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DRAGON QUEST 8 - Side Quest FAQ and Item Checklist (Version 1.00 by Adam G.)

[I] FAQ Table of Contents
                  FAQ Table of Contents                    I
                  Version History and Copyright           II
                  Author Notes and Credits               III
                  General Tips                            IV
                  Side Quest FAQ                           V
                        Alchemy Recipe Hunter            V-a
                        Waterfall Hut                    V-b
                        Lady's Ring                      V-c
                        Morrie's Place / Monster Arena   V-d
                        Dodgy Dave                       V-e
                        Princess Minnie's Mini Medals    V-f
                        Chateau Felix                    V-g
                        Dragon Graveyard                 V-h
                        Baccarat Casino                  V-i
                        Le Puff-Puff Club                V-j
                        Trolls' Maze                     V-k
                        Dragovian Trials                 V-l
                        Gospel Ring                      V-m
                  Item Checklist                          VI

[II] Version History and Copyright

Information within this guide written and compiled by Adam G. (HugDaddy).  
Version 0.9 completed on January 20, 2006.
Version 1.0 completed on January 24, 2006.
     Numerous changes were made.  The following additions were made to Section
     VI: the recipes in Section V-a; the additional pieces of cheese received
     at the Waterfall Hut were added under the "Treasure Hunt (4)" and
     "Treasure Hunt (7)" headings; the 600-Token reward in Section V-h; and
     more cross-referencing.  I clarified some information in Section IV
     regarding Intimidation, Yggdrasil Leaves and animal encounters; updated
     Section V-b; and made other minor revisions throughout the FAQ.
Final Version (1.00) completed on July 21, 2006.
     In honor of my grandfather's 89th birthday, here is the final version of
     this FAQ.  I added a quick method for creating a surplus of Yggdrasil Dew,
     Elfin Elixir and Premium Mould to Section IV.  I added more to Sections 
     V-a, V-c, V-d, V-h, V-j and V-l.  More items were added throughout the
     reorganized Item Checklist.

This guide is copyright (c) 2005-2006 by Adam Gresko (HugDaddy).  This guide is 
written to be hosted solely at  Any use or display of 
this guide in whole or in part on another web site, in another forum or in any 
other public display is strictly forbidden without the expressed written 
permission of the author, then only with credit.  This guide may not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for private personal use.  This guide 
may not be sold or distributed in any way other than for free, and any 
distribution must not alter any contents of this FAQ, including copyright 
information.  Comments, contributions, and suggestions are welcome by e-mail 
(gb10k at hotmail dot com).  If you write to me, please make sure that "Dragon 
Quest 8 FAQ" is in the subject line, and please do not send ANY spam.

[III] Author Notes and Credits

This FAQ was originally started to provide a complete item checklist for the 
game, as such a list will make alchemy easier throughout the game.  I've also 
provided answers for the questions I've seen posted repeatedly on the GameFAQs 
forums with a minimum of spoilers.  This guide is designed to enable quick 
searches (i.e., use of [F3] or [CTRL] + [F]); you can search for a specific 
section from the Table of Contents (e.g., "[V-a]") or for a specific item 
(e.g., "Yggdrasil Leaf").  Items are denoted by the spelling used by the 
version of the game available in the United States, which uses British English 
instead of American English.  This FAQ assumes knowledge on the user's part of 
any and all locations of towns and dungeons in the game.  Quality maps may be 
found courtesy of Amaravati at: 

I also wish to thank Alex Eagleson ("A I e x"), whose FAQ provided a nice, 
simple format to track acquired items; I have modified much of this content 
(e.g., he uses a much different timeline for treasure hunting).  I highly 
recommend his FAQ if you require a more thorough walkthrough before the 
Dragovian Path.  Red Scarlet's two-part FAQ truly leaves no stone unturned; her 
guide helped me locate a few stray treasure chests that Alex and I missed, and 
she also provides excellent strategies for the Dragovian Trials in particular.  
Both are available at GameFAQs.  Amaravati's site (noted above) provided base 
maps (i.e., base at the time) that I used to track all of the treasure chests 
on the World Map; currently, his maps provide locations for these same 
treasures and infamous monster locations.  I also thank Jeff Veasey ("CJayC") 
of GameFAQs for his diligent work during the past decade.  I also thank the 
knowledgeable users on the Dragon Quest 8 message board on GameFAQs, and I wish 
to thank you, the readers of this guide, in advance for any suggestions you 
have for this guide.  If I've left you out, please let me know!

[IV] General Tips

I won't list too many specific pointers other than those proven particularly 

Do not sell any items unless you are certain that you will not need it later in 
the game in an alchemy recipe.  Some items may appear to be very common but are 
actually quite rare (e.g., Leather Whip, Slime Crown, etc.).  When in the 
Alchemy Pot screen, the shaded items are either currently equipped or cannot be 
used in alchemy; however, I highly recommend that you wait until you have the 
upgraded alchemy pot or review a complete alchemy list (available on GameFAQs) 
before selling anything that you can't buy yet.  

The monster coins dropped by infamous monsters are only good to sell!  I 
recommend selling only those coins that you need as you need them.  After all, 
you don't want to lose half of that money if your party is defeated.

Remember (especially early on) that tension affects the strength of your 
attacks, healing spells and other magic.  This is critical considering how low 
your Max MP is early in the game.  With practice, you'll be more efficient at 
using tension.  Certain items can also raise the tension for your entire party.
The Highly-Strung Cheese can be used once to raise the tension level for your 
party members by one level; the Timbrel of Tension does the same thing, but it 
can be used infinitely.  Certain attacks or status effects can remove Tension.

If you "speak" to a cow, she will give you a bottle of Fresh Milk the first 
time.  If you ever run out, you can get more from the cow outside of the 
Riverside Chapel.  The two birds on the coast west of Savella Cathedral will 
give you a Seed of Life and a Seed of Magic.

Once you reach the Hilltop Hut, you can use that as your "base" for the rest of 
your travels.  The inn costs only 3 Gold Coins per person, but it gives you an 
option to "rest until evening" that the free inns do not.  The nun who can save 
your game is steps away, and this will save you a LOT of time in the future.

Once you get the ship, use Holy Protection (or Padfoot or Holy Water) while you 
sail to Princess Minnie's Castle, Savella Cathedral, Pirate's Cove, Neos, 
Argonia, the Desert Chapel and the Dark Ruins.  Though these trips may be 
dangerous depending on your level, it is incredibly helpful to have these 
locations accessible with Zoom.  Even though the ship is not an actual item, it 
will be listed in the Item Checklist.

