Skill Points Guide by Aturian

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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
Skill Points Guide
Created By Aturian
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1.Prehistoric Rampage
Planet Oozla
-As you head to the Megacorp store their will be a little lake next to your
fighter. Above it are four pterodactyl. Shoot them all down to get the
skill point.

2.Smash and Grab
Planet Oozla
-Inside the Megacorp Store, just break everything that can be broken.

3.Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Maktar Nebula
-Beat Chainblade in the Arena using only your wrench.

Maktar Nebula
-Break as much stuff (lights, boxes, etc.) in the level as possible. Eventually
you will get the skill point. Be through.

5.2B Hit Or Not 2B Hit
Maktar Nebula
-Defeat the B2 Brawler without taking any damage in the arena.

6.Clank Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
Maktar Nebula
-Find a slot machine until you win 300 bolts. After the 300 keep on hitting it
until you get three bars to get the skill point.

7.Destroy All Breakables
Planet Endako
-Same as #4. Break stuff on the planet until you get it.

8.Operate Heavy Machinery
Planet Endako
-Use the cranes to destroy 10 robots.

9.Speed Demon
Planet Barlow
-Get a time of 2:10 in the hoverbike race. Recommend the third challenge so that
the shortcut tunnel will be open but other riders will not fire on you.

10.Planet Buster
Planet Notak
-Blow up the giant floating planet in the shopping district. Shoot the two
satellites and the pieces of the floating rings around the planet to expose it.
Blast away.

11.You Can Break A Snow Dan
Planet Siberius
-Around the first garage there with be a snowman. Blow it up

12.Heal Your Chi
Planet Tabora
-Collect 100 crystals in the desert. Very Hard. Recommend the hovercraft to

13.Robo Rampage
Planet Dobbo
-Destroy every building in the city as Giant Clank during the boss battle.

14.Dukes Up
Planet Dobbo
-Use only Giant Clanks punch attacks to beat the boss.

15.Old School
Planet Dobbo
-Kill all enemies on Dobbo using only the following weapons: Omniwrench 8000,
Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, Bomb Glove and The Walloper. Note: Giant
Clank mission and the enemies in it do not count.

16.That's Impossible
Planet Joba
-Beat the "Impossible Challenge" in the Megacorp games. Use Carbonox Armor, Full
Nanotech and RYNO II. It will help.

17.How Fast Was That?
Planet Joba
-Get a time of 2:27 in the hoverbike race. Again use Challenge 3.

18.Wrench Ninja II:Massacre
Planet Joba
-Kill all enemies in level with only the wrench and without dying.

19.Bye Bye Birdies
Planet Joba
-Kill 12 of the birds on the planet. Pulse Rifle works the best.

20.Nothing To See Here
Planet Todano
-Destroy the 4 large rockets in the beginning area.

21.You're My Hero
Planet Todano
-Protect all 10 tourists from squirrels.

22.Try To Sleep
Planet Todano
-Turn 16 squirrels into sheep with the sheepinator

23.No Shocking Developments
Planet Boldan
-Grind the power cable and lumber yard without taking damage.

24.Moving Violation
Planet Snivelak
-Shoot down 14 ships from the sky.

25.Midtown Insanity
Planet Damosel
-Grind the train rails without taking any damage.

26.Safety Deposit
Planet Damosel
-Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from the robots.

27.Be A Moon Child
Planet Greblin
-Mine all 101 crystals in the ice field.

28.Nano To The Max
-Level up to Maximum nanotech amount. (80)

29.Nice Ride
-Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship.

30.Weapon Envy
-All weapons, all fully upgraded.


Big Head Ratchet----------------5 Skill Points
Ratchet in a Tuxedo-------------7 Skill Points
Big Head Clank------------------10 Skill Points
Levels Are Mirrored-------------12 Skill Points
NPC's have Big Heads------------15 Skill Points
Ratchet in Clown Costume--------20 Skill Points
Big Head Enemies-----------------25 Skill Points
Beach Costume--------------------30 Skill Points
Snow Costume---------------------Beat Impossible Challenge on Joba

Ship Upgrades Opened By Skill Points

Scooped Nose------18 Skill Points
Split Nose--------26 Skill Points

Basic Paint Jobs--------3 Skill Points
-Blargian Red
-Lombax Orange
-Yeedil Yellow
-Orxon Green
-Quark Green
-Bogon Blue
-Pokitaru Purple
-Snagglebeast Brown
-Drek's Black Heart

Other Paint Jobs
Space Storm-----------10 Skill Points
Warp Streak-----------10 Skill Points
Supernova-------------10 Skill Points
Silent Strike---------15 Skill Points
Solar Wind------------15 Skill Points
Dark Nebula-----------15 Skill Points
Neutron Star----------19 Skill Points
Star Traveler---------19 Skill Points
Lunar Eclipse---------25 Skill Points
Clowner---------------25 Skill Points
Plaidtastic-----------29 Skill Points
Prepster--------------29 Skill Points
Insomniac Special-----29 Skill Points