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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psycho Penguin

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    |                      Alias (PS2) FAQ/Walkthrough v0.1                      |
    |                             by Psycho Penguin                              |
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    | August 8 2004 |             |      N/A      |              | August 8 2004 |
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    This guide is dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend Becky of course, for she is 
    the one that got me into the show, and this game as a result. It's a pretty 
    good game, and I hope I made her proud with this guide. =D
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    | 44.9K         |             |      1        |              |  Aug 15 2004  |
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    *                             TABLE OF CONTENTS                              *
           - 1.0 - INTRODUCTION
             1.1   Game Introduction
             1.2   Guide Introduction
             1.3   Author Introduction
           - 2.0 - GAME BASICS
             2.1   Storyline
             2.2   Characters
             2.3   Controls
             2.4   Basics
             2.5   Tips
           - 3.0 - COMBAT
             3.1   Stealth
             3.2   Hand to Hand Combat
             3.3   Special Attacks
             3.4   Weapons
           - 4.0 - LISTS
             4.1   Outfits
             4.2   Gadgets
           - 5.0 - WALKTHROUGH
             5.1   Casino
           - 7.0 - OTHER INFORMATION
             7.1   Credits
             7.2   Revision History
             7.3   Future Updates
             7.4   Author Information
             7.5   Copyright/Conclusion
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    *    1.0      I N T R O D U C T I O N                               |;|    |;|
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    This is the random introduction part of the guide. There is nothing really 
    important here, but read if you'd like.
    | 1.1 |                         GAME INTRODUCTION                      | 1.1 |
    Alias is based off that television show you may or may not have watched on 
    ABC. Featuring a sexy beast named Jennifer Garner, the show chronicles the 
    life of Sydney Bristow, a woman who thought she was working for the CIA, but 
    it turns out she was really working for the enemy. Now she works for the real 
    CIA and goes undercover in various disguises, hence the name of the show. I 
    never watched the show until recently, but my girlfriend got me into it, I 
    bought the season 1 DVDs, and I've been hooked ever since.
    Hence the decision I made to purchase the game, after one week of waiting to 
    get paid so I could truck over to the mall and buy it. Was it worth the wait? 
    Sure was. I have never been a huge fan of stealth games, but Alias has me 
    hooked with addicting gameplay, sexy (and funny) characters, and an intriguing 
    plot that has me undergoing alias changes in order to defeat a ruthless band 
    of enemies who are hellbent on bringing the works of a 15th century 
    philosopher to life.
    Sure, the game has some flaws, but overall it is pretty solid and I am proud 
    and honored to be bringing this guide to you. Anyone who is a fan of stealth 
    games should definitely check this above average game out. It's no MGS, but it 
    will pave its own corner into the ever increasing world of espionage games.
    | 1.2 |                        GUIDE INTRODUCTION                      | 1.2 |
    What originally started out as a minor joke to myself about writing an Alias 
    guide (my girlfriend asked me what guides I wanted to do, and I coughed up 
    Alias in the middle of a long list, half jokingly at the time.), turned out to 
    be a full fledged effort to write a guide to support the brilliance of the 
    other one up. While I am no expert on Alias, or stealth games in general, I 
    did have a lot of fun playing this game and can definitely assist the player. 
    Plus, it may actually get me more emails. ;D LEAVE KARPAH ALONE :P
    I actually think that my inexperience in the Alias series may be benefical. 
    There's already a guide from a self proclaimed (and yes, she really is) Alias 
    master, so I figured it would be a nice change of pace to have a guide up from 
    a guy who is new to the series. This means no questions asking about the plot 
    twists in season 3 or whatever, because right now I just don't know, sorry.
    | 1.3 |                        AUTHOR INTRODUCTION                     | 1.3 |
    Hi, my name is Steve McFadden, I'm 20 years old, and I am a huge game, movie, 
    and sports nut. You like anything, feel free to email me, as I am always 
    willing to talk about movies or the latest hockey game or something. I am 
    starting to get more into collecting TV shows on DVD, and Alias happened to be 
    one of the ones I picked up.. and it turns out to be a pretty good show, so 
    maybe I'll get season 2!
    Anyways, new email rules. I only have one email address in which you can 
    contact me now, and that is penguin_faqs@yahoo.com . Note I will rarely check 
    the email address, maybe once a day at best, so if it takes me a day or two to 
    respond, don't get anxious. I will try to reply to everyone's emails, but 
    COMPLETED, I CAN'T ANSWER YOU. So, if this guide is incomplete, and you ask me 
    about the last mission, I won't respond. 
