FAQ/Walkthrough by Paradisio

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/14/03 | Printable Version

Version 1.1
By paradisio

~Table Of Contents~
-Version History
-Free Sora
-Interesting Areas
-Copywrite and etc…

~Version History~
Version .5 – Basic walkthrough in progress and started on character Ghost
section started Version 1.0 – Basic Walkthrough is complete; Sora's dungeon is complete,
character ghost section complete.  Will be adding more still.
Version 1.1 – Added some copy write info and some other things.


Sorry if this guide is not completely correct if you haven't played the previous versions.

Server Symbols:
Triangle = Delta
Triangle Without base = Lambda
Symbol that looks similar to 8 = Theta
Sideways M = Sigma

And if you are wondering, they are Greek

E-Mail: 2 emails.  One from CC Corp notifying you on changes to the game and from me
experience a random e-mail from a member telling you they will be unavailable.
Basically this means no one will come when you invite him or her, which makes the first
dungeon... Interesting.

News: New Altimit OS coming soon…And some cellular phone junk and some lies
thrown up by CC Corp blaming Helba for the comatose people.

Board: Just some posts about new features to the game, including the grunties new
abilities, which are kind of spiffy.

Now log in to find Mia acting very strange, she babbles on about a festival and barriers
being gone…  And then after wondering where Elk is she logs off…

Board: A post, which talks about a wand and possibly Aura… At "Lambda Stalking
Betrayed Nothingness."  It also talks about a twin blade… Makes you wonder.

E-Mail: Mistral wants to meet you in Delta Town and another pointless E-Mail from CC

Board again: More posts about the test version of the game.  A post talking about how
someone bought the Epitaph of Twilight for a lot of money.  Another post talking about
what appears to be a glitched monster, seems that many people know that playing induces
comas now.  And a couple of junk posts.

So Head to Delta Town to find out Mistral is a pregnant housewife and says she probably
won't be able to do anything too dangerous.  So don't count on her this game.  You
probably thought she was 11 years old, I know I did. :_(

You are then transported to Lambda. Town and then you watch a kind of depressing
scene with Black Rose.

Board: Check the Orca post for a new post that Orca had found a strange room at "Sigma
Chatting Snaring Twins."  Don't fret; we will get that server momentarily.

E-Mail:  CC Corp announces that Sigma is now open to everyone, so you can go there
now.  You also get the E-Mail Black Rose was talking about in the last cut scene, and
then Kite says something emotional.

Go to Sigma server, your probably thinking there is no way you can solo Sigma, well this
one is low for the server, so yes you can!

You get a nice aerial view as you come in and then head for Sigma Chatting Snaring
Twins.  You do have to gate hack with 2 very common E Cores.  I had like 40, so no
problem.  If you don't have enough for some crazy reason go back to the previous server
and drain some.

I would run (or grunty) straight to the dungeon.  This dungeon is very hard; you will need
a lot of healing potions.

B1: Straight, Straight, Straight, and straight some more.
B2: Straight, Straight, Left, and then go either left or right and up to the top and you will
find an exit.
B3: Straight, Left, Up, Straight, Right, Up, Up
B4: Straight

As you enter each level of the dungeon some voice will spout off about the AI and such.
Try to use elemental weaknesses and heal often.

Bugged = /onB=11^$&a (Earth Type)
Debugged = IronBall Titan (Thunder Type)

As you walk thru the fog you see Balmung getting whooped.  The monster will only
follow you, so just run like hell and do combos whenever possible.  He hits insanely hard
(about half my health.)  Balmung won't be in your party so you can't control him
unfortunately.  But he will wail on him as he follows you.  And like the previous games,
data drain him to make him into a normal monster.  Not so hard is he now?

You get Virus Core O for data draining the bugged version.  I would also drain the
regular one for some items.

After the fight you get Balmung's member address.  You then go into another strange
room where a voice says some odd things and you get Epitaph 02.

Board: Some posts about grunties including the sigma ones.

