FAQ/Walkthrough by DeathWall777

Version: 2.3 | Updated: 04/18/06 | Printable Version

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses
Genre: Strategy/Card Battle
1-2 Players
Designed by: Konami
FAQ/Walkthrough by DeathWall777
e-mail: snow_death7@yahoo.com.br

                             1. Introduction
Here are another Yu-Gi-Oh game. If you have been played the Forbidden
Memories for PSOne, you will note that this game is alot different of it.
Now you will have to move your cards to the opponent's cards in order to make an
attack. So it requires alot more strategy through. One of the new features here
is that you must have a Deck Leader card for your Deck be complete. Deck Leaders
will summon the cards from your hand and carry your life points, that is a new
feature too. You will start the duel with 4000 life points instead of 2000 that
was in the previous game allowing the duel be longer and mysterious. Let's start
with the guide.
                         2. FAQ/Walkthrough History
April/11/2006 - Version 0.25
Begain this FAQ/Walkthrough. Added Tutorial and Lancastrians side.

April/12/2006 - Version 0.75
Tutorial finished. Added Startegies to Starting Out. Next update I will finish
Lancastrians side.

April/13/2006 - Version 1.25
Lancastrians side finished. Added Tips and Secrets at Contents. Next update I
will begin Yorkists side and add some more Tips.

April/16/2006 - Version 1.75
Begain Yorkists side. Added more passwords at Tips and Secrets. Minor grammar
and spelling corrections.

April/17/2006 - Version 2.0
Continued with Yorkists side. More grammar corrections done.

April/18/2006 - Version 2.3
Yorkists side finished. Added more passwords at Tips and Secrets.
                                3. Contents
4. Tutorial
   4 a) Game Controls
   4 b) Constructing a Deck
   4 c) Deck Leaders
   4 d) Fields -in maintenance-
   4 e) Decks Suggestions
5. Strategies to Starting Out
6. Walkthrough
   6 a) Lancastrians side
   6 b) Yorkists side
7. Tips and Secrets
   7 a) Passwords
   7 b) Edit Map
   7 c) Reincarnation
8. Contact me
9. Copyright
10. Credits
                                 4. Tutorial
                              4 a) Game Controls
4 a) 1. Map Screen

Directional Pad: Moves the cursor
X: Confirm
O: Cancel
Select: Returns to Main Menu
Start: Moves the cursor to the to the icons: Build Deck/Chest, Save your
progress, Help menu and Options.

4 a) 2. Battle Screen

With the cursor in your Deck Leader:
- X: Moves to any place in yellow spaces.
- Square: Summons a card from your hand in the blue spaces.
- Triangle: Card details.

With the cursor in any direction:
- Select: Give up.
- Start: Skip your turn.

With the cursor in your monsters:
- X: Moves to any place in yellow spaces.
- R2: Flips face up the card in field
- R1, L1: Flips the card in atk/def mode.

4 a) 3. Chest/Build Deck Screen

In this screen you can see the cards that are in your deck in the right
and the cards in your chest in the left. You can press square at your
deck screen to remove a card from your deck and press X in your chest to
place a card in your deck. Note that you can't get out of this screen if
you have a deck with less than 40 cards.
With the cursor in your chest:
R3: Opens Password screen.
L3: Opens Reincarnation screen. (you can only acess this screen for each
5 battles you win.)
R2 and L2: Sorts the cards in chest or Deck by type, attribute, rank,

                          4. b) Constructing a Deck
Deck is a junction of 40 cards that you can build with the cards in your
chest and use it against the duelists you will find. A starter deck
contains 20 monsters cards, 15 magics/power ups cards and 5 trap cards.
When constructing a Deck, you should watch your DC (Deck Cost) level to
it don't go overboard. If your DC is higher than your opponent's DC you
won't be able to face then. Keep in mind that more powerful the card is,
higher will be it's DC so you will have to include some very weak cards
for your DC be nice.

