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|      |  | \   |    |    |  \  /  | |     | |-----| |    | |      |   ------|
|      |  |  \  |    |    |   \/   | |     |       | |----| |------|         |
|      |  |   \ |    |    |        | |     |       | |    | |      |         |
\------/  |    \| ------- |        |  \---/   -----| |    | |      |   ------|

     |\   |---- |\    /| /-----\ \    |   |---- ------  |---- |----- |----
     | \  |     | \  / | |     | |\   |   |        |    |     |      |
     |  \ |     |  \/  | |     | | \  |   |----|   |    |     | ---| |
     |  / |---- |      | |     | |  \ |        |   |    |---- |    | |----
     | /  |     |      | |     | |   \|        |   |    |     |    | |
     |/   |---- |      | \-----/ |    |    ----| ------ |---- |----- |----
              FAQ/Walkthrough created by Aaron"Samurai Gamer"Luther
                                Version 1.60
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version .40 
Date: 6/23/04
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half of dark realm, finished Genma

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Table of Contents

  a.Email content
  b.About this guide
II.Legal Permisson
  a.Samanosuke Akechi
  b.Jacques Blanc
  c.Michelle Obear
  e.Henri Blanc
  f.Heihaci Honda
  g.Ranmaru Mori
  i.Hashiba Hideyoshi
  j.Nobunaga Oda
v.Controls and Attacks
  b.Jacques Blanc
  c.Michelle Obear
  d.Basic attacks
  e.Basic controls
VII.Weapons,Armor & Items
  a.Weapons & Armor
    1.Health & Magic
    2.Ako's vests
VIII.The Basics
  b.Honnoji temple
  c.Arc de Triomphe
  g.Notre Dame
  h.Undersea Temple
  i.Notre Dame (Michelle)
  j.Zoo (Michelle)
  k.Zoo (Samanosuke)
  m.Lake Biwa
  n.Azuchi Castle Area
  o.Azuchi Castle
  p.Eiffel Tower
  q.Honnoji Temple
  a.Rankings and titles
   1.Oni Target Practice
   2.Adventures of Heihaci
     b.Undersea temple
     c.Return to Sakai
   3.Oni Training
     a.In-game sessions
     b.Mini game
   4.Genma Puzzle Space
     a.Onimusha 1 puzzles
     b.Onimusha 2 puzzles
     c.Onimusha 3 puzzles
  d.special ending
XI.The Dark Realm
  a.Undersea Temple (Jacques)
  b.Undersea Temple (Samanosuke)
  c.Mont-Saint-Michel (Jacques)
  d.Mont-Saint-Michel (Samanosuke)
  e.Honnoji Temple (Jacques)
  f.Honnoji Temple (Samanosuke)
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XIII. Credits 

Hello, Welcome to my walkthrough of Onimusha 3:Demon Seige for the PS2.This is
the final game is Capcom's epic Onimusha series. The first Onimusha game was a
major sucess, becoming one of the first PS2 games to sell over one million
copies in the United States.The graphics were one of the hot selling points
for the game.In 2002, Capcom released Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny. The 
graphics and gameplay was deeply improved from the original game. The game
was a huge sucess in Japan selling one million copies in a short amount of 
time.However, the game wasnt as big of a sucess in the United States.Fans
of the series wanted 3D backround instead of the pre-rendered backrounds used
in the first two games. Capcom decied to use 3D backrounds in their onimusha
fighting game, Onimusha:Blade Warriors. The 3D backrounds were a nice change
but the game overall was a big disapointment.On April 27, 2004 Onimusha 3 was
unleashed on the gaming public. The graphics alone was a huge selling point 
for the game, and were one the best, if not THE BEST graphics for the PS2. 
In my opinion this game was a perfect ending for a damn near perfect series.
This is my first attempt at a walkthrough, so please bear with me.

A.Email Content

As I listed on top, if you have any suggestions or corrections feel free to 
email them to me at slipknotrulz5@hotmail.com.Please dont send viruses, spam, 
emails the criticizes my walkthrough or anything of that nature. If you do send
an email, label it Onimusha 3 FAQ

B.About this Guide

This guide is a complete walkthrough of Onimusha 3. It includes characters, 
enimies, mini-games, a detailed walkthrough of the main game, and much more.
II.Legal Permission

This guide is copyrighted under my name so no one can use this guide on a 
website other than GameFAQs.com unless i have been given notice and i permit
it. If you so choose, you can print the guide off and share it with other 

In 1560, Japan was in a brutal war between states. Nobunaga oda, a powerful 
warlord from Owari set out to control japan. On one fateful day on the plains
of Okehazama, Nobunaga's immense army fought and defeated the combined forces
of Daimyo Sueneaga,A Suruga warlord Yoshimoto Imagawa,and a Mino warlord Dosan
Saito.However during the battle a stray arrow hit Nobunaga in the throat. With
Nobunaga's death, his army fell into chaos. A young warrior, named Samanosuke
Akechi who was involved in the batttle was given a letter written by Princess
Yuki of the Saito clan. She said Inabayama Castle was under attack. Samanosuke
rushed to protect Yuki, but it was too late. She had been kidnaped by evil 
demons known as genma.
As Samanosuke searched for Yuki, he came along a clan of ogres know as the
Oni. The Oni needed Samanosuke to defeat the genma and seal the souls in a 
special gauntlet they had given him. Samanosuke went to Inabayama castle and
ran into a rather intelligent genma known as Guildenstern. Guildenstern told
him that Nobunaga wasnt dead, he was brought back to life by the genma to
serve them as a slave. Samanosuke knew he had to defeat Nobunaga Before he 
could conquer Japan.
Samanosuke slaughtered thousands of genma, and sealed the souls into the Oni
gauntlet. Inside the castle, he comes across the demon realm but isnt 
capable of getting in. He manages to find a way in and kills the demon/insect
queen Hecuba. Before reaching the end of the realm Samanosuke finds a 
mysterious weapon. The weapon was the Bishamon Sword, it used to belong to the
japanese god Bishamon who subverted the demons in the past. Samanosuke then 
comes across princess Yuki. As he was about to save her, all of a sudden 
from an underground tunnel emerges the genma king, Fortinbras. Fortinbras then
summons Nobunaga to finalize a dark ceremony to seal a victory for the demons
over the Saito clan. Samanosuke makes sure this doesnt happen and slays 
Fortinbras. As Samanosuke and Yuki tried to escape, Fortinbras awoke and 
grabbed Samanosuke. He crushed Samanosuke,but the blood the came out of 
Samanosukes mouth landed on the gauntlet and in explosion of light Samanosuke
transformed into the Onimusha. He finished off Fortinbras and stared down 
Nobunaga as the realm collapsed. Samanosuke disappeared, and hasnt been seen
Nobunaga, however, wasnt killed and came back as the demon king. His army
overtook Inabayama castle and renamed it Gifu castle. He rebuilt his demon
army and destroyed village after village. Nobunaga slaughtered all who opposed
him and anyone that could be the next Onimusha. Nobunaga also learned of an
ancient tie between the Oni and the Yagyu clan of Mino. He became worried that
the next Onimusha might come from that clan so he went out and destroyed it.
The young leader of the clan Jubei Yagyu raced back to the village but it was 
too late. As he was looking for who did this, a voice called out for him. He 
went to see who it was, and appeared an Oni woman named Takajo.He thought she  
was responsible, but then she said Nobunaga Oda was the one who did this. Then
she said that she was Jubei's mother and Jubei himself was part Oni. Takajo
told him about the five Oni orbs and then she gave him the ability to absorb
the genma souls. Jubei knew that his destiny was to defeat Nobunaga and avenge
the Yagyu clan.
Jubei went to the small mining town of Imasho. There he met three warriors
Ekei Anakoji, Magoichi Saiga, and Kotaro Fuma. He also met a beautiful woman
who headed to the mines with out saying a word. Jubei followed her to the mine
and found out that the mines were infested with genma. He fought his way 
through the mines and came across some sort of warp device. He entered this
and was transported to Gifu castle. He killed the genma in his way, and saw
Tokichiro kinoshita trying to restrain the woman Jubei saw earlier in Imasho.
Jubei helps her out of the situation and the two rode back to Imasho. There he
finds out the womans name is Oyu. She has the same goal to kill Nobunaga. As
Jubei looked around in Imasho he met a evil demon woman named Jujudormah. She
said she was going to Yagyu village to kill Takajo. Jubei gave chase but it 
was too late. Jujudormah did the damage and Takajo lies her close to death
and she says that she still wanted more time with her son. Takajo then 
dies and evaporates. Jubei now knew that Takajo was his true mother and he
would stop at nothing to kill all the genma and Nobunaga.
Jubei continued his journey and traveld to an Oni palace. Their after several
incidents including Oyu's confession that she is Nobunaga's sister. Jubei
still trusts her though and they search through the palace. They both come
across an Oni battle ship. The problem is that Tokichiro has already taken 
over the ship. Jubei and Oyu manage to find a way on to the ship and force
Tokichiro off it. Unable to pilot the ship, they decide to take it to Gifu 
castle and crash it into the castle. Jubei makes his way into the demonized
part of the castle and finds Nobunaga. Nobunaga claimed it was too late, he 
already transfered all of his power into the golden evil statue. Nobunaga then
transforms into his genma king form. Jubei manages to kill nobunaga, but 
Nobunaga's spirit flies into the statue and brings it to life. Jubei is sucked
inside the demon realm for the final showdown. He summons the power of the 
five orbs and the power of the Oni. This allows him to be transformed into the
Onimusha. He uses this power to defeat the statue. Before jubei leaves
Nobunaga's spirit says he will be back.
Nobunaga makes good on his promise and is resurected to the become genma king
once again. With a genma army threatening, Mitsuhide Akechi, a former ally
to Nobunaga leads a rebellion against Nobunaga at Honnoji temple. Mitsuhide's
army wouldnt stand a chance against the demons,but they have a powerful ally
themselves. After ninteen years Samanosuke Akechi makes his return to help his
uncle Mitsuhide defeat the genma once and for all. This is were the events in
the game start unfolding.

A.Samanosuke Akechi
His full name is actually Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi. Samanosuke was the 
first to be summoned by the Oni to defeat the genma. He did just that and 
slayed the genma king Fortinbras. But he disappered that day. Nineteen years
later Samanosuke returns to finish off Nobunaga once and for all. His journey
takes a major detour when a time portal sends him to Paris, France in 2004.

B.Jacques Blanc
A French policeman who has had life full of tragedy. Not only did his wife die
but he is a part of the toughest crime unit in Paris. As he is off to work he
gets a message that there is major problem. He goes to find demons in modern
day paris. As he fights to protect his fellow policemen and soliders, a time 
portal envelops him and takes him to japan in 1580. Now he must find a way 
back to modern france before its to late.

C.Michelle Obear
One of Jacques fellow police officers and fiancee.Though very beautiful she is
very well trained with firearms. But Jacques son Henri doesnt take to kindly
to her. She tries to keep up with defending paris and trying to look after
Henri while Jacques is missing.

A tengu assigned to look over Samanosuke and Jacques while they are in 
different times. Though she seems youthful she is actually several thousand 
years old. Ako has many different abilities including time travel. She uses
this to give Samanosuke and Jacques information pertaining to what is going on
in the other time periods. She also has other abilities depending on what 
vest she is wearing.

E.Henri Blanc
Jacques very gifted son. Because of his strong bond with his father, he can 
sense when his dad is in trouble even though he is 500 years in the past.
Henri has trouble accepting Michelle as Jacques fiancee.

F.Heihachi Honda
Heihachi is based of a real life japanese hero. In this game he is allied with
Nobunaga. He is a master of the spear. Though he is order to hunt down the two
Oni warriors, he'd rather fight in a traditional samurai battle. He has 
trouble taking orders from the genma.

G.Ranmaru Mori
The young head retainer of the oda clan. He trains to be a powerful samurai
but it still naive to the fact that his dream is years away. He is very 
ambitous and will risk his life for Nobunaga.

The genma scientist who now serves under Nobunaga. He is always trying to 
create new creatures to defeat the oni warriors. During his works he finds
the ability to traverse time. He develops a time folder to allow the genma
to travel back and forth through time.

I.Hashiba Hideyoshi
Previously known as Tokichiro Kinoshita. He has risen to power of general of
the oda army. He eventually chages his name to Hideyoshi Toyotomi and unifies
Japan under the strict shogunate. Because of his greed, its highly doubtful
that he is fully allied with Nobunaga, he only cares about his rank in the Oda

J.Nobunaga Oda
The formerly dead leader of the Oda clan. He came back after being defeated by
Jubei Yagyu and is more powerful than ever. He is determined to conquer japan.
After he conquers an area, the survivors are enslaved and either pledge 
loyalty to him or die by his sword. Nobunaga is ready to defeat Samanosuke
and conquer whatever is left of Japan.
V.Controls (the attacks listed are the attacks that are for that character

A.Samanosuke Akechi
Attack List
Archery-R1 + X
Ten Slash-thrust attack connects then square (requires proper timing)

B.Jacques Blanc
Attack List
Oni Bind-Sqaure after weapon is charged
Oni Bind Shoot-Sqaure after sucessful oni bind
Oni Bind Throw-Up or Down + Sqaure after Oni Bind
Oni Bind Kick-X after Oni Bind
Oni Bind Bind-Triangle after Oni Bind
Firefly Jump-R1 + X when near a firefly
Throw Object-R1 + x when near a throwing object

C.Michelle Obear
Attack List
Throw Grenade-Triangle (reqiures Grenade)

D.Basic Attack
Normal Attack-Sqaure
Thrust-Up + Square
Slash Lift-Up + Square (Close range only)
Running Slash or Tackle-Sqaure (When Running)
Finisher-Sqaure (when next to a downed enemy)
Kick-down + sqaure
Charge weapon-R1 or Sqaure
Critcal-Sqaure just before enemy attacks
Chain Critical-Sqaure after critical
Deflect Critical-Square after deflecting attack
Magic Attack-Triangle while oni weapon is equipped

E.Basic Control
Left Joystick-Movement
Right Joystick-Change lock on
R3-Onimusha mode
Start-Menu screen/Skip cut-scene
Triangle-Use magic/Cancel
Circle-Absorb Souls
L2-Map View
R1-Draw/Charge Weapon
R2-180 degree turn

Returning for the third game these guys are the easiest to defeat with just a
few normal slashes. Also a good way to get critcal points.

Another easy kill. only one hit will take them out but they are usually on a 
high cliff and can be a pain to reach.

A new form of zombie. These genma are tougher then the swordsman. They also
have more variety of attacks and cause more damage. They take about twice as
many hits as the swordsman to kill.

These quiet and stealthy demons can be a handful in groups but they are pretty
easy to take out when they come one at a time.

Dark Crow
An enhanced version of the 3-eyes. The have a tri-blade claw for weapons. They
have higher stamina and strength but still are an easy kill

Dark Spider
The enhanced version of the Dark Crow. These genma can create a double image
of themselves. Easily blockable, they can be killed with a flurry of normal

These giant genma are really powerful, but not to smart. They swing their club
around and take out surronding genma. If Fugaku appear in groups avoid them
until they essiantally destroy each other. If they are alone use either magic 
or a charged attack to kill them.

These small water dwelling genma are very easy to kill, as long as you avoid
them in groups. Their only attack is to fire water projectiles, which are
easily blocked.

