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Asked: 5 years ago

How much does the Zodiac cost?

I was wondering so I can get enough bolts and buy it when it appears on the megacorp weapons vendor.

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From: JoveHack 5 years ago

From the Soroush Mehraein's Weapon FAQ on GameFAQs
Cost:1,500,000 bolts
Max Ammo:4
Ammo Cost:10,000 bolts (that is not a typo)

It won't show up until Challenge Mode.

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It will show up before Challenge mode. It shows up around when you get to Smolg. However, you shouldn't buy it before Challenge mode. For one, you will have to grind for bolts such a ridiculous amount to actually save up 1,500,000 that you will suck all the fun out of the game. And the RYNO II and Carbonox armour are much, much better investments.

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1,500,000 Bolts

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