino, what is the fastest way to earn gold? 3
can I get another world map? 5
Can't open certain chests? 1
Does useing a staff as an item in battle break it like a prayer ring? 1
Enemies don't ever drop items? 2
Eros Bow? 1
Falcon Earings??!?!?!?!!!???!?!?!? 2
Gold nuggets, dark godbird's eyrie? 3
Guys I was reading save state hacking guide. There were items called DUMMY STAFF.Can someone describe it's abilities? 2
Heavenly King Sword!?!?!? 3
How and where can I find the strongest weapons? 6
How Can I "De-Curse" this!!!??? 1
How can I get a Metal King Spear before I defeat rapthorne and before the dragovian trials are unlocked? 1
How can i get to the key? 3
How can i make an ultimate alchemy pot in the game? 1
How do I get the sea chart to get on the south island that sticks out of the sea to high to get on by boat? 1
How do i open locked treasure chests? 2
How do I use the elevating shoes? 1
How many seeds should I save for items? 2
How or where do I find a Lunar blessing? 2
How or where do I get the rings 4 the Immunity ring? 1
How to uncurse items??? 2
Immunity ring? 1
Is the hit point from skill points taken into account when the green stat bonus is shown before equipping a new weapon? 2
Is there a way to get all of the items in the dragovain trials? 1
Life Bracer? 1
Metal wing boomerang? 2
Meteorite Bracelet? 1
Missable Items? 1
Mixing Items? 1
Please...Needing help with locating "Sage's Orbs"? 2
Recovery Ring? 1
Seed distribution help? 4
Slime Crown from Metal King Slime and King Slime? 1
Transfering items? 1
What are cowpats used for? 2
What do can I need to make the Liquid Metal Sword? 2
What does the raging bull helm and the big boss sheild do? 1
What Equipment changes the way one charactor looks? 5
What is cheese used for? 1
What is the best equipment for each party member, where do I find the enemies for the ingredients? 3
What is the hardest metal and its location? 3
Where can I find (yggdrasil leaf)? 1
Where can I find a bronze knife? 1
Where can I find a dragon scale? 2
Where can I find a Gold Ring? 1
Where can I find a key what opens all doors? 2
Where can I find a orichalcum exc. in the castle of princess minnie? 1
Where can I find A Tough Guys Tatoo? 1
Where can I find a tough guys tattoo except from argonia? 1
Where can I find all the seeds of skill? 1
Where can I find another garter? 1
Where can I find another leather whip? 2
Where can I find bolstering tool? 1
Where can I find devil's tail? 1
Where can I find Dragovian Helmet? 2
Where can I find echo flute? 3
Where can I find Elevating Shoes? 2
Where can I find holy tool? 1
Where can I find magic beast hide? 1
Where can I find magic water? 1
Where can I find more Iron nails? 1
Where can I find more milk? 1
Where can I find nook grass? 1
Where can I find poison needle? 1
Where can i find rusty sword? 1
Where can I find saint's ashes? 1
Where can I find skull helm? 1
Where can I find skull ring?? 1
Where can I find sun crown? 2
Where can I find the dragonslayer? 1
Where can I find the key to open jail doors? 2
Where can I find the last few mini medals ? 1
Where can I find the metal king helmet? 1
Where can I find the Slime Crown (to make Liquid Metal Sword)? 5
Where can I find the world map? 1
Where can I find/make Timbrel of tension and Rune staff? 2
Where can i get a shimmering dress? 1
Where can i get the move dragon soul? 2
Where do you buy premium mold? 1
Where do you find Invisible Swordsmen to steal Rusty Swords? 1
where is Dragovian Path and how do i fight Lord of the Dragovians(where)? 4
Where is the grass of nook? 4
Where is the isolated plateu? 3
Where to find another gold rosary? 1

Other Help Answers
Abilities which use/don't use Tension? 2
Another village? 1
Any other games with similar side quests? 1
Are stats from leveling random or set? 2
Are there the gold golems in the east of godbird's eyrie? 3
At what level do you first get Jessica and Angelo? 2
Boxer shorts? 1
Can i play the game again after i finished the game? 1
Can the Heavy Hatchet allow Yangus to use axe skills despite it being a scythe? 3