These water dwellers are the enhanced version of the batochaika. Their main 
attack is to swipe repeatedly with their claws. Its pretty easy to kill these
genma with normal attacks or if they fall use a finisher

Dark Puppet
These ghostly creatures first appear as a pile of armor, but when someone
comes near them they take shape. They can be a problem because they can block
and counter very well. Be patient with attacks, or when they release a magic
missle hit it at the right momemt to send it back at him causing lots of 

Simialr to the Dark puppet, these creatures first appear as only a pile of
armor. Their attacks are realitivly the same as the dark puppet. Use the same
attacks on them and use their magic missle attack against them.

These genma are the same as the fobora, the only difference is that these 
genma only appear in the fight with Guildenstern. Because Guildenstern summons
these guys alot, they are difference maker. They can be killed in the same way
that you kill the Fobora.

These large genma are usually found in the zoo. Their attacks include pouncing
on you, charging at you, and swiping with their claws. They have high strength
and stamina so it will either take a magic attack or a charged attack to take
them out.

A different version of the zmoh. These creatures have the same aspects of the 
Zmoh so they should be handled in the same way.

These genma pose as dolls. They hide in side treasure boxes and when the lid
is opened they jump out of the box and run around. Since they are so small
they are hard to hit and Ako cant lock on to them. If you dont kill them in
time they will disappear with the contents of the box.

These are the female version of the Gajimaro. They do have an attack, they
jump in the air an spin. The blades under their skirts do the damage. Again 
they act the same way as Gajimaro.

These are a version of the swordsman, but with four arms. They have the same 
strength and stamina of the swordsman so they should be a pretty easy kill.

The enhanced version of the Zorm. They have more strength and stamina then
the zorm but are still weak enough to not be a serious threat.

These genma are similar to the three-eyes but they have two blades on each of
their main arms and they have four arms. They are quiet fast and have a spin
attack that hits multiple times. A charged attack is the best method of
killing them.

An enhanced version of the Zagat. They still have four arms but in place of
twin blades are dual hook blades. They have fast reflexies and can block 
normal attacks very well. A charged attack is the best way of killing them.

These genma are a force to be reckon with. They have plenty of stamina and 
power. Their weapon of choice is a massive spinning drill blade. If you are 
knocked to the ground they will repeatedly attack as you lie their helpless.
The best way to deal with these genma is magic attacks.

These are probably the toughest non-boss genma in the game. They have more 
strength then the dordo, and they attack more ferociously. They have the same
weapon as the dordo but they use a magic attack by firing an air blade similar
to the Kuga weapon. Again the best method for these genma is magic.

These jelly-like Genma are usually found in the sewers of paris. Their only 
attack is to stretch out to hit you. This move is easily avoided. If you use 
normal attacks their is a good chance they will break into gera, use charged 
attacks to prevent this.

These are tiny portions of Zolworm. They appear mostly after a Zolworm breaks
down. They only attack by jumping on your character but it causes minimal
damage. The best way to get rid of the Gera is to just step on them.

These are huge, slow moving, destructive genma. They use a massive ball and
chain for a weapon. This weapon has a wide range so it is hard to avoid. 
Because they are slow its possible to get behind them and hit them with 
charged attacks. Use magic whenever they are in large groups.

These are an enhanced version of the Gacha. They have spiked ball and chain,
and they use the horn on their head to charge across the room. They have the
same weapon range as the gacha but are more vicious. Use charged or magic
attacks to get rid of them.

These genma are really annoying. They dont have much attack power and can be
killed in only a few hits. Since they are flying they are harder to reach,
Jacques can reach them using his whip but Samanosuke has to use arrows to 
take them out.

These genma make a return for a thrid time. These are the big floating balls
of skulls. The can only attack by swooping down and draining the character of
either life or magic. They also can absorb souls of recently defeated enemies.
It is best to either use vertical attacks or arrows to kill them.

Another returning genma. These creatures carry huge machetes and roll up in 
a ball if there is too much space between them and you. They can be a pain
when they are in groups which they usually are in. Normal attacks should be
enough to get rid of them.

These are the enhanced version of the Bazu. They carry bigger blades and can
roll for a longer period of time. They can hit more and change direction while
in a ball. They appear in groups so the best method is to knock them down and
use a finisher to take them out.

These genma are really dangerous because they usually appear when other much 
larger genma are around. They have two different attacks, they can send out
a blue ring which binds you and drains souls. Their second attack is to 
release an orange ring which constricts you and does damage, it also allows 
other genma to attack. If these are around other genma take these guys out

These are plant genma. They only have one attack where they snap at you. They 
can only be taken out with a Oni weapon, so the Oni whip and normal sword 
have no effects. They can be easily taken out with normal attacks.

These are another type of plant genma, much larger then the bera. They can 
push their roots up through the ground and attack that way. They can also spit
out poison spores. They best way to destroy them is to use magic or arrows.
VII.Weapons, Armor, and Items

A.Weapons and Armor
Samanosuke's Weapons
Normal Sword-This is the most basic of weapons. Because it has no magic or
charge abilities it is almost useless in later stages of the game.

Raizan-The thunder sword from the first onimusha game appears briefly the
first time you play the game. It still employees the same thunder attacks but
it has no charge attack.

Enryuu-Another reconizable sword from the first game. This fire sword has the 
same affects as the first game but it is only used briefly. It also has no 
charge attacks.

Shippuu-The double-ended wind sword is back. Again just like the two weapons
above it is only used briefly and has no charge attacks.

Tenso-This weapon is actually two swords that use the power of light to strike
down opponents. Its magic attack is to stike mutiple times with both swords,
but the attack only affects one enemy at a time. This weapon is located by in
the shrine by the Arc de Triomphe.

Kuga-A long sword that uses the power of air for magic. Because of its length
it can kill several enimies at a time. It is also the easiest weapon to
preform the ten slash combo. Its magic attack is to launch a flying wind blade
at enemies. At level three it launches to two blades. This weapon is located
in the statue inside Notre Dame.

Chigo-A battle axe that is powered by volcanic earth. Its weight causes it to
have a slow swing but it makes a huge impact. Its magic attack is to have lava
erupt around eneimies with a certian distance of Samanosuke. It has a powerful
charged attack where Samanosuke spins around reapeated bashing enimies.This 
weapon is located in the undersea temple.

Bishamon Sword-The mystersious sword of the Japanese god Bishamon is back. 
This weapon still employes the same devastating attacks. This weapon is found 
in the dark realm by Honnoji temple. The problem is that you can only use
this weapon inside the dark realm.

Onimusha Sword-This sword was given to Samanosuke by the Oni. It employes the
strength of the tenso, kuga,and chigo. Depending on what level those weapons
are at determines what power level the sword will be at. You will recieve this
weapon for the final battle against Nobunaga.

Samanosuke's Armor
Red Armor-This suit of armor was given to Samanosuke by his uncle Mitsuhide
at Honnoji temple.

Jacques Waepons
Model 90-this is the gun you use in the first part of the game. Its relitivly
fast at 20 shots in two second. To aim hold R1 and hit square to fire.

Oni Whip-This is the weapon given to Jacques by the Oni when he comes to
Japan. This weapon can only be charged to level one and has no magic. Its 
useless later in the game.

Enja-This sword/whip has the power of fire. It uses multiple fire strikes in
its magic attack. If used in the oni bind it send a streak of fire down the 
blade and into the enemy. It can be found at mount Hiei at the shrine.

Raisen-This spear/whip has the power of thunder. It has magic similar to the 
raizan sword. If a genma is in the bind move with this it will send a thunder
shock to that opponent. This weapon is located in the blacksmith shop at 

Hyosai-This is a morningstar/whip with the power of ice. This weapon is the 
heaviest but it hits the hardest. In its magic attack it slams into the ground
freezing enemies around you. This weapon is found in the undersea temple.

Ultimate Whip-This weapon is the whip enquivelent of the bishamon sword, 
except that this weapon was created by the genma. This weapon is so strong 
jacques can bind up and throw any enemy. If used with magic it has devastating
effects. This can be found in the dark realm by Honnoji Temple.

Jacques Armor
SA Coat-This coat might not seem like much but it is bullet-proof and when 
upgraded it can reduce damage to Jacques.

Michelle's Weapons
Assault Rifle-This is similar to Jacques Model 90. It is slightly more 
powerful and fires more bullets. It becomes useless later on though.

SPS 15+S-This is an assault shotgun. It is powerful only at close range
but it can damage multiple enemies.

SPS 15+R-This is a modified SPS with a high caliber rifle fire and laser
mounted sight. This weapon has the best accuracy of all michelle's weapons but
it can only attack one enemy at a time.

SPS 15+G-This is the most powerful weapon in Michelle's arsenal. This gun 
fires fragmented grenades. The weapon has a lot of kick and slow reload but
it can take out multiple enemies.

Grenade-These hand grenades are thrown when you press triangle. These can do 
damage to enemies in groups or stun larger enemies long enough to shot at 

1.Health and Magic
Herb-Restores a small amount of health
Salve-Only appears in france, works the same as an herb
Medicine-Restores a medium amount of health
First-Aid kit-Only appears in france, works the same as a medicine
Secret Med-Restores most of the health
Ultra Med-Restores all health and magic
Oni Med 1-Restores a small amount of magic
Oni Med 2-Restores a medium amount of magic
Oni Med 3-Resotres a large amount of magic
Oni Jewel-Increases amount of magic that a character can hold
Power Jewel-Increase amount of health a character can have
Wood Charm-Revives a character after death
Statue charm-Same as Wood charm

2.Ako's Vests
Blue vest-Located in Mt. Hiei by the charred temple. Allows you to absorb 
souls faster. Requires 2 Ecospirits.

Red vest-located in the room in the sewer where all the zolworms appear. It is
in the room at the end of the isle.The vest increases the number of red souls.
Requires 2 Ecospirits.

White vest-Located in the alley behind the merchants shop in Sakai.Regains
your health when you stand still.Requires 4 Ecospirits.

Green vest-Located in the isle at Notre Dame. Allows you to absorb souls of
living genma by pressing circle. Requires 4 Ecospirits.

Yellow vest-Located in the study behind the library in the undersea temple 
during the present time.It forces more souls out of Genma with every attack.
Requires 5 Ecospirits.

Orange Vest-Located on the top tower of Mont-Saint-Michel in 1582. This 
creates a life bar above enemies you are fighting. It also indicates when a 
critcal should occur. Requires 6 Ecospirits.

Purple Vest-Located in the dark realm of Mont-Saint-Michel in the present.This
vest reduces magic consumption by 50%.Requires 6 Ecospirits.

Black Vest-Only accesible when the critical training session is complete. This
vest makes every attack a critcal, but it reduces the characters life by 50%.
Requires 8 Ecospirits.
VIII.The Basics

Save Often
Usually if their is a save mirror around their is a good reason for it. Also
save when ever their is a boss near by.

If you have souls,Enhance weapons
If you are by a save mirror and you have red souls, no matter how many, use 
them to enhance your weapons, armor, and gauntlet.

Look Thoroughly
If you are in an area, dispatch the enemies and look around to make sure you 
havent forgotten any documents or item boxes.

Horde recovery items
Get plenty of recovery items early and only use them when needed. You will
need plenty of these later in the game.

Take out these guys first before dealing with the other enemies. This will 
make the battle much easier because you wont be staggering so much.

Fighting in groups
The best method of this is to single out enemies one at a time and try to 
"lure" them away from the group. If you cant do this then the next best idea
is to use magic.

Charged attacks
This attacks are a good substitute for magic. Use this by pressing down R1 
and holding it until the weapon glows blue. Use these attacks against larger

Onimusha Mode
Use this mode when you have five purple souls then press R3. This will make 
your character invincible for a short period of time and will make your 
attacks twice as strong. Only use this mode during boss fights or when your 
completely surronded by larger enemies.

Right away when you put in this game you watch an absolutly beautiful cut
scene. The scene starts with a narrator taking about a rebellion at Honnoji
temple, and Nobunaga calls for reinforcements. The army goes out to help, as
we see a "ninja" ready to infiltrate the Genma tank. The ninja goes inside 
to launch an attack when his position is given away by some genma. He quickly 
dispatches the genma with a fire sword a continues on. He makes his way into 
what seems to be the nerve center of the tank, but two large genma appear 
before him. He fights with the two genma, but during the battle one of the 
genma's spears rips off the mask of the ninja to reveil its Samanosuke Akechi, 
like you didnt know that before. Then a voice calls out to stop, and another 
genma appears. The genma is known as gargant, apparently Samanosuke has fought
him in the past. Gargant and Samanosuke begin fighting and during the battle 
Samanosuke is thrown on the control platform where the giant nerve leads to 
the brain of the tank. Samanosuke winds up and slices through the nerve 
causing the tank to implode. When the dust settled the only things left 
standing are Samanosuke and Gargant surronded by thousands of genma souls.
Samanosuke absorbs these souls and transforms into the onimusha. Gargant
charges Samanosuke but is cut down. Gargant laughs as he falls creating a huge
explosion. At Honnoji temple Nobunaga senses what happened and says one word,
In present day France we see a french policeman, Jacques Blanc, leaning up
against his bike. He makes a phone call to his son Henri telling him to wake 
up to go school. His call is interrupted by a radio transmisson from his 
fellow police officer, Philippe. Philippe tells jacques to get here quick,
there is a huge problem. In downtown paris, a woman tries to enjoy her coffee
but all of a sudden thousands of genma drop on to the streets and slaughter
citizens left and right.

B.Honnoji Temple
At Honnoji temple we see Mitsuhide Akechi, Samanosuke's uncle, ready to storm
Honnoji temple with his troops. He sees Samanosuke standing among the troops.
Samanosuke comes forward and one of Mitsuhide's troops hand him some armor. 
The gate flies open and get ready for battle. You are already equipped with
the Raizan,Enryuu, and Shippuu at max level, so is your gauntlet. Quickly get
rid of the archers on the other side of the courtyard, then cut down all the 
other genma. Once the swordsman are gone, a few 3-eyes genma will attack. Once
you get rid of these guy head up the stairs. There you will see two soliders
fighting a large Gacha. Use a magic attack to get rid of this enemy. Before 
you go up the steps, grab the map on the west side of the courtyard and grab
the herb under the stair well. Their is also a save mirror by the stairs and
a magic well nearby. Save if you want to and replenish your magic at the well.
Head up the steps and take care of the Gacha at the top and head inside. Watch
the cut scene as somebody kneeling next to Nobunaga says he will take care of
Samanosuke. He addresses himself as Ranmaru Mori, head retainer of the oda 

BOSS BATTLE-Ranmaru Mori
Difficulty:Laughably Easy
I dont know if you could really consider this a boss battle because it is so 
early in the game and it is so easy. All of Ranmaru's attacks are blockable 
and he is extremly easy to score a critcal against. Ranmaru suffers a lot of 
damage when a magic attack is employed. After only a few magic attacks or 
critcal attacks Ranmaru with be defeated.

Seperate Stratgey:An even easier stratgey is to transform into the onimusha
since you have the five souls. Just keep using the onimusha magic attack and 
Ranmaru will fall quickly.

After the fight Ranmaru will fall. Samanosuke turns his attention to Nobunaga,
but nobunaga launches a green energy bolt at Samanosuke and goes over to 
finish him off but a dark circle opens up and engulfs Samanosuke and the body
of Ranmaru. Then Samanosuke and the body dissapear.

