Question from Hehlfireman

Where can I find Red eyes black dragon?

I have tried dualing Duel master K with a deck that creates it in fusions, but he is unable to figure it out.
P.S. I could also use Meteor Black Dragon.

Thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

nps_pon2182 answered:

You can get Red Eyes one of 3 ways...duel Joey, defeat it (and him) and get it in the slots, you can also do this with the Fab Llyr guy with the Chakra deck leader, and it also shows up in slot jackpots sometimes. For Meteor Black Dragon, I think you can get meteor dragon through reincarnation; if not, the Chakra deck leader guy has it, so win it from him
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nps_pon2182 answered:

Oops i almost forgot....Yugi has meteor dragon too, so you could win it from him as well
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nps_pon2182 answered:

and of course you make Meteor Black Dragon by fusing Red Eyes with meteor dragon....the only other way to make it is to fuse Ryu-Ran or Manga Ryu-Ran with insect imitation and hope you get Meteor Black Dragon (but that way is totally random)
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Udin_Petot answered:

Manawyddan Fab Llyr (Chakra) has Red Eyes B. Dragon
Yugi has Meteor Dragon
Meteor Dragon + Red Eyes B. Dragon = Meteor B. Dragon
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