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Aliens vs Predator Extinction FAQ
Written by Darkness
December 23, 2004
Email: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk
Version 1.0

Table of Contents
1.    Legal Info
2.    Introduction
3.    Version History
4.    Game Summary

5.    Marine Information
5.A   Overview of Marines
5.B   Equipment & Weapons
5.C   Vehicles
5.D   Marine Tips

6.    Alien Information
6.A   Overview of Alien Species
6.B   Other Alien Related Things
6.C   Alien Tips

7.    Predator Information
7.A   Overview of Predator Species
7.B   Equipment & Weapons
7.C   Predator Tips

8.    Other Creatures & Characters
9.    Cheats
10.   This FAQ is Posted at:
11.   Legal Info Again
12.   Credits

1. Legal Info
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

2. Introduction
Most of this FAQ had been published in 2003 on my website, AvPGalaxy but 
since it shut down, I thought I'd put everything I had into a handy FAQ.

3. Version History
1.0 - First Release - Has been checked for spelling errors.

4. Game Summary
In Aliens versus Predator: Extinction, players have to be skilled in 
overpowering the enemy in a race to dominate the planet. The game, based on 
the Aliens and Predator films, is the first game of its kind for next 
generation consoles, giving players the ability to play as one of three 
species: Aliens, Predators or Colonial Marines. Published by Fox Interactive 
and Electronic Arts, the game is going to be designed for the PlayStation 2 
and the X-Box consoles and Aliens versus Predator: Extinction is scheduled 
to be released in summer 2003.

The three fiercest species in the universe have been locked in a bloody 
conflict for many years and with each new encounter, it seems the on-going 
conflict will never end. After a small unit of Colonial Marines, dispatched 
to planet LV-742, reveals the presence of both Predators and Aliens, so it 
is decided that the conflict must end once and for all. After years of 
battles, there is only one option you can take - that's war. You must now 
defeat your enemies to ensure the survival of your species. or face 

As a real-time strategy game, you can create and control your forces as one 
of 3 species across 21 single player missions with 10 upgradeable combat 
units per species. Decide your attack strategy, order up your own custom 
army from a list of units, choose your upgrades from enemy detecting vision 
modes to devastating weapon enhancements.

Each species offers unique attributes. As the Colonial Marines, you will 
count on your military training and the latest hi-tech weaponry from the 
Weyland-Yutani Corporation to save the human population of LV-742. The 
Predators must use their stealth and highly evolved hunting techniques and 
the Aliens will attack in groups to cause damage to their enemies, 
impregnating them with speedy Facehuggers, and using them to evolve into the 
ultimate weapons.

Players have access to a variety of units from weaker creatures to ultra-
specialised warriors like the Alien Carrier (able to bring terrifying 
Facehuggers to the battlefront), the extremely brutal and heavily armoured 
Military Predators or the hydraulically powered Marine Exosuit. Every unit 
can be upgraded to gain new abilities and to become even more deadly. In 
numerous missions, players will take to the all-terrain, futuristic 
battlefields such as tropical jungles, caverns, desert settlements and high-
tech laboratories in an attempt to seek out their opponents.

5. Marine Information

5.A Overview of Marines

--- Infantry ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 200, Light Raw Damage, Light Kinetic Damage
Attack Rate: Fast/Normal, Attack Range: 2/12, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 8

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Medium Raw Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, Light Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Varies, Attack Range: 2/12/10, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 8

Overview: This is the most expendable Marine unit and you'll be using a lot 
of these at the front-line for defence. In terms of weaponry, they carry the 
M41 Pulse Rifle which fires light armour-piercing rounds at targets. If he 
shoots from afar, he takes aimed shots and if he's close-up, he doubles the 

Upgrade: Heavy Assault Kit - Replaces weapon with M41A and M3 Armor with M4x 
Armor. Adds a grenade launcher which can damage multiple targets 

--- Medic ---

Stats (Normal/Upgrade)
Health: 200, Light Kinetic Damage
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 12, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 8

Overview: As you can tell from the name, these units have the ability to 
heal any Marine on your team from any predator or alien induced side effect 
bringing them up to full health. If you leave the unit alone, the Medic 
Marine will automatically heal any Marine nearby or you can tell him to heal 
a specific unit. Either way, Medic Marines will come in very handy for 
keeping you current troops fighting against enemies.

Upgrade: Counterxenology - Can counteract side-effects such as acid-
scarring, cystic tumours caused by Drones, Nausea caused by Runners, repeat 
haemorrhaging caused by Stalkers' bleeder spears.

--- Flamethrower ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 300, Medium Fire Damage, Medium Kinetic Damage, Heavy Fire Armor, 
Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 6, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 8

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Medium Raw Damage

Overview: It's not just the Flamethrower that's the feature of this Marine 
unit, it's also the suit that he is wearing. The so-called Ape Suit protects 
him from acid and fire and is helmet blocks facehugger attacks but he can be 
facehugged if rendered unconscious. His weapon is the M240B Flamethrower, 
capable of killing multiple enemies and is best used close-up. 

Upgrade: Cobalt Thermogel - This is a slow-burn flamethrower fuel that 
releases radioactive material into the air and poisons to cause long-term 
damage to target.

