Question from Croabadrin

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get slot rares more than once?

Can you get a slot rare (by liing up three of the same card in the graveyard slots) more than once? Not by the multi-line leader abilities, I mean with several battles.

Accepted Answer

From: nps_pon2182 5 years ago

yup....I got 6 blue eyes by doing this (blue eyes is piece of advice far as i've seen, if you have a fairy deck leader you won't get a blue eyes if you get a slot "jackpot"...i tried several times and never got one), and of course there are several consistent slot results, ie lining up harpie lady always gives you harpie's feather duster, lining up dark magician always gives you dark magician girl, lining up dark-piercing light always gives you swords of revealing light, the others are...Dark Energy = Dark Hole, Illusionist Faceless Mage = Brain Control, Ultimate Dragon (ritual card) = Lord of Dragons...those are all the ones i know of where the result is always the same

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