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"A superior sequel."

Most sequels in the music genre have been content to product the exact same game with different songs and leave it at that.
Amplitude, on the other hand, takes the game Frequency and improves nearly every aspect of the game.

Game-play (9/10): The core game-play remains unchanged. Three different types of ''notes'' come at you and you're needed to hit the proper button (which you're able to configure to your liking) with the right timing. The difference in this game, however, is that the tracks are set-up like a highway rather than a tunnel. One problem with this is you're unable to jump from the last track to the first track instantly like you could with Frequency's tunnel set-up. With that exception, this layout is a major improvement. The creators of the game have a much larger ''canvas'' for the background visual effects, combos are easier to see coming, and two players can compete with each other without a split screen.

Graphics (9/10): The background visuals have been improved greatly, and they're interactive. Certain lights pulse when you press the buttons on the controller. However, it's possible for them to become a distraction and interfere with the game-play. Most players probably won't even notice. And for anyone watching someone else play, they're in for a real treat. The tracks are also color coded per the instrument they represent. This presence of color makes it easier to see the tracks that still need to be completed.

Sound (10/10): Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to music. But regardless of what you like, there's no arguing the high quality of the song selection that's presented in Amplitude. As compared to the first game, the range of music types is broader here. Also, the futuristic sound effects of tracks being completed and power-up being utilized are also beautifully executed. You'll want to turn the volume up while playing this game.

Online performance (10/10): Not only can you play this game online, but it also allows you to upload your custom remixes for others to download. That's a very nice, unexpected, and welcome addition.

Replay value (8/10): The online option really helps this score out, but putting that aside for a moment, the replay valve of this game really depends on how much you like the songs. If you play through this game and no song really jumps out at you, there's not much reason to play it again once you've done it all. Also, the difficulty has been toned down compared to Frequency. Still, the online playability is there and done very well. Competing and making music can be highly addictive.

Buy or rent?: I'd recommend buying this game to anyone except to gamers who are not online and new to the music genre. To those few people out there, ''Rent it, fall in love with it, then buy it.''

Amplitude does such a great job as a sequel and a music game, it will raise the bar for many games outside its genre.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 03/27/03, Updated 03/27/03

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