FAQ/Walkthrough by Tanuki Yasha

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 ____              __           __              __
/\  _`\           /\ \__       /\ \            /\ \__
\ \ \L\ \     __  \ \ ,_\   ___\ \ \___      __\ \ ,_\
 \ \ ,  /   /'__`\ \ \ \/  /'___\ \  _ `\  /'__`\ \ \/
  \ \ \\ \ /\ \L\.\_\ \ \_/\ \__/\ \ \ \ \/\  __/\ \ \_
   \ \_\ \_\ \__/.\_\\ \__\ \____\\ \_\ \_\ \____\\ \__\
    \/_/\/ /\/__/\/_/ \/__/\/____/ \/_/\/_/\/____/ \/__/

                   __      ____    ___                    __
                  /\ \    /\  _`\ /\_ \                  /\ \
   __      ___    \_\ \   \ \ \/\_\//\ \      __      ___\ \ \/'\
 /'__`\  /' _ `\  /'_` \   \ \ \/_/_\ \ \   /'__`\  /' _ `\ \ , <
/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \   \ \ \L\ \\_\ \_/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \ \ \\`\
\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \___,_\   \ \____//\____\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\
 \/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__,_ /    \/___/ \/____/\/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/

   .aMMMMP .aMMMb  dMP dMMMMb  .aMMMMP
  dMP"    dMP"dMP amr dMP dMP dMP"


Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando FAQ/Walkthrough,
Created by and Copyright 2003 "Tanuki Yasha" (tanuki_yasha@hotmail.com)

                           All That Legal Stuff

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Also, if you don't ask my permission, you MUST give me credit in some way,
shape or form.  I'd prefer a shrine that all must worship, but I'll just
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said it.  Naturally, you may print this out, but I don't see why you would
waste all that paper in doing so.

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I don't want to sound mean, but I guess I have more people reading this than I
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                             Table of Contents

I.	Version History                                         <1HIST>
II.	Introduction                                            <2INTR>
III.	Controls                                                <3CONT>
IV.	Walkthrough                                             <4WALK>
     IV a.   Planet Aranos--Flying Lab                        <4aARA>
     IV b.   Planet Oozla--Megacorp Outlet                    <4bOOZ>
     IV c.   Wupash Nebula                                    <4cWUP>
     IV d.   Maktar Nebula--Maktar Resort and Jamming Array   <4dMAK>
     IV e.   Planet Endako--Megopolis                         <4eEND>
     IV f.   Planet Barlow--Vukovar Canyon                    <4fBAR>
     IV g.   Thug Rendezvous--Feltzin System                  <4gFEL>
     IV h.   Planet Notak--Canal City                         <4hNOT>
     IV i.   Slim Cognito's Ship Shack                        <4iSLI>
     IV j.   Planet Siberius--Frozen Base                     <4jSIB>
     IV k.   Planet Tabora--Mining Area                       <4kTAB>
     IV l.   Planet Dobbo--Testing Facility                   <4lDOB>
     IV m.   Hrugis Cloud--Deep Space Disposal Facility       <4mHRU>
V.      Bosses                                                <5BOSS>
VI.     Enemies                                               <6ENEM>
VII.	Gadgets, Items, and Armor                               <7GADG>
VIII.	Weapons                                                 <8WEAP>
IX.	FAQ                                                     <9FrAQ>
X.   Secrets                                                  <10SEC>
XI.    Acknowledgements                                       <11ACK>

                               I. Version History               <1HIST>

Version .6 (1/25/04)--Err...sorry about the whole not updating thing.  This is
just a small update.

-Added a search string for quick access to certain parts of the FAQ.
-Added Secrets section.
-Added Insomniac Museum walkthrough, written by Jared (a.k.a. ragnaroker2 on

Version .5 (12/9/03)--Okay, so the thing I said about daily updates kinda went
down the toilet.  I'll work on this as much as I can, but the holidays start on
the 20th for me, so I should have it complete just before or just after New
Years Day.

-Finished with pretty much all sections (most importantly, the walkthrough)
through Hrugis Cloud.
-Added available Skill Points in each level; may add separate Skill Points
section later.
-Modified Mission headers so the FAQ doesn't look so...blah.

Version 0.35 (11/23/03)

-Finished up through Siberius in walkthrough; will update enemies, weapons,
etc. later.

Version 0.25 (11/21/03)--I know it isn't much, but I have up through the
Feltzin System.  Basically I'm replaying this and pretty much writing down what
I did.  Should be updated pretty much daily.  Anyway...

-Up through Feltzin in Walkthrough
-Partially done in Arena Section
-Gadgets and Weapons up to what you can have at this stage of the game

                             II. Introduction                   <2INTR>

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando is the sequel to Ratchet & Clank (imagine
that!).  Both are platformers, but have certain qualities about them that set
them apart from other platform games.  The games are set in a distant galaxy,
where Ratchet, some kind of furry alien thing, and his robot buddy Clank are
chilling out and being interviewed on the TV show "Behind the Hero" (they had
saved their entire galaxy from destruction a few months earlier).

While being interviewed for the show and telling of his fame, Ratchet realizes
just how long he's gone without an adventure.  The last thing he can remember
doing is going to the grand opening of Groovy Lube.

Meanwhile, in a distant galaxy, Abercrombie Fizzwidget is watching the show
and summons (more like teleports) Ratchet & Clank to his ship.  He wants them
to retrieve an important experiment that was stolen from him.  At least,
that's what anyone is able to understand from Fizzwidget's overuse (incorrect
use, as well) of really big words.  The duo accepts, and suits up to "go
commando" as that is the game's title, after all.

While using this guide, bear with me since I won't have every section done when
I first post this.  Why, you ask?  Well, duh, I'm playing it and I didn't think
to catalog everything the first time through.  Oh, and my saved game file from
when I beat the game got deleted -_- so that's why I don't have all the
weapons, gadgets, etc.  So bear with me in everything.  Email your questions to
tanuki_yasha@hotmail.com with questions that I can add to my FAQ section, or
with suggestions or things I'm missing.  Basically, you see an error, e-mail
me, and don't email me about typos, please...oh, and put something to the
effect of "Ratchet & Clank FAQ" in the subject line, otherwise I'll just delete
it, thinking it's spam.  Now that THAT'S out of the way, let's get started!