News: Junk

E-Mail: Black Rose sends you an e-mail for you to meet with her at "Delta Hidden
Forbidden Holy Ground."

Just head straight there… Some dramatic scenes take place.  I won't spoil it for you, as it
is very important.

Board: More posts about the origin of the game.   And ANOTHER ROUND OF
GOBLIN FUN!  We will be going to get him soon at "Sigma Detestable Gambler's
Sunny Demon." Gob!  And interestingly enough a newbie wants help on the high-level
sigma server at "Sigma Cracked Worst Milestone."

E-Mail: You've got spam!  I had 15 new e-mails.  Majority of them are just people saying
they couldn't connect for some reason but want to play with you now,  I will go over the
more important ones.

Sanjuro:  He is in a Samurai player contest and he needs help with the dungeon to get a
sword reward at "Sigma Soaring Sky Madness Compass."

Gardenia: Another friendly E-Mai telling you to go to "Sigma Dolorous Promised
Clavicle." /sarcasm off

Marlo: Looking for a Necrotic Eye monster.

Nuke: Talks to much and wants you to come help him level at "Sigma Attracting Fated
Ebb and Flow."

Helba: Telling you what virus cores are available on which server.

Wiseman:  Wants you to meet him at Sigma Town to talk about the Cursed Wave.  I have
no idea what that is either.  Tell him roger!

Board Again:  Someone posts about seeing a Necrotic Eye on the bottom level of "Sigma
Spun Bloody Tragedy."

Ok, now go to Sigma Town to meet with Wiseman.  He speaks about the Epitaphs
influence in The World.  He then gives you another Virus Core O.

E-Mail:  Wiseman instructs you to go to Net Slum so that they can meet with Helba to
stop the cursed wave.  He says you can access it at "Lambda Pulsating Truth's Core."

Gather a party before you go to net slum.

As you enter Net Slum one of the freak glitches tells you Helba's message.  All it says is
to come to "Sigma Tested Quicksilver Valkyrie" alone.  And then the freak dumps a data
bug onto you!

Bugged = Har*y/ue:n (wood)
Un-Bugged = Harpy Queen (wood)

Very easy, just pound her with earth spells and such and she goes down like a chicken.
For data draining the bugged version you get another Virus Core O.  Then the freak gave
me Feng Shui… And I don't even have a house in game to use it on!  (Hey! I made a

I now recommend doing the next goblin trial. Remember to disband your group first.
Buy some speed charms, and different bloods so you can hit them and do more damage.
Then head to "Sigma Detestable Gambler's Sunny Demon."

Oh the joy, they gave you three this time.  Now use your items and chase em till they go
splat.  They heal each other so this is a very long fight, just chase them best you can
while pounding X.  Spells and techniques don't work very well at all.

For winning you get Goblin Cap S.

Now gather up a party and go save some newbies.  Don't forget to save.  Now head to
"Sigma Cracked Worst Milestone."  I would take the time and clear the field to gain
some exp, but do whatever you wishes, just head to dungeon eventually.

Another person looking for the newbie greets you, but they are no help.

B1:  Straight, Straight, Left, Left, Up, Up
B2:  Just go straight.
B3:  Up, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right.

At the end of B3 another annoying person informs you that they are probably on the
lower level.

B4: Straight, Up, Up
B5: Straight up all the way (but if you want to the Gott Statue is to the West side from the
4 split off.

You then find Terajima Ryoko, an angelic heavy axeman.  (Looks like girl from
Hack//Sign.)  You then transport her back to town.  You then get her member address.
Yay for you!  Unfortunately she is level 1.  Makes you wonder how she really got to the

E-Mail: Tera wants you to help her get a rare item from "Sigma Generous Bemused

Board: Another goblin challenge at "Sigma Detestable Gambler's Messenger" Gob!
(Don't these guys ever learn)?

I recommend doing the goblin challenge just to get it out of the way.  Just follow the
same strategy as last time.