    Now that that is done, I also have MSN. mcfa4834@bellsouth.net be the name, 
    you can add me if you like. I'm on sometimes. 
    * Go download Until The End of Time by 2Pac as you read this guide *
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    *    2.0      G A M E    B A S I C S                                |;|    |;|
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    *                                                                   |;|____|;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;;;;;|
    I have been hearing lately that I am getting better at game basics, but the 
    fact of the matter is, I don't believe it. Plus, I HATE doing them. I tried my 
    best here to make the game basics as good as possible, but if they are not up 
    to expectations, then I apologize. I will do my best, that's all I can 
    | 2.1 |                             STORYLINE                          | 2.1 |
    (Note the storyline is taken directly from the manual, as I am far too lazy to 
    make up a creative description for it, and the manual does a pretty good job 
    of summing it up anyways.)
    Meet Sydney Bristow, an active field agent for the CIA specializing in 
    infiltration and data retrieval. Young. Smart. Deadly. 
    When Sydney is called in to work on her day off, she knows there must be a 
    high priority mission on the line. The order has come from the CIA's best 
    mind: her father, Jack Bristow. 
    A fellow operative, Agent Jacobs, has gone missing in suspicious 
    circumstances. His last communique to the CIA contained highly sensitive 
    intelligence regarding Sydney's arch nemesis, Anna Espinosa, formerly a top 
    agent for a rival agent, now gone rogue. 
    The trail starts in a Monte Carlo casino, Jacobs' last known location, but 
    Sydney is soon in a global race against time through Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, 
    Rio De Janeiro, and beyond.
    If that wasn't enough, Anna has teamed up with the formidable and sinister 
    talents of Mr. Sark and Arvin Sloane - but why? And for what purpose? How are 
    the "Flowers of Rambaldi" involved? And what is "The Machine"?
    As Sydney Bristow, it's your job to find out.
    | 2.2 |                             CHARACTERS                         | 2.1 |
    Coming soon.
    | 2.3 |                              CONTROLS                          | 2.3 |
    Coming soon.
    | 2.4 |                               BASICS                           | 2.4 |
    Bleh, game basics. So boring, but must be done..
    At the main menu, you will have four selections. New Game starts you off on 
    the first mission, Continue Game lets you load up a previously saved mission, 
    Options lets you adjust the options, and Credits lets you view the game 
    credits. All basic stuff so far, so let's take a look real quick at the 
    Options section, shall we?
    Audio Options: There are four different options to choose here, ranging from 
    SFX to Sound. Each of these options lets you change the volume of a particular 
    part of the sound effects. 
    Gameplay Options: Stealth Toggle is pretty important. If you turn it off, you 
    have to hold down a button to stay in Stealth mode, which gets frustrating. I 
    advise having it on. Same with combat lock, keep it on, so you don't have to 
    push a button to lock onto an enemy. Enemy Targets lets you see how much HP an 
    enemy has. Camera and Vibration are basic stuff.
    This is where I talk about those little boxes you see on the left hand side 
    during gameplay.
    Action function: When you are in range of a particular action, a circle icon 
    will appear with a function, like "pickup weapon". Press circle to acticate 
    Gadget Icon: Use this to equip the various gadgets you will get on your 
    Weapon Icon: You can only carry one weapon at a time, so make sure to drop a 
    weapon before picking up a stronger one.
    Health Meter: The little box on the upper right hand corner indicates your 
    health. The lower the green bars, the less health you have. 
    Communication Link: Appears when someone wants to talk to you.
    Text Box: Basic stuff. :P
    Target Arrow: Helps guide you to the next area. Only appears sometimes.
    *                                                                   |;|רררר|;|
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    *    3.0      C O M B A T                                           |;|    |;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;| |;|
    *                                                                   |;|____|;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;;;;;|
    This section is devoted exclusively to the combat system of Alias, because I 
    feel it is a very important thing to learn. So, I will go a little bit in-
    depth and break down all of the different areas in it, in an attempt to make 
    your playing experience a little bit easier. 
