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What are the 45 unobtinable cards?

I've heard people say there are 45 unobtainable cards and i would like to know witch cards they are so i don't get my hopes up on them

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nps_pon2182 answered:

This is in order of card number: blue eyes ultimate dragon, black skull dragon, tri-horned dragon, serpent night dragon, yamadron, meteor black dragon, gaia the dragon champion, thousand dragon, cosmo queen, mask of shine & dark, magician of black chaos, dokurorider, skull guardian, black luster soldier, wall shadow, gate guardian, hungry burger, garma sword, millennium shield, performance of sword, rabid horseman, sengenjin, nekogal #2, super war lion, crimson sunbird, harpie lady sisters, zera the mant, fiend's mirror, chakra, psycho puppet, great moth, perfectly ultimate great moth, javelin beetle, larva of moth, pupa of moth, arsenal bug, fortress whale, metalzoa, red eyes black metal dragon, kinetic soldier, twin headed thunder dragon, crab turtle, woodland sprite, summoned lord exodia, riryoku, mirror force, and apparently that's it....but i'm also missing beastly mirror ritual, because those ritual cards you can only get thru reincarnation are hard to get
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