Once you have a monster team of your own, they can assist you on your journey.  
Morrie himself mentions that it's good to have one team for attacking and one 
team for healing.  The Call Team ability takes precedence over every other 
command and every enemy action, so your teams can be exceptionally useful 
against an enemy that may use status-altering attacks in the early rounds.  
Support teams will become more useful throughout the game.  Metabble, Curer, 
and Healer can form the "Wizards o' Z" team; their 'deathmove' is Zingslinger, 
which will revive any dead party members AND completely heal all team and party 
members.  Once you recruit Hev, he can take the place of Metabble and form "The 
King and Us" team with Curer and Healer.  Their 'deathmove' is Maximaster, 
which will have the effect of Zingslinger AND will decrease enemy defence and 
increase your team and party members' defence.  Another good support team is 
created with any three of the following monsters: Big Al, Hazel, Jewelbag, and 
Trick Bag; Tension Boost by "The Psyche Wards" can raise the tension of your 
team and party members by two levels.  Monster teams can also let your party 
rest while traveling or help you to study enemy behavior, but be aware of a few 
caveats!  First, each team can only be summoned one time per battle.  Second, 
certain enemies can use Blasto to force your monster team to leave the battle.

While helping Felix (see Section V-g), you will encounter a tree that appears 
only at dawn.  Here you will find a Yggdrasil Leaf (i.e., a "Leaf of the World 
Tree" from previous games in the series) if you currently have none in your 
inventory.  Once the bazaar in Argonia begins, you will have the opportunity to 
buy a Yggdrasil Leaf for 1,000 Gold Coins each.  The girl who sells them will 
do so only if you have none.  If you have only one Leaf, you can put it into 
the alchemy pot, after which you can find or buy a second one; then, you can 
interrupt the alchemy to regain the first Leaf.  I recommend NOT opening any 
treasure chest with a Yggdrasil Leaf for now (i.e., read on).

The Mystery Shop that is open in Arcadia at night will sell one and only one 
Seed of Skill for 2,000 Gold Coins.

After a certain point in the plot, the bazaar in Argonia will move into the 
large building between the church and the castle.  It will never close.

Once you have the ultimate alchemy pot (the one that yields instant results), I 
recommend stocking up on the strongest healing items: Yggdrasil Dew and Elfin 
Elixir.  Go to the same tree from the Chateau Felix side quest (see above 
paragraph) with a large amount of Magic Water.  Personally, I have over 210 in 
stock (this stock cost 21,000 Casino Tokens: not even one-third of the largest 
roulette payouts).  While waiting for the Tree to appear, use all of the 
Yggdrasil Leaves in your possession to make Yggdrasil Dew (Yggdrasil Leaf + 
Magic Water).  Once the tree appears, you're going to be making Dew as fast as 
you can; pick up a Leaf, mix it with Magic Water, and repeat until satisfied.  
You should be able to make all that you'd ever need.  Once the tree has 
disappeared, convert all the Dew that you want into Elfin Elixir (Yggdrasil Dew 
+ Magic Water), saving the amount of Yggdrasil Dew that you want for the later 
battles.  If you want to make some cheese or easy money, you can also use this 
opportunity to make extra Premium Mould (Yggdrasil Leaf + Red Mould + Waterweed 
Mould).  At this point, you will only have one Leaf, so this would be the best 
time to scour the world for the Yggdrasil Leaves you left behind.  

If you are seeking experience, metal is better.  Metal King Slimes (30,010 
each) populate the Dragon Graveyard along with Beelzebubs.  Beelzebubs can cast 
Kerplunk once when they are the last enemy alive to revive all other defeated 
foes at its own expense.  The revived enemies (including any Metal King Slimes 
or other Beelzebubs) count as new enemies, so you will receive additional 
experience; several GameFAQs users reported receiving well over 100,000 
experience points in such battles.  Metal King Slimes, Liquid Metal Slimes, and 
Metal Slimes populate Howlwind Hill if you have previously encountered them.

If you are seeking experience and gold, you can fly to the plateau just east of 
the Godbird's Eyrie; Gold Golems will appear during the day, and there will be 
Liquid Metal Slimes at night.

If you are seeking gold, you have better option.  If you are successful with 
gambling, simply buy Prayer Rings at the Baccarat Casino for 1,000 Casino 
Tokens.  Each Prayer Ring sells for 1,500 Gold Coins.  Prayer Rings are 
considered a common item, so the selling price will not lower.  

If you are seeking experience, gold, or a certain item from particular enemies, 
a shortcut may be available to you if you are strong enough (relative to the 
enemies in that area).  Simply have Yangus Whistle, then attempt to Intimidate 
any undesired enemies.  Any enemies that flee might drop an item; the success 
rate for this appears to surpass the steal rate.  This tactic works especially 
well for me when hunting for Metals and Slime Crowns at Howlwind Hill.

If you want a portable bank, your items of choice are Prayer Rings and Premium 
Mould.  As noted above, you can redeem any Casino Tokens for Prayer Rings at 
the Baccarat Casino.  I have one hundred Prayer Rings in my bag to serve as my 
own personal portable bank (and you don't lose any of them if your party is 
wiped out!)!  Likewise, you can place the Gold Coins you already have into a 
safe and portable investment if you have access to the Dragovian Sanctuary.  
You can purchase Premium Mould there for 500 Gold Coins each.  Premium Mould is 
unique since the price is the same whether you are buying OR selling; thus, 
this item can be sold at any store for 500 Gold Coins each.

[V-a] Alchemy Recipe Hunter

In Farebury, the armor merchant near the inn will ask you if you are looking 
for something "special" if you speak to him behind the counter.  He will point 
you to the following locations where you will be able to find different recipes 
for the alchemy pot.  These recipes may not be available during the first visit 
to their respective locations.  None of these recipes are actually required in 
order to make their respective items, he offers you no reward for your trouble, 
and it may take a long time for him to point you to the next recipe.  Thus, 
this side quest is quite optional.

1 - In Farebury, you can find the Thief's Key recipe in the bell tower of the 
church at night.

2 - In Pickham, the Eros' Bow recipe is behind the ladder leading up to the 
watchtower in the corner of town.

3 - In Trodain Castle, the Imp Knife recipe is in front of the first fountain.

4 - The Dragon Slayer recipe is in Savella Cathedral, behind the elevator that 
leads to the Lord High Priest's Residence. 

[V-b] Waterfall Hut

If you go counterclockwise from the Waterfall Cave, you will find a path that 
leads to a hut at the top of the waterfall.  A man lives there, and he has lost 
his tool bag.  You will find the tool bag if you search beneath the only tree 
with red leaves (down the hill and to the east).  Upon its return, the man will 
give you eight pieces of Plain Cheese.  Once you have the ship, you can return 
and receive four pieces of Mild Cheese, two pieces of Cured Cheese, and two 
pieces of Angel Cheese.  Once the bazaar in Argonia moves, you can return again 
and receive three pieces of Highly-Strung Cheese.  Once you have visited the 
Dragovian Sanctuary, you can return for a special scene.
[V-c] Lady's Ring

When you begin in Farebury, you can encounter a man in the inn whose wife has 
lost a ring.  If you return at night, he'll mention in his sleep that he threw 
the ring in a well in a castle.  Along your journey, you can find the Lady's 
Ring in the well in Ascantha.  This accessory gives the wearer a Defence +2 
bonus.  Since this is not very good, you can try to give it to someone who can 
use it!  If you return to Farebury, this man is outside the church (he can also 
be found in the Farebury inn at night).  If you show him the ring, he will 
examine it and mention that he'll get into more trouble if you show it to his 
wife; then, he will give you a Seed of Wisdom to stay quiet.  You can only find 
the man in Farebury for a short time, so don't wait too long!