--- Sniper ---

Stats (Normal/Upgrade)
Health: 200, Heavy Raw Damage
Attack Rate: Very Slow, Attack Range: 20, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 12

Overview: Just like the Silent Predator, the Sniper Marine is the ideal unit 
for killing from long distances. Apart from the distance advantages, the 
weapon is very accurate and inflicts a lot of damage upon the opponent. 
Unfortunately, there's a bit of a waiting time between firing one shot and 
the next leaving the Marine unit vulnerable to incoming attacks.

Upgrade: The Sledgehammer - It's a personal rail gun firing hyper kinetic 
slugs that use a controlled fusion reaction. Slugs can strike enemies 
through walls but slows down after passing through many enemies.

--- Smartgunner ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 200, Heavy Kinetic Damage
Attack Rate: Very Fast, Attack Range: 12, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 10

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Medium Raw Damage, Heavy Kinetic Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor

Overview: The Smartgunner sacrifices penetrating power for fire rates and 
accuracy. Carrying the M57 Smartgun, the gun can retarget an enemy after the 
original target has been killed. Excellent against Facehuggers but has 
trouble killing Praetorians and Vanguards. 

Upgrade: M57D Smartgun 'Dirty' Smartgun - Can fire rounds that shatter into 
many radioactive splinters inside the target. It creates high radioactive 
levels in heavy targets forcing them to lose health.

--- Synthetic ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 300, Light Kinetic Damage,
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 12, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 10/20

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Medium Kinetic Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor,
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 10, Speed: 5, Visual Range: 12/22

Overview: A Synthetic is a human replication and is best used at the front 
of any exploration done by your Marine units. Also carrying one vital piece 
of equipment, the Motion Tracker which helps you find invisible Predator or 
enemies hidden from sight. It has a weapon called the M4A5 Pistol which is 
not a particularly good. Because the Synthetic isn't really human, it 
doesn't trigger Alien Eggs so Facehuggers won't suddenly jump out of them if 
the Synthetic is nearby. It's equipped with an industrial muscular system 
which allows it to carry heavy things such as Sentry Guns.

Upgrade: Combat Modifications - Has enhanced locomotive subsystems, better 
ocular implants and the Synthetic can be brought back from the dead if a 
CommTech repairs him in time.

--- CommTech ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 250, Light Kinetic Damage, Light Kinetic Armor
Attack Rate: Fast, Attack Range: 12, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 8

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Heavy Fire Damage
Attack Rate: Fast/Very Slow, Attack Range: 12/24, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 

Overview: A CommTech Marine can request new Marine units and equipment to be 
transported to the site by a Dropship. His weapon is called the MP9 which is 
a close-assault machine gun and is a reasonable weapon to use against light 
enemies. There's no way you can take out heavy targets with this weapon. He 
can order a dropship containing reinforcements and can also order unit 
upgrades. When he calls the dropship, it lands near the closest dropship 
beacon. Beacons are always found outdoors so consider how far you have to go 
if you're indoors. The CommTech has enough knowledge and expertise to repair 
robotic systems such as Synthetics, Sentry Guns, Exosuits, and Atmos. 

Upgrade: AURORA Control - The AURORA is a space-based system found on 
orbital cruisers and is able of autonomously destroying enemies. The 
CommTech must however confirm the target and there is only one AURORA so 
other CommTechs must share.

--- SADAR Trooper ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 250, Heavy Raw Damage, Light Kinetic Damage
Attack Rate: Very Slow, Attack Range: 14, Speed: 2.5, Visual Range: 12

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Heavy Fire Damage, Attack Rate: Normal

Overview: The most powerful Marine out of the whole team, a SADAR Marine 
unit carry's the M83 SADAR Rocket Launcher which inflicts masses of damage 
upon the enemy. There is also a splash damage effect which can inflict 
damage upon enemies standing nearby the original opponent. The disadvantage 
of the SADAR Rocket Launcher is the waiting time between firing one shot and 
the next shot and the unit must be a few metres away from enemy to fire a 
decent shot. Be careful of Runners and Spearmasters.

Upgrade: M83AM SADAR AMAG - Penetrates heavy armor and disgorges multiple 
megathermal payloads. Good against predators and aliens because of high 

--- Hostile Marines ---

Stats (Normal)
Refer to regular marines for stats.

Overview: Like the predators and aliens, the marines must fight their own 
species throughout the missions. The hostile marines have the same units as 
the regular marines apart from the CommTech unit and presumably the stats 
are the same for both.

5.B Equipment & Weapons

--- Atmospheric Processor ---

By fixing Atmospheric Processors (Atmos), you are rewarded with a lot of 
money which you can then spend on creating new units for your team. These 
Atmospheric Processors are found on the surface of the planet and play a 
crucial role in getting funds. One important note is that only CommTech 
units can repair the Atmos so it's probably best to defend this unit at all 

--- Sentry Gun ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 500, Medium Kinetic Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, Medium Fire Armor
Attack Rate: Very Fast, Attack Range: 12, Speed: 0, Visual Range: 12

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Attack Rate: Very Fast/Fast, Attack Range: 12/20, Visual Range: 12/20+

Overview: The Sentry Gun is a familiar weapon amongst players and as well as 
being well armoured, the M30 Auto Cannon means you can leave it to its own 
devices. They can withstand more damage than a human but they are especially 
good for defending bases as well as humans. A downside is that only a 
Synthetic can reposition a Sentry Gun from its current location.

