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Help To Exterminate The Innocents!Bobo The Clown9/10
This gets my vote for RPG of the year. Check back in 7 years. Might be game of the decade.honestgamer10/10
Unorthodox, hilarious, great fun.HYD10/10
A masterpiece that can become overwhelming...Apollocub9/10
Nippon Ichi, kiss me!Braben10/10
Kinda like chess with guns, demons and exploding penguinsdarkknight1099/10
Angels and demonsDjSkittles8/10
Don't get me wrong, I like this game. Nevertheless, it isn't very good.Idiot 1016/10
Best. Strategy RPG. Ever.JPeeples10/10
The Life of an Underworld Princekefka9898/10
Thin line between angel and demon....ldkdante889/10
Dood...... This game is awsome!!Marcus852110/10
Dollar for dollar the play time doesn't rank wellMegalomania6/10
One of the best Strategy RPGs ever made, and YOU haven't played it!megaman20059/10
Disgaea: Hours and Hours of Leveling Upplasmabeam5/10
Lovers of FFT will love this too? Not exactly my experience.pngaou8/10
I, Prinnies say this Strategy Role Playing Game kicks demon and angel ass, Dood!Prinnies10/10
Disgaea, the best medicine.Psych0tic9/10
A Strategy RPG Fan's DreamRpgcat578/10
Disgaea Truly Is The Overlord Of Strategy RPGSecret Asian Man9/10
There is no reason not to get this gameShivan Reincarnated9/10
A good step in the right direction.SpiralSage7/10
Penguins and Demons and Angels, Oh my!Sylvanyze9/10
Think you're hardcore? This is the game for you.Syonyx9/10
The Best Playstation 2 GameTails 6410/10
The “Earthworm Jim” of Strategy RPGsThe Limpopo Pixie10/10
A powerleveler's dream gameulillillia9/10
The best strategy RPG since Final Fantasy Tactics.UltimaterializerX10/10
Prinny tested, dood approved!wannabepunktony9/10
One of the funniest games around, almost perfect...wolverinefan9/10

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