[V-d] Morrie's Place / Monster Arena

  G      100 Gold   Strength Ring         3 monsters in reserve
  F      200 Gold   Bunny Suit            can fight monster team
  E      300 Gold   Ring of Clarity       Hero learns "Call Team"
  D      400 Gold   Mighty Armlet         3 more monsters in reserve
  C      500 Gold   Saint's Ashes         -none-
  B      700 Gold   Bardiche of Binding   second monster team
  A    1,000 Gold   Hero Spear            unlock Rank S
  S    1,000 Gold   Dragon Robe           no entry fees; outdoor statue of Hero

There are other FAQs and topics galore on the Monster Arena, so I'll spare you 
the basics.  When you are first given a team, I recommend the following:

1 - BRICKMAN (ruins east of Peregrin Quay):  Recruit Brickman if you do not 
have a ship; if you do have a ship, recruit Goldman.  In the first round, have 
Jessica use Accelerate, Yangus use Helm Splitter, and Angelo use Sandman's 
Arrow.  Helm Splitter will lower his defence, but the damage may also wake 
Brickman, so use Snooze and Sandman's Arrow generously.  Once his defence is 
down and he's asleep, raise your tension by 50 for everyone and have everyone 
use their strongest attacks.  Chances are that your attacks will wake him up, 
hence why you want to attack together.  Heal as needed.  Dismiss Squiggles.


1 - GOLDMAN (island of Neos, day only):  Recruit him instead of Brickman if you 
already have a ship.  You can defeat Goldman using the Brickman strategy noted 
above.  Dismiss Squiggles.

2 - POTBELLY (far west of Hilltop Hut):  Use Snooze/Sandman's Arrow and your 
strongest attacks, and heal as necessary.  Potbelly has a fire breath attack 
that can cause 50 HP damage to each character and it can blind you by throwing 
sand.  Dismiss Smiles (you can always re-recruit monsters).

3 - HACKZILLA (north of Farebury):  Hackzilla can attack the same character 
twice in one turn and use fire breath, so be prepared to heal if you can't put 
Hackzilla to sleep.  Dismiss Lonely Joe.

With three of these four monsters on your team, you can easily win Ranks G, F, 
and E before you have a ship.  Winning Rank F will unlock more monsters.  Once 
you win Rank E, the Hero will learn the Call Team ability; only Morrie can 
revive any monsters that are defeated away from the Arena.  Having a monster 
team will help you survive if you decide to follow my advice regarding 
exploration in Section IV.  I recommend recruiting the following after Rank E: 

4  CAPERS (at night along beach leading to Wisher's Peak):  Capers uses strong 
physical attacks.  During the first round, I recommend using Kabuff to increase 
your defence (and have the Hero use Rune Staff), have Yangus use Helm Splitter, 
and have Jessica use Sap.  Once Capers defence is lowered, summon your monster 
team, then use the strongest attacks that you can, healing as necessary.

With Potbelly, Hackzilla, and Capers as your team, you can easily clear Ranks E 
and D before you have a ship.  Winning Rank D will also unlock more monsters.  
I recommend the following for the next rounds:

5 - TALOS (south of Neos):  He will be the hardest to recruit.  Call your 
monster team as soon as you enter this battle (which I recommend for all future 
infamous monster fights).  Talos has high defence.  If you can put him to 
sleep, you'll be in much better shape; if Talos is asleep, build Tension and 
use Oomph before attacking.  Build up your speed with Jessica and heal or Zing 
with Angelo.  If he stays awake, you can use Lightning Thrust or Executioner 
since those attacks ignore high defence.  Talos hits hard regardless of Kabuff.

6 - DUMBKING (near the ship if you Zoom to Argonia):  Call your monster team, 
and use your strongest attacks.  Dumbking casts Oomph on itself, but you should 
be able to overpower it at this point.


6  SPIKE (Cape West of Pickham):  Follow the same strategy as suggested for 
Dumbking.  Spike uses healing magic, which can be the difference for Rank B.

The team of Talos, Hackzilla, and Dumbking/Spike can clear Ranks C and B.  Rank 
B will be the hardest rank to clear of all ranks.  You need some luck on your 
side; you will be lucky if the first group's fire attacks don't hurt you too 
much, and you will need Spike to heal when necessary or count on Dumbking to be 
smart and use Oomph on Talos and Hackzilla.  I was more successful with 
Dumbking.  Winning Rank B unlocks more monsters, and I recommend these:

7 - SKELEDOID (western path on Northwest Island):  You'll have two monster 
teams by now, so use them early.  You might not even have to attack him with 
your main party; if so, follow the strategy for Potbelly.  Skeledoid can attack 
twice (two completely independent attacks) in one round, and its attacks can 
put its enemies to sleep.

8 - OCTURION (beaches southwest of Argonia):  Use your monster teams.

The final team of Talos, Skeledoid, and Octurion should win Ranks A and S 
without any real difficulty.  Octurion's Fullheal can keep your two heavy 
hitters alive, and Skeledoid can strike twice per round.  The Monster Arena 
side quest can be finished once you have the ship.

[V-e] Dodgy Dave

Once you clear the events in the Swordsman's Labyrinth and are helped by Red, 
Dodgy Dave will ask you to bring in certain items for him since you have an 
alchemy pot.  He will either pay you in gold or give you an item for your 
trouble.  If you have the item he is seeking in your inventory AT ALL (even if 
it's equipped by one of your characters), he will ask for it on the spot.  If 
you have the item he is seeking and you do not give it to him then, he will ask 
for the next item on the list.  I recommend only talking to him when it's time 
to make a particular trade.  He will cycle through the following list:

     Special Medicine         400 Gold Coins      500 Gold Coins      GOOD
     Reinforced Boomerang   1,200 Gold Coins    1,200 Gold Coins      GOOD
     Ring of Immunity             Bandit Axe    3,500 Gold Coins       BAD
     Robe of Serenity       6,000 Gold Coins    6,000 Gold Coins      GOOD
     Sandstorm Spear               Happy Hat    6,000 Gold Coins       BAD
     Crimson Robe            Big Boss Shield   12,000 Gold Coins      GOOD

The Bandit Axe, Happy Hat and Big Boss Shield are only available for exchange 
the first time through the list.  He will pay you for subsequent items, but 
it's not always worth making the trade (see above).  For example, he will pay 
3,500 Gold Coins for the second Ring of Immunity, but it costs you 3,900 Gold 
Coins to make (in addition to lost alchemy time).  You can refuse any trade as 
long as you have the item in your inventory.  Only the Big Boss Shield is 
listed separately in Section VI, since you need Nook Grass (which is an item 
only available later in the game) to make the Crimson Robe for the trade.