                               III. Controls                    <3CONT>


Walk/Run:                                    Left analog stick
Camera Control:                              Right analog stick
Jump:                                        X
Shimmy along ledge:                          Left/Right on Left analog stick
Weapon/Gadget quick select:                  Triangle + Left Analog
Fire Weapon/Use Gadget:                      Circle button
First Person View:                           L1 button (hold)
Center Camera:                               Tap L1
Quick Change between most recent weapons:    Double Tap Triangle

Double Jump:                                 X button (twice)
Wrench Swing:                                Square Button
Wrench Combo:                                Square Button (three times)
Hyper-Strike:                                X + Square
Comet-Strike:                                L1/R1 (Hold) + Square
Wall Jump:                                   Jump toward wall, X at contact
Strafe:                                      L2/R2 (Hold) + Left Analog
Flip Left/Right:                             R1 (hold) + X + Left Analog
Back flip:                                   R1(hold)+ X + Left Analog Back
Strafe Flip:                                 L2/R2 (hold) + X + Left Analog
Crouch:                                      R1 (Hold)
Crouch Turn:                                 R1 (Hold) + Left Analog
Use/Equip Weapon:                            Circle Button

--Water Movement--

Swim:                                        Left Analog/Directional Button
Dive Underwater:                             Square Button
Resurface:                                   X Button

Control of Commando Gear


Boost Jump (While Stationary):               R1 (Hold), then X
Stretch Jump (While Running):                R1 then X
Glide:                                       Hold X button after double jump


Boost Jump (While Stationary):               R1 (Hold), then X
Stretch Jump (While Running):                R1 then X
Glide:                                       Hold X button after double jump

--Hydro Pack--

Turbo Swim:                                  Hold R1 while underwater.

--Fighter Ship--

Fire Guns:                                   X Button
Fire Secondary Weapon:                       Circle Button
Secondary Weapon Quick Select:               Triangle Button(Hold)+Left Analog
Turbo Boost:                                 Square Button
Barrel Roll Left/Right:                      R1/L1
Straighten Ship:                             R2/L2

--Hover Bike--

Steer:                                       Left Analog
Accelerate:                                  X Button
Turbo Boost:                                 R1/R2
Fire Weapon:                                 L1/L2


Walk/Run:                                    Left Analog Stick
Camera Rotate/Pan:                           Right Analog Stick
Punch:                                       Square Button
Jump:                                        X Button
Glide:                                       Press and hold X after Jumping
Microbot Command Menu:                       Triangle(Hold) + Left Analog

--Giant Clank--

Punch:                                       Square Button
Fire Missles:                                Circle Button
Bomb Strike Special Attack:                  Triangle Button
Jump:                                        X Button
Strafe:                                      L2/R2 (Hold) + Left Analog

                             IV. Walkthrough                    <4WALK>

IV a. --Planet Aranos--Flying Lab-- <4aARA>

|Mission: Infiltrate the Flying Base|

You'll start off in a fairly large room.  Take the time here to familiarize
yourself with the controls.  When you're ready, step on the blue flashing
light in the middle of the room to turn it into an elevator and ride it up.
When you get to the top, head through the door and you will be told how to
fire your Lancer.  At the end of the hallway, a couple of guard robots will
come down.  You can either use your Lancer or your wrench to take them down.
After that's done, go to the end, where there's a ladder-like structure.  When
you jump onto it, you'll only hang onto one of the rungs and be unable to
actually "climb" the ladder.  Instead, while hanging on a rung, press the X
button to jump higher and grab onto a higher rung.  Do this to get to the top.

In the next room, you can smash the boxes for Bolts and some Lancer ammo if
you used any.  As you head down the next hallway, you'll be attacked by a few
more robots.  I recommend using the Lancer as much as possible, because with
the new level-up system, it can become the Heavy Lancer before too long.  Be
especially sure to use the Lancer on the third robot in the hallway; you don't
want to be burnt by its flamethrower.  In the large room at the end you'll
find three more robots, two with cutters and one with a flamethrower.  Kill
them and smash the boxes for Bolts and ammo.  You can also get nanotech in
here if you've been hit.

Head outside onto the bridge.  Kill the two robots that attack you, then move
forward some.  You'll see two orbs on the far side of the bridge shooting
floating mines at you.  Blast them with your Lancer as you run along the
bridge.  Back inside the ship, another robot will attack you.  Destroy it,
then get on the elevator.  At the top, you'll see four robots clustered
together.  You'll be told how to change weapons.  Change to the Gravity Bomb,
then carefully aim in the center of the robot cluster.  If you aimed right,
they'll all explode.

In the next room, you'll find Fizzwidget's experiment.  Watch the cutscene,
then get ready for a fight.  Be sure to switch back to your Lancer, then let
it fly.  There are a couple of boxes of ammo at the back of the room, so don't
worry about using too much ammo.  When all the robots are defeated, a hatch
will open nearby.  Slide down it and you'll find yourself on the wing of the
flying base...with some company!  Quickly switch back to Gravity Bombs, and
you should be able to knock all six bots out at once.  When you get the bolts
from them, turn back toward the body of the ship and find the open window
(though it's kinda obvious).  Jump through and you'll see a short cutscene
featuring our wonderful villain, then grab all the items in the room.  As you
get near the center, five robots will come in through the large door.  Use a
Gravity Bomb or your Lancer to take them out at a distance, then get on the
elevator platform the bots came in on.

After a short ride, you'll come to a door.  Take care of the robots, and keep
going.  When you get into the big room, take out your Lancer.  You'll be
attacked by two cutter bots, then two more with some floating orbs from behind
them, then another pair of floating orb mine thingies.  Next room you'll fight
more bots, then head outside.  Watch the cutscene, and thus ends the level.

IV b. --Planet Oozla--Megacorp Outlet-- <4bOOZ>

Skill Points available:

1. Prehistoric Rampage: Shoot 4 pterodactyls.  They can be found flying in
circles over the swamp on the way to the Megacorp store.

2. Smash and Grab: Break everything you can in the Megacorp store.  Easiest
after the Box Breaker is acquired, later in the game.

|Mission 1: Explore the Swamp Ruins|

First off, if you have at least 5,000 Bolts, buy the Chopper from the Megacorp
vendor near your ship.  Smash all the boxes near your ship if you need a few
more Bolts, and if you're nowhere near 5,000 Bolts, don't worry about it just
yet.  When you're ready to go, head through the large gate behind your ship.

Follow the path down until you get to some platforms that go across the swamp.
Jump across to the last one (the one just before you make it to the other
side) and use either your Lancer or possibly a Gravity Bomb to take out as
many of these hopping enemies as possible.  You'll also be attacked by
cycloptic snails of DEATH (as I like to call them) after you jump over.
Continue down the path until you reach a large, purple creature.  Jump on its
back and it will take you to another purple creature.  Use them to safely
cross the swamp goo.  On the other side, jump on the platform to the left to
get some bolts, ammo, and life, then head into the cavern.  You'll come across
some large firefly creatures.  Take them out with the Lancer, then jump on the
platform.  Then next platform is a large, carnivorous plant (reminiscent of
the ones from Crash Bandicoot).  Jump on it, then jump to the next ledge
quickly, or it will chomp at you.  Jump off the ledge you come to, grab the
bolts, and cross the swamp on the purple creatures.  You'll notice that a
couple of them don't stop at another swamp creature; instead, they keep going
to another platform.  The first one that does this takes you to a platform
that has a bunch of the hopping enemies on it, and the second one takes you to
an area with a bunch of Bolts.

