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It's fun, guv.Black Rabite8/10
Not a bad game, but a step back for the Dragon Quest series nonethelessIKelley6/10
I know a lot of people have issues with it, but it's still one of the best games to come out in a long time for me.Psycho Penguin10/10
It's good, but...Allidoisreview7/10
Only the true RPG fans should get a taste of DQ8badazzbuddy1178/10
Being simple doesn't make a RPG bad, as Dragon Quest VIII proves!Bkstunt_318/10
Charming and traditional once againBlack Hayate8/10
This game has been approved by the league of olde-tyme gamers!Black_Crusher9/10
A traditional turned-based RPG that doesn’t do anything ground-breaking, but everything just rightC0unt9rishnack8/10
If this is tradition, take me back to 2006.CC DeVille5/10
Not for the casual gamerEEEECHUTA7/10
Rather Dullfalsehead5/10
Nothing more than mediocre...Final Eclipse4/10
Cor Blimey! This one o’ them great gamesGalactus219/10
An amazing, humorous and graphically stunning RPG worth a look at.ghangiskhan19/10
It’s not all that. It’s just another “filler” game.gjvaquino5/10
Dragon Quest VIII, as a modern day manifestation of a classic NES era style RPG, is a game I can enthusiastically recommend to most RPG fans.hamhamninja9/10
Proof that innovation is not necessary to create a masterpiece.helpmeplease9/10
Slime draws near...! and falls flat on its face.Hsieh6/10
Hard to believe after the hype, but this game is not worth anyone's time.Malcard894/10
Approach With CautionMalora6/10
Good RPG, not for everyone though!methedemon7/10
A refreshingly old skool RPGOsafune28/10
Early Review SessionSemiCoolMan10/10
Shallow's unbiased and fair review!shallow man7/10
You Can’t Know Where You’re Going Unless You Know Where You’ve Beensmoking_hookah8/10
Even after 6 and a half years after it's original release, Dragon Quest VIII still shines.sword6929/10
A flawless mix of the old with the newtasuki21010/10
Finally an RPG that begs gamers not to take it seriouslyTenNinjas1019/10
A fun but repetitive RPG.thesampleman8/10
A Review appears!tjsollosi9/10
One of the best games in the Dragon Quest serieswizardmentor9/10
The best Dragon Quest/Warrior game I've played.wolverinefan8/10
An RPG Not to Be Forgotten...xMynDx10/10
A good game for RPG fans with a few flaws and annoyances that keep it from being perfectZfactorC8/10

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