[V-f] Princess Minnie's Mini Medals

Once you secure a boat, you will be able to deliver the numerous Mini Medals 
that you have received to Princess Minnie and redeem them for items.  Mini 
Medals can be found in bags, pots, barrels, sand, and treasure chests 
throughout the world.  You only need to locate 110 out of the 115 total in 
order to receive all of Minnie's rewards.  Once you do, her father will have 
recovered.  In Section VI, the numbers to the right of the boxes (e.g., 
"<28>") indicate the number of Mini Medals that you can receive up to that 
point AND indicate that you may receive a reward at that time: 

     <28>   Fishnet Stockings            <75>   Sacred Armour
     <36>   Posh Waistcoat               <83>   Orichalcum
     <45>   Staff of Divine Wrath        <90>   Metal King Helm
     <52>   Gold Nugget                  <99>   Dangerous Bustier
     <60>   Meteorite Bracer            <110>   Flail of Destruction
     <68>   Miracle Sword

[V-g] Chateau Felix

Chateau Felix is just south of Baccarat and can be reached once you have a 
ship.  Tom will not allow entry unless he's convinced of your kindness to 
animals (little does HE know).  The answers required for entry are:

     - "Take it home and ask your family to let it stay"
     - "Free the tiger from the trap and let it go"
     - "Let the great sabrecat join you on your travels"

Felix will give you the Sand of Serenity to deliver to Baumren, who is 
wandering near a tree that appears only at dawn.  Tom will be waiting outside 
with a sabrecat for you to use.  Felix also notes four sabrecat statues that 
point to that location, but I'll be more specific.  Using your world map, your 
target is that valley in the clearing on the peninsula directly to the east.  
You will go counterclockwise all the way around the Chateau, crossing a bridge 
and following the dirt path (ignoring the small island after the bridge).  Once 
you pass a cow, bear north off of the main path, cross a bridge, then turn 
northwest and look for a small valley to your right.  If you wait near the 
circle of rocks, a huge tree will appear at dawn.  Baumren will be nearby.  
After the short scene with Baumren, check under the tree for a very valuable 
Yggdrasil Leaf.  You can return here for a free Leaf at dawn if you have none.  
Upon returning to the Chateau, Felix will give you the Baumren's Bell.

[V-h] Dragon Graveyard

This side quest is available once you have passed the Arcadia portion of the 
story.  To open the Casino in Baccarat, you must help either Cash or Carrie (it 
doesn't matter who you choose) through an initiation at the Dragon Graveyard 
(in the desert far south of Baccarat).  Once inside, you will need to climb 
upon a few dragon skeletons to advance, so pay attention to the map.  The 
dungeon is fairly straight forward and offers the opportunity to fight Metal 
King Slimes and Beelzebubs for enormous amounts of experience.  In the final 
chamber, it is better to focus attacks on the red enemy first.  After a short 
scene upon defeating the enemies in this chamber, you will return to Baccarat.  
At that point, the Casino will reopen and you will be paid 600 Casino Tokens.  
If you do not take this side quest, the Baccarat Casino will eventually reopen 
on its own, but it will make finding the Gospel Ring more difficult.

[V-i] Baccarat Casino

Once you reach Pickham, you can purchase Tokens to play bingo or 1-Token 
slots.  I only recommend playing a short amount in order to purchase small 
amount of items.  Bingo will be the better of two bad options.  Once the 
Baccarat Casino is open, there are MANY different ways to win big.  Tokens from 
the Pickham Casino are good at the Baccarat Casino and vice versa.  Your best 
bets are to play roulette and slots in Baccarat; I prefer roulette, though you 
may need to save and reload more often.  After saving with your initial 600 
Token reward, place 300 Tokens each two of the three nonuple spots.  Save when 
you win, and reload if you lose.  Once you have 2,500 Tokens, I recommend 
placing three adjoining two-column bets with their respective nonuple bets.  
Each individual bet would have 500 Tokens.  This can be done in two ways:

     - Method 1:  1-6, 7-12, 13-18 and 1-9, 10-18
     - Method 2:  10-15, 16-21, 22-28 and 10-18, 19-27

Doing so twice and winning will bring you to 5,500 Tokens.  This bet will win 
18 times out of 28 chances (slightly less than 2/3).  As you win more, add in 
additional two-column bets and single row bets:

     - Method 1:  add 4-9, 10-15 and 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
     - Method 2:  add 13-18, 19-24 and 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-21, 22-24, 25-27

Once you have 22,500 Tokens, you can go for the BIG wins.  Basically, I 
recommend placing every bet available within the middle nonuple.  From the 9-12 
two-number bet, go down and right to make a 6 (deep) by 7 (wide) grid of 500-
Token bets.  The corners of this grid would be the 9-12 and 18-21 two-number 
bets at the top and the 7-12 and 16-21 two-column bets at the bottom.  Then, 
add a 500-Token bet for the 10-18 nonuple.  The middle interior bets (i.e., 11, 
14, and 17) will pay 66,500 Tokens (almost tripling the amount of your bet).  
The upper and lower interior bets (i.e., 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, and 18) will pay 
52,500 Tokens.  The bets on the edge will give you a net loss of approximately 
9,000 Tokens.  I recommend saving the first time you win this bet; after that, 
if you lose twice in a row, it's better to reload.  It is MUCH easier to place 
the bets by simply holding down the Circle button and steering the bet with the 
directional buttons.  I was able to amass a 520,000-Token fortune in one game-
hour (approximately two hours of real time) using this method.

[V-j] Le Puff-Puff Club

Once you have the Ultimate Key, you can enter Le Puff-Puff Club.  Travel west 
then north from Argonia and unlock the purple door in the mountainside west of 
the waterfall.  The girl in the back room will offer your lead character a 
Puff-Puff.  You will have different results depending on the lead character.  
You can change the lead character by selecting "Line-Up" under the 
"Miscellaneous" menu tab.

[V-k] Trolls' Maze

Once the bazaar in Argonia moves, a secret dungeon will be available in 
Argonia.  If you go to an inn and rest until evening, you can go up the hill in 
Argonia to the Chancellor's house.  You will learn that the Chancellor and his 
family have been kidnapped by trolls and taken to an alternate dimension.  
Enter the glowing mirror to begin your rescue mission.  

