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                                   /^ ^\
                                   || ||
                                  / / \ \
                   -----=====<<<<<| | | |>>>>>=====-----
        ____   _____   ___   ___  \ \_/ /  ___    __   __    __
       / __|   \  _ \  \ /   \ /   \   /   \  \   \/   \ \  / /
      | \      | |_||  | |___| |    | |    | |\\  ||    \ \/ /
       \ \     |  __/  |  ___  |    | |    | | \\ ||    |    |
   /\___\ |    | |     | |   | |    | |    | |  \\||    / /\ \
   \______/    /_\     /_\   /_\    \@/    /_\   \_|   /__\ \ \_/\
                                     ^                       \____\

                          AND THE CURSED MUMMY      

                         For Microsoft X-BOX
                            Version Final
                           By Chris Zawada
                           User: antseezee
                      E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
                      Website: www.z-wad.com
                          Created: 02/06/04
                         Last Update: 03/10/11
                      Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
One of the most underrated platformers I've played thus far on the X-BOX has 
been Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. Originally designed by Eurocom Software, 
this masterpiece brings back the historic ideals of Egyptian times, yet 
retains many elements often found in popular platform games. Often compared to 
Zelda: Wind Waker, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy includes elements of puzzles, 
action, and various role changes. Interactions with your environment will 
determine your chance of succeeding at your mission. This FAQ/Walkthrough will 
provide an in-depth analysis on how to complete the game, along with any side 
quests that occur along the way. Extras, or secrets can be found in their 
respective sections. Be warned though, spoilers are present throughout the 
walkthrough. May the gods of Egypt bless you like a royal Pharoah.

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=05/08/05= v Final
Added a small missing section from the walkthrough on how to obtain the green
password in the Uruk Islands. I've received many questions since this time, and
am deeply sorry from the error. No more updates on this guide. Now that I look
back, this had to be one of my best works ever.

=02/16/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Was earlier than my expected deadline, but this was because 
of Ninja Gaiden's delay [ :( ]. Anyhow, the FAQ is 100% complete. The 
walkthrough goes step-by-step from the beginning to the end. Side quests are 
listed accordingly. Going to submit tonight.

=02/06/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Going to lay down the basic formatting, then start on the 
walkthrough so I can keep pace with my current game file. Will work on the 
side quests and item list after the walkthrough is complete. Expecting a 
release date sometime around February 23rd.

- To make it easier on yourself, any chapter with a (#.#) listed afterwards 
represents that it's part of an "easy search" function. Simply press CTRL + F 
on your keyboard, then type the number located inside the parentheses. Click 
find next, and it should bring you to that section immediately.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Screen HUD
             > Characters
          3) Walkthrough
             > Blade of Osiris            (3.1)
             > Prince Tutankhamen         (3.2)
             > Mysterious Location        (3.3)
             > Abydos                     (3.4)
             > Heliopolis                 (3.5)
             > Mummy's Awakening          (3.6)
             > Anubis - Wall I            (3.7)
             > Invisible Mummy            (3.8)
             > Anubis - Wall II           (3.9)
             > Uruk Canyon                (3.A)
             > Sacred Crown of Abydos     (3.B)  
               -> Right Room              (3.B1)
               -> Left Room               (3.B2)
               -> Center Room             (3.B3)
             > Sacred Crown of Uruk       (3.C)
               -> Rosetta Stone           (3.C1) 
               -> Mummy Continuum         (3.C2)
               -> Anubis - Wall III       (3.C3)
               -> Uruk Islands            (3.C4)
             > Sacred Crown of Heliopolis (3.D)
               -> The Invitation          (3.D1)
             > Sacred Crown of Set        (3.E)
               -> The Final Battle        (3.E1)
          4) Side Quests
             > Gold Ankh Pieces           (4.1)
             > Mini-Games                 (4.2)
             > Optional Upgrades          (4.3)
             > Monster Museum             (4.4)
             > Athletic Courses           (4.5)
          5) Database
             > Item List                  (5.1)
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is the classic example of an underachieving, 
underrated, and unheard of classic. It's basically a 3D platformer that puts 
you in the role of Sphinx, a partial demigod who is performing tasks for his 
Master to protect the current land from evil clutches. Based around Egyptian 
times, most of the names and item labels resemble that of this historic period 
thousands of years ago. On your journey, a sinister plot unfolds which 
includes both Sphinx and a Cursed Mummy to join together as a force of one. 
However, Sphinx is more than just some Crash Bandicoot look-a-like. It 
features some of the most complex puzzles you can find in modern video games. 
Your environment will become your most hated enemy, and wanted friend. Nearly 
every interaction causes you to wrack your brain in search of a delightful 
answer to the puzzle.

Not only that, but Sphinx combines excellent graphics, dramatic music, and all 
of the modern marvels we see in next generation video games. Combine this with 
the modest $20 price tag, and you have yourself an instant hit. Often compared 
to Beyond Good & Evil (another low $20 hit that raved excellent reviews), this 
is why Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is considered to be top five on Game of the 
Year. Expect to go on a bewildering journey that mimics many adventure games, 
but keeps a keen sense of entertainment amongst itself. Can you save your land 
from being overtaken by evil forces? Or will you fail at the mercy of another 
Egyptian God? It all comes down to you - Sphinx.

Here's a brief excerpt from the manual of the storyline (credit to THQ):

   .../+\... AN ANCIENT EMPIRE .../+\... 

It is an ancient Egypt not told in the history books - the powerful Egyptian 
Universal Empire that once joined several worlds through Solar Disc portals. 
However, the old empire was destroyed and the magical crowns that held the 
portals together were scattered and lost. The civilizations in each world have 
become separate, each suffering its own fate. Some of the civilizations have 
retained contact with others; some have lost contact completely and have lost 
all memory of their former allies.

The legend says that two forces are trying to recover the old empire and all 
of its crowns. One is Osiris, who is a positive force. The other is the dark 
Set, whose intentions are believed to be destructive. Still, little is known 
of these gods and their true goals, or even if they really exist. But the 
signs are ominous, and it is clear that something is happening. News - 
disturbing news - is spreading... about normally peaceful villages at war, 
plagues of monsters overrunning the once peaceful countryside. Nobody knows 
why this is happening...

The chain of communication between the worlds remains largely abandoned and so 
unstable that to use it is likely to cause even more problems and dangers. 
Many people have used the portals but disappeared without a trace. Use of the 
portals is not recommended. You never know what you will encounter on the 
other side, or if you'll get anywhere at all.

"Two heroes. One mission."

Their methods couldn't be further apart.

Get ready for intense, mind-boggling 3D action in the world of ancient 
Egyptian gods, goddesses, mummies and a host of supernatural creatures. 
Experience an unfolding mystery as you play Sphinx and his reluctant friend, 
the Mummy. Along the way, you'll uncover dark secrets, discover new abilities 
and items and encounter hundreds of fascinating creatures. Sphinx's journey 
will require wirts, agility, and a variety of special powers, as well as the 
aid of the Mummy, when being inconspicuous is the only solution. Sphinx's 
quest is an epic one - to find the lost sacred crowns of Egypt and stop the 
evil Set before he shrouds the world in darkness.

As you can see, the game puts great emphasis on the Egyptian storyline. Again, 
most of your action will take place between 2 characters, Sphinx and a Mummy 
(whose background is revealed later on in the game). Expect the unexpected, as 
most would in a time of danger.

##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1
Developer: Eurocom Software (published by THQ)
Released: 2003
Rarity: fairly rare
Special Features: HDTV 720P
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows Sphinx holding an electrifying blade, along with the Mummy shunning 
away behind his back


- 2) Game Basics           -
The X-BOX controller fits fairly well to the entire theme of a 3D platformer. 
First of all, most of your action will occur between the joystick and the 
actual four buttons on the controller. Aside from that, depending on what type 
of environment your character is interacting with, that usually determines 
which control set is used.

KEY representation for each button:

    Thumbstick = left/right thumbstick pads (black)
   Control Pad = left directional pad (black)
             A = A button (green)
             B = B button (red)
             X = X button (blue)
             Y = Y button (yellow)
             R = R trigger (black, underneath right side of controller)
             L = L trigger (black, underneath left side of controller)
         START = Start button (black, center)
          BACK = Back button (black, center)
         Black = Black button (black, right)
         White = White button (white, right)

/Game Controls/
    Left Thumbstick - moves character
        Control Pad - opens up items menu
                  A - jumps
                  B - attacks (Sphinx only)
                  X - action button (uses items, opens doors, etc.)
                  Y - assign shortcut items, capture monsters
          R Trigger - assign shortcut items, capture monsters
          L Trigger - assign shortcut items, capture monsters
   Right Thumbstick - rotates camera angle
              START - pauses game
               BACK - brings up inventory menu, view logs/quests
       Black Button - boss camera (focuses primarily on enemies)
       White Button - centers camera

- You cannot attack anything until you discover the Blade of Osiris, or if 
your character is not assigned weapons. The control pad brings up a menu to 
quick select items. All of these actions will appear in the upper right corner 
of the screen. Whenever you can interact with something, the corresponding 
button will light up on the interface. This is an easier way to know what you 
can, and cannot interact with.

/Controlling Sphinx/
    Left Thumbstick - moves Sphinx
   Right Thumbstick - rotates camera view
                  A - jumps (hit twice to double jump)
       White Button - centers camera
                  B - performs short attack
       B (2x or 3x) - performs chain/combo attack
           B (hold) - backhand sword slash
              A + B - performs overhead attack
         A (2x) + B - performs overhead slam

- Sphinx can eventually double jump once he receives a special item. Most 
specific skills in the game require an item to "learn" or be able to perform 
that ability. The backhand sword slash is similar to a 360 degree circle 
attack. An overhead attack causes for a rising blade swing to occur 180 
degrees directly over your head. An overhead slam has Sphinx jump extremely 
high, then quickly rush down with his blade as part of a slam.

/Surface Swimming/
       Left Thumbstick - default speed swim across surface
                     A - jumps
                     B - dives
   X + Left Thumbstick - fast surface swim

/Underwater Swimming/
   Left Thumbstick - change character's direction
                 A - default speed swim
                 B - attack
                 X - fast swim

/Grabbing, Hanging, etc.../
   Left Thumbstick - climbs, shuddles over, hangs
                 A - jumps upward
                 B - drops down

/Screen HUD/
As with every game, there's usually a special screen layout which will be 
consistently used throughout the game. A well-known term for this type of 
screen is the player's HUD. It basically holds all important information that 
the player needs to know in order to be successful at the game. Sphinx's HUD 
is fairly easy to get use to, and is very reminiscent of Zelda: Wind Waker's 
   |  _________          __  __  __             _      _   |
   | /Item Menu\        (@@)(@@)(@@)           |L|    |R|  |
   | |         |         /   /   /             |_| _  |_|  |
   | |         |        --  --  --                /Y\      |
   | |         |        /   /   /                /   \     |
   | /_________\   ^ Gold Health Ankhs ^        /X   B\    |
   |                                            \     /    |
   |                                             \ A /     |
   |                                              \_/      |
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   |                                                       |
   |                                           ### Scarabs |

- Your item menu can be activated by pressing the left direction control pad. 
It only pops up temporarily on the screen, and is often used when combining 
items with certain slots, changing ammunition for your blowpipe, or assigning 
a specific item to a button slot. The items are listed below in the item 
content area.

- Your gold health ankhs do not always appear on screen. In most cases, 
they'll temporarily pop up whenever you are injured during gameplay, or pick 
up Ankh potions. The red colored portion (represented by @@ symbols) is split 
into three thirds. Depending on your opponent's attack power, you'll usually 
lose one third of the red circle. Also, if you fall off an edge, or have a 
miscellaneous death, it will only take 1/3 chunk out of the red blood. Once 
you lose all blood in an Ankh, it will turn an empty black color. These can be 
refilled by visiting the correct people, or finding Gold Ankh containers 
(replenish one full ankh). More Ankh containers (increases capacity by one) 
can be obtained later in the game via boss fights, and/or rewards. Also, four 
Ankh pieces (special quest items) when combined with the right person can form 
an Ankh container.

- The control menu in the upper right is used for interacting with objects. If 
you can alter or affect another object, the X button will have an action 
appear over it. Otherwise, all buttons appear transparent until something is 
assigned to them, or a function is implemented.

- Your number of scarabs is located in the lower right corner. This will 
frequently pop up only when you enter stores to purchase things, or are about 
to spend money. It does not always appear in the bottom corner.

- Other than that, most of your action takes place near the center of the 
screen. Remember that camera angles can be adjusted using the Black/White 

Throughout the game, you'll come across numerous NPCs, or characters that will 
assist Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy on their perilous journey. In most cases, 
these characters will provide you with helpful hints, or give items that 
provide you with certain abilities. Either way, it's important to understand 
their influence on the storyline.

   | SPHINX | Race: Part demigod, animal
   - Main hero of the game, and the primary character you will play as. Sphinx
     is a young, brash, and impatient warrior. Anxious to take action against
     the forces of evil, he sets off his quest to restore the waning powers of
     the old gods. In his quest, his destiny becomes intertwined with that of
     Tutankhamen, now a mummy, and when he acquires the lost magical crowns, he
     will be able to face Set and fulfill an ancient prophecy.

   | MUMMY | Race: Undead
   - Pretty much your co-hero of the game who plays a partial part in
     preventing Set's ascension. Young, naive, and inexperienced, Prince
     Tutankhamen was led into a trap and changed into a shambling mummy. He
     will need the help of Sphinx to retrieve the Canopic Vases containing
     fragments of his soul, return to life, and challenge the evil Akhenaten
     for his throne - and the love of Nefertiti.

   | IMHOTEP | Race: Part demigod, magician
   - Practically your boss in the game who leads you with advice, and assists
     you on your journey. Master Imhotep is skilled in the art of magic, and
     uses it to its fullest power. Unfortunately, his elder age prevents him
     from engaging in battles as he use to. Imhotep serves the Gods, but also
     keeps a separate view to make sure the world is set in balance.

   | ANUBIS | Race: God, Guardian of Osiris
   - Anubis is the guardian of the god of Osiris. Met later in the game, Anubis
     will be your main hookup throughout the game. The mysterious god's
     intentions are unclear. Whether he is friend or foe, only time will tell.

   | SET | Race: God of Evil
   - Villain of the game who you will frequently encounter through indirect
     methods. Sole reason for the suffering and recent activity of evil
     spreading throughout the land. Eventually, destiny recalls that Sphinx and
     Set must battle to determine the fate of the land. Powerful magician who
     can mimic forms of others. Shows no mercy on others.

   | OSIRIS | Race: God of Good
   - Although you never meet him in his character form in the game, Osiris
     plays an important part in Sphinx's role. Sphinx acquires Osiris's own
     blade and shield to be used as combat weapons. Osiris is the twin brother
     of Set, however, he represents a totally opposite realm.

   | HORUS | Race: Part demigod, bird
   - Another young apprentice who serves under Imhotep (along with Sphinx). Met
     early in the game, but eventually disappears after a mishap. Not much is
     known about this mysterious figure who ends up taking the wrong path
     decided by fate.

   | RA | Race: Supreme God
   - Primary God who rules over all people, things, and other gods. Established
     several thousand years ago, Ra created the world and everything around it.
     Although you never meet him in the game, Ra set down a prophecy which is
     carried through to Sphinx's life. Ra created Osiris and Set to balance out
     good and evil in the world. Unfortunately, greed overtook Set's soul (a
     quality of evil), and forced him to betray the other gods.

   | NEFERTITI | Race: Human
   - Prince Tutankhamen's main love, and girlfriend throughout the game. She's
     only interacted with briefly early in the game, but tries to tell the
     Prince that a conspiracy is amidst throughout the castle. Unfortunately,
     it's too late, and Tutankhamen is transformed into a mummy.


- 3) Walkthrough           -
As with many platformers and RPGs, there are usually times in the game where 
you'll get stuck. Because of these obstructions, it can be very difficult to 
figure out the correct way to get past a certain problem. The following 
section basically will describe how to beat Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy step-
by-step. Every puzzle will be described in its entirety, along with any 
boss/enemy battles. The walkthrough is split into several gaps in the plot. 
Refer to the table of contents if you need more information. Remember, 
spoilers are present.

    **The game begins with a cutscene showing two brave warriors, and Master
      Imhotep briefing them on their next mission. The two lads are named
      Horus (the bird), and Sphinx. Ihmotep fears that evil is approaching
      their world because the Temple of Uruk's red laser beam has been shining
      brightly the past few days. He wants you to infiltrate Uruk, and retrieve
      the Blade of Osiris as it's necessary to combating the forces of evil. He
      then warps you both to the land of Uruk, and requests that you rely on
      each other to reach the blade together. Unfortunately, Imhotep can help
      you no longer as his powers are useless in this dimension.**

/Blade of Osiris (3.1)/

First of all, Horus mentions that it would be best if you split up. Head off 
in his general direction, and you should see a few lava pathways, along with 
coconut trees. Continue near the edge of this plateau on the right side. You 
should see a pile of rocks. The game will briefly tell you how to interact 
with items (press X). Pick up the rock, and then run over to the nearest 
coconut tree. Toss it by pressing B, and a coconut should fall out. Take it. 
Now, repeat this process for the other coconut tree which should be nearby to 
its left. Once this is accomplished, go near the wall, and jump up the two 
rock ledges to reach the top. Run over the lava pathway, and Horus will 
mention that you need to figure out how to cross the river flow of the lava.

Wait there until you see two small rocks float downstream. Time your jumps 
(hold down A for a longer jump), and leap from one rock, to the other, until 
you meet the other side. Once there, move near the wall, and Horus will say 
that you must use your wits to reach the area above. You should also see a 
brief picture of a brown worm popping up from one of the lower lava rivers. 
Before heading down there, there should be a coconut tree right next to the 
high wall that you have to reach. Pick up a rock nearby, then toss it into the 
tree to drop the third coconut. Now that you have 3 coconuts, head down to 
where the worm popped up.

Press X to speak with him. Select Yes, and give him all three coconuts. He'll 
thank you greatly, and will let you use his body to get "shot up" to where 
Horus was standing. Stand near his tongue, and his mouth will open up. You 
should get sucked inside. You're now viewing from inside his mouth. His head 
should be wobbling back and forth horizontally. Press X when his head is aimed 
directly in the middle. Then, press X again when his head reaches all the way 
vertically up. After you've pressed X twice, you should be shot out up to the 
location where Horus was. Go inside, and Horus will inform you that it's 
impossible to reach the Blood of Ra fountain. There should be a pile of rocks 
nearby. Pick up one of the rocks, and toss it at the big flower in the center. 
This should destroy all fire flowers nearby.

    **Horus will claim that he was just toying with you all along (although he
      really wasn't). He says that you're slowing down his progress, and
      hurridly rushes ahead.**

Walk into the red fountain area (where he was just standing), and stand still 
for about five seconds. Run out, jump down the high ledge you're on, then 
quickly run UP the lava stream that has the rocks flowing out. Don't worry, 
the Blood of Ra protects you from taking damage in lava or geyser streams. 
Now, head all the way up this channel (be quick though, the Blood of Ra aura 
runs out in timed intervals). There should be a gray idol positioned near the 
end of the tunnel. Run up to it, press X once, then pull the left thumbstick 
down to pull the idol back. This will cause for lava to direct down this 
pathway. Quickly run down the lava stream, and then head back to the worm. 
Again, shoot yourself up to the Blood of Ra area, reform your aura, then head 
down past the lava flow. This time, cross the river flow, and go straight 
until you see a pussing lava geyser near the edge of the plateau. Stand on top 
of it, and you should get shot up. Do this about 2-3 more times on the other 
geysers until you reach the top level.

    **An eyeball metallic device will notice your presence, and quickly shut
      the door to the following area.**

Look to your right, and there should be a ledge you can hang from. Walk over 
there, then hang down on the side of the ledge. Crawl over until you're about 
3/4 of the way over, and rotate the camera so you can see where the eyeball is 
looking. When it turns its head, press A to jump up, then quickly sprint into 
the opened doorway. Continue onward, and you'll run into yet another 
spectating eyeball. Head to an area slightly before the eyeball, and there 
should be a pile of rocks. Pick up the rock, then walk up to the eyeball, and 
press X to drop the rock on it. This should destroy the device. Continue 
forth. In the new area, pass the two fire flowers, and continue through the 

    **Horus will mention that he possibly needs your help to move on. He also
      suggests tossing a rock into the animal hole on the right to help you
      reach the next area.**

First of all, before tossing any rocks, head over to where the three coconut 
trees are. Take some rocks, and toss them at all of the trees there. You 
should collect a grand total of 5 golden scarabs. These are basically the 
monetary device in the entire land. From now on, you might want to try 
knocking every tree possible to see what secret lies above. Now, toss a rock 
into the animal hole on the right side of the map. It looks like a dark small 
cove, and it's against the right wall. Little explosive buggers should pop up 
to give you an "eventful" surprise. Lure them over to where the giant boulder 
is resting (with three attached ropes). Stand behind one of the ropes, and the 
little bugger should start to turn red. When he does, he should leap directly 
forward into the rope causing it to be destroyed. Once this is accomplished, 
repeat the process two more times (for the other remaining ropes). If no more 
explosive buggers pop out, keep tossing rocks in the animal hole. Once all 
three ropes are destroyed, the giant boulder should swiftly role down into the 
lava river below.

Head over to where the boulder fell, then jump down on top of the boulder. 
Jump again to where the ledge is, and use it as a boost.

    **Horus will then mention to watch out for these spiders walking along the
      wall. They can impede your progress greatly should you be bitten.**

For the following section, simply follow the picture diagram below to get past 
the spiders. Also, make sure you use the Save Progress Statue at the bottom of 
the ravine. These are the only way to save your progress in the game.

   ___________ <-- Top
   |     ^   |   
   | X   ^   |   - There are only three spiders you have to worry about, and
   |  >>>>   |     they're marked with X's. Follow the arrows, and you should
   |  ^   X  |     not have any problems.
   |  ^<<<   |
   | X   ^   |

Once you're up top, cross into the doorway, and the door should close behind 
you. Once this is done, watch out for the rocks near the wall. They're 
actually mounted laser sentries that should out upon visual aid of your 
presence. Simply jump over them to avoid their lasers. Jump on the railing, 
and shimmy over to the other side. Again, there are lasers here. The best way 
to get past them is to shimmy in their way, retreat back, wait till they fire, 
then quickly shimmy past them. Head out of this cavern, and jump across the 
rock plateaus up ahead. You should see a rope up ahead. Jump on it, then press 
up to climb upward. Once you're near the top, shift Sphinx around until he's 
facing towards the rock plateau. Press A to jump off, and you should land up 
here. Horus should be standing nearby.

    **Horus is surprised to see you've made it this far. However, he sees no
      visible way of reaching the Blade of Osiris. Maybe you can figure a path
      out for him.**

Immediately, turn around, and you should see a cave. Head down, and there 
should be a gray statue. Pull the statue back twice until it reaches the end 
of the carved line on the ground. This will open up some floating rocks in a 
nearby lava pool. It just so happens that these rocks elevate to the location 
of the Blade of Osiris.

    **Horus then briefly smirks as you have opened the puzzle which he could
      not figure out. In a rushed fashion, he valiantly charges past the first
      bridge, but is greeted by a huge rumbling near the second bridge.
      Apparently, the Uruk demons do not enjoy his presence, and a giant laser
      obliterates the entire bridge. In one fell swoop, he lands on top of a
      floating rock. But this doesn't last for long as the rocks falls down a
      perilous lava flow...**

Now that the pesky bird has been done away with, cross the first bridge. Go 
left, and there should be a zipline. Press A to jump on it, then wait until 
you reach solid ground on the other side, and press B. Now, head around the 
location until you reach the front side. Jump on each of the levitating rocks 
until you reach the top. Run up to the Blade of Osiris.

