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0: Revision info
1: Intro
2: Main FAQ
  i   .Start to Alexandria
  ii  .Port Prospect to Maella Abbey
  iii .Ascantha to Pickham
  iv  .Port Prospect 2 to Baccarat
3: Hints
4: Items
5: Equipment
  i   .Swords
  ii  .Clubs
  iii .Axes
  iv  .Boomerangs
  v   .Hammers
  vi  .Knives
  vii .Spears
  ix  .Staves
  x   .Whips
6: Skills and Spells
  i   .Hero
  ii  .Yangus
  iii .Angelo
  iv  .Jessica
7: Alchemy
8: Side Quests
  i   .Battle Arena
  ii  .Baccarats' Casino
  iii .Dragovian Trials
9: How you can help
10: Contact Me
11: Thanks

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        at 9:54PM EST. Finished 31/12/05
	at 9:51PM EST. Main stuff started.
_-=-_-=_ SECTION 1: INTRO _-=-_-=_-=-_-=_-=

Hello all, it is I, goldraine. This is my second guide, but my first major one.
If you are reading this, it is because you are stuck on Dragon Quest VIII and
you need help. If you were one of the many who looked at my demo FAQ, sorry for
the wait. I've been planning to get a good chunk of the FAQ done before 

But enough talk, Have at you!!!

I hate introductions...

NOTE: This was crafted using my Demo FAQ. If something still says Demo, contact
me about it and I will appreciate it.

_-=-_-=_ SECTION 2: MAIN FAQ _-=-_-=_

Subsection .i

You are expected input a name. Just to go with the Demo, I named him Eight, but
it's up to you. The scenes begin and after a while, you will be in a battle.
When you begin the battle, it will be against 3 Slimes. Easy as pie. You'll be
in Farebury after the scenes.

Your objective in Farebury is to find Rylus, so once your done speaking to
Trode, go to the Pub. I recommend searching in every building first for extra
items, so you have some things to sell for Gold. There are 25 total, but you
should only find 20 right now. Don't forget to open up the map using (SQUARE)
if you can't find the Pub.

Once in the Pub, go up the stairs and a cutscene will happen between Kalderasha
and the bartender, explaining about Rylus. After the cutscene ends, go to
Kalderasha and another one will begin. After that one ends, go out of the pub.
A man is blocking the main way to the bottom part of the town, so you will
have to find another way. Go left and into the bridge that connects one side
of the town to the other and go down the stone steps. You will know if you went
the right way because at the bottom of the steps is a smoldering building.

Go to through the gate to the group of people for a cutscene.
In this cutscene, the townspeople are trying to scare away Trode because they
think he is monster due to his cursed form. The party leaves town. After that
scene, another one wil begin. Trode asks you if you found anything out about
Rylus. Pick "Yes", and the scene continues. A girl(Valentina) comes out of the
town and asks a favor of you. King Trode decides you are to help her.

Once back inside the town, you must go to the house by the well. It is near
the Pub, so search there. If you are still unsure on it's location, press
(SQUARE) and look for a well. Once there, you find that Valentina is asleep.
Walk up to her and press (X). A cutscene will start. After it's done, go to
the back entrance of the town for another cutscene. Trode tells you to rest
in the Inn. After the scene ends, you start in the Inn. If it is in the evening,
rest again so your in the daytime.

After rested and well stocked on Medicinal Herbs(6-8 will do fine for initial
leveling), go out the main gate.

Once out in the world map, you must go to the Waterfall cave to the south of
Farbury. Instead of going there directly and getting killed(don't worry,
by the way. If your party dies you are revived at a church with full HP/MP,
but half of your gold!), stay in this area and level up a bit. I warn you,
if you go there right now, you will get wiped out.

Also, on a side note, I would fight enough to earn the 420G to get the
Boomerang. It is a powerful weapon for the Hero, as it can hit the entire enemy
party at once.

I recommend leveling to around level 5 before going into the cave. If someone
dies, return to town and resurrect them for 10G. Once you are satisfied with
your level and are fully stocked on herbs, enter the cave, which is to the
south. All you must to is follow the path once you exit the main gate.