In the next area (the area you come to after jumping from creature to creature
rather than riding them around all the way) you'll be attacked by a bunch of
the cycloptic snails (of DEATH).  Then you have to ride on more swamp
creatures, only this time you have to jump onto the carnivorous plants in
between creatures.  On the final platform you have to jump across four plants
to get to the top, then slide down the chute and watch the cutscene.

|Mission 2: Purchase the Tractor Beam|

You should have 1,000 Bolts if you've smashed everything on the way here.  Use
your new Tractor Beam to move the large column over to the cliff (if you
can't find the cliff, go into first person view using L1 and find it--there's
a glowing nanotech on top of it.  When the column are in place, climb them.
Scale the rest of the cliff, hit the switch, and you'll be back at your ship.

|Mission 3: Find the store entrance|

Now, go down the path near the Megacorp vendor.  When you get to the snails,
use R1 and Square to throw your wrench at them or take them out with the
weapon of your choice.  Kill the other enemies along the path, then jump
across the platform (don't worry about the Megacorp guy in the swamp; you
can't help him).  Kill the enemies that jump out on the other side, then go
left to where the Megacorp guy is.  He'll...well, he'll be eaten...then you
can kill the enemies here.  Again, keep in mind that you should keep using
your Lancer as much as possible.  Keep going along the path, killing enemies
on the way.  Eventually, you'll come to a big plant.

This guy isn't too hard.  Just strafe around in front of him to dodge his
attacks, and keep blasting him with your Lancer.  After he's dead, follow the
path until you find the Dynamo.  Use the Dynamo to start the elevator, then
hop on it and ride it up.  When you get to the top, run left and into the
Megacorp store.

|Mission 4: Investigate the Megacorp store|

From the entrance, kill the enemies and use the Dynamo to activate another
elevator.  Don't you just love the store's music and the Megacorp guy's
screams of anguish?  I know I do!  Anyway, when you get to the top of the
elevator's ride, use the Dynamo again to activate another platform.  This will
take you to an area where you can jump onto the second floor of the store.
Activate the three conveyor belts you come to and cross to the other side.
Kill the enemies in the next area, then break the large glass cases for Bolts.
Enter the door on the other side of the room from where you entered to get
back outside.

Run along the balcony and hop over the gap.  Break all the boxes, then go
through the door to get inside the store once again.  Use the Dynamo to
activate a floating platform, then jump to that platform and use it again to
make another platform appear.  Repeat until you're on the other side.  Go down
the hallway and take the first left, then jump onto the ledges.  Use the
Dynamo to open the door at the end of the hallway, then jump over or run
around (as the case may be) the clusters of metal crates that come through the
door.  Watch the cutscene, use the Dynamo to activate the elevator, then use
the teleporter to get back to your ship.

IV c. --Wupash Nebula-- <4cWUP>

You have to stop on the way to Maktar to do a little space fighting.  The fight
consists of two waves of 20 fighters each.  Make use of the barrel roll
technique to dodge enemy fire, and use Missiles on the big, blue fighters as
they have more armor.  The camera is kinda crazy and hard to get used to, but
you should do fine.

IV d. --Maktar Nebula--Maktar Resort-- <4dMAK>

Skill Points available:

1. Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade--Beat Chainblade in the Arena using ONLY the
wrench.  Easiest to do after acquiring the Omniwrench 12000

2. Vandalize: Destroy as many breakable items as possible at the Resort.  These
include the floating TV screens and satellites.  Again, best done with the Box

3. 2B or not 2B hit: Beat the B2 Brawler in the Arena without getting hit. 
Best done with many upgraded weapons.

4. Clank needs a new pair of shoes: Win 300 Bolts from a slot machine.  These
are scattered all around Maktar.  After getting 300, keep hitting the machine
until you get three 'Bar's and you'll get the Skill Point.

|Mission 1: Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array|

Head down the ramp and a thug guy will shoot little robots at you.  Take care
of them, dodging the thug's missiles, then kill him as well.  Notice the red
boxes?  Touch them and they explode.  If you just walk up to them, they begin a
countdown, and if you hit them with your wrench, they explode right away,
damaging you.  Or, you could just shoot them from a distance.  Anyway, when you
get down the ramp, go right, killing the enemies and breaking things along the
way.  When you get to the column blocking the path, move it with the Tractor
Beam.  In the next room, use the Tractor Beam on the robot and put him on the
glowing spot to open the door.  Go down the hallway to the right in the next
room and kill the Chickenbots, then go back and pick up the sphere with the
Tractor Beam.  Run it down to the closed door, then turn off the beam and RUN! 
When the door is gone, kill the thug and use the Tractor Beam on the robot
again.  When you put him on the platform between the two rods, it creates a
Tractor Beam slingshot.  Run backwards, aiming so he'll be shot straight at the
door on the platform, then shut off the beam and head up.  Before you go
through the door, you may want to try for the slot machine skill point.

Head down the hallway and into the next area, killing the Chickenbots and the
thug.  Go down the blue hallway, jumping on the platforms, then use your
Tractor Beam on the bomb and jump back across to blow open the door.  When you
get outside, use the Tractor Beam slingshot to launch the bomb at the four bots
hovering near the gate.  When the gate goes down, hop on the ship to go to the
Jamming Array.

--Jamming Array--

|Mission 2: Destroy the signal transponders|

Here, you have to destroy the six towers using the method the computer will
tell you.  This part's pretty straightforward, and it's not too hard to find
the towers.  When you need to get to the ones on high platforms, follow the
glowing yellow cables in the ground until you get to a jump pad.  Standing on
the jump pad, hit X and you'll go super-high.  When you're done, you'll see a
cutscene and get the coordinates for a new planet, Barlow.  Then it's back to

|Mission 3: Win the Arena Battle|

Head across the energy bridge and down along the path until you get back to the
ramp to your ship.  If you have 15,000 Bolts you can buy the Blitz Gun from the
Megacorp vendor by your ship; if not, go there anyway and stock up on ammo. 
Then go down the ramp and take the left path.  Kill the Chickenbots the thug
sends out, then kill the thug.  Two of his buddies will come and join him, so
take them out as well.  Get on the elevator then kill the thug at the top.  Go
down the path, kill the bots and thugs, and jump into the taxi ship.

When you reach your destination, jump on the ledge in front of you then use the
Left Analog stick to move left.  When you can see the ladder above you, hit X
to jump up onto it.  At the top and on the other side of the platform, there
are two thugs.  However, a dropship will come and teleport a few more on there.
 Dodge the missiles and work your way within range of your weapons, then get
rid of them.  When you hit a break, attack the ship with your Lancer, but be
careful as the ship is constantly dropping thugs, so the holes between them
aren't very long.  Then, go to the end of the path and jump between the two
walls, as the computer will kindly explain how to do.  Go into the next room
when you reach the top, then use L1 to go into first person view and take out
the thugs with a Gravity Bomb or your Lancer (which is hopefully upgraded to
the Heavy Lancer by now).  Hop down, and if you haven't gotten the slot machine
skill point, now is the perfect time to do so.  Head outside when you're ready
and dispatch the Chickenbots.  Go down the path and you'll be attacked by
another dropship full of thugs.  Use the same strategy as before and get rid of
them.  In the next room is a couple nanotech and a Megacorp vendor.  Stock up
on ammo, then go through the door.