                             4. c) Deck Leaders
Besides yours 40 cards in the Deck, you will have to add one extra
monster card as your Deck Leader. You will have to protect your Deck
Leader from the enemy's monsters to not lose life points. With your Deck
Leader, every turn you can summon a card from your hand to the field in
the blue spaces. But keep your eyes in your number of starchips close to
your field information in the battle. If you don't have enough starchips
to summon a monster from your hand, it will be flashing in gray until you
have enough starchips to summon it. Also, Deck Leaders will eventually
get ranks after battles and they can get special techniques with the
time. But remmenber: you can only take a monster as Deck Leader if it
have at least 1 rank.

                                4. d) Fields
You can duel alot better if you know what field suits the exactly kind of
monster and what field weaks other kind. It's aways good to have one or
two copies of the field that you suits, because the opponent will aways
have the field at his task. Here are the fields and their effects:

Suits: N/A
Weaks: N/A

Suits: Immortals, Zombies
Weaks: N/A (Destroys 1500+ ATK monsters)

Suits: Toon monsters
Weaks: Every other types

More coming soon.

                         4. e) Deck Suggestions
In this section I will put some Decks that can be maked by simple cards
and early in the game. I will also include the Deck Leader, Deck Cost,
the most important cards of the Deck and the Deck strategy to it be
correctly used during the battles. Here goes the first one:

Deck Leader: Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Type: Zombie
Deck Cost: arround 800

Pumpking the King of Ghosts x3
Swordstalker x3
Aqua Dragon x1
Fiend's Hand x3
Shadow Specter  x3
Skull Servant x3
Petit Moth x3

Call of the Haunted x2
Cocoon of Evolution x3
Monster Reborn x2
Violet Crystal x3
Megamorph x3
Wasteland x2
Cursebreaker x2

Spellbinding Circle x3
Mirror Wall x1

Strategy: Play Pumpking and the Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth in field
along with Swordstalkers and Aqua Dragon and Call Of the Haunted to
change they into Zombies, making you gain 100pts. of Atk/Def per turn and
your opponent loses 100pts. per turn. Play Wasteland on the field to be
more suitable for you. Don't worry about Aqua Dragon since his habilit to
change his terrain in Sea field will make him gain 1000pts of Atk/Def
when engaged in battle. Mirror Wall works well in any Deck and aways have
it on the field. Spellbinding Circle, Violet Crystal and Megamorph gives
the extra force if you need it.
Where get these cards: Necromancer and Weevil Underwood.
Megamorph: by Reincarnation
Swordstalker, Aqua Dragon, Mirror Wall: Password cards
Comment: This may be the Deck that you will want to use since the
beginning of Lancastrians side until you get very strong cards like Red
Eyes Black Dragon and Zoa.
Deck Leader: Harpie's Pet Dragon
Type: Dragon/Winged Beast
Deck Cost: 920

Harpie Lady x3
Harpie's Pet Dragon x3
Darkfire Dragon x3
Baby Dragon x3
Wicked Dragon x2
Punished Eagle x2
Swordsman from a foreing Land x3
Queen's Double x3
Time Wizard x2

Cyber Shield x3
Follow Wind x3
Gust Fan x3
Elegart Egotist x2
Just Desserts x1

Mirror Wall x1
Acid Trap Hole x1
Revived Serpent Night Dragon Ritual x1

Strategy: Start with dragons under 1500 Atk and play  Time Wizard to turn
they in Throusand Dragon (2400/2000). With Harpie's Pet Dragon, flip all
yours Harpie Ladies to power they up by 300pts each Harpie. Equip Elegart
Egotist in your Harpie Lady to turn it in Harpie Lady Sisters (1950/2400)
and flip it face up to boost your Pet Dragon by 900pts. Punished Eagle
works well with Gust Fan and Follow Wind. In more, sacrifice one of your
warriors, winged beast and Darkfire Dragon with the Serpent Night Dragon
Ritual to form Serpent Night Dragon (2350/2450)
Where get these cards: Mai and Joey.
Mirror Wall, Just Desserts: Password Cards.
Comment: A little worse than the first one, this Deck is slow, but if you
get a strong start you will surprise the opponent.