When you get in the cave, run up the hill to the fork. There is a chest
containing a map to the cave. Once you grab it, you can go the short item-less
way or the longer way with items and equipment, Which ever way you perfer.
I say take the long way. When you have everything, continue going north. Once
you come to the passageway, go down it for level B1.
You will come across a monster wielding a hammer. He will ask you if you are
brave enough to fight him. If you answer "Yes", he will let you through.
Say no, and you will have to ask again. If you talk to him again after you
answer "Yes", you will fight him. He isn't too tough, but try to beat him
before he gets to 100 tension.

Once you are past the creature, a slime will be hopping around. Talk to him,
and answer yes for an item at the dead end ahead, a copper sword. Go and take
it. After you have it, go to the right and then go down the passageway to level


Before you do anything, I recommend equiping Eight with that Copper Sword, and
be certain that any higher quality armor is equipped to both characters.

Go to the giant waterfall and examine the Crystal Ball for a cutscene. After it
ends, you are in for a tough fight.

The boss is named Geyzer has around 160-170 HP. He can curse you, but the curse
only works on Yangus, as it always misses the Hero. The curse only paralyzes
him for one turn. He does a load of damage, about 14, some skills around 20. He
also casts "Frizzle" for 10-14 damage on the party. With constant attacks and
frequent healing, he will go down. He gives you 107 experience points and he
drops a Power Seed.

After you beat him, the cutscene continues, and you learn more about the Hero's
past. You get the Crystal Ball, and then you must return to Farebury. If you
have the Evac spell, use it now. If not, just run out the cave. After you are
out of the cave, use a Chimaera Wing if you have any left. Then go to
Kalderasha's house for a cutscene. Afterwards you control the Hero.

Now, you can stock up on items. I recommend buying all new equipment that you
havn't yet. Also, get about 18 Medicinal Herbs. You can leave town and go to
Alexandria now, but you should to wait until dusk so you can go up to the
church tower and get the "Thief's Key Recipe". After you're finished, exit
Farebury at the back exit.

Trode says you should go south, but now that your strong enough to not die in
one hit, go to east into the meadow. There you will find a lizard monster.
Avoid it at all costs and run for the "Life Seed" in the chest. After you get
it, keep running back to the path. It will eventually stop chasing you.
Remember to fight this monster later, as it drops a Silver Coin which you can
sell for a decent amount of gold.


Now you can go to Alexandria. Keep following the path until you see a broken
passage. Cross the bridge and continue to the next area. When you get into your
first encounter in this new area, you will notice right away the enemies are
tougher. Play it safe, and you'll be fine. Keep following the path until you
find Alexandria. This is where the 18 Medicinal Herbs come into play. I leveled
here until I got to 10. This also helps you aquire gold for the armor and items
you'll buy in Alexandria. When you are done leveling, enter town.

As soon as you enter the town you will be attacked by two boys. Just select
"Flee" and the boys will be subdued by an old lady. She will introduce you to
the town. She recommends you ask around town about what has happened. You will
soon find out that a man of the Albert family has been murdered. As usual, rest
and stock up on items as soon as you can. When you are done, go up to the

Once inside the mansion, I recommend going not talking to anyone, and just go
around breaking things, hunting for items. Once you are done, go to the third
floor of the house and talk to the maid. A cutscene will occur and you will
then regain control again. Break everthing in this room then go to the hole
in the wall. Choose "Yes" to send Munchie in and look around. Your goal is
to go down the stairs and get the letter on the desk. It's not too hard to do
this, just make sure to stay on the right ramp when going back up as to not
fall down again. When you are done, go back out of hole and give the letter
to the Hero.

The letter is from Jessica, all it says is that she is going to avenge her
brother. Go to the second floor and talk to Bangerz. A cutscene will begin.
After it's over, you will have to go to the tower to the east. Just exit town
and follow the path right until you get to the tower.

A cutscene will begin when you examine the door. Bangerz will open the door.
Once the cutscenes end, go up the stairs.

Your goal is the highest level, which is 6F,but stick around and look for
treasure and level the Hero and Yangus once or twice. The door to the north
should be your first goal. Descend down the stairs and head through the door
forward and to the right. You'll be outside again. Open the chest for a map of
the tower. Go left and up the stairs. The first door has nothing so keep going
up to the second door. In this room, you will find lots of breakable stuff and
a chest, along with a ladder. After you get every item in the jars and the item
in the chest, ascend up the ladder. You will find a door and another ladder.
Ascend up the other ladder and open the door. You'll be outside, so just keep
going to the next room.

