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Best way to level up weapons?

I have the Clank Zapper, the Spiderbot Glove, the Hoverbomb Gun, the Sheepinator, the Synthenoid and the Shield Barrier all with no experience having not used them all through normal mode, I am on planet Yeedil of Challenge mode. How can I level them up quickly?
I also have just bought Mini Nuke, Multi Star and Heavy Lancer in Mega mode, how could I level these up quickly as well?

J2o4s9h provided additional details:

I have over 3 million bolts for omega mods, I also have full nanotech.

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He_Who_Playeth answered:

Do either the Snow Desert level (with the YETI's) or just replay the last level a few times
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Benca27 answered:

Try going to the Arena on planet Joba. Do all of the challenges you have not done yet. At least do the Impossible challenge!!! You'll have enough $ to purchase an omega upgrade at a vendor & you'll be able to gain EXP for your health and currently selected weapon or other weapon in your arsenal at your desire.
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