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1) Version history
2) Introduction
3) Starting up
4) The games
5) The playroom
6) Hints and tips
7)a) Secrets
  b) Controller usage
8) Video messaging
9) FAQ's
10) Credits and information


1) Version history

1.00: 27/10/2003: FAQ started, information written, badly drawn and 
crappy ASCII
art finished, deleted, remade, deleted, changed, edited, scrapped, 
scrapped, remade, deleted, started from scratch, edited, changed, edited 
more, and then deleted and then I settled for a very simple E. Starting 
section finished.
1.10: 28/10/2003: The Games section started. 5 games included. Also, 
Starting up
section finished.
1.20: 28/10/2003: The Games section finished.
2.00: 28/10/2003: The first draft finished.
2.10: 03/11/2003: Video messaging section added, FAQ section began
3.00: 30/11/2003: Biggest update so far. Added whole new section so big 
it is
like a mini FAQ.

2) Introduction

Ok. Before I say anything, I am going to say this now- THIS IS MY FIRST 
Please don't shout at me if it is bad, and, yeah, laugh at the crappy 
image, but then please back off, and focus on the hopefully better game 
and guide to using the camera itself.
Anyhoo, with that out of the way, welcome. Now, many people already know 
the Eyetoy is- It is a small camera that puts you in the game, allowing 
you to
interact with the surroundings and characters. And while in this section 
FAQs would go on about demos being made at shows, I won't. Admittedly 
because I wasn't there, but still. The first time I saw one of these was 
on TV.
On the game network channel. At first I couldn't believe it. I wanted to 
go out
and buy one. But there was a small setback of not having a PS2. But for 
my 16th
birthday, I finally got a PS2, and an Eyetoy:play. And oh how I loved 


3) Starting up

Alright. You have finally got a PS2, ripped it out of its box, worked 
out how to
set up all of the wires and connect the ruddy thing to the TV, and 
positioned it
correctly. Now, you have a small, colourful, eyetoy box in front of you. 
So you
must open it, and take out the camera from the top. Then remove the game 
and its
case. Put the game into the PS2 CD slot by pushing the blue button on 
console, and placing the CD in the deep groove. Plug the camera into the 
USB port
on the front of the PS2, and prop it up on your TV. Push the blue button 
on the
PS2 again, and tap the green button. Now you get to play. Yay!

Exploring the menus

There is no controller with this game. To navigate the menus, you must 
wave you
hand over the arrows that appear. Wave them until they glow wuite 
brightly, but
careful, some of them are more sensitive than others, eg. the naming 
To select or cancel a choice, wave your hand back and forth over the OK 
buttons. There are also SELECT, HELP and CHOOSE buttons amogst others, 
but they
all work in the same way.

Creating a profile

To create a profile, go to Single player mode, and select Create 
profile. First,
you must name your character. Select 3 letters and hit select. Then, you 
take your pictures.
First, a happy face :).
Then a sad face :(.
Then a silly face :S.
Easy, no?
You must then save it. Ah. Now this is where a memory card or two comes 
in handy.
You don't need a memory card to play, but you do to make profiles, or 
scores. Now, although the profiles do not use as much room as Video 
they will add up. Anyway, you have a profile, and you are ready to go. 
But wait!
You need to adjust the camera!

Firstly, stand up instead of resting on your knees in front of the 
camera. Adjust
the way that the camera faces by moving it left and right on its socket 
Then, aim it up or down. I personally, being a very tall guy, have it 
propped up
on a few playing cards for many of the games. But anyway, when it is all 
you can start now, right?
Wrong. In case you hadn't noticed, your picture on screen has no visible 
features, or distinguishable colours. The little plastic loop around the 
of the camera lens may be twisted to adjust the focus. I reccomend 
getting a
friend to stand a little way back so you have something to check while 
or you could use a logo on an item of clothing and hang it up somehow.
Ok, now you can go.

Sorry, not yet. Go to the Options menu on the menu screen, and go to 
settings. Here you can select High, Medium or Low. I usually have mine 
on low, 
but for some games, Medium. High detects virtually every miniscule 
detail in the
background, eg. Vibrations from footsteps. This makes it a pain in the 
ass to
navigate the menus. So select the mode you want, then you can go and 
Honestly. No joke this time.


4) The games

Right. Now that you have finally managed to sort out all of the 
in he game, you've seen the animated manual, and you know how to 
navigate the
manuals. Now, you can go and play the games! Note that if you want to 
save your
scores, you must have a memory card, and if you haven't got a PS2 yet, 
it does
not come with a memory card. But, the game is playable without the 
memory card,
just you caan't save settings, profiles, messages, scores etc. But 
anyway, on
with the games. To start a single player game, just highlight the option 
select. Then select a difficulty. I would say to start off in easy mode, 
to get
used to the game and feel of using the camera.