    TIP: Before starting the game, turn combat lock on. You'll thank me later.
    | 3.1 |                              STEALTH                           | 3.1 |
    Stealth is the most important aspect of Alias, and you will need to rely on 
    your cunning stealthy ways in order to complete the game. It is not wise to 
    just run up to all enemies and beat them up, especially when you'll start to 
    find out the bad guys have big guns. Therefore, you will need to find ways to 
    sneak around enemies. The best way to normally do this is by hiding behind 
    things until the enemy looks away from you, but sometimes there are better 
    The first thing to remember is to always go in stealth mode (push down on the 
    directional pad) when you are attempting to sneak past enemies. This not only 
    gives you a cool view of the world (PREDATOR MODE!), but it allows you to 
    sneak around easier. The enemy won't hear you as long as you walk slowly in 
    stealth mode. Now, all you have to do is find ways to sneak past the enemies, 
    and you will be good to go.
    Times to go into stealth mode: When the mission briefer tells you to, when 
    there's a large group of enemies around you, and when you encounter bad guys 
    with big ass guns. Guns do kill people.
    | 3.2 |                       HAND TO HAND COMBAT                      | 3.2 |
    Coming soon.
    | 3.3 |                           SPECIAL ATTACKS                      | 3.3 |
    Coming soon.
    | 3.4 |                               WEAPONS                          | 3.4 |
    Coming soon.
    *                                                                   |;|רררר|;|
    *                                                                   |;| |;;;;|
    *    4.0      L I S T S                                             |;|    |;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;| |;|
    *                                                                   |;|____|;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;;;;;|
    | 4.1 |                               OUTFITS                          | 4.1 |
    Coming soon.
    | 4.2 |                               GADGETS                          | 4.2 |
    Coming soon.
    *                                                                   |;|רררר|;|
    *                                                                   |;| |;;;;|
    *    5.0      W A L K T H R O U G H                                 |;|    |;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;| |;|
    *                                                                   |;|____|;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;;;;;|
    Here we go, the big important part of the guide. To be honest with you, Alias 
    kicked my ass on more than one occasion. It is hard to get used to the stealth 
    aspects of the game, but once you do so, you will find a really decent game. 
    It has its faults, but overall you will be entertained, and I am here to guide 
    you through the tricky parts. Because believe me, this game has a LOT of 
    tricky parts.
    | 5.1 |                        MISSION 1: CASINO                       | 5.1 |
    This mission takes you to Monte Carlo, and leads you into various places, all 
    extending from the place you start in, the Casino. The mission will start as 
    Sydney walks in wearing a white outfit. Yummy. The first objective is to find 
    Dixon and get the Tracer Serum. This objective is not terribly challenging. 
    Just follow the little red arrows on the compass and you will be guided to 
    him. He is sitting at a table. 
    Just for fun: You can walk around the casino area and talk to the various 
    patrons and employees to hear some funny, and sometimes rude, comments. Things 
    like "Hey, hot lips" are the normal fare, and each one cracked me up. I didn't 
    think Sydney was THAT hot, but hey, guys who go to bars are usually pretty 
    Okay, so you got the Tracer Serum. The new objective is to drug Sark's 
    chauffeur. Approach the bar with the head waitress, who will hand you a drink. 
    When she looks away, slip the Tracer Serum into the drink, then bring it over 
    to Sark's chauffeur. He will drink it, and then presumably pass out. Whoo hoo, 
    that was a lot of fun. Vaughn (WHAT AN UGLY DUDE) shows up to blabber on about 
    something unimportant. Who asked for him, anyways?
    The next objective is to retrieve the data disk from the freezer room. Time to 
    head to the kitchen. The area is reached by going behind the bar and then 
    following the path until you enter the double doors. Make sure to run across 
    while the head waitress is not looking, otherwise you will get caught and 
    you'll have to try again. Hey, wanna know why she's called the head waitress? 
    Save your game at the save point coming up, because you're about to get into 
    your first tricky stealth sequence of the game. First of many, may I add. 
    *shiver* The objective here is to use your skills to get through the kitchen 
    and to enter the freezer room. You can switch costumes here, and then feel 
    free to beat the crap out of all the enemies. That's what I did. If not, you 
    will have to use stealth.