    **In a delightful grin, you bravely equip the Blade of Osiris. You can now
      attack enemies by pressing B, and perform combos by pressing B multiple
      times. Jump slashes can executed by jumping then slashing, along with a
      mega slash (hold B). Suddenly, Imhotep tells you that he hid a portal 
      amulet near the edge of a portal chamber. He says this is necessary to
      retrieve in order to take down the demons inside the Castle of Uruk. The
      enemies have also been alerted to your presence, so you must be more
      cautious from now on. You'll also start to encounter random enemies as
      well, so be on your tippy-toes.**

Jump back down the stones that led up to this area. You should see a lone 
statue in front of a white barrier beam. Strike the statue to destroy it, then 
walk into the fountain of Ra. Once you have the red aura surrounding you, jump 
down into the lava below, and cross to the other side. Jump on the little stub 
rock, then leap up to the rope that leads back to where you first met Horus. 
This time, look slightly to your left (or to the right of the statue cave), 
and there should be another cavern. Take this down, and you should see an 
eyeball acting as a gate guard. Strike the eyeball to destroy it, then walk 
through the doorway. Cross past the fire flowers, and you should eventually 
enter a room with a door that closes behind you.

Inside, you'll note that there are three caged spiders, and a chest. Walk up 
to the chest, press X to open it. Inside you'll find a "mysterious amulet", 
which will be used later on. However, it's partially a trap. The cages to the 
spiders will open up. Use slashing combos, and your mega slash to yield damage 
upon them. Watch out though, the spiders actually try to cling to your body 
and stab you furiously. If a spider does land on you, repeatedly tap the B 
button to shake them off. Once all of the spiders are killed, head outside. 
Lure one of the explosive bugs to follow you, and have it explode next to one 
of the Ra's Watchout Posts. It's a giant gray pillar near the edge of the 
lava. When it's cracked, look below, and there should be a stone floating in 
the lava. Jump on it, then continue to the next gap, jump on the two stones, 
and repeat to get to other side. Once you've made it across the lava gaps, 
head into the next room.

You'll notice a rope swinging back and forth. Time Sphinx's jump so he lands 
directly in contact with the rope. Climb up, then aim yourself towards the 
spiked fences. Jump, and make sure you land on the other side of the wooden 
fence. Quickly get back on your feet, and stab the buried mummy. It shoots 
fireballs, so be careful. Jump across the gap between both plateaus, and stab 
the eyeball spectator. Now, head outside. Continue up ahead, and you should 
see some fireballs spitting back and forth from the molten lava below. Time 
your jumps so that you don't get hit by the fireballs while in the air. Be 
careful as one of the pits happens to shoot out 2 fireballs at a time.

Once you're all the way across, jump inside the gray circular structure. Leap 
slash the 4 red signs located on separate pillars. To leap slash, jump then 
press B. Hitting these signs causes them to sping and turn green. Once all 
signs have been turned green, a mystic white elevator will appear in the 
center. Jump on it, and it should elevate you to the second floor. Strike the 
statue with your sword, and a light bridge should appear up ahead. Cross the 
bridge, then continue along the left side. You should see a chest against the 
wall. Continue forward until a cutscene appears.

    **Suddenly, a huge rumbling starts to occur. Apparently, the demons of Uruk
      have noticed your presence, and have decided to lay down some "support"
      fire. You'll be pelted by a bright red laser, and shot through into the
      Portal Temple below. Imhotep informs you that you do not have the correct
      warping amulet (it was the treasure chest just before you were blown
      away). You must now use the mysterious amulet from before, and see where
      it takes you.**

Walk on the golden circle in front of the Portal God. Press X to use it, then 
press X again to sacrifice your mysterious amulet. You'll suddenly get sucked 
in the god's mouth, and he has accepted your amulet as an offering.

/Prince Tutankhamen (3.2)/

    **Suddenly, you're now warped into the life of a second person. This
      character is Prince Tutankhamen. A young lady servant will greet you
      and wish you a happy birthday. Not only are you a fine prince, but it's
      also your birthday! Talking about strange predicaments.**

Once you're awake, the servant will inform you that Lady Nefertiti wants to 
meet you in the Courtyard. Apparently, some urgent message requires your 
assistance. Start off by getting out of bed, and searching your room. 
Tutankhamen is a fairly young person, and doesn't have any weapons. Start off 
by going to the left side of your room. Pull the table blocking the nearby 
closet, and open the closet (press X). Inside you'll find a courtyard key. 
Also, walk up to the blue uniform posted on a hangar, and press X to wear it. 
Now you look like a professional prince.

Head outside by going out the main door. Talk to the tall red-uniformed lady.

    **Your aunt will tell you that there are old golden amulets spread
      throughout the palace. She has been trying to collect them for the past
      few days now. Unfortunately, she's very old, and most of them are located
      in hard to find places.**

Accept her challenge by selecting yes. Before searching for the amulets 
though, head to the courtyard by making a left in the current room you're at. 
The door should be locked. Use the Courtyard Key to gain access to the 
location. Run up to Lady Nefertiti. She'll tell you that a letter is located 
somewhere in the courtyard. Apparently the crows and the natural winds blew it 
away after the old lady left. The important message she had to tell you was on 
the letter. Start off by climbing up the ladder near the courtyard doorway. Up 
there, you should notice a crow has taken the letter in its mouth. Run to the 
right side, and press X to enter sneak mode. You can now crawl across this 
small ledge. Crawl all the way across to the other side. Continue to follow 
the crow that snatched the letter. It will eventually fly over a locked gate.

Look to the nearby flower vases, and run up to one. Press X to engage with it. 
Now, drag it over to where the crow flew. Let go once it's next to the gate. 
Jump on the vase stand, then leap over to the other side of the fence. Follow 
the crow, then jump off the second floor back to the ground level. Keep 
following the crow, and it should eventually drop the letter in the green 
grass. If you have trouble locating it, it should be glowing with some white 
stars around it. After you have retrieved the letter, go and speak with Lady 
Nefertiti standing by the fountain.

    **Nefertiti will inform you that betrayal is stirring around the castle
      walls. She fears for your safety, but knows that the Courtyard isn't the
      best place to be speaking at. She wants to meet later outside the castle
      to speak further on the subject.**

After she leaves, go back, and leave the courtyard. Now it's time to 
accomplish the 8 Old Amulets quest. Do the following to retrieve all 8 amulets:

- Start off by going back to where the red-dressed lady was, then head north 
to the state rooms. Once you're inside, speak with your brother, Akhenaten. 
He'll inform you that everything is set for your birthday party. Now, go 
upstairs, and enter the banquet room.

*-*_*-* AMULET #1 --> head to the upper left corner of the room, near the
                      throne chair, and drag the statue in the corner. Behind
                      it is an old amulet.

*-*_*-* AMULET #2 --> go to the right side of the banquet room, and search the
                      second wooden closet against the wall. Inside you'll find
                      an old amulet.

Once you have these two, go to the golden throne chair at the top of the room. 
Walk up to it, and drag it out of the way. Behind it you will find a small 
ventilation shaft. Press Y to crawl, then enter the shaft. Once you're inside 
the gloomy place, go all the way straight ahead, and hit the switch. Now turn 
around, and go right at the newly opened gate. Hit this switch. It should 
rotate a wall that secretly puts you in your brother's room.

    **You overhear a discussion between Akhenaten and the old hag. Apparently,
      there's a big surprise coming for you (on your birthday party). Your
      brother is planning to overtake the throne, and has planted several
      Sarcophagi throughout the palace. The hag says that Nefertiti probably
      has her letter, and that she's leaving a spare sarcophagus key in this 

Once they leave, look in the lower left corner of the room for a solid statue.

*-*_*-* AMULET #3 --> The old amulet is located behind the statue in the lower
                      left corner of Brother Akhenaten's room.

Once you have this, search the rest of the room, and near the top is the 
sarophagus key. Grab it, then go back to the rotating switch room, and switch 
back to the old gloomy location. Now, head back to the ventilation shaft, and 
crawl through to the other side. Once you're through, your chief guard will 
inform you to be careful when traveling in the old unstable structures of the 
palace. Now, sprint straight ahead towards the end of the banquet hall, but do 
not leave. Between the two doors is a sarcophagus case. Walk up to it, then 
use your newly found key to open it. Enter the casing. You'll then be warped 
above the throne chair on a tall idol chair.

You're now on the upper portion of the banquet room. Look to your right. Jump 
over there, then crawl/hang over until you make it to the small ventilation 
shaft. Crawl in the opening. You should then be in a room where the door locks 
behind you, and there is a sole statue of a god (along with a chest).

*-*_*-* AMULET #4 --> Open the chest to gain another old amulet.

Go near the statue, and press X to grab a hold of it. Drag it away a bit, then 
let go. Jump down the hole. You should land back in the same gloomy room from 
before. Crawl through the same ventilation shaft to the throne room. Now, go 
back in the same sarcophagus case. Once above, this time, take the left side. 
Go in the first sarcophagus case. It should warp you ahead of a chest on the 
left side of the room. Slowly walk out, and hang on the small wooden ledge. 
Shuddle over to your left until you see the chest above. Press A to jump up.

*-*_*-* AMULET #5 --> Inside the chest on the left side of the banquet room.

Once you have the five amulets, jump down to the banquet room floor. Leave the 
banquet room, and immediately turn. There should be a sarcophagus case right 
outside the entrance to the banquet room. Enter this one, and it should warp 
you to a room with a closed chest. Open the chest, and inside you'll find a 
Wardrobe Key. Head out the door behind you. This door actually is a secret 
entrance to your bedroom.

*-*_*-* AMULET #6 --> The cleaning lady from before is gone. Open the drawer
                      next to the secret entrance, and you'll find an old

Once you have six, go to the door that exits your bedroom.

*-*_*-* AMULET #7 --> Pull the left statue next to the door, and check behind
                      it for an old amulet.

Now, head to where you originally got your blue uniform. Press X on the locked 
drawer, and use the newly found wardrobe key. This is another secret passage 
that leads you out to a hidden location. Climb the ladder, then enter sneak 
mode, and shimmy across to the other side.

*-*_*-* AMULET #8 --> Open the closed chest in this hidden room to discover
                      an old amulet.

To exit this room, hang on the wooden beams along the left wall. You'll reach 
an area where 3 beams are stacked upon each other. Simply press A to jump up, 
and grab a hold of one. Then shimmy to the right, and repeat the process. Once 
you're across, jump to the platform on the right, and head out the door. You 
should land on the stairwell to the treasure room. Run up the stairs, and go 
back to where your Red-dressed Aunt was. Speak with her, and she'll notice 
that you've gathered all 8 amulets. You'll then be given the Treasure Room Key.

Head back to the room with the stairwell, and go down the stairs to the 
entrance of the treasure room. In case you didn't notice, there are no guards 
around here. Use the key to enter the room. Inside, you'll find your Chief 
guard speaking with another guard. Talk to them.

    **Your captain will inform you that the treasure room was ransacked.
      He has tried to contact Akhenaten, but he's no where to be found. He
      also mentions that a mysterious sarcophagus case is near the end of the
      treasure room, but mentions not to go in it.**

Head to the end of the treasure room, and enter the sarcophagus case.

    **Inside, you'll discover that your brother, Akhenaten, has been secretly
      plotting against you for many years. He has gathered a secret army of
      mummies, and plans to use them to overtake the castle. Suddenly, you
      arrive on the scene, and he welcomes your untimely presence. He curses
      you for being the blessed son in the royal family, and then commands the
      mummies to kill you. Oh, what a dim future for this young boy.**

/Mysterious Location (3.3)/

    **The game then shifts back to our heroic warrior, Sphinx, after being
      warped through the Portal God. The mysterious location is one that you
      will be exploring for quite some time now.**

Start off by gathering your composure, and go straight ahead. Do not turn 
right as there is an impassable laser which kills you instantly. Go straight 
ahead, and destroy the two nearby pots for some scarabs.

    **You'll suddenly see a cutscene of Prince Tutankhamen chained to a
      sacrificial table. Near him is his brother Akhenaten, along with the old
      hag. Several mummy warriors are worshipping him while a powerful laser
      starts to shock him violently...**

Back to Sphinx, the new room you enter has a giant pit in the middle. Look 
nearby for a metal cage with a dead skeleton inside. Press X near the cage to 
pick it up, then walk back and drop it (press X again) on a slightly elevated 
platform. It should look like a table with a brown compressed stone under it. 
Once the cage is on the table, look near the left wall for a ladder. Climb it, 
then go right, and leap onto the swinging rope. Jump across on the other side, 
then run down, and hit the switch. It will raise the elevated platform up to 
your height. Now, pick up the cage, and drop it near the golden opening on 
this second floor. You should be able to see it by rotating your camera. Use 
the cage as a boost, and leap up to the golden area. Now, jump slash the 3 red 
signs. A secret wall will open up behind it. Smash the statue, and take the 
Glyph Key.

^^ Repeat this process for the other side by dropping the cage on the opposite 
elevator. Climb back up, swing across, then hit the switch. Use it as a boost 
for the other side, and hit the 3 signs again. This will give you another 
Glyph Key. Now that you have both keys, head down near the pit. Look to the 
left and right sides. Combine the glyph keys with both engravings. A 
mechanical rope will receive power, and start to swing back and forth between 
the pit. Catch a ride on the rope, and then jump off once you've reached the 
other side.

Once you're across, you'll notice a new puzzle to get past. There should be a 
musical device on the floor that looks somewhat like this:
      ___         ___
     /   \       /   \    - Step on the gray/silver looking one that looks
     | B |       | G |    different from the rest. A color sequence will
     \___/       \___/    then be played. You must memorize the sequence, and
                          repeat it. The sequence is:
      ___         ___
     /   \       /   \    RED <> BLUE <> GREEN <> YELLOW <> GREEN <> RED
     | Y |       | R |
     \___/       \___/    ^^ Enter it in that exact order, and the barrier
                             shielded door up ahead will be weakened.

Once you've done this, walk up to the red door ahead, and strike the barrier 
to destroy it. In the next room, you'll see four signs up above (two that are 
out of your reach). There's also an additional barrier preventing you from 
proceeding to the next room. Look in this narrow hallway for a short rope 
hanging from above. Jump on it, and it will drop a caged skull from above. 
Jump slash the first two red signs, then use the cage as a boost, and hit the 
other two red signs. After all four signs are hit, the barrier up ahead will 
disappear. Also, two long ropes will be extended from the room before 
downward. But now you have a new problem.

Head back to the room you were just in before (with the color flute). Jump on 
either one of the ropes that just came down, and climb up top. Metal spikes 
should stick up where there are gray areas on the floor. Use the wooden 
hangings on each side to shuffle past the spikes. Then, pull the switch to 
deactivate one row of spikes. Make sure you hit the switches on both sides to 
rid of the complete row of spikes. Now, head back to the room where you just 
took down the barrier, and go ahead. The spikes should be gone now because of 
what you did before.

    **Suddenly, we're brought back to the ritual being performed by the old
      hag. Prince Tutankhamen's entire body is morphed into a wrapped mummy.
      Nearby, Lady Nefertiti cries in despair. The old hag senses enemy
      presence and calls upon the forces of evil to rid of you (the presence).
      After all, it looks like Sphinx and the Prince's path will intertwine.**

In this new room, there are roughly around 5-6 skeletons. Some will pop up 
from the ground, so be careful. Others will be in stationary positions. These 
skeletons have axes which can be tossed in straight paths, or used as close 
combat weapons. To dodge them, simply jump over the oncoming projectile, and 
then wait for the weapon to return to the skeleton. If you try attacking the 
skeleton after it has tossed its weapon, a protective barrier shields them 
from attacks. It takes about five hits to knock down a skeleton. Once you've 
killed all skeletons in the room, a bridge path will open up to a chest in the 
middle of the room. Break any surrounding urns for free scarabs. Run around, 
and jump onto the golden bridge. Walk up to the drawer, and open it. You will 
receive the Shield of Osiris!

- To assign the Shield of Osiris, simply press the control pad. This should 
bring up your items menu. With the shield highlighted, press either Y, the L 
Trigger, or R trigger. The shield will then be assigned to use on one of those 
buttons. All you have to do is press and hold the button to use the shield. It 
becomes necessary to use it in certain instances, so equip it right away. The 
shield can also be aimed in almost a radius of where it's deployed. Move the 
left joystick and aim with the shield to block at certain angles.

Once you're set, head back the way you came to this location. Any non-caged 
dead skeletons from before will come to life. Make sure you kill them. There 
are about four along the way, and they have the same tactics as the previous 
monsters. Once you're back at the portal location, use the Save Idol to save 
your progress. This time, go where the laser thing is above the door. When the 
laser is about to strike, quickly deploy your shield and hold it out. You 
should stop the laser dead in its path. To get past here, simply block a 
laser, then quickly run before it recharges.

In the new room, run half way around until you see a stone attached to a 
magical rope. Strike the rope with your sword.

    **Once Sphinx snaps the rope, the magical ray suddenly breaks down, and
      heads for the group of traitors. It sucks in the mummy's body, Akhenaten,
      along with the old hag. Several relics, artifacts, and magical objects
      are sucked in too. Also, three dead mummy worshippers receive magical
      power and are morphed into powerful skeleton warriors.**

  |  BOSS BATTLE || 3 Black Skeleton Warriors                     |
  ! Quickly swivel down the rope, and jump into the middle of the !
  | action. These enemies are very quick, and have powerful       |
  | combos. My best suggestion is to immediately perform a        |
  ! backhand slash to knock all three on their butts. Then,       !
  | quickly, knock off each of them one by one with slashing      |
  | combos. The idea is to neutralize one of them as soon as      |
  ! possible.                                                     !

    **Lady Nefertiti will greatly thank you for saving her life, and
      interrupting the ceremony. Unfortunately, she's quite depressed that
      her loved one, Tutankhamen, has been turned into a lifeless mummy. She
      hands you a Canopic Vase, which contains a piece of Tutankhamen's soul.
      Master Imhotep arrives suddenly to inform you that the situation does not
      look good. These recent demonic activities only suggest the worst. You're
      then given a Gold Ankh, which increases your "Ankh" life bar by one
      container. You now have a maximum capacity of four Ankhs. Also, you're
      given an Abydos amulet from Nefertiti. Imhotep says you should use the
      amulet to get out of this horrid location. He'll take care of Nefertiti,
      and wants to meet up at Heliopolis.**

To get to Abydos, simply climb back up the rope that led you down to where the 
three skeletons were. Go back to the Portal God, and offer him the Abydos 
Amulet as your offering.

/Abydos (3.4)/

   Places of Interest:
    + Panub's Pair Matching (requires Blowpipe)
    + Sorkon's Sequence Shack
    + Council Chambers
    + Monster Museum
    + Corridor of Champions (requires double jump ability)
    + Montu's Monster Shop (has certain unique monsters)

You'll soon be warped to a desolate location with water surrounding you. 
You're actually in the sewers of Abydos. Start off by going straight, then 
making a left, and going up the stairs. Read the sign to your right, and it 
says that the water surrounding the city is electrified. Avoid it all costs. 
Climb the ladder. One of the nearby patrons will inform you that Abydos use to 
be a lively location. However, electric eels have surrounded the city, thus 
causing for hardly any ships to go in/out of the city. Now, enter Abydos 
Plaza. This is where you'll meet a few NPCs, along with a few shops. Inside 
the plaza is the Monster Museum and Corridor of Champions. For now, you can't 
really participate in either. Instead, immediately go left when you enter the 
plaza. Make another left around the corner, and you should see two men 
standing by a grocery outlet.

Speak to the large one on the left. He'll tell you that his wife would kill 
him if she found out that he lost her pearl necklace. He purchased a 
replacement for hers, but it is missing three pearls. If you happen to find 
any pearls, let him know immediately.

*-*_*-* PEARL #1 --> Look past the grocery outlet, and there should be another
                     balcony overlooking the water. Rotate the camera angle,
                     and you should see a wooden ledge near the edge of the
                     balcony. Jump onto this ledge, shuddle over to the group
                     of jars, then break them for an Abydosian Pearl.

*-*_*-* PEARL #2 --> Head back to the place overlooking the water near the
                     chubby man. This time, rotate and look to the right. There
                     should be an elevated wooden ledge. Jump up, shuddle over,
                     then drop down. Keep going along this wall until the last
                     room. Inside you'll find three jars. One of them has an
                     Abydosian Pearl.

*-*_*-* PEARL #3 --> Head to the center of the Abydos Plaza. Jump into the
                     well. It'll bring you back down to the sewers. However,
                     this time you'll land inside a secluded area non
                     accessible before. Climb the ladder, and inside one of the
                     jars is an Abydosian Pearl. Also, dive in the water in the
                     center to find an Old Key at the bottom of the well.
                     Retrieve it, then use the key on the old gate to unlock

Once you have all three pearls, go back to the large man by the grocery 
outlet, and speak with him. Give him the pearls, and in exchange, he will hand 
you the Stairs key. These lead to the upper section of Abydos. Head out of 
this area, and take an immediate left. The door to the upstairs should be to 
your left. Use the key to unlock it, then proceed above. Run all the way past 
the upper plaza to the upper corner. Go around the stairs, then look to your 
left for Montu's Monster Shop. Proceed inside.

His monster shop has unique monsters unattainable anywhere else in the game. 
However, you don't have to worry about the monster quest, as it is not 
necessary to your journey. However, look for the cheapest monster in his shop. 
There should be a Small Rat for 70 scarabs. If you don't have 70 scarabs, go 
back to the Abydos Plaza, and start smashing pots/bottles for free money. You 
may also want to try Sorkon's Sequence Shack, which is located past the 
Monster Shop and on the right side of the map. You can test your memorization 
by remembering a sequence of colors. It only costs 5 scarabs to play as a 
beginner, and then 10 for an intermediate. These are quick ways to raise your 
money. Once you have the 70 scarabs, purchase the Small Rat.

Now, head back to the main Abydos plaza. Proceed to the Monster Museum. It's 
located on the right side of the map, right after the entrance to the plaza. 
The guard should be standing away from the entrance now. Enter inside, then 
continue straight forth.

    **A cutscene will show the Mayor of Abydos introducing the city's newest
      exhibit, the Monster Museum. There is also a prized collection of Jewels
      being shown to provide a chunk of history to the city's culture.
      Suddenly, one of the nearby patrons says that the Jewels in the Jewel
      Exhibit have been stolen. The Mayor is furious and immediately calls for
      a meeting inside the Council Chambers. One of the spectators mentions
      that there was a Sarcophagus remaining inside the Jewel Exhibit.**

   >>> You may now start donating monsters/jewels to the Monster Museum.

There's not much you can do for now except get the Flying Zipline. Go where 
the Mayor was having the meeting. There should be 2 NPCs standing there. The 
one on the right is the Monster expert. Go to him whenever you have captured 
monsters and would like to donate them to the Museum. The man on the left is 
the Jewel Expert. Go to him if you happen to discover any stolen jewels. You 
can find out more information about these 2 side quests in Chapter 4 (Side 
Quests section).

Anyhow, speak to the Monster Expert. Say that you want to donate a monster, 
and donate your Small Rat. In exchange, you'll be given the Flying Zipline. 
This device now allows you to navigate via the ropes hanging across the world. 
Very useful in your travels. Leave the Monster Museum. Head back to the Upper 
Plaza area. Now that you can swing on ziplines, try exploring Abydos a bit. 
There are several jars which contain Scarabs. There are about 6-8 jars on the 
wooden docks below. There is also a zipline that goes above the plaza, which 
leads to 2 jars on top of a bandolier. Finally, there's a zipline right by the 
first NPC of the city that leads to an isolated dock. Remember, ziplines are 
automatically used, and can be used in inverted directions as well.

