• Gameplay Cheats

    After you beat the game and recive the nefrack trophy, enter the following at the cheat menu.

    All wepons (requires looter trophy)square, x, circle, x, up, down, up, down
    Edges dont use conviction (requires life saver trophy)l2, up, x, up, square, square, down, down
    Enable cheatscircle, square, triangle, x, l1, l1, left, left
    Harder monsters (requires team up trophy)square, square, triangle, square, l2, l2, up, down
    Higher melee damage (requires machine boss trophy)down, down, r1, r1, up, x, up, circle
    Improve edges (requires witch trophy)l1, l1, circle, circle, down, down, up, down
    Infinite life (requires warrior trophy)right, right, right, x, up, triangle, up, square
    Max ammo (requires gun bunny trophy)right, right, right, right, up, down, up, down
    Max health (requires pitfighter trophy)triangle, triangle, circle, circle, square, l1, square, r1
    Toggle monster spawning (requires werewolf trophy)square, square, circle, circle, triangle, l1, l1
    Unlimited ammo (requires rouge hunter trophy)x, triangle, circle, square, triangle, up, down, down

    Contributed By: Luminaria.


  • Additional Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CarpenterComplete the game under Nightmare setting.
    DevinComplete the game under normal difficulty setting.

    Contributed By: DarkCypher.

  • Cheat Mode

    Complete each goal and beat the game to unlock the trophy/cheat.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    All Weapons (Looter trophy)Collect all silver pieces and beat the game.
    Deserters TrophyLet the Roughe hunter kill to many innocents on the Hospital lower level
    Enable Cheats (nephrack trophy)Defeat Nephrack and beat the game.
    Improve EdgesBeat the game.
    Infinite Ammo (Rogue Hunter trophy)Defeat the Rogue Hunter and beat the game.
    Infinite Health (warrior trophy)Defeat all enemies in the Midtown level and beat the game.
    Max Ammo (Gun Bunny trophy)Beat the Downtown level by killing all enemies using only your starting ranged weapon and beat the game.
    Max Health (Pit Fighter trophy)Beat the Downtown level by killing all enemies using only your starting melee weapon and beat the game.
    Mega Melee Damage (The Machine trophy)Beat the machine boss and beat the game.
    No Conviction for Edges (Life Saver trophy)Save all innocents in the lower section of the Prison Hospital and beat the game.
    Tougher Monsters (team up trophy)Complete the game in two player mode

    Contributed By: DarkCypher and judge.

  • Nightmare Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Nightmare ModeComplete the game under Normal difficulty setting

    Contributed By: DarkCypher.

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