                     5. Strategies to Starting Out
When choosing a Deck, if you will be following my strategies try to pick
a Deck called Kryuel. Keep reseting and try other names for new Decks
appears. Kryuel Deck is most of Zombies monsters and have a card called
Call of the Haunted that changes the type of your monsters into Zombies.
With Pumpking you can't go wrong. Also, you may want some cards that will
make the duels very easy. Here are these cards and their passwords:

Aqua Dragon - JQCB6FU7

Barrel Dragon - GTJXSBJ7

Mimicat - 69YDQM85

Mirror Wall - 53297534

Swordstalker - AH0PSHEB

(Note: See the Tips and Secrets section for more passwords.)
With these cards, your starter Deck should be alot more powerful. When
you would make the changes in your Deck, don't remove the field card,
remove weak monsters and magics like Sparks, Red Medicine, etc. Your Deck
should be between 800-850 DC in order to face the first duel.

With the Tutorial and the Strategies done, let's get started with the

                              6. Walkthrough
In the main menu choose the option "New Game" to start and you will watch
a little intro about the game. Simon McMoran will summon you from another
age to be at his side in the War of the Roses. Give a name for your
character and choose your Deck. Seto will arrive and will invite you to
be at his side. Now you will have two options: stay with Simon
(Lancastrians) or go with Seto (Yorkists). If you won't use any
passwords, go with Seto because it's the easiest side of the game. If you
will be using passwords, stay with Simon even being the hardest side you
can get very strong cards since the begin. I will begin this walkthrough
with Simon since I used passwords. After few scenes you will start at
Milford Haven.
                       Lancastrians (Red Rose) Side
First thing to do here is go to the Build Deck/Chest screen and at the
chest do some passwords and include the cards in your Deck. In the map,
you will have two options: battle against Weevil or Rex Raptor. I will
start with Weevil since he's a little bit easier than Raptor.

Weevil Underwood
Location: Chester
Deck Cost: 854
Deck Leader: Basic Insect
Field: Forest
Weevil by being the first duelist uses weak cards and do many mistakes.
His strongests monsters are: Kwagar Hercules (2400/1900) and Hercules
Beetle (2000/2500) in Forest field. But be careful he can perform his
ritual by sacrificing Hercules Beetle and two other of his insects to
create Javelin Beetle (2950/3050) that can be a pushover and a monster
with 3500/3500 called Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. But in order to him
create this Moth he needs one of his Larvas, a Cocoon of Evolution and
waits about 7 turns. Strategy is play your field card in the top-left of
the field since it's the place he will stay, and attack with your
powerful monsters (Swordstalker, Aqua Dragon, etc.) to kill him fast.

TIP: In the Graveyard Slots try to get Cocoon of Evolution and the Petit
Moth to include they in your Deck. With this you can perform the
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (3000/3000) that will help you alot in the
next duels. Keep battling Weevil until you get 3 copies of the Cocoon and
3 Petits.

After beating Weevil, two new duelists will be avaliable: Pegasus and
Keith. These two have powerful cards so is better go to Rex Raptor for

Rex Raptor
Location: Tewkesbury
Deck Cost: 960
Deck Leader: Two-Headed King Rex
Field: Wasteland
Raptor uses strong dinossaurs along with the wasteland field. His
strongests cards are: Bracchio-Raidus (2700/2000) and the King Rex
(2100/1600) in the wasteland. Raptor likes to get a strong start and
attacking with monsters of 2000 Atk. Your job here is perform the Moth as
early as you can to use her habillite of decreassing opponent's monsters
Atk and Def by 100pts. each turn when she is face up in defense position
and then put all your strong monsters in play. Don't worry if your Aqua
Dragon is with 1750 Atk because it's wasteland, since his habilit to
change the terrain to Sea when engaged in battle you are safe. With
Mirror Wall in field you are more than done.