[V-l] Dragovian Trials

After you defeat the final boss and watch the complete "normal" ending, you can 
save.  If you load the save with the star next to it, you can now access the 
Dragovian Path and subsequent areas.  This portion of your journey will 
eventually lead to the Dragovian Trials.  Red Scarlet's FAQ has strategies for 
defeating the opponent in order to acquire the rewards noted in the Dragovian 
Trials section of the Item Checklist below.  I recommend accepting the alchemy 
pot upgrade as your first prize so that you can make items instantly.  Found 
south of Trodain, Hev can form "The King and Us" team with Curer and Healer; 
their 'deathmove' is Maximaster, which will revive any dead party members, 
completely heal and increase defence for all team and party members, and 
decrease enemy defence.  Mixing the Dragovian Sword with a Liquid Metal Sword 
in alchemy yields the strongest sword in the game: the Dragovian King Sword.  
When equipped, the Armour and Helm change the Hero's outfit. 

[V-m] Gospel Ring

Once you have defeated all 295 monsters, speak to King Trode by pressing the 
Start button.  Once he realizes that you have defeated all of the different 
enemies in the game, he will reward you with the Gospel Ring, which will give a 
character a Defence +5 boost when equipped.  More importantly, you will not 
have any random battles with the ring equipped.  

[VI] Item Checklist

I felt compelled to submit this (mostly) spoiler-free item checklist with my 
Side Quest FAQ, as the checklist made clear the need for a FAQ in the first 
place.  The areas are listed in the order of when you are first able to reach 
them; side quests will be listed prior to main plotline areas.  The sections 
listed from "Treasure Hunt (3)" through "Argonia" can be explored freely once 
you have the ship; you can also enter the Royal Hunting Ground before going to 
Argonia.  Even though one can get certain items and win certain Arena ranks 
beforehand, the Monster Arena and Dodgy Dave side quests are listed after 
"Argonia" since you would have had access to the monsters and items necessary 
to complete these tasks if you have explored the previous areas.  The exception 
to this rule is the separate listing of the Crimson Robe and Big Boss Shield 
under "Treasure Hunt (5)" since you must find Nook Grass first.  The Item 
Checklist only has the first rewards from Dodgy Dave; see Section V-e for the 
full list of rewards.  The "Nose for Treasure" of Yangus only detects treasures 
and chests; it cannot discern between treasure chests and traps.  This list was 
exceptionally helpful to me on my second game when I wanted to know where 
certain items were located for alchemy.  I hope you find it just as useful!

--- KEY ---
 *  - item is available only temporarily
 ~  - item received after defeating an enemy
 +  - if missed, this can be found later in Neos
<#> - number of Mini Medals acquired

|_| Farebury
|_| Farebury Region
|_| Waterfall Cave
|_| Alexandria Region (1)
|_| Alexandria
|_| Tower of Alexandria
|_| Alexandria Region (2)
|_| Port Prospect
|_| Ferry
|_| Pereguin Quay
|_| Treasure Hunt (1)
|_| Maella Region
|_| Maella Abbey (1)
|_| Simpleton
|_| Maella Abbey (2)
|_| Ruined Abbey
|_| Maella Abbey (3)
|_| Kingdom of Ascantha
|_| Ascantha
|_| Wisher's Peak
|_| Morrie's Place (1)
|_| Pickham (1)
|_| Pickham Region
|_| Swordsman's Labyrinth
|_| Kingdom of Trodain
|_| Trodain Castle
|_| Treasure Hunt (2)
|_| Land of the Moles
|_| Mole Hole
|_| Treasure Hunt (3)
|_| Savella Cathedral
|_| Neos (1)
|_| Baccarat Region (1)
|_| Baccarat (1)
|_| Baccarat Region (2)
|_| Northwest Isle
|_| Kingdom of Argonia
|_| Desert
|_| Argonia
|_| Morrie's Place (2): Monster Arena
|_| Pickham (2): Dodgy Dave
|_| Royal Hunting Grounds
|_| Treasure Hunt (4)
|_| Dark Ruins
|_| Arcadia (1)
|_| Arcadia Region
|_| Rydon's Tower
|_| Arcadia (2)
|_| Baccarat (2)
|_| Dragon Graveyard
|_| Blizzard Peaks
|_| Orkutsk
|_| Herb Grotto
|_| Marta's Cottage
|_| Treasure Hunt (5)
|_| Pirate's Cove
|_| Isolated Plateau (Light)
|_| Empycchu
|_| Isolated Plateau (Dark)
|_| Dark Empycchu
|_| Godbird's Eyrie (Dark)
|_| Godbird's Eyrie (Light)
|_| Treasure Hunt (6)
|_| Tryan Gully
|_| Neos (2)
|_| Treasure Hunt (7)
|_| Trolls' Maze
|_| Black Citadel
|_| Orb Hunting
|_| Dragovian Path
|_| Dragovian Sanctuary
|_| Heavenly Dais
|_| Dragovian Trials

--- FAREBURY ---
|_| 4 Gold Coins
|_| Holy Water
|_| Plain Clothes
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Cypress Stick
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| Cypress Stick
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| 3 Gold Coins
|_| 5 Gold Coins
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| 10 Gold Coins
|_| Leather Shield
|_| 8 Gold Coins
|_| Plain Clothes
|_| 20 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Pot Lid
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| 2 Gold Coins
|_| 4 Gold Coins
|_| 7 Gold Coins
|_| Thief's Key recipe (see Section V-a)

|_| Seed of Life
|_| Boxer Shorts
|_| 82 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Agility (Waterfall Hut)
|_| Holy Water (Waterfall Hut)
|_| * Plain Cheese [x8] (Waterfall Hut; see Section V-b)

|_| Map of Waterfall Cave
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Leather Hat
|_| Copper Sword
|_| ~ Seed of Strength
|_| ~ Crystal Ball

|_| Slime Earrings
|_| 100 Gold Coins

|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| 11 Gold Coins
|_| Holy Water
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| 5 Gold Coins
|_| Plain Cheese
|_| Wayfarer's Clothes
|_| Moonwort Bulb
|_| 18 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Magic
|_| Jessica's Letter

|_| Map of Tower of Alexandria
|_| Seed of Agility
|_| Moonwort Bulb
|_| 22 Gold Coins
|_| 11 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| 7 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| Scale Shield

|_| Jessica's Outfit (Alexandria, Albert Mansion, Jessica's room)
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| Seed of Life

|_| Seed of Wisdom
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Holy Water
|_| 17 Gold Coins

--- FERRY ---
|_| ~ Gold Bracer
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| 12 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Pot Lid
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Seed of Life
|_| Seed of Agility
|_| 10 Gold Coins
|_| Bronze Knife
|_| Alchemy Pot

|_| 8 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Leather Kilt
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Oaken Club
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Seed of Magic
|_| Iron Nail (recommended use: Thief's Key)

