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Why does Dark Forge puzzle not load correctly on PS3?

My disc is in great condition, the game runs without a hitch, except when I get up to the Dark Forge. The puzzled room, where the shadow of a pillar can be walked on, works fine, but the other puzzle room, where a pillar must be moved over to open a hole in the wall, doesn't. When I get to that room, the pillar that is supposed to be moved, just simply isn't there. Why is this happening? How, if at all, can I fix this?

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Mookiethebold answered:

It's a known glitch and unfortunately it's impossible to get past it in any way. However, I have submitted a save file to GameFAQs which picks up at the first save point immediately after the Dark Forge. You can download it from this page (file 1/5 is the one you will need):
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