FAQ/Walkthrough by Iverson3DaAnswer

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Mafia (Xbox)
Full Walkthrough
Written by Iverson3DaAnswer
Copyright (c) 2004.

** Index **
I. Introduction
II. Frequently asked questions
III. Game basics
IV. Walkthrough
V. Credits

If you wish to get to a specific part of this FAQ/Walkthrough for a specific 
mission in the game, then look for the code next to the mission name 
below, press CTRL + F, and then type in the code and click "Find next"
until you get to that section.

1. An Offer You Can't Refuse (MAF01)
2. Taxi Driver (MAF02)
3. The Running Man (MAF03)
4. Molotov Party (MAF04)
5. Ordinary Routine (MAF05)
6. Fairplay (MAF06)
7. Race Day (MAF07)
8. Sarah (MAF08)
9. Better Get Used to It (MAF09)
10. The Whore (MAF10)
11. A Trip to the Country (MAF11)
12. Omerta (MAF12)
13. Visiting Rich People (MAF13)
14. Great Deal! (MAF14)
15. Buon Appetito! (MAF15)
16. Happy Birthday! (MAF16)
17. You Lucky Bastard! (MAF17)
18. Creme de la Creme (MAF18)
19. Election Campaign (MAF19)
20. Just for Relaxation (MAF20)
21. Moonlighting (MAF21)
22. The Death of Art (MAF22)

** I. Introduction **
This FAQ is for the Xbox version of the game Mafia, and covers every mission in
the game. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, tips, etc., feel
free to e-mail me at Iverson3DaAnswer@hotmail.com. In order to allow me to
organize the e-mails and reply quickly, please use "Mafia FAQ" as the subject
for your e-mail. If you send in tips or more accurate/detailed descriptions for
any part of this FAQ, I will be sure to give you full credit if I put it in
this FAQ. Thank you.

As of right now, www.gamefaqs.com is the only website that is permitted to post
this FAQ. If you find this FAQ on another website, please contact me 
immediately. If you want to post this FAQ on your website, please contact me
first to ask permission, and we'll take it from there. Thank you once again.

** II. Freqently Asked Questions**
The following are general questions that are most frequently asked about this
game. More in-depth questions will most likely be covered in the walkthrough,
but if they aren't, feel free to e-mail me with your question(s) at 

Q: I have killed everybody in the mission, but I don't know what I should do
A: Look for any doors, characters, or objects that you may need. Once you get
near something/someone that you think you may need, press the action button

Q: Can I buy guns? If so, where?
A: Unfortunately, you can't buy any guns in the game.

Q: How do I get to Yellow Pete's Gun Shop?
A: Unlike the PC version of Mafia, you can't get to Yellow Pete's Gun Shop in
the Free Ride mode of Mafia, you can only get there in a few of the missions.

Q: I am not on a mission, but I am in need of some health. How do I get it?
A: There is health on the walls in Lucas Bertone's Autoshop. If you have just
finished a mission, or if your objective is to return to Salieri's Bar, you
will have 100% health when you start the next mission.

Q: Do you know any cheats for the game?
A: Nope, sorry. If I encounter some, I'll be sure to post them. If anybody else
finds some, please e-mail them to me and I'll be sure to give you full credit.

** III. Game Basics**
-On Foot:
 "A"- action button
 "B"- center camera/view
 "X"- reload
 "Y"- enter/exit cars and pick locks
 "R"- fire weapon
 "L"- jump/climb
 "black button"- lock to next enemy
 "left analog stick"- push it to crouch down
 "D-pad up"- next weapon
 "D-pad down"- previous weapon
 "D-pad left"- drop weapon
 "D-pad right"- holster weapon

-In Vehicle:
 "R"- accelerate
 "B"- brake
 "Y"- exit car
 "white button"- fire weapon while in car
 "black button"- speed limiter
 "left analog stick"- push down to horn
 "back"- map

There are various things you can do to warrant a ticket, getting arrested, or
getting shot at by the police, such as:
-Running red lights: if you run a red light, and a cop is around you, he will
want to stop you to give you a ticket.
-Crashing: if you crash into a car or a person with a policeman nearby, he will
either ticket you or arrest you, depending on the situation and the damage
- Speeding: if you drive above 60 mph in a vehicle and a cop sees you, he will
ticket or arrest you. If you want to avoid this, press the "black button" to
activate the speed limiter.
- Weapon seen: if a cop sees that you are carrying a gun, he will immediately
try to arrest you.
- Assaulting a police officer: if you hit, punch, or shoot a police officer,
you will be fired upon.

The police icons that are displayed at the top of the screen represent what
will happen to you by the cops:
- Ticket icon: means that you have commited a minor traffic violation, and you
will be fined by the cops, and then they will allow you to continue your
- Handcuffs icon: you have done something to warrant your arrest by the police.
- Gun icon: if the police see you, they will shoot at you.
- Wanted bar: means that all police units have been alerted and are on your
tail. If you hide long enough, the bar, and the other three icons, will fade
away and the cops will not be on your tail any longer.

** IV. Walkthrough**
1. An Offer You Can't Refuse (MAF01):

First off, you are introduced to the controls that you will need to use while
Accelerate- "R"
Brake- "B"
Steer- "left analog stick"
Horn- "press the left analog stick"
Enter/Exit vehicle- "Y"

You begin in a taxi, therefore it will be difficult to speed away from the car 
that is following you. So, in order to lose them, get really close to oncoming 
traffic and quickly swerve away right before you would collide with them. This 
will cause the people following you to crash, allowing you to lose them. Try to
stay close to poles and other objects for your tailers to hit, and once they
crash, speed away. Make a lot of turns to lose them, and speed away when you
have lost them.

Once you have successfully lost your followers, you will be told to take the
gangsters in your taxi to the Salieri Bar. This is all the way on the other
side of town, so press "back" to view the map. The bar is marked with a blue X.
At this point, since you dont' really know your way around town too well, plan 
out a route you will take to get to places, and frequently view your map to see
wear to go. It doesn't really matter what route you take, however on some
missions you will be required to take a specific route to get somewhere.