Upgrade: Huntbuster Revision - Has a built-in counterballistic system that 
calculates the cause of incoming fire and uses a beam cloak-defeating 
scanner to light it up. 

--- ExoSuit ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 900, Medium Kinetic Damage, Heavy Kinetic Armor, Heavy Fire Armor
Attack Rate: Variable, Attack Range: 10, Speed: 1.5, Visual Range: 10

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Heavy Kinetic Damage, Attack Rate: Extreme

Overview: The Marines' Exosuit is very well armoured and can sustain a lot 
of damage so these units are ideal for defending other, more weaker units. 
Has Twin M103 Torrent Cannons and suit contains armor to deflect light 
projectiles. The systems are also protected from radiation and fire.

Upgrade: Solid State Cannons - Has rail guns that fire simultaneously. The 
weapon can fire 1,000 rounds per second and kills most targets in seconds.

5.C Vehicles

--- Dropship ---

The Dropship is a useful transporter unit to drop off more units for your 
team. The CommTech is the only unit which can control the ship and the 
marine can also tell the Dropship where to drop the units off.

--- APC ---

I don't know if you actually see an APC in motion in any of the missions but 
this is a basic transporter unit. I've seen a couple in the missions that 
have been abandoned and it looks as if it doesn't have weaponry.

5.D Marine Tips
Reinforcements & Upgrades
Marines order reinforcements and field upgrades via the CommTech Marine. He 
does this by calling a Dropship down on whatever visited dropship beacon is 
nearest his current location. You do have to wait a bit before the dropship 
arrives with the troops.

Marines earn credits in two ways: 1) they can repair Atmos with a CommTech 
and receive a continuous stream of credits while the Atmo remains 
operational, and 2) they can receive a small bounty for each slain enemy. 
There are a limited number of Atmos available during each mission, each of 
which provides a fixed sum over its lifespan. Accordingly, Marine 
detachments must ensure they maintain sufficient force levels to secure 
subsequent Atmos and complete their mission.

Healing & Repairing
Marines can heal their organic forces with the Medic. They can use their 
CommTech to repair robotic and mechanical troops and equipment, including 
the Synthetic, Sentry Gun, Exosuit and the Atmo. Healing and Repairing is 
free but they can only repair or heal one unit at a time so it's gets time-

Finding Hidden Enemies
The marines can detect cloaked Predators with the Synthetic or Sentry Gun 
because they are equipped with special sensors. Synthetics can detect and 
highlight moving objects outside of its visual range and Sentry Guns can 
attack ranged enemies attacking from beyond the field of view.

Robotic & Mechanical Equipment
Marines have many robotic and mechanical troops and equipment. They are: the 
Synthetic, Sentry Gun, Exosuit and Atmos. These are immune to side effects 
such as radiation, acid scarring, virulence, spores, cysts and bleeder 

Sniper Tip
Tip 1: If you are marines and in doors, upgrade snipers and then pair up one 
sniper with one synthetic and 1 pulse rifleman and explore. The A.P will 
detect enemies the sniper can shoot enemies through the walls and the pulse 
rifle marine provides a little extra defence

Tip 2: If you are indoors and there is a corner where enemies can only come 
from two ways set up 2 sentry guns pointing each direction and place snipers 
behind them with a synthetic.

General Marine Strategies 
Have at least 3 - 4 medics, 2 - 3 CommTechs, and fill the rest up with smart 
gunners, flamers, upgraded infantry, SADAR troopers and synthetics.

General Marine Strategies
I've found that you will only need about two maybe three medics in your 
group, ALWAYS two commtechs and I do not use flame throwers, unless they are 
supplied at the beginning of the level, because of exploding runners. When 
they blow up it causes mass spray damage, much worse than the acid spray of 
killing them outright. Oh, and try to keep all of your units in a tight 
group unless you have a specific objective to protect something.

General Marine Strategies
I like an even mix of smart gunners and sadar men. Always at least two 
medics, this helps with the troops getting healed faster, as well as the 
medics being able to heal each other. And I play opposite of what most 
people do, I only run with one commtech. I'd rather have two synthetics 
instead, with each carrying a sentry gun. And all of these upgraded as soon 
as possible.

General Marine Strategies
2 Medics
2 Synthetics
1 Commtech
1 Exosuit
2 Sentry Guns
4 SADAR Troopers
4 Smartgunners
2 Flamethrowers
2 Snipers

Marines Strengths 
-They can deliver the most concentrated firepower out of all three species.  
-Every marine is capable of attacking from range. 
-Many weapons can damage targets simultaneously. 
-There are more marines than predators and are good in numbers. 
-Repairing Atmos gives you lots of funds. 