The battle for the Electrolyzer is easy; most of the enemies you've fought
before, and if you have a lot of ammo, you can take most of them out from a
distance.  When you hit Round 5 (you can see what round you're on at the bottom
right of the screen) some vents in the floor will open up, exposing some fans. 
Needless to say, you want to stay away from those.  There are also small holes
in the arena that spew out blue flame occasionally.  When you win, you get the
Electrolyzer and the opportunity to play more Arena games for Bolts.  If you
want the Blitz Gun and you're close to 15,000 Bolts, then it doesn't hurt to do
a couple more fights.  I wouldn't recommend the Chain Blade fight just yet
unless you conserved a lot of ammo.  See the arena section for details on him.

|Mission 4: Repair the energy bridges|

When you exit the arena, you'll be brought to a place where you can use your
Electrolyzer.  Use it, and you'll be brought to a different screen.  Remember
the Trespasser from the first game?  The Electrolyzer is pretty much the same
(in that you must solve a puzzle to do certain things), except there is no
"set" solution.  So, you're on your own.  Basically, you have electrical
charges going through the wires.  When you hit the O button, the connectors on
the wires will turn.  What you need to do is get rid of all the connectors by
allowing current to flow in them.  When you correctly solve each one, an energy
bridge will come back online.  After the first, you'll see a cutscene and get
coordinates for Planet Endako.  Repair the second bridge and head back to your
ship.  We now have coordinates for two planets.  We need to go to Endako first.

IV. e. --Planet Endako--Megopolis-- <4eEND>

Skill Points available:

1. Destroy all breakables: Self explanatory.  Again, best done with the Box

2. Operate heavy machinery: Using the cranes, kill 10 robots.  In crane room 1,
drop the large box on the small robots.  In crane area 2, pick up the Laser Bot
in the first room, then use its laser to kill all the other bots.

|Mission 1: Rescue Clank from the thief|

There are two new weapons available at the Megacorp vendor: The Pulse Rifle and
the Miniturret Glove.  I'd leave these here until later, mainly due to lack of
money, and I doubt you've made enough money in the arena thus far.  Anyway,
from the vendor, go left to the door that's glowing green.  A new kind of enemy
will come out.  These robots shoot a constant laser around themselves, and it
is, naturally, very painful if you come in contact.  Go ahead and run away from
this one, and its laser will cut through the explosive boxes, destroying the
robot.  Nice.  Head through the doors now and use the Electrolyzer on the panel
to open the next door.  In the next room you'll confront some Sweeper Bots. 
Blow them up, then take care of the laser bots in the next hallway.  Some
Sweeper Bots will be teleported in through the door at the end.  Kill them then
use your Electrolyzer on the panel in the next room to activate the crane. 
When in control of the crane, pick up the big metal box in the corner of the
next room, then place it near the edge at the other side to give yourself a
platform to jump onto.  You can also crush the bots with the box, if you want. 
When it's in place, go down into that room and hop on the box.  The path here
is straightforward, so follow it and take care of the enemies along the way.

When you get to the Rivet Bots (the ones with two guns) use long-distance
weapons.  You'll then be attacked by Sweeper Bots.  Then, head into the larger
open area and take care of all the enemies here, and you'll get to another
crane room.  This is the fun part.  You can pick up the Laser Bot in the first
room and have it kill the enemies along the way if you want.  Take the crane
into the last room, and position the box so that you can jump onto the ledge,
then go back up.  Pick up the red box, then drop it by the door to the right of
the control room window (in the first room).  Run down through all the crane
rooms, and kill the Rivet Bots in the next area.  Watch out, because Sweepers
will teleport in after they're gone.  When all the bots are gone, get on the
elevator (it's on the right after you jump on the second platform).

|Mission 2: Repair Clank|

Run down the hallway and you'll get to Clank.  Use the Electrolyzer to wake him
up, and then you'll be playing as Clank for a little while.

|Mission 3: Free Ratchet|
So, now we're playing as Clank.  Familiarize yourself with his controls (such
as how to punch and use his Heli-Pack and whatnot).  Run outside, glide to the
area with the Sweepers, then punch them to destroy them.  Go around the on the
walkway, past the stationary Laser Bot, and you'll find some uber-cool Micro
Bots.  Use Triangle to give them the command to attack the Laser Bot, and go
through the door.  Your bots should automatically attack the bot in the next
room, as well.  In the room the first bot was guarding, turn to your left to
find a Bridge Bot.  Have it build a bridge in the next area, and give your
Micro Bots the command to follow.  Have the Micro Bots attack the Laser Bot in
the next room, then get the Lifter Bot and tell him to lift the large box
blocking your way.  Outside, attack the Laser Bot, then build a bridge across
the gap and kill the other Laser Bots.  Then, give the Enter command and the
bots will open up the door, where you can step on a switch and free Ratchet. 
To get back to your ship, do a high jump onto the platforms right in front of
you, use a long jump to get over the big gap, then glide to make it across the
gap outside.  The teleporter here will take you to the Megacorp vendor by your

|Mission 4: Visit Clank's Apartment|

From where you end up after going through the teleporter (next to the Megacorp
vendor), stock up on ammo and head left, toward the big blue
door...gate...thing.  Knock over the trashcan and the gate will open.  Kill the
Sweeper Bots that emerge and keep going.  Do the same in the next room and
fight a Laser Bot.  Continue to the next area, jump up to each ledge, until you
get to another small room with a trashcan.  Knock it over and fight the Sweeper
Bots, then the two Laser Bots that follow.  When you exit this room through the
newly opened door, you'll see the Thugs-4-Less leader in a helicopter.  Follow
him, but don't use any ammo just yet.  When you get to the platform before the
Laser Bots, shoot them, then jump across the gap.  Now, you'll have to trust me
on this...run straight off the far edge.  You'll land on a secret platform
where a Platinum Bolt is located (I know I haven't given any locations to other
Platinum Bolts yet, but that's just because this is the first one I found
(-_-), and since the most important thing is going straight through the game,
I'll go back and search for them later, and add them accordingly).  Head back
up the ladder and drop down to the area on the left (yes, with more trashcans).
 Pull out a weapon with lots of ammo and a wide range...let's say...the Blitz
Gun.  If you don't have it...well...improvise.  You COULD knock over the
trashcan and climb back to the top of the platform and launch bombs from there,
I suppose...

When you get done, go through the door and up the elevator, where you will see
the helicopter and some Laser Bots.  Kill the latter, as the former will escape
again.  Head up the elevator in the next area.  There are two trashcans here to
knock over, but knock over one at a time unless you want to participate in a
very difficult battle (I know, from experience and lack of Nanotech at that
point...).  Actually, right first will send bots out but also give you access
to the next area (rather than fighting both waves).  Either way, when you get
to the next area outside, where you get to confront the helicopter dude.

