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Where can I get a Blue Eyes White Dragon?

Where can I get riyorku

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Where can I get all the cards to the game?


nps_pon2182 answered:

you can't get riryoku for yourself unless you use a cheat device, but be careful as it might mess up your ps2, it did mine when i tried it....but then i stupidly overwrote the file because i wasn't thinking and i had to start a new game from scratch....there are only 808 total cards you can get, 45 of them are unobtainable unless you use a cheat device. Blue Eyes can be obtained through slot jackpots
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DubbleD97 answered:

For Blue Eyes, you can check the FAQ for Jackpot slot line-up. If Seto uses it, then it is possible to obtain it in the Slots.

And for Riryoku, you CAN obtain it without a cheat device. You have to fight the Fab Llyr that uses the card, and obtain it in slots. (I think it's the one that adds to a monster's ATK by half of your current LP)

Hope that helped.
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nps_pon2182 answered:

Dude...obviously you havent played this game, or else you would know that most good cards, including blue eyes and riryoku, dont show up in the slots, because they want you to be challenged to win (even though if you know how to play, its no challenge at all)
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Udin_Petot answered:

For Blue Eyes, I managed to obtain it by lining up 3 "Panther Warrior" after I defeated Richard Slysheen of York. Give it a try.
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CenetaurmanE52 answered:

Line up 3 Dancing Elves to get one.
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nps_pon2182 answered:

and since people are interested in listing the cards they lined up to get a blue eyes, i got my first one by lining up Uraby after defeating rex
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MitchyG answered:

Get 3 in a row. completely random. it doesnt matter what cars they are. but i did get 2 of mine from deck leader card from that "duel". but it is random.
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mega22man answered:

I know you can get it from lining up many diffrent cards so try lining up and you will be getting it once you get good at lining
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zeldafan44310 answered:

Actually nps_pon2182 is right blue eyes and riryoku, dont show up in the slots
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tidus778 answered:

i got my First Blue eyes today by lining up Three seven completed
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TriSiren answered:

one of my old save files i could get rare cards in slots, but my new file i can't... this is just an idea, but maybe a deck leader hidden ability allows rare cards to appear in slots, or possibly a name , i do recall seeing rare cards though and i dont use cheats,

right now my deck leader is
-wings of wicked flame-
type- pyro
attr- fire
atk- 700
def- 600
summoning level - 2
rank- 3stripes 1 star BG
dc- 13

leader abilities
extended support
increased strength for same type
weaken specific enemy type - ? not sure
spellbind specific enemy type - beast
destroy specific enemy type - plant

and also 2 hidden leader abilities
top , middle , and bottom arrows in slots
destiny draw

im sure other cards have hidden abilities as well , possibly rare cards in slots
or i might just have to much faith in this game :P

also, i think i got blue eyes from 3 megamorph
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koikoibuddy9 answered:

They don't show up in slots,but there not impossible to lining up 3 cards in a row,maybe u can get one.

one hint for graveyard slots is this.
the more monsters you defeat and send to the graveyard, the slower the slots go, you can use this as an advantage.
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ShevaXCerberus answered:

Defeat all three of Kaibas Blue eyes and you can get them on the slot machine i hit the jackpot with three blue eyes and got the ritual for Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
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baron_karza answered:

I have to call bullsh*t on that one, ShevaXCerberus.
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jabergamer answered:

It's not possible to see a blue eyes in the slots. I removed every card from seto's deck except the three blue eyes and when I beat him you know what happened? Nothing. No slot chance at all.
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destruction95 answered:

I lined up 3 Monster Eggs to get Blue Eyes White Dragon.
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