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"Can't you like just rewind time or something?"

I know, I know...why only an 8 for this amazing game...well some of my friends said I'm too easy on some of my games. Well, so this game actually gets a like an 8.5 maybe 8.6 so I rounded down(and hey a 9.9 isn't a 10!)in any case, while this game ''only'' took me about 11 hours it was 11 hours of being glued to the screen! Isn't it hard to believe we now say a 10 hour game is too short, and the original Prince of Persia is included on this disc, and the goal of the game is to solve the whole thing in less than an hour....something to think about.

Excellent. One or two little glitches with the water but for the most part this game is very ''pretty''. And plus, arabia looks so cool, it makes me want to transport back to an ''Aladdin'' type is it just me or is every single female arabian princess hotter than Britney Spears, Jennifer Gardner, and Jessica Alba combined? Look its just an opinion!

Great!! All interacting sound is superb and couldn't be better! Music is good too, but it only plays while you are fighting, so you actually learn to dread the music. Although, the little tune you hear while you drink is quite cool.

Controls for this game are none like any other. Get ready, because if you don't know every single button on you controller your going to learn them all. I promise you that you will use every button plenty of times. The controls in general are very easy to get...but very hard to master. Honestly, during fights, I just mash on the attach buttons and occasionally I end up pulling off some kick-ass flip move that instantly knocks down the opponent, with no clue how it happened. But hey...I sure didn't complain!

Wow! The gameplay is smooth and fluent with the story. The only real complaint is the camera. It will switch automatically and luckily you don't have to compensate immediately, but you do need to re-orient yourself. Sometimes its helpful, but most of the time it causes you to run up the wrong wall and well....thats not usually a good thing.

What is great is that you can do some amazing things. Run along walls, jump from poll to poll, swing across jungles and well...thats just the first few area's.

The revolutionary part of this game comes with the time control parts. Your dagger collects sand and grows power ''tanks''. The sand is used mainly for rewinding time if you die or just want to relive the moment for whatever reason. The power tanks that you grow after collecting lots of sand let you do more cool things. Slow basically is the same as Max Paynes bullet time, Freeze lets you...well freeze an enemy and kill it fairly easily. Probably the most useful, but most ''expensive'' if you will, is Haste, or mega-freeze. That freezes all enemy's and lets you kill them one by one, and this lasts for about 15 seconds. If you are quick and use it at the right time, it can be quite a useful thing. In one of the last battles...hell its almost necessary, downside is it consumes all your ''power''.

The story is quite good. The story is what kept me playing the game with so much interest. Exploring the Sultans palace in search of the Hour Glass is quite fun. And there are quite a few parts that will make you laugh, you'll see. You and this princess have quite a few interesting talks.

Overall, this game was a fun experience. Its not really a super-game as the E3 demos made it out to be but its quite close. Hey Ubi-Soft might be French but they can still make a few games(this one was done internally with the help of the original PoP creator...Jordan Mechner).

My biggest complaint is the battles. After a while they start to become a chore, and become very hard. That is..until you get the sword that can kill in one hit!!!!

So is 10 hours worth 50 bucks??? Well, if you play the game normally, it should take you a few weeks, I played it non-stop. Plus, I can tell you that those 10 hours will be well spent.

Everyone(who can get by the annoying battles) should enjoy this game. Good job ubisoft and another job well done Mr. Mechner.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 12/12/03

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