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Asked: 4 years ago

Impossible Challenge?

How many rounds are in the impossible challenge at the megacorp games???

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From: kaizerben1 3 years ago

The Impossible Challenge is 60 rounds long. In Challenge mode it still has the same 60 rounds, the only changes being tougher enemies really.

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There are 60 Rounds, with the last against Mecapede. I do believe on Challenge mode it's 100. The first five rounds are ground, then 4 cage. Rinse and repeat.

P.S. The Black Sheepinator is your Chuck Noris (unless you have the RYNO 2)

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Go to faq it help me

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The Impossible Challenge contains 60 rounds, alternating from ground arena to cage match every 5 rounds. At Round 60, you fight Megapede. I recommend not to attempt this challenge at first. Be sure to get at least the Electrosteel Armor (the 3rd armor available) and upgrading your weapons as best as you can. Hope this helps.

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The Shield Charger helps a lot, add the Kilonoids and the Sheepinator and win. Once you win, you get the Snow Dude skin.

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