Question from BioManiac_R2

Asked: 5 years ago

anyone find a way to get Meteor B. Dragon card ?

If anyone finds away to either reincarnate or win in the slots a Meteor B. Dragon card, let me know. thanks :) i'm on the hunt for it as an actual card, along with B. Skull dragon and i dont know if you can get the actual ritual cards, but if u can i'd like to know that too. :)

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From: nps_pon2182 5 years ago

No....there's 45 cards in the game (out of the listed 853) that are unobtainable except through use of cheat device, and meteor black dragon and black skull dragon are 2 of those aforementioned 45

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I dont know how to get the card itself, but if u fuse Red Eyes B. Dragon and Meteor Dragon u get it

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