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It's worth the frustration. Just don't throw your controller.Aaron_Haynes6/10
Pefect Story, Graphics and Gameplay, a Classic today's gaming.A Album Kid A10/10
A Good StartA Demon`s Requiem8/10
Two steps forward, one step backArchetypo8/10
The Jak series changes from a basic platformer to a GTA-inspired action-fest.Archmonk Iga9/10
Mimics so much of other video games it has no identity of its ownbrutusmuktuk4/10
A derivative, decrepit, dull disaster. (Hooray for alliteration!)darkchaoscontrol4/10
Volume two of a great trilogyDav2110/10
The culmination of everything great about gaming, past and present.DragonShadow9/10
One of the greatest ever made?Firestorm ZERO10/10
Best in the seriesFoolishGamer9/10
After a crash, there's an explosionhorror_spooky9/10
Jak II doesn't redefine modern gaming, IT DEFINES MODERN GAMINGjohnathanblade9/10
A platform game by any other name is STILL a platform game.Kevin Rynn3/10
Not the genre-changing blockbuster we were hoping for...King Kool6/10
Bigger and badder, Jak II is one of the PS2's best games.LegendaryFrog10/10
Jak 2 takes the series in a whole new directionmaestro_malone8/10
Grand Theft Auto: Haven CityMattRyanPerez8/10
The Best Platformer of 2003Mech Master10/10
An Elf with Guns... What Has the World Come To?Muchorattler8/10
Jak Takes Center StageNeoTS10/10
A disappointing sequel lacking the magic and charm of the originalNightfall5/10
One of PS2s best is reborn..Otaku Punk6/10
Jak is BackPsych0tic10/10
One barbecued gaming memory served up hot!Rexy9/10
A well-executed genre-bending sequel that comes off as one of the best-looking and best-playing games out there.SRusher9/10
Don't piss Jak off. Trust me, just don't.stash19919/10
New Jak CityThe Manx8/10
I can kill helpless civilians? SIGN ME UP!Typhoon Soldier 79/10
A rather flawed sequel and GTA clonewolverinefan6/10
The defenition of the perfect sequelxerc9/10

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