After beating Rex Raptor, Necromancer and Darkness Ruler will be
avaliable for dueling. Change your DC to under 795 because you will duel
with Necromancer since the other three are stronger.

TIP: Try to reincarnate a magic card with 30 DC or close to this until
you get Sword & Shield. This card changes the values of Atk/Def of all
the monsters in field and since the monsters of Necromancer are Zombies,
most of they haven't any value of Def points so if you change it they
will be with 0 Atk.

Location: Exeter
Deck Cost: 795
Deck Leader: Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Field: Wasteland
Necromancer uses Zombie type monsters and have the card Pumpking the King
of Ghosts that boosts the Atk/Def of all Zombie monsters in the field. If
you have a Zombie type Deck or a Call of the Haunted card you will win
without problems. Swordstalker and Aqua Dragon will do the job here since
his monsters are very weaks. If you don't have a Call of the Haunted or a
Zombie Deck you will want to finnish with the Pumpking fast. Put a Sogen
in those wasteland fields and lure him into a corner to finish. With the
Pumpking defeated, nothing more can stop you. In more, if you got Sword &
Shield the battle will be alot more easier, just wait until he have
fullfiled the field with monsters and then play it and start a Zombie

TIP: Pumpking the King of Ghosts and Call of the Haunted can come in hand
in the next duels if well used with your Moths. Call of the Haunted turns
all your monsters in the field in Zombies and Pumpking will power they up
while Moth will decreasses the power of your opponent's monsters. So if
you want to have this strategy, return and duel with Necromancer few
times until you get 3 copies of the Pumpking and the Call of the Haunted.

Our next opponent will be Darkness Ruler.

Darkness Ruler
Location: St. Albans
Deck Cost: 982
Deck Leader: King of Yamimakai
Field: Dark
Darkness Ruler uses strong Fiend monsters along with the Yami terrain.
This will be an easy battle: at the start of the duel, he will start to
making a fort surronding him and won't take his monsters to attack you no
matter what happens, giving you time for change the terrain, making the
Moth and using Call of the Haunted + Pumpking in your monsters. If you
have, put a Royal Decree in your Deck to be immune of his trap cards.

Location: Towton
Deck Cost: 1027
Deck Leader: Slot Machine
Field: Wasteland
Here is a hard one. Keith will use only 2000+ creatures to attack you.
His strongest cards are: Slots Machine (2800/2500) and Machine King
(2700/2500) that gain +100pts. of Atk/Def for each machine monsters in
field resulting in a deadly 3500+ Atk creature. You should try to make at
least two Moths and have a Pumpking in play with Mirror Wall. Strategy
here is effective: your Aqua Dragon in wasteland will be 1750Atk. With
him and Mirror Wall in field, go after Keith's Deck Leader (but don't
attack his monsters) and wait to be attacked. He will maybe attacks with
one of his Slots Machines thinking that it will kill your Aqua Dragon.
The Aqua Dragon will gain +1000pts. of Atk/Def and the Mirror Wall will
cut Slots Machine's Atk by half, resulting in a dangerous lost of life
points for him. You can enter in another wasteland terrain and he will
make the same mistake and lose the duel.

After beating Keith, Labyrinth Ruler will be open for duel.

TIP: Maybe you wants to over back to Keith and duel him few times until you
get Zoa and Metalmorph cards to include in you Deck. Duel with Weevil
until you get 3 copies of the Dugeon Worm (2300/2000). It can travel in
the labyrinth terrains and will be a good source on the next duel.

Labyrinth Ruler
Location: Newcastle
Deck Cost: 1016
Deck Leader: Monster Tamer
Field: Labyrinth
This will be another easy duel if you got the Dugeon Worm from Weevil. He
have some good cards like Labyrinth Tank (2400/2400) that can pass in
labyrinth terrain and no real magics. First play all your strong monsters
in the field (Swordstalker, Aqua Dragon, Barrel Dragon) and then play
Call of The Haunted to change their type to Zombie and now your strong
monsters can pass in the crush terrain. Also play your Dugeon Worm to
pass in the labyrinth terrain with Mirror Wall in field. General strategy
is: you can't lose against him.