Marine Weaknesses 
-Marines are the most physically weak. 
-Finding and repairing the next Atmo can take some time. 
-CommTechs are vital to a team but are easily killed 
-Marines work better in the open than in confined spaces. 
-Troops have to get dropped off at a dropship beacon increasing transit 

6. Alien Information

6.A Overview of Alien Species

--- Egg ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 200, Medium Kinetic Armor, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate/Range: N/A, Speed: 0, Visual Range: 6
Added Stats (Upgraded)
Medium Acid Damage

Overview: Alien Eggs are laid by the Queen Alien and can hold up to one 
Facehugger. When there is a body nearby, the Egg opens up to unleash the 
Facehugger on the prey. A Queen can spend infestation points to transform an 
Egg into a Praetorian Egg which will contain a Praetorian Facehugger.

Upgrade: Adaptive Hyperfertility - Bigger Eggs that contain multiple 

--- Facehugger ---

Stats (Normal/Upgrade)
Health: 15, Instant Death, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Variable, Attack Range: 4, Speed: 4.5, Visual Range: 10

Overview: Facehuggers play a very important role in your Alien team and help 
to expand your ever-growing team. You need to find human hosts for the 
Facehuggers so you can expand and overpower your opponents. The user has two 
directions which they can take when dealing with Facehuggers - one is to 
send it to a victim or bring the victim to them but they can't leave the 
hive area for long. Using a Carrier Alien, you take six Facehuggers into 
battle and release them onto the enemies. There's also the Praetorian 
Facehugger which is more armoured and can roam from the hive for longer and 
come from Praetorian Eggs.

Upgrade: Binary Parasitism - Develops a chemical trigger that causes the 
Chestburster it carriers to split into twins but only for simple Aliens like 
the Drone and Runner. 

--- Chestburster ---

Stats (Normal)

Overview: Chestbursters are the next step in becoming a fully-grown alien 
and are as weak as Facehuggers. They are unable to move after they've broken 
free from the original host and must be protected at all costs. It only 
takes a few seconds for the Chestburster to transform into a cocoon state 
and then evolve into an adult alien but if it emerges from the host in the 
hive, it will be well protected by other aliens but if it emerges elsewhere, 
you must have at least one alien protecting it. The adult alien you get 
depends on what host you facehugged and Chestbursters cannot upgrade 

--- Drone ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 200, Light Kinetic Damage, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Fast, Attack Range: 1.5, Speed: 5, Visual Range: 8

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Light Acid Damage, Attack Rate: Fast/Normal, Attack Range: 1.5/6

Overview: Drone Aliens are certainly not the strongest out of all of the 
Aliens. In fact they are probably the weakest species of Alien because they 
haven't got much armour to protect themselves from heavy attacks. Drone 
Aliens are created by infecting Oswocs and can lay down Hive Nodes.

Upgrade: Cystic Acid Spittle - Can spit on potential hosts where cysts 
invade the body and cause acid-induced wounds. Causes tumors that uses a 
host's body to generate nutrients beneficial to transbreed Chestburster 
development. Adult transbreed aliens from cystically infected hosts are 
tougher. These cystic aliens have a red streak running along its head.

--- Runner ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 250, Light Kinetic Damage, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Fast/Normal, Attack Range: 1.5/7.5, Speed: 8, Visual Range: 10

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Medium Raw Damage

Overview: Runner Aliens are the fastest out of the group and they are not 
bad when it comes to fighting an enemy. They attack by biting the enemy and 
also have a different pounce attack which raises the damage of the first 
attack. When exposed to heat, its skeleton expands inwards causing it to 
bursts and sends shrapnel into targets. It's produced by Kurn or Krilitics.

Upgrade: Virulence - Develops stinger-tipped venom sacs and when in contact 
with enemy, it injects spores into victim so it can track the weak prey.

--- Warrior ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 300, Medium Kinetic Damage, Medium Acid Damage, Light Kinetic Armor, 
Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 1.5, Speed: 6, Visual Range: 8

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Medium Raw Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor

Overview: Warrior Aliens are the most versatile fighters and can easily 
adapt to the situation at hand. They are suitable to battle a wide range of 
opponents and are created by infecting humans. Its pressurized bloodstream 
means it can explode when killed with anything other than fire. Note there 
is a Cystic Warrior which can be created by upgrading a drone and bringing a 
human in for impregnation.

Upgrade: Onslaught Genome - Develops hardened chitinous ridges that enable 
it to penetrate tough armors. It can continue even if limbs are lost and 
improves capacity to regenerate on hive webbing.

--- Carrier ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 400, Medium Kinetic Damage, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 2, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 8

Added Stats (Upgraded)
Medium Acid Damage

Overview: Carrier Aliens are formed from an upgraded Praetorian and they can 
hold a maximum of six Facehuggers on their backs. When it nears enemies, 
Facehuggers automatically launch themselves at the enemy with great 

Upgrade: Supercarrier Genome - Can hold a maximum of 12 Facehuggers. If the 
Carrier gets killed, it bursts apart spewing acid everywhere.

--- PredAlien ---

Stats (Normal/Upgraded)
Health: 550, Medium Kinetic Damage, Medium Acid Damage, Heavy Fire Armor, 
Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal/Very Slow, Speed: 5, Visual Range: 8

Overview: The advantage of the PredAlien is that they are very strong in 
terms of armour but unfortunately they are very slow to manoeuvre about. 
PredAliens are created by infecting Predators and have high endurance so 
they can withstand many attacks before they are killed. PredAliens can also 
heal automatically when they're not being attacked. Note there is a Cystic 
PredAlien with 150 more health points which can be created by upgrading a 
drone and bringing a human in for impregnation.