    There are two guards in this room. One is to the left, and is pacing up and 
    down. One is straight ahead and walks back and forth. The entrance is to the 
    left. Just walk along the right side of the counter, and wait near the center 
    of the room. The patrolling guard to the left will move to the right, then 
    turn around and pace back. When he gets near the freezer, walk behind him, 
    duck, wait for him to turn around and go back the other way, and enter the 
    You are now in the freezer, but don't think you're safe just yet. Switch to 
    the stealth suit if you haven't already, then search the block of ice. Go 
    across the room, pick up a meat mallet, then use it to smash open the block of 
    ice. The data disc is in it. I almost typed dick instead of disc. That would 
    have been quite funny, I think.
    Jack says something, and then gives you the next objective: Infiltrate the 
    Gersh Room and locate further information involving "The Machine". Okay, we 
    can do that. Hide from the guards, or fight them. Whatever, not like they can 
    kill you at this point, unless you really suck. Might be a good idea to 
    practice, however. Go to where you found the mallet and hide behind the boxes. 
    Once they reach the block of ice, sneak out of the room. Walk behind the door 
    to close it. Hehe, now those suckers are TRAPPED.
    Time to go into the elevator corridor. Here is a sad story for you.. my first 
    time through this game, I decided to walk back into the casino, and 
    immediately got a game over. I had to do the whole kitchen sequence over 
    again. I was not pleased. But no, don't go into the casino, instead cross the 
    kitchen and go into the corridor.
    Go into stealth mode now (push down on the directional pad), as there is a 
    camera in here that can notice you easily if you are not careful. Hide behind 
    the trash cart. When the camera looks away, run over, avoiding the guard, and 
    then move left into the next elevator. Remember that the camera's blind spot 
    is directly under it, that could help you.
    This is the first portion of the game where you HAVE to fight. The elevator 
    goes up automatically, and guards come busting out when it reaches the top. 
    Just combat lock onto one of them at a time, taking them out with attacks. Not 
    too hard, all in all. There is a save point after this, THANK GOD. Save your 
    game, then enter the next room.
    And the welcoming committee in the next room is none other than another guard! 
    Thankfully, he provides a similar challenge and is easily defeated. In the 
    center of the suite, there is a table which contains a computer. Approach it, 
    and Marshall will tell you to hack into it using the remote modem. Use it, and 
    you will have your first puzzle to figure out.
    This puzzle is completely random. To figure out the code, you will have to 
    input 3 numbers. Each time you input one, the computer tells you how many you 
    got correct. You have to use your brain from there. If you guess ABD and 1 
    comes up, then guess ACB and 0 comes up, you will know that either B or D is 
    right. It's all a process of elimination from there. 
    Inputting the correct code gives you the information you are seeking, and the 
    objective is complete. The next objective is to investigate the weapons 
    facility in the basement of the casino. Return to the elevator, then go down 
    to the kitchen. You will see a guard walking towards the kitchen, so hide 
    behind the shelf until the guard walks past, then wait for him to go into the 
    kitchen. Sneak past the camera, walking slowly across the wall underneath the 
    camera. Now you can get into the elevator.
    The elevator will not respond! However, you can use the shelf next to you and 
    pull it over to the elevator. Climb onto it, then jump into the hole above the 
    elevator. I guess it's called an elevator shaft, which is appropriate because 
    Becky loves my shaft, and she's the one that got me into this game. Once in 
    here, go right, then drop down. Go down the ladder, save your game, then drop 
    down again.
    You will now be in the loading bay. The camera will zoom across the room, 
    showing you all the guards you must deal with. And there are a lot of them. 2 
    armed guards block the large armored doors, 1 unarmed guard stands still at 
    the door to the security room. 1 armed guard stands at the door to the 
    maintenance room, and 1 armed guard patrols the room.
    The key is to try to sneak by all these idiots. The first step is to go down 
    the stairs and enter the door. There are security cameras everywhere, but 
    Marshall has an idea: if you use the Razor Prism, we can see through the 
    cameras. Perfect. Now to find a place to use the Prism. Time to enter and 
    search the security room.
    To do this, you need to sneak past the patrolling guard to get behind the 
    guard at the entrance to the room. Use stealth and hide behind the boxes to 
    hide yourself from the roving guard. When you have a chance, go into PREDATOR 
    MODE and stealth kill his ass. You can also PREDATOR KILL the other guard if 
    you wish, it's up to you. Now, enter the security room. Save your game if you 
    wish, then take out the two guards in the next room. They're simple. Search 
    the computer, leave, and Marshall says to go to the room with cords coming 
    Make a right and go up. Use the map and find the green spot if you wish, 
    that's where you have to go anyways. You can take out all the guards if you 
    wish, or hide behind more boxes. Just walk around, hiding behind the crates 
    and waiting for the guards to move, until you get to the door. Now you must 
    use the lockpick. Just move the analog stick and push X at the appropriate 
    times, and soon the lockpick will do its job. Marshall will guide you through 
    this, anyways.