C.Arc De Triomphe
Back in France, Military comes in to help as Philipe does his best to fight
off genma. They shoot down a couple genma but, they become overwhelmming and
kill the soliders and slash Philipe. They surrond Philipe, but Jacques comes
flying over a couple cars with his bike and takes out a couple genma. He
starts shooting. Now take control of Jacques and shoot down all the zorm that
you encounter. Once you finish them off, Jacques sees a bright light come from
the alley. Samanosuke appears in the alley, now take control of Samanosuke.
Their is a save mirror at the end of the alley so save if you want to or try
the new training sessions. By the mirror is a crate, smash through it and take
the salve out off the box. Walk up to the gate to trigger a cut scene were 
Samanosuke helps out Jacques. They dont understand each other so Samanosuke
walks off and jacques goes off to help philipe. Then the same dark dark circle
that engulfed Samanosuke appears and transports Jacques and Philipe. 
Samaosuke realizes he's stuck, but he looks up to see a familiar face,
Guildenstern.When you take control of Samanosuke kill the genma that attack
and go to the end of the sidewalk and down the stairs into the subway. Work
your way through the subway, killing the genma along they way. Once you make
it to the end go up the stairs and you arrive at the Arc De Triomphe. Grab the
normal arrows and the map. Kill of the annoying flying Bhaza, and head to the
monument with the flames. When you come to the monument, the flames turn 
yellow and the monument moves to unveil a stair case. Walk down these stairs
and go up to the statue to get a new weapon, The dual tenso swords. Once you
come out of the monument, Samamosuke gets shot at by a woman police officer
and several soliders. The woman known as Michelle Obear tries to talk to 
Samanosuke but he still cant understand her. Then several soliders go inside
the Arc De Triomphe, as Michelle dispatches the other soliders to go with 
them. Michelle realizes that Samanosuke cant understand her, and a scream can 
be heard from inside the Arc.Michelle goes to see and finds all the soliders 
dead. She is then attacked by a genma and is knocked unconscious. Samanosuke
arrives in time to dispatch the genma and take Michelle outside. Once the
scene is over, head back inside and pick up the Observation key on the ground.
Go up the spiral staircase, killing genma along the way and unlock the door at
the top. Once you get upstairs,there is several genma inside so get rid of 
them before continuing. There is apuzzle box in the room. Here is the solution 
to the puzzle:
           |          |           |          |                                  
           |    1     |    2      |    3     | 
           |          |           |          |
 |         |          |           |          |
 |  Start  |    4     |    5      |    6     |
 |         |          |           |          |
           |          |           |          |         |
           |    7     |    8      |    9     |  Finish |
           |          |           |          |         |
1.Move 1
2.Move 4
3.Move 7
Reward:Power Jewel

Once your finished go to the end your the smashed brown cases are and absorb
the souls from the soul statue. Go to the save mirror and save your game and
enhance your tenso if you want to. Go up the steps and watch the cut scene as
Samanosuke encounters an old foe, Guildenstern. Guildenstern explains that
they are 500 years after the age of warring states. With insults flying back
and forth, Guildenstern summons his new creation, Brainstern.

Boss Battle-Brainstern
Brainstern usually starts the fight by using his gatling gun to blast away the
structure you are behind. After he does this go up and strike his arm panels
with magic to release souls. After you destroy one or both arm panels the 
robot will spread its arms and spin like crazy. Avoid this attack and keep 
striking the robot. In a last effort Brainstern will extend its arms to shove
Samanosuke away and will launch missles. Watch the shadows for the of the 
ground to avoid the missles. Any time you have an open oppurtunity use either
a magic attack or a charged attack and brainstern will fall sooner or later.

D.Mt. Hiei
Back in Japan the time rift opens up spilling Jacques and Philipe out. Jacques
goes to help Philipe but Philipe says that he rather die in the arms of his 
family and then gives Jacques a farwell then Philipe dies. Now once you gain
control of Jacques keep walking through the forest path. You can save by the
save mirror if you want. Keep walking until Jacques hears a scream, he rushes
to find his son Henri being attacked by a Gacha. Jacques tries to help but is
out of bullets. Then his arm starts to glow and a gauntlet appears. He also
gains the oni whip and the onimusha scroll. Once you have these items in hand
go over and take out the Gacha. This Gacha is less powerful then others so 
this is a perfect oppurtunity to practice your oni bind move. Once you get rid
of the enemy jacques goes over to help Henri, but he evaporates and an Oni
appears before him. The oni tells him that he gave him the gauntlet and the
whip and the only way to return back to his time is to defeat all the Genma.
The oni then assigns a Tengu named Ako to look over Jacques. Jacques is highly
reluctant to accept the help of Ako and the quest in general. Make your way 
throught the other areas and you come across a burned temple. Kill all of the
genma, and you meet a familiar face...Samanosuke. To avoid any confusion, 
Jacques appeared ten days before the event at Honnoji temple. Jacques 
immediatly blames Samanosuke for sending him to the past. Jacques then tells
Samanosuke the story of why he is here. Samanosuke and Jacques shake hands and
continue on together. Before leaving the area go inside the first burned 
building to get an herb, and smash through the brown box to get an Ecospirit.
These are essential for using Ako's different vests. Inside the second 
building there is a training scroll on the ground and there is a box that
contains Akos first vest, the blue vest. Behind the second house is a tengu 
box. Once ako says she found it press x to recieve an herb. Coninue along the 
path until you come across a shrine. You cant do anything with this yet so go
down the path that isnt being blocked. Kill the flying Bhaza that are around,
and open the red treasure box to get the Firefly scroll and release a firefly.
Walk up to the edge of the cliff and position yourself until the firefly turns
green. Then press R1 and x to grab the firefly and travel across the gap. On 
the other side break the brown box to release three more fireflys and use them
to make it across to the broken bridge. By the large buddha face there is a
box containing the Dokan scroll. Go down the ladder and smash the other brown
box to release yet another firefly. Past that is another treasure box 
containing the Bronze mirror. Use the fireflys to return to the shrine area.
Place the bronze mirror in the hole and the shrine will glow. You then will 
recive a new weapon, the Enja, a fire sword/whip. Now backtrack down the path.
You might have seen some plants blocking a small alcove on the way up, cut 
through the plants and pick up the gate key. Once you get the key a gacha 
appears. Either kill the gacha or head back up the path. Once you get back up
to the shirne cut down the plants blocking the other path. Head down the path
cutting down the genma plants along the way. You will eventually come across
Samanosuke fighting genma in front of a gate. Help out samanosuke and use the
gate key to open the gate. Once you get inside, smash the crate to release a 
firefly to get to the top platform. On the platform you can get a mission 
scroll, an ecospirit, and a medicine. Once yur done head down the path into 
the next area. Defeat the 3-eyes and the Gyaran before proceding. Walk up to
the building and save before entering. There is also a puzzle box outside.
Here is the solution:

                  |          |           |          |
                  |     1    |     2     |     3    |
                  |          |           |          |
        |         |          |           |          |
        |  Start  |     4    |     5     |     6    |
        |         |          |           |          |
                  |          |           |          |         |
                  |     7    |     8     |     9    |  Finish | 
                  |          |           |          |         |

1.Move 1
2.Move 4
3.Move 5 
4.Move 8 
Reward:Power Jewel

Head inside Lazuline hall and watch as a fimilar foe appears, Ranmaru Mori. He
introduces himself to Samanosuke and tells him that Nobunaga already knows 
about Mitshuide's rebellion. Ranmaru then dispatches a Genma that Onimusha 
veterans will recognize, Marcellus. Samanosuke runs after Ranmaru while
Jacques stays behind to take care of Marcellus.

Boss Battle-Marcellus
Difficulty: Easy
This Marcellus is Different from the old Marcellus. Because it is in such a 
closedin area he isnt anywhere near as fast as the old Marcellus. The first 
thingthat needs to be done is to destroy the shield. This can be done with 
magic orcharged attacks. After the shield is dstroyed, Marcellus will 
transform his sword. His attack are to swing the sword, preform an overhead 
chop and his most powerful attack is to engulf the entire room in purple 
lighting. If you see his sword turn purple, use the firefly in the middle of 
the room to jump out of the way and preform Jacques chop attack. After you 
run out of magic, use charge attacks to get rid of him.

After the battle Ako says that she is going to check on future Samanosuke,
reveiling a new power to jacques. She curls up in a big glowing ball and 

E.The Sewer
Back in Paris, Michelle wakes up to see Samanosuke. She points her gun at him
but Ako appears out of no were. She explains that Jacques is 500 years in the
past. She then uses one of her powers to allow Michelle and Samanosuke to 
understand each other. Michelle reveils that she is Jacques fiancee. After 
Michelle is done talking she gets a radio transmisson saying there is monsters
in the sewer. Michelle asks for Samanosukes help to save the soliders. Once 
the scene is over you can follow Michelle to the sewer or go back inside the
Arc de Triomphe to retrive a tengu box on the observation deck. Once your
finished join up with Michelle and head down into the sewer. Dispatch the 
genma you first encounter and then pick up the Sewer key by the fallen solider
and use it to unlock the red door. Enter the sewer and defeat the slug like
zolworm and gera. Once you get rid of them enter the first door and watch as
Michelle sends parting words to her fallen commrade. Pick up the memo to cheif
on the console the go to the shining red light on the console to the right.
Have Michelle reconnect the power, and use the save if you want before you 
leave. Head over to bridge and hit the button to lower it. Go across to get
the Sewer map and head to the next room. Slice up the the Zolworm that await
in the room. Smash the barrel in the room to get an Ecospirit. Go to the side 
of the room that has an isle way. Go to the end and open the box, and a Babian
jumps out. Kill the genma before it escapes with the salve. Past the box
is a smaller room. Smash the barrel in that room to get an Ecospirit and 
behind the Barrel lies Ako's red vest. Go back into the main part of the room
and climb the ladder. Get the worker memo on the desk, when you read it, it
simpily lists some items inside the control room. Before you head down the 
ladder get the charged attack training scroll and shoot down the genma pod to
get another Ecospirit. Go back down the ladder and shoot down the other genma
pod to get 20 fire arrows. Go over to the door in the middle of the wall, 
there is a number combination that has to used to open the door. Refer back to
the worker memo. Head back to the control room and count the number of items 
or if your too lazy the combination is 314. Once out side there is a puzzle 
box, here is the solution:

              |          |          |          |           |          |
              |     1    |     2    |     3    |     4     |  finish  |
              |          |          |          |           |          |
    |         |          |          |          |           |
    |  start  |     5    |     6    |     7    |     8     |
    |         |          |          |          |           |
              |          |          |          |           |
              |     9    |     10   |     11   |    12     |
              |          |          |          |           |

1.Move 3
2.Move 7
3.Move 6
4.Move 5
5.Move 1
Reward:Oni Jewel

Climb down the ladder and make your way through the muck defeating the water
dwelling Batobone and Batochiako. Get to the other side and climb the ladder
and pick up the object on the ground, it is the iron handle. Go back into the
previous room and climb the ladder. Go to the large console and put the iron 
handle in the hole. Turn the handle to open  the large gate inside the room.
Go into the room abd two Zolworms will drop down. Defeat them and use the
console in the room to turn on the power to that side of the sewer. Go back
out and lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and use the save mirror on the 
other side. In the next section climb down the ladder back into the muck and
go to the end. Get the first aid kit out of the tengu box in the garbage. 
Get back on the platform and use the ladder to go up in the small room. There
is a green bax on the floor but Samanosuke cant open it. Go over to the chain
and swipe it. This will cause a giant wooden ball to fall into the muck. Then
Michelle will get a transmission that her friends need help. Get down into the
muck and start pushing the giant wooden ball down the sewer. Genma will appear
in the tunnel so stay close to the ball dont try going after the genma. Try 
using electric arrows to immbolize them and keep pushing. If you stop pushing
the water level will rise and cause Samanosuke's health to drop rapidly.
Once you make it to the end, if you made it in time the officer will give you
a key. When you went pack up the platform there was a locked gate, go back and
unlock the gate and obtain a power jewel. Also shoot down the genma sack on 
the ceiling to get an ecospirit. If you didnt make it in time you dont get the
key and miss out to get a power jewel. Once your done go up the ladder and 
enjoy the fresh air.

Once you get out of the sewer, watch the scene as the phone that Samanosuke 
found on the ground rings and Michelle assumes its Jacques. She seems 
dissapointed and says that it is Jacques son, Henri. Michelle, Samanosuke, and
Ako head over to Jacques house. Michelle tries to explain what happened and 
then tries to comfort henri, but he wants nothing to do with Michelle. Ako
decides to go check on Jacques. Jacques remains to the same building and gets
up to find a way back home but hears a beeping coming from a box. He uncovers
a wristwatch from his time. Samanosuke shows up a recognizes the symbol on the
box and says it is form the town of Sakai. Jacques goes over to Sakai to see 
if anyone knows anything about the genma. Once the scene is over walk around
and talk to people or go over to the to two tigre statues and cut the head off
the one on the left to get an Ecospirit. Right across from the protective 
mirror is a vase. Smash the vase to release a firefly. Use this to get on the
beach and find the puzzle box. Here is the solution to the puzzle:

           |          |           |           |         |
           |  Start   |     1     |     2     |    3    |
           |          |           |           |         |
                      |           |           |         |
                      |     4     |     5     |    6    |
                      |           |           |         |
                      |           |           |         |          |
                      |     7     |    8      |    9    | Finish   |
                      |           |           |         |          |

1.Move 6
2.Move 5
3.Move 8
4.Move 9 
5.Move 6
Reward:Oni Jewel

Back on the street go inside the shop but dont talk to the shop owner. Go out
the back door to get Ako's white vest. Go back inside to get the Jubei Rmr 
on the wooden platform and smash the clay pot and tigre's head to get two
ecospirits. There is also a tengu box containing a oni med level one. Now talk
to the store owner. Jacques will ask him about the watch but the owner denies 
ever seeing it and forces Jacques out of the store. Go over to the kid looking
in the pot and he says he will let you have what is in the pot if you trade
him for something sweet. Go over to the watermelon salesmen and trde your 
watch for a piece of watermelon. Go back to the kid and give him the food. Go
to the pot and pull the firefly from it. Use it to get to through the window
on the upper floor of the store. The store owner is talking to a worker and 
the worker mentions something about monsters. The store owner calls them 
clients. Once they leave grab the blacksmith key on the loft and drop down and
head outside. All of a sudden a swarm of Genma invade the village. Cut down
the genma and go behind the store. Follow the path down the alley and a few 
archers and a Fugaku will block the store. Finish these guys off and grab the
training scroll. Use the Blacksmith key and go inside. Go over to the shrine
and recive another weapon, the Raisen, a lightning spear/whip. Go back to the
main street and go out the large door at the end of the bridge. Because part 
of the street is blocked off you have to go around by using the piers. Once 
you get to the door, use the raisen to unlock it. Pick up the Hideyoshi Rmr 
and the time lab 1 which guildenstren writes about his time experiments. Once
you go out of the room, on the other side of the street a Gacha smashes 
through some baoxes blocking a set of stairs. Their is a room past the stairs
that has two ecospirits in clay jars and a soul statue. Exit the room and 
Jacques and Samanosuke find a ship that could lead them to the genma hideout.
Jacques spots something and recognizes that it is his motorcycle but they a 
encounter Heihachiro Honda, or Heihachi for short. He says that he is allied
with the Nobunaga and will prevent you from getting on the ship, and the ship 
begins to move.