  * Before you can leave to Helipolis: *
  *  + Have at least 25 Scarabs        *
  *  + Have the Zipline                *
Head to the Upper Plaza area, and go to the bridge on the farthest right side 
of the map. Use your zipline on a wire halfway up on the bridge. This line 
leads directly to a dock where a travelling ship awaits. Speak to the captain, 
and pay him 25 Scarabs to take you to Heliopolis.

    **A cutscene shows our demonic villains that were warped before, arriving
      in the Castle of Uruk. The old hag is enraged that she could not complete
      the ritual to take control of Tutankhamen's body. Because of this, he is
      now just a crippled old mummy. She commands the guards to dump him off at
      the jail cells to rot with the other corpses. Akhenaten actually reveals
      himself to be an evil God - Set. He was disguising himself as
      Tutankhamen's brother all along. He's going to claim that Tut died in an
      accident, and most of the people will believe him in his brother's
      disguise. Meanwhile, they're going to figure out a way to put an end to
      Sphinx's rampage, and Imhotep's interference.**

/Heliopolis (3.5)/

    **Your ship captain will soon inform you of your arrival to the desolate
      environment of Heliopolis. It use to once be a wonderous kingdom, but was
      shot down by Anubis in his terrible wrath. He cursed everything,
      including the previous residents. The captain says he'll be back in a few
      days in case you need a ride.**

You might seem a little lost when you first arrive at Heliopolis. For 
starters, it's one huge place that has plenty to explore. Unfortunately, most 
of the things require a certain amount of abilities. Start off by going left, 
and speak with the man sitting on a stool. Again, he'll say most of the stuff 
listed above, except that his brother was frozen to stone inside the Cursed 
Palace. He'll also mention that Anubis placed up Ra posts. From now on, avoid 
these posts as they shoot lasers. It's very difficult to get past the series 
of posts (although it's possible using the Shield of Osiris.

Now, head to the right, and jump in the narrow water stream which seems to 
lead to an inlet. Once there, you'll notice a character up above.

    **How can this be? Horus, the old bird warrior, which we assumed died, is
      actually alive and well. In his cocky attitude, he claims that you took
      credit for the sword, and used his abilities as a distraction. He's
      obviously lying, but is too ashamed to admit it. He says that Master
      Imhotep was looking for you, and requested that you meet him on Sunshrine
      Island. Horus is going to figure out the mystery of Anubis by himself
      since he claims you're too weak to do it yourself. You also can't double
      jump to reach the height he's at, so that's another credible reason.**

Once Horus runs off, go near the caged box. The game suggests that you get 
something to burn it. Look to your left. Smash the nearby jars, and you'll 
notice an animal hole. Lure the explosive buggers towards you, then stand 
behind the metal crate. If performed correctly, the bugger should leap and 
explode towards the crate. This will cause the outside layering to 
distintegrate. Now, grab the Eagle Stone. Run back out to the sandy beach. 
Look for a plaque with a bird insignia on it. There's another plaque, but it 
doesn't have anything to do with the Eagle Stone. When you find the plaque, 
press X, and use the Eagle Stone. An eagle will suddenly swoop down, and pick 
you up with its claws. It'll drop you off on an elevated hill not too far 
away. Climb up the rope, then run past the mounted boulder. Use the Eagle 
Stone again on the next plaque. You will then be dropped on a hill past a 
flowing waterfall. Run down the hill.

Sphinx will notice that some fragile boulders are blocking the path to 
Sunshrine Island. Go a bit further down the hill. Destroy one of the jars to 
reveal an animal hole. Lure the explosive bugger all the way up to the 
boulders, and jump out of the way when he leaps at the boulders. They're now 
destroyed. Head on through to South Beach.

One of the men on the beach can be challenged on a swimming training course. 
The idea is to follow color-shaded rings, and complete the course under a 
certain amount of time. If you beat 70 seconds, you are rewarded with 
Crocodile Scales. These permit you to swim fast while underwater. Look to your 
right, and you should see a Pharoah-like shape in the distance. Swim across 
the water (hold down X for fast swimming). Once you're across, use the save 
idol to mark your progress. This small establishment is Sunshrine Island, 
where Master Imhotep awaits your progress. Head into the doorway. Walk near 
the idol to meet Master Imhotep.

    **Master Imhotep appears and takes the recently gained inventory you have
      acquired. He checks out the Canopic Vase and discovers that a portion of
      Tutankhamen, Prince of Luxor, exists inside the bottle. He also snatches
      the stolen gem and has an idea that they have something do with the
      horrible plot. To discover what truly happened, Imhotep decides to use
      the dead body of Prince Tut (since he's a mummy), in order to see who's
      behind the deadly tasks occurring at Uruk Castle. He then casts a spell
      which brings a normal basket to life. He teleports Bas-Ket to go meet the
      mummy, and places one of the Canopic Vases inside.**

/Mummy's Awakening (3.6)/

    **The cutscene brings us to the mummified form of Prince Tut in one of the
      rotting jail cells. Bas-Ket arrives through a successful teleport, and
      releases the Canopic Vase. Inside, the spirit of life reflows through
      Tut's body, and brings him to a life-like form. While he can move, and
      seem like a human bean, Tut cannot speak or do any other interactions.
      The only way to bring him back to his true form is to collect all of the
      Canopic Vases. Bas-Ket explains to him the situation, and that his
      mission is to investigate the Castle of Uruk.**

Unfortunately, our Cursed Mummy can't do much compared to Sphinx. He doesn't 
have a weapon, nor does he have the ability to attack things. Most of your 
quests involving the mummy are usually puzzle solving, so be prepared for 
quite the adventure. Start off by exploring the room. There should be a 
hanging skeleton cage nearby. Jump onto the ledge, then jump up to the top. 
Leap up the ladder, and climb up. In the new area, jump onto the hanging cage 
in front of you. Get in an upright position, then leap to the wooden ledge on 
your left. Shimmy across and drop down to the wooden platform. Repeat this 
process for the following platforms, and the leap into the doorway straight 

You're now in the red laser room of Uruk Castle. Move ahead to the edge of the 
platform, and shift your view to the left. Look above, and wait for one of the 
spiked maces to lower down. Leap up, grab a hold, then wait for it to raise 
back up to the heighest position. When it ceases to rise anymore, quickly leap 
up to the next spiked mace. Wait for that one to rise again, then leap to the 
stationary platform. Climb up.

    **Now you'll see the old hag mention to the rest of the guards to keep
      their eyes open. They can't have any distractions or intruders at the
      moment. If even a mouse tries to break through, she wants it killed.**

The mummy should now be in between two doorways. Run over to the doorway 
opposite of where you're currently standing. Peek around the corner, and you 
should see a slow-moving eye watcher. Wait for it to turn to the right, then 
quickly sprint by. If you happen to mess up, and are spotted. Run past the 
doorway, and hit the yellow switches adjacent to this location. They help 
reset the doors in case they close. Once you sneak by the slow eye watcher, 
you're now in for some puzzle solving. This is what I like to call the "BIG 

  :: B I G  PUZZLE ::

Start off by going all the way across the room. You should see an empty 
spherical device mounted near one of the emblems. Look for 2 green stones. 
Press X to grab a hold. Pull them so that they line up from one of the open 
corridors, and provide a path so that you never touch the water if you had to 
jump from stone to stone. It'll be easier to explain in a few seconds. Now, 
enter in the opened doorway right next to these stones. Try to open the chest. 
Suddenly, an electrical device will pop up and start shocking you. This is the 
electrified form of the Cursed Mummy. Quickly run out of the corridor, but DO 
NOT touch the water. Use the stones you just dragged to prevent this from 
happening. Run up to the spherical device from before, and it should now 
become electrified.

Inside the center circle is a newly appeared item. Run over the item, and 
you'll acquire a "Stolen Abydos Jewel." Unfortunately, it's also a trap. The 
center will curl up into the shape of a sphere, and you'll be spit out by the 
mouth of a snake. The spit will send you up to the second floor. Now, continue 
onward. You'll eventually reach a spot with an eye watcher. Let it see you. 
The floor will now start to split back and forth. To get past the floor, run 
with it a bit (as it extends towards the center), then quickly jump into a 
groove in the wall (when it retracts). Avoid falling for now. Once you're 
across, continue through the door. This will bring you to a room with water 
filling the floor, and several strange platforms. Jump down to ground level, 
and look under the platform you were just standing on.

Run in this room. Two rotating devices should electricute you. Now that you're 
shocking, run out, but don't touch the water. Go towards the left side, and 
jump onto the metal platforms in the wall. The electricity should cause for 
the platforms to rise. Continue onward, jumping platform to platform. When you 
reach the middle section, stand over the metal grate to initiate a rotating 
mechanical device. Jump onto the device, then leap and touch the spherical 
device to give it power. Do the same for the right side of the room. Watch out 
for the spurting water geysers though. They can take away your electrical 
status. Once you've electrified both spheres, a hangar in the middle will 
start to move back and forth. Grab a hold of it, swing across, and open the 
chest for the Lunar Planetarium Key.

Head back to where the floor was splitting. Jump down. The treasure chest down 
there is just an illusion. Your poor cursed mummy will then be crushed into a 
paper thin form. Quickly run out of the corridor and open the door. Jump 
through the slim bars, then run across the map. There should be a doorway with 
closed bars that has a chest & switch located inside. Jump in before you 
become inflated. Open the chest, and you'll receive the Exit Key. Hit the 
switch behind it to open the closed gate behind you, and to open the barrier 
protecting the glowing shrine. Run up the purple shrine, and take the current 
Solar Planetarium Key off of it. Press X, and place the Lunar Planetarium Key 
(acquired from the electric room) on it. You'll now notice that the trap in 
the middle glows on two different orbs now.

Again, run into the center so you're spit to a new doorway. Enter the doorway. 
Around the corner you'll notice another eye watcher, along with three laser 
beams (two blue, one red), and two shifting platforms. Blue beams will cast 
water on your mummy, which means any fire form is extinguished. Red beams will 
cause your mummy to burn, and also give the benefit of causing other objects 
to burn. There are also some crates on the ground which have Onyx Scarabs 
inside. Jump on the platform on the left, and then make sure you're hit by the 
red laser. Your mummy should now catch on fire. Be careful though, controls 
are fairly eradic due to the burning sensation. Jump back to the side you were 
just on, and catch the crate on fire. Collect the onyx scarabs. Now jump back 
on the platform. To ignore being extinguished by the water beams, simply press 
Y to duck. Catch on fire again, jump to the opposite side (via the second 
platform), catch the crate on fire, then continue forth and burn the wooden 
barrier to the doorway.

Once this is done, enter the doorway. This new room can be fairly tricky if 
you don't pay attention. For starters, there are:

   + 3 Gas Igniters
   + 2 Switches
   + 2 Rock Platforms that must be elevated

It also has an appearance of this:
     /       \    ST = Statues
    / ST   ST \   G  = Gas Caskets
   /     _     \  SW = Switches
  |G    / \   G|
  |     | |    |
  |SW   \_/    |
   \         SW/
    \    G    /

Start off by leaping down. Look towards the left wall for a switch. Hit it. It 
should now cause for an elevator to be formed. The elevator is actually the 
lid of a bottle being shot up by a water geyser. Once this is accomplished, 
head to the far north side, and there should be two stone statues there. Pull 
or push them in either direction until they are all the way through their 
engraved positions. You should hear a click when you've pushed one of them all 
the way through. When this happens, a stone pathway to the two gas caskets on 
the side of the map should be opened. The switch on the right side of the wall 
is not accessible - not yet.

Use the elevator to take you back up, then head back to the room with the red 
laser. Get caught on fire, but do not get extinguished. Go back to this room, 
then land on the elevator (don't touch the water). Jump off onto the stone 
walkway, and jump into the gas casket located directly under the elevator 
platform area. The gas tube should be caught on fire. From now on, use this to 
ignite yourself. Also, the newly lit gas casket will cause for a stone bridge 
to open up above. Now, catch on fire, and use the middle circle stoneway to 
lead you to the gas casket on the left side. Leap onto the opened stone 
pathway (from the pulled statue), and jump into that gas casket. This will 
cause another stone pathway to open up. Look near the right gas casket, and 
you should see 2 green stones in the water. Drag them so they lead you to the 
wooden-blocked switch on the right wall. Catch on fire using the center gas 
casket, then leap on these dragged stones, and touch the wooden switch. The 
cover will be burnt off.

Hit the new switch, and it will rotate the center platform 180 degrees. Catch 
on fire again, use the center stone to direct you to the right gas casket, and 
light it on fire. Now, all three stone bridges should be enabled. Use the 
elevator to take you up, then use the bridges to lead you the center piece. 
Jump to the second side, and use sneak mode to get past the spikes that come 
out of the wall. Once you're on the final side, leap across, and open the 
chest for the Earth Planetarium Key. Now that was a lot of work...

Head back to the tri-laser area. Before you can call it quits, there's really 
one more task that must be done. You can catch yourself on fire, run back to 
the main room, and jump down via a side stone path onto the center circle. 
From here, I recommend burning all four crates in the main shrine room. They 
have several Onyx Scarabs which may be handy later on. If you run out of fire, 
catch yourself on fire again, then jump back to the center room. Quickly run 
to the corridor where the electric shocker first originated, and jump into the 
nearby Sarcophagus case. Wait for the electric storm to end, then jump out, 
and burn the wooden wall preventing you from reaching a switch. Hit this 
switch, and it will open the gate that leads to the exit. Now, head back out 
to the purple shrine, and switch the keys. Place the Earth Planetarium Key in. 
Jump into the center circle, and it will shoot you up to the exit door. The 
gate should be knocked out of the way, and you have the exit key as well. 
Unlock the door, then open the chest to gain the Wings of Ibis.

    **The mummy is delighted to have received the Wings of Ibis. Suddenly
      though, he starts to become woozy. The life spell from the Canopic Vase
      seems to need a break. The mummy gets warped back to the old rotting
      dungeon cell he was in previously before. The scenery shifts back to
      Master Imhotep on Sunshrine Island. He knew that the stolen gems in
      Abydos had something to do with their evil plans. He hands you the
      stolen gem, along with the Wings of Ibis. These allow you to double jump
      by tapping A twice. You can also perform a slam attack by pressing
      A + A + B. Useful for triggering certain switches, and as a powerful
      attack against enemies. Finally, you'll receive any Onyx Scarabs that
      the Cursed Mummy collected while inside the Castle of Uruk. Master
      suggests that you visit Anubis to see why the inhabitants of the Cursed
      Palace were frozen to stone. From there, you can possibly retrieve the
      Book of the Dead from one of the stone people.**

/Anubis - Wall I (3.7)/

Start off by leaving Sunshrine Island, and swimming back over to shore. You'll 
now notice that the ship from before has returned to its sailing manners. Jump 
aboard and pay the captain 5 scarabs to take you to the Cursed Palace. Now, go 
right, and head back to the area where you met Horus from before. Double jump 
up there thanks to the Wings of Ibis. Slam the switch on the ground by double 
jumping and pressing B. Continue forth. You'll be presented with a huge 
picture of the upcoming puzzle. In this first room, you'll have to deal with 3 
little mummy enemies. They move quick, so be careful. Use basic combos, and 
mix it up with a slam attack every once in awhile. Once you've killed them 
all, the doorway should open up. Enter through.

In this new room, don't fall down. Instead, start to walk over the wooden 
bridge. Some fire armadillos should appear. Lure them back over the bridge, 
and make them burn each of the crates. One of the crates on the right has a 
glyph key which you'll need for later. Take the Glyph Key, run over the 
bridge, then place it in the emblem statue in front of the elevator. The 
elevator should now start to work. Jump on, and let it take you to the next 
floor. Save your progress with the statue on the left. Run up the new wooden 
bridge, and you'll be presented with another magical flute pipe. Step on the 
center non-colored switch to start the sequence. The order of colors are:


Input this code in, and the door up ahead will become weakened. Bash the 
barrier down. Open the chest to receive the Blowpipe. First of all, assign it 
to one of your buttons. To use the blowpipe, press the assigned button once. 
You'll now enter a first-person mode. From here, the B button fires, and the A 
button exits the mode. You have unlimited ammunition of standard darts. Before 
leaving this room, hit the switch on the left side to extend the bridge to 
Anubis's Chamber once. Leave this room, and look to your left and right. You 
should see some targets in the distance. Run back down to where the elevator 
was hovering, and search for a purple/bluish statue. Press X to pick it up, 
then bring it to the area with the colored flute. Drop it, then hit the target 
on the left side of the map to bring a hovering pad over to your area. Pick up 
the statue and TOSS it onto the platform. This takes a bit of practice. If you 
miss, and the statue plummets to the bottom of the map, simply return to the 
elevator area for a newly spawned statue. Once you get the statue on the 
elevator pad, drop it, and snipe the switch to bring your elevator pad back 

Toss the statue off the pad (onto the ground on the newly arrived side). Kill 
the spawned enemy who appears. Then put the statue on the nearby switch. This 
will keep the door from being locked. Enter inside, run all the way through, 
and hit the switch. This will extend the bridge a bit further. Now, head back 
(take the statue with you if possible), and hit the target on the right side. 
Repeat the same process from before, kill the newly spawned enemies, and place 
the statue on the right switch. Inside, you'll be presented with flaming 
floors. Look above, and there are some monkey bars you can grab a hold of. 
Swing across, and kill the awaiting spider. Hit the switch to extend the 
bridge a third and final time. Run out of this area, and head back to the top 
portion of the elevator. Leap from the edge to the bridge, then run up.

You'll now have to face the Gatekeeper to Anubis's room. This man is fairly 
easy. Double jump over him, then run around, and strike him from behind. Keep 
hitting him from behind as he tends to block any frontal attack. When he 
swings his weapon, this makes him very vulnerable. Once you've killed him, the 
gate should now lower. Proceed inside.

    **The new cutscene will show Sphinx approaching Anubis, one of the well-
      known Gods. He'll say that he understands why you've come here, and that
      you seek to free the inhabitants of the Cursed Palace. However, you must
      pass two challenges in order to receive his approval. The first test is
      one of courage and faith. He asks you to come closer, but to ignore the
      fiery lava below. Just like in Indiana Jones, a mystical bridge appears
      wherever Sphinx walks. The second test is one of skill and technique.
      Anubis hands you 20 capture beetles, and says that you must catch 3
      Fire Armadillos. Once you have all 3, proceed back here, and give them
      to him.**

- To use capture beetles, assign them to a button first. Now, before you can 
capture an enemy, you must weaken them so that they start to flash yellow. To 
weaken an enemy, strike them a few times, but not overdoing it to kill them. 
They'll start to flash yellow when their life bar is extremely low. When this 
happens, quickly press your assigned button, and a blue beetle will be 
released. Guide the beetle using the right thumbstick. It rotates the camera 
angle as well, which is kind of awkward. Simply guide the beetle into the 
target, and it should be added to your inventory.

Head back to the elevator area from before, and go down to the first floor. 
Fire Armadillos spawn here all the time. Capture 3 using the above method, 
then return to Anubis. He will say that you managed to successfully pass the 
second test unlike Horus. You will then be given 2 Cursed Stones which can be 
used to free certain inhabitants in the Cursed Palace. 

Leave Anubis's fortress.

    **Along the way, Sphinx will be met by his old friend Horus. Apparently he
      underestimated Sphinx's abilities, and would like to give him a gift as
      a token of his sorrow. He says that it's a Dark Stone of Invisibility,
      which permits the user to be invisible. Horus then quickly runs off.
      Master Imhotep appears out of nowhere and says not to use the stone.
      Horus was correct about it giving you invisibility, but it also gives you
      death! Master also says that Horus should no longer be trusted because
      very little is known about him and his ideals. Maybe his survival in Uruk
      was not by chance after all...**

Run across the desert, and enter the Cursed Palace. You'll be forced to deal 
with 3 little mummies. You may want to capture one for your monster inventory. 
Go right, and look for a yellow input slab. Place the yellow cursed stone into 
the slab, and an old bookwriter for the Pharoah will be released. For 
releasing him from his stone prison, he rewards you with the Book of the Dead. 
Head to the left side of the Cursed Palace, and release the person with the 
red engraved slab. This will release the brother of the farmer sitting 
outside. Leave the Cursed Palace and speak with them.

- Capture Beetles will now start to spawn as well from certain bottles, jars, 
and objects which can be broken. This makes it easier to replenish your 
limited supply.

    **The two brothers are very thankful that you reunited them. However, they
      aren't able to reach their farm because of the Blood of Ra posts which
      shoot anything in sight. Perhaps if the posts were knocked down, they can
      give you something in exchange.**

This took a bit to actually realize. Go stand on the nearby eagle plaque, and 
use the eagle stone. The eagle should drop you off near a rope. Climb the 
rope, then use the second eagle stone. Now, run down the hill. Search for the 
Slim Burble hole from before. It's located behind a jar. Lure some slim 
burbles out, then use your newly acquired capture beetles. Enslave about 5-6 
of the creatures; they'll come in handy. Turn around. There should be 2 Ra 
posts nearby. Assign the captured Slim Burbles to one of your buttons, and 
then cast them when you're near a post. Make sure you're behind the post so it 
doesn't see you, and start shooting. The casted Slim Burble should look like a 
small beetle. Direct it with your right thumbstick into the target. The post 
will become destroyed. Do this for the remaining posts. Once they're all 
destroyed, head back to the brothers and speak with them.

    **They'll thank you greatly, and tell you to visit their farm house to
      receive something in exchange.**

From here on, you might want to try out some mini-games in Abydos (now that 
you have a Blowpipe and Double Jump). However, let's continue on.

Go the brother's farm house. It's located near some desolate black soil. Go 
inside and speak with them.

    **During their digging, one of the brothers found a weird-looking vase.
      They figured it might have some value, and hand it to you. You now have
      a second Canopic Vase containing part of the Mummy's Soul! Once this
      happens, Sphinx will bring out Bas-Ket, and place the Vase inside. He
      also places the Dark Stone of Invisibility which should become handy
      as well. Bas-Ket then arrives back at the Castle of Uruk, and revives
      the Cursed Mummy. He also tells him about the Dark Stone of Invisibility.
      It may be used whenever you are standing still. Simply press B when
      you're still, and you'll turn invisible. However, once you move or make
      an action, you will become visible.**

/Invisible Mummy (3.8)/

Save your game using the nearby shrine. Jump onto the caged skull, and climb 
up the ladder. Take the usual way that led you past here before. Once you're 
in the red laser room, look to your left, and use the same rising mace to get 
up to the top. Once you're up there. Look for a doorway that only has one eye 
watcher. The door with four eye watchers is impossible to get by, even with 
the invisibility stone. Go towards the door with the one eye watcher, and try 
to sneak in on the left side. Move slowly, then stop, and quickly press B. You 
must repeat this process so that you sneak by him without noticing. Only move 
when his head is turned all the way around, otherwise the doors will be shut. 
To reset the doors, use the switch in front of the entrance to reset it. Once 
you're past here, enter the doorway.

This new room is another challenging, yet fairly annoying task. You have to 
sneak by two eye watchers that slowly swivel back and forth. The only problem 
is the room's geographic shape:
                                                       < D O O R >
- Follow the path to your right to get past this       |  ^      |
  area, it can be very challenging. Be patient         |  ^      |
  and slow in your movements. Rotate the camera        |  ^      |
  angle to see where each eye is looking. Don't        |  ^   (*)|
  try to rush through it. The switch at the            |  \      |
  beginning resets the doors.                          |   \     |
                                   --------------------/    ^   --
- Use invisibility as much as     M > > > > > > > > > > >    \   |
  necessary.                                              \  /  -- 
                                                    (*)    \>    |

In the next room, go near the left wall, and peer around one of the hallways.