    Inside here, you will find a save point. Save your game. Move to the end of 
    the room and stick the Razor Prism in the junction box. The objective will now 
    be completed, woot. But a guard will enter the room. However, it is quite odd, 
    because he is carrying a BROOM. lol, You have GOT to be kidding me! Kick his 
    ass, using a broom or just your fists, and head back across the room, down the 
    steps to the security corridor again. Save your game, then you have a new 
    objective: successfully cross the corridor. 
    It is very imperative that you cross this place without alerting the cameras, 
    because the cameras will trigger armed guards, who will rough you up big time. 
    Keep your eye on the PDA and time your moves to keep out of the cameras' 
    sight. Wait until you see the camera image of the compressor, then run and 
    hide along the right side of the stack of crates. Wait until it appears again, 
    then hide underneath the second camera, then when it shows again, run to the 
    exit. Save your game.
    The next objective is to see what you can find out about the machine in the 
    casino's basement. Well, I know it's quite large, and masculine.. and 
    fertile.. *ahem* Anyways. Go down the stairs, since the elevator is not 
    working (as per standard video game rules), and soon you will receive a 
    message from Marshall. Someone found the Razor Prism, because the camera is no 
    longer working. Darn.
    The new objective is to retrieve the razor prism before it falls into the 
    wrong hands. One of the guards from the loading bay has found the razor prism. 
    He is now in the facility, so it is your goal to take him out. Hide at the 
    bottom of the stairs, then when he gets down, turn into PREDATOR MODE then 
    stealth kill him before he gets to the point where other guards can spot you.
    Search him to retrieve the Razor Prism, now you must go to the doorway at the 
    top of the stairs. However, you will need to use stealth tactics to get there. 
    Turn on enhanced vision and watch how this first guard moves. Wait until he 
    turns around and walks back, then sneak up and take cover by pressing up 
    against the wall. When he walks towards you, special attack him to kill him. 
    The second guard is just as simple. Hide behind the crates, wait for him to 
    approach, then special attack his ass. The third guard is near some pipes. 
    Sneak around to the pipe closest to him, then press yourself up against it. 
    (Lucky pipe.) Special attack him when he comes near you. The fourth, and 
    thankfully, final guard, patrols near the stairway. Move around him and take 
    cover behind the fenced area. Wait for him to come to you, then when he turns 
    around, PREDATOR MODE STEALTH KILL his ass. Now, climb the stairs, and save 
    your game after crossing a corridor.
    Once you leave, there will be three more guards, but they are easy enough to 
    take care of. When you enter the upper ledge, you will see a hole in the fence 
    to the left of where you are standing. When the guard turns around, jump into 
    the hole. This way he doesn't see you. Then, you can PREDATOR MODE STEALTH 
    KILL him by jumping down when he is directly above you. There are a few more 
    guards around here, but you can dispatch of them by using weapons placed 
    around the area. 
    Using stealth is a little tricker by still manageable. Hide alongside the 
    boxes to the left of the far security door. Sneak to the corner and stealth 
    kill him as he passes by. You'll see a guard sitting at the security door, so 
    throw a can on the floor near him. He'll run by you and get it, so go behind 
    him and stealth kill him. Sweet. Go down the stairs and you will now be in a 
    small room. Save your game here, then go through the door and hug the wall to 
    the right to get to the gas chamber.
    Once you are in the gas chamber, Marshall will contact you with some 
    disturbing news: The gas vents are going to open up if you can't find some 
    codes to stop them. You'll need to get to the center of the gas chamber to 
    hack into the computer. You'll need to get back through the weapons facility 
    without entering the security corridor. First, a guard will spot you, so take 
    care of him post haste, then enter the small control room. Grab the security 
    card, then hack into the computer using your remote modem.
    This time, you only get a 2 letter code, and you will also get a new digital 
    map downloaded into your digital notebook. Awesome. Save your game, then head 
    back through the doors and up the stairs. Go over to the doors and then swipe 
    your security card that you just got, this gives you access to the control 
    room. Enter and dispose of a few more guards. Pull the switch and then save 
    your game.