Pegasus Crawford
Location: Lancashinre
Deck Cost: 1254
Deck Leader: Illusionist Faceless Mage
Field: Toon
Pegasus have some cards that can make an easy duel for him and he will use
well they. He will be at the Toon field, terrain that weaks every
monsters except for the toon ones. You will have to give one space
between your cards and Deck Leader because he will use your monsters to
kill you with Change of Heart and Brain Control if you don't do it. Out
of this the strategy is simple: change the terrain to your task, play
your powerful monsters with Call of the Haunted and the combo Pumpking +
Moth to win. Also, the cards Royal Decree and Goblin Fan are welcome to
your Deck for this battle since Pegasus likes to use alot of trap cards
and direct damage magic cards.

After beating Pegasus, Ishtar will be avaliable for duel.
TIP: Return and battle with Pegasus how many times you can to get strong
monsters and powerful magic cards. Cards like Change of Heart, Mimicat
and Tremendous Fire are useful in all battles of the game.

Location: Isle of Man
Deck Cost: 861
Deck Leader: Witch of the Black Forest
Field: Sea
One battle like this here close to the end of Lancastrians side? Well,
she have no real strengh except for the card Mirror Wall, but she will
never play this card since the duel can't go longer than 5 minutes. With
your Zombie monsters transformeds by the Call of the Haunted, you will be
able to pass in the crush fields and this will make her attacks with
cards under 1500 Atk doing serious lose of life points, especially if you
have Mirror Wall in field. Try to lure her Deck Leader to a corner and
finish her off.

After this easy duel, Richard Slysheen of York will be avaliable for

Richard Slysheen of York
Location: Bosworth
Deck Cost: 1039
Deck Leader: Battle Steer
Field: Meadow
This guy is easy, his strongest monster is Judge Man (2700/2000) in
Meadow field. Just play a field card that you suits in the middle of the
field and hack him away with your strong monsters more the combo Pumpking
+ Moth + Mirror Wall for an easy win.

After all the scenes over, save your game and prepare yourself for the
two last battles of this side.

Location: Stonehenge
Deck Cost: 1184
Deck Leader: Blue Eyes White Dragon
Field: Meadow
Be careful with Seto, he have very powerful Dragon monsters like Kaiser
Dragon (2300/2000) and x3 Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) and with
these 3 Blue Eyes and the Ultimate Dragon ritual he can perform a deadly
creature called Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500/3000). These are only his
strongest cards, he have the Royal Decree trap card that nulfills the
effects of your traps and the Lord of Dragons that nulfills any magic or
trap card that affect Dragons. These two must be removed from the field
before you start attacking. For your strategy, you will need two or three
(recommendly three) of your Moths, your Pumpking and your stronger cards
+ Call of the Haunted and Mirror Wall. Some cards like Change of Heart
and Tremendous Fire must be included in your Deck. Note that he will use
Destiny Draw very often when in a matter of life and death in the duel.

After the scenes, battle who you want now because it's your last chance
before you finish the game. You can battle with Seto again by pressing
R1 or L1 buttons.

Manawyddan Fab Llyr
Location: Stonehenge
Deck Cost: 1985
Deck Leader: Skull Knight
Field: Crush
Here is a balanced duelist, not that hard and not that easy to beat. If
you beat Seto, you cannot lose to him. His strongest monster is Skull
Knight (2650/2400) but it can't go on the crush fields. By other side,
you with Zombie monsters can go with your strongest card in the crush
fields and be very well protected and safe for attack anything that he
puts on the crush. First summon your strongest cards and wait for Call of
the Haunted to turn they into Zombies to go in the crush fields and then
attack his Deck Leader to the death. Royal Decree and Goblin Fan is a
must since the begin of the duel because he will use a card called
Riryoku that halves your life points and with Goblin Fan will make him
taste his own poison. Royal Decree because he will use Mirror Force that
eliminates all your monsters in attack position of the field.