Can you get past lv. 99? 1
Can you get two monster teams if so how? :) 2
Can you go higher than lv 99??? 3
Cave to blizzard peaks wont load? HELP! 2
Crimson Robe? 1
Do recruited monsters regenerate MP after battle? 2
Do you level up in this game? 1
Dodgy Dave? 1
Does Jessica end up liking Angelo? 1
Does lvl or items transfer over to your newly created save once you beat the game once? 1
Does the monster team level up through use? 1
Does the poison status do anything? 1
Does your weapon's power affect dragon soul's damage? 1
Enemies from the Dark Godbird's Eyrie/World of Darkness? 3
Gameshark codes? 1
Great God? 1
Grinding help? 2
Grinding tip for lvling before dhoulmagus? 2
Has anyone got a world map for this game? 1
Health meter? 1
How can i get easy money from my point? 1
How come i can only get my boomerang skill to 77? 2
How do i fix the experience distribution? 3
How do i get death moves for my monster team? 1
How do i get the best ending? 1
How do I Get to pirates cove? 2
How do i get to the island with tons of alchemy recipies? 3
How do i increase the chance to steal item from monsters with steal ability with Yangus? 1
How do I make the ultimate ring? 2
How do you prevent metal slimes from running away? 4
How far am I from being able to fight & defeat Rhapthorne? 2
How far am I from the end of the game? *NO SPOILERS* 2
How long does the Argonian Bazaar last for? 1
How much gold does it take to get 260.000 tokens in Baccarat? 1
How should i know how many exp. is needed to lvlup your char.? 2
How to get empyrea? 2
How to obtain the ultimate sword? 2
I got stuck after i get the Godbird Soulstone. Where 2 go? 1
I got stuck after run the casino in Baccarat. Where to go? 1
I need help creating a Monster Team!? 2
If I kill a resurrected monster, do I get the EXP and gold for it twice? 1
Is it possible to play New Game+? 2
Is it possible to UK AR MAX codes for Dragon Quest VIII to US AR MAX? 1
Is it the mystical shop in arcadia just sold a seed of skill? 1
Is it worth getting? 1
Is there an NTSC AR Max code for infinite hp and mp in battle for Dragon Quest VIII? 1
Making things with C-cold cheese? 3
Marcello? 1
Missed at least 1 Enemy from The Black Citadel!? 2
Missing Monsters & Their Monster Coins - Please Help Me!? 5
Monster arena monsters? 1
Monster squad? 1
Mp recovery trait , must equip staff or not ? 1
Mysterious Alter? 3
Need help with Alchemy pot? 3
Party members? 1
PSV Game Save? 1
Recapturing previously captured, but set free Monster Arena Monsters? 3
Seed of life? 1
Skills ? 3
Super High Tension Animation? 2
The Best Shield? 1
The clearing north of Farebury? 1
Too many skill points?! 3
Uber Falcon Blade? 1
Uber War Hammer? 1
Untrotted Groves???? 2
Were do i find a mirror shield? 2
What does normal drop rate mean? 1
What does the ultimate key unlock? 2
what i have to do for play final fantasy demo include in dragon quest VIII ? 2
What is a post game? 2
What is the best equippable stuff for every one? 2
What is the best way to get tokens? 3
What is the place little west from trodain? 3
What is the Puff-Puff Room? 3
What is the strongest monster for beating the monster arena and its location? 1
Whats the best spot to fight gold golem in Neos?? 1
Where are all three brick men so that i can form the brick giant? 2
Where can I find a list of all the alchemy pot recipes? 2
Where can i find the third Gigantes? 1
Where can i find...(monster)? 9
Where do i find a metal slime? 1
Where do i find octurion? 1
Where do I Must Go in Order to Open the Baccarat Cassino? 2
Where is the couple who lost a ring? 1
Where is the Howlwind Hill? 1
Where is the MK III infamous monster?! 1
Where is the monster arena? 1
Where is the silver rock golem? 6
Where is the troll maze?? 1
Where is Tree of Styx? 4
Where is unnamed isle? 2
Which Infamous Monsters grow in power as Hero levels? 1
Why even bother with the Dragons? 3
Why won't my alchemy pot work? 1
Wich works best? 2
Will the Dragon Quest VIII for PS2 play in the PS3? 1
Zombie's shop in Arcadia? 3

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