Menu Options FAQ by RCross

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# Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
# PAL Menu Options v1.0
# 18th March 2002
# Written by rick - Copyright 2002
# email:

Different Menu Options Available In The PAL Version Of MGS2

1. Introduction
2. PAL Menu Options
3. What They All Mean
4. Epilogue
5. Copyright Info

1. Intro
I have written this as I was caught out by these different options when I first
started to play this game.  I got rid of my PlayStation 1 before Metal Gear
Solid was released and never got round to playing it until I got my PS2.  Even
then, I started the game and got about 80% of the way through but never managed
to finish it.  Therefore I chose option 5 from the ones listed below (wondering
why I was being asked such questions) and found myself wondering why I was not
playing as Snake and what had happened to the Tanker level I played in the MGS2
demo (the game dropped me into the Oil Plant level!).

I looked in the instruction manual for clues as to what the significance of the
options was and had no success (it's only 5 pages of cartoons anyway).  I
searched the web for FAQs but since they're all written by Americans and this
feature is only present in the UK version (to my knowledge) I was out of luck
there too.  I did all manner of searches on Google and Dogpile and the only
reference I found was in Astroboy's "PAL EXTRAS LIST" on this very site, but it was only a passing reference.

I then tried phoning the Konami on the Premium rate (75p/minute) number in the
intrsuction manual.  I also tried the Konami UK website, but it is for Arcade
games only.  There is a link to for PSOne/PS2 games but
strangely, this domain name does not have a website associated it (I got a 404
error).  I was going to try the Sony UK PS2 site, but it is littered with
superfluous Flash animations (I hate those), so I didn't bother.

So I did the only thing I could and started the game with each of the five
options and noted which difficulty settings I was presented with and which
chapter I started on.

2. PAL Menu Options
After selecting "Start" -> "New Game" -> "1st Time" you will hear a female

"Please select you action level"
"In this game, Metal Gear Solid will be referred to as the previous game"
"The term 'cleared' means 'having seen the ending'"

1. I've cleared the previous game multiple times so bring on the action!

2. I've managed to clear the previous game but action isn't my strong point!

3. I didn't clear the previous game myself but I watched everything!

4. I didn't clear the previous game and action isn't my strong point!

5. I didn't clear the previous game but bring on the action!

3. What they all mean
It's a bit cryptic, isn't it?  I just want to play the whole damn game! The
effect this has on the game is which difficulty levels you will next be
presented with and which chapter you will start on. That is, whether you will
play the whole game or start halfway through.  So you'll want to get this bit
right then...

   Difficulty Setting              | Start Level
1. Normal or Hard		   | Tanker level
2. Very Easy, Easy or Normal       | Tanker level
3. Very Easy, Easy, Normal or Hard | Tanker level
4. Very Easy, Easy or Normal       | Oil Plant level
5. Normal or hard                  | Oil Plant level

4. Epilogue
Beyond the information I have given above, I have no idea whether this affects
the games in any other way and I cannot guarantee that all the first three
options lead to the Oil Plant level, as I haven't got there yet.

I also can't figure out whyoption 3 exists, when it seems to be simply a
combination of 1 & 2.

I know that the American version allows you to select both chapters together or
either Chapter on its own, so maybe option 3 is just the Tanker level on its
own and doesn't proceed to the Oil Plant chapter.

Now all I need to complete this FAQ is to find out the name of the sadistic
bastard at Konami that came up with this cryptic menu screen in the first

5. Copyright Info
Well, the above is definitely all my own work and I haven't seen a guide like
it anywhere else on the Internet despite extensive searching.  I'm only putting
in a copyright notice because it's advised by the "How to write an FAQ" on  I'm not sure how enforcable these copyright notices are,
however if my FAQ appears anywhere other than the GameFAQs site without my
express prermission in writing, I'll simply hack your server or launch a denial
of service attack.  It's what I do day in/day out for my job anyway (and a well
paid job at that) and I have literally millions of pounds worth of Sun
Enterprise servers at my disposal which can easily be pointed outside the
network to run Netcat or similar.  Also between me and the other 4 guys on my
team, we have over 60 years experience in Unix/Linux/FreeBSD, Checkpoint FW1,
IP chains, Cisco Firewalls, Perl, C, Java, Apache, Netscape Server as well as
IIS and Windows NT (snigger!).  So your Sun Cluster E4500 servers sitting
behind Big IP and Checkpoint FW1 will present very little more trouble than a
Windows 2000 server sitting on a T1 connection.

You have been warned.