    **A cutscene will break out with a discussion between Set and the old hag.
      Set calls in his fellow spy to hear the status of his report. Horus, the
      traitor, says that he gave Sphinx the Dark Stone of Invisibility which
      causes a horrific death. Set thanks him for doing so, and says he will be
      rewarded. Set is fairly surprised that Sphinx met Anubis, but knows that
      he cannot pass the second wall because the barrier is too powerful. Only
      the Atun Statue could destroy the barrier, and it is well protected

After hearing this discussion, go upstairs. Use the save idol to save your 
progress. Go down the narrow hallway. In the new room, the door will be locked 
behind you. Continue forward until you come to an escalated pathway. Walk 
through, and you notice that the Cursed Mummy gets sliced into three different 
bodies! This should be fun. Start off by taking the first mummy, and going 
right. Get stomped by the metal squisher, then turn around. Walk straight down 
the hallway. Avoid the lava, and jump near the left side of the room to get 
across. Go up the left stairwell (you should fit through the narrow bars). 
Climb the ladder. Now, run past the air ducts when they stop. Otherwise you'll 
be blown away. Walk to the end of the room, and look near the left. There's a 
switch there. Now swap with another mummy (press L or R trigger).

With the second mummy, again, go to the right and get squished. However, 
continue down this hallway. There should be a treasure chest on a metal grate. 
Open the chest, and you'll receive the second stolen Abydos Jewel. 
Unfortunately, you'll also get toasted by a furnace. Now you'll change forms 
into the Fire Mummy. Do NOT go back the same way, otherwise, you'll get 
squished and turned back into paper mummy. Instead, look near the far wall for 
a ladder. Climb it, then enter sneak mode along the narrow edge. Avoid the 
spikes that come out of the wall. The first spike shoots in patterns of ONES, 
the second in TWOS, and the third in THREES. Once you're through, exit sneak 
mode. Run down the hall, and jump down from the metal grate. You should still 
be on fire. Run to the lava room, run across the lava to the right side of the 
room. There should be a lava waterfall. Run in, climb the ladder. You may want 
to burn these crates here for some Onyx Scarabs.

There are four sinking/rising stones up ahead. Time the pattern so that you 
can jump from the first, to second, to third, and fourth. Don't touch the 
water, otherwise you must start all over again. Once you're across, jump 
through the lava waterfall on the right, but stay on the ledge. Don't stand on 
the switch yet.

Switch to your third mummy, and bring him to the lava room. Don't touch the 
lava, or else you will die. Jump all the way up to the center platform. It 
should look like the head of a creature. Stand on the first platform, and 
switch to your Paper Mummy. Have him stand on his switch. It will raise the 
normal Mummy. Now, take the Normal Mummy, and place him on the second stone 
ledge. Swap to Fire Mummy, and step on his switch. This will raise Normal 
Mummy to the treasure chest. Open the chest with Normal Mummy, and you will 
receive the Atun Statue. Unfortunately, his Canopic Vase also runs out of life.

    **Bas-Ket brings back the second stolen jewel, along with the Atun Statue.
      This is a necessary artifact to get past the second wall.**

/Anubis - Wall II (3.9)/

Leave the Brothers' House, and run up the hill until you see a blue/purple 
beam protecting the temple. Walk up to the Golden Statue in front of the wall, 
and combine the Atun Statue. The force beam will be deactivated. Walk inside.

    **A man's (lives in a house on the South Beach) wife, Ketta, has been
      missing. He thought he heard her screams from deep inside this temple,
      but doesn't have the courage to enter inside. He curses his own

Enter the doorway to the left. Right off the bat, 3 Mummy Chihuahuas will 
spawn and attack you. I'd recommend capturing at least one of them for now, as 
they're fairly hard to come across. If they grab a hold of you, keep tapping B 
to shake them off. Once you've killed them. Head towards the green center 
circle, but do not stand near it. When you're about to get close to it, double 
jump, then perform a slam move. There's a green giant worm inside. Use the 
same jump technique. If you miss with the slam, perform an upper slash to hurt 
him. Hit him twice to make him flash yellow, then use a capture beetle. 
Immediately, two Mummy Worms will spawn. Double jump up to the ledge, then 
kill the one with two slashes. Get behind the other one (they shoot 
projectiles), slash it once, then capture it.

Run up to the other ledge, and smash the nearby jars. You should find an Atun 
Eye. Keep going along the new path, and eventually a Half Brute (electrified 
monster) should spawn. This guy's fairly dangerous if you don't know what 
you're doing. Don't attack him, otherwise his electricity travels through your 
sword. Instead, wait for him to perform a leaping shockwave attack. To avoid 
the shockwave, simply jump. However, when he does this, double jump towards 
him, and perform a slamming attack. He should be vulnerable after a shockwave 
attack. Do this three times to kill him. Or if you desire, wait till he 
flashes yellow (two strikes), then capture him. There's an Atun Eye in a jar 
in the corner. Continue forward and jump across the four extending platforms. 
Now, jump from rope to rope.

You'll notice up ahead that there's a Glyph Key lock. Turn around, and look 
for a tall rope near an eagle's head. Jump on it, then climb all the way up 
top. Break the statue to reveal the Glyph Key. Swing down, jump off, then 
place the key in the lock. It should activate four moving platforms. Time the 
platforms' patterns, then jump through all four. Careful, there's a Mummy Worm 
near the top. Head into the dark doorway. By the way, there's a third Atun Eye 
in one of the jars near the top.

The new room proved to be a daring challenge for myself. It's not the actual 
combat which hurts, but rather attempting to capture rare monsters. Go to your 
left, and break the nearby jars for health/scarabs. Save your progress, then 
turn around. Here's what the room looks like:

   |KEY     / TRAP /                 DOOR >>|
   |        /______/                        |
   ---------------------|  |----------------|
                        |  |            
                        |  |
   ---------------------|  |------------------|
   |SAVE                                \Lever|
   |                                    \     |
   --------------------- Glyph Lock ----------|

Start off by approaching the Bridge. You'll notice that spikes shoot up 
whenever you go near it. Look on the left or right sides for a metal railing. 
Hang along, and shimmy past the spikes, then jump up on the other side. A 
Skull Worshipper will spawn. I recommend capturing him. Not too hard to 
defeat. Go left, and two metal gates will rise when you reach the center. It's 
a TRAP. You must face four sets of monsters:

     + Electric Armadillo & Cat Blade
     + Electric Armadillo & Skull Swordsman
     + Half Brute & Cat Blade
     + Half Brute & Skull Swordsman

^^ Again, you face a few rare enemies here. Capture at least one electric 
armardillo. The Cat Blades you'll face later on, but this is their best 
isolated position for capture. Capture both Skull Swordsman if possible, they 
have uncommon rarity. The Swordsman have a special magic skull which can be a 
pain in the butt. To prevent them from casting, strike them whenever they 
stick their sword in the ground, and yellow energy charges beneath them. Once 
you've taken them down, the gates will open. Proceed onward, and open the 
chest for the Glyph Key. Run back, shimmy across the bridge, and place the key 
in the Glyph Lock. It should open the gates covering the lever. Run to the 
lever, and hit it. A swinging rope will now go back and forth. The rope 
travels from the floor above the lever, to the doorway across.

Cross the bridge again, and enter the doorway. You're going to run into 2 sets 
of Cyclops. Capture at least one of them. These pesky guys split into two when 
attacked, and also have a powerful laser attack. Once they're dead, walk up to 
the four switches positioned like this:
  __   ___  ___   __
  \^\  |^|  |^|  /^/  --> Hit the switches in the order of:
   \1\ |2|  |3| /4/         
                                    1, 3, 4

If done correctly, you should see all 4 stone ledges extend near the flaming 
streams above. Go back out the doorway you came in. Wait for the swinging rope 
on your left to slide across. Jump on, then climb to the top. When it arrives 
at the other side, jump off, and enter the doorway. You may have to deal with 
some enemies here. Now, head over to where the flame is shooting out. Jump 
across the four stone ledges using delayed double jumps. Basically, you have 
to jump, then start to fall, and quickly jump again. This gives you the 
maximum distance. Once you're across, open the chest for the Glyph Key, and a 
metal gate will rise. You must battle 3 Spike Spiders. Capture at least one of 
them. Then, leap back across the 4 stone ledges. Place the key in the lock, 
and the next door will be unlocked.

Enter inside. Combat these slower, yet more powerful version of the Cat 
Blades. You should see a hovering elevator moving back and forth in the 
distance. Run up here, and there should be a switch against the wall. Wait for 
the elevator to be only a few feet from turning around, then hit the switch. A 
skeleton cage will be dropped from above. If you timed it correctly, the cage 
should land on the elevator, and the elevator should bring it back. If you 
miss, time and try it again. Jump on the elevator, grab a hold of the cage, 
and toss it back to ground level. Jump off, and carry the cage over near the 
middle walkway. Run down, and an enemy will spot you. He'll try to attack you, 
but gets squished by the trap in the middle. Look near the left and right 
sides. There should be a target on each side slightly elevated. Grab the cage, 
bring it down to both sides, use it as a boost, and jump slash the targets 
above. Each time you slash a target, a Cat Blade will appear, so be careful. 
Once both lasers have been knocked off, the trap will be deactivated. Walk 

Run across the middle bridge, and a few enemies will appear. Rid of them, then 
enter the dark doorway.

/Uruk Canyon (3.A)/

    **Right off the bat, you're presented with a huge picture of swirling
      energy trails. They all lead to a center cage which contains Ketta. Speak
      with her, and she'll tell you that you must cut off the energy sources to
      disable the barrier.**

Look for the save statue to your left, and note down your progress. There are 
basically 3 trails which must be shutdown. Let's start with the left side. 
Before heading in here though, capture at least 3-4 spawning Slim Burbles. 
You're going to need them in the following area. Look above the lava pit on 
the left side, and you'll see three targets. Pull out your blowpipe, and shoot 
all 3 targets. You have limited time though; they turn back to red if you're 
not quick enough. Once all three are turned green, grates should pop up from 
the lava below. Hop onto them to reach the next area.

The next area can be a bit tricky. Start off by looking at the switch right by 
Sphinx. This switch keeps the center gate down whenever it's pressed upon. If 
you look around, you should see three streaming colors (red, blue, and 
yellow). These will come in handy later. Start off by going right down into an 
inlet cut into the canyon. You should see a blue sunflower shooting 
projectiles at you. There are also a few stone pillars which you can leap 
across on. Kill the sunflower by jumping on the same pillar, then leap 
slashing to hit its head. You have to get the right angle though as armor 
protects its face quite heavily. Once the sunflower is gone, leap ahead to the 
red portal. The game will spot that these red portals are Fire Ankh Points. 
Basically, stand on one, then press B to use it. Sphinx will enter first 
person mode. Now, all you have to do is shoot a red energy ball in the center 
of a cross, and you will be warped to the closest Fire Ankh Point near the 
cross. Pretty simple, huh?

Look towards your right for a cross. Use the portal and shoot it. It should 
warp you up there. Now, go left and you should see a statue on top of one of 
the colored portals. Be careful, there's a Green Giant Worm right before here. 
Kill it like you killed the worm from before. Once it's dead, life the statue 
off, and toss it down into the main room. A green light should now shine up. 
Leap down to the main room, pick up the statue, and place it on that switch 
you first saw when you entered the room. The center gate will now be down. 
Jump on the gate, and toss all 3 individually colored statues off. Now, leap 
onto the red elevating pillars, and jump onto the nearby ledge. Run around, 
and you should see a boulder blocking an entrance. Destroy the boulder using 
one of the Slim Burbies you captured before. Also, you may want to the kill 
the 2 other worms by the two color tubes (red & blue). Once you've killed the 
worms, head back to the main room, pick up one of the statues (red or blue), 
and drop it on the red pillar when it reaches its lowest height. Jump onto the 
pillar, pick up the statue, and toss it to the other red pillar when it too 
reaches its lowest height.

Now, jump onto the second pillar, and toss the statue into the hole where the 
boulder use to be. Depending on which color this statue is, place it on the 
according tube (red or blue). Repeat the process for the second statue and its 
individual color. You should now only have the yellow and green statues left. 
Take the yellow one down that small cave inlet from before. Place it on the 
red pedestal to your left. Use the Fire Ankh Points, and warp back to where 
the green tube was. There should be a lever switch here. Hit it once, and 
you'll notice that the pedestals switch positions. The yellow statue from 
before should now be elevated to the opposite side. Warp over to that site, 
kill the Worm by the yellow tube, and place the yellow statue on its color. 
Now, go back to the center room, take the green statue off the switch, and do 
the same thing you did for the yellow statue. Except this time, replace the 
green statue where it originally was.

- All in all, once all four tubes have been placed on their individual colors, 
the gate guarding the power source will open up.

Pull out a slim burble, and direct it towards the golden power source. It 
should blow up. Now, head back to the main room where Ketta was. Save your 
progess since we don't want all that hard work to be a waste. This time, go 
towards the right side. There should be a red target above you. Do a jump 
slash to hit it. The grates will rise from the lava below, but only for a 
limited time. Quickly hop over to the other side. In the new room, you'll get 
a beautiful view of Uruk Canyon. Proceed a bit further, and a cutscene will 
show the gates locking, along with the bridge to the power source withdrawing. 
Suddenly enemies will spawn. Here's what you face, and the set order of 

     + 3 Smiling Burbles (capture at least one)
     + 1 Half Brute, 2 Skull Swordsman
     + 1 Big Bull (capture)

The Smiling Burbles are fairly easy to kill as they have no real defense. The 
only problem is that when they come within range, they'll charge at you like 
bulls. Double jump over them, then quickly slash them from behind. As before, 
you've already battled Half Brutes and Skull Swordsman. The Big Bull 
constantly swings his axe, and then slams it to the ground when you get close. 
Lure him to get his axe stuck in the ground, then slash him from behind. Try 
to capture him since there are a only a few in the game you'll come across. 
Once all enemies are killed, the door will unlock, along with the bridge 
returning to its original position. Cross the bridge, and destroy it with a 
Slim Burble. Now, head back to the main room. When you reach the lava pit, use 
the target above to reopen the grates.

Once you're in the middle, I recommend capturing at least 3 Slim Burbles, and 
1 Fire Armadillo for the area up ahead. Use the fire armadillo to burn down 
the wooden gate protecting the last energy channel. The grates will pop up in 
timed intervals, so leap across quickly. The last room is fairly easy. To your 
right is a regenerating statue that will constantly provide powerups. Use it 
often as it will regenerate while you're in the room. There's also a giant 
boulder to your right, a switch to the left, 3 electric nodes in the center, 
and a Tree Creature with a yellow energy ball. Run to your right, and go by 
the tree creature. Jump slash its energy ball, and wait for it to collapse to 
the ground. When it does, slash the ball repeatedly. You might want to capture 
this creature though, so attack conservatively, and repeat the same strategy. 
Once the tree creature is gone, you don't have to worry about creatures coming 
out of the ground.

There is also a small digging animal on the left side of the room. Makes a 
great capture to your collection (Nose Needler). It tends to burrow whenever 
you go near it. It always digs in the same three spots though. So quickly run 
up to where you see it popping up, slash it quickly, and repeat. Once these 
two creatures are out of the way, go to the boulder on the right. Use a Slim 
Burble to destroy the boulder. Walk inside the tunnel, grab the statue, and 
place it on the switch near the left side of the room. The protective shards 
near the electric nodes should now be dropped. Jump down near the nodes, and 
lure the electric armadillos into touching the nodes. Once all three nodes are 
lit, the bridge will scale out. Cross it, destroy the last node, and the 
barrier constraining Ketta will now be gone. Head back to the room and speak 
with her.

    **Ketta will thank you graciously, and requests that you speak with her
      husband so he can meet such a heroic person. The screen fades back to
      Ketta's House on South Beach. Her husband thanks you for saving her life,
      and tells you that he is a good friend of Imhotep. He says that your
      Master needs your assistance immediately at the Sun Shrine. He also gives
      you an Abydos Pass Card which is the equivalent to identification papers.
      You may now access all areas of Abydos.**

Leave their house, and head off to Sunshrine Island. Once there, save your 
game, then enter inside. Walk up to Imhotep.

    **Master Imhotep will tell you that Anubis would like to meet with you
      again. He says that it could be of great importance. Imhotep also gives
      you the Anubis Amulet, which can be used via the portals to instantly
      access Anubis's Chamber.**

Use the portal behind Imhotep, and use the Anubis Amulet to warp there. You'll 
now be in a portal room right under Anubis's speaking grounds. Look to your 
left, and climb up the rope. Walk up to Anubis.

/Sacred Crown of Abydos (3.B)/

    **Anubis knows that you want to free more of the inhabitants in the Cursed
      Palace. He's willing to give you more Cursed Stones if you will retrieve
      an item from Abydos. Several years ago, Anubis loaned the Sacred Crown of
      Abydos to the city mayor. He wants it back now. Convince the mayor to
      give the crown back, and the cursed stones will be yours.**

Go back down the rope, and use the Abydos Amulet as an offering to the portal. 
You'll now be brought to Abydos. Head upstairs like the usual, and climb the 
ladder. One of the patrons will tell you that the Mayor is deafily ill, and 
that it's such a horrible coincidence considering the recent monster activity. 
From here on, I recommend visiting the Monster Museum to donate all of the 
monsters you have gathered thus far. Hold on to any extra monsters. They can 
be sold at the Monster Shop. Don't sell them until you get the extended money 
bag. You've probably already maxed out your current bag of 400 Scarabs. 
Anyhow, head to the upper plaza of the city. Go on the farthest bridge to the 
right, and approach the guard. Tell him you have identification papers. He'll 
let you pass through.

    **The guard will also mention that if you clear out all of the monsters in
      the upcoming canal, he will reward you with an artifact he discovered.
      Tell him that you will, then continue on to the narrow canal.**

The upcoming area has a mix of 5-6 pirahnas. You may want to capture both as 
it's fairly rare to come across the existence of fish not in water. Watch out 
for the Exo-Pirahnas. They're a tad faster, and they have a white appearance. 
There are about 3-4 of them near the right side of the map (along the docks). 
The other 2 are spread out along the left side. You have to use a double jump 
to reach the boat in the middle, then jump again to reach the other side 
during one part. Once all the creatures have been killed, a message should pop 
up saying so. Don't touch the water though as it is electrified. Once you've 
killed them all, return to the original guard who made the proposition. Speak 
with him, and he'll give you the Heliopolis Amulet. Now you can warp to this 
desolate location in a jiffy.

Head back to the narrow canal, and straight ahead should be a clearing. Jump 
across, use the Save Statue, then enter the castle. If you have trouble 
finding the entrance to the castle, it's near the right side of the Narrow 

    **Once inside, we'll be greeted with a quick cutscene of a royal member
      banging on the door to get inside. He's scared for his life as there are
      creatures crawling throughout the castle's lawn. The guard refuses to let
      him in though because of fear that the enemies may as well.**

Go immediately to your right, and 2 Wasp Spiders will spawn. Capture at least 
one, and kill them both. There are also 2 Wasp Spiders that spawn on the left. 
Once you've killed all 4 creatures, the Palace gate should open. Run up to the 
door, and enter. Go to the upper right stairwell, and speak to the man from 
before who was pleading for help. He'll thank you for saving his life by 
giving you an Atun Eye. Now, enter the Council Chambers which are located at 
the top of the stairwell.

    **A cutscene will show that the Mayor of Abydos is dying. The only way to
      save his life is to gather 5 Healing Herbs spread throughout the city.
      The servant would gather them himself, but he's too busy taking care of
      the Mayor. The man says that Kemmet the Inventor might know a way to
      gather the herbs. Go speak to him. He also hands you a Physician's

Leave the Palace, and head back out to the narrow canal. Jump across, then run 
over the bridge. Go to the opposite bridge. There should be a zipline. Use the 
zipline, and it should drop you in the center of the Grand Canal. Kemmet's 
shop is located right in the upper center portion against a wall. Speak to him 
outside, and say that it's official business.

    **Kemmet will read the note. He tells you that Healing Herbs grow around
      Abydos, and are spread throughout the city. Unfortunately, they wither
      and instantly die when plucked. The only way to preserve the herbs are to
      use a medicine bag. Kemmet doesn't have any object of this sort in his
      shop. He does however have a third Canopic Vase which he hands to you.
      It's time to use the Mummy for our dirty deeds to gather a Medicine

    **We're greeted with another evil cutscene inside Uruk Castle. Apparently,
      the old hag has realized that the castle has been infiltrated. Two of the
      Abydosian Jewels are missing. Both Set and the old hag blame the trouble
      on the Urukites, which were the previous inhabitants of Uruk Castle. The
      lady has developed a new trap which morphs the unwanted intruders into
      small worthless blood bats. These traps are disguised inside keen statues
      placed throughout the castle.**

- Bas-Ket brings the third Canopic Vase, and brings the Cursed Mummy back to 
life. He briefs him to investigate the castle for more clues.**

As usual, save your game via the nearby progress statue. Once again, climb up 
via the skull cage, and back to the usual area. This time, a zoomed cutscene 
will show a new "trap" statue awaiting your presence. Leap across via the 
cages and railing. When you jump from the one wooden platform to the other, 
look to the side to enter sneak mode. Once in sneak mode, sweep across, and 
stand in front of the statue. You should get warped into a bat. Fly near the 
right side of this giant room, and look for a mutator. It should bring you 
back to your normal form. Leap up the two rails, enter sneak mode, then hit 
the switch. This will unlock one of the doorways. Jump on the 2 nearby cages 
hanging off to your right, and there should be a bat mutator up above. Once 
you're in bat form, heads towards the left wall, and search for another 
different mutator. Use it (to get you back to normal form). Now climb up the 
railings which are shaped along a semicircle. Hit the switch, and this should 
open the second door.

Drop to the nearby bat mutator, fly to the doorway, and you should get zapped 
back to normal form. Enter inside. You should now be outside of Uruk Castle. 
Run up the long extended walkway, and pull the one statue off of the switch. 
This will remove one bar from the nearby door. Now, run down, and climb down a 
ladder near one of the edges. Move the second switch to rid of the second bar 
lock. Head in the new doorway.

You'll now be in one of the largest puzzles you'll ever come across in the 
game. It's comprised of 3 rooms, sort of like the following picture:

       & - Switch
       F - Fire activated switch/structure
       E - Electric activated switch/structure

                             /            \  <-- 2F Room
                            /   Lasers     \
                                 /////                      |&|
      /----------------|    |----------------|     |-------| |-----\
     /        |__2F____|    |                |     |        F       \
    /         Ladder   |    |                |     |                 \ 
   / F                 |    |                |     |               F  \
  |                   /------/              /-------/                  |
  |      E            / FIRE /      E       / ELEC. /            &    &|
  |                   / ROOM /              / ROOM  /         E  &     |   
  |  F                /______/              /_______/            &     |  
   \                   |    |                |     |               F  /
    \          |=====| |    |                |  ^  |                 /
     \         | Key | |    |                |  |  |        F       /
      \----------------|    |----------------|  |  |-------| |-----/
                                                |          |&| 
                                            Key on 2F

- Water also fills up in the center room in timed intervals. Do not touch the 
water whenever you are electrified or on fire. We're going to start off with 
the room to the right. However, first things first, go into the left fire 
room. Open the chest to reveal the third stolen Abydos Jewel. Suddenly, you'll 
be engulfed in flames by a sinking trap below. Notice that there are brown 
metal bars located above the trap which you can grab a hold on. It's necessary 
to use these later.
 [ RIGHT ROOM (3.B1) ]
 /                   \

Once you have the stolen jewel, go to the right room to get electrified. Head 
back to the original room, and electricute the node in the center. Don't touch 
the water though. Once the node is electrified, power will be restored to a 
giant rotating handle bar machine located above. Get electrified again, and 
this time, go right. Electrify the node in the right room to give the three 
switches next to it power. Hit the switches so that all of the three platforms 
line up pointing towards the right empty flame gasket. Run back to the fire 
room on the left side, and run all the way back to the room on the right. To 
avoid getting electricuted, simply run straight through. You can make it 
before the electric door shuts on you. When you're on fire, hop across the 3 
platforms and catch the gasket on fire. Now quickly go to the switches, and 
line up all 3 platforms towards the left fire gasket. If you run out of 
flames, simply change the switches in the correct order, run back to catch on 
fire, then jump across, and light the second gasket. This should open the gate 
protecting the middle lever. Hit the lever, and above on the second floor, a 
golden wall will be pushed inward.