==Thugs-4-Less Leader (Helicopter)==

He has a few main attacks.  He'll shoot out little purple balls of lightning
that travel across the platform on a set path.  Wait for their paths to be set,
then just run around them.  He'll also shoot a wave of missiles across the
platform that you must jump over, and some missiles that will break down the
barricades in front of you.  Near the end, he'll fly up a little (just out of
range of your guns) and shoot missiles at you.  As usual, the trick is to
strafe (mostly) and concentrate more on dodging attacks than shooting him.

When you beat him, use the teleporter and you'll be taken to...ta-da!  Clank's
apartment!  Gotta love the decorum...Jak & Daxter on one wall, and by the
window...hey, what are these?  Ah, a Swingshot and some Grind Boots!  Cool! 
What I want to know, though, is why Clank was keeping these...HE never used
them, after all.  Anyway, head outside and use the Swingshot on the green
spinning sphere.  The next Swingshot target will cause you to swing back and
forth, so let go of the O Button when you swing over the next platform.  One
last Swingshot target will bring down a bridge that you can cross to get to a
teleporter and back to your ship.  Next, we go to Barlow.

IV f. --Planet Barlow--Vukovar Canyon-- <4fBAR>

Skill Points available:

1. Speed Demon: Beat the Hoverbike race with a time faster than 2:10.  Best
done on the later challenges when the shortcut is open.

|Mission 1: Find the Desert Riders|

Go to the Megacorp vendor first and buy the Seeker Gun (it's only 5,000 Bolts,
so you should have enough money).  Then go into the cavern next to the vendor
and kill the Hounds of Cuddly Death.  Then, you'll fight some Vukovar
Tribesmen.  Don't go too far out of the cavern, or at least stay away from the
big purple creature at the other end of the area.  Head toward the back now,
killing the Barlowian Saur-Beast with whatever kind of heavy weapon you want (I
used a Mini-Nuke just to get it over with; if you want to use something less
valuable, then do so).  A gate will open behind where it was; go through it,
kill the two Tribesmen, then go out and kill the Hounds.  A Tribesman will come
down, riding on a Saur-Beast, so shoot something at them, and if the Tribesman
doesn't die right away, he'll probably fall off the Saur-Beast and come at you
separately.  Note that if you don't get him right away, he'll shoot a REALLY
big laser at you.  It's also really fast.  Head up the ramp and onto the
bridge, where you'll be attacked by lines of Tribesmen.  Use an explosive, like
a Mini-Nuke, to take them out quickly.  On the other side, you'll be charged at
by three Saur-Beasts (AT ONCE!) and possibly a Tribesman.

Over the next bridge, you'll fight a few more Tribesmen, one of them mounted on
a Saur-Beast.  Then, a gate to a room with a few Hounds will open.  Kill them,
and go outside.  Don't drop off the platform; instead, hold L1 and shoot a
Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke into the fire below.  This should instantly kill all the
Tribesmen around the fire.  Hop down, go through the next room, and outside
you'll be ambushed by a few Tribesmen and Saur-Beasts.  If you're being charged
at, quickly shoot a Mini-Nuke in the Saur-Beast's face, and it should be
instantly killed along with any enemies around it.  You'll come to a round
area; go in and the gates will close, and a bunch of Tribesmen will attack. 
Use whatever weapons you want now; we'll be back at the Megacorp vendor in a
little bit.

Cross the bridge and you'll get to a Gadgetron shop.  You can buy a bunch of
weapons from the first game here, and also convert your saved data from the
first game to get the weapons for FREE (not the RYNO, I don't think).  Buy what
you want here, then continue on.  You'll be ambushed by a swarm of Hounds, so
kill them.  However, you don't want to go back to your ship just yet.  Long
jump over the ravine to get to a Desert Rider.

|Mission 2: Repair the Broken Hoverbike|

Easy, just use your Electrolyzer on the panel next to the bike.

|Mission 3: Win the Hoverbike Race|

All you need to do is constantly pick up and use the turbo pickups, as the
controls will indicate to do.  Once you get into first place, it shouldn't be
too hard to stay there until the end of the race.  When you win, you get some
new coordinates.

|Mission 4: Scout the Ruined Machinery|

After the bike race, get back across the crevice and go through the tunnel
previously occupied by the Hounds, and you'll be back at your ship.  Restock at
the Megacorp vendor, then go up the path right next to/behind your ship.  The
next area is mostly Swingshot targets, and as such, the walkthrough won't be
very detailed; I'll touch on difficult parts, but other than that, you're on
your own (it's really easy).

After you swing from the second target, you'll have another target, followed by
a spinning one on the next platform.  Swing from the first target, and when you
let go, hit O again to shoot your Swingshot at the target above the platform. 
Use your Swingshot to pull the floating platform to you, then ride it over. 
You'll have to fight some Hounds after you ride the spinning sand bucket
things, then go swimming after pulling another platform over.  On the other
side of the water tunnel, you have to ride more spinning platforms, then use
the Swingshot on one target, let go, and use it again in mid-air.  Go through
another swimming section, then you'll have a series of Swingshot targets
followed by the rotating sand platforms.  When you get to the last Swingshot
target, keep swinging on it until you can safely get to a sand platform. 
You'll have to fight a huge swarm of Hounds at the next big, solid platform. 
After swinging a bit more, you'll find a guy encased in ice.  Hit him with your
wrench to unfreeze him, then buy the Thermanator for 1,000 Bolts.  Use it on
the ice that you end up facing, and swim through the tunnels underwater.  When
you get to the other side, jump on the lowest platform, freeze the water with
the Thermanator, and jump to the higher platform after crossing the ice.  Ride
the elevator down and you'll be back at your ship.  It's off to Feltzin we go!

IV g.  --Thug Rendezvous--Feltzin System-- <4gFEL>

Ahh, yes, another shooting level.  The same rules and strategies apply here as
before, in the Wupash Nebula.  This time, however, there are two waves of 25
fighters each.  Make use of barrel rolling and your turbo, as before.  Also,
there are tunnels in the larger asteroids that you can fly through, though it's
not recommended that you use turbo while in them.  Also, if you fly into the
large ship, you can get a nanotech boost.  When you fight off the ships, you'll
get new coordinates.

Also, there are three other challenges you can do.  Complete one, and the next
will be unlocked.  The second challenge is a fight against space wasps; you
have to kill 30 of them in 2 minutes.  The third challenge requires you to kill
some ultra-powerful ships, and the final challenge lets you compete in a space
race.  If you go through the race without missing any rings, you get a Platinum
Bolt at the end.  You can do this now, or wait until you get upgrades from Slim
Cognito's Ship Shack, where you can trade Raritanium for some awesome ship
upgrades.  I highly recommend not doing the third challenge yet, until you buy
a shield upgrade.   When you're done here, go to Notak.