    Now, you have to make your way back across the main part of the weapons 
    facility. Easier said than done, I'm sure. There's a few guards in here that 
    you have to use stealth to take care of. One is guarding a staircase near a 
    long table. To take care of his ass, climb over the railing, drop down, and 
    kneel down behind the table. A guard will enter the far end and then leave. 
    Once he leaves, sneak out then PREDATOR MODE STEALTH KILL the guard near the 
    staircase. The armed guard will come back, so hide and wait for him to leave, 
    then sneak back and head back across the area.
    You will see a guard moving back and forth here. Wait at the first pipe, and 
    when the guard walks to your left, walk up behind him and do the business. Go 
    around a corner to meet another guard. I'm sure it will be a short lived 
    introduction. Hide against the crates, then corner attack him as he comes 
    near. Now, proceed, but don't go up the stairs. Instead, use the switch to 
    pull up an elevator, then use it. Save your game at the save point here.
    More guards to take care of here, but again, nothing too challenging. The 
    first guard just walks back and forth. Sneak up and stand behind the second 
    crate until he turns around, then sneak up behind him and deliver the goods. 
    The second guard will be alerted, so if you have a weapon, use it, otherwise 
    beat him up. The third guard is similar to the 1st.. hide next to a crate, 
    kill him with a corner attack as he walks by. Head to the back window and jump 
    out it. Now you will be in an alley. Save your game.
    There is a turret above that shoots when it senses someone is near. That can't 
    be good. There are three guards here as well. Once the first guard walks away, 
    step onto the pillar. By sneaking around the pillar slowly, you can stealth 
    kill the guard as he walks by. Now, kneel down and sneak up to the crate with 
    empty cans on top. The guard won't see you, so wait till he turns his back and 
    then throw a can. This will alert his attention, and he will walk by you. 
    Stealth kill him now. 
    The third guard is usually alerted at this point, so you can just take him 
    out. If not, you can repeat the same thing over again or just alert him and 
    fight him. It's not too bad, as 1-on-1 fighting with guards isn't dangerous at 
    this point. Now, the gun turret is the main concern. The gun swings around, so 
    when it swings away from you, run to the wall just below it. It will swing 
    back, so stand still. When it swings back around, move some more, then stand 
    still when it turns around. Eventually, you'll get past it.
    More guards are here to greet you as you turn the corner, of course. The fun 
    way to take care of these jackasses is to alert the guard.. run and stand 
    still at the gun turret. The guard will keep running..AND THE GUN TURRET WILL 
    SHOOT HIM. It's classic really. Keep moving and you will soon see another 
    gurd, near the truck. Just beat the crap out of him, since there's only one, 
    then save your game inside the truck.
    Exit the truck, then quickly sneak to the right, going around the truck, and 
    stand behind the crates. A guard will walk by, so do the around-the-corner 
    attack. The rest of the guards are patrolling around. Go to the back of the 
    truck and quickly climb the left ladder to reach the top of the loading bay. 
    Here's another save point for you, since the game doesn't give you enough of 
    them already as it is...
    The key here is to slowly walk across the beams, as you don't want to fall. 
    Move slowly across, keeping a keen eye out for the guards that are below. Go 
    toward the elevator shaft, out of the center of the bay, then go to the left 
    around the elevator. Continue along the beams until you reach the entrance to 
    the ventilation system. Duck down to enter inside. Inside is the 10 millionth 
    save point.
    Once you save, go forward and then down the ladder. Continue along and slowly 
    move toward the opening in the shaft. Kick open the grate covering and then 
    enter the gas chamber. Once down inside, jump up to the pipe above. Slowly 
    walk across the floor and drop down directly in front of the computer 
    terminal. Use the remote modem to hack into the system. The security protocols 
    have been downloaded, and you will get a map. Now, you can go inside the 
    science laboratory, where a save point awaits you. Thanks, haven't seen one of 
    those in 2 minutes.
    Don't go back into the gas chamber now. Instead, you have to get into the 
    vault. To do this, you need to trigger a switch in both labs at the same time. 
    To do this, you can attach the remote modem to a panel, then Marshall can 
    delay the signal enough so you can push the button. However, you need to take 
    out two scientists in order to get their fingerprints. That's the objective 
    Go down the right ramp, through the door, then slowly move left to find the 
    switch. Marshall will explain something to you, and Vaughn will tell you how 
    to take out a scientist. Go back to Lab A, and you have to be very careful not 
    to be spotted here. Go down into the lab and stand near the center column, out 
    of view. When the scientist to your right approaches the control panel, sneak 
    up behind him and deliver a PREDATOR MODE STEALTH KILL.