--- TREASURE HUNT (1) ---
|_| Thief's Key (alchemy)
|_| 200 Gold Coins (Pereguin Quay)
|_| Boomerang (Pereguin Quay)
|_| Mini Medal (Pereguin Quay)
|_| Cypress Stick (Farebury, weapon shop)
|_| Dagger (Farebury, weapon shop)
|_| Mini Medal (Farebury, church)
|_| Mini Medal (south of Farebury) 

|_| Magic Water
|_| Feathered Cap
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| Seed of Wisdom
|_| Seed of Magic
|_| Stone Axe

--- MAELLA ABBEY (1) ---
|_| Mini Medal (Maella Abbey)
|_| Holy Water (Maella Abbey)

|_| Bunny Tail (west of Simpleton)
|_| 6 Gold Coins
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Templar's Ring

--- MAELLA ABBEY (2) ---
|_| Mini Medal
|_| 26 Gold Coins

|_| Map of Ruined Abbey
|_| Iron Nail
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Bronze Shield
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Waterweed Mould
|_| 50 Gold Coins
|_| Bandit's Grass Skirt
|_| ~ Gold Rosary

--- MAELLA ABBEY (3) ---
|_| Mini Medal
|_| World Map

|_| Chain Mail
|_| 230 Gold Coins
|_| Mini Medal (house west of Riverside Chapel)
|_| Silk Robe (house west of Riverside Chapel)
|_| Seed of Magic (Riverside Chapel)
|_| Seed of Life (south of house west of Riverside Chapel)
|_| Seed of Agility (northwest of Ascantha)
|_| 154 Gold Coins (east of Ascantha)
|_| Seed of Defence (beach southeast of Ascantha)

--- ASCANTHA ---
|_| Lady's Ring
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Plain Clothes
|_| Mini Medal
|_| 42 Gold Coins
|_| Medicinal Herb
|_| Red Mould
|_| Mini Medal
|_| * Seed of Wisdom (see Section V-c)

|_| Wizard's Staff
|_| Map of Wisher's Peak
|_| Templar's Shield

--- MORRIE'S PLACE (1) ---
|_| Morrie's Memo #1
|_| Morrie's Memo #2
|_| Morrie's Memo #3

--- PICKHAM (1) ---
|_| Bunny Tail
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| 12 Gold Coins
|_| Chain Mail
|_| Seed of Life
|_| Holy Water
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Amor Seco Essence
|_| Cowpat
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| 26 Gold Coins
|_| Boxer Shorts
|_| Mini Medal
|_| 30 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Wisdom
|_| Waterweed Mould
|_| Magic Water
|_| 35 Gold Coins
|_| Red Mould
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| 1,000 Gold Coins
|_| Mini Medal

|_| 450 Gold Coins
|_| Leather Whip
|_| Mini Medal (Red's house)
|_| Hairband (Red's house)
|_| Mini Medal (Red's house)
|_| Iron Shield
|_| Farmer's Scythe

|_| Cowpat
|_| Map of Swordsman's Labyrinth
|_| 11 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Magic
|_| 62 Gold Coins
|_| Red Mould
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Antidotal Herb
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Kitty Shield
|_| Mini Medal
|_| ~ Venus' Tear

|_| Slime Crown (well outside Hilltop Hut)
|_| Mini Medal (Hilltop Hut)
|_| Sledgehammer
|_| Seed of Magic
|_| 630 Gold Coins

|_| Map of Castle Trodain
|_| Mini Medal
|_| 29 Gold Coins
|_| Garter
|_| 46 Gold Coins
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Magic Beast Hide
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Gold Bracer
|_| Magic Key
|_| Templar's Sword
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Waterweed Mould
|_| 150 Gold Coins
|_| <28> Mini Medal

--- TREASURE HUNT (2) ---
|_| Mini Medal (west of Maella Abbey)
|_| Steel Broadsword (northwest of Riverside Chapel)
|_| Mini Medal (north of Riverside Chapel)
|_| Agility Ring (northeast of Riverside Chapel)
|_| Mini Medal (behind Monster Arena)
|_| Seed of Defence (north-northwest of Monster Arena)
|_| Gold Ring (west of Swordsman's Labyrinth)
|_| Seed of Skill (southwest of Red's house)
|_| Seed of Defence (west of Hilltop Hut)
|_| Lesser Panacea (east of Trodain Castle)

|_| Seed of Life
|_| Mini Medal

--- MOLE HOLE ---
|_| Map of Mole Hole
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Stone Hardhat
|_| ~ Moonshadow Harp
|_| Eros' Bow recipe (Pickham; see Section V-a)
|_| Magic Ship

--- TREASURE HUNT (3) ---
|_| Mini Medal (behind Princess Minnie's Castle)
|_| Mini Medal (Princess Minnie's Castle)
|_| Fishnet Stockings (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)
|_| <36> Mini Medal (Pirate's Cove) 
|_| Seed of Magic (Pirate's Cove)
|_| 790 Gold Coins (Pirate's Cove)
|_| Posh Waistcoat (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)
|_| Iron Armour (island west of Maella Abbey)
|_| Bronze Knife (island west of Maella Abbey)
|_| 950 Gold Coins (island south of Neos)
|_| Seed of Life (cape west of Pickham)
|_| Iron Mask (cape west of Pickham)
|_| Platinum Sword (island not on map, far southwest corner of World Map)
|_| * Mild Cheese [x4] (Waterfall Hut; see Section V-b)
|_| * Cured Cheese [x2] (Waterfall Hut; see Section V-b)
|_| * Angel Cheese [x2] (Waterfall Hut; see Section V-b)

|_| Mini Medal
|_| Seed of Wisdom
|_| Seed of Defence (chest north of Savella Cathedral)
|_| Magic Water (chest west of Savella Cathedral)
|_| Seed of Life (bird west of Savella Cathedral)
|_| Seed of Magic (bird west of Savella Cathedral)

--- NEOS (1) ---
|_| Magic Water (outside Neos)
|_| Agility Ring (outside Neos)
|_| * Seed of Magic
|_| * Holy Water
|_| * Chimaera Wing
|_| * 16 Gold Coins
|_| * Scholar's Specs
|_| * Moonwort Bulb
|_| * Spicy Cheese
|_| * Seed of Skill
|_| * 80 Gold Coins
|_| * Gold Rosary

|_| Tough Guy Tattoo (outside Seaview Chapel)
|_| Mini Medal (Seaview Chapel)
|_| 1,200 Gold Coins (north of Seaview Chapel)