IV h.  --Planet Notak--Canal City-- <4hNOT>

Skill Points available:

1. Planet Buster: Destroy the large globe on the way to the Promenade.

We're going to do things a little out of order this time.

|Mission 2: Investigate the wharf area|

Jump down from the high platform (or ride the elevator...) and check out the
Megacorp vendor.  There's one new weapon available: the Synthenoid.  It costs
65,000 Bolts, so I doubt you have enough for it yet.  With your back to the
vendor, you'll have three paths to choose from; go to the right first and break
the boxes at the end, then go back and go across the bridge.  Kill the
Chickenbots, then go forward and you'll be attacked by some Thugs-4-Less
Henchmen that shoot balls of lightning at you.  Take them out in whatever way
you want, just make sure you dodge the lightning!  Go beyond them and you'll
find some more Chickenbots, as well as a door to your left.  After you get
whatever you want outside, go through it.

First body of water you get to, freeze it and high jump at the end to get onto
the platform.  Next room, you'll see something shooting out fireballs that turn
into Chickenbots.  Shoot something through the swarm until you hit the
Chickenbot generator, then kill the Chickenbots and move on.  Fight the
Henchmen, kill the Chickenbots up the path and dodge the fire from the ship. 
When other enemies are gone, blast it away as well, and continue up the path. 
The large barrels here are explosive, and behind them hide Henchmen.  Blow them
up to kill the Henchmen, and dodge the fire from the Henchmen above.  Then, go
up and kill them as well.  Jump across the gap and you'll be ambushed by
henchmen.  Just focus on dodging attacks and take care of them one at a time. 
Then ride the elevator up.  There's a ship blocking the way above that will
mirror your movement, so you must shoot it down.  Long jump across the gap,
kill the enemies, and watch the cutscene.  You'll get some new coordinates. 
After that, glide down and you'll be attacked by Chickenbots.  We need to check
out the nearby chemical plant to see if anyone knows anything about the thief.

|Mission 1: Search Canal City for the thief/Buy transmission (6,000 B)|

After that, the path is straightforward.  On the bridge, you have to destroy a
Chickenbot Generator.  Use the bolt crank at the end to open up the door.  Go
inside and jump between the walls at the end of the hallway.  Don't jump up
right away, as Chickenbots will likely be right there waiting for you, biting
while you hang there.  If you need to, jump down and shoot at them from below. 
Then go into the next area.  Jump down to the lowest platform and freeze the
water, then slide across toward the closed gate.  You'll see another platform
near it, so jump up there.  High jump up to the next platform and use the bolt
crank to make a bridge to another platform appear.  Go across the bridge, then
unfreeze the water that you come to.  After you come out on the other side,
jump down onto the frozen water where you see another bolt crank.  It'll make
another bridge, only this time you can't reach it right away.  Unfreeze the
water and go through the tunnel you see.  When you come out on the other side,
jump onto the platform and freeze the water, then do a wall jump on the walls
across from you.  Climb up the big stair-like platforms and jump off the other
side to get back to the bridge.

Jump on the platform on the other side, and you'll see a rising and falling
body of water with a big fish in it.  If that fish gets a hold of you, you die
immediately.  Wait until the water is all the way at the top, and freeze it. 
Run across it and jump onto the platform opposite.  Continue along, and you'll
get to another fish pool.  This time, wait until the water's at the bottom. 
This way, you can simply walk through the tunnel, with the fish encased in the
frozen water.  On the other side, locate the lowest side of the wall, and go
near it.  Then, unfreeze the water.  The fish won't start moving until the
water is all the way at the top, so get onto dry land as fast as you can.  Be
careful not to run over the rim of the pool, or you'll have to do a good part
of the Thermanator puzzle over again!  Turn back toward the water you just
jumped out of, then freeze it at the top.  Get across to the other platform. 
Jump up the next platforms, freeze the next body of the water when it's at its
lowest, run through the tunnel, then unfreeze the next area's water near the
lowest platform.  Here, you'll get new coordinates for 6,000 Bolts, and then
get back to your ship.

|Mission 4: Explore the Promenade|

This mission really isn't NECESSARY, but is still worth it.  You can get a
skill point and a nanotech boost during this mission.  Go down the elevator (if
you're up by your ship) and take the path to the left, the only one we haven't
taken yet.  Kill the enemies and head through the door with the bright blue
globe above it.  There will be some Chickenbots as well as a Thugs-4-Less
Henchman, so be sure to dodge his fire and the bites of the bots as you kill
them.  When you head outside, you'll be attacked by a bunch more Henchmen.  I
used the Miniturret Glove here; you can use whatever you want.  When those are
out of the way, look at the large spinning globe in front of you.  Use the
Blitz Gun/Cannon to shoot out the rings and the moons orbiting the planet, then
shoot the planet itself.  It will blow up and you'll get a skill point.  When
you're ready, head over the bridge to the right and up the elevator (NOTE:
While you're in this area, you may be attacked by more Henchmen; be careful).

On the upper level, you'll be attacked by three more Henchmen.  Off in the
distance you should see a ship floating there.  Kill the Henchmen, run down,
and take care of the ship.  Some thugs will cross the bridge, so turn and kill
them off.  Across the bridge, a few more will attack.  When you're done, go up
the next elevator.  Here comes a hard part.  Use a heavy weapon to kill the
Henchmen as fast as you can, then hide in one of the small alcoves they were
hiding in.  There is a ship out there, shooting at you (if you didn't already
notice).  Run out and dodge the bullets carefully, and take out the ship. 
Across the bridge are a few more Henchmen and a Chickenbot generator.  Go up
the elevator, and you'll find the Nanotech Boost, as well as a teleporter that
will take you back to your ship.  Let's go to Slim Cognito's first.

IV i.  --Slim Cognito's Ship Shack-- <4iSLI>

Here, you can trade Raritanium for ship upgrades.  Go for the basics first,
since it's unlikely that you'll have a lot of Raritanium at this point.  I'd go
for the Advanced Shielding System first, and if you have enough Raritanium
after that, get the Triple Boost Acceleration Engine.  If you happen to have
anything left over after that, go for a weapon upgrade or save it for later.

IV j. --Planet Siberius--Frozen Base-- <4jSIB>

Skill Points available:

1. You can break a Snow Dan: Destroy the snowman located behind the first
garage (that some bots break out of, near the beginning of the level).

|Mission 1: Find and confront the thief|

Yes, you actually get to do it this time.  Here, you'll meet some new enemies,
such as MSRI and MSRII.  Except this time, they're version 2.0.  This is a
great place to upgrade your Pulse Rifle as well, as the enemies are so strong
and they show up near the vendor so you can restock ammo.  As you go past the
vendor, you'll be attacked by a bunch of Blade Balls.  When they stop
appearing, use your Pulse Rifle to pick off the bots up ahead, then go back and
fill up on ammo.  When you kill off the MSRIs, MSRIIs will take their places. 
Kill them as well, then follow the path.  Before you even get to the bridge,
you're ambushed by more bots.  If you use your Pulse Rifle here, it should
upgrade to the Vaporizer.  After you kill them, follow the narrow path on the
right side of the garage and destroy the snowman hidden behind it.  You'll get
a Skill Point.  When you're done, continue on.  Jump over to the slightly
higher platform and kill the bots here.  Go through the big door and down the
elevator.  Kill the bot and use the Tractor Beam to move the column in such a
way that you can glide to the nearest platform (the one with the Blade Ball
generators).  When you kill the Blade Balls, pick off the bots on the next
platform, then jump over.  A dropship will come and teleport some MSRII's onto
the platform, so kill them and quickly blast the ship.  Max out your ammo at
the Megacorp vendor, then get on the large tank/truck thingy.