After finnishing this duel, watch the scenes and save. Now you will begin
another game but this time you will go with Seto at the start.

                       Yorkists (White Rose) Side
If you finished the Lancastrians side first, this side can be done in less than
an hour since it's the easier side of the game. You will begin at your last
battlefield: Stonehenge.

Location: Windsor
Deck Cost: 933
Deck Leader: Dancing Elf
Field: Normal
Tea is pretty easy, her strongest monster is the Airknight Parshath (1900/2000).
Only thing to watch out here is her fairy monsters that boosts the power of
light Attribute monsters. With this, she can make 3000+ Atk monsters, so be
careful. Also she likes to play in defense at the start so it's your chance to
attack. You should have no real problems here.

After beating Tea, Tristan will be able for dueling.

T. Tristan Grey
Location: London
Deck Cost: 1149
Deck Leader: Karbonala Warrior
Field: Lots of variety
Another easy one, don't know why that Deck Cost but, well. Tristan uses alot of
types with the variety of the field. No real strengh here, all you need is two
or three monsters with 2000+ Atk to lure him into a corner and end the duel.
Mirror Wall is a good source since he does alot of mistakes attacking your
strong monsters with his weak ones.

After beating Tristan, Mai will be able for dueling.

Margaret Mai Beaufort
Location: Canterbury
Deck Cost: 1003
Deck Leader: Harpie Lady
Field: Mountain
Here starts to be more challenging, but nothing that you can't do. Mai's
strongest cards are Harpie's Pet Dragon (2500/3000) and Harpie Lady Sisters
(2450/2600) in mountain terrain. But be careful: when she flips her Harpie
Ladies face up, all her Pet Dragons in field will boosts 300 Atk/Def for each
Harpie face up, and when she flips the Lady Sisters, the Pet Dragon will boosts
900 points. For your strategy, you will need the old and great cards: Pumpking
the king of Ghosts, yours Cocoons of Evolution and Petit Moths, Call of the
Haunted, Mirror Wall and some of your strongest monsters (Swordstalker, Aqua
Dragon, Zoa, etc.) in order to easly win this battle. First, change the terrain
for your suits (wasteland in case), play your strongest monsters and then the
Godly combo: Call of the Haunted + Pumpking + Moth. With this, you can't lose.

Location: Dover
Deck Cost: 1001
Deck Leader: Kairyu-Shin
Field: Sea
You will have a great advantage here if you are following this Walkthrough,
since his monsters are marines and gets weak in wasteland terrain. His strongest
card is Aqua Dragon (2250/1900) that will change his terrain to Sea making it
have 2750/2400. All you have to do here is put an wasteland at the middle of the
field and attack with some strong monsters (Swordstalker, Barrel Dragon; this
time avoid Aqua Dragon) with Mirror Wall in field. Another thing is using two
Pumpkings: one face up in defense position and other attacking, and Call of the
Haunted to change your other monsters into Zombies to power them up.

Location: Amiens
Dec Cost: 970
Deck Leader: Flame Swordsman
Field: All of them (except crush)
Well, here you will pay your punishment when used Sword & Shield against
Necromancer if you have some 0 Def Zombie monsters. Joey's strongest card is the
Red Eyes Black Dragon (2400/2000) but with Metalmorph he can perform the Red
Eyes Metal Dragon (2900/2500). First of all you should change the terrain and
make your Moths, then play your strongest monsters and try to lure him into a
corner to end it. Nothing to worry about, except for the Red Eyes Metal Dragon
and the Acid Trap Hole cards.

TIP: Maybe you wants the Red Eyes and the Metalmorph cards to add in your Deck,
so here is your chance.