This mission is timed, so keep an eye on the clock in the top right corner of
the screen. The part that is highlighted red shows how much time you have left 
to complete the task. When the clock runs out, you fail the mission, so don't
waste too much time. Once you arrive at the bar, a cutscene will play. 
Congratulations, you have just completed your first mission!
2. Taxi Driver (MAF02)

In this mission, you have to drive five different people to their respective
destinations. Just press the "back" button to view the map, and see where it is
they want to go (marked with a blue X on the map). Then plan the best/quickest 
route to take in order to get them there. You have to get each person to their
respective destination in a certain amount of time, so keep your eye on the
clock throughout this mission. The main purpose of this mission is to get you
familiar/comfortable with driving in the game. Once you have dropped off the
fifth person to their destination, Tom will say it is time for him to take a
coffee break, and you have successfully completed the second mission.
3. The Running Man (MAF03)

Obviously here you must keep running as the men have guns, so don't try to
fight them. Run to the green arrow that is pointing to the alley, then go down
there. From the direction that the arrow was pointing, run down the alley and
make a left once you reach the end of the alley. Then go down the next alley.
Take cover behind the dumpsters as you run to keep it difficult for the men to
shoot you. Once you reach the street, make a left and head towards the
intersection. Once you get there, you will see another green arrow on the right
side of the intersection. Go towards that green arrow and make a right down the
alley, then a left and up the stairs. Go where the next green arrow is
pointing, and follow that alley until you get to the opening. Go down the
stairs that are in front of you and towards the right a little bit. Once you
reach the street, make a left to see the next green arrow, and go down there
and follow that alley. Once you get to the road again, look left, and you will
see the final green arrow, which will direct you towards Salieri's Bar. Run
quickly to that bar, and watch the cutscene that follows.
4. Molotov Party (MAF04)

Drive to Morello's Bar in New Ark, and try not to break the law as it will only
make the mission harder (and that goes for all the missions). Once you arrive
at the bar, don't pull up right in front of the bar, instead park in the alley
so that the car is facing the road, allowing you to get the hell out of there
once you complete damaging the cars. Get out of the car and take out your
baseball bat. Press "A" once you get to the chain door to open it. There will
be a guard standing in the front with his back facing you. Sneak up behind him
and take him out with the bat, and pick up his gun. You have to walk slowly so
that he doesn't hear you, otherwise he will alert the other guards, who will
then come out with guns and shoot at you. Don't shoot his gun, as that will
only make the guards come out and shoot you. It really doesn't matter which car
you take out first, but I suggest taking the car in the back (the one that does
not have another car right in front of it). Stand behind the car and hit it
with the bat until the damage meter is full. Then take out a molotov and throw
it at the next car, keeping a good space between you and the car because you
will get hurt when the car goes up in flames. Then take out the other molotov
and do the same with the last car, then get the hell out of there. If the guys
come out of the bar, dont' fight them, just run back to the car and drive back
to Salieri's Bar.
5. Ordinary Routine (MAF05)

First, go talk to Vincenzo (you will have to do this a lot throughout the game,
as he is your main hook-up for some weapons. To get there, go back through the
door behind the bar, then out the door on the right. Go to the building that is
on the other side of the open fence, and then proceed up the stairs, through
the doors, and you arrive at Vincenzo's desk. Press "A" to talk to Vincenzo,
and he will give you a six-shot revolver. Hit "A" to pick it up, but don't have
it out. Instead, just holster it for now. Now you need to go talk to Ralph to
get some wheels. He is working on the cars in the garage. Hit "A" to talk to
him and he'll show you how to steal a Bolt B. Get in the car and wait for Sam
and Paulie to get in, then drive out the exit that is near the stairs that lead
to Vincenzo's office.

The first two locations aren't difficult at all, just go there, park the car,
and wait for Paulie to go inside and get the money. The third location is where
it gets interesting. To get there, however, you must drive out of town.

After you view the cutscene, you have to save Sam from inside. All the doors
are locked, so you have to go around the back. Once you get there, climb up
onto the ledge with the boxes, and then up the boxes to get onto the deck on
the second floor. Use the "L" trigger to climb. Get out your gun, and go
through the door. Turn right and take out the guy through the door (he'll be
taking a dump), and pick up his gun. Wait a few seconds behind the open door
for any guards to come up, and if they do then kill them, if they don't, then
don't worry about it for the moment. If you need health, go through the door
that is near the door that you entered in from the second floor deck. There
will be a green arrow pointing to the health box. Once you got the health, get
your gun ready, and make your way down the stairs. Crouch down when you get to
the middle of the stairs and take out the guys in the hall. Once you have
killed those guys, get their guns if possible. Take cover behind the walls and
peek out to shoot the three guys in there. There are two by the bar, and one of
them has a tommy gun. There is another guy on the other end of the room, and
you should take him out first if you can. Each time you peek out, only fire a
few shots at a time, then take cover behind the wall again. Try to line up your
crosshair with the enemy while you are behind the wall so that all you have to
do is pop out and fire at him. Also, aim for the head, as this will result in
an immediate kill (head-shot). Once you have killed the three guys, get the
tommy gun, and go get Sam. Kill the guy in there (not Sam), and watch the

When the guy takes your money and gets in his car, go after him in your car.
Hold the "white" button while driving to shoot at him. It will only take a few
shots to blow up his car, and after that the mission is finally complete.
6. Fairplay (MAF06)

Go to Ralph when Salieri has finished talking to you. Ralph will explain the
plan to you, and also teach you how to steal a Schubert Six. Then get in the
car and drive to the racetracks, which is outside of town, and get there as
quickly as possible because this mission is timed, and you'll need as much time
as possible towards the end of the mission. Like I said before, you have to go
out of town to get to the racetracks, so just follow the road out there where
there will be no map. Once you get to a booth, stop and get out of the car and
talk to Bobby. Then wait for him to open the gate, then sit in the car with him
and drive to the garage. Stop in front of the garage that has the green arrow
pointing at it, then get out and wait for Bobby to open it for you. Once he has
finished talking to you, get in the car and drive out the way you came in as
quickly as possible.

Once you have gotten back into town, take the West Marshall Bridge and then the
Giuliano Bridge, as that is the fastest route to get to Bertone's. Be sure to
plan out the quickest/best way to get to those bridges from the map before you
try it to save as much time as possible. Don't use the speed limiter on this
mission as the car goes way too fast for the cops to even have a chance at
catching you, and plus the mission is timed. The main things you have to worry
about on this mission is the damage to the car and the time limit. If the
damage meter fills up, or if you run out of time you will fail the mission and
have to restart it. Be fast, but at the same time watch out for turns because
you will take some heavy damage in crashes at high speeds with this car.

When you arrive at Bertone's, you'll meet Lucas Bertone, the owner. He'll work
on the car for a little bit, and then give it back to you. Now this is the most
crucial part. You have to return the car back to the garage in time without the
damage meter filling up. But there is one catch, Bertone slowed the car down a
little bit, so it won't be as fast anymore, but you shouldn't have a problem
making it back in time if you have some time left over from before (that's why
I kept stressing that you shouldn't waste time on this mission). Take the same
route you did before, except backwards this time of course, and then return to
Salieri's once you have returned the car to the garage. The mission is 
7. Race Day (MAF07)

After you have finished talking to Frank on the phone, get a car from the
garage and quickly drive to the race track (where you were the night before).
There is a time limit to get there, so get there quickly.

Now, when the race begins you have the option to choose your difficulty level
and to turn the damage meter on or off, depending on how difficult you want the
race to be. If you just want to get the race/mission over with, then select the
Very Easy difficulty and turn the damage meter off. The turns on the track are
what will really mess you up the most, so watch out for them, and slow down
when you approach them. If you crash and are having difficulty getting back on
the track, or just don't want to bother trying to get back on the track, just
press the "X" button and you'll automatically be placed back on the track.
However, be aware that if you do hit the "X" button, you will have a slight
delay. Also, try to avoid patches of grass and dirt.

The map shows the other racers as colored dots, allowing you to judge how far
away you/they are from them/you. Try to block them from passing you if one of
them is right behind you and attempting to pass you up. The race lasts for only
three laps, and all you have to do is come in first place when you cross the
finish line after the third lap.

Once the race is over, you have the option of going back to Salieri's Bar, or
to stop by Bertone's autoshop before heading back to Salieri's. (After some
missions, you have the option of stopping by Bertone's because he has some
quick work for you to do. Once you do what he says, he'll teach you how to
steal a nice car and tell you where you can get one).

If you stop by Bertone's: because you won the race and won him some money, he
will teach you how to steal a Lassiter, and then tell you where to steal one
from. Drive to the Municipal Building on the map, and the car is in the parking
lot. Make sure there aren't any cops around, otherwise you'll have to lose them
after you steal the car. It isn't hard to lose them, but it just wastes your
time. Once you have stolen the car, head back to Salieri's Bar.
8. Sarah (MAF08)

In this mission you have to walk Sarah, Luigi's daughter, home and protect her
from some thugs. Keep walking with Sarah down the street as she is talking to
you, and once you get down to the alley, the three guys that bothered her will
come out. First take out the guy with the baseball bat, and then pick it up and
use it against the other two guys. Once you take out the three guys, you have
to run after Sarah because she takes off while you are fighting the three guys.
When you find Sarah in the alley, there will be more guys there, so take them
out with the bat. Once you have taken them out, talk to Sarah and walk her back
to her house, then watch the cutscene.
9. Better Get Used To It (MAF09)

First you should go to Vincenzo and he'll give you a Colt 1911 and a baseball
bat. Get in the car and drive to Chinatown to meet Biff. Paulie will talk to
Biff and he'll tell you to go to the old service station by the bridge, so
drive there. Once you arrive there, get out your bat (don't use your gun at
this point), and walk to the first guy and take him out. Then head down the
alley and take out the next three guys, and be careful that you don't hit
Paulie as he'll lose health (you fail the mission if Paulie dies). The next guy
further down the alley will say thank you for coming down and taking out the
guys with your bat. Next, take the stairs, and get your gun out. Once you get
to the top of the stairs, jump down to the deck below and shoot the guy to your
right. More guys will jump over the wall, so be ready. Take cover behind the
building in the middle and take out the guys one by one. When you have killed
the first set of guys, collect their guns and head down the next alley, but be
careful as there is a guy camping there ready to kill you. Take him out, and
the next two guys, then run down to the end of the alley and there will be a

When the cutscene has completed, run to your car and wait for Paulie to enter.
Now chase after the car, but don't lose them. Keep shooting at them, and once
you have done enough damage to the car, there will be a cutscene for you to
watch, and the mission will be complete.
10. The Whore (MAF10)

**Part 1: Drive to the hotel. Once you get there, don't take out your guns
until you find the manager. When you get into the hotel, make a left up the
short set of stairs and follow the hall until you reach the back dining area.
The manager is the guy in the white suit sitting at a table in the back right
of the dining room. Walk up next to him, and quickly kill him, but be aware of
the guard to your right. If you fail to kill the manager and he escapes, don't
worry about it for now because you'll run into him again at the end of the
mission. Quickly take out the guard to your right, and take cover, killing all
the guards that may enter the room. Once you have taken out all the guards, go
back to the front of the hotel, where you entered, and go behind the
receptionist area. Now go into the room and grab the key and the health if you
need it. Be careful before you go to the reception area because there will be a
guy or two back there. Now go up the big set of stairs, being careful of the
guys that will shoot at you. Take them out one by one as you encounter them,
and then go to the third floor. Go to the end of the back hall, and press the
"A" button at each door. One of the doors will lead to a cutscene for you to
watch. Once you have watched the cutscene, the "kill the whore" objective will
be gone. Now go to the top floor, and the manager's office will have the word
"Director" written on it. If you didn't kill the manager in the dining room,
you'll find him in here, so kill him. When you first open the door, be careful
of the guy inside, and blast him.

Once you have killed both the manager and the guard, grab the documents from
the desk by hitting "A" near them, and then you'll see that Tom plants the
bomb. Now run out of the office and another cutscene will follow.
Congratulations, you have just completed part one of this mission.

**Part 2: Run and jump on the ledge that is between the two buildings (it is a
little bit in front of where you are and to the right). Run quickly up the
stairs because cops are chasing you. When you get to the rooftop, turn right
and go through the blue door. There is a health box there, so grab the health
if you need it. Then follow the path through the next blue door, and climb up
the ledge on your left, and then climb on the ledge above that. Now run to the
right and jump over the roof onto the building right next to it. Land on the
ledge of the next building if you can, as it will minimize the damage your
health will take. Run to the far end of the roof and jump onto the platform
below it, and make your way down to the next roof with the smoke stacks
sticking out of it. Now once you get to the stairway type deal, be aware that
there will be cops all around that area, so crouch down and get out a gun.
Slowly take out the cop with a Springfield first, and then take out the rest
one by one. When you think you have killed them all, make your way out, but
have your shotgun ready to kill any cop that may have been hiding (and some
will). Make your way to the ramp-like structure on the other end of the roof,
and be careful of the cop on the brown wooden platform to your left. Take out
the two cops that are there, and then climb onto the wooden platform. Get the
sniper's Springfield rifel, and go to the stairs. Run around the edge and up
the stairs, and watch the cutscene that begins when you get to the ladder. Now
you have completed part two of this mission. Only two more parts to go!

**Part 3: Run down the stairs, and get the health from the box at the top of
the stairs if you need it. Now, when you get to the bottom, a cutscene will
play. When it is over, you have to kill everybody in the church that has a gun.

When the movie ends, there will be a guy right in front of you, so kill him
quickly. Now run out into the church and head towards to your left behind the
wall/altar. From this position you have a third person view and can kill pretty
much everybody with good cover. Use one of your pistols and target each enemy,
taking each of them out one by one. There is a guy in the back of the church
with a tommy gun, so be aware of him. Make sure you have killed everybody on
the right and left, and also the guy on the top balcony. Now slowly make your
way around the wall, and another group of guys will come in with shotguns. Take
them out however you want, and take there guns. Once you have killed everybody,
another cutscene will be played.

**Part 4: Last part of this mission! Run to the hearst in front of you and
drive to the East Marshal Bridge as fast as you possibly can. The cops are
chasing you, but if you're lucky, they may not see you. You can press the
"white" button to shoot at cops while driving if they get too close to you and
hurt you significantly. When you get back to Salieri's, you will have completed
this long mission!
11. A Trip to the Country (MAF11)

First get a car from Ralph, and then drive to the warehouse at the edge of the
town. Once all the movies have finished playing, run all the way down to the
end of the farm. Go to the driver's side of the truck and a cutscene will play.
Before you go to the truck, have a shotgun or pistol ready. Now once the movie
is over, run straight to the barn that is right behind you, and hide behind the
wall. There should be three guys that follow you, so take them out. However if
only two guys run after you, be ready for another one to be hiding outside.
After you have taken these three guys out, run to the right of the big barn and
try to stay close to the walls. Hide behind the door sticking out, and peek out
to shoot the guy in the upstairs window. Some more guys will come down the
stairs, so take them out as they run around the door you are using for cover.
Now run further down the road, back to the truck and watch out for the two guys
that will come out of the small house to your left. Hide behind the house if
you can and take both of them out as they try to run after you. Now go further
down the road, and two more guys will come out from the house to your right.
Take them out the same way you took out the other two guys. Another way to take
care of the two guys that come out of the house to your right is to keep your
distance and take them out with your .45 before they get too close to you. Make
sure both of the guys are dead before you run back to the truck.

When you get back to the truck, talk to Paulie by pressing "A". You and Paulie
have to go back to the barn on the 2nd floor to get a crowbar to save Sam.
There will be a lot of guys there, so be careful. There will be one guy behind
the stairs as you are going up. There is also some health on the first floor
right before you head up the stairs. Paulie will get the crowbar and pry open
the barn door. When he opens it, run in and take out the guys behind the truck.
Now run up fast and get them with the shotgun. As you go up the first set of
stairs, a guy will be hiding on the second floor right above the stairs, so
take him out quickly. There is also a health box at the top of these stairs, so
take it if you need it. Go up the next set of steps and you'll see Sam by the
large "window." Watch the cutscene.

Paulie will tell you to wait there and protect Sam while he goes and gets the
truck. After Paulie leaves, more of Morello's men will pull up outside the
barn, so you have to help Paulie kill those guys. When they are all dead, a
cutscene will play showing you and Paulie put same in the truck so that you can
drive to the doctors. More cars will pull up and you have to sit in the back of
the truck with a tommy gun and take out the cars that are trying to ram you off
the road. It's pretty easy, so don't worry about it. There are three cars that
you have to take out, and I recommend reloading after you take out each car.

After the cutscene plays, you have the option of returning to Salieri's Bar,
or visiting Lucas Bertone.

If you stop by Bertone's: In this subquest, Lucas wants you to drive to Hoboken
to warn one of his friends that the cops are after him. You have two minutes to
get there and warn him, so drive as fast as you can. If you pre-plan the
quickest/easiest route before you head out on the subquest, you can get there
using the speed limiter with ease. When you get to the door of Lucas' friend's
house, hit the "A" button to knock on the door and tell him about the cops.
Once you have done that, drive back to Bertone's and he will show you how to
steal an Ulver Airstream. He then tells you to go to Oakwood to steal the car.
Luckily there won't be any cops there, so just get the car and go back to
Salieri's Bar.
12. Omerta (MAF12)

Go visit Vincenzo and get a Colt 1911 and a sawn-off shotgun from him. Now go
talk to Ralph and he'll show you how to pick the lock on a Schubert Extra-6.
Take the car and drive to Chinatown to meet with Biff. He'll tell you to check
with Tony on Central Island by the gallery. Now when you go talk to Tony, he'll
tell you to visit Joe under the Giuliano Bridge. Finally go there and talk to
him, and listen to his BS first. Keep hitting "A" until you get fed up with
him, and then punch him a couple of times until he agrees to tell you whatever
you want to know. Don't kill him though, otherwise you will fail the mission.
Now drive to the spot he tells you to go to and watch the cutscene.

From here your objective is to follow Frank's car until he arrives at the
airport. Don't shoot at them, just don't lose them on the way there otherwise
you fail the mission.

When you arrive at the airport, watch out for the car that tries to run you
over on it's way out of the parking lot. Now run inside and take out the four
guys in there, using the poles for cover. After all four of them are dead,
Frank will run outside, so run after him and shoot as many of his guards as you
can, but don't shoot Frank. You'll recognize him because he will be the only
one in black. Now go back to the lobby and pick up all the guns and take the
health on the wall, near where the guy with the tommy gun was, if you need it.

After you have collected all the guns and picked up the health, go outside. Run
towards the closest empty hangar, but don't go in it yet. Walk to the right of
it, scaling the wall, and at the end peek your head out and take out the guy
standing on the other end of the hangar. Now take out a nice close range gun
and wait for a couple of other guys to run towards you, and take them out one
at a time. Now go inside and take out anybody that might have been hiding
inside. Collect all the guns and walk outside the hangar, using the exit that
was closest to the building that you first walked out of. Now go to the left
side of the hangar, and get out your tommy gun. There is a sniper in the tall
red tower, so take him out. He may fall out of the tower, but if he doesn't, be
pretty sure that he is dead before you decide to go any further. Take his gun
if it falls outside of the fenced area around the tower, but you really don't
need it to complete the mission.

Now run to the last building with the blue garage doors further down the
airport. Scale the wall and be ready to take out the two guys with tommy guns
at the end of the wall. Don't shoot Frank. He is the one in the black coat.
When you have killed the two guys that are guarding him, walk to Frank and
press "A" to talk to him.

Now your objective is to find his wife and daughter, who are in that white
building next to the buildings with the blue garage doors. There are two guards
outside the building that they are in, so be ready to take them out. Go inside
and talk to Frank's wife and daughter. They are the ones standing with
suitcases near the telephone booth. There is also health back there if you need
it. Once you have talked to his family, you have to go back to Frank and talk
to him. Now take Frank to his family.

Your new objective is to find the plane tickets for Frank's wife and daughter.
They are on the counter in the lobby where you first came in from the parking
lot. Grab the tickets by pressing "A" when you are near them, and then go back
to the white building where you left Frank and his family. They have walked out
the back door of the building, so go talk to Frank and watch the cutscene.
Also, before you go back to Frank, you may want to kill the cops in the parking
lot so that you don't have too many to kill after delivering the tickets to

Now after you have given the tickets to Frank and his family, kill the cops
that are running towards you. Now run back to the parking lot entrance by the
lobby, and take a car (after killing all the cops), and drive to the bank in
downtown. Holster your weapon so that the cops don't see it, otherwise they'll
start chasing you. After you have retrived the documents, you have the option
of going back to the Salieri Bar, or of visiting Bertone's.

If you stop by Bertone's: In this subquest, Lucas wants you to teach a lesson
to a guy at the bar in Hoboken. Remember to take the health on Bertone's wall
before heading out to fight this guy. Drive to Hoboken, and when you get there
don't take out your gun. You have to fight this guy using your fists only,
otherwise you'll fail the subquest. Once you have beat him to the point where
he has had enough, go back to Lucas and he'll show you how to steal a Thor 810.
Now drive to Oak Hill and you'll see the car, but don't start picking the lock
yet because there are a lot of guards there. Shoot the guards, but watch out
for cops. Once you have stolen the car, return to Salieri's Bar.
13. Visiting Rich People (MAF13)

Go to Vincenzo and get a baseball bat and a Colt .45 from him, and then get a
car from the garage. Drive to Hoboken and pick up Salvatore, and then drive to
the house in Oak Hill and park your car near the fence with the green arrow
pointing at it. Walk to the fence and press "A" near Salvatore to ask him to
pick the lock. When you are inside, press "A" again near Salvatore to tell him
to wait there, and then walk to the left towards the green arrow, but before
you turn the corner, crouch down and wait there with your baseball bat. A guy
will walk by you, but you have to take him out before he sees either you or
Salvatore, otherwise all the guards will be after you. Don't use your gun,
otherwise he'll notice you and alert the other guards. The mission is failed if
either you or Salvatore die. After you have taken out that guard, go to the
green arrow and press "A" until the lights in the yard go off. Now go back to
the spot where you killed the guard, and hide behind the bushes again. Wait for
a guy to run to the switch and try to turn the lights back on. When he gets to
the switch, run up behind him and whack him with the baseball bat to take him
out. Remember, no guns yet. Now run back to where you left Salvatore, and press
"A" by him again to tell him to follow you. Crouch down and walk through the
center path right in front of you, until you get to the pool area. Now take the
bush path around the left of the outside of the pool, and make sure the path is
clear. Now run to the left side of the house (left side if you're facing the
house), and tell Salvatore to unlock the door by pressing "A" near him. Now go
upstairs to the second floor, and run across the hall with the large stairs to
the door on the other side. Now make a left down the hall and you'll find
yourself in the Prosecutor's office. The safe is in the left corner by the
window. Press "A" to tell Salvatore to pick the lock, and watch the cutscene.

At the end of the movie, get out your shotgun and pick up the documents from
the safe. Make sure that you have told Salvatore to follow you. Run to the
stairs where you came in from, and take out the guy in the room with the big
staircase if he's there. When you get to the side stairs from where you entered
the house, two guys will try to kill you, so take them out with your shotgun.
Now run quickly through the yard towards the fence with Salvatore following
you. Watch out for guards in the yard. Once you reached the fence, press "A."

If your car is gone, then just steal one from somebody driving on the road, and
then drive Salvatore back to his house. Once you have dropped him off, return
to Salieri's Bar.
14. A Great Deal! (MAF14)

You'll start at the parking garage, so you don't have to worry about driving
there. Run into the parking garage and take the stairs, which are to your
right, all the way to the top floor. Turn left and walk towards all those guys,
and a cutscene will play when you press "A" near them.

After the movie, kill all the guys, using the pillars and stuff for cover. Be
careful not to stay near a car because it may blow up if they shoot it enough,
and it will take you out with it. Don't let Paulie or Sam die, otherwise you'll
fail the mission. Once you have killed these guys, another car will pull up
with some more, so kill them too. After that, you have to follow the road down,
because if you take the stairs Paulie and Sam won't follow you. Now take out
the guys in and around the caged area, and then take out the guy on the other
end that has a shotgun. Remember to use the pillars for cover throughout the
garage. Now move down to the next level and take out the five or six guys down

Now walk down to the next level, and there aren't any guys on this level, so
don't worry about them here. However, on the ground level there are a lot of
guys, so be ready. Paulie and Sam will try to run out and take them out, but
you have to help them otherwise they'll die. There is health in the toll booth
near the entrance, but there is a strong chance that you'll get shot if you try
to make a run for it, so don't get it until you have killed everybody (unless
you desperately need it). Now you have to run back to the top level and drive
the truck out of the garage, but be careful not to damage it too much because
there is a damage meter.

When you leave the garage, there will be people chasing you, so you have to
lose them before you get to Salieri's Warehouse. Enjoy the cutscene at the end
of the mission.
15. Buon Appitio! (MAF15)

Get into Don Salieri's car and drive to the restaurant located in New Ark.
There will be a cutscene when you get there. After the movie, run out the back
door and out the door on the right. There is health there if you need it. Get
out your Colt .45 and run towards the alley, but be careful of the guy at the
end. Take him out and pick up his tommy gun. Now get to the corner of the
building, and peek out and take out as many guys as you can. If they come to
you, its a lot easier, so just take them out whatever way you can. Be aware of
the guys in the windows of the building to the right of the restaurant. Now you
have to go take them out, so go into the building to the right of the
restaurant and take them out as you're climbing the stairs. Once you have
killed everybody, a cutscene will play, so if it doesn't, that means you
haven't killed everybody yet. Now your new objective is to go to Carlos' house
with the Don and kill him.

Drive with the Don to Carlos' apartment, and follow Salieri up the stairs.
He'll tell you to kick the door open, so press "A" near the door. Now Carlos
will run out the window, so obviously you should run out after him, but be
careful because he has a pistol. When you get downstairs, kill him, and kill
the three guys that run out with knives and a baseball bat. Another cutscene
will play once you have killed all of them, and then you must drive back to
Salieri's Bar.
16. Happy Birthday! (MAF16)

First drive to the docks where the boat is, and there will be a crowd of people
standing there. Talk to the guy standing at the pier, and he won't let you in
without your "invitation," so go back to the building behind all the people and
through the doors with the green arrow pointing at it. Inside you'll find a
sailor's outfit, so press "A" buy it so that Tommy changes into it. Now go back
to the guy on the pier, and he'll let you in after he searches you for weapons.

You begin on the lower deck of the steamboat. The bathroom that has the
revolver in it is on the upper deck near some stairs at the back of the boat.
The bathroom is locked, and the sign on the door says to see the Skipper for
the key to it. While you are near the bathroom, look in the back corner near
the rails to pick up a bucket, and press "A" near the bucket to pick it up...
it'll come in handy. Now go to the lower deck and look for the guy in the
horizontally striped shirt (he is the Skipper). The first time you talk to him
he'll tell you not to bother him, but press "A" again and he'll give you the
key if you promise to clean up the mess in that bathroom. Now go back to the
bathroom and unlock the door. When you open the floor, you'll find a surprise
on the floor... haha... have fun cleaning it up. Just kidding, just press "A"
and Tommy will clean it while the door is closed, so you won't see him cleaning
it. The revolver is near the cabinet with the curtains next to it on the right
side of the toilet (if you're looking at it). Keep the pistol holstered, and
return the keys to the Skipper because he'll call you a murderer if you don't
and he'll get the guards after you.

When you have given the keys back to the Skipper, just walk around the boat for
a little bit until the Counsel is ready to come out of his room. A cutscene
will play when he exits his room, and then you'll find yourself on the upper
deck watching him give his little speech. Quickly walk up behind him and shoot
him, an dthen run like crazy down the stairs to the lower deck where the small
boat is waiting for you. Take out any guards that you encounter on the way
down, but don't go out of your way to kill them. The small boat should be on
the right side of the boat if you're walking the way the boat is heading.
17. You Lucky Bastard! (MAF17)

**Part 1: Stop by Vincenzo's place and pick up a Colt 1911 from him, and then
talk to Ralph to get a car. Now wait for Paulie to get in, and then drive to
the Italian Garden Restaurant located on Central Island. Park the car near the
phone booth in a way that will allow you to quickly get out of there. Now walk
up to the phone booth and press "A" to watch the cutscene. Once the cutscene
ends, get into your car and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible,
and lose your tail. Now drive back to Salieri's Bar.

**Part 2: Take the bomb off of Vincenzo's table, and then drive a car down to
Morello's house in Oakwood. When you get there, there will be a guard by his
car smoking, so just wait a little while until he goes back inside the house.
Now walk up to the car and plant the bomb, then get back in your car and watch
the cutscene.

**Part 3: Now drive to the restaurant in Downtown, and watch the cutscene that
plays when you get there. After the movie, speed away from your tail, and don't
bother shooting at them. Once you've lost them, just drive back to Salieri's

**Part 4: Chase Sergio's car, but don't bother shooting at it or ramming it,
just follow it. He'll drive to the railroad station, so just follow him there
without losing him.

Once you get there, a guy will run to the booth on your right, so take him out
first. There is another guy to your left behind the bushes, take him out, and
then take out the guy behind the truck with a shotgun. When they are all dead,
collect their weapons and just take either the car or the truck and drive to
the end of the railroads at the other end of the yard.

Once you get there, park in front of the lever that is in front of the train
cars with the green arrow on it, and hit that switch to switch the tracks from
the right to the left. Now go to the green arrow and hit the "A" button,
setting the train loose. Now follow it until it slams into the garage door, and
then a cutscene will play when you get near it.

You see that Tom blows a hole through the garage doors, so have your shotgun
ready before you go into the garage. When you get in, run to the right and kill
the two guys there, and take cover behind the boxes. Now a third guy will come
from the left, so take him out. There is also a guy standing on a box, so use
your Colt .45 to take him out. When you kill these four guys, you're left alone
with Sergio, and have to kill him. Kill him and get the health behind where he
was if you need it. Now you have to return to Salieri's Bar. I suggest that you
take Sergio's tommy gun just for fun.

Now run quickly back to your car and go back to the front gate. Dont' stop to
get out and kill the guards, just run them over if you want, or just continue
driving towards the gate and get out as fast as possible. Once you leave the
gates, you'll have the option of returning to Salieri's Bar or visiting Lucas

If you stop by Bertone's: In this subquest you have to drive one of Lucas'
friends from Chinatown and take him to the doctor in Oakwood because he was
shot. When you get to Chinatown, two guys will get in your car and you'll have
to drive them to the doctor in Oakwood as quickly as you possibly can. Also,
take a four-door car to pick them up because if you arrive with a two-door car,
they'll tell you to go get a four-door car.

After you have driven him to the doctor and have returned to Bertone's, Lucas
will tell you about a car in a parking lot located on Central Island. Go there,
and you'll find a guy walking around in a white shirt and suspenders. Once he
sees you try to break the lock of the car, he'll pull out a six-shooter on you.
Kill him with your .45, and kill any cops that saw you too. Now steal the car
and head back to Salieri's Bar.
18. Creme De La Creme (MAF18)

Go with Paulie to Vincenzo's and pick up a sawn-off shotgun. How unfair... all
you get is a sawn-off shotgun while both Paulie and Sam are given tommy guns.
Now get a four-door car and drive to theater that is located on Central Island.
When you get there, Morello will already be leaving, so you'll have to follow
him. Repeatedly ram his car and stay close so that both Paulie and/or Sam can
fire at Morello's car. Kill him before he reaches the airport if you can, but
if you don't, it is alright.

If he reaches the airport before you kill him, your car will break down. Now
you have to get out and run to the airport. Once you get there, run around back
by the hangars, and get your sawn-off shotgun ready to kill the two guards that
are waiting for you. Morello will then get in a plane, and Paulie will give you
his tommy gunn when you get in the car that he pulls up in. Now you must keep
firing at the plane without stopping, and hit it in the center to fill up the
damage bar. Even though the damage bar has filled up, keep shooting at the
plane and a cutscene will play. Now, once again, you have the option of
returning to Salieri's Bar or to stop by Lucas Bertone's.

If you stop by Bertone's: For this subquest I suggest you take the health on
Bertone's wall before you talk to him. He'll ask you to dump a car into the
ocean for him, but as soon as you take off with the car you'll be wanted by the
cops. Don't use the speed limiter for this because the cops are already after
you, so it doesn't really matter if you speed on the way to the lighthosue.
Once you get to the cliff, just park the car and run behind it to push it off
the cliff, then steal a car from the road and return to Bertone's.

Now you have to drive to Roy's Grill to steal the car that Bertone told you
about, but the owner of the car has a gun, and will come out of the restaurant
once you try to steal his car. Kill him quickly and the cops that are nearby,
then get in the car and return to Salieri's Bar.
19. Election Campaign (MAF19)

Vincenzo will give you a sniper rifel with a scope and a Colt 1911 when you
stop by his "office." Now go talk to Ralph to get the Wright Coupe he has for
you, and then drive to the prison on Central Island. When you get there, go
around the side to find a guy standing by a construction hole that will lead to
the prison. He'll tell you not to go down there, but just go down there anyway.

There are a lot of guys in the prison with guns that will try to kill you. So
much for an easy mission right? Get your Colt .45 ready and climb down the hold
by pressing the "A" button, and then walk to the other end of the tunnel and
press "A" by that ladder to climb up it. Now head around the prison (towards
the main road) to find a small door that you have to open. Now open the barred
door inside the prison and go up the stairs, and take out the two guys by the
stairs. Now use the wall by the stairs for cover while you kill the guys by the
fire. Take their weapons and go through the next barred door, and walk to the
hallway with the wooden walls with light shining through, and then go up the

Go through the two white doors, and get ready to kill a couple of guys. Now
after you have killed the three guys in the room, walk towards the open door at
the other end of the room, but be careful because a guy will come out of one of
the cells behind you with a baseball bat, so you have to kill him. Now two more
guys should come from the open doorway, so you'll have to kill them too. When
you get to the room with the hole in the wall, you'll find some health on the
wall next to it. Pick it up if you need it, and then keep going down the hall.
There is a guy in the chained fence area, so take him out and continue further
out and go up the stairs. There is a guy with a pistol waiting for you, so
you'll have to kill him, and then go to the top of the stairs. Now open the
door, but don't go too far out becaue you'll fall off the edge and die. When
you get onto the ledge, press the "A" button again to close the door, and walk
around to the other end of the ledge to take out the four dogs under you. Now
aim at the island infront of you, and press the "R" trigger to zoom in once,
but the rifle will sway back and forth, so be ready to shoot when it sways over
your target (the guy with the green arrow on him)
Once you kill your target, go all the way back down stairs, and shoot off the
lock on the door, but then drop all of your guns because the cops will search
you when you exit from the door. If you don't drop all your guns, you'll have
to kill a lot of cops, so its a lot better to just drop them after you shoot
off the lock, and then walk through the door.

The detective outside will search you for weapons, but then let you go if you
dropped all of your weapons before exiting through the door. If not, be
prepared to kill a lot of cops. If you try to run away without letting the
officer check you, they'll begin shooting you, so once again just cooperate
with the cops and you'll be on your way. Now return either to Salieri's Bar or
stop by Bertone's.

If you stop by Bertone: In this subquest you have to pick up one of Lucas'
friends and bring him back to Bertone's before the cops get to him. This is a
timed mission, so you have to drive quickly, but don't speed. When you bring
Lucas' friend back to Bertone's, Lucas will teach you how to steal a car that
is in Oakwood. Just drive to the car and steal it quickly, and don't pay
attention to the guys that are staring at the car. Just make sure that the cops
don't see you, but if they do, just kill them and speed away before the guards
come after you. Now return to Salieri's Bar.
20. Just For Relaxation (MAF20)

Drive Paulie and Sam to the agreed meeting place that you'll find on the map,
and then drive to the port to wait for the truck to leave. From here, just
follow the truck, kill the driver and take his documents. Now drive the truck
back to the ports.

When you return to the ports with the truck, drive straight down until you come
up to a warehouse with all the garage doors closed, but the last one open. Back
your truck up to the platform in front of the open garage door, and then get
out to talk to the guy standing in front of the open garage door. 

The guy will tell you to move some boxes to dispatch, so just go to the boxes
and talk to the two guys nearby and they'll help you move the boxes. To move a
box, hit the "A" button by a box and then walk to the dispatch and hit "A"
again. After you and the two other guys finish moving all the boxes to
dispatch, go back and talk to the guy that was standing in front of the open
garage door again, and he'll go look at the problem you tell him about. Now
once he's gone, you'll have to hurry loading the cigar boxes into the truck.

When you get all the boxes loaded up into the truck, drive back to the agreed
meeting place to meet Paulie and Sam. From here you and Paulie will drive to
Salieri's Warehouse, but don't damage the truck too badly. When you get to the
warehouse, a cutscene will play, signaling the end of the mission.
21. Moonlighting (MAF21)

While you are listening to Paulie's plan, don't hit any guards or anybody
there, because it will cause the guards to start shooting at you and you'll
fail the mission right from the get go. Paulie will tell you that you need to
go get some guns and a car.

Take a car from the street and go to Yellow Pete's Gunshop. When you get there,
go to the side door and press "A," and you'll knock on the door. When the guy
opens the door, follow him to the back to talk to Yellow Pete. He'll give you a
Colt .45 and a S&W Revolver. Now, if you want a nice fast car, you'll have to
run by Bertone's. However, if you don't care what kind of car you have, just go
to Paulie's and honk your horn.

If you stop by Bertone's: Here you'll have to deliver a package from Lucas to
Big Dick, whom you'll find under the East Marshal Bridge. When you get there,
go talk to Big Dick and then get ready for a gun fight. Shoot the guys that
followed you there, and then gather their guns once you've killed them all. Now
drive back to Bertone's and he'll tell you where to find the car, so go to
Oakwood and follow the guy until he parks his car. Once he parks it, he'll walk
out of sight. This is your opportunity to steal the car, so do so. Now drive to
Paulie's in Little Italy and honk the horn a couple of times, then wait for
Paulie to come down and get into the car. Now drive back to the bank and park
the car so that it is facing towards the main road. Now walk into the bank.

When you get into the bank, take out your gun and take out the two guards (one
will run in from the door you came in from, so take him out too). Now go to the
back door and kick it open. Now run behind the counter by the typewriter and
grab the keys off the shelf. Now run upstairs and you'll find a guard up there,
so take him out. Now make a left down the hall and go through the first door on
your left. There is a cabinet on the right side of the door. Open it and grab
the safe keys, then run to the basement. Open the door that is right in front
of you, and follow the halls back to the safe. There are two guards there, so
you'll have to take them out. Once you get to the safe, a cutscene will play.

When the cutscene has ended, run back up and talk to Paulie, and then leave the
bank. Now take the main road down towards the hideout until you see some
railroad tracks. Follow them down the alleyways, but be careful not to go too
fast otherwise you'll fly over the ledges and crash. Once you get out on the
road again, just take a left and then follow that road straight ahead to the
building. Drive inside the building, and hide in the garage until your wanted
meter runs out. If the cops spot you, you'll have to take out all the cops that
run inside after you. Once your wanted meter runs out, you will have completed
the mission.
22. The Death of Art (MAF22)

Although on the objectives list it says you "can" stop by Yellow Pete's Gun
Shop, you pretty much have to stop by because you won't be able to beat this
mission without guns. So, go to Yellow Pete's and he'll give you a Tommy gun
and a Colt 1911. Now you have the option of going to Bertone's.

If you stop by Bertone's: Once you talk to Bertone, go to the Corleone Hotel.
When the woman leaves the hotel, follow her on foot, but don't stay too close
or too far away from her otherwise you'll fail the subquest. When you find out
where she goes, drive back to Bertone's an dhe'll tel you about a car at a used
car dealership. Drive there and shoot the dogs through the fence before you go

Now drive to the art galley on Central Island and watch the cutscene. Now get
out your tommy gun and take cover behind the pillar. Take out the two guys, now
turn around and watch for a guy on the stairs behind you. Take him out, and
then take out the guy on the other stairs. Sometimes there are two guys, and
sometimes only one of them comes out and the other one stays in the room behind
the stairs. Once you take those two guys out, gather the weapons. Now go up the
stairs where the two guys were, and go through the two art rooms. When you loop
around and start heading in the opposite direction, the first room is clear,
but in the second room there are two guys with shotguns. Take them out and
gather the weapons. Now take go through the door at the end of the second room
and take cover to the right of the balcony. A guy with a tommy gun will come
out on the balcony across from yours. Take him out and then move down the hall.
Don't go down the stairs yet, just stay to the side of the wall. Now sidestep
out and take out the guards. More of them will come, so take them out too. Once
you think it is clear, move down the stairs solwyly and check around each
corner that you approach. Gather the weapons, then head up the large staircase
and watch the cutscene.

Now run up the stairs to your right, and them make another right, gunning down
any guys that you see. Now run quickly to the other side of the balcony, where
the stairs that go up higher are, and hide behind a pillar there until the
guards start to come after you. After you take them out, move back down the
balcony area towards the room with the large arching entrances. Take the health
there if you really need it, otherwise it'll come in handy later. Now when you
go to the next room, there are some guys with pistols. Take them out, and then
look for a set of tall wooden doors. Open them and quickly take out the guys in
the room. Now use the tables and stuff for cover as you take everybody else
out. The next two rooms are almost always empty, so just run quickly through

Now take a right into the next room, and take out the guy hiding behind the
couches. Now a guy with a pistol will come out, so take him out and then move
onto the next room with the paintings in it. This room is empty, but the next
room has some guards. Take cover behind the couches or walls, and sidestep out
to take them out. There is another guard in the second blue room of the area,
then go to the third room and that should be clear. Now the doors should be
open by the place where the health box was, but the upstairs doors. Take out
the guard(s) at the top of the stairs by the open doors, and then just run
through the room with yellow statue. Run down the halls until a cutscene runs,
and don't bother about the guards because you won't be fighting them in this
last part.

Now after the cutscene ends, slowly move around the wall and use the third
person view to spot Sam on the other side of the balcony. Start shooting him
with your tommy gun, but be careful because his gun will really hurt you. When
you have shot him enough, he will run away. Run further down the hall then make
a left and down that one. Have your tommy gun ready and reload it before-hand.
There is some health at the top of the stairs if you want it. Now once you are
getting close to the end of the hall, Sam will pop out, so hurry up and take
him out with your tommy. It also helps if you have a shotgun for that part, but
a tommy gun will do just fine. Now watch the final movie, and pat yourself on
the back because you have just beat the game! Congratulations!

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This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by Iverson3DaAnswer. Copyright (c) 2004.