Boss Battle-Heihachi
Though Heihachi has good defense, this battle is easy because Samanosuke helps
out. There is almost no good strategy to defeat him except for Critical hits
or try to get him between Samamosuke and yourself to use magic. If you try 
magic he might side step this attack and it will waste magic. Be aware that 
Heihaci also has magic, so just keep a strong defense and the battle should be

Heihachi will run off after the fight, but now Samanosuke cant reach the ship.
Jacques runs over to the motorcycle bu there is no key. Ako decides to go to
france to retrive it. Back in france Henri sense something is wrong and grabs
the motorcycle key from the wall just as Ako appears. He gives the key to Ako
even before she says anything. Ako transports back and gives the key to 
Jacques. He revs up his motorcycle and blasts down the dock. He hits a jump
but it looks like his jump is short but he extends the whip and grabs hold of
the side rail. The bike lands in the water but Jacques land safely on the 
deck. Regain control of Jacques and wait for the genma to climb the steps then
kill them. Go down to the main dock and gid rid of the fugaku. Smash the 
barrel on the main deck to release a firefly. Use the firefly to go up to the
mast and swing over to the crows nest to find the puzzle box. Here is the

             |          |          |          |          |
             |     1    |     2    |    3     |    4     |
             |          |          |          |          |
  |          |          |          |          |          |          |
  |  Start   |     5    |     6    |    7     |    8     |  Finish  |
  |          |          |          |          |          |          |
             |          |          |          |          |
             |     9    |     10   |    11    |    12    |
             |          |          |          |          |

1.Move 1
2.Move 5
3.Move 6
4.Move 7
5.Move 11
Reward:Power Jewel

Head back to the main deck and go through the door by the cannon. At the top 
of the stairs is the genma notice and map. Go down the stairs and slash the
picture of Guildenstern to find a treasure box. Once you open the box a 
gjimaro jumps out. This doll will dissapear and reappear until it is killed. 
Once you get rid of it get the wheelhouse key. Use it to open the door at the
other end of the room. Inside there is a soul statue, absorb the souls and
open the treasure box to get the log book. There is also another puzzle box.
Here is the solution:

           |          |          |          |          |
           |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4     |
           |          |          |          |          |
|          |          |          |          |          |          |
|  Start   |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8     | Finish   |
|          |          |          |          |          |          |
           |          |          |          |          |
           |    9     |   10     |    11    |    12    |
           |          |          |          |          |

1.Move 1
2.Move 2
3.Move 3
4.Move 7
5.Move 6
6.Move 2
Reward:Wood Charm

Once your done go out of the wheelhouse and watch and the ship gets a little 
rocky. Your now headed to the Genma hideout.

G.Notre Dame
Back in France Ako tells Henri what had happened to Jacques and says that 
Jacques says thank you. Michelle then gets a phone call thinking it might be
Jacques but it is for Samanosuke. She hands the phone over and Samanosuke 
hears the manical laugh of Guildenstern. He tells Samanosuke to come to the
basement of Notre Dame. Once you get there, you need to have your tenso at 
level 2 or higher to break to seal. If you dont have enough, go down into the 
sewer and kill the Batobones and Batochakia. Outside Notre Dame is another
training scroll and smash the trash can to get an ecospirit. Head inside the 
cathedral. By the door is a treasure box containing a first-aid kit. In the 
corner near the statue with the two sets of candles lit there are two urns.
Smash these two to get an Ecospirit. Make your way up the isles killing the
zorms and zagats along the way. At the end of one aisle is a treasure box but
a babian jumps out. Kill the doll to get a salve. In the other corner there is
a soul statue and tengu box containing 20 ice arrows. In the middle aisle at
the very end is a treasure box containing Ako's green vest. Go up to the altar
and pull the odd red piece on the side of the altar. This will cause the altar
to raise and reviel an underground crypt. Walk down the steps and in the first
room shoot down the genma sacks on the ceiling to get an Ecospirit and an 
herb. Continue into the next room. There are giant spinning blades in this 
room so wait in the small alcove and wait for the blade to pass and then run
following the blades. Run until you see another alcove housing a statue. Push
the skull in and cause the blades to stop spinning and raise a gate in the 
room. Once you do this a group of Bazu appear. Get rid of these genma before 
procedding. There is also a puzzle box, here is the solution:

               |          |          |          |           |
               |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4      |
               |          |          |          |           |
    |          |          |          |          |           |
    |  Start   |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8      | 
    |          |          |          |          |           | 
               |          |          |          |           |          |
               |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12     |  Finish  |
               |          |          |          |           |          |

1.Move 7
2.Move 6
3.Move 10
4.Move 11
5.Move 12
6.Move 8
Reward:Oni Jewel

Go through the newly opened gate and defeat the Bazu the appear at the
intersection. Smash the glass globe in the center to get the Anti-dark charm.
Go to the left and shoot down the genma sacksto get and Ecospirit and an herb.
Then go to the right and shoot down another genma sack to get another 
ecospirit. In the treasure box there is a document called the dark parchment 
which talks about four statues shorded in darkness. Return to the cathedral
and use the anti dark charm to absorb the darkness surronding the statues. You
must absorb the statues in the correct order. This is determined by the the 
number and sets of candles lit. If you do this out of order you will be struck
by lightning causing damage and you will also have to start over. If you
do this in the right order, the orb in the griffin statues mouth will glow. Go
up to the griffin statue to get the Kuga sword. Return to the crypt and back
to the area were you found the anti-dark charm. You can now enter the door 
sealed by the green orb. Inside this room, there are more spinning blades but
you cant stop these blades from spinning. Use the same technique of waiting 
for the blades to pass then follow them. The first alcove is blocked by bera 
plants so slash these quickly. Move from alcove to alcove, one alcove has a
door but it is locked. Continue until you find a treasure box containing a 
rope ladder. Also inside an alcove holds a puzzle box. Here is the solution:

             |          |          |          |           |
             |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4      |
             |          |          |          |           |
  |          |          |          |          |           |
  |  Start   |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8      |
  |          |          |          |          |           |
             |          |          |          |           |          |
             |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12     |  Finish  |
             |          |          |          |           |          |
             |          |          |          |           | 
             |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16     |
             |          |          |          |           |

1.Move 8
2.Move 12
3.Move 11
4.Move 10
5.Move 6
Reward:Statue charm

Take the rope ladder back to the intersection and go right. Use the rope 
ladder to climb down the pit and retrieve the gold skull. Head back to the 
blade room and go over to the locked door. Use the skull to unlock the door.
Before entering the door, replensih your magic at the well and save. Watch as
Guildenstern says this is what he wanted to show Samanosuke, the time folder.
Guildenstern says that you will die here and summons two Dordo genma. The best
way to get rid of them is to use magic. Once this is over get the time lab 3
and the 20 electric arrows from the tengu box. Walk up the steps and use the 
teleporter to chase after Guildenstern.

H.Undersea Temple
Samanosuke appears at what seems to be the genma hideout. Ako quickly notices 
the ship next to him and says that it is the same ship that Jacques took. Ako
decides to go check on Jacques but some reason she cant pass between times. 
This is one of the more complex stages in the game because you control Ako's
ability to go back and forth between times. Before going through the door on
the opposite side of the room, go up on the ship and get the oni med 1 on the 
upper deck. Exit the ship and Go through the door on the opposite side of the
room. Inside the circular room there is a save mirror, a magic well, and a 
new device known as a time folder. Pick up the timefold tablet from the   
treasure box. This exlpains how to use the time folder. Go up the steps on to 
the middle platfromand take the yellow disk from the lantern with the yellow 
flame. This will cause the stairs to retract. Take the yellow disk over to the
time folder. Access the folder and use the store option and highlight the 
yellow disk. Then select warp to send Ako back in time. Jacques is shown just
arriving off the ship. Ako appears to tell him that the future Samanosuke is 
in the same place. Take the yellow disk and defeat the genma that welcome you.
Go into the circular chamber and put the yellow disk into the yellow lantern.
The stairs will rise back up. Go through the door, you will notice the chamber
is flooded, so use to firefly to jump the gap. Take out the archers and you
will notice a dragons head off to the side of the door. Come back to this 
later and enter the chamber. Once you enter pick up the Ancient slab and the 
time lab 2. Once that is done Ranmaru Mori will apppear and make reference to 
a time machine. Jacques demands to know were it is but Ranmaru just says find
it yourself but watch out for the gaurd dog. After the scene take out the 
dark crow that appear and enter the elevator and press x. Inside the library 
several archers and a Fugaku will be waiting. Run past these genma and to the
book shelf with the red slabs on it. Use the ancient slab you found and know 
you have to solve this math puzzle so the numbers equal 22. The solution is
5x4+3+1-2=22. Once the passage has been open it makes it easier to take out
the Fugaku without taking damage from the archers. Go inside the chamber and 
go to the right and open the box to release a firefly. Use the firefly to take
out the archers on the top platform. On the top platform there is an oni 
tortise tablet and a tnegu box contianing a medicine. There is also another 
regular treasure box containing the Left dragon horn. Once you get the items
you have two options either go back to the elevator or go back into the secret
passage and take a left. Go to the end of the passage and wait for a few 
seconds. A mysterious litte man will drop down and offer to take you to the 
dark realm. If you decide to go, see the dark realm section in the guide for
information. By completeing the dark realms also determines your final grade
at the end of the game. Go back down the elevator to the workshop and you will
encounter a new genma, the dark puppet. This genma can be killed with either 
magic or charged attacks or just deflect its magic missle back at him to cause
lots of damage. Leave the workshop and go to the drgaon head. Use the horn to
reset the head and it will drain the chamber. Jacques comes to the conclusion
that it might also be happening in the present. Go back to the time folder
and send Ako back in time. Now in the present you can go through the yellow 
door and the chamber wont be flooded. Defeat the Zagat at the bottom of the 
ramp and get the Secret med from the box. Go up the stairs and enter the door
and because they have no power to the place the elevator doesnt work and the 
force field surrounding the statue is gone. Grab the bluse disk to trigger the
cut scene. Guildenstern appears and shows Samanosuke something intresting.
Samamnosuke turns around to find a new and imprved Ranmaru Mori. After his 
death, Guildenstern revived him as a genma.

Boss Battle-Genma Ranmaru Mori
Ranmaru has a few new attacks but they are all blockable. He is quite fast so 
it makes it harder for Samaanosuke to land a hit. One new dangerous attack is 
Ranmaru jumps in the air and launches an energy ball, again this is blockable.
If you manage to land a critical or magic attack Ranmaru will release souls.
Dont absorb these just yet, Ranmaru will try to absorb these and this gives
you a perfect oppurtunity to strike with a magic onslaught. This is probably
one of the main keys to winning this fight. It should be pretty easy to defeat

After the battle, Ranmaru hasnt died but he has run off. Take the blue disk 
back to the circular room and insert it into the blue lantern. Go though the
blue door. Once you only take a few steps into the room, the glass will begin
to crack. Once you come to the turn, take a few seconds to line yourself up 
with the middle of the hall. Then press and hold up on the d-pad to run like 
hell because the glass just shattered and water is pouring in. The second you
make it to the the hit x to enter the room. There is another dragon head in 
this room but it is missing the right horn. Go up the stairs and go to the 
blacony. Get rid of the Bhaza before smashing the cartes. Once you smash the
crates a Drodo appears, use magic to take him out. Go over to where the crates
were and pickup the right dragon horn. Use the horn on the dragon head to 
drain the chamber. Return to the circular room and take the blue disk and send
it and Ako back to Jacques. When Jacques gets the disk use it to raise the 
stairs by the bluse door take the same path that Samanosuke took earlier.
Use the firefly to cross the broken stairs. There is a puzzle box around, so 
here is the solution:

             |          |          |          |           |
             |    1     |    2     |    3     |     4     |
             |          |          |          |           |
             |          |          |          |           |
             |    5     |    6     |    7     |     8     |
             |          |          |          |           |
  |          |          |          |          |           |          |
  |  Start   |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12     |  Finish  |
  |          |          |          |          |           |          |
             |          |          |          |           |
             |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16     |  
             |          |          |          |           |

1. Move 9
2. Move 10
3. Move 11
4. Move 7
5. Move 6
Reward:Oni Jewel

Once you complete the puzzle, defeat the dark puppet to release three fireflys
but dont use them just yet. Continue to cross gaps until you come across a 
shrine. Use the shrine to obtain another new weapon, the Hyosai, a mace/whip.
Go back down the way you came in and into the room with the purple seal on the
door. Use the Hyosai to unlock the door. There is a firefly on the ground but 
it is missing its wings. Head back to the time folder and send Ako back to 
Samanosuke. In the present, lead Samanosuke back to the generator room. 
Because there is now power, go to the end and pickup the firefly wings. Once 
again go send Ako to Jacques with the firefly wings. The blue door has 
mysteriously become shrouded in a dark cloud so return to the ship and use the
fireflys to get to the generator room. Use the firefly wings on the firefly
and jump over the pistons. Steal the power crystal to stop the pistons from
moving. When you leave the room, we see Heihachi fighting off genma. Jacques 
sees this and all Heihachi does is laugh. Return to the ship and go to the 
time folder. Send the power crystal to Samanosuke. The same dark cloud covers
the door but you can absrob the cloud. Return to the generator room and place 
the power crystal in its holder. This will cause the pistons to move but much
slower then before. If you time it right when the pistons slam together you 
should be able to slip past. In the room use the elevator to go to a lower 
chamber. Smash the crates and get an Ecospirit in the process. Go to the 
shrine to get a new weapon the chigo, an axe powered by lava. Cut down the 
enemies that appear. Return to the circular room and go through the yellow 
door. Use the elevator to go up to the library. Once you try to get to the 
passage, a dongacha appears. Destory it with magic or charged attacks. Use the
chigo to open the door. Inside you will find a temple tablet, Ako's yellow 
vest and the red disk. Once you leave, now is your oppurtunity to send 
Samanosuke to the dark realm. Go to the same place were Jacques went for the 
dark realm. Go back to the circular room and use the red disk to go through 
the red door. Samamosuke cant get to the end but there is a puzzle box, here
is the solution:

           |          |          |          |            |
           |    1     |    2     |    3     |     4      |
           |          |          |          |            |
           |          |          |          |            |          |
           |    5     |    6     |    7     |     8      |  Finish  |
           |          |          |          |            |          |
|          |          |          |          |            |
|  Start   |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12      |
|          |          |          |          |            |
           |          |          |          |            |
           |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16      |
           |          |          |          |            |

1. Move 14
2. Move 10
3. Move 11
4. Move 7
5. Move 6
6. Move 5
Reward:Power Jewel

Go back to the circular room and take the red disk to Jacques. Once Jacques 
has the disk insert it into the lantern and go through the red door. Cross the
gap that is at the end and open the door. Inside the a huge two headed dog 
moves and wakes up. Jacques says this must be the guard dog.