Upgrade: Predatory Growth Response - In combat, it receives growth hormones 
and when there's enough, it transforms into a tougher PredAlien.

--- Ravager ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 1000, Heavy Raw Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, Light Fire Armor, 
Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 2.5, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 8

Added tats (Upgraded)
Heavy Kinetic Armor, Medium Fire Armor

Overview: Ravager Aliens are formed from an upgraded Praetorian and they are 
the most powerful aliens out of all the alien species. The downside to the 
Ravager is that once it kills its prey, the prey can't be used as a host for 
Facehuggers. This means when a Ravager kills an enemy, the opponent is dead 
indefinitely. Possess Hull Blades that are very tough and can cut through 

Upgrade: Colossal Resilience - Has a hard chitinous shell that deflects 
medium weapon fire. Can perform a rapid restoration process called regensis. 
A damaged Ravager can enter a cataleptic state so instead of dying, it will 
rebuild itself.

--- Praetorian ---

Stats (Normal/Upgraded)
Health: 750, Medium Raw Damage, Excellent Acid Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, 
Light Fire Armor, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal/Very Slow, Attack Range: 1.5/3, Speed: 5, Visual Range: 

Overview: Praetorians are right up there with Ravager Aliens for being the 
strongest. They are very quick and can do masses amounts of damage to 
opponents. A Praetorian can transform into the Queen but only if the 
original Queen is killed. These aliens also releases spores onto enemies to 
track them.

Upgrade: Speciated Metamorphosis - Can transform into either a Carrier or a 
Ravager Alien.

--- Queen ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 1500, Heavy Kinetic Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Fast, Attack Range: 1.5, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 12

Added Stats (Upgraded)
Heavy Kinetic Armor

Overview: The Queen Alien is the most important Alien on the map and is 
easily the biggest. Unlike with other Aliens, you can have multiple units 
but with the Queen, there is just one of them on your team. The Queen can 
produce Alien Eggs by excreting an eggsack but she cannot move or attack 
enemies while on the eggsack. While attacking enemies, she completely kills 
the human or predator which means the victim can't be used to create more 
aliens. She also releases spores to track targets.

Upgrade: War Empress - Improves combat abilities and becomes tougher. Makes 
nearby transbreed aliens in a combat frenzy therefore inflicting more damage 
on targets.

--- PredQueen ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 2500

Overview: The PredQueen didn't evolve from a PredAlien as I originally 
thought. It was created by Dr. Kadinsky of Weyland Yutani when he combined 
predator DNA with an alien queen's DNA. The PredQueen acts like the regular 
Queen but has much more health. Any more stats are unknown and whether it 
can upgrade is unknown. It's much browner in colour and appears towards the 
end of the missions.

--- K-Series Aliens ---

Stats (Normal)
Refer to regular alien species for stats.

Overview: K-Series Aliens appear through the missions and have been 
engineered by human scientists. They are exactly like regular alien species 
but are yellow in colour. It is unknown if they have the exact same stats as 
regular aliens and also have the same abilities when upgrading themselves.

6.B Other Alien Related Things

--- Hive Nodes ---

Health: 500, Heavy Fire Armor, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: N/A, Attack Range: N/A, Speed: 0, Visual Range: 10

Overview: The Alien Hive Nodes possess the ability to restore health to 
aliens but only two alien types can make a Hive Node. The first is the Drone 
Alien and the second is the Queen Alien (through the eggsack) so make sure 
you have a few Drones in your team when travelling. They also cost 50 
infestation points but Hive Nodes are extremely useful to have in the 
levels. Hive Nodes leech nutrients from the ground to create a hive webbing 
where aliens can regenerate and they make it possible for Facehuggers to 
venture further out.

6.C Alien Tips
Transbreed & Purebreed Aliens
Drones, Runners, Warriors and PredAliens are transbreed aliens and different 
hosts produce a different transbreed alien. Praetorians, Queens, Carriers 
and Ravagers are purebreed aliens that can come from any host. Transbreed 
alien adapt to a target species, whereas purebreed aliens enable them to 
overpower it. To create transbreed alien, adult aliens attack an enemy until 
it is unconscious so a Facehugger can pounce on the victim's face safely. A 
Chestburster will emerge from the victim's body and turn into a cocoon and 
then turning into an adult alien. The alien it turns into depends on the 
host. To create Carriers and Ravagers, you need to transform a Praetorian 
into one by spending infestation points. This can only be performed when a 
Queen already exists and after Praetorians have been upgraded.

Creating a Queen
Aliens can spend infestation points to transform a Praetorian into a Queen. 
To create a Praetorian, you must first transform an Egg into a Praetorian 
Egg. A Praetorian Facehugger will emerge which can turn into a Praetorian 
from any host.

Upgrading Aliens & Infestation Points
All upgrades take place through the Queen Alien and will cost infestation 
points. You earn infestation points by rendering active enemies unconscious. 
Remember you don't need infestation points to order units but to upgrade 
units. For a strong team, create hive nodes and create Praetorians.

