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Why is everybody pickin' on me?Ashande9/10
A little repetitive but sometimes, we can forgive.damien53149/10
A better 3D Castlevania, and a glimpse of things to comeDrLight668/10
Dracula May Crydrunkgod6/10
Another unbiased review by yours trulyElbryan4210/10
It really isn't that badEthel9/10
The first step in taking castlevania to the 3D world is revolutionaryFady Kiriakides10/10
Why Lament when this game is so great?Gandalf6859/10
Why are there never any lesser vampires in CV?HEMIstation3/10
This game is like swiss cheese: there are holes, but you'll end up loving it just the same.honestgamer8/10
A nice attempt that lacks a certain bite.ichijohikaru7/10
This Time Konami did it Rightkaneada9/10
Leon Belmont is my hero!Kashell Triumph9/10
The man with the whip is back, putting gameplay where it belongs: in gamesleesmapman9/10
3D + Castlevania = STOP IT PLEASE!!LUVNUTS3/10
75 reviews later.....and I still love the Castlevania series.Megaman198110/10
At last a good and true Castlevania gamenabuch7/10
Not so great, not too bad either.Niebeer7/10
A step in the right direction, and boy is it a fun step!richie2598/10
Brand Spankin' New!SamuraiJosh8/10
The Legacy of the Belmonts beginssauronsama9/10
Great Game!soulreaver998/10
My Own Laments Scream at the Lacking Essentials Which Made SotN So GrandSXITH8/10
Castlevania redefines its origins.Tenshi No Shi8/10
As much as I like Castlevania...The Whyte Fox4/10
Don't want to cut this game short but....thewhitemoogle6/10
Castlelamia: Lament of Boredomtollbooth6/10
A great game for Castlevania fansVan Ruyn9/10
Truly elegantYeuh Fei Long9/10

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