Now, look in this room for a lone statue in a small engraved inlet. Push the 
statue towards one of the switches, and a nearby stone walkway will rise from 
below the water. Go catch yourself on fire, run back here, and run across the 
stone walkway. Catch the wooden planks holding the spikes up on fire. The 
pillar spike should drop down a bit. Quickly sprint to the statue, and 
push/pull it to the other switch. This will bring up the opposite stone 
walkway. Do the same for the other spike. Once both spike's wooden planks are 
burned, run back to the middle room, and climb up the ladder. This should lead 
to the second floor. Move towards the middle of the second floor, and wait for 
one of the electric hangars to fly by. Jump up, and hold on. It will bring you 
to a tunnel with a water geyser, then opens to the right room. Jump down on 
top of the first spike, and hit the switch in the nearby room. This removes 
one gate guarding the key. Wait for another hangar, jump on that one, then 
jump off at the opposite side spike. Hit that switch to remove the second 
door. From here, just jump down, run back to the center room, and climb the 
ladder. Hitch another ride, but this time, drop off at the golden mummy wall. 
Walk up to it, and the wall should bounce you to where the Glyph Key is 
located. Since both gates are down, pick up the key.

You now have one key to the medicine bag chest. The next part is on how to 
solve the LEFT side.

 [ LEFT ROOM (3.B2) ]
 /                  \

Before proceeding into the left room, go into the right Electricity room. Get 
electrified, then go through the center room (avoid the water), and go into 
the fire room. Look above for brown railings. Jump and hang on the railing 
until the fire grate returns to its original height. Once this is 
accomplished, head through to the left room, and quickly electrify the node 
located there. This will lower the small metal pillars preventing you from 
dragging a green stone. Jump into the water, and drag the stone to the left 
wooden planks. Position it so it's located halfway between the stone plateau, 
yet far enough to prevent you from touching the water. Go catch on fire, then 
come back here, jump on the green stone, and catch the wooden spike planks on 
fire. This should lower the first spike. Jump in the water, and drag the green 
stone to the opposing spiked planks. Again, catch yourself on fire, and repeat 
the above process. Once both spikes' planks are burned, we can now capture the 

Go to the fire room, and catch on fire. Run back to the left room, and go up 
to find a ladder. Climb all the way up, then jump on the stone pedestal near 
the ledge. While on fire, jump on an incoming hangar, drop off at the first 
pillar, run through the circular hallway. Jump onto the second spiked pillar, 
catch a ride on the next hangar, and drop off right before the hangar exits to 
the center room. Quickly burn the crates for some Onyx Scarabs, then walk over 
the wooden grate on the floor to catch it on fire. Jump below to capture the 
second Glyph Key.

 [ CENTER ROOM (3.B3) ]
 /                    \

This room is actually located on the second floor of the main room. To reach 
it, you must first accomplish a fairly easy task. Go to the FIRE ROOM, and 
catch yourself on fire. Run to the main room, and climb the ladder. Be careful 
on your timing though as water is continuously inflating/deflating. Once on 
the second floor, quickly snatch a ride via a hangar. Fly through the right 
room. Avoid any water geysers you come across during the way as they can put 
out your flame. You'll then pass through a second tunnel with 2 water geysers. 
When you reach the main room again, drop down, and catch the two Gas Caskets 
surrounding the door on fire. This will permit access to the center room.

Enter the second room. You CANNOT run into any of the lasers, otherwise they 
will close their gates guarding their switches. So, the idea is to not hit any 

There's also a switch in the water which can be used to reset the entire 
puzzle. Start off by going left. To get past the lasers:

   - ALWAYS follow the bottom rotating ring. If it's rotating clockwise, move
     clockwise. NEVER jump inside the laser rooms. Simply run in the same pace
     with the bottom rotating ring, and you'll never get touched.

The room looks somewhat like this:

       & - switch                            [1] - Head to the yellow switch
     _________     _______     __________
    /         \___/  KEY  \___/          \   [2] - Head to the blue switch on
   |  //////                     ////    |         the right side.
   |& YELLOW        /////        BLUE   &|
   |  //////        |RED|        ////    |   [3] - Head back to the red laser
    \_________/\    /////   /\__________/          room, and the key's gate
                \          /                       should be open.
                |    &     |
                |          |
                | ENTRANCE |

Once you've retrieved all keys, run back to the main room. Go straight up till 
you see a chest getting pelted by three lasers. Place each of the Glyph Keys 
into the lock emblems, and a laser will be turned off. Open up the chest in 
the center to receive the MEDICINE BAG! Unfortunately, our little mummy friend 
will become light-headed, and become nothing more than a lifeless intruder.

    **The game warps back to Sphinx in the Grand Canal near Kemmet the
      Inventor. You should receive the third stolen Abydos jewel, the medicine
      bag, and any Onyx Scarabs retrieved inside the complex.**

Go speak with Kemmet. He'll notice that you have a Medicine Bag, and says that 
it can hold Healing Herbs inside. What are you waiting for? Go out and gather 
the herbs.

  ^^ Herb Locations ^^

- You need five herbs to successfully save the Mayor. Here is where each of 
them are located in Abydos.

    #1 - Go on the left bridge near the Grand Canal. Enter inside the dark
         tunnel, and one should be near a hole where water drips through the

    #2 - Jump down the Abydos Well. You'll arrive back in the enclosed area. A
         herb is located in the corner of the wall.

    #3 - Head out to the Narrow Canal. Go where the man has a green pet lizard.
         If you haven't met him yet, swing across the boats, and climb a rope
         to the nearby balcony. Double jump to a wooden platform, then leap
         onto the swinging rope to reach the other side. The herb is located on
         the ground.

    #4 - Head to the Abydos Plaza, and go to the second floor. The herb should
         be against the corner of a wall right before you come close to Montu's
         Monster Shop.

    #5 - I always save the best for last. Head to the Palace Entrance where you
         encountered the 4 Wasp Spiders. Jump into the water, and swim under
         the bridge inlet. There should be golden ball signs. Hit all 3. A
         chest will appear on a platform above. Swim to the center stone, and
         double jump to get back up to ground level. Open the chest to receive
         a Glyph Key. Enter the palace, then jump down to the first floor.
         There should be a Glyph Key emblem. Place the key in, and the nearby
         metal gates will open. Enter the left gate, and the herb should be
         under a shining light.

         ^ There's also a treasure chest containing 100 Gold Scarabs. Open it
           whenever you need scarabs, or have an extended purse (900 capacity).

Now that you have all 5 Healing Herbs, head to the throne room with the Mayor. 
Speak to the Physician (tall green bird).

    **The Physician will thank you greatly. He just hopes he can cure the
      problem before it's too late. After he administers the antidote, the
      Mayor will be cured. He'll ask you of your purpose to visiting Abydos.
      Sphinx tells him that he needs the Sacred Crown of Abydos because Lord
      Anubis requests for it. The Mayor says he needs time to make a decision.
      Meet him next door.**

Leave the throne room to the main palace.

    **The Mayor has decided to give you the crown for saving his life. However,
      you'll be rudely interrupted as his 2 dark scheming council members claim
      you were an imposter all along. They'll steal the crown, then leap into
      a newly opened hole by a nearby statue. The Mayor requests that you get
      the Crown back for the sake of Abydos.**

Jump down the hole. You'll arrive in a vortex-like colored location. Run down 
the wired pathway to the center room.

    **The two dark birds have actually been working for the dark lord, Set, all
      along. They were the ones who poisoned the water. They were the ones who
      stole the jewels from the museum. They were also the ones who poisoned
      the kiddish Mayor. Now they laugh at you, the pathetic lone hero to come
      and retrieve the artifact. Suddenly, they'll morph into a gigantic
      skeleton bird. Looks like it's time we showed them who Sphinx really

  |  BOSS BATTLE || Skeleton Bird                                 |
  ! Start off by luring the bird's fireballs into the solid stone !
  | pillars surrounding the crystal. These are actually laser     |
  | focal points which are necessary to defeating the beast. The  |
  ! bird has primarily two different attacks. It will shoot giant !
  | fireballs which can hurt upon impact, and also act as land    |
  | mines on the ground. You also have to worry about a tremendous|
  ! wind attack that can blow you off the center plateau. To avoid!
  | the wind attack, run into the wind, and do nothing else. Don't|
  | swing a sword or jump. Simply run head straight into the wind.|
  ! It should keep Sphinx's location stationary. Now, once all 4  !
  | pillars have been knocked off. Strike the targets inside. Get |
  | all 4 lasers to point at the crystal, and a huge beam will    |
  ! blast upwards. Hit the bird with this huge beam 3-4 times for !
  | defeat.                                                       |

    **After you've killed the skeleton bird, the two dark birds will claim you
      cannot wield the power of Ra. Grab the crown on the ground. A voice will
      speak to you through the energy channel. It says that there's a chance
      you could be the one Prophecy. It also hands you a Gold Ankh container.
      Your health capacity should be increased by one container. Afterwards,
      you will be warped to Master Imhotep's chamber on Sun Shrine Island.**

    **Imhotep says that you should see Anubis immediately. This is unfortunate
      news that the forces of evil have already spread through Abydos. At least
      you managed to recover one of the crowns.**

Use the portal to go see Anubis.

    **Anubis will thank you deeply. In exchange, he'll hand you a green and
      blue Cursed Stone. He also appears to you in his spirit form, which is
      a tad better than that stiff statue. Because of Set wanting the Sacred
      Crown of Abydos, he says that you should retrieve the Sacred Crown of
      Uruk. Because of your kindly deeds, the powerful god also gives you
      Acid Darts, which are poisoned tipped darts that can be blown via your
      blowdart. Simply select them with the control pad while you are in first
      person mode with the blowpipe activated. Anubis wishes you luck as you're
      going to need it.**

/Sacred Crown of Uruk (3.C)/

Before we can actually search out on our quest to retrieve the second crown, 
we must first visit the Cursed Palace. Inside will be two helpful citizens who 
venture the quest even further. Head to the Cursed Palace, and enter the right 
room. Place the blue stone in the blue slot. A witch/predicter will greet you 
in delight.

    **The lady tells you that she was a great predicter during her time. She
      gives you some brief background information about how Heliopolis reached
      its current situation. Apparently, several years ago, darkness started to
      overcome Heliopolis. The ground became very crackled, and lava rose in
      its place. A large army of demons were arriving from the Urukites, and
      the people of Heliopolis feared what would happen. They pleaded for
      protection. Anubis built a giant wall which prevented the enemy from
      reaching the kingdom. Unfortunately, the cost to pay was that the people
      would be turned to stone in exchange for the building of the barrier
      wall. She also says that you're searching for a crown, and it can be
      found in a giant Golden Obelisk. Too bad that's all she can see.**

After she leaves, go to the left room, and place the blue stone in the blue 
emblem. You'll awake the Pharoah's Wife.

    **The wife will thank you greatly for bringing her back to her current
      state. Her husband went to search for the Lost Temple of Heliopolis the
      last time she met. She says that her husband gave her a key, and told
      her to give it to no one. Because of what you did, she gives you the
      South Desert Gate key.**

This is certainly looking a tad better than expected. Now that you have the 
key, head off to where the second Anubis wall was. Rather than making the left 
like before, simply go straight. There's an animal roundup to the left, a 
small village near the coastline that has two places of interest, and another 
athlete who challenges you to a race. You can try these trials out on your 
own, or whenever you have free time. Some of the key places of interest are:

     + Sekhmet's Squirt Pen
       -> Direct the 4 surrounding squirts into the pen to receive a golden
          Ankh piece
     + Ben-Ben's Bazaar
       -> Sells
               - Acid Darts x 30 (50 scarabs)
               - Dart Belt ; holds 50 darts (600 scarabs)
     + Gebel's Glyph Shop
       -> Sells rare items, only accepts Onyx Scarabs, 10 Onyx Scarab entry fee
               - [2] Atun Eye x 4 (50 onyx scarabs each)
               - Cave Door Key (10 onyx scarabs)
               - [2] Gold Ankh Pieces (150 onyx scarabs each)

   ^^ The Cave Door key can be used to connect this current location to the 
South Beach. The door is located farther down the coastline, in a dug-in cave 
along the cliffside. Put the key in to permanently connect these two 
locations. It's also necessary to open this channel up so you can complete the 
Athlete's Sprinting Contest.

     + Athlete's Sprint
       -> run from the starting point, hit a target on the cliff, then make it
          back within 70 seconds
          - use the nearby speed spots to increase speed, use cave key to
            connect two spots, target is located near Ketta's house, elevated
            on 3 cliff plateaus

For now, immediately go left to the Southern Desert Gate. You should see a 
tall golden pillar to your left, and a gate within the distance. Run up to the 
gate, place the newly acquired key in the lock, then head on forward to the 
South Desert.

The South Desert is a fairly large place. If you keep heading straight, you'll 
eventually reach the Bedouin Outpost. It's located along the coastline, and 
has several key figures:

     + Urbain the Archaeologist
       -> necessary for the main quest
     + Shetta the Healer
       -> Can make Ankh Containers, give 4 Ankh pieces and 200 scarabs
       -> Heals full life for 50 scarabs
     + Khufu's Capture Beetle Shop
       -> Sells
               - Capture Beetles in various quantities
               - Capture Beetle pouch (400 scarabs)
       -> assistant next to him rewards you for collecting monsters on a
          specific list. Speak with him for further information.

For now though, head to the right side of the desert. Look for what looks like 
an elevated plateau in the distance. Keep going around the location until you 
see what looks like a giant hole downward. Jump down to the medium sized 
plateau (not the bottom of the temple). Use your acid darts, and shoot the 
three chains connected to the eagles' mouths. This should release water from 
each of them. A well in the center will become filled up when all eagles have 
gushed out water. Dive into the center via the wooden board. Swim to the 
surface, then read the sign in front of the Lost Temple of Heliopolis. It says 
that only a proven warrior may enter. Two half brutes will spawn out of 
nowhere. Put them out of their misery, and the door shall open.

    **Once inside, you'll meet Urbain the Archaeologist. He says that he may
      have discovered his most prized dream. The Rosetta Stone, which is an
      ancient translating tool, is hidden throughout the temple split into six
      different pieces. Unfortunately, he's too frail and old to search for
      them himself. He says that it would make an old man happy if a young and
      bright person like yourself could retrieve them.**

 /                      \

Start off by going to the right pathway in this room. Shoot the metal gate 
guarding the door with your acid darts. Head inside, and you'll reach a golden 
statue near the end of a wall. Break the statue, and grab the first Rosetta 

Head back to the main room, and this time, destroy the barrier protecting the 
left door. Head inside. Slam the switch on the floor, then quickly jump onto 
the nearest floating platform. It should take you to the other side. Shoot the 
door to rid of its metal component. Enter to the next room. The following room 
is fairly large, but simple, once you get the hang of it. There are two 
floating platforms in the center with Glyph Key inserts. There are 
approximately three different doors (lower right, left side, and straight 
ahead at the far end). The remaining five pieces are located from here on in. 
Start off by jumping on the first floating elevator, and leaping to the lower 
right corner of the room.

Shoot the metal chains guarding the door, and head inside. This time, we're 
met with another floating/switch elevator device. Careful though, these 
elevators only go halfway, slow down, then go back in their original paths. 
Slam the switch, leap onto the elevator, wait till it goes halfway, quickly 
jump onto the opposing elevator, and it'll bring you to the other side. Head 
straight ahead. You should see a large skeleton cage hanging over a fire. 
Shoot the chain holding the cage up to drop it in the fire.

The cage will burst open, along with 2 spawning Skeletal Axemen. Kill them 
both (you may want to capture one for now). Each of them should drop Skeletal 
Body parts. After both of them are dead, 2 more Skeletal Axemen will spawn. 
Kill them both, and pick up their body parts. Now, read the sign, and it will 
say to place the parts in order from left to right, head to toe. Place them in 
this order:

         |---|           |---|           |---|              |---|
    ---> | 1 |      ---> | 2 |      ---> | 3 |         ---> | 4 |
  Skull  |___|    Arm    |___|    Pelvis |___|       Leg    |___|

Once they're placed in their correct order, four stone walkways should jut out 
of the wall. Jump onto the lowest ledge, then keep leaping up. When you reach 
the second ledge, 2 Dark Worshippers will spawn. You cannot see them flash 
yellow if you want to capture them. Slash them normally five times, then send 
out a beetle, and capture at least one. Continue to the top. Shoot the door on 
the right, and enter inside. Smash the statue to reveal the second Rosetta 
stone piece. Shoot the primary door, and head out. You'll now be on the second 
floor of the main room from before. Look above for a statue being suspended by 
a chain rope. Shoot the rope to drop the statue. Push/pull the statue onto the 
nearby switch. This will cause for a stone walkway to jut out. Use the stone 
walkway to cross to the opposing area. There's a green giant worm in the 
radiating hole. Kill it, and a statue will appear. Break the statue to reveal 
a Glyph Key. Now, jump down to the main room, and reach the first golden 
platform. Place the Glyph Key in the slot to extend one of the stone walkways 
(to the final room).

Head to the left side of the main room, and shoot the door. Continue forth. 
Again, slam the switch to cause for the elevators to move. Be careful though. 
The elevators rotate in a circular pattern (near the middle), which means 
you'll have to perform a tricky jump to reach it. Head on through to the next 
room. The room has four doors shut, along with four individual chain links, 
and an upper area. Shoot each of the chain links to reveal their specific 
doors, along with a lever. Two of the levers (lower left, upper right) have 
single enemies awaiting inside. Hit all four levers to bring a stone block 
from above down to a lower height. Shoot the chain holding the stone up above 
to make it drop to ground level. Now, leap on the stone, and use it for 
leverage to reach the upper area. Two mummy worms will spawn, so be careful. 
Go to the lower right door, shoot the chain, then proceed inside. There's a 
Dark Worshipper in here, so be VERY careful. Once he's dead, smash the statue 
for the third Rosetta piece.

Head back out, shoot the lower left door, and proceed inside. Right off the 
bat, 2 Almost-a-BULLs will spawn. CAPTURE these at all costs! They're one of 
the fairly rare monsters in the game that become a must-have on everyone's 
list. Capture 2 if possible (one for the Monster List, another for the 
museum). Once they're dead, Fire Armadillos will begin to spawn in the center 
energy circle. Capture at least one of these. Move to the next area. Use a 
fire armadillo to burn the wooden cage surrounding the switch. Pull the switch 
all the way out to reveal 2 snake heads suspended by a rope. Shoot the rope to 
drop the snake head. Notice that you only have a specific amount of time 
before the ropes are shielded by a metal covering. Keep pulling the switch to 
unsheath the ropes. Once both ropes have been melted off (with acid darts), a 
metal railing will drop down. Shimmy across via the railing, then kill the 
green giant worm. A statue will pop up. Break the statue to receive the second 
Glyph Key. Jump down to the second platform in the main room, and place the 
key in to open up a second stone walkway.

The two other Rosetta stone pieces are located in this main room. Look in the 
upper left, and upper right portions of the room. Shoot the chains next to 
each door to open them up. Go to the upper left corner, and shoot the first 
door you see to reveal a golden statue. Smash it to take the fourth Rosetta 
stone. Again, go to the upper right corner of the room, and break the middle 
door to reveal a golden statue. Smash it to take the fifth Rosetta stone. Now, 
use the extended stone walkways to reach the northernmost door. Shoot the two 
chains near the gate to open it. Head down the long pathway, and smash the 
center golden statue to receive the sixth Rosetta stone.

Unfortunately, you'll also be greeted by a trapped arena. You'll have to deal 
with the following enemies:

     + 2 Cat Knives
     + 2 Sharpbeaks
     + 2 Big Bulls

- Besides the sixth piece, you'll also be rewarded with a Golden Ankh Piece.

Now that you have all six pieces, leave, and head back to the first room with 
Urbain the Archaeologist. Speak with him.

    **Urbain will thank you greatly for making an old man's dream true. He
      tells you to come visit his tent in the Bedouin Camp to see what he
      discovers after deciphering the stone. The easiest way to reach the
      Bedouin Camp is to travel via an underwater tunnel near the Cursed
      Palace. He will also give you an unlimited supply of Underwater
      Projectiles. Press B while dived underwater to toss these deadly
      weapons. You can now damage underwater enemies, along with breaking
      target walls that prevented you from reaching areas before.**

Leave the Lost Temple of Heliopolis. Outside, look for a side well (not in the 
center). Dive down, then break the barrier using the underwater projectiles. 
You'll now be near the South Beach. Use the boat, and pay 5 scarabs to take 
you to the Cursed Palace. Now, run up to the brothers' farm. Go left past the 
plots of land to where there's a sign that points to the Bedouin Outpost. Dive 
into the small water hole, break the barrier, and swim through. You'll now be 
slightly east of the Bedouin Camp. Head west, and Urbain's house is located in 
the center tent.

    **Once inside, you'll be greeted by a wonderous smile on Urbain's face.
      Apparently, he has managed to decipher the Rosetta Stone, and has figured
      out its true intent. It's actually a universal translation tool that will
      allow you to read the Ancients' writing. You can now read what the 5
      Golden Pillars say spread throughout the land of Heliopolis. His dream
      has been accomplished, and he's one happy man. He'll give you the stone
      as thanks for retrieving it before. He suggests that you should see what
      the pillars say, then return to him once you have gathered all of the
   ;/Location of the 5 Pillars/;

    #1 - Along the Bedouin beach, near the edge

    #2 - Near the canyon edge west of the first statue, overlooks South Beach

    #3 - In the northern portion of the South Desert, you must get a speed
         boost from the nearby Atun power circle, and then strike 3 red targets
         on wooden posts. All 3 targets must be spinning at the same time to
         cause for a nearby brown platform to rise and lower. Use this platform
         to reach the above area, then open the chest on the left to receive
         the Golden Obelisk Gate key. Look to your right, and the pillar should
         be near the mountain.

    #4 - Head back to the Cursed Palace, and use the Eagle Plaque to take you
         to that elevated canyon. Go up, and the pillar should be located near
         the canyon edge.

    #5 - Head up through Anubis - Wall II. You'll now be in the area next to
         Squib's Squirt Farm. Go left, and look to your left. The pillar should
         be on top of several plateaus. Climb them to reach it.

^^ In all of the above cases, look for a sign on each of the pillars. Press X 
to read it, and you'll receive a portion of translated text. Once you've 
received all 5 text messages, head back to Urbain, and speak with him.

    **Urbain is astonished that the Ancients forsaw the events that were about
      to occur. He says they were able to predict the Prophecy of Ra. He
      translates the message to read:

      "When the Age of Osiris comes to an end, the Shadow Set will descend upon
       us...but a great warrior by the name of Sphinx, will emerge as the
       Chosen One, to defend the Eternal Eye of Ra."

      Urbain is honored and doesn't know what to say as you are the legendary
      hero. In exchange, he gives you the Hathor Statue, which can be used to
      unlock the Great Obelisk. I reckon it's time to figure out Sphinx's

Once we've fully heard Urbain's debriefing on how much Sphinx matters to the 
success of the world, it's time to head out for the Great Obelisk. This is 
sort of like the master pillar which should truly help the Prophecied One. To 
reach the Great Obelisk, leave the Bedouin Camp and head north. Head back to 
where you found one of the pillars, located near the three targets. Go to the 
left, and there should be a wooden gate. Place the Obelisk Gate Key in the 
slot to open it. Head inside.