It will start moving, and a crapload of bots will come out of the door.  Use a
Mini-Nuke to take care of them quickly.  Use the Swingshot to get on top of the
next truck, and destroy the Blade Balls.  Then some MSRI's will appear.  Kill
them, and some MSRII's will show up.  When they're gone, the thief will fly
out.  Pull out whatever weapon you want and shoot at him.  He'll shoot a
blaster at you, but it's really easy to dodge as it's obvious when it's
charging.  The thief will fly away before you can beat him.  Use the Swingshot
to get inside the next truck, kill the Blade Balls, then kill the bots in the
next room (assuming they don't kill each other first...).  Swingshot to the
next truck, and carefully go around the small ramp on the outside to get on top
of it.  You'll confront the thief again.  He has a new attack, in which he
shoots a bomb onto the train.  It explodes in a ring, so all you have to do is
jump over the shockwave.  When you take a little more life, the train will

Go forward, climb the ladder, and kill the enemies along the path.  When you
get to the vendor, smash the ammo boxes before maxing out your ammo so you
don't spend so many Bolts.  When you're ready, go into the circular arena to
finish the battle with the thief.


He has the same two attacks from the train, as well as a new one that sends
bots at you.  Kill the bots by throwing a Mini-Nuke into the middle of the
groups, then continue shooting at the thief.  Because the battle started off
with the thief missing about a third of his health (maybe a quarter...hmm...),
this battle is incredibly easy.

IV. k. --Planet Tabora--Mining Area-- <4kTAB>

Skill Points available:

1. Heal your chi: Get all 100 crystals from the desert and return them to the

|Mission 1: Meet with Mr. Fizzwidget|

Not really a mission.  Right as you land on Tabora, Mr. Fizzwidget comes and
lands on your ship.  I mean, he lands HIS ship on your ship.  After
successfully returning the experiment, you ride with him over the desert. 
However, he "accidentally" ejects the duo out of his ship, landing them in an
underground cavern.

|Mission 2: Find a way out of the underground tunnels|

To your left is a Megacorp vendor.  A couple new weapons, the Lava Gun and the
Bouncer, are available.  However, you'll probably only have enough Bolts at
this point to get the Lava Gun, which costs 25,000.  Bust the boxes (shouldn't
need to tell you this anymore) and move forward.  You'll end up fighting some
Spitting Dune Crawlers.  The best way to get rid of them, in my opinion, is the
wrench, especially the Hyper-Strike.  Notice that they have a bit of armor and
that there really isn't much that is ultra-effective at this point.  There are
also some Mutant Sandflies, cousins of the flies from Oozla.  Before you cross
the small gap, shoot at some of the Dune Crawlers with a Mini-Nuke, or even
test out your Lava Gun if it'll make it across.  Note, however, that there IS a
Dune Crawler Generator, so killing them off slowly isn't a good idea; just kill
enough to clear a path, and get the generator.  There's a new kind of nanotech
here; this purple kind will replenish up to four nanotech slots!

Climb up the next ledge and kill the Sandflies (also coming from a generator). 
You'll get to a point with a bunch of Dune Crawlers on large platforms.  They
both have generators as well.  Use Miniturrets and/or Mini-Nukes to take them
out quickly.  Then jump across to get to some smaller raised platforms.  Jump
across two of them (doesn't matter which of the second ones you jump to), long
jump to the next one, then high jump to the one above it.  Jump across these
next few, then kill the Dune Crawlers you encounter.  Go up to the two glass
things in the next room and you'll get the Omniwrench 10,000!  There's also a
Megacorp Vendor here if you want to stock up on ammo.  Continue on and fight
the enemies.  Work your way up around the walkway in the next area, killing all
the enemies.  Snipe at the Dune Crawlers with your Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer, then
Swingshot across the lava.  At the next Swingshot target, swing as high as you
can, then let go and glide down to safe land.  Here, you'll meet with the thief
and learn his REAL identity.  You'll also get coordinates for a new planet,
Dobbo, but these are currently useless as you have no ship!  Go up the
elevator, however, and all will change...sort of.

|Mission 3: Find a ship/Mission 4: Take crystals to mystic|

When you go up the elevator, talk to the guy by your ship.  He'll go into a
spiel about mystic powers and the cosmos.  Then he'll tell you about crystals,
which you must gather in the desert surrounding the camp.  There's really no
way to write a walkthrough for this part.  All you do is go into the desert,
and be prepared to be attacked by Dune Crawlers, Sandflies, and a brand-new
enemy, the Desert Dune Monster, which disguises itself as a pile of junk until
you get close.  For these, use a powerful weapon like the Vaporizer if you
stumble across them; at this point all we need are ten crystals, then we can
come back later with better weapons to get some bolts.  Keep in mind, however,
that the huge dune monsters give crystals (1 each) when you beat them.  There
is also a Platinum Bolt waaaaaaay near the outer reaches of the desert (again,
not recommended until later), and also a weapon mod shop (activated by pressing
a red button) around near the desert camp.  When you get done with the
crystal-gathering, take them to the mystic and get your ship fixed.  However,
we're not quite done on this planet.

|Mission 5: Explore the area|

Back at the camp, head into the building nearest the bridge leading out into
the desert.  Follow the path out the back of the building, killing the enemies
along the way.  When you get to the water, freeze it with the Thermanator and
jump up to the ledge on the right.  Kill the flies, then jump on the first
platform in the water.  Freeze the water while standing on the platform, and
the last one should be high enough for you to make it up to the next ledge. 
Kill the Sandflies and Dune Crawlers, then freeze the water under the
waterfalls.  This will freeze the falls and create some jump walls for you to
use.  When you get to the top, go through the tunnel and glide down over the
large gap.  Kill the enemies down here, walk along the tunnel, and grab the
Glider.  Stand on the red arrows and press X to launch the Glider.  On the way
through here, keep an eye on the top of the blue towers--one of them has a
nanotech boost on top of it.  Also, near the end you'll have to fly downward to
continue, and you'll find a Platinum Bolt, then you can take the teleporter
back to your ship.

Now, we have a couple choices: either advance to Dobbo, or go into the desert
for more crystals.  Whichever you do first, the next part will cover Dobbo.