For winning you get Goblin Mail S

Since the next storyline dungeon is a very hard solo dungeon, I think it is best we do
some missions with friends for a bit.  Lets start with Sanjuro's Samurai Quiz Dungeon at
"Sigma Soaring Sky Madness Compass."

As you enter you are greeted by a game guide.  Which says you have to answer questions
to proceed in the dungeon.  I am not going to give you a map, just use an orb lazy.  This
is kinda complex, sorry.  I will answer the questions for you that I got. They may be

A BLANK earned is a BLANK saved.
The answer is penny…

Patience is a BLANK

A BLANK in need is a BLANK indeed

Two heads are better than BLANK

One man's junk is another man's BLANK

Wow, that was easy huh? Sanjuro gets a new sword and you get a secret: reason.

Now lets do Gardenia's field trip.  Sigma Dolorous Promised Clavicle.

As you enter Gardenia acts floopy.  Oh well, crazy gamers.

B1: Straight, Straight, Left, Up, Up
B2: Straight, Straight, Left, Up Left, Straight
B3: Very small area, no need to explain.

After you loot the Gott statue quest, it seems as if Gardenia is leaving the game.  Then it
seems it was a misunderstanding.  She is confusing…

FYI Gardenia was in the Hack//Sign anime in the last episode, she was controlled by 3
high schoolers that were splitting up since they were graduating if I remember correctly.
And she sacrificed her self to save a newer gamer, but the monsters ability that she took
on was permanent, and she was encased in stone.

Might as well do the next long arm characters mission, Nuke Usagimaru.  And if you
need it, "Sigma Attracting Fated Ebb and Flow."

B1: Straight, Straight, Right, Up, Left, Straight
B2: Straight, Up, Straight
B3: Straight, Straight, Straight (Gott statue is to south west)

At the end of the hallway you see a nasty bugger.  Time to kill!

Ghetto Boss: Wander Demon

Wow that was ridiculously easy.  He was a normal monster from the previous game, so
you should have no trouble beating him.

After defeating him, Nuke acts floopy as well…  Makes you wonder what is going on
with these people.

Oh well, time for the next mission.  Only 2 left before the next storyline, since Tera is
still low level lets do Marlo's at Sigma Spun Bloody Tragedy.

As you gate in Marlo ponders the situation and ignores your questions…  Oh well, time
to find out what is going on.

B1: Straight, Straight, Straight, Left, Straight
B2: Straight, Up, Up, Up
B3: Straight all the way (Gott statue on last possible turn)

As you enter the last room you see the Necrotic Eye, a very intimidating monster.
He has 4450 hit points and has a magic tolerance… Which is very annoying.  If you
brought another attacker besides Marlo it'll make things a bit easier.  But he still isn't that
much of a threat.  Just melee him and he will go down pretty fast.  And it turns out that
just like Nuke, this is an old score to settle.  And then Marlo shows a softer side.

And last but not least, is Terajima's mission.  She is still probably low level, you can use
her as is and watch her level every fight and die a lot or go level her in a non story area.
It doesn't matter much, she will catch up quickly, and she is kawaii. :P

Sigma Generous Bemused Virgin (how naughty)

Clearing the field isn't smart, you will probably die from data draining, which would be

Note several monsters here are bugged as well… have fun… yea right.

B1: Straight, Right, Straight, Straight, Right, Straight
B2: Each side circles to the exit at the north (right and left)
B3: Straight all the way

You then see an interesting scene… that has some kind of odd romantic moments.  Then
get the Gott statue at the end and leave.

Finally time to continue the story at "Sigma Tested Quicksilver Valkyrie."

Remember to have lots of potions and scrolls before you go, as this is very difficult.  Also
bring scrolls, as they will make things a bit easier.

There is only one way to go, but almost every area has a portal, so be careful.  It may be
wise to level up a bit as well to make things easier.