--- BACCARAT (1) ---
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Strong Medicine
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Cool Cheese
|_| 72 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Ruby of Protection
|_| Dancer's Costume
|_| Amor Seco Essence
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Bunny Tail
|_| Garter

|_| Sand of Serenity (Chateau Felix; see Section V-g)
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Seed of Agility
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| 800 Gold Coins
|_| Yggdrasil Leaf (available at dawn for free; must have none in inventory)
|_| Baumren's Bell (Chateau Felix; see Section V-g)

|_| Zombie Mail
|_| <45> Mini Medal 
|_| Mini Medal (hut outside Dark Ruins)
|_| Staff of Divine Wrath (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

|_| Prayer Ring (northeast of Peddler's tent)
|_| Seed of Skill (hut near Mystic Spring)
|_| Mini Medal (hut near Mystic Spring)
|_| 1,500 Gold Coins (south of hut near Mystic Spring)
|_| Seed of Agility (northwest of Lake Argonia)
|_| Prayer Ring (far west of Lake Argonia)
|_| Steel Shield (south of Lake Argonia)
|_| Eagle Dagger (southwest of Argonia)
|_| Mini Medal (just west of Argonia)
|_| Iron Helmet (mouth of river southeast of Argonia)
|_| Yggdrasil Leaf (beach southeast of Argonia; recommend saving for later)
|_| Seed of Strength (western chest on beach southeast of Argonia)
|_| Light Shield (west of Royal Hunting Grounds)
|_| Seed of Wisdom (southwest of Arcadia)
|_| Lightning Staff (along coast west of Desert Chapel)

--- DESERT ---
|_| Dragon Dung
|_| Dragon Scale

--- ARGONIA --- 
|_| 38 Gold Coins
|_| Strong Medicine
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Wayfarer's Clothes
|_| Magic Water
|_| Plain Cheese
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| Iron Axe
|_| 80 Gold Coins
|_| Feathered Cap
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Cool Cheese
|_| Turban
|_| Strong Antidote
|_| Hairband
|_| Leather Cape
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Mini Medal
|_| <52> Mini Medal 
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| 50 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| 30 Gold Coins
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Elfin Elixir
|_| Cloak of Evasion
|_| Lizard Humour
|_| Gold Nugget (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

|_| First monster team (recruit monsters from Morrie's Memos; see Section V-d)
|_| Strength Ring
|_| Three monsters in reserve (i.e., you can recruit six)
|_| Bunny Suit
|_| Can fight your monster team in the Monster Arena
|_| Ring of Clarity
|_| Hero learns "Call Team"
|_| Mighty Armlet
|_| Three additional monsters in reserve (i.e., you can recruit nine)
|_| Saint's Ashes
|_| Bardiche of Binding
|_| Second monster team (i.e., you can recruit twelve)
|_| Hero Spear
|_| Dragon Robe

|_| 400 Gold Coins (reward for Special Medicine; see Section V-e)
|_| 1,200 Gold Coins (reward for Reinforced Boomerang; see Section V-e)
|_| Bandit Axe (reward for Ring of Immunity; see Section V-e)
|_| 6,000 Gold Coins (reward for Robe of Serenity; see Section V-e)
|_| Happy Hat (reward for Sandstorm Spear; see Section V-e)

|_| 41 Gold Coins (nearby hut)
|_| Mini Medal (nearby hut)
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Dragon Scale
|_| ~ Argon Heart
|_| ~ Argon Heart
|_| ~ Argon Heart
|_| ~ Great Big Argon Heart

--- TREASURE HUNT (4) ---
|_| Magic Mirror (Argonia vault)
|_| Mini Medal (Argonia vault)
|_| Devil's Tail (Argonia vault)
|_| Battle Fork (Argonia vault)
|_| Magical Hat (Argonia vault)
|_| ~ Sun Mirror (recharge Magic Mirror at channel beneath Arcadia)

--- DARK RUINS ---
|_| Map of Dark Ruins
|_| Dragon Scale
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Saint's Ashes

--- ARCADIA (1) ---
|_| Imp Knife recipe (Trodain Castle; see Section V-a)
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| Dragon Dung
|_| Gold Bracer
|_| Amor Seco Essence
|_| 350 Gold Coins
|_| Magic Water
|_| Leather Dress
|_| 230 Gold Coins
|_| Seed of Life
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Dragon Scale
|_| Giant Mallet
|_| 27 Gold Coins
|_| Strength Ring
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Cowpat
|_| Bunny Tail
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| Poison Moth Knife
|_| Magic Water
|_| Lesser Panacea
|_| <60> Mini Medal 
|_| Wizard's Staff
|_| Mystifying Mixture
|_| 26 Gold Coins
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Cloak of Evasion
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Stone Sword
|_| Seed of Skill (Mystery Shop at night; cost = 2,000 Gold Coins) 
|_| Meteorite Bracer (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

|_| Titan Belt
|_| Silver Tiara
|_| Assassin's Dagger
|_| Elfin Elixir

|_| Map of Rydon's Tower
|_| Recovery Ring (9th floor)
|_| Cheiron's Bow (top floor)
|_| Kran Spinels (Tower of Alexandria, top floor)

--- ARCADIA (2) ---
|_| Mini Medal (Dominico's house, secret chamber)
|_| Magic Vestment (Dominico's house, secret chamber)
|_| 650 Gold Coins (Dominico's house, secret chamber)
|_| Big Book of Barriers (Dominico's house, bookshelf in secret chamber)

--- BACCARAT (2) ---
|_| Magic Water
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| Spangled Dress
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Seed of Wisdom
|_| Gold Ring

|_| Map of Dragon Graveyard (see Section V-h)
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Dragon Dung
|_| Dragon Shield
|_| ~ 600 Casino Tokens (Baccarat)

|_| * Special Medicine (Marta's Cottage)
|_| * Special Antidote (Marta's Cottage)
|_| * Mini Medal (Marta's Cottage)
|_| Marta's Bag (Marta's Cottage)
|_| * <68> Mini Medal (barn outside Marta's Cottage) 
|_| Miracle Sword (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)
|_| Holy Silver Rapier (first chest west of Marta's Cottage)
|_| Yggdrasil Leaf (south of first chest; recommend saving for later)
|_| Agility Ring (third chest west of Marta's Cottage)
|_| Mini Medal (outside Herb Grotto)

--- ORKUTSK ---
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Amor Seco Essence
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Chilly Cheese
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Ruby of Protection
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Edged Boomerang
|_| Magic Water
|_| Wing of Bat
|_| Rockbomb Shard
|_| Mini Medal

|_| Map of Herb Grotto
|_| Rose Wort
|_| Mini Medal
|_| 100 Gold Coins
|_| Elfin Elixir
|_| Devil's Tail
|_| 2,100 Gold Coins
|_| Rose-Root
|_| <75> Mini Medal 
|_| Seed of Life
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Icicle Dirk

|_| ~ Ultimate Key
|_| Sacred Armour (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