    **A brief cutscene will show a giant pillar to the right surrounded by
      three worshippers. If you speak with any of them, they'll spurt out
      short advice on how the Great Obelisk will help the Chosen One.**

Place the Hathor Statue in the slot next to the pillar. A bright red light 
will shine down and force the Great Obelisk into the ground. The most helpful 
item that will reveal itself is the fourth Canopic Vase. Time for some mummy 

 /                        \

    **As always, Bas-Ket arrives on the scene to revive the Cursed Mummy. Yet
      again, he reassures him that they're very close to bringing him back to
      his true form. They require the mummy to skirm throughout the castle for
      new items. However, before all of this happens, we're greeted with a
      brief overwatch of the old hag and two guards. They're on high alert as
      they've still been unable to track down the sole intruder.**

Quickly save your game, and head out the newly opened door that the old hag 
left through. Crawl through the small peephole to your left. Once you arrive 
on the other side, look to your upper right for a wooden bar. Jump up, and 
then shimmy across using the wooden ledge. Drop off at the next stone ledge, 
then look down. You should now be above the doorway which has four eyewatchers 
guarding it. Jump down (behind them), and sprint through the doorway.

This is yet another fairly interesting Swap Mummy puzzle. The room layouts 
aren't too complex, it just takes a little scouting to get use to. Start off 
by jumping down from the upper ledge position you're currently resting on. You 
should now be greeted by three nearby doorways (one to your left, right, and 
behind you). Go straight ahead, and cross the stone bridge.

    **The sarcophagus case will introduce himself as King Rameses, king of all
      sarcophagi. He says that if you manage to light all five surrounding
      torches, you will be rewarded with an ancient artifact. Not a bad
      proposition after all. Unfortunately, it looks easier to light them then
      it is to keep them from being extinguished. Keep this in mind later on.**

Once you're done speaking with him, go back to the center of the room. Go into 
the left chamber which contains two "smashing" wall plates. Get crumpled into 
a Paper Mummy, then quickly hit the nearby switch against the wall. This will 
open a downward gate, along with shielding a huge fire grate hole. Quickly run 
into the southern hallway (avoid the fire grate holes, you'll slip through). 
Run over the covered fire grate (thanks to the pressed switch), then quickly 
slide through the steel bars. You'll be sucked in, and dropped to a lower 
location. However, if you notice, you'll also have two other copies of 
yourself. Time for some swapping mummies. Run straight ahead until you see two 
switches on the ground. Bring the other two mummies, and stand them on the 
switches. This will activate an elevator. Take the other mummy, use him on the 
elevator, then jump near the top. Hit the switch to give the elevator electric 
power. Bring the other 2 mummies up the elevator (as it doesn't require switch 
power anymore). Once all 3 mummies are up, head out through the upper gate.

Now, go back to the center room. Place your 2 mummies on the:

   - LOWER LEFT & UPPER RIGHT switches

This will cause for two metal gates on the left side of the room to go down. 
Now, take your third mummy, and run him through this gate. It's located after 
the paper musher from before. Run through, and you'll see a chest implanted on 
a foldable metal cage. Open the chest to receive the fourth stolen Abydos 
Jewel. You'll also be trapped in the cage, picked up, and roasted in a nearby 
lava pit. Once you're on fire, climb up the nearby ladder, and hit the lever 
in the far end of the room. There are also some Onyx Scarabs here if you wish 
to burn the crates. The switch will retract the stone bridge from before, but 
open the top 3 window shieldings so you can jump down. Rather than jumping 
down, climb down the ladder, and stand next to the fire cage (don't enter it). 
Swap to another mummy. Take him off the switch he's standing on. Go down the 
right hallway (goes past the elevator basement), and you should end up near a 
streaming creek. There should be a stone platform in the middle, along with a 
lever, and a deep waterfall. Place this mummy next to the lever, hit it, and 
two large wooden planks will rise from the water level below. Swap to your 
third mummy, and take him off his switch. Bring him down to this water 
location, and have him jump on the right wooden planks. Travel across to the 
nearby doorway, which should be blocked off by a wooden gate.

WHEW. Now, take control of your fire mummy. Catch him on fire, climb the 
ladder, then jump out via the top 3 windows. Sprint down to the water location 
(don't extinguish the flame), then run across the right wooden planks. Note 
that they will drop as they catch on fire and fall to the ground. Once you're 
across, burn the wooden gate to clear access to this route. Continue forth. 
Your flame should get extinguished in a floor full of water. Continue into the 
next room. You'll be zapped. Now in electricution form, move on to the next 
room. Jump via the elevating stones, and then electricute the node to cause 
for it to open the gate. Take this mummy, and move him all the way back to the 
room with the four floor switches. Swap to your other mummy (who was standing 
next to the wooden gate). Have him get electricuted, then run through the same 
path the previous mummy took. Jump across the wooden platform to get across, 
and run to the four switch room. Take your third mummy, drag him back to the 
four switch room. Now, take your 2 non-electric mummies and place them on the:

   - UPPER LEFT & LOWER RIGHT switches

This will cause for a double gate on the right to open up. Take your electric 
mummy, go straight, and the gate should be located along the right wall 
(slightly past the upper right switch). Run him through, and electricute the 
node at the end of the hall. This will cause for three water platforms to 
elevate at timed intervals. You may now cross via these platforms to light the 
surrounding torches. Before you can do though, take 2 mummies, and place them 
on the previous switches from before that open up the left gate. Take your 
third mummy, catch on fire, then jump down to the center room. Use the water-
gushing platforms to make your way across to the sarchopagus star. Now, this 
puzzle is fairly tricky. Everytime you ignite an empty flame, it will shoot 
out two fire projectiles opposite of it. If these projectiles hit an ALREADY-
LIT lantern, they will put the fire out. If these projectiles hit an empty 
torch, they will cause for it to catch on fire. The idea is to NOT cross 
yourself up, and have random flames spread throughout. Here's the order you 
must light them, in order to cause for all 5 to be lit, without blowing any 
others out:

 Light third -> \*_         _*/  <- Light second
                 \ -_     _- /
                  \  -_ _-  /
                   \  _-_  /
                  __\-   -/__
                      \ /     
                       ^ - Light first

- If you're having trouble, or messed up when lighting them, simply try to get 
ONLY one light lit. Then, light the next torch 2 SPACES to the right of the 
first one lit. Finally, light the next empty torch 1 SPACE to the right of the 
second. Think in terms of counter-clockwise. The idea is to get two unlit 
torches next to each other (along with a third empty one) to fire at so that 
all five are lit. This took a bit of time to solve, so expect to relight your 
mummy a few times in case you mess up.

    **King Rameses figured that you must've gotten Beginner's Luck, or
      something along those lines. As an honorable fellow himself, Rameses
      follows through with his agreement and gives you the Hands of Amun.
      These allow Sphinx to push/pull extremely heavy objects. The mummy in
      his glorious state suddenly faints. Another day we'll fight again.**

    **The game will then warp back to our valiant hero, Sphinx, who is
      standing near the Great Obelisk. Bas-Ket will arrive on the scene to
      deliver the items the Cursed Mummy gathered. You should receive the
      fourth Stolen Abydos Jewel, along with the Hands of Amun, and any Onyx
      Scarabs during his journey. Bas-Ket will also say that he has important
      information from Imhotep. He says that you're ready to begin your search
      for the Sacred Crown of Uruk, and should start off by heading to the
      Great Wall III entrance - better known as Anubis Wall III. It's the only
      way to reach the Uruk Islands where the crown is being held.**

To reach the third entrance, head back to the area where you found the squirt 
pen from before. The Great Wall Entrace III is located near the beach, inside 
a temple cove on the right side of the map. Once you find it, you should be 
able to recognize it by the three giant statues resting there.

 [ ANUBIS - WALL III (3.C3) ]
 /                          \ 

Start off by approaching the three statues. Push each of them onto their 
respective green seals which should be located to the left, right, and left. 
Once all statues are lined up, you should see yellow energy auras shining from 
beneath them. The gate will open once all three statues are in place. Head 

Once inside, we'll be greeted with another magnificent Halo-like cutscene. An 
overwhelmingly sized room filled with tall Anubis statues, and a giant water 
stream will be flowing below you. There are also three glyph key slots along 
the northern wall, and three gigantic water streams which will shove you off 
the stone platform if you pass through them. Start off by crossing the bridge. 
You'll notice that a golden statue is protected by a wooden gate. Go to your 
right, and either lure, or capture (and release) a fire armadillo onto the 
wooden gate. Smash the golden statue inside to receive a Glyph Key. Now, head 
past the three switches on elevated stones, and go up to the nearby magical 
flute. Step on the center vocal to play the pattern. The color sequence is:


Once this code is entered, the door up ahead will open up. You'll have to deal 
with a Crabhands. Once you kill him, open the chest to receive Ice Darts. 
These allow you to freeze enemies, and pick up/carry them as a block of ice. 
This block can further be used for boosts, and can be shattered by using your 
blade upon it.

Head back out to where the Fire Armadillos and Wasp Spiders spawned. Freeze a 
fire armadillo using the ice darts, then carry the block to the first stone 
glyph key slot on the left. Use the block to get an extra boost, then place 
the key in the slot. The first gushing water gate will be closed. Head across 
to this area, and there will be a fire ankh point. Before crossing this point, 
gather the following:

    - capture 3 Fire Armadillos

Step on the Fire Ankh point, then warp to the RIGHT gateway. Once across, use 
the first fire armadillo to burn off the wooden gate. The spikes will go back 
in to their base locations whenever you slam a switch on the first level. So, 
slam the switch, use the wooden base as a boost, then use the fire armadillo 
to burn the wooden gate shielding it. Repeat this process until you've rid of 
all wooden gates. Now, slam the switch, then jump all the way up top before 
the switch resets. Once above, you'll now have to get past a fire stream 
tunnel. Run up, wait for the fire to end, then leap up to the first wooden 
hangar. This will open the upcoming gate. Repeat this process for the next 2 
switches, and make sure you hang on the switches when the fire shoots across 
(cannot reach you). The second glyph key is located at the end of the hall.

Run back to the Ankh point, and warp yourself to the other alternate path (the 
left gateway). Look above, and you'll see a green target. Shoot it with a 
regular dart, and a fire armadillo should spawn. Freeze the enemy using your 
ice dart, then place the block on one of the four switches located before the 
doorway. Repeat the process two more times. You cannot receive more than 3 
armadillos though. To compensate, simply stand on the fourth switch (along 
with the three switches covered with ice blocks), and the doorway will be 
opened. Proceed inside, and smash the statue for the third glyph key. Head 
back to the glyph key slots. For the other two slots, you must freeze Wasp 
Spiders, and slowly push the blocks into position (due to their extreme size). 
I'd recommend killing the fire armadillos as they can be a pesky nuisance. 
Also, try to shoot the spiders from behind as they seem to block shots from 
the front side. Place the two remaining Glyph Keys in the remaining slots. 
This will turn off the rest of the water tunnels.

Now, head across, and walk in the doorway with the yellow mystical energy. 
Press X to use the teleport, and press yes. You'll now be warped to the Uruk 

 [ URUK ISLANDS (3.C4) ]
 /                     \

The teleport will transport you to the Uruk Islands, a fairly forbidden 
although welcoming sight. The nearby lava eruptions, and hot rocky surface 
certainly provide a changing spice to the mix. Head out of the small portal 
room. There are a few barrels around the back side of the building which have 
Ankh refills, along with gold scarabs. You must do a long double jump in order 
to reach them. Head out front, and peer across the distance. You should see 
two floating islands. Turn around, and look to the left and right of the 
portal building. There should be 2 green targets. Shoot them with regular 
darts to turn the floating elevator on. Leap on the elevator, then leap off at 
the opposing island. Speak with the wolf-like creature standing out front.

    **The creature will tell you that he has been awaiting your arrival.
      Imhotep informed him of your progress. Before you can actually get your
      hands on the Sacred Crown of Uruk, you must first pass a test within the
      following temple. Grab the item inside, then return it to him to prove
      that you've passed the test. Once you've passed the test, you may visit
      the great Geb Queen who holds possession of the crown. Grim fate awaits
      you behind these doors. Accept the test, then get ready to move onward.**

Save your game as well with the nearby progress statue to your left. Once you 
enter the temple, you'll be presented with a cross-section room layout. There 
are three different paths you may take, although each must be unlocked 
separately. There is also a yellow password located on the center tile. It 
shades in the following squares with yellow tones. You'll also notice a woman 
is trapped in the right gate, and seeks help:
  |Y Y Y|    Look straight up, and you should see a nine-sectioned tile above
  |  Y  |    a doorway. Use your blowpipe, and shoot standard darts at this
  |__Y__|    pattern. Light up the correct dots according to the pattern on the
             left. Once you input the correct squares, the gate blocking the
             doorway will open up.

Head straight in, then immediately shield yourself to deflect a Mummy Worm's 
projectile. Leap across to the left side using the stone walkways, and kill 
the mummy worm. Then, head back to the center, and use your blowpipe to knock 
the Alert Spider off of the hanging monkey bars. Climb across the monkey bars, 
then drop off. Break the statue around the corner, then kill the Smiling 
Burble that appears. The red password is listed on the wall, and looks like 
  |R   R|    Head back to the main room from before, and now shoot the 9-tile
  |R R R|    above where you saw the girl from before. Shoot the H password to
  |R___R|    the left to unlock the red gate. Proceed onward.

    **The woman will thank you for saving her from this horrid place. She
      reveals her true form to be a Skull Swordsman, along with two other
      enemies (another Skull Swordsman, and Green Giant Worm).**

^ Make quick work of the above enemies. After you kill the green giant worm, a 
statue will rise in its place. Break the statue to receive Bouncing Darts. 
These are darts that will bounce off of walls into hard-to-reach angled spots.

Now, snap the magical rope in the center using your blade, and one middle 
section covering the blue password will be revealed. Look to your left, and 
you should see a target behind a metal cage. Look to the right of the target 
for a small opening. Use the bouncing darts, and shoot one so that it bounces 
off of the wall and hits the target. When this happens, the rope hanging from 
the roof will lower down to a reachable height. Climb the rope, and break the 
magical rope above to snap off another column covering the blue password. Now, 
jump down to ground level, and go near the wall. There should be three hangar 
switches plugged inside. Pull the largest one out first, and pull it the 
farthest back. Pull the middle one about half as much, and pull the smallest 
one only a tad out. Quickly jump on the small, to the middle, and finally to 
the large one. This should give you enough height to reach the last magical 
rope. Snap it to reveal the final column of the password, and also to permit 
access to the golden lever switch across the hot lava. The password for the 
blue door is:
  |B B B|    Head down to where the three sections of the blue password fell
  |B   B|    down. Cross the sprawling hot lava, and there should be a lever on
  |B_B_B|    the other side. Hit the lever, and the prison cage from before
             (protecting the Slim Burbles) will now slide open.

Make your way back to the main room, and go into the northern yellow doorway. 
Jump left using the 2 adjustable stone walkways. The prison bars from before 
are now gone. Capture 5-6 Slim Burbles as you're going to need them for the 
upcoming area. Leave, and head back to the main room. Shoot the BLUE password 
for the western door. Once it opens, head on in. Right off the bat, you're 
going to be forced to deal with a Skull Swordsman, and a Mummy Cat on top of 
that. Once both of them are dead, look to your left, and there should be a 
cracked pillar. Don't worry, you can step on the green-colored floor. Use one 
of your recently capture Slim Burbles, and nail the pillar's crack. It should 
fall over and act as a support to reach the upper area. Head on up, then deal 
with the 2 Skull Swordsman that appear. Break the next pillar, and again, use 
it as a continuum of your quest. Break the following pillar, kill the Skull 
Swordsman, then hit the lever. Move to the very top area of this room, and you
should see a depressed floor panel. Step on it, and you'll notice that a small
ledge sticks out, right next to a large crack in a wall. Stand on the panel
with Sphinx, and then launch a Slim Burble, and guide it towards the crack in
the wall. Try to zig-zag the path of the Burble since sometimes it will blow up
before reaching the ledge (due to a level design error). Sunlight will shine in
once the crack is breached. The sunlight reveals a green-colored password of:
  |  G  |    Head back to the main room, and look towards the locked entrance.
  |G   G|    Input the following green password to the left, and a Glyph Key
  |__G__|    will appear out of thin air. Grab the key, and the gate will open
             as well.

    **Set is speaking with the Geb Queen about securing the Sacred Crown of
      Uruk. He gives it to them so that they may protect it from the internal
      intruder inside the castle. He tells them not to let him down. The game
      then sends us back to the small island where the wolf creature
      congratulates Sphinx for completing the task. He let's you know that the
      Glyph Key may be used to activate this Fire Ankh portal to transport to
      the other islands. A little hint is also suggested. Use the Geb Queen's
      own creatures against her.**

Place the Glyph Key in the metal slot to activate the portal. Step on it, then 
look to your right, and fire at the nearby cross. It should warp you to an 
island to the right. Right off the bat, you'll be forced to engage a Skull 
Swordsman. Also, there is a Nose Needler who pops up in 3 pre-set spots. You 
may want to capture this creature if you haven't already. Once they're both 
dead, go to the right, and look up. There should be a green target suspended 
along the rocky cliff. Shoot it with your dart gun to make two elevation 
platforms appear. Cross the section, then kill this Tree Creature (or capture 
if in need of one). Once it's dead, shoot the target again, and toss the Green 
Statue on the island to the other side using the platforms. Remember you're 
timed, so be quick, but also cautious not to fall off. Once you bring it back 
to the main island, run over and place the statue on a switch to the left. 
This should open the main gate to an exposed chest. Be careful as 2 spike 
spiders are waiting around the corner. Once you've killed them both, open the 
chest to receive a Golden Key.

Go on the Fire Portal, and warp to the opposing or lefternmost island. Walk to 
your left, and a Skull Swordsman & Skeletal Axeman will spawn. Make quick work 
of both of them, then proceed to use the newly acquired key on the Geb Queen's 
door. Enter inside.

    **A brief cutscene will show the Geb Queen denouncing your presence into
      her location. She tells you to be prepared to die. Big surprise, eh?**

  |  BOSS BATTLE || Geb Queen                                     |
  ! First things first, follow the wolf creature's advice. The    !
  | Geb Queen has primarily three attacks. She'll attack you with |
  | physical spin/swipes, acid bombs, or blue energy balls. When  |
  ! you see her shoot these blue energy balls at you, quickly     !
  | strike them with your sword. You'll be morphed into a small   |
  | frog-like creature. Jump to the upper area behind the Queen   |
  ! which is relatively close to the Uruk Crown. Step on the two  !
  | levers to release small Spike Spiders. Lure them down to the  |
  | Geb Queen, and they'll start to attack her. When a spider     |
  ! clings to her body, attack her with your blade. She is        !
  | invulnerable unless you attack her when the bugs cling to her.|
  | Do this procedure about 5 times to rid of her. Note that she  |
  ! will summon Skull Swordsmen on the left and right sides once  !
  | after 2-3 damaging blows.                                     |

    **The Geb Queen will die a horrible death - by the mercy of her own pets.
      As usual, the boss will curse you for killing her, and Set will truly
      demolish you in the ultimate battle. Whoopty do.**

Some elevated platforms will appear out of thin air. Climb them, then grab the 
exposed Sacred Crown of Uruk.

    **A mystical voice will tell you that you still fail to recognize the full
      power of these crowns. However, for yours actions, you are rewarded with
      a Gold Ankh container. Looks like Sphinx is pumping some heavy steam.
      You'll then be warped back to Master Imhotep's shrine. The situation
      looks very dire. The key fact that Set was involved all along only
      suggests the worst scenario. Tell Anubis of your findings, and give him
      the Sacred Crown of Uruk.**

Use the portal behind Imhotep, and warp to Anubis's Tower. Speak with him to 
advance your adventure.

    **Sphinx gives Anubis the Sacred Crown of Uruk. Anubis says you were fairly
      lucky as Set could have easily destroyed you had you encountered him at
      the Geb Queen's lair from before. He begins to speak of what really
      happened. Many, many years ago, a god named Ra ruled over everyone. He
      was the grand enchilada of all gods as he provided a sacred balance over
      the entire world. Good was represented by the god, Osiris, and evil was
      represented by Set. Eventually, due to the corrupt methods of evil, greed
      overtook Set's soul, and he attempted to overthrow his brother (Osiris).
      Set betrayed his brother, and ever since, has been manifesting more power
      to finally declare himself the sole god over the world. Before you can
      continue with your journey, Anubis wants you to collect the Sacred Crown
      of Heliopolis from the Pharoah in the Cursed Palace. He hands you the 3
      remaining Cursed Stones, and wishes you luck.**

Use the Heliopolis Amulet using Anubis's Portal. Save your game as a crucial 
point is coming up in the gameplay.

/Sacred Crown of Heliopolis (3.D)/

Start off by heading over to the Cursed Palace. Head up to the first solid 
figure which shows two guards near a doorway. Place the aqua-like stone in its 
correct slot, and the 2 Pharoah Guards will be unlocked.

    **The two guards will inform you that you may not pass without an official
      royal invitation. While you saved their lives, they basically don't shed
      an ounce of compassion.**

Go to the left section of the Cursed Palace, and go into the far left corner. 
Place the pale white stone in the correct slot, and an older lady will be 
unlocked. This is the sister of the fairly "heavy-set" lady who is amazed by 
the juggler in Abydos.

    **The lady is grateful that you unlocked her from the stone curse. However,
      her precious Chihuahuas are missing, and she could never return to her
      sister without them. Find the 3 remaining dogs, and return them to her.**

The first dog is located directly behind her. Use your Capture Beetles to 
snatch the dog. Now, head to the central portion of the Palace, and a 
Chihuahua will be located near the two guards. Finally, the last Chihuahua is 
located in the right room, in the far right corner. Once you have all 3 dogs, 
return to the lady and give them to her.

    **She will thank you greatly for saving her life (and her precious domestic
      animals). As a token for your kindness, she will hand you the fifth
      Canopic Vase. Looks like it's time for some mummy whoopin'.**

 /                       \

    **Bas-Ket will arrive on the scene to revive our beloved Cursed Mummy. To
      our surprise, it appears that a creature is locked up in a small cell.
      Not knowing of what's going on, he screams in agony thinking that he's
      going to be killed by an Undead monster, and not by the wrath of Set.
      Figure out a way to free him.**

Save your game, then go out the open door (which you took before). The Cage 
Key is located right on the floor. Pick it up, then use it on the lock on the 
cage to free the young creature.

    **We soon learn that this young creature is actually Khensu, a natural-born
      Urukite. Apparently, Set locked him down in the depths of the castle for
      stealing items throughout the castle (sounds familiar, huh?). At a first
      glance, he feared for his life. But now, he tells you to follow him to
      get out of this God forsaken place.**

Follow Khensu. He'll slowly (in a cautious manner) pop the two outside buttons 
on the nearby wall, and a skull-blocked doorway will open up. Head inside to 
meet your fifth major puzzle. This is probably one of the more enjoyable 
puzzles you'll encounter throughout the game. Here's the basic layout of the 

      WG - water gushers
       X - switch that alternates stepping stone sides
       E - electric node
      [[ - stepping stones
      << - pathway leads to switches that turn off water gushers 
      >> - pathway leads to switch that turns on metal grate
       <<                   X                     >>
       <<                                         >>
       <<    [[                           ]]      >>
        |    [[  [[                   ]]  ]]      |
        |        [[                   ]]          |
        |            [[     _     ]]              |
        |            [[  E / \ E  ]]          ####|
        |WG>              /===\               ####| <- Metal Grate 
        |WG>              \ E /               ####|
        |WG>                                  ####|
        |                  [[                     |
        |                                         |
        |                  [[                     |
        |                                         |
        |                  [[                     |
        |                                         |
One of the main goals in this puzzle is that you MUST light the 3 Electric 
Nodes in the center of the primary room. To do so, follow the next few 

After you enter through Khensu's secret exit, there should be a giant vortex 
electricutor. Whenever you walk through here, you will become an Electric 
Mummy. Start off by walking through, and getting electrified. Now, quickly 
jump down to the first floor, and directly underneath the location you 
previously were is a hangar-shaped lever. Pull it all the way out, and a 
cutscene will show the first three stepping stones, to the bottom electric 
node, pop up. Quickly climb the ladder to the left of the switch, get 
electrified, then drop down, and use the stones to cross over the pond of 
water. Electrify the first node. Now, run all the way to the northern side of 
the room. There should be a gold lever on the top part. Hit the switch, and 
the stepping stones will switch from the left to the right side of the room. 
However, you cannot electrify the right node yet as the metal grate leading 
there is pressed in the water. Take the right pathway and it should lead you 
to a room with several horizontal water gushers. There will also be scrolling 
ladders, along with a fire incinerator before the water part.