B1: Just go straight and then around the circle to the north and then through the doorway
B2: Straight, you can go either left or right, but each converge and go south, which is
where you want to go. Each has the same number of portals.
B3: Straight, and then around to the north side of the circle (or if you want the Gott statue
is in the North-East corner)

Well, isn't Helba nice, she just directed you to a very mean data bug… Witch

Bugged: &om<d Go= (Thunder)
Debugged: Comad Goo (Thunder)

My best advice is to heal after every hit, as most of the attacks will nearly kill you.
That's really all I can offer.

What is really sad is the drained version actually hits harder.  I died in one combo, I
recommend casting on it.  Also use scrolls and such, sleep works very well.

For Draining you get Virus Core R

After the fight, Helba portals in, seems it was all a test, how extremely annoying.

Wiseman: Tells you that there is possibly something hiding in "Sigma Turbulent
Distrusting Ice Wall."  It says to bring Black Rose, and himself It seems.
Aura:  Another garbled message.

As you log in some random buffoon gives you an item from Wiseman, Virus Core O.
Even though you can recruit him for the mission, odd.

As you and I probably expected, you must gate hack.  It requires 1 H, 4 O, and 1 G.  You
probably have them all except H.  They come off of medium sized monsters on the Sigma

Note: I received a friendly email from Terajima at this point as well, It talks about her
self, I believe the right path is "me as well."

As you enter Helba speaks to you without being there…  Obviously this mission is very
covert and a difficult battle will soon happen.

B1:  Straight, Left, Up, Up, Right, Up, Up
B2:  Straight, Straight, Straight, Left, Down, Down
B3:  Straight, Straight, Right, Right, Straight, Straight, Straight
B4: Straightforward

Uh oh fog, that can only mean one thing, boss!  Make sure to cast any beneficial spells
you have before you enter.  Ode the joy, another Epitaph enemy, which means hard fight!

Phase 4! Fidichell the Prophet!  Another carboard enemy.

His attacks include:
Slamming on ground
Ice Storm
Devil Quake
Thunder Cry
Data Drain!

A very straightforward battle…

Ice Storm, thunder cry, hell fire, and devil quake and very damaging.  Data Drain inflicts
every statue ailment.  All in all he isn't that hard.  Just slam him and heal.

The first time he uses ice storm, thunder cry, hell fire and devil quake it'll just give you a
statue problem the second time… ouch!

As usual data drain him ASAP!  For draining you get Segment 2.

The drained version is easy as pie, he just casts a lot.  It has 4000 hit points.  He makes a
very ominous speech after you defeat him, creepy buggar.  As you return it looks as if
you didn't screw the server this time.

News:  Interesting, seems computers and the Internet are going haywire… Could it be
from what you did?

E-Mail:  Black Rose sent me e-mail about boyfriends.  I replied no about having a

As I logged in to Sigma Elk gives Mia a bunch of aeromatic grass.  And Mia continues to
act weird again.  She seems to have amnesia or something.  And since your wondering,
you can't use Mia or Elk in this volume at all… Stinks.

E-Mail: Lios sends you a message to go to sigma weapon shop for details about an
infected area.

As you go to the shop you see a scene with Balmung and Lios.  It seems he is just using
you, he instructs you to go to the chaos gate.  He then instructs you to go to Sigma Rising
Implacable Sipping Bug.  You also get Virus Core P.  Invite Balmung and another
player… getting a bit restrictive, you cannot use Black Rose, Mia, Elk, or Mistral.  I
would take Wiseman, as he is only wavemaster now.

For some reason, you must gate hack.  It takes 2 H, 2 I, and 1 P.  If you've been using the
new data drain, you probably don't have any of these except P, as it almost always gives
items and not cores.  So go to a random field on sigma and drain a bunch of stuff.

As you enter Lios greets you, he explains the situation in this area is very bad in about
that many words.  And then he disappears…. Wow that was no help.

When you enter the dungeon he appears and says he will meet you on bottom level, don't
you find it odd that he doesn't just transport you as well?

B1:  Straight, Left, Up, Right, Straight, Up, Left, Up, Up
B2:  Straight, Straight, Left, Up, Left, Up, Up
B3:  Straight, Left, Up, Right, Up

Bug fixing time!

