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How do I get past the notre dame square door with something stock on it? 1
Where I can find the true end in Onimusha 3? 4
Critical hitting? 1
Any tips for the Oni shooting minigame? 1
Onimusha ranking & boxes? 1
How do you use the little butterflies to go across things? 2
  • Total Answered Questions: 6
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How to change the language? 0
Ten-point slash? 3
How can i use the Bishamon sword after i found it? 2
How can you unlock the ultimate sword and whip when playing the game a second time? 2
Where can I find ANTI-DARK CHARM? 2
Can I use the Ultimate Mode to get an S Ranking? 1
How can i use saved files? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 9

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