In this room, you will find parts of the wall with faces that have blue eyes
in them. Go up to one and the wall will flip and you will be on the other side!
It's magic! It does not matter which one you use, so pick one and then ascend
up the stairs. This should be the 4F part of the tower. There will be two more
blue-eyed parts of the wall in this room. Use the right one. Then use the next
one and ascend the stairs.

Your now on the 5F. Use the blue-eyed door and then ascend the stairs. You
should be in the final floor, 6F. In this room you will see a statue with
glowing eyes. Examine it for an important cutscene. After it's over, talk to
Jessica and then head back to town. Evac + Chimaera Wing should be standard
procedure by now. 

Once you are back at Alexandria, go to the Inn and save. Restock on items if
needed, and buy any armor you havn't bought yet. This section is done.

Subsection .ii
_____________________________(Port Prospect)________________________________

Before you go to Port Prospect, I recommend leveling up 2-3 times, so you can
afford equipment there. Once you are finished leveling, just follow the path up
to Port Prospect. Rest and restock once you get there. Go inside the large
building and you will see Jessica. Approach her and you will get a cutscene.
Just select "Yes" when you have to and the scene will end. You have to kill
the monster in the ocean. You'll have time to prepare again so save and then
talk to Jessica to depart. 


A cutscene will begin. When it ends, you'll be fighting Khalimari!

Khalimari is tough. He has 370-380 HP. His attacks consist of a fire breath
attack, an attack where he slices through Hero and Yangus, and a single smash.
The fire attack is the worst attack he has in his arsenal, it does around 30
damage to everyone. Just keep everyone healthy and keep attacking him. If you
have Helm Splitter with Yangus, use it constantly and heal when needed. For the
Hero, I recommend using a Spear if you have one. Once he goes down, more
cutscenes will begin. Once they end, you'll be in Port Prospect again.

Rest and save, and then go to the boat when you are ready. Talk to Jessica and
she will join your party! A cutscene will begin between Yangus and Jessica.
Once it ends, you have control of the Hero.

Go around the boat and look for stuff to break. Now that you are have Jessica,
I recommend giving her ever seedy you have except Agility. Give the Agility
Seeds to Yangus. Once your done breaking stuff, go to the captains room and open
the chest. You will find a "Bronze Knife." Now talk to Trode for a cutscene.
After it ends, you will be in Peregrin Quay.

_____________________________(Peregrin Quay)________________________________

You can now use the Alchemy Pot. The first thing you should make is a Thief's
Key. Go into the inn and talk to the guy in green and black. He'll give you a
"Iron Nail." Now go to the menu and go to "Misc." and select Alchemy Pot. Mix
the Iron Nail and the Bronze Knife. Now run around and break pots in the open
area. Buy new equipment and stock up on new items. Don't forget to save. If the
Thief Key isn't done yet, just keep running around. When it's done, open the
three chests with it. After you are completely finished here, exit through the
door in the Inn.

Now you should head to Maella Abbey.

_____________________________(Maella Abbey)_________________________________

Instead of going to Maella Abbey directly, turn left at the path and you will
find a Brownie type enemy. Ignore it for now and go for the chest. Open it and
then go back to the path. You can fight the Brownie monster now if you wish.
Follow the path to Maella Abbey.

When you get there, a priest acting as a church will be there. You can save if
you wish. Wether you save or not, go through the door. Enter one of the doors to
the left or right and and talk one of the men for a cutscene. Afterwards, exit
the Abbey from the other way in.

Now your in the field again. Follow the path forward to go to Simpleton.


This village is rather small. Rest and save if you have to, otherwise go to the
Bar. You will see a poker game going on between a man in a bright red uniform
and a big muscle man. Talk to the red uniformed man for a rather humorous
cutscene. After it's all done, go back to Maella Abbey.

Once your back, go to the place where the guards stopped you. They will now let
you through. Find the interrogation room for a cutscene. It's near the prisons
After it's over, you should go to the exit. You'll run into Angelo. A cutscene
begins. Your mission right now is to go to the Ruined Abbey and get to the
Abbot's house.

Exit Maella Abbey and keep going left until you find the riverbank. Follow it
until you find a path. Follow the path and you'll find an area. This is the
place to use the Templar's Ring. Examine the statue and a stairwell will open
up. Descend down the stairs.