Location: Paris
Deck Cost: 982
Deck Leader: Millenium Golem
Field: Sea/Wasteland/Yami/Forest/Crush
You will start at the middle of the crush, so go to the Yami terrain in your
left, because in Sea your monsters will get weaknesses. You won't need your
field card here, since your Zombie monsters will pass in the Crush fields. Start
playing your strongest monsters and then Pumpking + Call of the Haunted. Now all
your monsters will pass in the crushes, allowing you easly get him and finish
this without problems.

Jasper Dice Tudor
Location: Le Mans
Deck Cost: 1078
Deck Leader: Exodia The Forbidden One
Field: A variety
Here is a tough one, he can beat you before you even make an attack. Jasper
don't have real strong monsters but his direct damage magic cards and the Exodia
will do the job for him. He likes to use cards like Just Desserts and Tremendous
Fire to hit you, plus you will have to watch out for his traps that weaknesses
your monsters and spellbind for 3 turns. Your job here is firstly have the Royal
Decree and Goblin Fan cards in field to neutralize his traps and make his
damaging magic cards attacks him. With these two cards in field you can't lose
at all. Just make some strong monsters and go after his Deck Leader. If you have
the Dugeon Worms, you can easly beat him since he will stay at the little fort
sending his cards after you, and with your Worm you would pass in the labyrinth

Location: Rennes
Deck Cost: 757
Deck Leader: Dark Plant
Field: Forest
I hope you took off your strong cards to put low leveled Zombie monsters because
this field is full of crush terrains. First you have to create a Moth in the
forest terrain for some strong cards in non-crush areas. Then play your
Pumpkings and your weak Zombie monsters to cross the crush while boosting
Atk/Def factors. Just send two or three monsters after his Deck Leader and
finish him off. He don't have any trap cards and powerful cards so with a Zombie
Deck you will easly win this one.

Location: Brest
Deck Cost: 1206
Deck Leader: Dark Magician
Field: Variety
Yugi is a hard one and to beat him, besides strong cards you will have to be
lucky. His strongest card is the Dark Magician 2500/2100 but he can perform two
rituals: Black Luster Ritual creating a monster with 2600/2100 and the Dark
Magic Ritual, making a deadly creature with 2800/2600. But these are only his
monsters, what you really have to worry about are his magic and trap cards like
Brain Control, Raigeki, Swords of revealing Light and Mirror Force. Mirror Force
is the main thing, destroying all your Atk position cards. Strategy: first,
change the terrain for your suits, second, play the Royal Decree and Mirror Wall
cards, third, play your strongest monsters with trap cards such as Spellbinding
Circle behind they and make an attack, forth, have luck. Don't forget to play
cards like Royal Decree and Mirror Wall in defense position in case of he uses
the Mirror Force.

TIP: Before going to the next duel, you should stay here for a while and getting
powerful cards like Dark Magician, Brain Control, etc. Watch the scenes and you
will have to defeat the Card Guardian again in order to go back to your time.

Manawyddan fab Llyr
Location: Stonehenge
Deck Cost: 1854
Deck Leader: Chakra
Field: Yami
This time the Card Guardian is tougher than the last time. He will uses strong
type monsters along with the Yami field in the middle. His strongest card is the
Blue Eyes White Dragon with 3000/2500, but he will usually make 4000+ monsters
in the Yami terrain. Also be careful with the Riryoku magic card that will
halves your life points and will boosts the power of his monsters. Strategy here
is making two Moths, have Royal Decree and Mirror Wall in play and change the
terrain to attack. Call of the Haunted + Pumpking in your monsters will prove
very useful like aways in this battle.

Now all you have to do is watch the scenes, save your game when it asks and
relax, you beat the game. Congrats. When you return in continue mode you will
have all the duelists opened for dueling.

                         7. Tips and Secrets
In this section I will put some passwords and tips for using the Edit Map
at Custom Duel.
Note: the option Edit Map will be only avaliable when you finish both
sides of the game.