Walk over the grate to turn into Fire Mummy. The next key objective is to 
avoid any forms of water, and make it to the other side before your flame is 
extinguished. Jump down below the scrolling ladders into the bottom of the 
room. Look to the left side for a lever. Hit it twice to bring the water 
gusher close to the bottom. Hit the next lever once, and hit the final lever 
twice. This means when you jump on a ladder, you must line yourself low, crawl 
up, then crawl down. Now, go catch yourself on fire, and jump onto a swinging 
ladder. Climb into position, then climb up a bit (to avoid the second wall of 
water), and climb down (to avoid the third). Then, jump off the ladder. You 
may want to catch the 2 crates on fire to get some Onyx Scarabs. Climb the 
ladder, and quickly burn the wooden gate guarding the lever. Hit this newly 
acquired lever, and it will rise the metal grate from before.

Head back to the electric room, get electrified, then drop down, and electrify 
the right node. Everything should be in place if you followed the previous 
steps. Go to the back switch, and hit it to reverse the stones to the other 
side. Unfortunately, three water gushers are preventing you from electrifying 
the left node. Head into the left pathway, and walk down. Open the first chest 
you come across. You'll receive the fifth stolen Abydos Jewel. Unfortunately, 
you'll then be zapped by two green lasers and morphed into a Blood Bat. Fly up 
top, and there should be a yellow switch with a bat logo imprinted on it. Fly 
into the symbol to cause for a gateway to open up. Fly forward, and you'll 
eventually meet a room that splits into three directions (left, center, or 
right). Go to your right first, hit the button near the top of the doorway. 
Zip through the upper gate that opened up. Then, proceed left, and hit that 
switch. Finally, hit the last button above the snake's mouth to shut off a 
water gusher. This will shut down the last water gusher. To get back to the 
zapping room, step on the switches on the floor to open up each of the 

Once you're back in the bat room, get transformed and take the center path 
this time. Avoid the two bright lasers, then hit the bat switch above the 
snake's mouth to turn off the first water gusher. Repeat the process, except 
this time, take the left path. You'll reach a clustered room. Fly up above, 
and the switch should be located along the upper-middle portion of the wall. 
Hit it to open the doorway, then hit the switch above the snake's head. This 
will turn off the second water gusher. Head back to the electric room, get 
electrified, then jump down and electrify the left node (now that the stones 
and water gushers are set to their correct status). Once all 3 electric nodes 
have been powered on, a giant four-swing hangar up above will start to rotate. 
Climb the ladder, then leap onto any one of the hangars. Reach the opposite 
side and drop off. Open the chest to receive the Royal Invitation.

    **Our beloved Mummy collapses due to a lack of lively spirit. Thankfully
      though, Sphinx receives the Royal Invitation, along with the fifth
      stolen jewel, and any Onyx Scarabs gathered during the incident.**

You'll now be back inside the Cursed Palace. Go back to the Pharoah Guards and 
speak with them. This time, they'll let you in since you have a Royal 
Invitation. Unlock the Pharoah using the pink cursed stone.

    **The Pharoah has been waiting forever for the end of this horrid curse.
      Unfortunately, he was corrupted by Set long before he was cast into a
      solid statue. He runs off with the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis.**

A side hallway should open up. Go to your right and chase him down the spiral 
stairwell. The first opening you see on your right, go in, and slide down the 

    **Again, Sphinx will jump down into the arena. The Pharoah says you're very
      persistent and are willing to get your hands on the crown. He says that
      you don't have the knowledge to understand the true power behind the
      crown. He also says that the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis will be Set's,
      and not yours. Corrupt bum. He'll also morph into a giant Scorpion-like

  |  BOSS BATTLE || Pharoah Scorpion                              |
  ! First of all, this massive creature is impervious to all      !
  | attacks until you stun it with rocks on the ground. These gray|
  | rocks will only appear after the scorpion performs a bash     |
  ! attack on the ground. Several stalagmites will fall, and      !
  | pieces of rock will be the remains. Pick up any one of these  |
  | rocks, then throw it at the boss. It should stun him          |
  ! temporarily. Quickly run behind him, and strike his tail.     !
  | Repeat the process about 5 times for defeat. The Scorpion     |
  | isn't too much of a weary foe. Just don't let him catch you   |
  ! from behind, and repeatedly bash you with his claws. He also  !
  | has an additional fire attack, along with the bashing-collapse|
  | attack.                                                       |

    **After destroying the cowardous traitor, the Pharoah takes pleasure in
      knowing that Set will make you suffer a slow and painful death. So
      much for his self confidence. In his place will be the Sacred Crown of

Walk up to where the Pharoah Scorpion died, and pick up the Sacred Crown of 

    **Sphinx will again, be overwhelmed with an increasing surge of power. He's
      close to fulfilling his destiny, but only a few inches away from success.
      The game will then shift back to the Castle of Uruk. Three Urukites will
      enter the cell where the Cursed Mummy is being held. They'll bring out a
      Canopic Vase which was discovered by them while scouring the castle.
      The Cursed Mummy is then brought to life by the portion of soul inside.
      One of the creatures introduces himself as Sobek, chief of the Urukites.
      He briefly states that Khensu had told him of who rescued him, and that
      you (the Cursed Mummy) were the hero who was meddling with Set's plans
      all along. It's only a matter of time before Set's guards overrun the
      castle and find out who the true intruder is. They know where the primary
      source of energy is for Set's laser, but they have no way of infiltrating
      the location. They believe you may be the only one who can complete the
      challenge. They'll lead you to the location.**

/Sacred Crown of Set (3.E)/

Before proceeding onward, use the nearby save statue to note down your 
progress. This puzzle isn't as difficult if you can get over the "massiveness" 
of the rooms. Four metal gates will close behind you once you enter. Start off 
by going to your right, and you should be in a large room filled with water. 
The room has a layout similar to the following:
        _______    __________________
       | CC W  ////                  |
       |       ////                  |
       |W                            |
  _____|   <-- Switch on first floor |
               top left corner       |
                                 ===// leads to sixth gem
  _____                          ===// & fire room
       |                         === |
       |   |---|  |--|  |-|      === |
       |   |---|  |--|  |-|      === |
       |                             |

Start off by leaping down into the water. Turn to your left, and look in the 
corner for a lever. You'll be using this later. Now, go straight ahead to the 
path that leads to the fire room. Open the chest inside this room to receive 
the sixth stolen Abydos Jewel. Unfortunately, our poor mummy will also be 
incinerated at the same time. Return back to the water room, and hit the lever 
in the top left corner of the room. It should raise the "===" metal grate on 
the right portion of the room. Quickly sprint to the fire room, catch on fire, 
and then use the newly-raised metal grate to prevent you from touching the 
water. Jump to where the three pillars are located at the bottom of the room, 
and light the wooden planks under each of them. This will cause for the stone 
pillars above to drop down to a reachable height. Again, hit the switch, catch 
on fire, then use these 3 pillars to reach the upper area of the room. Quickly 
sprint to the room on the left which is filled with lava. It has a layout 
similar to this:

  |             /////               |    After catching fire, and sprinting to
  |                                 |    the lava room, run across (since the
  |                                 |    fire form makes you invincible to
  |                                 |    lava). Run to the pathway which leads
  //                               //    to the electric room. Step on the
  // <- Leads to electric          //    floor switch to open the door up
  //    room                       //    ahead. However, you must avoid the red
  //                               //    lasers which randomly pop in and out.
  |                                 |    Pass the lasers undetected, otherwise
  |                                 |    the door will be slammed shut.
  |       Electric Node (on 1F)     |

Once you make it through, hit the lever straight ahead to cause for square 
metal grates to rise from the lava. Now, climb the ladder, and walk through 
the lasers if you wish. A giant bolt of lightning will shock our undead 
friend. Now your mummy is in Electric Form. Run over to the stone walkway, but 
jump down near the beginning so you land on the first floor plateau right 
underneath. Electrify this node. It will cause for a giant stone bridge to 
extend between the north and south doorways in this room. Use the recently 
acquired metal grates to hop back to the water room. Go down to ground level, 
hit the switch, catch on fire, then hobble up to the second floor. However, 
rather than running back to the fire room, look in the northwest corner. Enter 
sneak mode, avoid the first water gusher, then catch the pile of crates 
(marked with CC on the first map) on fire. This will cause for them to be 
destroyed. Run back to the electric generator, get electrified, then return 
this location. Sneak across and avoid the water gushers (otherwise you'll lose 
your electricity). Exit sneak mode once you've made it past the second gusher 
(you can now sneak by since the crates have been destroyed). You'll drop down 
to a stone walkway. Run up this narrow hallway, and electrify the node ahead. 
This will turn power on to the second wind fan.

Run back to the electric room, get electrified, and run across the stone 
bridge. You'll now access a new area. Avoid the smasher in the doorway, and 
the paper smasher on the bridge. Jump down to ground level below the bridge 
(but do not hit the water). Jump across the floating crates in the pond of 
water, and electrify the node across from it. This will provide power to the 
first fan. There should be a narrow ladder caged inside a black ring. Climb 
this, then hit the lever up top to open the fence right next to you. It will 
also place a metal grate over some thin bars. Quickly get smashed in the 
doorway smasher to turn into Paper Mummy. Run forward across the bridge and 
over the covered metal grate. Leap upward and go to your right (in paper form 
the fan will elevate you). Continue forward, and leap again (the second fan 
should be turned on from the electric node in the water room). Leap to your 
left. Go to the end of the hall, and hit the lever to ignite a nearby Pumpkin 

Run back to the second fan room. By now, your Paper Mummy form has probably 
worn off. Look to your left for some adjacent stone pathways, and leap to the 
door on the left using them. Run to the end of the hall, and sprint into the 
room with the Pumpkin head. After a specific amount of time, the head will 
heat up and incinerate everything in the room. The Cursed Mummy will turn into 
a black Vapor form. Run back, leap over the second fan area to the middle 
portion. Walk towards the doorway and wooden spikes will rise. Use the vapor 
form to "easily" walk through them. Congratulations, you've beaten the 
true "final" puzzle of the game.

Head on through to the next room. Use the save statue to your left to save 
your progress. Run towards the chest, and out of nowhere, the wall will 
retract backwards. Our poor old mummy will be shredded by a dicer into three 
separate forms. Swap each of the forms and set them around the three levers 
surrounding the Sacred Crown of Set. Take each of your mummies, and have them 
pull their switch. A purple platform will rise out of the water. Now, take 
each mummy, and leap onto the individual switch. After all three have pressure 
on them, a second inner ring of platforms will pop up. They'll be spinning at 
a moderate pace. Take each of your mummies and leap onto them. Once all 3 are 
in place, a final ring of rotating platforms will pop up. These ones are 
fairly fast. Again, get all of the mummies on the platforms, and the puzzle 
will lock up. Take your last mummy, and snatch the Sacred Crown of Set.

    **Suddenly, as you grab the Sacred Crown of Set, the old hag and Set enter
      the room. You've been the intruder all along. Set casts a lightning spell
      which suspends and paralyzes the Cursed Mummy into a stationary location.
      He tells the old hag to activate the laser again, but she tries to
      explain that it won't be as powerful now that the crown has disappeared.
      Bas-Ket hides in the background of the room with the items that the
      mummy retrieved. Set tries to come up with a solution in the meantime.**

    **Sphinx will receive the items that the Mummy gathered on the final
      puzzle. You should receive the Sacred Crown of Set, the sixth stolen
      Abydos jewel, and any Onyx Scarabs gathered in the process. Master
      Imhotep informs you to take the last two remaining crowns to Anubis. He
      also let's you know that this will be the final battle to fulfill the
      destiny. Make sure you accomplish anything else before moving onward to

  >>>***<<< WARNING: If you depart to Anubis, you cannot turn back to your
            previous game. Only move onward if you're ready to end your current

 /                         \

Before going to the tower, capture at least 2 Slim Burbles. Go to Anubis's 
Tower via the Portal God's transporation system. Climb the rope and speak with 

    **Anubis knew you would succeed in your tasks. Not only do you give him the
      Sacred Crown of Heliopolis, but you'll also hand him Set's own crown. The
      reason why Anubis froze the inhabitants in Heliopolis was because the
      Pharoah was going to give the crown to Set, and his only way of
      preventing this from happening was to mold them into stone statues. Now
      that the inhabitants are freed, you've saved many innocent lives. Anubis
      then gives all four crowns to Osiris. We soon learn that Anubis is
      actually the guardian of Osiris. Ever since Set betrayed him, Osiris had
      become extremely weak. But now that you have reunited him with the
      crowns, he has grown into a more formidable opponent. Osiris informs
      Sphinx that he must complete the Prophecy of Ra. Travel to Castle Uruk,
      fight Set in a final battle, and defeat the representation of evil.
      Anubis must stay behind and defend the innocent worlds from being
      attacked by the forces of evil. Quickly jump into the lava below to be
      transported to Castle Uruk. Sphinx then valiantly jumps into the lava.**

You'll now be in the Uruk Canals. Remember, if you save your game from now 
onward, there's no turning back. Climb the ladder, and a save statue is 
nearby. A brief cutscene will show a Smiling Burble get blown to pieces by the 
fairly weakened red laser. Sprint forward, and jump over the first lava ridge. 
Continue onward, and use the stone pillars as a boost to reach the other side. 
The laser should start to charge up by now. Sprint forward, and take shelter 
behind a small boulder in the middle of the map. You should have at least two 
Slim Burbles right now. Look to your right, and there should be a cracked 
pillar. Send a Slim Burble into the pillar to cause it to fall. Quickly run 
behind that pillar for shelter. Send a second Burble out towards a pillar on 
the left side, and use that for cover as well. Then, simply sprint straight 
ahead, smash the statue for some Ankh health, then save your game. Use the 
portal to be warped to the final battle.

    **Set says that he has been waiting for this battle his entire life.
      Despite what the prophecy says, he's going to defeat you to prove the
      Ancients wrong. He also suggests that his brother Osiris was perhaps too
      weak to come and face him. That, or perhaps too cowardly - haha! Set then
      morphs into his true form, a giant Serpent Magician.**

@\ Defeating Set /@
This battle is hard mainly due to the fact that there are multiple variables 
involved. To start off, Set utilizes Blade Robots. These are mechanical 
devices which have swinging blades on them, and chase you across the circle-
shaped battle arena. There are roughly around 4-6 of them. Eventually, Set 
also performs a rotating flame attack which engulfs the entire arena. To avoid 
this attack, simply run in the direction Set is rotating and do not get burnt 
by the flames. After he performs the flame attack, here comes the tricky part. 
Set will kneel down along one of the sides of the circle arena (usually 
opposite of you), and attacks with giant laser beams. However, the catch is 
that these laser beams are shaped similar to the Gauntlet. You must avoid the 
red parts, run up to his head, and jump slash the exposed energy ball. Do this 
process 6 times to defeat him. Aside from that, he'll occasionally lock the 
map up with steel walls. They'll pop up, trap you in one section of the 
circle, and usually a robot will be in the tiny section with you. Finally, he 
has two other attacks. One involves launching large red lava balls which 
splatter red hot lava along the battle arena floor. There is also another 
attack which plants proximity lava mines. If you run close to them, they will 
explode and send out a radius attack.

Basically, avoid the laser beams, and slash his head 6 times. Here's the 
shape/pattern of the laser attacks after each time you strike him:
     1st Time - Low |_________|
               Simply run in the direction of the oncoming beams, and leap over
               them. All beams appear on the low section of the map.
     2nd Time - High |________|
              |       ________
              | Low  |________|
               Again, you'll have to deal with low beams. However, this time,
               there are also additional high beams. Jump over the low beams,
               run under the high beams, then jump over the low, and repeat.
               They move at a moderately slow pace, so it shouldn't be too hard
               to avoid.
                      ___      ___
     3rd Time - Odd  |   |____|   |
              |      |____________|
              |       _     __     __
              | Odd  | |___|  |___|  |
              |      |_______________|
               This time you'll have to deal with odd shapes. To avoid these,
               double jump for the upper beams (in the middle), and double jump
               on the left or right sides (for the second one). You must jump
               between the empty gaps, otherwise you will take damage.
     4th Time - Flat Rectangle     /             /
              |                   /             /
              |                  /             /
              |                 /_____________/
               A large flat rectangle will coat the ground. The only way to
               evade these is to stand on the circular stones positioned in the
               arena grounds. Whenever you approach one, stand on the circle
               stone, then quickly jump off, and advance onward. You cannot
               double jump over these.
     5th Time - Low Fast |___________|
               Same as the first pattern, except these ones move extremely
               fast. Jump at a rapid pace.
     6th Time - Low Fast  |___________|
              |            ___________
              | High Fast |___________|
               Same as the second pattern, except both of them have fast
               spinning rates. Jump high, run under, and repeat at a quick rate
               to avoid them. This should be the last pattern Set ever lays

    **After you pummel Set, he'll crumble into the lava below. Our beloved
      Mummy will be freed from the spell, and dispelled to where Sphinx is.
      Imhotep arrives on the scene to congratulate you on your success. Anubis
      also arrives and tells you that Set is severely weakened. However, it is
      not his destiny to be destroyed. A world without evil would be hugely
      imbalanced, and it's necessary for both good and evil to be present in
      order for equilibrium to be attained. Osiris then appears in a bluish
      form and combines with Set's red form to shift into a bright white
      light. Now the forces have been balanced. Everyone can live in peace and
      harmony again. Sphinx's reward for fulfilling the prophecy is that his
      name will forever be remembered in the history books and by all people of
      the country. In a sense, he'll be the William Wallace of this ancient
      land. As for the Cursed Mummy and his assistance on the journey, Osiris
      gives him the last Canopic Vase which will fully restore him to human
      form, and send him back to his kingdom. Tutankhamen excited with joy,
      sprints towards the vase, but slips and ends up cracking it! His soul
      withered away into thin air. He begins to cry. Imhotep relieves him by
      saying that they will figure a way out to restore him to his full form,
      some time in the near future. Poor fellow. Haha.**


            /=======| |=|   |=| |=======|     |=======| |==\  |=| |=\
            |___ ___| | |   | | | |=====|     | |=====| | \ \ | | | _\
               | |    | |___| | | |           | |       | |\ \| | || |\
               | |    |  ___  | | |=====|     | |=====| | | \ \ | ||_|/
               | |    | |   | | | |_____      | |_____  | |  \  | |  /
               |_|    |_|   |_| |_______|     |_______| |_|   \_| |_/


- 4) Side Quests           -
As with any adventure game, or RPG, there are usually side missions which 
branch off from the main quest. Rather than getting entangled in some boring 
entourage, why not help the innocent NPCs of the world? Sphinx and the Cursed 
Mummy has a few side quests which help add some replayability to the game. 
While they may not be as exciting as one would expect, the only way to truly 
earn 100% complete game is to earn every secret in the game. The following 
section will detail about Gold Ankh pieces, various shops in the games, any 
unknown secrets, along with the envious Monster Museum.

/Gold Ankh Pieces (4.1)/
Much like Zelda with its heart containers, life containers in Sphinx are 
called Gold Ankhs. These are basically jewels which contain a red circle of 
blood inside. When an Ankh gets empty, it moves on to the next Ankh container. 
Once all containers are empty, you die. Ankhs are split into thirds. Depending 
on your opponent's attack power, you may only lose (1/3) of the blood in your 
Ankh when you get hit. Other attacks may provoke for the entire Ankh to be 
drained. This section will list where to get each of the 20 Ankh Pieces spread 
throughout the world of Sphinx. Sphinx starts off with 3 containers in the 
beginning of the game. A maximum can be obtained of twelve. I'd like to give 
credit to:

>> NinjaWhite's Sphinx FAQ for the location of 3 missing Ankh pieces I could 
not find.

     Full Ankh containers are earned when:

    - Defeat the 3 Skeletons Boss
    - Capture the Sacred Crown of Abydos
    - Capture the Sacred Crown of Uruk
    - Capture the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis

     Partial Ankh Pieces are obtained when:

    - Visit Shetta the Healer in the Bedouin Camp. Ask her to perform the Ankh
      Piece ritual. It requires 200 scarabs per container, and you need 4 Ankh
      Pieces for it to be a success.

  #1 - Reward for safe return of 1st Stolen Abydos Jewel

  #2 - Reward for safe return of 2nd Stolen Abydos Jewel
  #3 - Reward for safe return of 3rd Stolen Abydos Jewel

  #4 - Reward for safe return of 5th Stolen Abydos Jewel

  #5 - Reward for safe return of 6th Stolen Abydos Jewel

  #6 - Located to the right of the Cursed Palace (in Heliopolis) is an Obstacle
       Course. Use the zipline to swing across, then slam the switch to extend
       the bridge. Speak with the man, and beat 79 seconds (must be less than
       this time) to earn a piece. Strategies to lower your time are listed in
       the Athletic Courses section.

  #7 - There is an island near the Cursed Palace that has three red targets on
       it. Once you obtain the blowpipe, stand at a position equidistant from
       all three targets. Use your blowpipe, and shoot each of them quickly. If
       you manage to get all 3 targets spinning at the same time, a chest will
       spawn with a piece inside.

  #8 - Proceed to Heliopolis Point via the Great Wall II entrance. To the left
       is Sekhmet's Squirt Pen. Lead the four squirts around the farm into the
       pen, and then Sekhmet will reward you with a piece.

  #9 - When you reach the South Desert, there should be a large boulder along
       the left wall right below a small indentation. Use a Slim Burble to
       destroy the boulder. On the other side is a chest which contains an Ankh

 #10 - Capture a Fire Armadillo, then head off to the Cursed Palace. Use the
       Eagle Plaque, then climb the nearby rope. There should be a boulder
       sitting high above on some wooden planks. Use the fire armadillo to burn
       the planks. The boulder will roll down the hill, and smash into an
       obelisk outside the Cursed Palace. It will reveal a chest with a piece.

 #11 - Head to Heliopolis Point. Down near the beach, where the three buildings
       rest is an athlete. Speak with him, and he'll challenge you to a
       sprinting race. You must sprint from where he is, down the beach, while
       making use of the Atun Speed Boost plaques along the way. Use Atun Eyes
       in the skull heads to unlock these speed boosters. Run down the beach,
       then make a left at the Cave Door. You can acquire the Cave Door key
       from the paranoid merchant for 10 Onyx Scarabs. Once you arrive on the
       other side (you'll be in South Beach), sprint down to where Fetta's
       house it. There should be a target hanging on a string along the canyon.
       Climb the ledge, strike the target once, then sprint back to the
       athlete. Complete the race in less than 70 seconds for a piece.

 #12 - Once you help the Brothers' Farm out, they'll offer to dig up two dirt
       plots for you, and reward you with what they find. One Ankh piece is
       located in the plot to the left, second to last from the last dirt plot.

 #13 - ^ The other Ankh piece is located in the fourth plot to the right from
       the farmhouse.