Regeneration & Spores
All aliens can heal themselves when they're standing on hive webbing. This 
is created when the Queen lays an egg sack or by creating hive nodes. There 
are two aliens that can heal themselves which are the Runner and PredAlien. 
So-called Roaming Regeneration doesn't occur when being attacked. Hive 
Nodes, Runners, Praetorians and Queens emit spores that cover a creature for 
a time period. This allows you to track the creature and bring it back to 
the hive. Also, spores remove a predator's cloak.

After hitting an enemy, acid damages it for some time before causing wounds. 
Kinetic Armor is less effective while being burned by acid and often 
leverages this effect by tearing into a victim's wounds. Aliens are immune 
to effect of their own acid.

General Alien Strategies
For Aliens keep all troops in a close group save some to protect the queen 
(face huggers are better defence than anything) also keep a few upgraded 
drones collecting the non-threatening animal life because they usually 
respawn in open level as opposed to indoor maps.

General Alien Strategies
1. Upgrade your drones immediately. When they kill someone, they poison 
them, so when you incubate them, they spawn pretty nasty.
2. Warrior's to the teeth, 1 runner, 1 drone per party. In later levels, 
take out some praetorian's and upgrade them to the Ravagers.
3. in later levels of the game, 3-4 ravagers, and 10-20 warriors were 
absolutely unstoppable!

General Alien Strategies
Tip1: I have a good alien tip later on in the levels when you can make a 
Ravager what you should do is have at least 4 guarding the Queen, the 
defence will be great and while marines/predators are fighting the Ravager, 
send some facehuggers in to help them out.

Tip 2: A tip for the alien is when you have a upgraded Runner use it to 
poison an enemy (make sure you have a Facehugger(s) near by it depends how 
how many guys you poison (make sure the Runner does a jumping attack then 
don't make him fight just inject the guy with poison and make the Runner 
run) then when the guy starts to puke simply send the Facehugger in and 
while he's puking he can't fight back that's when you strike its just a fun 
way of facehugging 

Alien Strengths 
-Aliens are the most numerous species and can create new units for free.  
-They are physically tough and PredAliens, Ravagers and Queens are deadly.  
-It's hard to stop the production of aliens because of Queen transformations 
by Praetorians.  
-Killing a Queen surrounded by masses of other aliens is no easy task. 

Alien Weaknesses 
-If you slow down production of aliens, the enemy may take advantage of 
-Most aliens are melee fighters with a lack of ranged attackers. 
-Facehuggers and Chestbursters are incredibly weak and can easy be killed. 
-Can be hard to build up aliens if there's a lack of hosts. 

7. Predator Information

7.A Overview of Predator Species

--- Brawler ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 500, Medium Raw Damage, Light Kinetic Damage, Light Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Very Fast, Attack Range: 0.75, Speed: 6, Visual Range: 10/18

Added Stats (Upgrade)
Attack Rate: Very Fast/Very Slow

Overview: The Brawler is possibly the most expendable Predator to have and 
they have adequate abilities for face-to-face combat with enemies. One thing 
to note about this Predator is that the Predator's effective range is short 
because it just has its Wrist Blades has weapons. Can also kill Facehuggers 
if they jump up to try and facehug him.

Upgrade: Glory Strike - Causes extreme damage by a powerful hit and 
sometimes decapitate the target.

--- Hunter ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 400, Medium Raw Damage, Light Kinetic Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 16, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 10/18

Added Stats (Upgraded)
Heavy Raw Damage, Medium Fire Damage, Speed: 3

Overview: The Hunter Predator has the most infamous weapon, the Shoulder 
Cannon. The weapon will definitely come in handy - not just because of its 
range but because it can inflict a lot of damage upon opponents. Plasma 
blasts can also create a splash damage effect.

Upgrade: Omnicaster - A bioscanner and multi-barrelled firing mechanism 
enables the weapon to analyse targets with plasma munitions. There are three 
kinds of plasma: Burst Plasma, Fire Plasma, which ignites targets and Dark 
Plasma which causes a controlled energy reaction.

--- Disc Master ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 400, Medium Kinetic Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 10, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 12/20

Added Stats (Upgraded)
Heavy Raw Damage

Overview: The Disc Master Predator has yet another powerful weapon - the 
Disc which inflicts masses of damage upon the enemy. The main disadvantage 
of the weapon is that the predator must wait for the Disc to return to him 
before he can strike again which leaves him open to enemy attacks.

Upgrade: Nanovibronic Edge - Has nine discs with a high-speed molecular 
chainsaw around the circumference. Can throw three discs at one target which 
rips through its body.

--- Spear Master ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 450, Medium Kinetic Damage, Heavy Fire Armor, Light Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Fast/Variable, Attack Range: 2.5/2.5, Speed: 6, Visual Range: 

Added Stats (Upgraded)
Light Raw Armor

Overview: The Spear Master Predator holds a spear for defense and can take 
out multiple opponents that maybe nearby him. The spear's sharp and armor-
piercing and can kill many creatures apart from the Ravager. If he is 
surrounded by enemies, he creates a whirlwind, striking everybody around 
him. If it attacks while undetected, the predator gives the victim one sharp 
strike, killing him instantly.

Upgrade: Plasma Glaive - This is double-bladed weapon with white hot plasma 
that can burn through enemy armor.