You are now in the Ruined Abbey. There are tougher monsters in here than in
the field, so it will take more to kill them. When you first get here, you
will notice 2 stairwells. The right one is a bit shorter, so descend up that
one. Once in the next room look south for two chests. The left one is a
Cannibox, but it's not too hard. The right one contains a map of the Ruined
Abbey. After you get the map, head south and descend the stairs. Keep going
that direction up some stairs. In this room you will find a ladder and a closet
in this room. Open the closets for another Iron Nail. Use this to make a better
boomerang if you want(Boomerang+Iron Nail=Reinforced Boomerang). Go down the
ladder when have the Iron Nail.

You will find a chest in this room. Open it for a Bronze Shield. Find the stairs
going down by heading west and then south. When you find them, descend down
them. You will find the room has poison on the ground. Just run through it and
get to the other side, but don't stick around in the poison for too long, your
HP slowly decreases as you walk on it. Open the door and ascend up the stairs.
Go through the two doors on each side and break things for items. Once you have
every item in the barrels/pots, walk through the hallway. 


Open the door in the center and you will find the boss. Heal up before you talk
to the boss. When you talk to him, a short cutscene will begin. After it,
prepare for a rather tough battle.

Tortured Soul can be pretty bad if you aren't prepared. He has around 450 HP.
He can attack, and he can summon a Skeleton and a Mummy Boy to help him. I
usually have Jessica use Twin Dragon Strike, Eight use Multistrike and Yangus
using Helm Splitter. Heal when needed, and just keep attacking. Tortured Soul
will go down in a few turns. He gives 680 experience points and gives 200 gold.
He also drops a Gold Rosary.

When he's defeated, your party's HP/MP will be restored. Go through the tunnel
to the left and you'll be in Maella Abbey again.

You will notice somethings wrong right away. Go into Abbot Francisco's house
and then go up the stairs. I actually searched all of the bookshelves for
alchemy recipes, but found nothing but some bad jokes.
(A man walks into a bar. Ouch! What do you call a fish with no eyes? A Fsh.)
Go up the stairs for a cutscene. Once it's done examine the Abbot for another
one. After it's over, you'll be locked up.

Just talk to everyone and wait. A cutscene with Angelo will begin. Once it's
over, you'll be in the field. Go back to Maella Abbey. Go all the way to the
Abbot's house up to the second floor for a long cutscene. After it's done,
you'll be in a room. Talk to Jessica and Yangus then go to the big double doors
and talk to the guards. They'll let you through. Once inside, another cutscene
will start. After it's done, you'll have a World Map. Go down to exit Maella
Abbey and you'll run into Angelo. A cutscene will begin and Angelo will join
your party. You're done with this section.

Subsection iii

I would go to Simpleton and buy from the salesmen in the second floor of the
bar if you haven't. Angelo will be a rather low level, so if you want to
spend time to level him up, go ahead. Once you're finished doing everything,
follow the road from Maella Abbey but don't go to Simpleton, just keep following
it. After a while, you'll come to the Riverside Chapel. Rest and save if needed,
but open the closet for a Magic Seed. Give it to whom you feel needs it. Once
you are finished, continue following to road. Eventually, you'll be in Ascantha.

Once you enter the town, you'll notice right away something's not right. Speak
to some townspeople to find out the entire nation has been in mourning. For two
years. Update your equipment, rest and save. Once thats done, enter Castle
Ascantha. Go around breaking stuff for items. Once thats done go up to the
highest level and go to the door for a cutscene. Exit the castle now. Now go to
the Inn and rest until evening. Now go up to the castle throne room and try to
talk to the King. No use. So go down and you'll find Emma for a cutscene. Now
exit Ascantha and go to the little house near the Riverside Chapel. You can use
a Chimaera Wing to get there quickly.

Once at the house, break stuff and search the closets. Talk to everyone once
you have everything. After you're finished, go to the Riverside Chapel and rest
for an Angelo related cutscene. Save after it's done and head north from the
small house. You should be in a beach like area. I stayed here and fought Metal
Slimes for a while, but once you're ready follow the road to a cave.

Once in the cave, find the exit to the mountain. This place can be confusing,
so don't worry if you keep getting stuck. Once you're at the Summit, it should
be evening when you enter it. Now that you are here, just wait for a door to
appear. When it does, walk up to it and examine it. After the short cutscene,
you'll be in the cool Moonshadow Realm. Just follow the path and open the door
for a cutscene. After it's over, talk to Ishmahri for another cutscene. When it
ends, you'll be in Castle Ascantha again. Go to the throne room for a pretty
long cutscene. After it's over, you should save and exit town.