                             7 a) Passwords
Card                               Password

Ancient Tree Of Enlightenment      EKJHQ109

Aqua Dragon                        JXCB6FU7

Barrel Dragon                      GTJXSBJ7

Change of Heart                    SBYDQ8B

Crush Card                         SRA7L5YR

Dark Hole                          UMJ10MBQ

Exodia The Forbidden One           37689434

Goblin Fan                         92886423

Gravity Bind                       0HNFG9WX

Greenkappa                         YBJMCD6Z

Horn Of The Unicorn                S14FGKQ1

Left Arm Of Exodia                 A5CF6HSH

Magician Of Faith                  GME1S3UM

Meteor Dragon                      86985631

Mimicat                            69YDQM85

Mirror Wall                        53297534

Royal Decree                       8TETQHE1

Swordstalker                       AH0PSHEB

                             7 b) Edit Map
You can do alot of things when this option is avaliable at Custom Duel. I
will tip some tricks to get strong and rare cards and gainig ranks very

Blue Eyes White Dragon
Barrel Dragon

Have Koumori Dragon at least in Rank 1.
Have Edit Map avaliable.
At Custom Duel, put Koumori Dragon as your Deck Leader, go to Edit Map
and change the field to be like this:

			L: Labyrinth
N N L N L N N     N: Normal

With this, when the battle starts, your opponent will automatically give
up allowing you go to the Graveyard Slots having one Koumori Dragon and
alot of Fake trap cards. Just match 3 Koumori Dragon in the center row
and you will have Barrel Dragon or Blue Eyes White Dragon.

This trick don't work only with Barrel Dragon and BEWD, but for all rare
monster/magic/trap cards. Here are the following cards I got from
Graveyard Slots by matching the cards:

Dark Magician Girl
Match x3 Dark Magician in Graveyard Slots.

Jurai Gumo
Match x3 Fiend's Hand in Graveyard Slots.

Match x3 Thunder Nyan Nyan in Graveyard Slots.

Red Eyes Black Dragon
Match x3 Kuriboh in Graveyard Slots.

Summoned Skull
Match x3 Twin-Headed King Rex in Graveyard Slots.

Skull Knight
Match x3 Feral Imp in Graveyard Slots.

Gain easly Rank-up

Have Edit Map avaliable.
At Edit Map screen, change the field to be like this:


When the battle starts, play the copies of the card you want to level up
face up in the field with other monsters too until the limit. Put in your
Deck some card like Tremendous Fire, Ookazi, Sparks to cause some damage
in your opponent making you win when the turn matter reaches zero. After
you have all the monsters in the field and caused the damage in your
opponent, just keep pressing start until the turns matter reaches zero.
Keep doing this trick and eventually you will get rank-ups and maybe even
rare cards in the Graveyard Slots.
TIP: With a turbo controller and a bandage in the start button, this
trick you be alot more easy for you. First play all the 5 monster cards,
the direct damage card and then put the bandage in start button and just
wait until the turns matter reaches zero.

                         7 c) Reincarnation

Reincarnation is an way to get rare and powerful cards. For each 5
battles you win, go to your chest and look under your cards. Must have a
writing REINCARNATION in flashing white. If have, you can press the L3
button to reincarnate the card that you choose. More stars and DC the
card that you reincarnate have, more chances you have to get powerful and
rare cards. Example: the Kaiser Dragon has 7 stars and 43 DC.
Reincarnating him you can have a card with 5 stars, one with 7, and one
card with 35-43 DC. Each card that you reincarnate, you will get 3 new
cards in the same range of stars and DC. Sometimes reincarnating magic
cards with high DC, you can get 3 of the same or very powerful monster
cards. But it's not aways the strong cards that have everything. Some
cards like Cocoon of Evolution, Baby Dragon and even Fake Traps can be
reincarnated in Exodia pieces. Of course it requires many tentatives.
TIP: Save your progress aways before doing Reincarnation. Most of the
times you won't like your cards and would want to try again.

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10. Credits
Konami - For making this game that isn't a popular TCG in these days but
we can't go wrong with the game.
GameFaqs - For letting me post this guide.