--- Stalker ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 350, Heavy Kinetic Damage
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 20, Speed: 3, Visual Range: 12/27

Added Stats (Upgraded)
Heavy Raw Damage

Overview: The Stalker Predator is the ideal sniper amongst all Predator 
species as he holds sharp spears. He has a very long range for killing and 
can easily take out enemies that are in hard-to-reach places. Each spear 
inflicts damage over a period of time.

Upgrade: Bleeder Spears - Barbed harpoons that drains victim's fluid levels 
to the point of death.

--- Hydra ---

Stats (Normal/Upgraded)
Health: 650, Heavy Raw Damage, Heavy Kinetic Armor, Heavy Fire Armor
Attack Rate: Fast, Attack Range: 14, Speed 3, Visual Range: 12/20

Overview: The Hydra Predator is one of the most powerful Predator species in 
the game with his Hydrashock Barrage which fires surges of energy at 
multiple opponents. If the Predator is controlled automatically, it can find 
and attack enemies by itself but if he's manually controlled, this Predator 
uses everything it has got and strikes its firepower on a specific opponent.

Upgrade: Warhead Swarm - Fires electroshock missiles with multiple warheads. 
When fired, it looks to see how many target are nearby and splits the 
missile into as many as three submissiles which hits different targets.

--- Blazer ---

Stats (Normal/Upgraded)
Health: 650, Heavy Raw Damage, Heavy Kinetic Damage, Heavy Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Normal, Attack Range: 16, Speed: 5, Visual Range: 12/20

Overview: The Blazer Predator is the most terrifying and the most powerful 
Predator in the game. His weapon is called the Blazer Cannon which fires a 
heat beam at multiple opponents in one shot and it's hugely effective 
against long-range enemies. Along with his wonderful weaponry, he has high 
endurance and even if he does get injured, he has the Medi-Comp to heal 
himself. The downside to the Blazer Predator is that he is unable to cloak 
leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

Upgrade: Dual Blazers - Mounts two blazers on each shoulder to maximize 

--- Vanguard ---

Stats (Normal/Upgraded)
Health: 500, Heavy Raw Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, Medium Fire Armor, 
Light Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Slow, Attack Range: 2, Speed: 4, Visual Range: 10/18

Overview: The Vanguard is extremely well armoured and carry's a powerful 
weapon called the Plasma Scythe which is capable of killing an enemy in four 
hits. The unit does seem to be weak when dealing with multiple enemies so he 
won't last long on the battlefield. A tip is to team up four upgraded 
Vanguards, line them up left to right and they'll prevent all incoming fire 
from hurting the weaker units or objects.

Upgrade: Killscreen Generator - The projection spires emit unstable streams 
of dark plasma that vaporized incoming enemy fire.

--- Ancient ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 900

Overview: Ancient Predators appear at the end of the Marine and Predator 
missions. In the final marine mission, a few of them guard the Artifact and 
in the final predator mission, you control one which is the Nuke Carrier. 
This predator carries a blade for defense and can easily take down a Queen 
Alien in about 5 to 6 hits. Ancient Predators are also unable to upgrade 
themselves but they can stay cloaked for the longest out of all predator 
species for up to 900 seconds. The Ancient can do a small critical hit and 
can't be detected by Aliens except for PredAlien and Hive Nodes.

--- Hostile/Delta Predators ---

Stats (Normal)
Refer to regular predators for stats.

Overview: Hostile and Delta Predators are just like the normal predators but 
you have to fight them. I presume they only appear on the predator missions 
and are identical to the regular predators above. Usually, there will be a 
leader referred to as the Clan Leader which you will have to kill.

7.B Equipment & Weapons

--- PredGun ---

Health: 1000, Heavy Raw Damage, Medium Kinetic Armor, Medium Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Slow, Attack Range: 14, Speed: 2, Visual Range: 10/18

Overview: The PredGun is a powerful weapon that predators possess and it 
fires blasts of plasma at any nearby enemies. While it is a excellent tool 
for defending your team, it also heals itself when the weapon is not under 
attack. The big disadvantage to it is that it has a relatively slow rate-of-
fire so it means you'll find it hard to deal with a lot of enemies at once. 
The PredGun can move on its own but it's extremely slow and it also can't 
attack enemies while in motion.

--- Shrine ---

Health: 1250, Medium Fire Damage, Light Kinetic Armor, Heavy Fire Armor, 
Light Acid Armor
Attack Rate: Extreme, Attack Range: 10, Speed: 2, Visual Range: 10/18

Overview: Like Marines gaining resources from a dropship and Aliens 
acquiring bodies, Predator have a Shrine. From which they can get upgrades 
and this is based on how many credits you have. It's attack, the Fireliner, 
is a multi-beam heat weapon and focuses small beams on multiple enemies. The 
Shrine also recharges predators' energy supply. Unfortunately, the Shrine 
moves very slowly and is very prone to ambushes from other species. 

7.C Predator Tips

Reinforcements & Upgrades
Predators can order extra units and upgrades by using their mobile shrine. 
If the shrine is destroyed in a battle, then there's no other way to order 
more predators.

Honor Points (Credits)
You can earn credits in two ways. One is to kill enemies and the other is to 
collect skulls. Different enemies provide different rewards but generally 
the more dangerous the creature is, the more credits you get. Collecting 
skulls is usually worth more than kill. If you have a lot of expensive units 
on your team such as the Hydra or Blazer, you will get fewer credits than a 
team with cheap units.