Boss Battle-Gertrude
The goal of this battle is to destroy the helmet covering the right head of 
the beast. This dog has several different attacks including a frezzing breath,
a charge attack and lightning strikes. If you get the oppurtunity try to bind
the ring on the either helmet and hit triangle to send magic across to the 
head. If your backed up against the wall and gertrude charges, try to side
step this and gertrude will slam into the wall knocking herself out. This will
be the perfect oppurtunity to strike with magic. If you are ever trapped use 
the fireflys to get out of the jam. If you manage to destroy the helmet you 
will win the battle, but be aware that the next fight with gertrude wont be so

After that the glass will begin to crack, jacques and ako find a stair way to
escape the water. Work your way up the stairs and kill the genma on the steps.
Once you get to the top, Jacques finds genma train. He boards the train in 
hopes of finding more information to get back home. Samanosuke is still in the
undersea temple so once you get control of him take him to the same room were
Jacques fought gertrude. You can now cross the gap by floating platforms. Once
you get into the room a scene takes place were Genma Ranmaru attacks. He says
he has found a new way to get rid of Samanosuke. Then a green bolt strikes 
down Samanosuke and a green light traps him. Ranmaru then reveals he says that
you will changed into a genma. Samanouske tries escaping but dissappears.

I.Notre Dame (Michelle)
Back in France, henri gets a feeling that something is wrong with Jacqes and 
Samanosuke. He tries to leave but Michelle doesnt want him to. He pushes her
out eof the way and runs. Michelle searches and comes across Notre Dame and 
believes Henri went inside. Take control of Michelle and defeat the zorms that
are outside the temple. Grab the soul bracelet from the box by the gate. This 
will now allow Michelle to absorb souls. Head inside and defeat all of the 
genma that appear. Follow the same path the Samanosuke took to reach to the 
room with the transporter. Once you get into the room, two dordo's will attack
you. Use evasive moves and grenades to defeat the two genma. Onced you beat 
them go into the area were the dordos came out of and get the paris report 
from the shelve. This mentions Boulogne Zoo as a holding place for human 
experiments. This is were Michelle believes Henri was taken to. The next scene
is Ako and Michelle in Michelles car driving to the zoo.

J.Zoo (Michelle)
Some were inside the zoo is Samanosuke and Henri stuck inside two electrified 
cages. Henri starts to cry but Samanosuke tells him to be strong and says
Michelle will come find them. Once you reach the zoo you will encounter a new 
creature, a Zmoh. These genma are too fast too use grenades, so run up the 
steps by the gift shop. The Zmoh will try to attack but it cant get up the 
steps so this is a perfect chance to take them out. Once you take out the Zmoh
go past the fountain and over to the stairs by the boat dock to pick up the 
zoo flyer. Back by the fountain there is a trash can, so blast it away to get 
an ecospirit. By the large staircase is a green box only Michelle can open, it
contains ten grenades. Once you get to the top of the steps a Zmoh will break 
out of its box so stay at the top and keep firing. Go over to the end of the
path and smash the trash can to get and ecospirit. Enter the building, there 
are two zmohs in glass cages. If you get close they will smash through and 
attack. Because it is more confined your grenades should be more effective. 
Also grab the get the first aid kit form the tengu box. Go out the building 
and defeat the bazu that await. If you are low on health, equip akos white 
vest and stand behind the panda cut out to heal you faster. There is also 
another ecospirit in the trash can. Enter the panda house and witness the 
grizzly scene. Smash the trash can to get another ecospirit and pickup the 
Mecha Demon book nearby. Use the ladder to climb down into the pit. Go over to
the device with four levers. Pull the middle left lever to get the boat key 
and then pull the right lever to get a new gun, the SPS 15+R. This gun is 
perfect for taking out flying Bhaza with one shot, it is also the most 
accurate gun you have. If you pull the other two levers two Zmohs will be 
released and because it is a confined area it can cause a lot of damage. Exit 
the panda house and make your way back to the boat dock and use the key to 
start the boat. This will start a cut scene were Michelle starts to think if 
Henri is ok or not. Then the motor dies and the boat stops moving, then a few
genma attack. Dispatch these genma and Michelle uses a little brute force to 
get the engine going. Ince you get to the other side use the save mirror if 
you want to. Go over to the door and slay the zagats gaurding it and get the 
first aid kit from the tengu box. Go inside and use grenades and and heavy 
fire to destroy the Nurabis blocking the door. Go down stairs and watch as 
Michelle finds Henri and Samanosuke. She tries to find a way to release them 
but then two Zmohs escape there cages. Run past them and enter the first cage.
There is another new weapon, The SPS 15+G. This gun fires grenades so it 
should only take a couple shots to drop the Zmohs. Then go ovver to the red 
lever on the wall and pull it to release Samanosuke and Henri. Henri happy 
about being free runs over to hug Michelle but before he could Guildenstern 
appears and kidnaps Henri and Michelle. 

K.Zoo (Samanosuke)
Regain control of Samanosuke and pick up the Soul braclet on the floor. Before
leaving get the first aid kit in the second cage. Return to the boat and go to
the other side of the zoo. Once you are there a new monster will appear, the 
dorabazu. Take out these genma before procedding. Go over to the building were
the zmohs inside the glass cages were and go over to the door. The kuga has to
be at level two or higher to open the door. Get the Lab building key from the 
shelve and return to the boat. Go back to the lab building on the other side 
of the zoo. Once you enter Dorido will be kneeling in front of the door so use
magic to slay the genma. Use the lab key to unlock the door and head inside. 
Bazu and Dorbazu will bust out of the glass tubes that they are in. Finish 
these genma off and enter the specimen room. Pick up the Ten slash scroll and 
the Mecha Demon 2 book. There is a puzzle box in the corner so here is the 

              |          |          |          |           |
              |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4      |
              |          |          |          |           |
   |          |          |          |          |           |          |
   | Start    |    5     |     6    |    7     |    8      |  Finish  |
   |          |          |          |          |           |          |
              |          |          |          |           |          |
              |    9     |   10     |    11    |    12     | Finish   |
              |          |          |          |           |          |
              |          |          |          |           |
              |   13     |   14     |    15    |    16     |
              |          |          |          |           |

1.Move 12
2.Move 8
3.Move 7 
4.Move 6
5.Move 10
Reward:Oni Jewel

Make your way to the protective mirror and save because you have a boss battle
coming up. Enter the door and watch as guildenstern has Michelle and Henri 
strap to tables and threatens to make them into Genma. Samanosuke arrives just
in time. Guildenstern sick of Samanosuke decides to take him out by himself.

Boss Battle-Guildenstern
In this fight Guildenstern will shrink by about have the size and fly around 
the room. At the beginning he will teleport around the room and when his chest
glows red he will summon two Nerofobora to help. These guys are almost the 
same as the Fobora. But they can be a problem. If you elimante them 
Guildenstern will attack by throwing his staff or swinging it at you. He will 
randomly regenerate the two NeroFobora. At a point in the battle Guildenstern
will cause a time portal to engulf the room. This will cause Guildenstern to 
regain health but he only does this once during the battle. The best way to 
attack Guildenstern is to use arrows when he is up higher and use magic when 
he come close to the ground. Try to hit a critcal on guildenstern at the 
moment that he summons the Nerofobora. This will eliminate the Nerofobora for
a longer period of time.

Once the battle is over, Guildenstern staggers then falls. He then says
something about a completed time warp device and he calls it his greatest 
creation. Samanosuke tries to get out of him the information on were it is but
Guildenstern dies before he can get the information. Then Michelle and Henri 
are released. Samanosuke goes around looking for clues and comes across a 
picture of a cathdedral. Michelle recognizes this as Mont-Saint-Michel. This
is were Samanosuke believes the time warpdevice is.

Samanosuke,Ako,Henri,and Michelle all get into Michelles car and head over to 
Mont-Saint-Michel. Henri looks somewhat depressed so ako decides to go check
on Jacques. Still on the Genma train, Ako asks Jacques for something that 
belonged to his wife. He hands Ako a ring and Ako goes back to the present and
gives it to Henri. Ako uses her magic to put Henri in a dream state and He 
sees his mother. She tells him not to be sad and not to blame himself for her
death. Henri wakes and is crying, Michelle looks at him and also begins to 
cry. Just then they come across Mont-Saint-Michel with dark cloud over it.
Samamosuke and Ako decide to go alone. Gain control of Samaonsuke on the main
street grab the Ranmaru book and you will soon notice the Time folder. This 
is another back and forth level between Jacques and Samanosuke. Since there is
nothing you can do for now. Send Ako back to Jacques. Back in the past, the 
Genma train comes to a stop, Jacques gets out and finds out that he is also 
at Mont-Saint-Michelle except in 1582. Heihachi then appears and tries to talk
to Jacques but he looks up and sees a demon woman and attacks Jacques.

Boss Battle-Heihaci
This fight is a little more difficult then before just because Samanosuke is 
not around to help. Use good defense and magic to beat Heihaci, but like the 
battle before there is very little strategy in fighting heihaci, just hack and

After the fight the some what attractive demon woman (if you could call a 
demon attractive) jumps down from the building. She tells Heihachi to finish 
off Jacques but he doesnt want to. He walks off and The demon known as Vega 
Donna yells at him to get back here. Once the scene is over, go to the front
end of the train and smash  the box to gain an Ecospirit. The door at the top
of the steps is locked so use the firelfy to get up to the balcony. Enter the 
door and find the Mont-Saint-Michel map in the box. Go into the garden and 
charge up your fire whip. There are four torches on the wall so light three of
them and then wait until the gate that is moving up and down hits the ground 
then strike the torch. This should give you plenty of room to get under the 
gate. Once under the gate, grab the Main gate key. Now wait until the gate 
hits the ground to swing your sword. If you hit it at the right time it will 
cause the gate to raise all the way up. Go under the gate and out the opposite
door. There is a slave being threatened by several genma. Defeat the genma and
the slave will give you an herb. There is another time folder here so send the
main gate key to Samanosuke. Now that Samanosuke has the main gate key, you 
can unlock the green gate at the end of the street. Up the stairs is another
map to the cathedral. Run up the curved path and go until you run into a 
nurabis and several zabiets. Finish them off and then pick up the sun crest.
Return to the main street and use the suncrest to open the other gate. Smash 
the trash can to get an ecospirit. There is a puzzle box nearby so here is the

              |          |          |          |           |          |
              |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4      |  Finish  |
              |          |          |          |           |          |
              |          |          |          |           |
              |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8      |
              |          |          |          |           |
              |          |          |          |           |
              |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12     |
              |          |          |          |           |
   |          |          |          |          |           |
   |  Start   |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16     |
   |          |          |          |          |           |

1.Move 7
2.Move 3
3.Move 2
4.Move 6
5.Move 10
Reward:Power Jewel

At the top, looking over ther street is a treasure box contianing the red eye
stone. There is also a tengu box containing 20 ice arrows. Go back to the 
street below and send the red eye stone to Jacques. When Jacques recieves the
red eye stone, go through the double doors near the time folder. Right when 
you go through the door there is a stone covering with a sun,moon and a star.
There is also a goats head statue that is missing an eye. Use the red eye 
stone and push the head in to remove the cover. You have to complete a set of
three puzzles by walking over tiles in the order of Sun-Moon-Star. Here are 
the solutions to the three puzzles:

+-----+-----+-----+   +-----+-----+-----+   +-----+-----+-----+  
|     |     |     |   |     |     |     |   |     |     |     |
|  6  |  7  |  8  |   |  12 |  5  |  4  |   |  8  |  7  |  6  |
+-----------------+   +-----------------+   +-----------------+
|     |     |     |   |     |     |     |   |     |     |     |
|  5  |  12 |  9  |   |  11 |  6  |  3  |   |  9  | 10  |  5  |
+-----------------+   +-----------------+   +-----------------+
|     |     |     |   |     |     |     |   |     |     |     |
|  4  |  11 |  10 |   |  10 |  7  |  2  |   |  12 | 11  |  4  |
+-----------------+   +-----------------+   +-----------------+
|     |     |     |   |     |     |     |   |     |     |     |
|  3  |  2  |  1  |   |  9  |  8  |  1  |   |  1  |  2  |  3  |
+-----------------+   +-----------------+   +-----------------+

If you screw up on a puzzle the cover slams shut and cause damage to you. You 
also have to restart from the beginning. Once you complete the puzzles the 
spiral ramp becomes a stair case that allows you to access the doors. If you
enter the first door the gate keep for the dark realm will be there. If you 
choose to go to the dark realm and you get the green orb, you have to send it
to Samanosuke because jacques cant use the green orb to open the chest on the
first level. Return back to the spiral staircase and smash the two crates at 
the end. This will release two fireflys, return to the top of the steps and 
use the fireflys to jump to a bridge. Go through the opened door and drop
down. Defeat the Nurabis plant and pick up the power jewel. The red door is 
locked so you will need to find the key. Unlock the gate to get to the stairs.
Exit the spiral stair case and defeat the enemies that await. Smash the crate
to get another firefly. Take this one and go to the top of the towers, there
you can get Ako's orange vest. Return to the time folder and send Ako back to
Samanosuke. Make your way over to the curved stair case and enter the golden 
double doors. Slay the Ouija and Zmoh inside the room. The giant machine in 
the room is the machine Guildenstern was talking about. Pick up the Time lab 4
and enter the dark circle. This will transport Samanosuke to a parallel 
universe were the colors are different and the camera will twist and cause 
some odd visuals, but it is still the Arc de Triomphe. Make your way to the
entrance and slay the Nurabis in front of it. Work your way to the roof, were
a powerful combination of Ouija, Gacha, and Dongacha await. Use the Chigos 
magic attack to eliminate the powerful enemies. Then grab the red key out of
the box. Another time rift appears so step into it and press x to return back
to the normal world. Quickly run up the stair case and save your game. If you
want you can go back to the dark realm, it is still in the same place. If you
go remeber that you have the green orb to unlock the chest. If you manage to 
get the purple orb, then return to the time folder and send it and the red 
key to Jacques. Regain control of Jacques, and if you have the purple orb go
to the first level of the dark realm. Take out the enemies and get the item 
from the box. Then return to the stair case. Use the fireflys to make it back
to the red door. Unlock it and watch the cut scene as Vega Donna orders a few
slaves to keep working, he then leaves then Jacques comes in and tells them 
all to leave fast. After they all leave, two Fugaku appear. Eliminate these 
two and pick up the medicine in the treasure box. Leave the room and Heihaci 
will appear and throws a key to you. He then says there are more slaves in the
store room. When you leave several genma are assualting the slaves you freed. 
Defeat the genma, so that both slaves dont die and get an Herb and a Oni med 1
then go through the door at the bottom and anohter slave is being assaulted.
Take out the genma and recieve an Herb. Go back up the spiral stair case and 
defeat the genma after you go through the doors. The slave up there will give 
you a Oni med 1. Then use the firefly to return to the garden area. A couple 
dark puppets will appear so either defeat them or run past them and out the 
other door. Use the firefly to drop back down to the courtyard. A dongacha 
will drop out of the skys to prevent you from opening the door. Finish the 
genma off with magic and use triangular key Heihachi gave you to open the 
door. Inside several slaves will run when the building starts to shake. They 
say the cathedrals alive. Pickup the genma plant that was left behind and get
the secret med from the tengu box. Exit the store room and plant the genma 
plant in the second square of dirt. Then return to the balcony and send ako to
Samanosuke. Once you gain control of Samamosuke, the genma plant is already 
full grown and reaches above the ledge. Use this to get down to the courtyard.
Destroy the two Zmohs that are there and smash the trash can to get another
Ecospirit. Enter the store room and defeat the Zmoh that is in there. Smash 
the boxes and get the iron gear from the treasure box. There is also two 
Ecospirits in th back of the room, just smash the objects in the corner. go
back to the courtyard and climb back up to the balcony. Send the iron gear to 
Jacques. Once you get the iron gear, use it on the set of gears on the side of
the gate. Once it is in place pull the lever to raise the gate. Defeat the 
floating Ouija and the Nurabis plant. Pickup the secret med from the box and
Vega's Diary. Go through the door that is to the left of the platform and keep
walking until Jacques gets stuck. This will trigger a scene were Jacques is 
trapped and gas is leaking in. Jacques passes out, and then in the present 
Henri sense something is wrong and wants to help. Michelle but she knows that 
Henri needs to help his father. Now you take control of Michelle and your 
first task is to find Samanosuke. Grab the soul braclet that is outside the 
door and enter. If you have the SPS 15+G you should be able to blow through 
the streets with few problems. Now if you try to enter a door but Henri is
too far behind, Michelle wont advance, just keep that in mind. Make your
way up to the balcony and find Samanosuke. They inform Samanosuke that Jacques
is in trouble. Ako then appears and says that Jacques is trapped. Michelle and
Henri go into the building. Regain control of Samanosuke and get the soul 
braclet. Save if you want and enter the building. Defeat all the Genma that 
get in your way and go to the basement. There Henri is trying to crack the
code on a lock device. He quickly does this and then tells his dad in the past
to do it just like he did. This next puzzle you have to hit the buttons in 
certain sequence five times. The buttons will flash on the upper part of the 
screen, but here is the solution to the puzzle:
1st lock: up, down, triangle
2nd lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle
3rd lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle, down, up
4th lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle, down, up, square, left, x
5th lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle, down, up, square, left, x, x, right

After you do that the gas will stop and the door will become unlocked. Once 
Samanosuke, Henrin and Michelle return to the previous room, Ranmaru Mori 
appears on a screen. He says that it is almost time to activate the time warp
device, and the Effiel tower is in the backround. Ranmaru then says you will
die here so you wont be able to see it, then the machinery begins to explode.
Once you get to the main street, several strong genma appear including a 
Dorido. Try not to use magic because the next fight you need all the magic you
can have. Be absolutly sure that you save before you exit the street. Once you
exit, what appears to be a large rock explodes to reveil gertrude. Gertrude 
charges an knocks down Michelle. Get ready for one of the hardest boss battles
you will have.

Boss Battle-Gertrude
This fight will take longer to win because you have to get rid of all of 
Gertrudes armor and the remaining helmet before you can finish off the dog.
Gertrude has similar attacks to the other fight but she uses them more 
freqently. Like in the previous fight if you are up against a wall and she 
charges quickly side step and the dog will slam into the wall and knock itself
out. Equip the chigo and use the charged spin attack to cut off the armor.
Gertrude herself is not what makes this battle hard, it is the small space you
are fighting in and the fact that you have to take out all of its armor. Once
you get rid of the other helmet, one magic or onimusha attack should be enough
to put this big dog to sleep.

After the battle watch as Samanosuke and Henri help Michelle. Before Ako 
leaves Henri says to tell Jacques that he can marry Michelle. Samanosuke says
they have to hurry and get out of there. The get in Michelles car and speed
off. They quickly drive down the bridge and Mont-Saint-Michel explodes behind
them. The flames catch up with them and engulf the car but it speeds out and 
everyone is happy about that. Back with Jacques he is still in Mont-Saint-
Michel. So navigate him to the end and pick up the fortress one along the way.
Jacques then comes across a castle hidden away, but Vega Donna appears and
says that your too late. Jacques then uses his whip to garb hold off the
castle railing. Jacques tries to keep from falling as the castle begins to fly
off. Vega Donna then orders a cannon out. The cannon fires, to propel the 
flying castle and it blows up Mont-Saint-Michel.

M.Lake Biwa
As the flying castle passes over a frozen area, the area were Jacques is opens
up and Jacques falls out and plunges to the ground, then the genma castle 
lands. As Jacques lies in a pile snow knocked out, Ako leads Samanosuke to his
were abouts. When Jacques wakes up he is startled to see Heihachi with 
Samanosuke. Heihachi says that he is now with you. Samanosuke then says that
there is an Oni army orb here somewhere. Heihachi offers to help but Jacques 
wants him to go to the demonized Azuchi castle, to find out more informatiom.
Once you gain control of Jacques save your game and smash the brown box to 
release a firefly. Then go onto the iceberg and use the firefly to pull the 
iceberg from the shore. Now the iceberg will float down the lake and you have
to use fireflys to pull it away from glaciers. If you strike three glaciers 
the icebreg will shatter and you will automatically die. Usually genma will 
attck with Fireflys attached to them so slay them quiclky to release the 
firefly. If you pass a brown box, smash it quickly to release more fireflys.
Once you make it to the other end, a grizmoh will drop down and cause the
bridge to lower. Slay the grizmoh to raise the bridge back up. You will then
notice there are two glaciers, but you can only take one. If you take the one
on the right you will run into several archers and a grizmoh. This will 
release a firefly so use it to cross to a small ice patch and pick up the
secret med. Retrun to the the other large patch of ice and use the awaiting
glacier to get to the mainland. If you take the glacier on the left, when you
get to the ice a grizmoh will weigh down the bridge so slay it and then slay
the other grizmoh to gain a medicine. Then take the awaiting galcier to the 
mainland. Either way you choose, it leads to the same place. Once you start 
moving a hail storm of arrows will be launched from the mainland. This could 
cause you to stagger and miss the fireflys. Defeat the enemies and smash the 
boxes to get fireflys. Once you get to the mainland save your game and enter 
the house. A gate will shut seperating Jacques and Samanosuke. Jacques will 
have to explore the house on his own. In the first room pickup the Oni Mansion
scroll. This explains that the house was created to confuse genma and protect
the oni army orb. Because of the confusing path here is a step by step 
solution and diagram of the house:

|  4  |
|  3  |  7  |
|  2  |  6  |  9  |
|  1  |  5  |  8  |

1.Pull the red firefly to open the gate
2.Run into room 2 and then run into room 6. Smash the trunk to get an 
3.Return to room 2 and then run to room 4. Defeat the Fugaku and then defeat
  the Gajimaro that jumps out of the box.
4.Pull the blue firefly and the run back to room 1 bypassing the Fugaku and
  run into room 5. Release the firefly in the box.
5.Go into room 8 and slash the panel on the wall. Enter the smaller room and 
  pickup the secret med and get the souls from the soul statue. Then pull the
6.Run to 1 then to room 2 and into room 6. Use the firefly to cross the gap 
  and enter room 9. Pull the yellow firefly. Quickly go back to room 4 and
  pull the blue firefly.
7.Run back to room 3 and into room 7 and enter the yellow gate before it 
  closes. Once there save your game and slash the wall panel and drop through
  the hole in the floor.

Once you drop through the floor two Dongacha will attack. Use magic to finish
off the genma and use the firefly to jump over the barrier. There is a tengu
box on the left side of the wall containing a medicine. Then go over to the
dragon statue to get the mythical Oni Army orb.  

M.Azuchi Castle Area
This in my opinion is the funnest part in the entire game. The scene starts 
off with Samanosuke and Jacques looking toward Azuchi castle and an army of 
thousands of genma swordsman charging at them. Samanosuke takes the army orb 
and puts it in his gauntlet and then a burst of light comes from it. Then 
thousands of streams of light come from the orb and emerges the oni army. The
oni army clashes with the genma army. While Samanosuke has to control the army
its up to Jacques to storm Azuchi Castle. One the battle field, a constant 
hailstorm of arrows will be fired, so keep moving to avoid them. If ever 
surronded the best weapon is the Hyosai. Just power up the magic and strike. 
All the enemies surronding you will freeze. Also suck up any of the souls of 
the genma that the oni kill. Slaughter however many genma you please and 
contine through the door at the end. More oni warriors will be there, so with 
there help take out the swordsman and then take out the archers and procede to
the next area. Here there are no oni to help you so take out the archers and 
swordsman by your self. There is box on the second high point containing a 
medicine. Once you retrive this head inside Azuchi castle.

N.Azuchi Castle
After the cutscene were Heihachi kills some genma and tells you to take the 
elevator, pick up the Fortress 2 book and also enhance whatever you can with 
the souls from the battlefield. Use the elevator to reach the upper floor. 
Slay the dark spiders and pick up the map from the box and head out the open 
window. Pick up the vassal book and solve the puzzle box. Here is the solution

              |          |          |          |            |          |
              |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4       |  Finish  |
              |          |          |          |            |          |
  |           |          |          |          |            |     
  |   Start   |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8       |
  |           |          |          |          |            |
              |          |          |          |            |
              |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12      |
              |          |          |          |            | 
              |          |          |          |            |          |
              |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16      |  Finish  |
              |          |          |          |            |          |

1.Move 2
2.Move 3
3.Move 7
4.Move 11
5.Move 15
Reward:Oni Jewel

Use the firefly above to get to the second level. You should see a large genma
on the ledge above and it will jump down with a slash. The genma of course is
Marcellus. You cant run from this fight so use the same tactics as before 
except you dont have the firefly at your disposal. Once you take out marcellus
use the other window and head inside. Go down stairs to the barricade and get
the Oni med 1 and then use the protective mirror near the bridge because a 
boss fight is coming up. Go up the steps and watch the cut scene. We run into 
Vega Donna licking her talons as Jacques enters. She calls herself the genma
queen and mistress to Nobunaga.

Boss Battle-Vega Donna
Vega Donna has a vareity of attacks which for the most part are all blockable.
When she chains combos there are periods when she breaks through your defense
but it causes little damage. She does have a move were she leaps up to the 
rafters and fires here knives at you and then uses her binding shot spell. If
Vega Donna ever uses here binding shot while on the ground, block it and it 
will hit her and she will be defenseless. During the match she will create a 
copy of herself. If you manage to defeat the copy it release souls. The key 
to this match is defense and use her binding shot to your advantage.

After the battle Vega Donna collapses on a suit of armor and dies. Absorb the 
souls and a ladder will drop down. Climb the ladder and watch as Jacques comes
across Heihachi lying in a puddle of blood. Samanosuke shows up and Heihachi 
says that he fell for Ranmarus trap and that Nobunaga wasnt in Azuchi castle.
He told them to go to Honnoji Temple and defeat the genma, Heihachi then dies.
Jacques says he wants Ako to go to Henri because its time for the final 

O.Eiffel Tower
Ako gets to Henri as Michelles car pulls up by the Eiffel Tower. Ako says that
Jacques might be able to come home soon if all goes well. Samanosuke says if 
things dont go well that Nobunaga could come here. Samanosuke decides he must
stop the time warp device before Nobunaga can get here. Inside the Effiel 
Tower you regain control of Samanosuke. Pick up the first aid kit in the box 
and solve the puzzle box in the corner across from the elevator doors. Here is
the solution:

            |          |          |          |           |
            |    1     |    2     |    3     |    4      |
            |          |          |          |           |
            |          |          |          |           |          |
            |    5     |    6     |    7     |    8      |  Finish  |
            |          |          |          |           |          |
 |          |          |          |          |           |
 |  Start   |    9     |    10    |    11    |    12     |
 |          |          |          |          |           |
            |          |          |          |           |          |
            |    13    |    14    |    15    |    16     |  Finish  |
            |          |          |          |           |          |

1.Move 3
2.Move 4
3.Move 8
4.Move 7
5.Move 11
6.Move 10
Reward:Oni Jewel

Save your game before boarding the elevator. Once on the elevator hit the 
button to start it. During what seems like a peaceful ride, the elevator stops
and several Zabiets crash through the sky light. Slay these genma and hit the
other button to release an emergency ladder. Climb the ladder and slay the
Zmoh that on the roof and use the ladder to climb to the stairs. On the stairs
in the flat sections there are time rifts, if you get caught in one it will 
transport you to a lower part of the stairs. As you try to go up the stairs,
Dorabazu will try to push you back into the time rifts. Use the magic attack 
of the Chigo to finish off the Dorabazu. Keep pushing and fighting your way up
the stairs you will come across a flat section were lightning is constantly 
striking. To make this even harder, Brainstern shows up for another fight. He
has most of the same attacks he did before, so use the strategy you had in the
previous fight with the robot. Once the robot is done, find the machine that 
is causing all these lighting strikes. It should be a wierd looking machine 
with sliding panels on it. When it opens up its panels, strike the inside and 
after a few strikes the machine will crack and the lightning will stop. Pick 
up the map from the box and enter the door way to the second set of stairs. 
There are two different cables, take the right one to get to the stairs. Use 
the same attacks to defeat the other Dorabazu as you did earlier. Once you get
past the tough combination of Oujia and Dongacha go up to the observation 
deck. There are plently of items located between the two floors. Open the 
elavator door and slay the Dorido that waits inside take elevator up to the 
second floor. Save your game and get the souls from the soul statue and then 
use the stairs to get to the final confrontation with Ranmaru Mori. Up on the 
top level Ranmaru claims it is to late and Nobunaga will come to this world.

Boss Battle-Genma Ranmaru Mori
The only new move ranmaru has is to charge up his swords until they turn red 
and he releases an energy blast. It can be blocked so dont worry. Use the same
strategy as for the previous fight and it should be an easy match.

After the battle Ranmaru staggers over to the machine and Samanosuke tries to 
stop him but it is too late Ranmaru pulls the lever to activate the machine.
Samanosuke tries slashing it but it has no effect. Ako appears and Samanosuke
tells her to prevent Nobunaga from coming to this world at all costs.

P.Honnoji Temple
Back in 1582, a group of warriors led by Mitsuhide Akechi stands outside the 
gate of Honnoji Temple. Samanosuke and Jacques come forward and Mitsuhide says
the he is counting on them. The gates open up and let the final showdown 
begin. Slay the axemen and the Dark Crows that are in the courtyard. Head up 
the stairs and approach the staircase of the temple. Ranmaru Mori shows up and
says he cant let anyone pass. Jacques wants to avenge the death of Heihachi so
he goes up the stairs and beats up Ranmaru and then uppercuts him off the edge
of the balcony. Ranmaru hits the ground and dies. Pick up the Ranmaru Scroll 
which lies by his body. Then go over by the west wall and open the treasure 
box to release a firefly and ride it up to the roof. Pick up the secret med
and head back down. Now is your oppurtunity to get Jacques ulitmate whip. 
Access the dark realm and fight your way through the floors and collect the 8
blue orbs along the way. After the dark realm save your game and replenish
your magic. Head up the stairs and get ready to fight. Nobunaga says that he 
must defeat you to realize his power. He then launches an energy blast which 
knocks both them back. Samanosuke gets up but is knocked down. He then focuses
on Jacques and says it is his turn.

Boss Battle-Nobunaga
Difficulty:Very easy/Medium (Depends if you have the ultimate whip)
If you dont have the ultimate whip this battle is a challenge. Nobunaga has 
the ability to strike critical hits so try to use either magic and a deflect 
critcal to cause lots of damage. Use the firefly in the room to avoid his
sword and if you have the ability to turn into onimusha use it. If you have 
the ultimate whip then keep pressing triangle and the battle will be over 
before you know it.

After the battle Nobunaga falls. Jacques goes over to check on Samanosuke.
All of a sudden jacques begins to glow white. This must mean he can go back to
his time. He shakes hands with Samanosuke and steps into the portal. As the 
portal envelops him, Nobunaga arises and strikes Samanosuke with an energy 
bolt. Jacques can do nothing but watch. Nobunaga comes over and puts a foot on
Samanosukes chest to hold him down and then he raises his and thrusts down 
into Samanosuke. Jacques continues to call for Samanosuke. The portal closes 
transporting Jacques to the france and Nobunaga laughs because he beleives he
has won. Back in france, Jacques appears near the Effiel Tower and Henri,
Michelle and Samanosuke are nearby. He goes over and hugs Henri and Michelle.
Jacques then turns to Samanosuke. Samanosuke says he knows what happened and
he can now return to his time. Jacques offers to come but Samanosuke says he 
cant because he has to stay in his time. Samanosuke then tells Henri to be 
nice to his new mother. Samanosuke and Ako go over to the portal, and Jacques
leaves Samanosuke with the parting words of Kick his ass. Samanosuke steps
into the portal and is transfered back to Japan. Jacques, Henri, and Michelle
can all now speak in french once again. As the happy family walks off, a set 
of blades appear from behind a tree and Ranmaru Mori appears. He staggers over
to them and slashed Henri across the back. Jacques completely enraged pulls 
out the whip and beats the hell out of Ranmaru. Jacques quickly gets back to 
Henri, but he fades to fast and dies. Michelle begins to cry as Jacques says 
Henri over and over again. Just then the gauntlet still around Jacques wrist 
glows brightly and in an explosion of light it dissapeers. Henri then slowly 
opens his eyes and is ok. Jacques then thanks the oni and the happy family hug
once more as the Eiffle tower glows in light. Back in Japan, Samanosuke 
returns to Honnoji temple. This is Samanosukes turn to enter the dark realm in
an oppurtunity to get the Bishamon sword. The problem is that you can only use
it in the dark realm. Save and enhance your weapons. The level of all of your 
weapons will determine the level of the sword you recieve at the end. Enter 
the temple and prepare for battle. Samanosuke sees the body of the Samanosuke 
from the past and he goes over to it. He then uses the gauntlet and absorbs 
souls of the body. He then transforms into the unstoppable Onimusha. 

Boss Battle-Nobunaga
Diffiuculty:Way too easy
Since you are the Onimusha, you are invincible which kinda takes the fun out
of the battle. Keep pressing triangle until the cut scene starts.

Nobunaga falls but he levitates above the ground and claims it isnt over. He
then transports both you and him to the Demon Realm for the final encounter.
Nobunaga also Reveils his true form as the Demon King.

Boss Battle-Genma Nobunaga
The battle starts with nobunaga creating a force field around him with four 
cones. Try to slash at these cones and they will release colored souls. Absorb
these to become powerful enough to destroy the cones. After the force field is
gone Nobunaga will start to use elemental attacks similar to the ones in 
Onimusha 2. If you ever launches the fire attack try to get right next to him
because the fire cant take a shrap turn. The lightning attacks are easiest to
avoid because you see were they will land. After you dish out enough damage
Nobunaga will fall to one knee and drop his sword. Quickly hold down circle to
absorb and obtain the Genma Samonji, the sword of hatred. Nobunaga then gets 
mad. He now launched fireballs and charges across the field. Side step these
attacks and keep attacking. Sooner or later Nobunaga will fall. 

At the end Nobunaga starts reciting lines from a poem and then he starts to 
dissolve into a dark cloud. He says the parting words of Very well...Very well
Samanosuke then uses the gauntlet and absorbs the dark cloud of Nobunaga.
The temple begins to collapse and Samanosuke and Ako get out quickly. After
the battle a scene takes place were Samanosuke and ako are near a river. Ako 
and Samanosuke decide to head off to begin a new journey. After the credits 
roll, we see a small troop of soliders led by someone on horseback. As the
camera pans around we notice its Tokochiro Kinoshita or as he is now known as
Hashiba Hideyoshi. He says that with his masters death, he can now rule Japan.
Congratulations you have just beaten the final installment in the Onimusha 
series. The next screen should tell you what ranking you got and if you are
given a special title.

A.Rankings and Titles
The ranking you recieve at the end of the game is a compositon of how well you
did. If you also finished certian criteria you will recieve a title. Here is
a breakdown of what you need to get a certain grade and title.

Play Time          Points           Soul Points            Points
-----------------|---------         ---------------------|----------     
0-5:59 hours     | 10               170,000+ souls       |   10
6:00-7:59 hours  |  6               145,000-169,999 souls|    6
8:00-10:59 hours |  4               125,000-144,999 souls|    4
11:00-13:39 hours|  3               100,000-124,999 souls|    3
14:00-16:59 hours|  2               70,000-100,000 souls |    2
17:00+ hours     |  1               0-69,000 souls       |    1

Enemies Defeated    Points          Critcal hits         Points
-----------------|---------         -----------------|-----------
     2300+       |   10                    600+      |     10
   2000-2299     |    6                   500-599    |      6
   1700-1999     |    4                   350-499    |      4
   1300-1699     |    3                   200-349    |      3
   1000-1299     |    2                   50-199     |      2
     0-999       |    1                    0-49      |      1

Dark Realm items   Points                     Overall points      |  Rank
-----------------|---------                   -----------------------------    
     100         |   10                       Normal-41-50        |   S     
    70-99        |    6                       Easy-50             |
    50-69        |    4                       -----------------------------
    40-49        |    3                       Normal-34-40        |   A
    20-39        |    2                       Easy-34-49          |
    0-19         |    1                       -----------------------------
                                              Normal-26-33        |   B
*Purple vest=10 points                        Easy-Same           |
*Fire, Thunder, Wind Seals=10 points each     -----------------------------
*Bishamon Sword & Ultimate whip=30 points each Normal-18-25       |   C
                                               Easy-Same          |
                                              Normal-5-17         |   D
                                              Easy-Same           |
Title-Save only once during the game:BRAVERY
      Have a critical hit rate of 40%:CRTICAL
      Finish in 5 hours or less:SPEED
      Find all 23 tengu boxes:EXPLORER
      Kill more than 3000 enemies:OFFENSE
      Suffer less than 5120 damage points:DEFENSE

1.Samanosuke-Western attire:This cowboyish look is obtianed by either having
  Samanosuke's stats be higher than Jacques or beat the game in Jacques 
  alternate costume
2.Samanosuke-Panda Suit:Returning from Onimusha 1 you can get this costume 
  by beating the Oni Training mini game
3.Jacques-Eastern Attire:The more asian looking clothes are obtained by 
  either Jacques stats are higher than Samanosukes or beating the game with
  Samanosukes alternate outfit
4.Michelle-Bath towel:This revealing costume can be obtained by getting an 
  S ranking in normal or higher difficulty.

1.Oni Target Practice:The goal of the is game is to use either bullets or 
arrows to shot down genma eggs in a shooting gallery. Each time you shot down 
an egg you are have to absorb the red souls left behind to get to the minimum 
amount of souls needed to advance. You are given either 50 arrows or 50 
bullets per round and at the end of the level if you get a better than average
grade you are given an arrow bouns which carries over into the next level but 
the maximum amount of ammunition is 99. If you only hit each target 
individually you only get a small amount of soul so when targets overlap each
other, fire at them to get a combo score and release more red souls.This game 
is unlocked after completeing the game on normal difficulty. Here are the 
strategies for each stage:

    Stage 1 - 500 souls: This level is just a warm up level. Try to string 
    together combos and hit the blue targets to get more souls. Keep shooting
    at targets even if you surpass the needed total because you can get a 
    better grade and arrow bonuses.

    Stage 2 - 1000 souls: This level is similar to the first. There are now 
    red targets which when hit explode destroying others around them. Try to 
    use these targets in combos.

    Stage 3 - 2300 souls: This is a harder level then the previous two. A 
    shield will move back and forth and deflect all the shots that hit it. 
    Stick to one side of the arena and shoot any targets that come by. Again 
    try to hit the red and blue targets in combos to get more souls.

    Stage 4 - 2400 souls: Hit any ofthe purple targets that pass by to turn
    into the onimusha. This will give the character infinite ammo and absorb 
    souls at lightning speed. Also missed shots dont drop the combo score. In
    onimuhsa mode there is very little need for aiming so fire recklessly and
    continue to hit purple targets to remain in oinmusha.

    Stage 5 - 2500 souls: The specialty targets in this level are a lot faster
    then in previous levels. Wait until they fly in and hit the green targets 
    then fire. There are less targets in this level so it is critical to chain
    combos together.

    Stage 6 - 3000 souls: There are now iron tragets that requires two shots 
    to take out, but they release the most souls. Using the bomb targets is 
    now really important because they can take out a few iron targets, 
    conserving ammo. There are no purple targets in this stage
    Stage 7 - 3100 souls: There are now two shields on the field so when 
    targets pass between them. Hit all of the red and purple targets that you
    can or you wont pass this stage. 

    Stage 8 - 4800 souls:There are plenty of purple targets on the field so 
    you should be able to stay in onimusha mode for the majority if not the 
    entire match. Chain together large combos and use bombs to blast iron 
    targets and you should be able to pull this on off

    After completeing the target practice game you will unlock ultimate mode
    for the main game. In that mode you start with the bishamon sword and many
    many recovery items.
2.Adventures of Heihachi
This is mini game which tells the story of Hehachi after the encounter at 
Sakai.The controls of Heihachi along with his moves are very similar to 
Samanosuke except the Hehachi cant preform magic attacks. 

The game opens with Hehachi trying to explain to Samanosuke why he attacked 
but before he can say anything somebody runs up and tells them the town is 
under attack. You have to go find the blacksmith, so head to the blacksmith 
shop, slaying genma along the way. Defeat the archers outside the blacksmith
shop and head inside. The black smith explains what he needs to fix the 
broken draw bridge. He gives you the Blacksmith memo and oni dust. Stand by
the fireplace and use the dust to create a portal. This portal will lead you
to the undersea temple.

B.Undersea Temple
The portal you entered will close in five minutes so work fast. Yuo must find
the crimson stone and return to the portal. There is a map in the treasure 
box near the exit. Make your way into the circular chamber you previously saw
in the main game and go into the glass corridor. Inside this hallway, 
Gertrude is waiting. This is totally optional to fight her but if you defeat 
her she will leave behind a secret med, but the battle eat up alot of time 
and probably alot of health. In the next room, several genma attack. Defeat 
them and pick up the crimson stone. A cut scene takes place that is familiar,
the scene were Jacques sees Hehachi slaying genma. Once you get the stone,
make your way to to the room with the protal. Once you get to this room, Genma
Ranmaru Mori will attack. Again this is optional and he drops a secret med if 
you defeat him but it could eat up alot of time. Enter the portal and return
to Sakai.

C.Return to Sakai
Back at Sakai, give the blacksmith the crimson stone, but says that he needs 
water before the job can be complete. He straps a bucket to your back and you
must go to the wharf to get some water. On the way, slay the genma that you 
encounter. Once at the wharf, fill up the bucket and return to the blacksmith.
On the way genma will attack and with every hit you lose water. Try to run
past them. At the blacksmith, more genma await. Slay any genma and then focus
on the Nurabis plant that blocks the door. Inside the blacksmith shop you
must have at least 90% of you water or he tells you to go back and get more.
After you give him the water, he makes the crimson gear. Return to the busted
drawbridge and put it in. The town seems to be safe but more genma appear. 
Once you slay them with Samanosukes help, Samanosuke brings up the question 
of if he betrays his master. Heihachi doesnt know how to answer and leaves.

This is the end of the Heihachi mini game.
3.Oni Training
This section includes the in game training that you could have done and it 
includes the mini game that is unlocked when you complete the in game training
sessions. The in gmae sessions can be done with either Jacques or Samanosuke 
with the exception of Archery and Oni Bind Throw.

1.In Game Sessions

Gaurd-Use L1 to guard and collect the souls that are released in each set of 
enemies. You need 15 souls to advance through each set. An herb or salve is 
the reward for completing this

Draw Weapon-Hold R1 to lock on the an enemy and then circle behind him. Only
slash to the back work to release souls. You need 10 souls per set.An herb or
salve is the reward.

Archery-Hold R1+X to aim and fire at enemies. The session is pretty self 
explanitory. You need 15 souls per set. A medicine is the reward.

Oni Bind Throw-This can only be done with Jacques. Hold R1 to charge to weapon
and press square to grab an enemy. Then press up or down to throw the enemy.
You need 10 souls per set. The reward is a medicine.

Oni Bind Bind Move-This is another level that only Jacques can do. Charge up
your weapon and bind the enemy. Then press triangle to use magic. You begin 
with no magic so kill a few enemies to get some blue souls. You need 10 souls
per set. The reward is a medicine.

Charged Attack-Hold down R1 or sqaure to charge your weapon and then strike 
the enemy. Use the tenso because it will release two souls instead of one. You
need 20 souls per set. The reward is a medicine.

Deflect Critical-When an enemy strikes, block it and when the sword is still
ringing strike the enemy. A good method is to press L1 rapidly and press L1 
the second that the enemies attack is blocked. You need to defeat all the 
enemies that show up. The reward is a power jewel.
Advanced-Dark Spider/Zabiet/Dordo/Zmoh

Critical-This level required good timing. If an enemy is about to attack, side
step and quickly slash. Other than that the only other strategy is to practice
becuase the advanced stages are hard. You need to defeat all the enemies that
show up. The reward is Ako's Black vest.
Advanced-Dordo/Zmoh/Dark Puppet/Fobora

Chain Critcal-This level requires to chain two or more critcal attacks. The 
first thing is to strike an attack and then hit square again before the flash
leaves the screen. The enemy has to be within a certain distance to make it 
work. Chain critcals can be triggered by Deflect criticals. You need 10 souls
per set. The reward is an Oni Jewel.

Ten Slash-The best weapon for this is the Kuga. this level reqires you to use 
a thrust attack and then hit square at the moment of the sword hitting the
enemy. To use a thrust, hold R1 and then press up on the d-pad and press 
square. Enemies release souls with every strike so you have to get 100 souls 
per set. The reward is a wood charm.

2.Oni Training Mini Game

This game has a vareity of more advanced moves and less used moves but it is 
easier then the training sessions in the game. No items are rewarded for 
beating a level but if you beat the entrie thing you get one of Samanosukes
alternate costumes.

Running Attack-This level is self explainitory, just get as far away from an 
enemy as possible then charge him and press square. You need 10 souls per set.
Advanced-Zabiet/Dark Spider

Upward Attack-Get close to an enemy and press R1 + Up + Square to knock them
up into the air. Its easier to use up on the d-pad then the control stick. In 
the second set, shot the bhaza until they are low enough and then hit them. In
the third set stand in one place and use the attack as the dolls fly by. You 
need 15 souls per set.