--- TREASURE HUNT (5) ---
|_| Rune Staff (Pickham)
|_| Power Shield (Pickham)
|_| Mini Medal (Pickham)
|_| Seed of Agility (Red's house)
|_| Garter (Red's house)
|_| Mini Medal (Red's house)
|_| Spiked Steel Whip (Red's house)
|_| Seed of Magic (Trodain Castle)
|_| Yggdrasil Dew (Trodain Castle)
|_| Rusty Old Sword (Trodain Castle)
|_| Mini Medal (Trodain Castle)
|_| Skull Ring (Argonia)
|_| Mini Medal (Argonia)
|_| Moon Axe (Argonia)
|_| Mini Medal (Le Puff-Puff Club, northwest of Argonia)
|_| Silver Platter (Le Puff-Puff Club)
|_| Mini Medal (Arcadia)
|_| Titan Belt (Arcadia)
|_| Seed of Magic (Arcadia)
|_| Double-Edged Sword (Princess Minnie's Castle)
|_| Seed of Strength (Princess Minnie's Castle)
|_| <83> Mini Medal (Princess Minnie's Castle) 
|_| Seed of Life (Princess Minnie's Castle)
|_| Orichalcum (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

|_| Mini Medal
|_| Magic Water
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Map of Pirate's Cove
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Hades' Helm
|_| Bone Shield
|_| ~ Pirate's Hat
|_| ~ Illuminated Sea Chart

|_| Mighty Armlet
|_| Lesser Panacea
|_| Magical Mace
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Elfin Elixir 

--- EMPYCCHU ---
|_| Seed of Strength
|_| Red Mould
|_| Waterweed Mould
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Rennet Powder
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Chimaera Wing
|_| Special Medicine
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| Fur Poncho
|_| Seed of Skill
|_| <90> Mini Medal 
|_| Metal King Helm (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

|_| Mini Medal
|_| Devil's Tail
|_| Iron Headgear
|_| Seed of Agility

|_| Seed of Magic
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Rock Salt
|_| Cowpat
|_| Cold Cheese
|_| Mini Medal
|_| 180 Gold Coins
|_| Special Antidote
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Premium Mould
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| Dragon Scale
|_| Mini Medal
|_| ~ Seed of Magic

|_| * Map of the Godbird's Eyrie
|_| * Ring of Truth
|_| * Gold Nugget 
|_| * Demon Whip
|_| * Saint's Ashes
|_| ~ Seed of Skill 
|_| ~ Godbird's Soulstone

|_| Mini Medal
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Gold Nugget
|_| Dragon Dung
|_| Orichalcum

--- TREASURE HUNT (6) ---
|_| Seed of Life (Lord High Priest's Residence)
|_| Mini Medal (Lord High Priest's Residence)
|_| Sage's Robe (Lord High Priest's Residence)
|_| <99> Mini Medal (Lord High Priest's Residence)
|_| * Nook Grass [x4] (Marek at Orkutsk; reply = "yes")
|_| Dangerous Bustier (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)
|_| Crimson Robe (alchemy)
|_| Big Boss Shield (Pickham, Dodgy Dave; see Section V-e)
|_| Flametang Boomerang (hill west of Peddler's tent)
|_| Ruinous Shield (Northwest Isle)
|_| Yggdrasil Dew (island in lake northeast of Pickham)
|_| Skull Helm (plateau south of Empycchu)
|_| Mini Medal (plateau south of Dragon Graveyard)
|_| Ogre Shield (plateau south of Dragon Graveyard)
|_| Conqueror's Axe (Howlwind Hill)
|_| Mini Medal (hill east of Farebury; right pot of the two pots) 
|_| Yggdrasil Leaf (pot left of the above pot; recommend saving for later)
|_| Mini Medal (beach with pier on hill east of Farebury)

|_| Super Spicy Cheese (far west of Tryan Gully, on cliff north of bridge)
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Elfin Elixir
|_| Slime Crown
|_| Darktree Leaf
|_| Staff of Anti-Magic
|_| Premium Mould
|_| Seed of Defence
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Yggdrasil Dew
|_| Mini Medal (east of Tryan Gully)

--- NEOS (2) ---
|_| ~ Templar Captain's Ring

--- TREASURE HUNT (7) ---
|_| Flail of Fury (Red's house)	
|_| * Highly-Strung Cheese [x3] (Waterfall Hut; see Section V-b)
|_| Dragon Slayer recipe (Savella Cathedral; see Section V-a)
|_| Nook Grass [x4] (Marek at Marta's Cottage)
|_| ~ 400 Casino Tokens (Baccarat at night; reply = "no")
|_| Seed of Magic (Argonia, indoor bazaar between church and castle)
|_| Mini Medal (Argonia, indoor bazaar)

--- TROLLS' MAZE ---
|_| Hell Sabre (see Section V-k)
|_| Mini Medal
|_| ~ Seed of Strength [x2]
|_| ~ Seed of Life [x3]

|_| * Map of Black Citadel
|_| + Orichalcum (top of northeast tower)
|_| + 500 Gold Coins (beginning of Barrel Hallway [BH])
|_| + Prayer Ring
|_| + Seed of Defence
|_| + 1,200 Gold Coins
|_| + Saint's Ashes
|_| + Yggdrasil Leaf (right of large box in BH; recommend saving for later)
|_| + Hard Cheese
|_| + Orichalcum (barrel)
|_| + Icicle Dirk
|_| + Cured Cheese
|_| + Seed of Life
|_| + Rock Salt (end of BH)
|_| + Dark Robe
|_| + Premium Mould
|_| + Silver Shield
|_| + Sage's Stone
|_| ~ Yggdrasil Dew
|_| ~ Orichalcum
|_| Echo Flute (arch west of Empycchu)

|_| Purple Orb (Farebury, Rylus' house)
|_| Blue Orb (Tower of Alexandria, top floor)
|_| Gold Orb (Maella Abbey, Abbot's residence, 2nd floor)
|_| Yellow Orb (Baccarat, Golding's Mansion, 2nd floor)
|_| Green Orb (Arcadia, outside Sir Leopold's cage)
|_| Red Orb (outside the cave behind Marta's cottage)
|_| Silver Orb (Lord High Priest's Residence, 2nd floor)
|_| Godbird Sceptre [x4] (arch west of Empycchu)

|_| Liquid Metal Armour
|_| Seed of Skill
|_| Thanatos' Shield
|_| Elfin Elixir
|_| Metal King Spear

|_| Mini Medal
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| Fresh Milk
|_| Premium Mould
|_| Saint's Ashes
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Rock Salt
|_| <110> Mini Medal
|_| Nook Grass
|_| Yggdrasil Dew
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Chunky Cheese
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Angel Cheese
|_| Highly-Strung Cheese
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Flail of Destruction (Princess Minnie; see Section V-f)

|_| Dangerous Bustier
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Mini Medal
|_| Orichalcum
|_| Skull Helmet
|_| ~ Argon Ring (Dragovian Sanctuary)

|_| ~ Ultimate Alchemy Pot (instant alchemy results; see Section V-l)
|_| ~ Unlock Hev (Metal King Slime, lake south of Trodain Castle)
|_| ~ Dragovian Sword
|_| ~ Dragovian Armour
|_| ~ Dragovian Shield
|_| ~ Dragovian Helm
|_| ~ Gospel Ring (see Section V-m)