Bugged: Ti&e Vi^ito$
Debugged:  Time Visitor (water) (2410 HP)

It's only the easiest boss ever.  All it does is cast some decent spells and hit fairly hard.
For draining you get Virus Core Q.

After you defeat it, Lios appears and explains the virus is getting much stronger still,
despite your efforts.  They are pondering destroying the servers to prevent The World
from causing further damage to sources out side the game.

Unfortunately you are gated back to town after completion, so you can not get the Gott
statue.  And Mr. Annoying Piros jumps you and wants you to help him go somewhere to
get some rare items, Sigma Dying Windmill's Neigh.

So invite Piros and another friend and head for his dungeon.

B1:  Straight, Left, Straight, and Straight
B2:  Straight, Right, Straight, Left, Straight, Straight
B3:  Straight, Straight, Right, Straight, (Gott is straight from entrance)

When you reach the end Piros spouts some weird words and you receive a bunch of junk,
it may be random but I got:
Sticky Helm
Smelly Armor
Rotting Hands
Dog Hat
Used Disposable Contacts

Lovely items huh?

He puts them on and is cursed, bwahahaha.  He then gets every status ailment as well.
Then he gates out… what was that all about?  By the way, if you invite him, he is
wearing his normal stuff and is not cursed and so forth.  So it was all for nothing.

E-Mail:  Aura sends you an e-mail that is somewhat legible for once, she wants you to
come to Sigma Town.

Board:  Oh no, not another round of Goblin tag, this time it is at "Sigma Detestable
Gambler's Scent." GOB!  Since they are so annoying we are going to wait a bit to do

E-Mail:  After you check to board, you should get a bunch of friendly e-mail.  If you
don't get one of these your affection level isn't high enough.  And when it gets high
enough you will receive them.

I don't know if my answers are correct but I put the following:
Nuke: I see
Rachel:  Badminton?
Marlo: Coolness
Moonstone: Dog?
Natsume: Food
Gardenia:  Cute
Sanjuro: Yeah
Piros:  Friendship
Wiseman: What is it like?
Black Rose: Unusual Weather (?)
Balmung:  Yeah it might be

You then get another E-Mail from Moonstone and Rachel.  Rachel wants you to help her
deliver something to "Sigma Expansive Corrupted Ridgeline." And Moonstone wants
you to help him get a Moon Knife at "Sigma Dying Grieving Battlefield."

Board again:  Just some stuff on Rachael's Delivery Service

E-Mail Yet again:
I only didn't receive a reply from Black Rose from either choice at this point.

Wiseman: He plays digimon… Sounds interesting (and I mean the answer, not the game)
Piros: No…
Sanjuro:  Yeah
Gardenia: What about them?
Natsume: Good Enough!
Moonstone:  Puppies
Marlo: sounds like
Rachel: Too Dry
Nuke: I see (he is reading a dictionary)
Balmung:  That's not true

Check the board and then check your E-Mail yet again
Piros: Friends?
Nuke: Man!
Rachel:  Art Class
Moonstone:  30 minutes
Marlo:  Wannabe
Natsume:  Beef Stew
Gardenia: Don't Kiss up?
Wiseman:  Digimon Cards…
Sanjuro: Ambidextrous
Balmung: I don't know

Well I managed to get them all except Black Rose, hopefully hers will come later.  That
should get you some nice affection levels.

Anyways time to log in and see Aura.

When you log in Black Rose greets you and says Balmung wants to talk.  Black Rose
insults Balmung and then Balmung gates in and then apologize to Rose.  Aura then
speaks to Kite telling him to go to Lambda Merciless Grieving Furnace.

I am not positive but you should probably take them.  But we will do that after we do the
other non story line quests.  Let's do Rachael's delivery quest first, unfortunately, no
wavemasters are available.

So head to "Sigma Expansive Corrupted Ridgeline."