You'll get a cutscene as soon as you exit town. After it's done, prepare for a
rather long journey. Head south from Ascantha. Thats basically it. Use your map
as a guide. Eventually, you find a Chapel like the one on the Riverside. Rest
and save here if you must, but afterward continue heading south until you find
a pathway. This is the road to Pickham. Keep following it and you'll be in the
town of Pickham.

This town is a town of bandits and thieves. You'll notice that once you talk to
a few people. As soon as you enter you'll get a cutscene where Trode goes to the
pub for a drink. Once you regain control, stock up on items and update equipment
as usual. Afterward, head right from the chapel and go down that alley. Don't
talk to anyone, as you'll have to give a few people money. Just ascend the
stair once you get to them. Follow the path to the stairway going down. Descend
them and examine the door for a short cutscene. Go to the Pub now and talk to
Trode. After a cutscene, you'll have to hunt for clues on who stole Medea. Or
just go to where the watchtower is and go to the small building near it and find
Mitts messing around with his gold. After the cutscene, go to the pub on
Beggar's Alley and talk to the bartender. He'll let you through. Once you go
through, talk to the man behind the counter for a cutscene. After it's over,
exit Pickham.

Head Southwest from Pickham to find Red's house. Once you get there, talk to the
man guarding the door for a cutscene. After it's over, walk in the house and
talk to Red for a cutscene. Now you'll have to get the Venus' Tear.
NOTE: I actually got the Venus' Tear while looking for Pickham on accident.
You'll get a rather amusing cutscene when you leave with it.

To get the Venus' Tear, you have to head north to the Swordsman Labyrinth. This
place can be pretty confusing, but just follow this guid and you'll be fine.
Also, there is an enemy here that gives 106 gold when killed called Goodybag,
which is a lot of gold right now for one enemy. 

Go left from the entrance and open the door. Go to B2 by descending the stairs.
Keep following the passageway, making sure to ignore the door to the right, and
you'll find an intersection that goes four ways. Just keep going forward and you
will find a room with three doors. The middle one is just a painting, so enter
the left one first. It has 7 items altogether, with the pots and the chest. Once
you have everything, go back out of the room and open the remaining door. In
this room you'll find two treasure chests, one is a Cannibox, and the other is a
Kitten Shield. Equip it to Jessica and go back to the intersection. Turn left
and go down the hallway with a hole in it. Drop down the hole and you'll find
a chest with a map in it. Get the map and tread through the poison to the other
side. You'll find stairs here. First break the pots for a Cowpat, then ascend
the stairs.

Now your in the room that you ignored earlier. Go out and head to the
intersection again by going south and taking a right. Go down the hallway with
the hole in it. Do not open the door, it will push you in the hole. Once you are
past that first door and the hole, open the door at the end to find stairs going
down to B3.

Take the bottom path heading west. You'll find a statue blocking the doorway.
Go up to it and press (X) and then back to move it out of the way so you can
pass. Just follow the passage to find some stairs. Descend down the stairs to
get to B4.

Keep following the path until you can turn right. You'll see two pots. Break
them for a Mini Medal. There is only one item remaining, and that is the Venus'
Tear. Go back and keep following the path. Take a right at the "T" intersection.
Pull the statue on the switch to make the drawbridge go down. Go into the room.

Your first major puzzle is in this room. From the platform, push the statue on
the left forward three places. Push the other one forward three tiles as well.
Once thats done, walk all over the platforms and you'll be flung to the ceiling
up to the treasure chest.


Heal up before you examine it. Once you do, this'll be a long and drawn out

Trap Box is a tough boss. He has a little over 1000 HP. Trap Box is annoying
because it can sleep you and confuse you. It can also cast a nasty ice spell
that hits all. First I had Hero charge his tension, Yangus use Helm Splitter,
Angelo use Kabuff and Jessica cast Oomph on the Hero. I then had Hero continue
charging his tension until he got to 50 and then use Multistrike on the Trap
Box. This did about 180 alone. I used Angelo for healing and support most
of the time. I had Jessica use Twin Dragon Strike a few times, doing about 60
each time. Just be careful and heal when needed. When defeated, Trap Box nets
you 1,020 experience and gives you 660 gold.