    Now, for the second scientist, hide behind the dark blue column in the middle 
    of the lab. Wait for the scientist to move over to check the control panel to 
    the right, then PREDATOR MODE STEALTH KILL him. Now, use the finger print 
    replicator to get the fingerprints of both scientists. Move to the back of Lab 
    A and pass through the doorway into the passageway leading to Lab B. Move 
    slowly across the right wall to avoid being detected by the camera.
    Walk up the ramp to enter Lab B. There are two more scientists in here, so 
    hide behind the table and slowly move left into the passageway where you will 
    find the switch. Now, this is where Marshall explains again that you can put 
    the remote modem in one and he will delay the signal a little. Select your 
    remote modem and then use it to hack into the vault. Break the code and 
    Marshall will be able to delay the activation for 50 seconds.
    You must now get all the way back to the switch you saw earlier in 50 seconds. 
    Proceed back out towards the doorway leading out of Lab B, slowly if the 
    scientists are still there, then stop at the corner to make sure they are not 
    looking at you. Quickly exit the lab, then head back through the vault 
    passageway, running against the wall underneath the camera. Head back through 
    Lab A and move back up the stairs, which lead you to the switch. Pull out the 
    fingerprint replicator and use it to push the second switch, this will unlock 
    the vault door at last.
    Move back through Lab A to the doorway leading to the vault passageway. Again, 
    avoid the camera, then head into the vault to retrieve the prototype. Finally. 
    Save your game here, then Dixon will tell you that you need to get back to the 
    Gersh Room to eavesdrop on Sark's meeting. Leave the vault room and you will 
    be told there is no way you can use the elevator to reach the upper floors 
    without sounding the alarm. Time to disable some security systems, which to 
    do, you have to disable three fuse boxes located around the area.
    Again, avoid the camera as you enter the vault passageway, and head left 
    towards the first box. Select the prototype and aim it at the fuse box.. hold 
    down the button until the beam activates and then fire it, destroying the 
    first fuse box. Go back along the left wall of the vault passageway, under the 
    camera, then return to Lab A. The fuse box is nearby, so again, aim and fire. 
    2 down.
    The last fuse box is in Lab B, but guards protect it and there's no where to 
    hide, so take them out with hand to hand combat. Take out the gunman, then use 
    his gun to kill the others. Pick up a weapon from one of the remaining guards, 
    then destroy the final fuse box. Go back to the vault passageway, and enter 
    the elevator to head up to the executive suite. 
    Once in here, you'll be forced into hand to hand combat with two casino 
    guards. Shoot them down with the weapon you picked up before, then take the 
    baton from the guard here and club down the rest of the guards. Inside the 
    executive suite, save your game, then hide behind the bar, and a few people 
    will enter the room, including Sark and Anna Espinosa.
    After the meeting, you will be spotted behind the bar. Run quickly to the 
    elevator, then eliminate the guards that chased you before going down the 
    elevator. Time to exit the casino, as there's nothing else to do here. You 
    will be back in the kitchen, so save your game, and then enter. There's 
    several guards here, and nowhere to hide. Across the room are various weapons, 
    so find them and use them to your advantage to take out the remaining guards.
    Now, comes the big battle.. with Sark. Wow, didn't expect this so soon. The 
    best weapon to use is in the freezer, as there's a huge slab of meat which 
    does plenty of damage. He comes armed with two meat cleavers, which can do 
    tons of damage if you are not careful. Whack him a few times, then run around 
    as he swipes at you, avoid the swipes and hit him some more. Eventually, he 
    will be defeated and you can exit the kitchen.
    Run back down the stairs, avoiding the guards, and you'll be back in the 
    casino. You can't exit through any of the doors, so go to the left of the 
    couch where Sark's driver was sitting at the beginning of the level and climb 
    out the window.. Dixon will be there with a getaway car.
    *                                                                   |;|רררר|;|
    *                                                                   |;| |;;;;|
    *    6.0      F R E Q U E N T L Y                                   |;|    |;|
    *                 A S K E D                                         |;;;;| |;|
    *              Q U E S T I O N S                                    |;|____|;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;;;;;|
    Coming soon.