After a few areas in a guy will tell you to deliver a red sword for a yellow cap in the
dungeon.  You need to deliver it to Akai.

On the second level you give the Red Sword to Akai and find out he gave the yellow cap
to Aoyama.  So you need to find him and give him Blue Boots for it.

B1:  Straight, Straight, Left, Up, Straight, Straight
B2:  Straight, Straight, Straight, Right, Straight, Straight
B3:  Straight, Left (straight all the way for Gott)

You then Deliver the Blue Boots and get the Yellow Cap.

You then are transported to Kida and give him the Yellow Cap.  And you then get 5000

Time for Moonstone's Quest at "Sigma Dying Grieving Battlefield."

B1:  Straight, Left, Straight all the way
B2:  Straight, Right, Straight, Left, and Straightforward
B3:  Straight all the way to Gott

When you loot the chest you get the Moon Knife.  Then you hand it over like a friendly
guy you are.  He then gives you secret: divine.  And then your back in town.

News:  More influence of The World causing disasters.

Board:  Rachael cancelled her delivery service, quitter.

Time to do the last thing before continuing the story, goblin tag…

This time it is much easier, they don't heal near as often, and they only heal for 150
instead of 400.  It should be cake by now.  Just do the usual use speed charm and potions.

And if I need to say it, Sigma Detestable Gambler's Scent.

Now make sure you are well equipped as another tough boss battle is coming soon!

Head to lambda server and put a team together and head for Lambda Merciless Grieving
Furnace.  You must take Black Rose and Balmung.

B1:  Straight, Right, Left, Left, Up, Up
B2:  Straight all the way
B3:  Straight into the abyss

Aura and Lios appears, she takes her segments back, and then Cubia appears!

Very bad times

First the cores appear, they are physical tolerant, which is bad cause you have a melee

Occasionally they will fade out and Cubia will attack you. And they will switch back and
forth from physical to magical tolerance, so give commands as necessary.  Just try to take
out the bigger core first.  Then Cubia will drop down and you must do it again.

After you defeat the second core Cubia will fly away like a coward… So you can fight
them next game.  Lios will then say nothing and leave.

When you arrive in town the characters will ponder Cubia some more.  They decide to
ask Lios for help.

Board:  Another round of goblin tag at Sigma Detestable Gambler's New Truth.

E-Mail:  Black Rose wants to meet you at Lambda town, and she instructs you to check
the board before you log in.

Board Again:  Seems Helba left a message "Waiting for you in Paradise."  Whatever that

Head for Net slum at lambda Pulsating Truth's Core… that is Paradise.

Seems Lios is trying to stop Helba.  After a few minutes of chatting, Lios wants to test
you, you must get a virus core from the lowest level of a dungeon, without using data
drain.  If you do this, Lios will join with Helba.  I am wondering how to get a virus core
without data drain.  You must get the core from Sigma Sorrowful Sweltering Arena.  We
will do Goblin Tag later.

As you enter, Lios makes sure you remember not to data drain, so head for the dungeon.

B1:  Up, Right, Up, Up
B2:  Up, Left, Straight, Up, Up
B3:  Straight, Straight, Straight, Right, Straight the rest
B4:  Straight, Up, Up
B5:  Just go straight

When you are ready enter the fog.

Looks like your screwed…it is a data bug.  Have fun, whoop his arse!

Even though he is a data bug, you will notice his HP bar moving.  How interesting…

Bug:  Maga*umk\ro

He is easy, just melee him and heal, he is just a monster with a lot of hit point.

Seems Lios created the fake bug to test you.  Afterwards Helba joins in and says that CC
corp. is going to destroy the servers to cover themselves, which won't solve a damn
thing.  Lios does not want that and decides to join up with Helba.

Board:  A few interesting posts and one that points to "Sigma Fleeting Fallow Chaos."

E-Mail:  Nothing vitally important

Head for the only place you can.

Gate Hacking Time:
1 G
2 H
1 Q
2 I

Nothing special in the field, so head for the dungeon.