 #14 - In Abydos, there is a bum who lays along the sidewalk in the upper part
       of the city. Offer him 10 scarabs three times (30 total scarabs), and
       he'll reward you with a Gold Ankh piece for your kindness.

 #15 - In the Lost Temple of Heliopolis, one of the last major enemy fights
       involves combating a series of several enemies. Your reward for victory
       is a Gold Ankh piece.

 #16 - Capture a Fire Armadillo. Go to the right of the Cursed Palace and use
       the double-jump zipline to swing across. Proceed to the left of the
       obstacle course, and there should be some pots along the wall. Look to
       the right for a disguised entrance, and burn the wooden fence guarding
       it. There's a chest inside with a piece.

 #17 - Capture a Slim Burble. Go to the waterfall near the Riverside Farm.
       There should be a few boulders scattered in the water near the
       waterfall. Destroy the boulders using a Slim Burble, and open the
       revealed chest for a piece.

 #18 - Go to the Bedouin Camp. There's an assistant to the Capture Beetle
       Seller who will offer for you to be his apprentice. Accept the challenge
       and complete the three monster lists he hands you. There are four
       monsters on each list that must be captured and handed over. After you
       complete the third list, a gold ankh piece will be your reward.

 #19 - Visit Heliopolis Point and go down to where the three buildings are.
       Enter the building on the far right to meet Gebel. He has an Ankh piece
       on sale for 150 Onyx Scarabs.

 #20 - There is also another Ankh piece for 150 Onyx Scarabs in Gebel's shop as
       well. This is primarily where those Onyx Scarabs during the Mummy 
       missions come in handy.

/Mini-Games (4.2)/
When you first visit the city of Abydos, there are four mini-games you may 
participate in. Unfortunately, not all games can be played until you gain 
certain items (Wings of Ibis, zipline). However, these mini-games all serve a 
purpose in mastering your skills, and gaining an additional monster in the 
game. There are approximately four different mini-games, and each of them 
reward you with a Master Medal after you complete the task on the highest 
|{{ Sorkon's Sequence Shack }}|

    LOCATION: In the Grand Canal, building on far left side of city.
        GOAL: Correctly repeat the color sequence by stepping on a flute
  DIFFICULTY: Beginner     (5 to play, 10 reward)
              Intermediate (10 to play, 20 reward)
              Expert       (20 to play, 45 reward) -> Medal of Sequences

- This is basically a very simple mind game test. Step on the center platform 
to have the game show a random pattern of colors. Repeat the pattern by 
stepping on the correct colors in order. Three colors are for beginners, four 
for intermediate, and five for expert. This really isn't too hard.

|{{ Panub's Pair Matching Place }}|

    LOCATION: In the Grand Canal, building to right of Sorkon's Shack.
        GOAL: Correctly match pairs of logos within 60 seconds
  DIFFICULTY: (10 to play, varying reward based on time) -> Medal of Memory

- This mini-game requires you have the blowpipe. Once you do, step in front of 
the large grid-sized puzzle. There are approximately 16 squares, and 8 of them 
are pairs. Start shooting two squares at a time. This game comes down to luck 
really as the random placement of logos can either help, or cause for more 
frustration. Might take a few tries to beat 60 seconds for the Memory Medal.

|{{ Tefnut's Target Tavern }}|

    LOCATION: In the ID-only area of Abydos, building on left side of city.
        GOAL: Shoot as many targets (not skull & crossbones) within 30 seconds
  DIFFICULTY: (10 to play, varying reward based on points) -> Marksman's Medal

- The easiest way to get by is to simply keep your blowpipe centered in the 
screen. Do not adjust it left or right - just up and down. Nail targets as 
they cross your line of vision. Score 40 points (or higher) within the 30 
second time limit to win the medal. Certain targets are faster than others. 
Time your shots slightly earlier than previous shots. DO NOT shoot the skull & 
crossbones as it decreases your time and points.

|{{ Corridor of Champions }}|

    LOCATION: In Abydos Plaza, building in center.
        GOAL: Complete the 3 Gauntlet Challenges
  DIFFICULTY: Gauntlet I   (10 to play, 30 reward)
              Gauntlet II  (10 to play, 30 reward)
              Gauntlet III (10 to play, 30 reward) -> Medal of Champions

- This can be one of the most challenging side quests you'll come across 
during the game. First of all, you need the Wings of Ibis before you can 
compete. The organizer will tell you to get a diamond behind a high metal gate 
before you can compete. Do so, and bring it back to him within 20 seconds. 
Gauntlet I is fairly easy. There will be small beams that move towards you. 
Simply jump over them. The four gold statues to smash are all located on the 
first floor.

- Gauntlet II is a tad more challenging. This time, there are larger sized 
platforms. Your time limit is extended to 200 seconds. The first statue is 
high above straight ahead. The second is along the right wall, a tad lower, 
and the other 2 are on ground level. You must use the elevation of the 
platforms to reach the higher ones.

- Gauntlet III is extremely hard, and most people seem to have trouble with 
this one. For starters, DO NOT worry about time. You will almost always have 
at most 60 seconds left. There are roughly about 5 differently shaped 
platforms that will be tossed at you. Also the placement of the statues is as 

          ___ <- Second Floor        ___ <- First Floor             ______
_________| S |______________________| S |__________________________|  EXIT
L                                                                    |
A                                                                    |
V                     [1]          [2]                               |
A                                                                    |
____         ___________     __________________     _______________  |____
    |       |           |_S_|<- Second Floor   |_S_| <- First Floor|__EXIT
    | START |     

The easiest way to complete the Gauntlet is to never stop moving. As stated 
before, there are five differently shaped platforms to avoid. On two of them, 
the only way to get around the platform is to enter inside, climb the stairs, 
then jump out on top. You MUST do this. The other three platforms include one 
that has a straight exit, one that has a two-corner exit, and one that has 
stairs directly up the middle. Start off by moving forward by passing through 
the platforms. When you reach where it says [1] on the diagram above, wait for 
the platform which has the TWO elevated stepways that lead to the second 
floor. Climb up there, stand on the angular portion up top, then leap and 
smash the first statue. Wait for another platform to come by, then jump down, 
continue forward to [2]. Wait for the same TWO elevated stepways platform, and 
stand on the opposite stairwell to reach the second statue. Now, the remaining 
two statues can be reached by double jumping and are on the first floor. I 
completed this event in around 245 seconds, and so can you. Remember though, 
the exits are near the end of the map, so don't get caught behind a giant 
platform. You'll be rewarded with the Medal of Champions for completing this 

/Optional Upgrades (4.3)/
Throughout the game of Sphinx, there are several items which allow you to 
upgrade options in your inventory. While these upgrades are entirely optional, 
and not necessary to completing the game, many of them may be helpful in 
completing the game to its entire depth.

|{{ Extended Wallet }}|

  HOW TO ACQUIRE: Return the fourth stolen Abydos Jewel to the Monster Museum.
                  The jewel master will give you a Parasol, which is basically
                  an umbrella that shields people from the sun. Great for a
                  beach-like atmosphere. Go to the Bedouin Outpost, and there
                  should be a tower. Climb the rope, and speak with the man
                  laying in the shelter. If you exchange him the Parasol, he
                  will give you an Extended Wallet that can carry up to 900
                  scarabs. This is necessary to purchase rare monsters in
                  Montu's Monster Shop, along with additional upgrades.

  PURPOSE: extends your wallet to carry 900 Gold Scarabs

|{{ Capture Beetle Bag Upgrade }}|

  HOW TO ACQUIRE: You need the extended wallet. Go to Khufu's Capture Beetle
                  Shop in the Bedouin Outpost. He sells the bag for roughly
                  around 900 gold scarabs (unless you have a Loyalty Card),
                  which is obtained by giving him a Beetle Breeding Jar.

  PURPOSE: allows you to carry up to 50 Capture Beetles

|{{ Dart Belt Upgrade }}|

  HOW TO ACQUIRE: You need the extended wallet. Head over to Ben-Ben's Bazaar
                  at Heliopolis Point. He sells the Dart Belt for 600 scarabs.

  PURPOSE: allows you to carry 50 darts of any kind at a time

/Monster Museum (4.4)/
Another major side quest you'll come across when playing Sphinx is the Monster 
Museum. It's located in the Abydos Plaza, in a right aclove by itself. The 
Monster Museum is a collection of ancient monsters that have ruled, or are 
presently spread throughout the land. It's suppose to be a collection of past 
cultures. Early on in the game, the mayor of Abydos introduces it, and its 
prized jewel collection which is suppose to show off the six major gems 
discovered across the world. The Monster Museum yields no reward except 
satisfaction for completing the game. First of all, most animals must manually 
be catched in the wild using Capture Beetles. You'll get these later in the 
game. After you capture the animal, you must take it to the man on the right 
who will ask for a donation. Here are the rewards for donating a specific 
amount of monsters:

    For donating:
                 + 10 Monsters
                 - Monster Hunter Certificate: Bronze Class

                 + 20 Monsters
                 - Monster Hunter Certificate: Silver Class

                 + 30 Monsters
                 - Monster Hunter Certificate: Gold Class

                 + 35 Monsters
                 - Monster Hunter Certificate: Master Class

There are no known uses for the certificates, or if they can be exchanged for 
certain items. It's just a neat little mode added to the game to provide more 
in-depth gameplay.


       < Where do I find Almost-A-Bull? >

       - Two can be found in the Lost Temple of Heliopolis, where the fire
         armadillos spawn. I recommend capturing both as this rare creature
         is necessary for completing the Monster Lists (assigned by the
         assistant in the Bedouin Outpost), and the Monster Museum. You'll
         also come across them earlier in the game. These enemies will
         shrink when you strike them once, so that's one distinguishing
         factor of identifying them.

       < Where do I find a Nose Needler? >

       - Again, there are really only two spots you'll discover these timid
         creatures - during Uruk Canyon, and the Uruk Islands. They look like
         pea shooters as they dig up from the ground, and shoot rocks out of
         their mouth. They're also very agile, so try to go to where they
         "usually" pop up, and strike them once.

       < Where do I find a Dark Worshipper? >

       - You'll find these in the Lost Temple of Heliopolis, along with a few
         other evil places. The problem with these enemies is that they DO NOT
         flash yellow. Strike them with normal slashes five times, then cast
         out the beetle to capture them. They look like invisible ghosts.

       < What about Wasp Spiders? >

       - This is another fairly hard-to-find spider. One always respawns in
         Anubis's Tower, on the second floor, in the right hand door. It's
         past a floor full of flame jets, across some hanging monkey bars.

       < What if I don't have [insert name] monster? >

       - Check out the other FAQs on Sphinx. There's no point for me to restate
         information already boldly stated in an in-depth monster guide. Check
         out the other FAQs on the internet for more helpful information.

/Athletic Courses (4.5)/
When you travel throughout the land of Heliopolis, you will come across 
three "athletes" that challenge you to beat their times. I separated these 
events because they're fairly hard (or special in certain cases). Two of the 
tasks reward you with Ankh pieces, while one gives you a special item.

|{{ Obstacle Course }}|

  LOCATION: Cursed Palace, Heliopolis. Go to your right, and use the zipline.
            To reach the zipline (and compete on the course), you need the
            Wings of Ibis. Slide across, smash the switch, then speak with
            the man to challenge him.

  GOAL:     Complete the course in less than 79 seconds.

  REWARD:   Gold Ankh piece

This is one of the most hated side quests in the entire game. In my opinion, 
it's more difficult than Gauntlet III for the sheer fact that you have to be 
quick, conserve as much time as possible, and cut corners when necessary. Let 
me start off by giving a basic layout of the Obstacle Course. You must:

  - Climb a rope right next to the man, and jump onto a nearby rope
  - Climb, then jump off, and use the zipline above
  - Jump onto a wooden hangar, wait for it to slide around, then drop off
  - Slam a switch nearby
  - Run to a gray stone slab, and the switch will it cause it to act as an
  - Jump off the stone slab to a nearby wooden ledge
  - Jump over the small pit
  - Grab hold of the swinging rope, and leap off to the other side
  - Run around the corner, jump on the nearby rope, climb it to the top
  - Use the zipline to reach the finish area
  - Step on the yellow swirling switch

> Sounds easy, huh? Not. The problem with the Obstacle Course is that you have 
to think and use all your wits to get a really LOW time. The lowest possible 
time I possibly know of is 76 seconds, and my personal low is 78 seconds 
(barely making it). To make it past the Obstacle Course, remember this, and 
follow it exactly.

  + When you first speak with the man, talk to him from behind his back to give
    you a closer start to the rope.
  + Double jump for your headstart on the rope, and climb six hand grapples.
  + Double jump off the rope and above should be a second rope. Double jump
    towards the camera.
  + Climb up, double jump when Sphinx's head reaches ground level, then make
    quick use of the zipline.
  + When you reach the bottom, do not grab the wooden hangar from the front
    side, but rather from the opposite direction. When the hangar coasts to the
    other side, drop off to reach the ground swiftly.
  + Slam the switch, sprint to the gray elevator.
  + Double jump off the elevator when it's close to reaching its maximum
  + Single jump over the pit; double jump onto the swinging rope.
  + Jump off the swinging rope, double jump to the stationary rope. Climb close
    to the top, and double jump off. Single jump to the zipline, and sprint to
    the yellow bar.

> If you're fortunate, you should barely make it by.

|{{ Coastal Jog }}|

  LOCATION: Beachline near the three houses, Heliopolis Point. Speak with the
            athlete near the water line.

  GOAL:     Complete the course in less than 70 seconds.

  REWARD:   Gold Ankh piece

> Before you can do anything, buy the Cave Key from Gebel's Glyph Shop. It 
costs 10 Onyx Scarabs. Run down the beachline, enter the cave door, and input 
the key to open it. Also, place Atun eyes in the skullheads anywhere along 
South Beach and near the beach of Heliopolis Point.

Speak with the man. You must sprint from where he is, through the cave door, 
along South Beach, swing at a target near the canyonside (by Fetta's House), 
then return to him within 70 seconds. It's really not that hard. My personal 
time was 68 seconds, and that was a first try. Just unlock all of the Atun 
points, and make sure you scout out where the target is along the canyon wall, 
so you know where to go.

|{{ Swim like a Mofo }}|

  LOCATION: South Beach, Heliopolis - Near the boat dock along the waterline.

  GOAL:     Complete the course in less than 70 seconds.

  REWARD:   Crocodile Scales

Go speak with the man next to the dock. He'll challenge you to a swimming 
contest. You must follow the purple targets in the sea, and swim through them. 
Swim through all of the targets, and then reach the finish line before 70 
seconds. This is a very easy challenge. Simply follow the purple targets that 
appear in the water, and use the fast swim technique (hold down X) to speed to 
them. The Crocodile Scales allow you to swim fast while UNDERWATER.


- 5) Database              -
The following section is basically just a data roundup of important 
information about Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. If you're looking for the 
functions of certain items, it can be found here. Anyhow, a list of items, and 
basic descriptions are included. No enemy list though.

/Item List (5.1)/
  ____             ____
  |::| QUEST ITEMS |::|
  //\\             //\\
                         /"^Gold Ankh Pieces^"\
- These are small portions of a full golden Ankh container. In order to make a 
normal Ankh container, you must have at least 4 Ankh pieces, 200 scarabs, and 
then speak with Shetta the Healer in the Bedouin Outpost. She will form these 
valuable artifacts into something even more useful.
                           /"^Atun Eye^"\
- Pretty much an eyeball. These nifty little artifacts can be placed in 
skullheads randomly located throughout Heliopolis. Two Atun eyes will unlock a 
speed boost plaque which can be used to travel quickly throughout the barren 
land. Also can be purchased at Gebel's Glyph Shop (50 onyx scarabs for 4 
eyes). However, there are several eyes which can be found throughout the lands.
- There are also quicker ways of transporting between important locations. 
Whenever you find a Portal God statue, you may offer a "sacrifice" to be 
warped to a specific location. The sacrifice is actually an amulet unique to 
that location. So using the Anubis Amulet on a Portal will cause for you to be 
warped to Anubis's Lair.
- This is Sphinx's magical basket who helps him communicate and transport 
items with the Cursed Mummy. Objects are placed inside the magical basket, who 
is then warped to a specific location. You'll often see Bas-Ket transport 
Canopic Vases, or any items retrieved by the mummy.
                           /"^Book of the Dead^"\
- A book that allows you to communicate with the Cursed Mummy without the help 
of Imhotep. Obtained in the Cursed Palace from one of the rock solid patrons.
                           /"^Medicine Bag^"\
- Permits you to pluck Healing Herbs, and safely sustain them without having 
them perish. This object is found inside the Castle of Uruk during one of the 
mummy's quests. Also used in conjunction with a primary quest in Abydos.
                           /"^Zip Line Handle^"\
- Another intriguing object that let's you reach nifty locations throughout 
the city of Abydos. The zip line handle is obtained when you donate your first 
monster to the Monster Museum.
- Better known as mini-game medals, there are four in total. These medals can 
be used to trade with a pet owner in Upper Abydos, who has a Goofy Lizard. You 
must obtain all 4 medals, then trade them with him to obtain the only version 
of the Goofy Lizard.

  ____               ____
  |::| ABILITY ITEMS |::|
  //\\               //\\
- Obtained via a chest in Anubis - Wall I. This object allows you to shoot 
dart projectiles to stun or damage enemies. It's also used in various quests 
along your journey. Assign the weapon to a button on your controller, then 
press B to fire a dart. You aim it from a first-person view.
                           /"^Standard Darts^"\
- This is typical dart ammunition for your blow pipe. You have an infinite 
supply, however, there are no special elements assigned to the dart.
                           /"^Bouncing Darts^"\
- These are the last type of darts you'll obtain in the game. Rarely used, and 
are slightly weaker than standard darts. You have an infinite supply, however, 
they bounce off of walls and can reach hard-to-reach targets.
                           /"^Ice Darts^"\
- Darts that have an ice element assigned to them. You can freeze enemies, 
then use the frozen block for a boost. The ice block can also be shattered for 
a painless death. You have a limited supply of these.
                           /"^Acid Darts^"\
- One of the more interesting items you'll use. Acid darts are normal darts 
tipped with poisonous liquids. These will melt through metal objects, and are 
necessary for certain puzzles. You have a limited supply of these.
                           /"^Gold Scarabs^"\
- The primary source of currency used throughout the game. This is your only 
way to compete in special mini-games, purchase items from sellers, or obtain 
special items. Scarabs are scattered in jars, in trees, and even appear out of 
the slightest nook-n-cranny. If only real money grew like this stuff did back 
in ancient Egypt. They also come in varying colors, which designates a higher 
amount of scarabs (red = 10, etc...).
                           /"^Onyx Scarabs^"\
- A rarer type of currency that only comes out of the Castle of Uruk. You may 
only obtain these through the Mummy's control, and they are always hidden 
inside brown crates spread throughout the castle. Turn your mummy into fire 
form, and catch a crate on fire. Pick up the Onyx Scarabs that spread about. 
Only one seller actually accepts these, and that is Gebel's Glyph Shop in 
Heliopolis Point. Still, they're worth collecting.
                           /"^Capture Beetles^"\
- Given to you by Anubis, capture beetles are your only method of capturing 
animals. To capture an enemy, weaken them by slashing them with your weapon. 
They will start to flash yellow (when you have brought their life bar down low 
enough). When they flash yellow, release a capture beetle, and guide it with 
the right thumbstick. Hit the creature with the capture beetle, and the 
monster will be added to your inventory. Capture Beetles spawn in certain 
statues, and occasionally pop up during the game through various jars. They're 
fairly rare though.
                           /"^Blade of Osiris^"\
- Your primary weapon that you will use to kill enemies throughout the game. 
The Blade of Osiris was a mighty blade once used by the God of Good in combat. 
It's one of the first items you seek in the game, and it is practically why 
Sphinx is such a great warrior.
                           /"^Shield of Osiris^"\
- Your sidearm that assists your defense in combat. The Shield of Osiris is 
obtained early in the game, and allows you to deflect certain projectiles 
and/or laser attacks. Unfortunately, its usefulness decreases as you progress 
in the game, and almost feels unnecessary near the end.
                           /"^Wings of Ibis^"\
- This nifty artifact allows the user to perform a double jump, and slam 
maneuver. Obtained fairly early in the game, you'll be using the Wings of Ibis 
in nearly every environment you interact with. The double jump will be your 
most used move through the game.
                           /"^Crocodile Scales^"\
- Primarily used to increase the swimmer's overall speed, crocodile scales 
give you the ability to swim fast while underwater. These can be obtained by 
completing the athletic swimmer's course on South Beach in under 70 seconds.
                           /"^Underwater Projectiles^"\
- Given to you by Urbain the Archaeologist, these nifty shards allow you to 
attack enemies while underwater. Great for breaking targets which lead to 
shortcuts, or attacking Spinefish that dare mess with the Prophecied One.
                           /"^Hands of Amun^"\
- Obtained late in the game, the Hands of Amun allow you to push/pull heavy 
objects. Necessary for getting past certain puzzles.
                           /"^Beetle Pouch^"\
- Given to you by Anubis, this allows you to successfully hold 20 Capture 
Beetles. It can be upgraded by purchasing the a larger beetle pouch from one 
of the merchants in the Bedouin Outpost.


- 6) Common Questions       -

)) Gameplay ((

<< Is this game worth spending $20 on? >>

- Personally, I wouldn't know. I actually purchased this game for free thanks 
to a GameFAQs gift certificate, so the question was partially "tricky." 
However, I still feel the game was well worth the $20. Unfortunately, what 
many of the reviews say are definitely true. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is a 
very challenging game that overloads the player with tons of puzzles. 
Literally, that's why the game is difficult to beat. Most of the Cursed Mummy 
segments involve figuring out ways to get past annoying puzzles, and the 
combat system is very simplistic. Boss battles can be entertaining during 
certain times, but they're often brief. The entire game seems like 
a "children's game", but truly isn't. It holds many resilient qualities of 
Zelda: Wind Waker, and is often claimed to be an exact clone of the game. As 
for actual gameplay time, it took me 15 hours to beat it. There's not much 
replay value, unless you count the side quests which involve gathering all 
Ankh pieces, or capturing all monsters. Other than that though, you may see it 
collecting dust after a few weeks.

<< Which multiplatform version is the best to purchase? >>

- From word of mouth, it seems like the Gamecube version would be best. The 
control system is similar to Wind Waker, and a controller like the GCN seems 
to fit perfectly. Secondly, I'd go with the X-BOX version. It has the best 
graphics (although there are hardly any differences). There's no real 
advantage to the hard-drive, as Sphinx only let's you save three different 
game files. All 3 versions though can be purchased for the same low price, so 
it doesn't really matter which one you pick.

<< What if I can't seem to find this monster? >>

- Check out the other Sphinx FAQs, especially Yugioh's In-depth monster guide. 
I never really bothered with the Monster Museum as it's a waste of time, and 
there's no reward for earning the Master Certificate.

<< I'm stuck. What do I do? >>

- Read my walkthrough. I've literally gone through step-by-step on how to get 
past each part in the game. Use the shortcuts in the table of contents to fast 
forward to where you are in the game. 


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines      -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

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- 8) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) NinjaWhite's Sphinx FAQ (( for providing me with the location of the three 
missing Ankh pieces. I have to admit, your guide has plenty of useful content. 
Just improve on the formatting to make it easier to read.

)) GameFAQs Contests (( for providing me with the money to purchase this game, 
due to winning a contest, which in turn provoked me to write this FAQ. Without 
those precious online dollars, I may not have played this wonderous adventure 

)) Eurocom Software (( for creating a decent, albeit great platformer. It may 
not have gotten the attention it deserved, but it certainly was up to par in 
my musical department. Just avoid the modern trends, create something a tad 
more "original."

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada