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                        THIS WORLD IS BETTER LEFT TO JAK
                                 BOSS FAQ V0.3
                   BY QUEBECER01 ( )

*A* Blah Blah Blah...
*B* Baron Praxis
*C* Baron Praxis - The 2nd Fight
*D* Krew
*E* Kor
*F* Weapons
*G* Closing
*A* Blah Blah Blah...

This FAQ is (c)2003 by me.
Do not copy it for any other use than reading it. Do not try to make money with 
it. End of the boring part.
*B* Baron Praxis
    Location : Palace
    Mission : "Defeat Baron at Palace", after "Ride elevator up to Palace"
    Difficulty : 7/10
After the cinematic (Daxter really is an idiot...), go back on the balcony and 
meet Praxis. Payback time!

This fight has three stages. In the first part, Praxis will shoot at you with 
his machine gun. Notice that the bar on top of Praxis' health bar is emptying 
as he shoots.

Equip the Blaster and shoot his ship. The first bullet you shoot takes away a 
lot more health than the others, since Praxis will activate some sort of shield 
after the first shot. After he finishes shooting, the shield is no longer 
active. Praxis will shoot at you once again, so hide behind a wall or column. 
Once he is finished shooting, shoot another time and hide to avoid Praxis' new 
shots. Now that the shield bar is empty, shoot the crap out of Praxis' ship 
until he refills it on the forcefield. Continue until the first third of his 
health bar is empty. The ship will start spinning. Avoid getting caught by the 
ship and wait until it gets away. Take the blaster ammo in the Krimzon Guard 
crates behind you and follow Praxis.

The same tactic applies here, but Praxis will throw bombs at you. Punch the air 
([] button) to avoid them, then shoot. Continue that until Praxis' ship starts 
spinning and gets away. Take the ammo in the Krimzon Guard Crates and follow 

This last part is the harder, but Praxis' ship has no shield from now on. If 
you can transform into Dark Jak and have the Dark Bomb ability, it is time to 
use it. Get near Praxis, transform and blast his ship away with the Dark Bomb. 
The battle's finished for you. Get to the elevator and go get your next 

If you can't do a Dark Bomb on Praxis, avoid the fire tornados and shoot Praxis 
when you can. Sometimes the ship will transform and rush at you. Avoid the ship 
and shoot the crap out of it. When you have shot it enough, it will explode and 
Praxis will get away. Now the battle's finished.
*C* Baron Praxis - The 2nd Fight
    Location : Mar's Tomb
    Mission : Pass the Tests of Manhood
    Difficulty : 4/10

It looks like the Baron wants the Precursor Stone... That's not a good idea, 

As before, this fight has three stages. While he tries to take the Precursor 
Stone out of the wall, Praxis will send scorpions at you. Equip the Scatter Gun 
and blast them down the ledge. After a while, Praxis will send bombs at you. 
Get behind them and spin kick them to the Baron's ship. If you aim carefully, 
you shouldn't have any problems doing it. If you're too careful, though, the 
bomb might explode in your face and you won't like that. Anyway, do that until 
one third of Praxis' health bar is empty.

Praxis will send his friends to you once again, but now hide behind one of the 
pillars and STAY THERE while shooting the scorpions. Praxis will turn arond and 
start shooting at you with his machine gun, and throw the bombs at you. Throw 
the bombs as fast as you can, because the machine gun shots damge the pillars, 
and they will be destroyed if you don't finish the battle before it happens. 
Anyway, that's all for this part. See ya later!

Praxis finally gets the Stone out of the wall and shoots a laser beam with it. 
This beam will destroy a part of the ledge you're standing on, so act quickly! 
After a while, he will send scorpions, shoot with his machine gun, and send 
bombs. Throw the bombs at Praxis before he shoots the beam again. Destroy the 
ship to complete the mission. Get back to the city.
*D* Krew
    Location : Weapons Lab
    Mission : Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab
    Difficulty : 9.999/10

Even if Krew's one of my favorite characters, I just love killing this fat 
numbskull... but it's hard!

Krew sends some Jell-O-like mini-clones of himself to kill you. DON'T TOUCH 
THEM! If you touch them you'll lose two health points, and any chance to win 
this battle. Equip your Scatter Gun and blast the clones. If too many of them 
surround you, shoot them with the Peacemaker. When you run out of Scatter Gun 
ammo, use the Vulcan Fury Gun on the clones, but get to the Krimzon Guard 
crates quickly to refill your Scatter Gun. Once all the clones have been 
massacrated, it's time to take Krew on for real. If Dark Jak is available, use 
the Dark Blast ability against Krew. Take out your Peacemaker and shoot the 
crap out of him until he returns dangling in the wind and sends more clones. 
Don't use the Vulcan Fury, because it'll do a lot less damage to Krew than the 
other weapons. If you run out of Peacemaker ammunition, take the Blaster to 
finish Krew.

After one-third of Krew's lifebar has been removed, the clones will now be a 
lot faster than before, and you'll have to be extremely careful to avoid them. 
The same strategy applies now, blast the clones with the Scatter Gun or Vulcan 
Fury, and then shoot Krew with the Peacmaker or Blaster. The clones Krew sends 
after the two thirds of the battle will be WAY too fast. If you don't have much 
energy, be more-than-extremely-careful, and take all the healthpaks that start 
appearing now... one appears at each five minutes or so. Shoot all the clones 
and then kill Krew. Ashelin will get you out of the lab before everything 
explodes. Tess is waiting for you at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon.

-Pody- writes :

When he sends off all the jello krew's then just blast yourself throw them with 
the peacemaker(try to wait until a group of the jello krew's have gathered, 
then it's much more easier to kill many of them). And when you don't have any 
ammo left you jump on to your board and travel around the course, smashing in 
to the krimzon guard crates and you get a refill of your peacemaker ammo. The 
jello krew's can't keep up with you and it's so much easier to get refill of 
our ammo. Then when you have full ammo of your peacemaker then its off to fight 
the jello Krew's again. Do this everytime when you don't have any ammo left of 
the peacemaker. 
I have tried with the other weapons and they suck on taking the jello krew's 
And when you meet the real krew don't use the peacemaker couse it's no point to 
waste away the bullets ,couse you get the same damage results by using the 
blaster or the vulcan fury. 
Just do this over and over again until he's all dead. 
*E* Kor
    Location : Metal Head Nest
    Mission : Destroy Metal Kor at Nest
    Difficulty : 9/10

That's ironic... the first person who wanted to help you now wants to kill 
you... Funny...

There are two ways of beating Kor, but both are pretty tough.


If you can, use the Dark Bomb or Dark Blast ability right at the beginning. 
Destroy the Metal Head Eggs before they hatch. If an egg hatches, a scorpion-
like creature will come out. Once you destroyed all the eggs and scorpions, 
take out your Peacemaker and shoot Kor. Just watch out for the ray Kor sends 
you from time to time. Once you took away one third of Kor's health, Flying 
Metal Heads will come out of the hole. Take out your Blaster and shoot them, as 
well as the eggs and Kor himself, but always keep in mind to destroy the eggs 
before they hatch. Once there's nothing left in the arena but you and Kor, take 
your Peacemaker if you still have ammunition, if not take your Vulcan Fury if 
you have ammo left, if not take your blaster. If you don't have Blaster ammo, 
there is some in the Krimzon Guard crates. Anyway, shoot Kor until new eggs and 
flying Metal Heads appear. Continue this until Kor drops down. Now finishing 
Kor will be a piece of cake. Run away from Kor and shoot him with the Blaster. 
When Kor gets too close to you, get on the other side of the hole and start 
shooting again. Kill Kor and watch the hilarious ending.

"Wait a minute! You know something, don't you, feather-breath?" 


If you can, use the Dark Bomb or Dark Blast ability right at the beginning. 
Shoot Kor with the Peacemaker or Blaster until the eggs hatch. Then, equip your 
Scatter Gun or Blaster and kill all the scorpions. Shoot Kor again until the 
new batch of eggs hatch. Repeat until flying Metal Heads appear. Get rid of 
these quickly before shooting Kor. Once the eggs hatch, kill the Scorpions and 
continue shooting Kor. Each time a Metal Head appears (scorpions or flying 
ones), kill it and shoot Kor again until he drops down. Now finishing Kor will 
be a piece of cake. Run away from Kor and shoot him with the Blaster. When Kor 
gets too close to you, get on the other side of the hole and start shooting 
again. Kill Kor and watch the hilarious ending.

"You know, my momma used to read me bedtime stories about Mar when she'd tuck 
me in. She'd give me a nice glass of warm yakow milk and my little Poopsy 
*F* Weapons

1- Scatter Gun
   The first weapon you get is very useful to take out close-by enemies, but 
don't even think about using it on enemies that are far away.
   Strength : 3/5
   Usefulness : 3/5
   Rate of fire : 1/5, 2/5 with upgrade
   Number of ammo : 50, upgrades to 100

2- Blaster
   A very useful weapon everywhere.
   Strength : 3/5
   Usefulness : 6/5
   Rate of fire : 4/5
   Number of ammo : 100, upgrades to 200 

3- Vulcan Fury 
   Good when there are a lot of enemies around, but useless most of the times.
   Strength : 4/5
   Usefulness : 1/5
   Number of ammo : 200

4- Peacemaker
   Good for Krew and Kor, but useless at any other times. THE big 
disappointment of the game.
   Strength : 5/5
   Usefulness : 0.5/5
   Number of ammo : 10
*G* Closing

That's a great closing word, eh?
I have no inspiration for that today so I'll get back to my game...
Note : If you have an alternate (easier) way for beating a boss, let me know... 
I'll give you credit.

*H* Credits

- Me, of course
- SCEA and Naughty Dog, for making this awesome game.
- Pody, for an alternate way to beat Krew.
- Ahmad Ali, for the same thing.