After the battle's over, you'll get the Venus' Tear. Evac out of the labyrinth
and run to Red's house. Enter the house and talk to her for a cutscene.

You now have Medea and the Alchemy pot back. Now go back to Pickham and try
Brains again. Once you get your lead, you'll be done with this section.

Thats all for now, next update will be up soon.
_-=-_-=_ SECTION 3: HINTS/TIPS _-=-_-=_-=-_-
If you don't want a direct guide, but just some help, this the section you need.
Also, if you think you have something worth mentioning in this section, feel
free to send it. I'll add it if it's any good.

1:)Try to level up 3-5 levels in each new or unfamiliar area. Chances are the
enemies there will be tough, and you need to be tougher.

2:)Stock up on curative items, and use healing spells wisely. The Full Heal
option sometimes uses Spells too many times when a common, inexpensive herb
could heal the character completely.

3:)If things aren't going to well, FLEE!!! It's not worth going back to the last
church and losing half of your hard earned gold.

4:)Update your equipment when possible.

5:)Save at all opportunities.

6:)Insane experience is given by metal enemies, like the Metal Slime near the
Maella region. Insane amounts of gold can be given by the Gold Golem, which can
be found in the Neos region.
_-=-_-=_ SECTION 4: LIST OF SHOP ITEMS _-=-_




_-=-_-=_ SECTION 6: LIST OF SKILLS _-=-_-=-_
In this section, I will list the spells and skills each character can learn,
whether naturally or based on Skill allocation. I will also put a "Usefulness
Meter", which rates a spell or skill based on it's effectiveness. The meter
is like this:
*     - Total Junk
**    - Lame
***   - Decent
****  - Good
***** - Great
An "A" under MP means "All MP cost"


  Heal	            3    2     ***      Good early on
  Squelch           4    2     **
  Evac              6    2     ***
  Sizz              11   4     **
  Midheal           18   3     ****
  Sizzle            20   6     **
  Fullheal          27   6     ****
  Zing              29   8     ***
  Kasizzle          32   10    ****
  Dragon Soul       65   64    ***     Excellent Damage, huge level req

  Attack +5        4    0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Dragon Slash     9    0     **       Good vs. dragons, Nothing special
  Flame Slash      15   0     **       Nothing special
  Attack +10       22   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Metal Slash      30   0     ***      Good vs. Metal Enemies
  Critical Up      40   0     *****    Excellent on a Sword game
  Falcon Slash     52   0     ****     Double hit, good skill
  Attack +25       66   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Miracle Slash    82   4     **       Pretty much useless
  Gigaslash        100  20    ***      Mainly for show, not really worth it

  Attack +5        3    0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Mercurial Thrust 7    0     ***      Decent attack
  Thunder Thrust   12   3     **       
  Attack + 10      18   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Multithrust      25   4     ****     Awesome skill vs bosses/uniques
  Critical Up      34   0     *****    Excellent on a Spear Game
  Clean Sweep      45   0     **       Nothing special
  LightningThrust  59   3     ***      Nothing Special
  Attack +25       77   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  LightningStorm   100  25    ***      Mainly for show

  CrosscutterThrow 6    2     **       Kind of useful early on
  Attack +5        12   0     *****    Goes toward the 50 extra atk total
  Power Throw      18   4     ****     Damage doesn't lower as you hit foes
  Attack +10       25   0     *****    Goes toward the 50 extra atk total
  Firebird Throw   32   6     ***      Good aside from the element
  Attack +15       40   0     *****    Goes toward the 50 extra atk total
  Super Throw      52   4     *****    Like Power Throw, but better
  Attack +20       66   0     *****    Goes toward the 50 extra atk total
  Starburst Throw  82   8     ***      Nothing too special
  Gigathrow        100  15    ***      OK damage, Nothing special

  Attack +5        4    0     *****    Goes toward the 75 extra atk total
  Defending Champ  9    0     *        This skill sucks. Don't ever use it
  Stone's Throw    17   0     **       Nothing special
  KnuckleSandwitch 24   2     ***      Good vs bosses
  Attack +20       33   0     *****    Goes toward the 75 extra atk total
  Thin Air         42   2     ***      Decent skill, low MP cost
  Critical Up      52   0     *****    Seems to happen more often than others
  Multifists       70   0     ***      Good vs bosses
  Boulder Throw    82   4     ****     Good damage vs. all
  Attack +50       100  0     *****    Goes toward the 75 extra atk total

