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Retinal scanner?

How do tou get past the retanel scanner in shell 1 B1?

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Tapatos answered:

all u have to do is get on ur enemy uniform or B.D.U and put an enemy into a choke hold DO NOT STUN HIM!!!!! then drag him over to the scanner Raiden will shove his face in the scanner and the door will open for you
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dadkwashere answered:

its pretty easy. while in your uniform, grab the person but do not make him fall asleep. make him head over to the scanner and make the guard face it. Voila, the door opens.
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Mr_Big_Boss answered:

While in uniform, wait for a gaurd to walk next to the scanner, aim your gun at him to freeze him. Run around to his back side. Unequip your gun and grab him, if you're next to the scanner it should start the cinema right away, if not then drag gaurd closer to the scanner.
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Crashernator answered:

To get past the scanner, you need to hold square near him but don't go to close. Move to the scanner but destroy his radio first. Once there its done.
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mgss2 answered:

You have to grab a guard into the scanner and press acion button or simply just get close en hold off the guard.
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