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Where are all the secret fountains?

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Bleu_VII answered:

Copied directly from Deadmeat X's faq on this site:

In total, there are 10 FoL to be visited. It is much recommended that you
visit them all, this will make you a lot tougher to kill.

<<< "Had I really seen her?" >>>

After the door with the obstacles in front of it, turn left and get onto the
rubble using the pole. When standing on the rubble, the camera will show you
a hole. Enter the hole and follow the corridor to the Fountain of Life.

<<< A Booby-Trapped Courtyard >>>

In the same corner where you found the Sand Field, you'll see a hole in the
wall, above some soike traps. Wall-Run from the other corner to this gap, then
enter the gap and follow the corridor.

<<< Climbing the Tower >>>

In the high circular room, just before climbing a ladder, run over the wall
with the saw in it, and enter the hole in the wall on the other side.

<<< Above the Baths >>>

After getting your new sword, smash through the cracked door. In the next
corridor, look for a part of the wall on your right that has a slightly
different color. Smash this wall, and enter the corridor behind it.

<<< "I'll meet you at the Baths!" >>>

After Wall-Running over the closing gate, you get to the exit door. In the
room with the switch that opens the exit door (a floor switch with a golden
symbol), you can smash open one of the walls to reveal the corridor that leads
to the Fountain.

<<< An Underground Reservoir >>>

While hanging on the rope that leads out of the well (a bright light will
shine from the top), swing to the doorway. In this corridor, use the poles to
cross the pit, and get onto the higher ledge at the end. Smash the wall on
this ledge to find the path to the Fountain.

<<< The Hall of Learning >>>

When you see a wall with 2 pairs of saws moving up and down, run over it. On
the platform with the blue crystal, smash the back wall to find the Fountain.

<<< A Prisoner Seeking an Escape >>>

When you go through the door that leads out of the first room, you'll be in a
corridor with some horizontally moving blades. On your right side, there's a
wall with a slightly different color. Smash it to reveal the Fountain.

<<< "At last we're here!" >>>

Just before you enter the elevator room, there will be a wall that's slightly
off-colour to your right. Smash it and follow the corridor.

<<< "Farah, come back!" >>>

From the save-point, head right, and hang from the ledge here. Follow the
path of rims until you arrive in a room. Go through the door for your last
Fountain. When you're back, pull the lever and Wall-Jump off the trapdoor
to get back up.
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BlackPhoenix117 answered:

Wow, I cross checked your answer from the official Brady Games strategy guide and it didn't show some of these.
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