    *                                                                   |;|רררר|;|
    *                                                                   |;| |;;;;|
    *    7.0      O T H E R                                             |;|    |;|
    *             I N F O R M A T I O N                                 |;;;;| |;|
    *                                                                   |;|____|;|
    *                                                                   |;;;;;;;;|
    The end is near at last, yay!
    | 7.1 |                              CREDITS                           | 7.1 |
    My beautiful girlfriend, Rebecca Skinner, for always believing in me and 
    supporting me in writing this even though it was supposed to be "her" game. I 
    am writing this solely to support her and feel closer to her, so I hope you 
    like it baby. :)
    ABC, Abrams, and the cast of Alias, for the amazing show. Acclaim, for a weird 
    game that I didn't hate.
    | 7.2 |                           REVISION HISTORY                     | 7.2 |
    v0.01 - August 8, 2004 - 44.9K - FINALLY got this puppy done through mission 
    1. Holy hell that was annoying. I technically started on April 14, but meh. 
    Mission 1 done, as well as most of the game basics. Huzzah.
    | 7.3 |                          FUTURE UPDATES                        | 7.3 |
    v0.02 - Add in Mission 2.
    v0.03 - Add in FAQs and finish game basics.
    v0.04 - Add in Mission 3.
    v0.05 - Add in 1 list.
    v0.06 - Add in Mission 4.
    | 7.4 |                         AUTHOR INFORMATION                     | 7.4 |
    You can check out all of my other guides on GameFAQs, which will hopefully 
    include a very sexy Tales of Symphonia guide soon. I can't wait to finish that 
    thing. I am most proud of this guide and Legend of Legaia, but I did guides 
    for a lot of Final Fantasies, as well as some random Castlevania and wrestling 
    games, and both Tales of Destiny games. Check them out!
    In addition on my quest to write for all the Final Fantasy games, I will try 
    to finish my Aria of Sorrow and NCAA 2004 guides, as well as some random NES 
    games (Predator, NOES, Jeopardy Jr., and Puss and Boots, anyone?) and guides 
    for the other 2 Castlevania games that employ the new style. Oh, and I might 
    do a Wild Arms 3 guide. And I still have to finish my FFX-2 and FF8 guides 
    with my beautiful girlfriend..
    And there's always Final Fantasy 12 and Star Ocean 3 to look forward to...
    I appreciate any information you can contribute, especially to game basics, 
    and team ratings. Also, feel free to email any questions that would be good 
    for a FAQ section,  as I plan to add one to a future update.
    Any errors and omissions that you may see can be corrected if you inform me of  
    them. I'll also credit you, if your error or omission is actually correct and  
    worth an update for me to fix. I am somewhat busy, you know.
    That's about it. If anyone would like me to add anything, you can always email 
    AIM: JuanDixonFor3
    MSN: mcfa4834@bellsouth.net
    YIM: nicklacheysnightmare
    If you contact me on one of the instant messengers, and I do not respond, it
    probably means I am busy. I am always talking with my girl, and friends, so
    sometimes I just ignore some instant messages from people I do not know. Be
    nice, and I will talk to you, just don't come out and ask the question and be
    all rude if I do not respond in five seconds, otherwise I probably will just
    block you. I will answer all e-mails about the game, however.
    You can contact me by emailing me at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com
    One last note: Only email me about the game at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com, all 
    emails about Alias sent to my other e-mail addresses will be deleted and/or 
    ignored. Thanks to all those that have emailed me so far, I appreciate it!
    1. Check my email backlog. If it's filled up, you may have to wait a while 
    before you get a response.
    2. I check my email once in a while. Please wait for a response, because I 
    will respond to all emails.
    3. Please read my guide before asking questions, that's why I have a FAQ 
    4. I will only post your question/tip in my guide if it is good, and has not 
    been answered in this guide.
    Also, I have AIM and Yahoo. My AIM name is JuanDixonFor3, but PLEASE do not 
    harass me with annoying questions or I'll block you. I only wish to chat with 
    | 7.5 |                       COPYRIGHT/CONCLUSION                     | 7.5 |
    Thanks for reading my guide. It was a very interesting one to write, as I lost 
    motivation several times, as the missions are extremely long and confusing and 
    I hate stealth games, but overall it was worth the effort and it's another 
    varied game to add to my CRP.
    See you soon.
    - Psycho Penguin

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