Energy, Healing & Cloaks
A predator's energy powers your cloaking device and cures damage and side-
effects. Predators can recharge their energy by turning they cloak off and 
waiting for the bars to fill or by moving near a shrine which is much 
quicker. When healing, predators use up energy and use their medicomp to do 
it. Healing alien acid scarring can use a lot of energy so be warned. 
Regarding cloaking, most predator units can cloak but it dos use energy so 
you'll lose it temporarily.

Revealing Yourself
Some enemies have sensors to remove your cloaking which are Synthetics, 
Sentry Guns, Alien Spores and enemy Predators with the PredTech vision 
upgrade. A predator can also be detected in the following ways: while 
attacking a target, collecting skulls and healing. Marines may not be able 
to see you but they can take a shot.

Vision Modes
By using vision modes, you can detect enemies beyond the field of view. 
There are three vision modes: Thermal to detect humans and wildlife, Electro 
to detect aliens and marine technology and PredTech to detect predators and 
their equipment.

The Shrine & PredGun
The Shrine and PredGun cannot cloak but are immune to all side-effects. They 
automatically heal when they are not being attacked and you don't get 
credits for any kills made by these units.

Tip 1: Upgrade four Vanguards, line them from left to right and this will 
prevent all incoming fire from hurting your units or other objects. The 
Killscreen Generator will stop any far ranged attack and your defence will 
be near impossible to penetrate. You could also place them around a Shrine 
to defend that.

Tip 2: For the predators when you have four vanguards lined up you should 
also put far ranged predators so while marines/hostile predators attacks are 
being vaporised the predators that have far ranged attacks will be hitting 
them. The number I suggest you use for defence behind the vanguards would be 
3 Hunters or 1 Hydra (Hydra I suggest 1 is they take up 2 population spaces 
but their really strong.)

Spearmaster Tip
Now I will tell you the ultimate predator weapon of destruction that's the 
spear master. The spear master takes time what you do is cloak him and wait 
for marines to separate (might be a little bit) once they do select a marine 
to attack (while cloaked) it will take them out one hit then wait 3 seconds 
then attack the next one make sure their are no synthetics around because 
this like a stealth kill if your detected it wont work but you could take a 
hole army down this way. It won't kill flamethrowers and upgraded marines 
one hit one stealth hit and the next attack will kill him. It doesn't work 
on alien or hostile predators because they will detect you when you approach 
but it also doesn't really harm a exosuit so don't try it trust me. If it is 
done right you will be unstoppable.

Spearmaster Tip 2
I've found that if you have a large enough group of spear masters and they 
are cloaked, then they can kill a Ravager outright, but all the spear 
masters have to connect at the same time. I have only achieved this once in 
fact it was a complete accident that I discovered it.

Predator Strengths
-Predators are very strong, powerful species with tough weaponry. 
-There is a variety of melee and ranged fighters to take out any target. 
-You also have cloaking and the enhanced vision modes to sneak past humans. 
-Units can be ordered quickly. 

Predator Weaknesses 
-There are fewer predators than humans and aliens. 
-Opponents can stop you if they manage to destroy all shrines. 
-The Shrine moves extremely slow. 
-Ordering units can be quite expensive. 
-Cloaking is not that effective because of Synthetics. 

8. Other Creatures & Characters

--- Civilians ---

Stats (Normal)
Health: 75

Overview: There are some civilian people who are already on the planet who 
have no weaponry and can't be controlled. Civilians are Mechanics, Miners, 
Scientists, Cult Leaders and Cultists. They are extremely useful to 
predators and aliens to get funds and create more units.

--- Indigenous Creatures ---

Health: Variable

Overview: There are many creatures on the planet that act like civilians. 
They don't attack you but predators and aliens may find them useful to get 
easy kills or hosts. There is a cattle-like creature called the Oswoc (see 
top-right image) with 100 health points, a dog-like creature called Kurn 
(see bottom-left image) with 120 health points, and Krilitic (see top-left 
image) with 150 health points. These creatures do play a very important role 
with alien species because different hosts produce different aliens so 
Oswocs produce Drones and the other two produce Runners. Apparently, there 
is another creature called Gyro'te (see bottom-right image) with 3450 health 
points which can only be found on the third Predator mission. This creature 
is very powerful, fast as a Drone Alien and it can blow enemies back by 
roaring. It can also detect cloaked predators.

9. Cheats

For the Playstation 2 version, pause the game and hit:

R1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, L1. 

On completion, you'll unlock a Cheats option in the Options menu.

Toggle Unit Spying  - Shows every unit on the map. 
Cheat Win           - Wins level.
Gimme $10000        - User receives 10,000 credits.
Show LZ's           - Shows all LZs on the map. 
Player Invulnerable - Makes all your units invulnerable. 
Enable All Levels   - Can play on any level in the game.
Clear Fog Of War    - Shows entire map with units. 

10. This FAQ is Posted at:

GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com

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11. Legal Info
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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
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12. Credits
As I've said, I wrote all of this FAQ. If there's anything I've missed or 
any mistakes, please email me at: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk.