FAQ/Walkthrough by fastkarate

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A FAQ for the Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for the XBox Console

This is an ASCII art-less walkthrough by David Riley
(Dave [at] frontbeat.com).


Fallout: Brotherhood of steel is an "Action RPG" in the style of Baldur's Gate 
: Dark Alliance for the PS2 and Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes for the Xbox. 
Staunch Fallout fan that I am, I do not endorse this game in any way shape or 
form. If there ever was a game that bastardized the name of a good franchise, 
it would be this. FO:BOS is chocked to the brim with so much profanity and 
sophomoric "humor" that I'm fully convinced the script writing duties were 
handed over to a group of threeteen year olds. You know how many pee jokes 
"Team Chuck" needs to consider a game worth publishing? It's like THREE. You 
know how many you'll find in a *good* game? Well, I think you can guess. Not 
only this, but it shows a complete disregard for the Fallout universe, 
including rather blatantly killing off a character that appears in Fallout 2, 
which follows this pile of trash in the timeline.

This walkthrough is merely being written because there isn't one out there yet 
and, well, I want to help the poor people who are struggling with this game. 
Nobody should have to play it for as long as my roommate and I did!

This FAQ is for the XBox version of this game. There is no reason why it 
shouldn't work for the PS2 version as well.

Legal things I know nothing of

Don't steal this. If you steal it, or plagarise anything from it, that'd 
probably make me cry right here and now.. I'm a big guy and as my friends will 
I spend most of my time being angry. 

This document is not allowed to be included in any for-profit material in any 
way, shape, or form, even as a free bonus. If you're sniping the new releases 
on GameFAQs, go away. This FAQ is made for posting only on GameFAQS and our 
personal website, www.fan-service.com. If you see it anywhere else we'd be most 
grateful for the heads up.


FO:BOS contains a variety of secret weapons that can be used to make your life 
easier in a multitude of ways. Now, if you've read my Resident Evil guides, 
then you know how opposed to cheating I am. However, the fact of the matter is 
that FO:BOS is just a plain awful game and using that Meat Cannon or that 
Slugger to get through it a little faster seems like a fair trade to me. So use 
them with my compliments, I'll tell you how to get them as is applicable.


These controls are for the XBox version of the game.

Directional Pad Left/Right = Change Map Size
Directional Pad Down = Crouch
Left Thumbstick = Move
Right Thumbstick = Rotate Camera (useless)

A Button = Attack
B Button = Special attack (hold) / Change target
X Button = Use/pick up
Y Button = Jump / Dodge (when locked on)

White Button = Switch Weapon
Black Button = Switch Weapon (reversed)

Left Trigger = Use Stimpack
Right Trigger = Lock On

Start = Pause
Back = Inventory

You might want to take the time to switch Jump to the left trigger and Stimpack 
to Y. This is way more convinient than the original scheme they give you.


Welcome to Carbon! It's here you'll first be introduced to the flagrant 
shillingout of Interplay to Bawls. It's the drink for gamers, even in the 
22nd century!


Ruby: The prostitute
Ruby is an... interesting character. Pay her 10 caps to get... absolutely 
nothing! It says you get laid, even makes the sounds, but there seems to be no 
actual gameplay benefit to this. Unless you posses the mental capacity of a 
twelve year old and think it's funny to get Nadia and Ruby to have sex. If this 
is the case, by all means enjoy. Your life is pathetic enough that there's 
really nothing I can use to insult you.

Armpit: The bartender
Armpit is the first resident you'll save in the town of Carbon. Don't get too 
attached though, as you won't be seeing him for long. Guy's got a specific 
interest in Radscorpion Tails. 10 caps per, if you can scrounge them up.

Richard: The mayor
You can tell this guy's a slimeball just by looking at him, and judging by the 
amount of profanity your character uses, he knows too! The mayor gives you your 
required quests in Carbon, but not much else.

Sounds kind like James Garner, though...

Jesse: The trader
He's your connection for the duration of your stay in carbon. Jesse has the 
things you want (not really) at reasonable prices (not really). As with most 
traders, avoid buying many weapons/armor, you'll find them by yourself anyway. 
Bullets and stimpacks are most of what he's good for.

Vidya: The doctor
Russian, for some reason. Who knows! She'll heal you and gives you a minor 
quest. Otherwise, big whoop.

The Bar

Don't forget to equip your weapons!

A simple task. Talk to Ruby to find out what's going on, then proceed into the 
bar and clear it out of raiders. You'll find plenty of stim- packs (some on 
tables) and meager caps on the way, but not much else. Talk to Armpit when 
you're done and get the quest for the Radscorpion tails.

Before you leave, check the fridge behind the bar for some bullets and caps. 
Then head on out.

The Warehouse

A trashpile southwest of Jesse has a pile of small bullets. Only 10, but take 
what you can get.

Talk to the mayor (he's the bouncing ! on the map) and get the quest to clear 
out the Radscorpions in the warehouse. No problem, sir, get right on it! Mosey 
on over to the door and invite yourself inside.

Immediately you're besiged by a few radscorpions and a few rats. Nothing your 
Iron Fists can't take out! Get to it!

Scattered around the warehouse main room you'll find plenty of boxes with ammo, 
caps and stimpacks in them. Nothing big, but every bit helps. You'll find a 
room or two off to the side with lockers. Open 'em up for the small bounties 
within. When ready, head south through the hallway

The next room holds a few more radscorpions. In a box in the NW corner is a 
Spiked Baseball Bat. Why don't you pick that up, try it out? The exit is south 
again, through a rusty garage door.

See how good that bat smashes up everyone in your way? Keep moving west and 
through another door, getting caps from boxes as you go.

In this next room you'll find a big box around the center pillar, bust it open 
to get the medical supplies the doctor craves so badly, you sly dog you! You'll 
get a message saying that you've killed all the radscorpions soon, but don't 
take their word for it! When you're done bashing up all the boxes and the horde 
of rats, exit through the door on the north.

Auxiliary Storage

Awww, your first encouter with radiation. Ain't it cute?

NO! Don't touch the stuff, it'll put a serious drain on your life. Not acting 
like any radiation I know if, it's just this game's answer to the everpresent 
'poison' in a multitude of other, better games. Avoid it like the 'plague' 
anyway. Har har, I make a funny.

Be aware that if a glowing enemy hits you, you'll get irradiated too.

There area gobs of stimpacks and light bullet ammo scattered around the room. 
Get them all, kill all the rats and scorpions. Exit to the north- west and 
around the bend. Eventually you'll come and save a townsperson. Talk to him  
for two stimpacks. A little, but better than nothing. Yeah, just keep saying 
that to yourself.

A breakable wall leads into the center room. Not much to talk about. A few rats 
and some caps. Barely worth going into. When done, keep heading west. A bit 
further down the path you'll find a breakable wall into a room with stimpacks 
and bullets in the dressers/cabinets. Better than the last one, anyway!

Continuing on you'll find a room with another Spiked Baseball Bat and some 
random items. In the next room you'll run into your first long ranged scorpion. 
Waste him. Don't feel tempted to try any fancy acrobatic manuvers while 
shooting with that useless pistol. Just go in with the bat. It'll all work out.

2nd Floor

Same drill as ever. Go out, look around, have some fun. There's Spiked Glovesin 
a locker nearby, get them... but don't bother using them. The Bat is more 

The path to the south will eventually lead you to a footlocker containing your 
very first Beretta. Not really GOOD, but better than what you've got! Equipt 
it, but don't use it. Not far from here you'll see a glowing ! on the map. 
That's the crame you've gotta use to clear the way downstairs. Keep on truckin' 
to the West, though. There's rats to kill and another crane to use! Aaaaaall 
the way at the end you'll find a footlocker with a Combat Knife. Equip it and 
head back to the stairs. Make sure you got all the scorpions first and go to 
the west of the room you started in (near the stairs). You'll find some bullets 
there and another Beretta in a box. Could be worse!

Down you go!

Auxiliary Storage

You'll find things mostly unchanged. Just keep moving, killing a few rats as 
you go. You'll find yourself in the main room and not too much worse for wear. 
Be sure to take a brief detour to the far southwest corner of the map. Here 
you'll find that box you dropped. Inside was a Combat Knife, Leather Gauntlets 
and Leather Boots. Not a bad first haul!

The small room in the southwest is your eventual destination, but let's go 
southeast first and see what that brings. Nothing too special here. Just a few 
more rats and a few more boxes to break. But hey, money's money. When ready, 
head down those stairs I told you about.

Radscorpion Lair

Can you feel that kickin' metal soundtrack? I CAN! Well, no I can't and I hope 
you can't either. It's obvious what this is trying to suggest to us. It's time 
for your very first boss.


The giant radscorpion is a joke of a boss, first move in to melee him and break 
his claws. Once's that's done move off and use your Beretta to finish the job. 
Heal/dodge as necessary, but it really doesn't matter.

When he's dead, bust up the boxes for stuff and head back upstairs.


Auxiliary Storage

Nothing to see here. Just keep moving back to that flashy little dot.

Main Storage

I think you know where to go.


First is the helpful doctor, give her her medical supplies for caps/exp.
Then the bartender. The radscorpion tails are worth plenty (570) to him.
Talk to the mayor next to get yourself a key to the elevator. 
Finally Jesse. Sell the equipment you've grown out of.

When all this is done you can head on down into the crater via the elevator.

The Crater

There's a Combat Knife in a footlocker near the beginning and plenty of 
stimpacks/caps around (as always!) Head north and you'll find a Beretta just as 
the solid ground starts ending to the northwest. See those craggy rocks that 
don't appear on the map all the way northwest? Start jumping across them. 
You'll come to a footlocker with Leather Armor in it soon. Now jump your way 

Start heading east to be besieged by more radscorpions. Keep heading east and 
you'll run into your first beetles. Don't get your hopes up, they're not nearly 
as cool as I make them sound. Waste 'em, no problem, and keep moving.

Behind the first house you see you'll find some boxes with caps. Back on the 
main path start raiding houses for stuff. The lone house at the south holds 
Ruby's dead cat, so be sure to grab that. Further east you'll find the way 
behind the houses. Of particular interest is a footlocker between two houses 
that gives you your Leather Helmet. You'll find a few Home Made Bombs in  
footlocker in one of the houses. Hang onto those, we'll need them much later in 
the game. When ready, head north across the car.

You'll find yourself in another house. Kill beetles. Move outside. In the trunk 
of a car is more evidence of Interplay being a corporate shill, a Bawls bottle 
cap, but it's worth $100 so bring it along. To the east you'll go through more 
of those broken houses, and more radscorpions. Keep moving east and you'll find 
a footlocker where it deadends. Get your Torch and another Leather Helmet (big 
deal). Equip the Torch and move back west for more jumping puzzles.

Wend your way through more craggy rocks, killing poisonous radscorpions and 
jumping all over decrepit cars as you go. You'll be moving to the east again. 
When back on land, explore the House for a Home-Made Rifle. Again, not really 
GOOD, but more efficient than the Beretta. Exit through the little bouncing 

The Cave

You'll be fighting plenty of radscorpions here. Keep heading north. There's a 
body with a Combat Knife to the northwest, but that's no big deal and there's a 
similar "not big deal" Torch far to the east of this. Sort wending your way 
southeast and cross a car or two on your way to your next objective. Far to the 
southeast is yet ANOTHER Torch in a footlocker. Oh well, it's money.

From there you'll want to start going west, killing yet more beetles as you go. 
Across a puddle of slime to the south you'll find another suit of armor. It's 
cash, if you're playing by yourself. Southwest is the next path. It'll open up 
eventually to more poisonous radscorpions and slime pools. Here you'll find 
some bullets, stimpacks, and the next exit.

Crater Pit

Walk ahead and, what's that? Jim Rockford, what have you done to yourself?


The Boss seems like a tough cookie, but he's not. Kill his infintely respawning 
Raider minions as necessary, but mainly you want to break out that homemade 
rifle  or torch, and go to town on him. Abuse the quick dodge to get out of the 
way of his grenades. He'll go down soon enough. He's not nearly as easy as the 
Giant Radscorpion, but not really hard either. Be careful, if you let him go 
for too long he'll start leaving grenades on the ground that will blow up when 
you get near them. They'll stick around for after he's dead, so be careful.

Now the game seems to think you're in some sort of danger because of falling 
rocks. Too bad they don't seem to be able to hit you. Just collect all the 
stuff and head out the way you came.


The Cave

There's nothing new in this place Pfft, whatever. Just head back. Near the exit 
you'll find another Giant Radscorpion (I've heard of games recycling bosses, 
but that's just ridiculous! Finish him off and head on your merry way.

The Canyon

Same deal as before. Head back to town, killing raiders on the way. You'll end 
up finding a pair of Dual Berettas on the way, from one of the raiders I'd 
imagine. All I know is it's always in my inventory when I get back to town and 
I never remeber picking it up.

Burning Carbon

Ah yes, nothing like the smell of burning town.


If you want the Red Ryder BB Gun, you have to save all the innocents in all 
these areas. Keep that in mind, because to do so you'll have to disregard your 
own safety and run in, jamming X, every time you see a townsperson crawling in 
terror. It's sort of a 'might as well' situation. Every time you see "An 
innocent has been killed" that's your cue to load your saved game. Might be a 
good idea to save after every 'hotspot' of innocents you clear. There's three 
exceptions. One of them is here. Near the middle of town you'll see a 
townsperson (a man) run by on fire and immediately die. Don't worry about him. 
You can't save him, and he doesn't count towards the total of 37 you need to 
save. There's 13 in Town Center, 9 in Town West, 6 in Town North, and 9 in Town 


Seems like good old Vidya's not letting you in anywhere unless you kill all the 
raiders. Well, get to it!

There's a box to the southwest that holds a Desert Eagle and a Frag Grenade. 
When you've killed all the raiders, check the warehouse door for your next 
quest and then exit to the West.

Town, West Side

Be quick and save the three townspeople near you. Raiders and dogs, they all 
die. Inside a house nearby is a footlocker with a Riot Helmet in it. Be sure to 
grab that. Around the way you can get into the other side of the house and save 
the three townspeople there as well. There's one in the alley outside the 
house, too. Nearby, to the north, you'll find a small walkway near a pit. At 
the end is a footlocker with a Double Barrel Shotgun in it.

In a long alley to the far west you'll find a Flamethrower in a fridge. This 
item has no real use. Sell it at your first opportunity. Far to the south of 
this you'll find four townspeople in danger and a few more raiders. In the 
southwest corner is a footlocker with the fourth Torch you've found so far. Oh 
well, more money for you. Go east from here for a house with the final few 
raiders, an unsaveable innocent (I always got the message, but it looks like 
her corpse is part of the background), and a fridge with a Desert Eagle in it. 
Exit's to the north, nearby in a footlocker you'll find the Burning Gloves.

Town, North Side

Run to the northwest immediately, dodging raiders as you go. You've got 
innocents to save, first! The woman can be saved easily, but the next one is 
impossible to get, she'll get gibbed by the flamethrower almost immediately. 
She doesn't count. Now to the southwest, you'll hit a fenced in area. Protect 
the fighting townsfolk there (there's, what, like four of them?) and then let 
them go. 

To the east is a pretty large contingent of raiders you can mop up pretty 
easily. When you've scoured the area for ammo save your game and jump across 
the wide gap in the bridge. Across, run up and save the townsperson at the 
south side as you take down the raiders. Continue to the east and exit.

Town, East Side

Move immeditately to the southwest and keep hitting X at the door until you get 
into the house to save the captive lady. Now porceed to waste all the raiders 
that are bothering you in the area. When that's done you can head through the 
house, picking up another Riot Helmet as you go, and ending up out on the other 
side. Further to the southwest you'll find four more innocents to kill, they're 
not in HUGE danger, but save 'em quick anyway. In a nearby footlocker you'll 
find yet ANOTHER Riot Helmet. Woo hoo.

To the far south you'll find more raiders and a gate you can open. Feel free to 
do that. Through this gate are the final four innocents you're trying to save. 
So hurry up and do that, then kill all those raiders that just won't give it 
up. You've earned it. In an alley back here are a couple more raiders and yet 
one MORE Riot Helmet (what is this, some kind of joke?)

All the raiders should be gone now. You're heading out.

Town Center

Just mosey on into the Warehouse.

Talk to Ruby, give her her cat for a few bucks/exp.
Talk to the Wasteland Stranger if you saved all the people. That'll net you the 
Talk to Vidya when it's all done for caps and experience.
Then Jesse. Sell your stuff (RIOT HELMETS!) and get instructions about the 
Raider base. Head out the back door.

Route To The Mill

I am so totally pumped to kill the Raider Matron. Hooray.

Run up and kill the dogs harassing the Brahmin. Saving him won't get you 
anything but a warm, fuzzy feeling. Who wouldn't want that?

Head to the north to find a cache of large bullet ammo. To the north you'll 
find your very first minefield. Clear a path by running straight for the mines 
and then bolting away when they're activated. Easier in 2 player, where one 
play can hang back and run to the save to respawn when the other one dies. If 
not, it's not terribly hard to avoid the mines. Far to the northwest, in an 
alley, is a Cleaver. Pick it up and give it a shot, you don't have anything 
better. Then start heading east and "defusing" mines. With any luck the raiders 
you find will take the lions share of the mines for you. Kill them as necessary 
with the rifle. To the south at the very end of the minefield are small bullets 
that are barely worth the damage you'll take getting them. Your call.

When you're through, heal up from your misadventures and keep heading east. 
Break the fences holding in those brahmin, as they might clear a few more mines 
out for you as they wander their way home. To the south are a couple radiers 
and some small bullet ammo. North is where you're looking to go. Plenty of 
raiders here, easy to get them clogged up on each other, their flamethrowers 
doing much of the work for you. Head west, killing more raiders and finding 
Ruby's necklace on one of them. There's a whole bunch of dogs in a kennel. Let 
'em out and go hand to hand or shoot them where you stand. It's your perogative.

To the north you'll find a train car you can jump through. On the other side 
are yet more raiders. At the far northeast you'll find more raiders and yet 
another minefield. Sigh, wind your way through THIS one too, same strategy as 
before. It's your choice whether or not you want to waste time checking out all 
the boxes on the sidepaths. None of them hold anything special, but if you're 
one of THOSE people then go right ahead. Your destination is to the south, 
where raiders are partying it up among the mines. Be careful, as it'd really 
spoil your day to step on a mine while you're tangoing with these guys. Then 
again, the argument could be made that you've already spoiled your day just by 
.playing. this game. After killing enough radiers you'll find the Gate Key. Use 
it to get to the flashing dot, and the exit to the next area.

Town Mill Exterior

Whew! No more mines (for now)! However, to the south you'll start encountering 
Shotgun raiders. This is equally as unfun as the mines are, but at least you 
have a CHANCE of not getting hit by them. Oh well, plow your way through, as 
always. When the path branches, take the east one and go into the house. You'll 
find a Sledgehammer in here, so that Cleaver was a bit short lived, wasn't it? 
Oh well, equip it anyway. To the west and a little through the minefield (sigh) 
you'll find another house. There's a lot of shotgun raiders around, so now 
might be a good time to try out that good old Double Barrel of yours yourself. 
It's better than the rifle, but the damage never seems to be quite as high as 
it would suggest. A nearby footlocker contains more Double Berettas and you'll 
be able to shoot some raiders through the windows with relative safety.

Back in the minefield, head to the west and keep near the walls to avoid most 
of the mines. Poor townsfolk, we can't save you. Go about killing raiders, as 
per the usual. To the north is a good clutch of Shotgun Ammo. South is your 
objective (and another minefield). Be exceedingly careful here, as raiders will 
pop up when you leat expect it. As always, don't run over any mines while 
you're doing it. Use the mines to your advantage on the raiders when possible. 
There's a gate to open on to the east that'll lead you back to where you were 
before. No need for that. Go south. One of the female raiders will drop the key 
you need to advance. Don't forget the footlocker to the east of the gate. It 
contains more Home-Made Bombs.

Mill Parking Lot

Nothing to do here. Talk to Jesse to sell/restock and exit to the east. You'll 
find a Home-Made Machine gun in a box to the southwest. It barely seems using, 
but maybe you might as well. It's fast, anyway.

Mill Storage

Yet another crawl through and kill area (surprised?). At least there's no mines.

Head east to listen to a "hilarious" conversation. When this is done, keep 
moving on the only path you can move on. There's plenty of boxes/footlockers to 
get stuff from. You'll find a path to the north. That's where you're going. 
You'll have to wend your way west through raiders and dogs to get to a save 
point and around the boxes blocking your way. Then the next path leads east on 
the other side of the boxes. Still moving north and east, you'll eventually hit 
some enclosed rooms. Go on in, kill raiders. The townsperson you find dies, but 
leaves you money in return. What a swell guy.

There's Riot Armor and a Vault 13 flask to be found nearby in a footlocker, so 
grab those. Throw the switch and go outside to the northwest to find that the 
door you passed on the way in is now open. Hooray! A destructable wall nearby 
leads to footlockers with caps and a Toxic Grenade. More uselss explosives. 
Great. Not too much further ahead you'll exit the room and it'll look like 
you've found the next area. Unfortunately, it's a lie. You have to go 
aaaaaaaaaall the way around this one first. Get moving! When you're done going 
south and then back north, you'll find your next place.

Mill Generator

Ho-hum, nothing to see here. Just follow the path in the only direction it 
leads, kill scores of raiders, and eventually end up at a gap. To get across, 
jump on the handrail and then jump to the handrail on the other side. Simple as 
pie! Grab the homemade bombs on the other side and move to kill the raiders. 
The walkway to the east will net you a Home-Made Machinegun after some raider 
killing, and a Worn Key in the junkpile. The walkway to the south is your 

Through the rooms here, the way east will lead you to the reactor room. Follow 
it, get items from footlockers. There's tons of Toxic Grenades around, Riot 
Armor, and a Sub-Machine Gun. When you've cleared everyone out, activate the 
reactor on the middle platform and get outta there. Don't worry, it's not going 
to collapse on you or anything. That klaxon is just annoying. Move north and 
then west through the previously unopenable door. Follow the path, weaving 
around electricity as you go. About mid-way through (near a save spot) you'll 
find a room with a few guys and an Incendiary Motor. Pick it up. Not really 
worth it, but it's a good amount of money.

You will soon find your way back.

Mill Office

Slightly to the south you can turn a valve to allow yourself access to a room. 
Footlockers inside, one with Riot Gauntlets. Equip and be happy about that, 
right? Further south you'll put your Brotherhood training to the test as you 
dodge complicated steam vent puzzles. Thank GOD for that tutorial, or we'd all 
be DEAD! All the way to the south is a few raiders and a pointless door. East 
you'll hit your first Grenade throwing raider, who tends to do more damage to 
herself than to you. As you move along you'll have to start dodging 
electricity, and a raider group that will probably die from its own grenades 
before you even reach it. When the road forks head north to kill a lone raider 
for Stimpacks and Rocket Ammo. East again.

There's a nearby bathroom with basically nothing of interest. You'll pass a 
room with no entrances, not so! Around the corner are a buttload of raiders and 
the way in. Too bad there's nothing but a few stimpacks inside. Oh well. An 
alley near the room holds a few flamethrower fuels. I wish you could see my 
face now, because I'm freakin' ecstatic. The footlocker in the northeast corner 
has a Ripper. That's pretty good, though.

Exit to the south.

Mill Storage

You know where you are. Exit's south and then West. No enemies.

Mill Parking Lot

Restock and exit to the north.

Mill Grinder

What's that I hear? Creepy boss music?


I don't even know why this woman is a boss. Nor do I know why Tony Jay descends 
to voice acting in this game. Most especially, I don't understand the Raider 
Matron's costume. It's not so much a costume as it is a billboard that says 
"HAHAHA. VIDEOGAMEZ ARE 4 BOYZ ONLY!" More so, I don't know how a mutant's junk 
is, and I don't want to, but I don't think a woman with hips as big as the 
Raider Matron is in any position to be trying to come on to one of them. 
Besides, that's just gross.

Kill her however you please, she's pathetically easy. The Sub-Machine Gun works 
wonders, or maybe the Incendiary Mortar, if you've been saving it. Collect the 
stuff, leave.



Back in town. 
Talk to Ruby and give her her locket and be sure to ask her about the ghoul 
Talk to Vidaya and get 600 exp for saving the town. 
Give the Stranger the Vault Flask and then ask him to take you to the City of 


The city of Los isn't nearly as unfriendly as the starting cutscene would have 
you believe. The inhabitants are as follows:

Harold: The Treehead
You might remeber Harold from Fallout 1/2, the ghoul with the tree in his head. 
Now he's been reduced to a poor voice actor and even poorer character model. He 
wants you to find his body parts and he'll pay 200 caps for the first two and 
600 for the last, but no experience! This quest can be skipped quite safely. 
Also, you can talk to him about his exploits with Ruby (if you've talked to 
Ruby about ghouls) and get 300 exp.

Hieronymous: The Merchant

A stereotype. Is it an Arab ghoul, a Jew ghoul, or both? He doesn't sell you 
anything worth buying, so unless you need ammo or stimpacks, just don't bother.

Giese: The Engineer

English... punk? Who knows! Find him junk, he'll give you stuff. Find him four 
junk and you'll be the proud owner of a Super Sledge. Not much purpose in that, 
though, if you get the Slugger.

Nothing at all interesting in here. Talk to Harold/Giese, restock if you want. 
Exit to Bridge East.

Bridge East

The first few ghouls are your friends, the rest are not. Kill as necessary. 
Your proper heading is east, killing unfriendly ghouls all along the way. When 
it seems you've run out of land, fear not! Just use those handy pipes to walk 
along. Oh I do love jumping puzzles! There are many paths here, some worthwhile 
and some not. The one to your immediate west on the pipes leads to a second 
Ripper. From there, head east until the road ends again. The short path to the 
southeast (the one with an island of toxins on it) will lead you to a 
footlocker containing Harold's eyeball.

Move across the pipes to the southwest and fight yet more ghouls. When it 
deadends you'll find a lone pipe to walk across. Use it. Now you're moving more 
west than south. On the way there's a small alcolve with Metal Armor in a 
footlocker. Be sure to grab that. Eventually you'll be as far west as you can 
go. A footlocker to the northwest holds Shotgun Ammo. Hook around and you're 
now heading east again. You'll come to an open area and fight a ton of ghouls, 
along with some rats. Show no mercy, blah blah blah.

Done with that? Good. To the northeast are more pipes. You'll find a footlocker 
and a ripper off a short pipe path. Continue east. Next path contains a bunch 
of ghouls, but basically nothing in the way of items. Arrrg. Head a little 
north this time and you'll come across yet more ghouls. Their footlocker holds 
a good bit of cash. Back to the east are more ghouls, more footlockers, and the 
exit. But wait!


Okay. See where that save spot its? From here jump as far as you can to the 
east. You should land on an invisible path. Go in a straight line to the east 
now until you see some land. Just keep walking onto that, save your game. Cross 
the pipe to the next island where a ton of ghouls are hanging out, too many to 
handle! Or ARE they? If you run around them to the footlocket you'll find the 
Meat Cannon, an explosive weapon along the lines of the Incendiary Motor, only 
it does more damage and has infinite ammo. Also you'll get a pair of Metal 
Boots and a free Combat Shotgun. Not a bad haul and it'll make the rest of the 
game like cake for you. Remember: Winners don't cheat, except in awful games 
like this.


Now make your way back and exit.

Docks Shipyard

Another cutscene. Oh, how I love this story. It's totally true to its Fallout 

Now that you have the Meat Cannon you really don't NEED a walkthrough. I'm 
gonna take the rest of the night off!

...ha! Just kidding! No, seriously. If you want to play it fair, don't use it, 
because it'll make the game a TOTAL breeze. Starting off you're heading to the 
southeast. New, poisonous, ghouls show up... but they're not really harder than 
anything else you've fought so far. There's a save spot to the southeast, you 
can kind of hang out there for a second.

Start wending your way to the southwest and around boxes. You'll hook around 
and start heading north now. You'll reach open ground eventually and find a 
fridge with caps and a Frag Grenade in it. Around the corner from this break 
some boxes and continue on. In a small side path you'll find a poison throwing 
cool. Feel free to waste him and collect Harry's Arm. Keep moving until the 
place dead-ends in an alley. In a fridge you'll find a Home-Made Laser pistol. 
Backtrack back to the goop you passed.

Head right into the good and then north. When you hit the wall you'll find 
another Frag Grenade/Caps fridge. Go through the small house and break some 
boxes to continue on. Head to the north path first, open up a fridge for some 
caps. Now go south that'll take you back into the goop. Nearby is a fridge with 
Metal Gauntlets in it. Grab those, they're good for what ails ya. Keep going 
along southwarth and you'll run into an alley with two fences in it, a ghoul 
behind each one. Kill these ghouls using all those explosives I've been telling 
you to hoard. It's tough, but you'll do it! The best way is to stand right next 
to the fence, chuck an explosive in (it'll stick to the fence) and if you hit 
the ghoul he'll probably start pressing up against his side of the fence 
(making your job way easier). Kill 'em, but before you leave, take the path to 
the northwest. The fridge holds yet ANOTHER set of Metal Gauntlets and a Home-
Made Laser Rifle.


Wanna know why? Because now you've unlocked the secret 'Glowing Ghoul' 
Miniboss. Head out in the slime and don't worry about finding him, he'll find 
you! When he does, waste him and his vanguard with a pathetic amount of ease 
and get the massive "Slugger" from him. Nails in a baseball bat never felt so 


After this just keep heading south. You'll find your exit.

Docks Warehouse

Start of going west. There's on one way to go and that's how I likes it. Plenty 
of targets for your new Slugger. When the road turns north, follow that too. A 
brief soujourn to the east will net you some ammo and a few more kills to your 
name. And there's Junk in a crate to the far north but west is where you wanna 
be headed. When the path branches HERE you can go south to kill more ghouls and 
find an alley with some ammo and another Home-Made Laser Rifle in it. Back 
north is your destination. Be careful around the toxic good and the toxic goo 
slinging ghouls at the barricade. Once they're dealt with, continue on. At the 
end of the line here you'll find an exit leading back to Bridge West. You can 
take it if you REALLY want to give Harold back his body parts, or whatever, but 
I never really cared all that much. More of interest to me is the nearby house 
that marks your next route.

Head through, killing ghouls and getting ANOTHER Home-Made Laser Rifle. Go east 
to find a bunch of super mutants and the (eventual) way to chapter three. Leave 
here for now. Saunter a little north and more east for an alley with tons of 
ghouls and footlockers, but nothing worthwhile. Start trekking full out north. 
To the far north is another waste of an alley (more XP via kills, though). 
Where you're eventually headed is east and into the building. 

Footlocker's got what should be your fourth Home-Made Laser Rifle. Grab it, why 
not? But first you'll have to listen to some "Choice" conversation by the 
ghouls in the nearby room. When all's said and done you're in some sort of 
church to the holy... Pip Boy? Touch the button that says do not touch and 
you're free to go through that open door. The alleyway to the east contains 
uncountable treasures in the form of Harold's Rotten Toe, but not much else. 
See that flashy star on the map? Exit.

Docks Holding Pens

Hello again Jew Merchant! Wait, what's that you say? Ooooh. You're the Jew 
Merchant's BROTHER. Well, sell me some stuff, especially those explosives 
(which are now obsolete). When you're done, ask about participating in his 
"Sport", which is a gladiator challenge. Why not!


Level 1: Radscorpions (100 caps)
Level 2: Radscorpions and Spitting Radscorpions (200 caps)
Level 3: Radscorpions and Spitting Radscoprions (300 caps)
Level 4: Radier Chicks (400 caps)
Level 5: Raider Chicks (500 caps)
Level 6: Radscorpions and Glowing Ghouls (600 caps)
Level 7: Radscorpions, Glowing Ghouls, Poison Dogs (700 caps)
Level 8: Glowing Ghouls, Normal Ghoul, Poison Dogs (800 caps)
Level 9: Lots of Ghouls, Glowing Ghouls, Poison Dogs (1000 caps)
Level 10: Poison Dogs, SMG Ghouls (1200 caps)
Level 11: Poison Dogs, Ghouls, SMG Ghouls (1400 Caps)
Level 12: Shotgun Ghouls, Ghouls (1600 Caps)
Level 13: Poison Dogs, Shotgun Ghouls, SMG Ghouls (2000 Caps)
Level 14: Cleaver Ghouls. Shotgun Ghouls (2500 Caps)
Level 15: Cleaver Ghouls, Shotgun Ghouls, SMG Ghouls (3000 Caps)
Level 16: Cleaver Ghouls, Shotgun Ghouls, SMG Ghouls (3500 Caps)
Level 17: Shotgun Ghouls, SMG Ghouls (4000 Caps)
Level 18: Deathclaw (1) (7000 Caps)
Level 19: Deathclaws (3) (10000 Caps)
Level 20: Invisible Death Claws (3) Deathclaws (2) (20000 Caps)
Level 21: Wasteland Stranger with Continuous Laser (50000 Caps)

The only level that should really give you problems is the last one. The trick 
to fighting the stranger involves this: Run forward immediately against the 
car. When he gets near you should to your right (northeast) to the other side 
of the car. If you're lucky he'll get confused now and you can just start 
unloading on him. No problem! He'll go down soon enough.

You may want to consider using the Meat Cannon here (if you haven't been using 
it all along). Just to preserve your sanity. Anyway, you don't HAVE to do the 
Gladiator Pit, but it's a good amount of money (money being totally useless) 
and basically a whole level's worth of exp. As will all things in this 
lackluster game, it's a "might as well". There's another gladiator pit that the 
original merchant in this chapter runs, but it's the exact same one. You can do 
it at either merchant, but I use this one just because it's right on the way 
anyway. If you're playing on Apocalyptic you might as well just forget it, at 
least forget beating it. The Wasteland Stranger's Continuous Laser can kill you 
before you even notice you're getting hit.


When you're done, sell off all those explosives you picked up over the past few 
chapters. Ask the Jew Merchant if you know him to get a quest to give a package 
to the OTHER Jew Merchant. Save. Head out.

Forge your way to the northeast, killing ghouls and dogs and getting the quest 
to rescue the prisoners from the cage. To the southeast you'll find a ghoul 
with a Prison Key on him and you can rescue the nearby ones. Start heading 
north, where a ghoul will drop the Gate Key. This is NOT the key to the cells. 
Further north is the gate you need to go through. On the other side of the gate 
you'll be heading west. When you reach the dead-end, there's more Junk in one 
of the crates. After this move back to the intersection and continue heading 
east. When it dead ends you'll find some ghouls to the south with a Prison Key 
or two. To the north is a footlocker with the final piece of Junk. Now go back 
to the intersection and start freeing prisoners. In one of the cells you'll 
find a bunch of breakable boxes. There's a footlocker behind them with a Heavy 
Machine Gun in it.

Somewhat near the exit in a northeasterly corner is a footlocker with Power 
Fists in it. When done you're going back to the intersection and north through 
that gate. In the next wide open area you'll find the exit to the north.

Docks Torture Chamber

Well look what mister big and ugly drug in. Blake, the Ghoul Cult Priest and 
pitifully easy boss, has captured the surprisingly WHITE Rhombus of the 
Brotherhood of Steel and is presently torturing him. Run up and talk to 
Rhombus, who is not nearly as black as some of us might remember him. Around 
the outside of the building is ammo and stimpacks, but they're hardly worth 
your time. Once you're finished with Rhombus, Blake'll show up behind you and 
the fight begins.


What a pain. Shoot and heal. If you've got Rad Child as Cain this fight is way 
easier, but it really, really doesn't matter. Blake is barely any harder 
without it. When he's done get the caps and key from him, free Rhombus, and 
then follow the man.


Docks Holding Pens

Rhombus has this crazy idea that he's some sort of Superman. Fortunately, he 
IS. It doesn't seem that man can die no matter what punishment is inflicted on 
him. Use this to your advantage by letting him get attacked by everyone while 
you clean up. Just follow Rhombus until you hit a gate that he makes you wait 
until he opens it (the third gate). No you're in new, uncharted territory.

But it's still more of the same, only now there's boxes with stuff in them. Too 
bad it's northing all that worthwhile. Keep following Rhombus until a cutscene 
starts where he gets blown up by some of the new, improved "Explodey Ghouls". 
Kill all of these in a mini-boss fight that seems somehow even easier than 
Blake was. Return to Rhombus, who quickly dies (but gives you the Vault 
Keycard). Search a back alley for Dual Submachine Guns (which sound good, but 
really aren't).

Start heading south, killing Explodey Ghouls on the way. You'll end up back at 
the entrance of this area soon. Trade with the merchant for what you need, then 

Docks Warehouse District

Well look where we are again. Start wending your way back to that warehouse 
where you saw the Mutants. If you'd lke, use the exit on the far west side to 
go back to West Bridge and complete some quests. Giese'll give you a Super 
sledge if you have all the pieces of junk, otherwsie it's random bits of crap. 
Giving the package to the merchant gets you 200 exp (not bad) and 50 caps 
(useless). And if you got all of Harold's parts it's worth a total of 1,000 
caps and NO exp. Do it if you please, but 1,000 caps should be pretty 
meaningless to you by now, huh?

Remember the alley where you fought those mutants? No? Well... me neither. It's 
kind of on the east side of the middle of the map. Sorry I can't be of more 
help! Enter the Warehouse

VT Warehouse

This chapter is finally almost over. Just stick with it!

Inside there seems to be some sort of holy war going on between the Mutants and 
the Ghouls. Don't worry though, as soon as they see you they'll abandon all 
trappings of what they were doing and focus solely on you. Take the short path 
to the west first. It leads to a Combat Helmet and a Monster Ripper in two 
footlockers. Then go all the way to the east. This path is VERY long, you'll 
fight dozens of ghouls, but it's entirely linear and holds nothing of value. 
When you reach the end, exit into the Vault Basement.

Warehouse Basement

Hey, guess what. ANOTHER MINEFIELD. Hooray! Once again, the boxes/siderooms 
hold pretty much nothing. Unless you're some obsessed weirdo, just keep plowing 
on through.

Okay, that's not ENTIRELY true. When you reach the first big room with mines in 
it, there's a Combat Shotgun in a footlocker to the northwest. That's it 
though. You'll eventually be able to head west off this wonderfully linear path 
when it dead-ends. Here you'll reach a Shop Tec machine, which is like a 
merchant but much more annoying. Sell/restock. There's a Home-Made Rocket 
Launcher in a nearby room. Move on. To the east you'll find plenty of mutants, 
bugs, and a generator you have to turn on. Go back to the elevator you passed 
on the way through. Eliminate the bug scourge you've somehow unleashed upon the 
world and exit.

Warehouse Basement 2

Bust up boxes for ammo, walk through the door, watch the scene.

<<BOSS - Turrets>>

Oh wow, a boss that actually REQUIRES a strategy... but not much of one. The 
turrets here do a ton of damage, but the trick is to get one of them between 
you and the rest, that way you're only getting shot by one at a time. Other 
than that? Piece of cake.

There's plenty of boxes here. Step into the Vault to end the chapter.



You all knew it was coming.

In this room, find the computer console and push all the buttons on it. Use the 
Shop-Tec to restock and move out to the west.

Take the right branch when the path forks and watch a plain disgusting scene of 
scatologitcal proportions. Oh man, I love that stuff so much. Kill the plainly 
awful mutants and hit the nearby switch. Now go back and check the other fork 
to get into the Garden. Another horde of bugs will charge at you, so dispose 
them. Take the east exit (the only one you can).

I could go into detail here, but aside from some Tesla Boots in the far 
southwest corner, there's absolutely NOTHING of interest (Save the mutants you 
can kill for XP). Exit's to the north, when you're ready.

Vault Residence Level 2

Head south here, killing the bugs that get in your way. Use the console and hit 
both buttons to clear a path through the shelves. Another console will get in 
your way, left middle right left works here. You'll find another Heavy Machine 
Gun in a box nearby. Further on is an item you actually want, Tesla Gauntlets. 
You'll run into one more set of books in your way here, with four buttons on 
the console. This one's a pain, and I never wrote down a proper solutions. Just 
hit buttons, you'll get through. You'll come up upon a large group of shelves 
on the north side of the room here. Manipulate them in these three patterns. 
All out, then all in. The final combination is 110100100 (1 being extended and 
0 being retracted). Each time you enter a code, you simply have to run to the 
south and collect your goodies from the rooms behind the shelves that open up. 
You'll find a Residence Keycard on a corpse in one of them. Go back upstairs 
through the elevator you came in from.

Residence Level 1

On your way back to the Garden area, check out the doors you couldn't 
previously open. The only one that actually holds anything important is the one 
near where you saw the masterpiece scene of the mutant 'relieving' himself. 
There's a couple Tesla Helmets in there. When you're done, go through the door 
in the garden. Fight the Super Mutant mini-boss here (who barely deserves to 
have a life bar), get the ammo from surrounding rooms, and then go right down 
that elevator.

Residence Level 3

Head east and clear out mutants in your usual fashion. You're a tough guy, you 
can handle that, right? When the path dead ends and branches, you take the one 
to the north. As you move along mutants will swarm out of a large room with an 
open door to the north (watch out for the Mutant with the minigun). Use the 
computer to turn on the lights, then head out and to the west. Check the room 
here for an Assault Rifle. No go aaaaaaaaall the way back to the beginning 
(watch out for lasers!) Take not of the open door you pass along the way. 
You'll know what it is because there's a room with six robots across from it, 
and they're all attacking you.


If you're playing Co-op (and I have no idea how you made it this far in such a 
boring game if you aren't) there's a room with two switches in it that you have 
to hit at the same time. Behind are more mutants and some footlockers with cash 
in it (about 16,000). A brief diversion, but not an important one.


Careful around those lasers! The first set mostly blinks on and off, but you 
have to jump over the laser one. You'll figure out the rest. Just keep moving 
north until you're back at the start. Use the console to control one of those 
little toaster robots you've seen scooting around. Take him back to the room I 
told you to make note of earlier (the one across from the robots) and drive him 
into the west section of the place (careful for mutants!). You'll find a switch 
in there past the mutants. Hit it to turn the lasers off and you'll be done 
with the robot.

Head back to that (blissfully laser free) room now. Take the left fork (where 
you sent the robot). In the far back of this room you'll find another, smaller, 
room with a switch it in. Hit that. Now take the right fork, kill robots and 
mutants. Get on the platform and throw the switch. Exit.

Vault Residence Hub

My, what a pretty sight. The footlocker next to you has a super stimpack. Move 
right ahead.


Attis is the same as any other big, hand to hand boss. He has minions that you 
can kill for pretty good exp. Around the room is ammo and stimpacks you won't 
have time to get after he's dead, so if it REALLY matters to you, get them now.


Vault Ruins 1

Oh, look who's losing 10 HP a second. This area is not important, just follow 
the girl. You can't attack, but if you're playing two player then ONE of you 
will be able to (whoever wasn't in the cutscene, probably the person that 
didn't lay the final blow on Attis). Nobne of the items are important, just 
stimpacks and stuff. Just keep walking.


When you wake up (with new, non-bleeding arm) talk to Patty and exhaust her 
dialogue options, then do the same with the nearby Mary (you'll get the quest 
to find her ring, which I have never actually completed). Across the way you'll 
find Ching Tsun, the merchant. I'm telling you, it's not a stereotype laden 
game without some crazy Chinese guy looking for computer parts. Find them for 
him all the same, though, because they're worth a pretty big load of Cash/Exp 
(Finally, a useful quest!). If money's burning a hole in your pocket, you might 
consider buying a full suit of Power Armor now, as you won't find anything 
better and it'll give you a slight edge.

There is absolutely nothing else of value here. Exit through the door to the 
right (your character's right) of where you enter the garden.

Vault Facilities 1

Wander around collecting various items before you open the door. Kill the robot 
and the technician you're with will ask you to go through the vent and open the 
security force field. Do it, but don't open the field yet. You want to wander 
through the rest of the area first and kill all the robots to keep the 
technician alive. On the other side of the vent, get the Super Sledge from the 
box. If you go north through another vent and west you'll come to a room with 
some Ripper Gloves in them. Now go back through that air vent and through that 
east exit. Follow the path to the east, killing robots and enter the room to 
the south.

Your objective here is to turn off the robot generators by using the three 
consoles in the middle of the room. You can, however, use the robot spawners to 
farm massive amounts of Computer Parts for that quest. It's up to you. When 
you're done with all this, exit through vent on the south side and continue on. 
In here you'll find tesla armor. Go west and you'll eventually end up in the 
hallway again. Keep going west and you'll see the technician again. Turn off 
the forcefield to let him in.

Follow the technician (all the way to the north) and use the save spot before 
entering that final room. Protect the Tech as best you can from the robots 
swarming in. It takes him about 15 seconds. When done, collect all the Computer 
Parts that the robots dropped and exit to the west.

Vault Facilities 2

Straight ahead and all the way to the west you'll find a room. South from here 
is lots of ammo and a Continuous Laser, north is a vent. Through the vent 
you'll come to a hallway. Follow this to the east (eventually) and kill some 
more of those turrets you fought before. Through a door here the room goes 
dark. When it gets lit up again you'll fight a bunch of robots with Continuous 
Lasers who would be hard, but you've got the Tesla/Power armor. Through the 
door to the north.

Through the east path you'll find a TON of robots, and a switch to turn off 
robot production. Good stuff. Aaaall the way to the west is one of the circuits 
you have to reconnect. Now move back south and then west into unexplored 
territory. Kill more Continuous Laser robots here and try to use the door, the 
Tech will unlock it for you. Head north through the vent, kiling robots. Now 
east and south into the other circuit room. Head back west and south through 
the hallway this time. You're trying to exit. Watch out for the new, improved 
Explodey Robots. When the Tech dies, you'll find the door locked. That's okay, 
there's a vent right there! Use it, then continue eastward to the exit.

Vault Facilities 1

Just exit through the east side

Vault Facilities 3

Go follow the main path until you reach the dead end with the bouncing arrow. 
Oh no, what's that? Alert? Whatever. Head back, hitting one of those terminals 
on the way to deactivate the forcefield. The first door you see is blocked. No 
help there. Keep walking (green beams summon robots) and use the console to 
deactivate the nearby lasers. The next console will change of bunch of stuff 
and let you into the nearby room. You want Force Fields 1, 5 and 6 turned off. 
This way you can head north and past the deactivated Forcefield 7. Dodge the 
green lasers (or hit them, who cares?) and find the terminal to turn Forcefield 
9 off. As you keep going north you'll end up trapped between some beams and 
have to fight some robots. No big deal. Keep going north, hit the console, 
through Field 11. The computer on the east side of the room clears the way for 

Moving more towards the east you'll find yet MORE robots. If you've got money 
to burn, you'll find the Shop-Tec parts in a room on your right. This shop tech 
acrries basically all the high-end weapons in the game. So grab them if that's 
your thing. This shop sells the best items in the game, including the Turbo 
Sledge (which you won't be getting for a long while). So buy what you want if 
you've got the money for it. They won't get outdated.

At the end of the hall you see a malfunctioning laser field. Crawl under it 
when the bottom one goes out. A console in the side of the room turns off the 
forcefield in the middle of the room, then use the computer there to turn off 
ANOTHER forcefield. Go south, fight turrets, find Tesla Cleaver. If you've been 
using the Slugger this whole time, now you'll want to replace it. The Cleaver's 
low damage end is much better. Nearby you'll find the exit to the mainframe. No 

Vault Mainframe

Kill all the Nightkin, use the computer. Judging by the cutscene's dialogue, I 
think someone on "Team Chuck" doesn't know exactly what 'sterility' means, 
unless mutants have some insight into what the actuall FORMING of a baby "feels 
like". Way to go, guys.


Give parts to Merchant, get quest from Patty. Exit all the way to the west.

Ruins 1

Remember this? Sure you do.

Head west until you can enter a long hall to the north. Rooms hold basically 
nothing. Not worth it. Follow the VERY linear path. The side rooms here offer 
basically nothing. Tesla Armor bits and a Super Sledge? Pfft. Keep walking! 
When you reach the exit, check around a little. See that room to the west? In 
there is a box with the Shredder in it. Finally, a GOOD gun! Why not stock up 
on bullets at the nearby Shop-Tec. All done? Head out.

Ruins 2

Head north and west, open door. West again and into the south room, you'll find 
Power Boots in a box. North is a room with two constantly respawning big 
deathclaws (goo for experience?). On the northwest side of the room is a panel 
you have to shoot to open a door. Now look through the window and shoot the 
switch on the other side. Why? I don't know. Exit the room and go east to the 
door you unlocked. Here, you'll want to blow up EVERYTHING to get through. All 
computers must go. Your eventual exit is through the path to the East. In the 
room with the exit you find Power Armor and Power Gauntlets, if you were too 
cheap the buy them already


Here is the most frustrating thing you'll do with two people. Go into the room 
to the west and hit the two switches at the same time. See all those lasers to 
the south? You have to jump them one at a time and you BOTH have to make it 
because there's two more simultaneous switches on the other side. Hit them too 
and you'll be rewarded with a bunch of armor and a naked, dancing, Pip-Boy in a 
jar that's barely noticable. I'm reminded of that part in Resident Evil 2 with 
the two passcodes where your reward for all that work was a sub-machine gun. Do 
it if you want, but for me... no thanks. It'll take you as long as a half an 
hour if you or your friend are bad at it. Leave. 


Ruins 3

There's practically nothing work mentioning here besides more gross shilling 
for the Bawls drink. There's a Minigun in one of the Eastern rooms (near a 
slime puddle), but the only reason to use it is if you've been stockpiling 
small bullets. There's Dual Laser Pistols in here too, and those are good, but 
I'm not really sure at all where I found 'em. Your exit is in the southeast.

Valt Ruins Cave

French people now... WHAT!? I wonder how a group of people FROM AMERICA living 
in a place of total homeostatis undeground for well over a generation would 
have such outrageous accents. Maybe that's just me, though.

<<BOSS - Mama Deathclaw>>

Sigh. Kill her like everyone else. Watchout for the rad puddles, she'll use 
them to heal herself (somehow). Grab the lab keycard from her corpse and start 
trekking back to the garden.

Ruins 3, 2

No new items to speak of, just new deathclaws. Kill as necessary. Near the end 
of Ruins 2 you'll find another Shredder, if you need it.


Those mutant jerks. What's up with that. Poor, poor Charlie Chan. He never 
stood a chance. There's nothing to be gained here, so kill as many mutants as 
you want and exit to the southeast.

Lab 1

Finally, the last few areas of the game! Head straight ahead and open up those 
lasers. The minigun mutants make a return here, but if you can push them into 
the lasers they'll die immediately. Keep that in mind, it helps once or twice. 
In a room to the side you'll find the Mega Power Fists and the Plasma Saw, both 
very good melee weapons. So use the one of your choice (the fists) and move on. 
The next time the path branches there's a pointless room to the south and the 
path on to the north. 

In this room, the east path leads to nothing but monsters, the west is the way 
out. In this room you'll find tons of mutants but basically nothing else. The 
exit is in the southwest corner, where you'll have to get an eye off one of the 
nearby mutants and use it to go down.

Lab 2

Head on north. A sideroom contains some bugs and a computer you can use to 
activate a turret and kill some mutants (why is the exit button bound to the 
jump key, but the DESCRIPTION tells you always to use "Y", even when you've 
changed the jump key? THat's just plain irratating). Keep moving north to find 
another side room with bugs and another turret you can activate (though there's 
no mutants around to shoot). On the path you'll find one more bug/turret side 
room before you hit a very large room with even bigger bugs in it. Just keep 
walking, keep killing mutants. Eventually the mutants will break a forcefield 
and lets some deathclaws out (to your advantage). Keep going south from here 
and you'll enter a room and be treated to a cutscene. Hit a switch on the 
console to release some meaningless substance into the test room, search a 
nearby couch for your only chance to get the (not so good) Turbo Plasma Rifle, 
then go in and kill that deathclaw. 

<<BOSS - Adolescent Deathclaw>>
Someone tell me why an Adolescent Deathclaw is four times bigger than any 
others we've fought so far. Those are SOME babies. He really takes a pounding 
too, but when you finally do waste him he'll spit up the keycard you need to 
end the level.


Head back to where those forcefields were. Go to the west and use the keycard 
on the console. Enter the code "929" and use the door to exit

Lab 3

Walk forward to your last Shop-Tec ever. Ain't you sad? You can get a Turbo 
Super Sledge here, if you want it. But otherwise I don't know what else you'd 
need. The Plasma Cannon et al. really aren't all that good. Heavy Laser is too 
expensive, but if you have the Turbo Plasma Rifle, it's always fun to buy about 
3000 rounds of it to use on the last boss. Beware, this is intensely expensive. 

Walk to the west. You'll find a console that sells "Robo Buddies" that act as 
your pals. I've only bought the 100,000 cap version, but if you have the cash 
it seems like a good deal. The guy does 600 damage a shot!

Move into the room.


The first of many minibosses. No real different than any other mutant, he just 
has a lifebar. Kill him and all his friends and you'll be able to move into the 
next room.


Take the south fork here and pass another robo console. You already have one, 
what's another one gonna do for you? Just keep moving. Make sure your little 
robo-buddy gets into the room before you go in too far, or the door will close 
and you'll lose the poor thing. 


Same as before. 


This time the exit is to the east. Just keep going. 


More health, but that's it.


You want advanced power armor? It's right in this room. There's two sets of 
crates you can crawl under on the south side of this place and underneath them 
is a full set of Advanced Power Armor. It doesn't look any different, but an 
armor bonus is an armor bonus.



Exit to the north.


Apparently "mutant nightkin" is code for "midget". But the guy DOES have a lot 
of health!


The exit, finally, is to the east. Say byebye to your super awesome robot buddy

Vault Laboratory Core

Ah the final boss.


Same as any other boss. Shoot, heal. When he's down to half life you get

<<BOSS - ATTIS #2>>

Bigger. Same pattern. Still can't lock on. Annoying. Get him down most of the 
way and he'll die. Can someone tell me why his GUNS get bigger too? Mutant guns?


This boss is mostly running across the level bashing stuff up. First you'll 
want to run to that red dot on the screen and kill tentacles until the eye is 
exposed, then kill the eye. Repeat this about six hundred times. 

After about six hours you'll get to the mouth, who is much more paletable. Just 
shoot him, keep your health about 240 (that's how much damage he'll do sucking 
you in) and go upstairs when you're done.


Head south, west and you'll eventually end up at another mouth. Upstairs again.

Please just end

Run forward, talk to Patty, get key, kill Patty, through door, head another, 
fight ANTOHER mouth, hit sitch, keep going north.

I loved Resident Evil 2's ending, as well

There's monsters here that you might as well ignore, as there's a countdown in 
effect and you're at the end of the game anyway. What does experience matter?

Head south and then east as far as you can go. That's all there is to it.

You beat this game. May god have mercy on your soul.

...but mostly the soul of Chuck Cuevas...

...I hate this game...