  Zoom             8    1     ****     Good spell
  Tingle           16   2     ***
  Holy Protection  28   4     **       Not too useful
  Fizzle           40   3     ***      
  Zap              48   6     ****
  75% Of MP cost   56   0     *****    Pretty good skill
  Kamikazee        70   1     **       Almost useless
  Omniheal         82   36    *****    Excellent spell
  50% of MP cost   90   0     *****    Better than 75%(duh)
  Kazap            100  15    ****     Decent spell
  Gigaslash        100  20    ***      Mainly for show


  Helm Splitter    6    0     *****    Very useful on bosses
  Attack +5        12   0     *****    Goes toward the 25 extra atk total
  Hatchet Man      19   3     ***      OK vs metal enemies
  Critical up      26   0     *****    Hits more than the others
  Attack +10       34   0     *****    Goes toward the 25 extra atk total
  Parallax         42   2     **       Nothing special
  Axes of Evil     54   0     *****    No MP cost, hits a group
  Executioner      66   3     *****    Better than Hachet Man vs Metal enemies
  Attack +20       82   0     *****    Goes toward the 25 extra atk total
  Typhoeus' Maul   100  6     ***      Not very good at all

  Attack +5        9    0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Heart Breaker    19   2     ***      Stopping sometimes works
  Penny Pincher    25   2     ****     Good early on
  Monster Masher   32   3     ***      Nothing special
  Attack +10       48   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Critical Up      59   0     *****    Good trait
  Mind Breaker     71   2     ****     Works more often
  Attack +25       82   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Gold Rush        92   2     ***      Not much of a difference
  Devil Crusher    100  5     ***      Nothing much

  Attack +5        12   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Steal Sickle     22   0     **       Hardly steals anything
  Wind Sickles     32   0     ****     Awesome skill aside from the element
  Attack +10       42   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Grim Reaper      50   3     ***      Decent group targeting skill
  Critical Up      60   0     *****    Good trait
  Stainless Steal  70   0     ***      1 percent to steal something, lol
  Attack +25       80   0     *****    Goes toward the 40 extra atk total
  Grimmer Reaper   90   3     ****     Pretty good skill
  Big Banga        100  30    ***      MP cost really hurts this skill

  Attack +5        3    0     *****    Goes toward the 70 extra atk total
  Speed +10        7    0     *****    Something Yangus needs
  KnuckleSandwitch 12   2     ***      Good vs bosses
  Critical Up      18   0     *****    Learned very early on
  Attack +20       25   0     *****    Goes toward the 70 extra atk total
  Padfoot          33   4     ***      OK spell
  Thin Air         42   2     ***      Good aside from the element
  Multifist        60   0     ***      Good vs bosses
  Attack +45       77   0     *****    Goes toward the 70 extra atk total
  Boulder Toss     100  4     ****     Good damage, hits all
  Humanity Skills/Spells
  Whistle          4    0     ***      Good way to get metal monsters
  Heal             10   2     ****     Everyone needs a healing spell
  NoseForTreasure  16   0     *****    Nice spell
  Warcry           22   0     ***      Doesn't work as much as it should
  Share Magic      32   0     *****    Since he does not need much...
  Kabuff           42   3     *****    Always useful
  Underpants Dance 55   0     ****     Funny to watch
  Midheal          68   3     *****    
  Kerplunk         82   A     ***      You shouldn't have to use this much
  Golden Oldies    100  15    ****     Pleased with the damage but WTF?

_-=-_-=_ SECTION 7: ALCHEMY GUIDE _-=-_-=-_-
This part is VERY incomplete as of v1.00, send in recipes! I will credit you
for sending it in.

Normal Items
  Medicinal Herb  Medicinal Herb   Strong Medicine
  Strong Medicine Strong Medicine  Special Medicine

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SQUARE ENIX: For making such great RPGs that many people waste entire years
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SHONEN JUMP: For giving me entertainment at school, and giving me the demo
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Lyo_Triste88: For humor support, and brotherly wisdom.
Remember: "Soul Edge Calibur Fish Pickle Aardvark XX-2"
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"mmm...free goo..."



"mmm...forbidden fruit..."

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