Oni jump attack-Use the firefly in the center, so hit R1 + X when enemies are
across from you and the attack will automatically happen. You need 10 souls 
per set.
Intermediate-Fobora/Dark Puppet

Finisher-Knock an enemy to ground and stand by them. Before they get up press
sqaure to use the finishing stab. You need to defeat all of the enemies in 
each set.
Intermediate-Dorabazu/Zabiet/Dark Spider

Kick-Wall Slam-To get souls you have to kick an enemey into the walls. The 
best way of winning the fight is to run up when the enemy appears and hit down
and square. You need 10 souls per set.
Advanced-Dark Spider/Zabiet

Final Chraged Attack-This level is another self explainitory level, just 
charge your weapon up to the full charge and attack. You need 30 souls per set
Advanced-Zabiet/Dark Spider

Oni-Bind Slam-This level requires you to bind up an enemy and throw it into 
another enemy. For Fugakus and Dongacha you have to charge the weapon up to 
its highest level. You need 15 souls per set.

Shoot Back-This level you face enemies that have the ability to fire the magic
missle. This requires timing, you have to strike the missle at the right time 
to send it back at the enemy. You need 10 souls per set.
Intermediate-Dark Puppet
Advanced-Genma Ranmaru Mori
4.Genma Puzzle Space
This mini game is unlocked if you solve all of the puzzle boxes in the game.
You can choose what kind of puzzles you want to do from either onimusha 1, 2
or 3. You are then sent to a dark realm with boxes and it is up to you to 
solve these puzzles. Your progress is tracked through each level.

A.Onimusha 1 puzzles
first level
Left Box-1:Spin left tiles
         2:Spin middle tiles
         3:Spin middle tiles
         4:Spin right tiles

Middle Box-1:Spin left tiles
           2:Spin left tiles
           3:Spin right tiles
           4:Spin right tiles

Right Box-1:Spin middle tiles
          2:Spin right tiles
          3:Spin left tiles
          4:Spin middle tiles

Second level
Left Box-1:Spin left tiles
         2:Spin left tiles
         3:Spin middle tiles
         4:Spin right tiles
         5:Spin right tiles

Middle Box-1:Spin middle tiles
           2:Spin right tiles
           3:Spin middle tiles
           4:Spin middle tiles
           5:Spin left tiles

Right Box-1:Spin left tiles
          2:Spin middle tiles
          3:Spin middle tiles 
          4:Spin middle tiles
          5:Spin right tiles

Third level
Left Box-1:Spin left tiles
         2:Spin middle tiles
         3:Spin middle tiles
         4:Spin right tiles 
         5:Spin right tiles
         6:Spin right tiles

Middle Box-1:Spin middle tiles
           2:Spin right tiles
           3:Spin right tile
           4:Spin left tiles
           5:Spin middle tiles
           6:Spin left tiles

Right tiles-1:Spin left tiles
            2:Spin middle tiles
            3:Spin left tiles
            4:Spin middle tiles 
            5:Spin left tiles

Forth level
Single Box-1:Spin middle tiles
           2:Spin middle tiles
           3:Spin right tiles
           4:Spin middle tiles
           5:Spin left tiles 
           6:Spin left tiles

B.Onimusha 2 puzzles
First level
Left Box-1:Bottom left arrow
         2:Right top arrow
         3:Top left arrow
         4:Left top arrow

Middle Box-1:Top right arrow
           2:Right bottom arrow
           3:Bottom left arrow
           4:Left top arrow

Right Box-1:Right bottom arrow
          2:Bottom left arrow
          3:Right top arrow
          4:Top right arrow

Second level
Left Box-1:Left bottom arrow
         2:Bottom right arrow
         3:Right middle arrow
         4:Bottom middle arrow

Middle Box-1:Top middle arrow
           2:Right bottom arrow
           3:Bottom left arrow
           4:Left middle arrow

Right Box-1:Left top arrow
          2:Bottom middle arrow
          3:Right top arrow
          4:Top middle arrow

Third level
Left Box-1:Left middle arrow
         2:Top middle arrow
         3:Right middle arrow
         4:Bottom middle arrow
         5:Left middle arrow

Middle Box-1:Right middle arrow
           2:Bottom middle arrow
           3:Right bottom arrow
           4:Bottom right arrow
           5:Left middle arrow

Right Box-1:Left top arrow
          2:Top right arrow
          3:Right middle arrow
          4:Bottom right arrow
          5:Right top arrow

Fourth level
Single Box-1:Bottom middle arrow
           2:Left top arrow
           3:Bottom right arrow
           4:Right top arrow
           5:Top middle arrow
           6:Right middle arrow

C.Onimusha 3 puzzles
First level
Left Box-1:Second tile,middle row
         2:Third tile,middle row
         3:Third tile,top row
         4:Second tile,top row
         5:Second tile,middle row
         6:First tile,middle row
         7:First tile,top row

Middle Box-1:Second tile,bottom row
           2:First tile,bottom row
           3:First tile,middle row
           4:Second tile,midle row
           5:Third tile,middle row
Right Box-1:Second tile,middle row
          2:Second tile,top row
          3:First tile,top row
          4:First tile,middle row
          5:Second tile,middle row
          6:Second tile,bottom row

Second level
Left Box-1:Thrid tile,middle row
         2:Third tile,bottom row
         3:Fourth tile,bottom row
         4:Fourth tile,middle row
         5:Fourth tile,top row
         6:Third tile,top row
         7:Second tile,top row

Middle Box-1:Fourth tile,top row
           2:Third tile,top row
           3:Third tile,middle row
           4:Second tile,middle row
           5:Second tile,bottom row
           6:Third tile,bottom row
           7:Fourth tile,bottom row

Right Box-1:Second tile,middle row
          2:Second tile,top row
          3:Third tile,top row
          4:Third tile, middle row
          5:Second tile,middle row
          6:First tile,middle row
          7:First tile,bottom row

Third level
Left Box-1:Second tile,second row
         2:Second tile,first row
         3:Third tile,first row
         4:Third tile,second row
         5:Second tile,second row
         6:Second tile,third row

Middle Box-1:Second tile,second row
           2:Second tile,first row
           3:Third tile,first row
           4:Third tile,second row
           5:Third tile,third row
           6:Second tile,third row
           7:Second tile,second row

Right Box-1:Second tile,fourth row
          2:Third tile,fourth row
          3:Third tile,third row
          4:Third tile,second row
          5:Second tile,second row
          6:Second tile,third row
          7:Second tile,fourth row

Fourth level
Single Box-1:Second tile,first row
           2:First tile,first row
           3:First tile,second row
           4:Second tile,second row
           5:Second tile,third row
           6:First tile,third row
           7:First tile,second row
D.Special Ending
If you managed to get all of Akos vests you will be treated to an extended 
ending. The ending refers to Ako falling in love and growing into a regular
sized woman. It also talks about her feelings for Samanosuke. Samanosuke 
thinks its funny but he decides to keep her around while they start a new 
XI.The Dark Realm

A.Undersea Temple (Jacques)
Located:The secret room after you solve the math problem in the library. its
in the hallway on the left.

                              +   A  +
                             /        \
                            /          \
                    +------+            +------+
                    +   B  +            +   C  +
                    +------+            +------+
                              +   D  +
                              +   E  +

Realm|Enemies        |Items
A    |Zrom           |None
B    |Zagat/3-Eyes   |None
C    |Fugaku         |None
D    |Bera/Gacha     |None
E    |Batobone/Fugaku|Thunder seal

B.Undersea Temple (Samanosuke)
Located: Same as Jacques

                               +   A  +
                               +   B  +
                              /        \
                             /          \
                     +------+            +------+
                     +   C  +------------+   D  +
                     +------+            +------+
                         |                   |
                         |                   | 
                     +------+            +------+
                     +   E  +            +   F  +
                     +------+            +------+

Realm|Eniemies          |Items
A    |Swordsman/3-Eyes  |None
B    |Drodo/Fugaku      |None
C    |Dark Puppet/Archer|None
D    |Bera/Zolworm      |None
E    |Glizorm/Dark Crow |Thunder Seal
F    |Zagat/Bhaza       |None

C.Mont-Saint-Michel (Jacques)
Location:First doorway going down the spiral staircase

                       +  A  +
                      /       \
                     /         \
             +------+           +------+            +------+
             +   B  +           +   C  +            +   I  +
             +------+           +------+            +------+
            /        \                  \          /        \
           /          \                  \        /          \
   +------+            +------+           +------+            +------+
   +   D  +            +   E  +           +   F  +            +   J  +
   +------+            +------+           +------+            +------+
           \          /        \         /                   /
            \        /          \       /                   /   
             +------+            +-----+            +------+
             +   G  +------------+  H  +            +   K  +
             +------+            +-----+            +------+
                                          +   L  +

Realm|Enemies             |Items
A    |Dorabazu            |Statue Charm
B    |Zmoh/Archer         |None
C    |Zorm/Dark Spider    |None
D    |Gacha               |Green Orb
E    |Zorm/Zagat          |None
F    |Fugaku/Fobora       |None
G    |Gera                |None
H    |Bera/3-Eyes         |Medicine
I    |Zmoh/Grizmoh        |None
J    |Batochaika/Batobone |None
K    |Gacha/Drodo         |Medicine
L    |Dark Puppet/Dordio  |Fire Seal

D.Mont-Saint-Michel (Samanosuke)
Located:Same as Jacques

                       +------+            +------+
                       +   A  +            +   H  +
                       +------+            +------+
                      /        \          /        \
                     /          \        /          \
             +------+            +------+            +------+
             +   B  +            +   C  +            +   I  +
             +------+            +------+            +------+
            /        \                   \                   \
           /          \                   \                   \ 
   +------+            +------+            +------+            +------+
   +   D  +------------+   E  +            +   G  +            +   J  +
   +------+            +------+            +------+            +------+
           \                              /                   /
            \                            /                   /
             +------+            +------+            +------+
             +   F  +            +   N  +            +   K  +
             +------+            +------+            +------+
                                /        \                   \
                               /          \                   \
                       +------+            +------+            +------+
                       +   O  +            +   M  +------------+   L  +
                       +------+            +------+            +------+
                                 +   P  +
                                           +   Q  +
                                 +   R  +
                       +   S  +
                                 +   T  +

Realm|Enemies              |Items
A    |Zagat/Dark Crow      |Wood Charm
B    |Fugaku/Archer        |None             
C    |Fobora/Dorabazu      |None                   
D    |Batobone/Zmoh        |None                   
E    |Zorm/Gilzorm         |None      
F    |Fobora/Dark Puppet   |Purple Orb                  
G    |Dongacha/Zmoh        |None             
H    |Batobone/Dorido      |None              
I    |Grizmoh/Gyaran       |Medicine              
J    |Bera/Dongacha        |None
K    |Gilzorm              |None
L    |Dark Puppet/Zolworm  |None
M    |Gajimaro/Dongacha    |None
N    |Bera/Grizmoh         |Medicine
O    |Gilzorm/Dark Crow    |None
P    |Fobora/Dongacha      |None
Q    |Fugaku/Zolworm       |None
R    |Dark Crow/Dark Spider|Medicine
S    |Gacha/Dorido         |None
T    |Dark Puppet/Grizmoh  |Purple Vest

E.Honnoji Temple (Jacques)
Located:By the staircase next to the save mirror

                    +------+        +------+        +------+
                    +   A  +--------+   D  +--------+   G  +
                    +------+        +------+        +------+
                   /        \                      /        \
                  /          \                    /          \
          +------+            +------+    +------+            +------+
          +   B  +            +   C  +    +   H  +            +   I  +
          +------+            +------+    +------+            +------+
                  \          /           /                   /
                   \        /           /                   /
                    +------+    +------+            +------+
                    +   E  +    +   J  +            +   K  +
                    +------+    +------+            +------+
                   /           /        \                   \
                  /           /          \                   \
          +------+    +------+            +------+            +------+
          +   F  +    +   Q  +            +   O  +            +   L  +
          +------+    +------+            +------+            +------+
                     /                   /        \          /
                    /                   /          \        /
            +------+            +------+            +------+
            +   R  +            +   P  +            +   M  +
            +------+            +------+            +------+
                    \                              /
                     \                            /
                      +------+            +------+
                      +   S  +            +   N  +
                      +------+            +------+
                                +   T  +
Realm|Enemies               |Items
A    |Gilzorm/Fugaku        |Ultimate Whip
B    |Bhaza/Archers         |Blue Orb
C    |Gyaran/Zabiet         |None
D    |Zmoh/Gacha            |None
E    |Fugaku/Dordo          |None
F    |Bera/Dongacha         |Blue Orb
G    |Batobone/Axemen       |Blue Orb
H    |Zolworm/Dark Spider   |None
I    |Dark Puppet/Bhaza     |Medicine
J    |Bera/Ouija            |None
K    |Archer/Dark Crow      |Blue Orb
L    |Zolworm/Grizmoh       |None
M    |Zabiet/Fugaku         |None
N    |Dark Spider/Gyaran    |Blue Orb
O    |Dongacha/Dorabazu     |Secret Med
P    |Babian/Dark Puppet    |Blue Orb
Q    |Fobora/Ouija          |Blue Orb
R    |Zabiet/Fugaku         |Secret Med
S    |Ouija/Dongacha        |None
T    |Gilzorm/Marcellus     |Blue Orb

F.Honnoji Temple (Samanosuke)
Location:Same as Jacques

                                            +   A  +
                                           /        \
                                          /          \
               +------+           +------+            +------+
               +   E  +-----------+   B  +            +   C  +
               +------+           +------+            +------+
              /                           \                   \
             /                             \                   \
     +------+       +------+                +------+            +------+
     +   F  +-------+   G  +                +   D  +            +   Q  +
     +------+       +------+                +------+            +------+
             \                                                 /
              \                                               / 
               +------+           +------+            +------+
               +   H  +-----------+   I  +            +   P  +
               +------+           +------+            +------+
              /                           \          /        \ 
             /                             \        /          \
     +------+           +------+            +------+            +------+
     +   J  +-----------+   K  +            +   N  +            +   O  +
     +------+           +------+            +------+            +------+
             \                             /                   /
              \                           /                   / 
               +------+           +------+            +------+
               +   L  +-----------+   M  +            +   R  +
               +------+           +------+            +------+

Realm|Enemies               |Items
A    |Gyaran/Gilzorm        |Bishamon Sword 
B    |Gyaran/Fugaku         |None
C    |Bhaza/Dark Spider     |None
D    |Dongacha/Bhaza        |Red Orb
E    |Dark Crow/Dark Puppet |None
F    |Oujia/Fugaku          |Red Orb
G    |Gjimaro/Dorido        |Red Orb
H    |Bera/Grizmoh          |Secret Med
I    |Dark Spider/Archer    |None
J    |Dark Spider/Archer    |None
K    |Gilzorm/Marcellus     |Red Orb
L    |Grizmoh/Zmoh          |Red Orb
M    |Dark Puppet/Archer    |Secret Med
N    |Axeman/Gacha          |Red Orb
O    |Fobora/Dark Spider    |None
P    |Bera/Gacha            |Medicine
Q    |Axeman/Dark Crow      |Red Orb
R    |Zabiet/Batobone       |Red Orb
XII.WebSites using this guide

XIII.Credits and thanks

Capcom-For making such an awesome game 

GameFAQs.com-for posting this walkthrough for everyone

BRADY GAMES-There walkthrough guide helped me when either i forgot were a part
            was or what had happened during that time

Onimusha 3 Fans-You guys make the onimusha 3 world what it is.Thank you for 
                taking time to look at my walkthrough. I hope this guide is
                helpful in your quest to defeat Nobunaga and the genma.