Kung Foo

One of the best games on the disc, it simply involves standing in the 
middle of
the screen and hitting ninjas, or breaking boards as they come on the 
This was the first game I played on the eyetoy, and remains one of my 

What to do

Stand in the blue outline on the start menu, but I reccomend being 
slightly above
it so that you can use your whole body. When the little ninja men 
approach you,
simply swat them away. They are worth 100 points, and I think the values 
go up.
If the evil Wonton appears, hit him in order to go into Blurry mode. If 
you hit
badguys or boards during this mode, you get double points. So wave your 
around mega fast in this mode to kill everyone quickly.
If you play this mode on medium or hard mode, after round 6 you will 
enter a
fight with Wonton. If you want to know more, check the Secrets section.

Wishi Washi

Again, one of the best games. Very simple gameplay, simply wash the 
windows. But
wait, I hear you cry. That's so simple! How could it ever be fun? He he 
he, do
not judge a book by its cover, this is one of, if not the most, frantic,
knackering, satisfying, and popular game of the lot. This was the first
multiplayer game I played, and is one I play nearly as often as Kung 

What to do

Stand in the outline on the start screen. Again, you could stand just 
above it to
give you a larger reach, but it isn't that useful. Hit start, and you 
will hear
some nice music playing, and see a very soapy window. Move your hands, 
body, head, legs, anywhere to clean the windows. If you want, you could 
even use
a real cloth. However, beware of the bird poop stains. They are very 
hard to
clean off, but are worth 100 points each, and the amount of them goes up
depending on the window or the difficulty. When 95% of the window is 
clear, you
can go to the next one.
If a bucket appears, wave you hand back and forth over it to collect the 
They will be either:
-250 Points
-500 Points
-Clean whole window
-Soap sud explosion
The sud explosion isn't really much of a goodie, but still, it happens.

Boxing chump

Now for something completely different. For starters, you do not stand 
in the
centre of the screen. Secondly, it is a boxing game. Thirdly, you have 
to kick a
robots ass into oblivion.

What to do

Ok, select the start button, and then quickly get to the left side of 
the screen.
Stand, ready for a very tough fight. When the guy says, start fighting 
the robot.
The head is the weak point. If he tries to punch you, duck out of the 
way and try
to counter it. If he blocks, keep on smacking him until you break 
through. Beware
if he ducks, it means that he is about to uppercut. After you deplete 
all of his
health to 0 3 times, it will be knocked out. Also, make sure you do not 
get to
close to the robot, or a seconds out will be called. Finally, in the 
between rounds, move about a lot to replenish your health.

Rocket Rumble

Wow. This game is easily the most pretty and fascinating game ever. You 
have to
match up colours of fireworks, and hit the plunger. If you match more 
than one
colour, you get a multiplier. There are many different fireworks, some 
worth more
than others. A white firework can link up colours, eg. Match 4 reds, 
then get a
white, then 3 greens.

What to do

Stand in th outline, but for once I reccomend standing below it because 
movement will select a firework and bodge up your combo. Anyway, to 
select a
firework, wave your hand over it. To blow it up, hit the plunger. I 
think I have
explained the rest in the introduction to this game, but I will say 
this: If the
firework goes too low, the score will not count.

Plate spinner

This game is one of the harder games on the disc, and is definately one 
of the
wierdest. You have to balance plates on sticks while killing the evil 

What to do

Stand in the outline. Whenever a plate appears, wave your hand over it 
sparkles start flying off of it. Then leave it. If the sparks disappear, 
wave your
hands over it again. Sounds easy, til you relise how long the game lasts 
for, and
that more plates appear. Also you have to kill monkeys. If they jump on 
a plate in
the sweet spot, then they will fly away. But if they climb up the stick, 
then hit
them off. But the higher they are, the more points you get. But beware 
of the
sheer exhaustion level of this game. It can get quite painful.

UFO juggler

This game is incredibly similar to plate spinner, but with more movement 
and speed
needed. This is the wierdest game on the disc, with the single exception 
of mirror

What to do

Stand in the outline, and hit start. You will notce some little hatches 
on the
base of the screen. When a little UFO pops up, wave your hand over it 
sparkles come off of it. Then leave it alone. Allow it to climb up the 
rubbing it if it needs to be, until it launches into orbit. But if you 
see Wonton
come along in his ship, rub it until it explodes. But note that if you 
rub your
ship too much, it will also explode.

Slap stream

A frankly odd game. Not bad. Not good. You have to smack little Ratmen 
out of the
air, but you must not spank the bunny girls. That would be bad.

What to do

Stand in the outline. If you see a Rat appear behind a cloud, hit it 
fast. If the
bunny girls appear, do not hit them. If you hit one three times, then 
it's game
over, cos the bunny girls hate playing with someone who is violent. This 
is quite
tricky, becuase it is a fast game. Be careful while reaching up to the 

Mirror time

Hello, and welcome to headache city. This is the wierdest game on the 
disc, and
is vomit inducing on the harder levels. You have to rescue Kieu from the 
mazes by simply tapping her picture. Afraid? You should be.

What to do

Stand in the middle of the screen. When you see the pictures appear, 
touch the
green ones. Don't touch the red ones, because three hits and you're 
outta there.
Be careful though, Big Robo Bro (you should know him, you kicked his 
assets in
Boxing Champ) will flip, rotate, twist, and even split the screen into 2 
or 4
depending on the difficulty level. After the time is up, that's it. This 
is a
really wierd game. All I can reccomend is making a few very small 
movements close
to your body to check where you are first. Also, wearing a T-Shirt which 
has a
distinguishable logo on one side of it helps a lot. But play this game 
in the low
level of sensitivity, because otherwise any background movement will 
screw you up
big time.

Ghost catcher

Ah. Welcome to Ghost catcher. This game is incredibly similar to Kung 
Foo, except
harder, and not quite as much fun. You are in a grave yard, and you must 
rub air
into ghosts in order to pop them.

What to do

Stand in the middle of the screen, but I reccomend standing just above 
Wait until a ghost shows up and rub air into it until it explodes, but 
warned; they are very hard to spot, and if they go above the screen you 
some health. If any bats appear, swat at them with both hands. You score 
a nice
100 points for each, so hit as many as possible. If there are more than 
ghost, I reccomend jumping about like a bit of a ponce to get rid of 
them. A
very tiring game, but not the most exhausting. 
On medium or hard modes, you can fight Wonton as a ghost at the end of 
the time.
See the secrets section to find out how to kill him.

Keepy Uppies

This is the worst game of the lot. I hate it. The physics are all wrong, 
and I
have the footballing skills of a one legged man at the best of times.

What to do

Skip this game.
Ok, ok, if you really want to play it, stand in the middle of the 
screen, but I
would stand a bit below the outline this time. When the ball appears, 
keep it on
the screen using any part of your body. The lower to the bottom of the 
screen it
is, the more skill points you get. Little people will appear on the side 
if the
screen. They do various things.
Monkey- +100 points
Queer man- +200 points
Raccoon- Two ball
The little kid- Ball saver
The muscle guy- Small ball
Wonton- No ball
The guy with a funny head- Lose some points.
This is the worst game out of the lot, easily. I really do not like it. 
If the
ball goes into your body, it goes very random.

Beat Freak

Ah, the first of two music games. This game sees you hitting speakers as 
CDs fly
over them.

What to do

Stand in between the two speakers, and get in rythm with the music. When 
a CD
flies over a speaker, hit it. Try and get it as close to the centre as 
That is really it for this game. Ho hum.

Boogie down

And the other dancing game. This game is not bad, but nothing special. 
Hit the
lights in time to the music, and follow the girl on screen.

What to do
Stand just below the outline and get in rythm. Watch the girl on screen 
the lights. When prompted, hit them exactly the same, and at the same 
time as she
did. Very hard. Any background movement will screw this up, so again, 
low mode
please. Also, watch for the other characters in the back ground. They 
pop up when
you get enough perfects, but beware, any Bads will send them back.


5) The playroom

Tired of playing? Enter the playroom to chill out with some cool 

Underwater- A nice looking underwater scene for you. Try touching the 

Bubble- Some bubbles appear at the top of the screen. They pop into 
bubbles until they disappear when touched. I like this one a lot.

Leaves- Some leaves drop down the screen adn gather at the bottom. Try 
them about a bit.

Balloons- Some purdy balloons appear for you to bat about some, until 
pop. Quality.

Bees- A great idea this. Poke the hive and bees come out and attack any 
of you that is moving. The only escape is to leave the screen, or stand 
still until they go away.

Materialize- A very strange one which makes you look like someone out of 
trek. Move and your body splits into pieces before connecting together 

No effect- Well duh.

Sparkles- Super cool. Move and little sparkles like sand sprinkle off of 
you. This
is brilliant, and makes you look like you have cronic dandruff.

Snow- Some snow drifts down the screen. Very boring.

Spiders- Spiders scuttle to any moving part of you. Very cool.

Copycat- Image on screen has a lag of about a second. Very boring.

Nervous- Makes you tremble when you move.

Mirrors- Very cool. Picture on screen stretches and shrinks, and 
generally goes
wierd looking. Incredible.

Rainbow- Wierd. Makes rainbow trails when you move.

None of these have any real impact on the game, but are a nice way to 
spend a few


6) Hints and tips

- It might sound obvious, but stand as far away from any 
objects/furniture as
possible. The amount of pain I have endure from this game is incredible.
- Get used to the camera. Again, might sound obvious, but do not always 
edit the
position of it before you play, else you won't be able to play easily.
- Do as much as you can to improve the picture. This might mean lighting 
up that
dark area in the room, or even just spreading your hands a bit.
- In the games, try and adapt a way of playing.
- Whatever you do, don't cheat. Whats the point? And anyway, waving your 
back and forth in front of the camera doesn't work on most of the games.
- Minimise backgrouns movement. Do not have people stood behind you, 
on the harder games.


7)a) Secrets


Kung foo and ghost catcher are the only games that have a boss. The 
bosses are
not important, they just add a helluva lotta points to your total. Also, 
they are
challenging. They appear after you get past round 6 on medium or hard 

Kung foo

Wonton appears, to try and kill you. He will either circle you, where 
you just
hit him, or split into four. He then appears, and then three of his 
will disappear as he shoots a blast at you. Hit him three times to kill 
him, but
you can only hit him when he is circling you, or when his four 
apparitions have
become one.

Ghost catcher

A ghost wonton appears, along with numerous ghosts and some bats. Simply 
air into all of the ghosts until they explode for tons of points. 


7)b) Controller usage

i) How to use a controller
ii) Buttons
iii) Secrets
iv) FAQs


i) How to use a controller

Firstly, make sure you have the controller plugged in. Now, as you still use 
the camera to play the
games, make sure you do not trip over the ruddy thing, as I have done many 
times before. Now,
you can only use a dualshock controller for the Playstation 2. It means that 
as opposed to waving
your hands over the buttons to select them, you highlight options and select 
them, making them
much easier to navigate in High sensitivity mode.


ii) Buttons

Left/Right buttons/ Left analogue stick- Highlight option on menu
X- Select highlighted option/ start game
Triangle button- Back up on a menu or return to start menu/ select a No 
O button- N/A
Square button- N/A
Start- Start game
Select- N/A


iii) Secrets

* Using a controller you can access a hidden option in the Playroom. In the 
rainbow mode, hit O to
change the mode. It makes the whole screen change colour, then after 
something moves, the colours
appear differently. Pressing triangle in this mode makes the screen plain, 
and O brings up theoriginal
mode. I found this mode miles better then the original Rainbow mode.

* You can cheat easily with a controller by having the sensitivity of the 
camera on High, then
accessing the games with the controller. This means that the background will 
help activate stuff, but
you can navigate the menus still.

* With a controller you can be more prepared for doing strange stunts in the 
Video Messaging
section. Select go when you are ready to go, and it saves you from running 
back and forth.


iv) FAQs

Q- Can I play games using the controller?
A- No. To be able to do so would kind of ruin the point of the camera in 
the first place.

Q- Can I pause the games using the controller?
A- No. Sorry, but no pausing is possible in this game.

Q- Does the controller vibrate?
A- No. As far as I can tell it doesn't.

Q- Is the camera really needed when you have a controller instead?
A- Yes! The camera is needed to play the games, and thus cannot be 
missed out.

Q- Is the controller needed when I have a camera?
A- No, of course not. The controller just makes it easier to do some 


8) Video messaging

What is video messaging?

Video messaging is another little exra on the eyetoy disc, that allows 
you to
record a short message between 10 and 60 seconds long, save it to your 
card, and play it back.

Where is it?

It is on the main menu.

How do I use it?

Firstly, select it from the main menu. A sub menu will come up. Go to 
message. Another menu with various pictures will appear. These are 
pictures that will move around behind your picture, like an animated 
After you have chosen a background, another menu will appear. This is 
the time
menu. Select a time (10/20/30/40/50/60 seconds). When prompted, say/do 
ever you wanted to do for the message. Afterwards, you have a choice to 
it back or not. After you have seen your movie or skipped it, you ill be 
if you want to save it or not. Now this is where the game drains memory 
space. It takes up nearly a full memory card for a 60 second movie, and 
1500KB for 10 seconds.


9) FAQ'S

* Why won't the camera respond fully when I try and hit things on 
- It is probable that part of the room you are in is not fully lit. Try 
up the darker areas with a lamp or something.

10) Credits and information

Thank you to sony, for making thsi game and the console, I thank myself, 
and my
sister for helping me play this game. And my mum for buying me the game 
in the
first place.
Thank you to arg0n, your FAQ inspired me to write this one.
And thank you to you, the reader. Bear this thank you in mind while 
rating this
FAQ, heh heh...

reddragonflame is a solo FAQ and review writer. He usually plays 
computer games
whenever he has the chance. He doe not give out his name.

Any body who has anything to add to this FAQ, please email me at
reddragonflame87@aol.com with any suggestions, feedback, advice, 
proposals, requests, permission to use this FAQ...

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