B1:  Straight, Straight, Right, Up, Up, Up
B2:  Straight, Straight, Left, Up, Up
B3:  Straight, Straight, Left, Up, and then up when you are prepared

Fun time!

Bugged: S=ar $at&r (water)
Debugged: Star Eater (water)

Extremely easy, all he does is hit moderately hard and cast an ice spell occasionally.
Should take about 30 seconds to get him to draining level.  All you get is a regular virus

Seems it was all for nothing after you defeat it.

Board:  Seems there is a mysterious room at "Sigma Resonating False Grasslands."

Might as well do Goblin Tag now.  And if you need it, it is at "Sigma Detestable
Gambler's New Truth."  This time you are faced up against 3 offensive casting goblins.
The spells do like no damage, but just slow you down.  My advice is to buy Rashou in
Sigma weapons shop to put one to sleep and attack it with Thunder coil.  Sleep will wear
off in about 5 seconds, so you need to be quick

After defeating them all you get Goblin Boots S.  Only one more round of tag to go,
thank god.

So head to the only place left, "Sigma Resonating False Grasslands."

And of course, since cores are hard to get in this game, they make you hack again!
1 G
3 H
1 R
1 I

B1:  Straight, Left, Straight the rest
B2:  Straight, Straight, Down, Down, Down
B3:  Straight, Straight, Straight, Right, and Straight
B4: you don't need any stinking directions.

Another strange room awaits you at the end.  After another few lines of strange speech,
you receive Epitaph 03.  You then are transported back to town, no boss for you!

E-Mail: Wiseman wants to meet you in Net Slum.  No members are available so you
must go alone!  Never a good sign…

As you enter, it appears your friends are waiting.  Helba plans out the means of attacking
the cursed wave in detain to you.  He will send you an e-mail when the time to
commence the plan begins.

Board:  Just more people trying to figure out what's going on with the comas.

When you re-enter Elk appears and is trying to find Mia.  He then disappears again.

E-Mail:  Read them to learn of the plans, and another E-Mail from Black Rose insists that
you take her to fight the wave.

Head for Net Slum, the end is near.

You see a nice scene as you enter, and everyone is prepared to fight under your

You are then transported back to town.  Get everything you need, stock up, get better
equipment, anything.  When you are ready head to the only place left.

The beginning is the end…  Go back to where you first met Balmung.  "Sigma
Chatting Snaring Twins."

B1:  Straight all the way
B2:  Straight, then right or left and go up as much as possible
B3:  Straight, Left, Up, Straight, Right, Up, Up
B4:  No need

When you are ready, enter the haze and prepare for destruction!

The area is quarantined so the wave cannot escape, prepare for PHASE 5! GORRE!

One of the 2 sides is magical tolerant and the other is physical tolerant.  Have

The slam attack does a very high amount of damage, enough to kill some characters

Of course it also does the random status effect, and everyone favorite data

It also does an attack that will just kill your characters… nasty buggar.

It has a wide variety of attack.  Just heal and resurrect when necessary and
keep pounding on whatever side you can hit the most.

When it spins, run or you'll take a heavy hit.

Data drain him ASAP!  For draining you get Virus Core V!

After you drain him he has 6000 HP and no more tolerances.  The drained version
is a complete joke.  Laugh at Gorre, as he doesn't want to die!  OW!

Seems like the tides are turning.  The game is technically over, but there is
still much to do.

~Free Sora~

At the beginning of the game you are given a keyword "Lambda Stalking Betrayed
Nothingness."  This is a high level dungeon where Sora is still being trapped in Skeith's
Wand.  You can free him.  It is a level 70 dungeon, but with a decent group it should be
no problem.  I did it fairly easily at 61, at the experience was good.

B1:  Straight, Left, Up, Up, Right, Down, Down
B2:  Straight, Right, Down, Down, Left, Straight, Up, Up
B3:  Straight all the way

At the end Skeith's staff appears and then Sora appears.  He tells Kite thank you
telepathically and then vanishes.

Sora was one of the main characters in Hack//Sign, he was a player killer who collected
beautiful players member addresses, and at the end he was put into a coma.  So you freed
him, but most people agree that you only freed his mind, and not his body.

For freeing him you get his blades, some of the best in this volume.  Good job!

NOTE:  I have heard from several sources that you get Sora in the next game.

~Interesting Zones~

Chosen Solitary White Devil – In all the games from my experience, using this keyword
you can get to the Gott Statue with no encounter… And It's a level 69 zone, so good


After you have seen all the scenes in the hidden forbidden holy ground area these
characters will appear, one at a time, in this order.  I have heard you had to unlock them
in the previous game, but I cannot confirm.

These characters were in the Hack//Sign anime, which took place a few years previous to
the Hack games.

Where you first met Mia: unlocks an option, gives healing elixir
By grunty area on second server: gives you emperor's soul
First server, by Weapon shop: Noble Wine
Third Server, by grunty area: Energy Sutras
Sigma server, path from elf's haven to grunty farm: Spirit Sutras
Second server, behind saving shop: Golden Grunty!

Third server, in between the three shops at end of path: Healing Elixir
Sigma, between weapon and magic shop:  emperor's Soul
Second server, by magic shop: Noble Wine
First server, by potion shop: Energy Sutras
Sigma, between potion shop and elf's haven: Spirit Sutras
Third server, by grunty farm: BT's Wand

Second server, by potion/elf's haven: healing elixir
First server, alley where Mimiru first was: Emperor's Soul
Third server, weapon shop: Noble Wine
Sigma, between elf and save: Energy Sutras
Second server, by grunty farm: Spirit Sutras
Third server, in Corral: Silver Grunty

Sigma, between grunty and save shop:  healing elixir
First Server by elf's haven: Emperor's Soul
Third server by grunty stable:  Noble Wine
Sigma, on path from chaos gate to magic shop: energy sutras
Second server, on path to grunty farm: spirit sutras
Sigma server, behind grunty farm:  golden grunty

Third server, walking between save shop and weapon shop: Healing elixir
Sigma, between weapon and save shop: Emperor's Soul
Second server, by save shop pacing around: Noble Wine
First server, by magic shop: Energy Sutras
Third server, he walks a large area, he is easy to spot: Spirit Sutras
Sigma, standing by magic shop in NE corner: Silver Grunty

Silver Knight (Ginkan):
First Server, paces from bridge to back of area: Healing Elixir
Third server, outside grunty farm: Emperor's Soul
Second server, by magic and weapon shop: Noble Wine
Sigma, walking path between grunty farm and elf's haven: Energy Sutras
Second server, by potion shop: Spirit Sutras
First Server, standing by weapons shop: SK's Sword

Second server, by grunty farm: Healing Elixir
First server, in alley by magic shop: Emperor's Soul
Sigma, path between weapon shop and grunty farm: Noble Wine
Third server, between grunty farm and stable: Energy Sutras
First server, Walks between potion shop and elf's haven: Spirit Sutras
Sigma, by Potion shop, standing in NW corner: Golden Grunty

Sigma, behind Grunty farm: Healing Elixir
First server, walks between weapon and magic shop: Emperor's Soul
Second server, by potion shop and elf's haven: noble wine
Sigma, path between potion and elf's haven: Energy Sutras
Third server, walks from save shop to weapons shop: Spirit Sutras
First server, by magic shop: Silver Grunty

First server, alley: Healing Elixir
Second server, back of grunty farm: Emperor's Soul
Third server, between grunty farm and stable: Noble Wine
Sigma, on path between weapon shop and grunty farm: Energy Sutras
Sigma, between elf's haven and grunty farm: Spirit Sutras
Second server, behind grunty farm: Tsukasa's Wand

Note: If 2 are in the same area, you must leave the area before you can see the next one.

~Copywrite and etc…~

Copywrite 2003 Christopher Speight

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work may be reproduced without my consent.