IV l.  --Planet Dobbo--Megacorp Testing Facility-- <4lDOB>

Skill Points available:

1. Old Skool: Kill all the enemies using only weapons from R&C 1 (Omniwrench
8000, Bomb Glove, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Walloper, Visibomb Gun, RYNO)

2. Dukes Up (Dobbo Orbit): Defeat the Thug Leader's Mech using only melee
attacks (punching and jumping on top of him).

3. Robo Rampage (Dobbo Orbit): Destroy all of the buildings on Lunar City

|Mission 1: Explore the testing facility|

First off, go to the weapons vendor to see that a new weapon, the Minirocket
Tube, has become available for 50,000 Bolts.  Also, you'll notice on the next
platform a yellow vendor.  This is an armor vendor.  If you have 25,000 Bolts,
buy the armor.  Then, use the teleporter that was at the end of the platform
your ship is located on.  Here, you'll see some Sentinels floating.  Get past
the lights to the best of your ability (it's best to try to go around the edges
of the platform; if you're seen, run toward the area the green balls are coming
from).  Kill the Blade Balls (version 2.0, WOW, amaaaazing...), then jump onto
the long platform when there is a break in the electricity.  Jump over the
electricity until you get to the end, then dodge the sentinels (it's easier to
do this time, if you watch their pattern first).  Here, you'll fight a group of
Megacorp Troopers.  Pull out your Lancer and strafe jump around, shooting until
they're dead.  Look over the edge into the next area and survey the terrain
below; you've got 2 Troopers and 2 electricity generators.  The Troopers can
see you from where they are, so be sure to move away from the ledge when they
shoot.  Use Mini-Nukes or Miniturrets to take them out, then jump and be
careful to glide over the electricity.  As you go to cross the bridge, some
Blade Balls come out as well as more electricity.  Use your Lancer to kill the
balls, then jump over the electricity, finally dodging the Sentinels.

When you go up the elevator, you'll be faced with a large gap and a Hover Tank
at the other side.  Blast it with your Vaporizer, and a Swingshot target will
appear.  At the other side, use the Dynamo to cross the platforms.  Note that
you pretty much have to keep moving, and also that some of the targets activate
more than one platform.  Go to the TV, and the power will go out.

|Mission 2: Repair the Power Generator |

Now you have to use the Glider to follow the robot.  As for the nanotech
here...it's best to fly all the way to the last room, carefully turn around,
and fly all the way back.  For now, just follow the robot carefully to the end.
 Use the Electrolyzer on the terminal here to turn the power back on, then use
the teleporter to get back to the TV.  Only one more problem...you have to pay
10,000 Bolts for the transmission.  If you don't have enough, you can leave
here and get more; taking the teleporter back to the facility later will take
you right to the TV, so you don't have to worry about going back through it. 
When you buy the transmission, you get coordinates for the Deep Space Disposal
Facility in the Hrugis Cloud.

|Mission 1 (continued)|

Back outside, jump over the platform to the armor vendor.  Kill the new and
improved Chickenbots with the weapon of your choice, then jump over and up. 
Here, you'll see some Megacorp Troopers.  These guys come in groups and are
nothing short of annoying.  Use ranged weapons and take care to dodge their
shots.  That's really the only strategy I have for beating them.  Of course,
you COULD just toss down some Miniturrets, I suppose, but they won't last all
the way through the level.  In the small room to the right are a bunch of boxes
to break.  To the left are some Dynamo targets.  Use your Lancer to take out
the Chickenbots on the other side before using the Dynamo and jumping over. 
Kill the Troopers here quickly; more will show up behind the boxes.  This is
one of those must-have places for Miniturrets; jump and throw them onto or over
the boxes, then take cover as they do some of your dirty work.  For the
Hovertank, crouch behind the boxes to dodge the shots, then jump and fire off
as many Seeker Gun rounds as you can before it starts shooting again.  Then,
Swingshot to the other platform and quickly take cover behind the two boxes on
the right, just inside the tunnel.

Here, you'll want to use Mini-Nukes or Miniturrets (if you're at all lucky,
they've been upgraded) to quickly clear out the bots behind the boxes, then
jump over and hide behind the next set, doing the same thing.  Be extra aware
of the Trooper up high and to the right; he may still be able to get you, even
if you are crouching behind the boxes.  When you catch a break from the bots on
your level, use your Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer to take out the Trooper high up. 
Kill whatever's left then use the ladder to get up to the higher platform. 
Swingshot to the next platform, then use your Lancer on the Troopers that come
out.  They may fall down below with a few hits, leaving you with nothing to
worry about.  If you have the Visibomb Gun, get out of range of the Hover
Tank's fire and use it to take it out.  Or you could use your Vaporizer,
whatever you want.  You can also take out the Troopers from here if you want
to.  After the tank explodes, a Swingshot target will appear.  Be very careful
when you head to the right; blast away the Troopers on the higher platform,
then go after the ones at your level.  Get up onto the high platform, then
Swingshot over to the next platform, kill the Troopers with your Lancer, then
jump over the Dynamo platforms.  Turn right and Swingshot over to the next
area.  Talk to the Mathematician and prepare for a boss fight!

==Thugs-4-Less Leader (Mech 1)==

Here you'll be fighting as Giant Clank.  Square button punches, O fires
missiles, X jumps, and Triangle throws a bomb (if you have one).  Basically,
never lose sight of the Thugs-4-Less leader.  Shoot at him when you have a
clear shot, and when you're near him, punch him (or throw a bomb, which will
stun him momentarily, and then punch away).  You can also do damage by jumping
and landing on him.  There are health, missile, and bomb pickups scattered
around and in buildings.  The helicopters flying around are also not just a
mere nuisance.  If you're attacked by a lot of them, they can kill you pretty
fast.  Punch them or jump on them and they will give you health when you need
it.  The mech has the same attacks as you; when the screen turns red, it means
he's about to throw a bomb, which in turn means you should jump out of the way.

When you beat him, you get coordinates for Planet Joba.  Take the taxi back to
your ship; we're going to the Hrugis Cloud first.

IV m.  --Hrugis Cloud--Deep Space Disposal Facility-- <4mHRU>

Alright, another flying mission.  After finding Fizzwidget's password to be
incorrect, the facility's defenses turn on you.  The goal here is to destroy
the six turrets before they can be repaired by the repair bots.  This is easier
to do if you have an upgraded booster and lasers.  To make it even easier, go
around and shoot each turret (the look like floating satellites) and shoot them
until they begin smoking.  When you get back to the first one, simply shoot it
until it's destroyed, boost to the next, rinse and repeat.  Easy.

The other challenges shouldn't be too hard either; in one you have to destroy
some rogue Repair Bots, in another you have to defeat a team of saboteurs
before they disable the facility, and the other is the natural Space Race.

After this, go to Joba.

                               V. Bosses                        <5BOSS>

==Swamp Monster 1 (Oozla Plant Boss)==

Easy, just strafe in front of him and shoot with your Lancer.  Make sure you
dodge his occasional tentacle attack.

==Swamp Monster 2==(Gravity Boots required)

In the Megacorp store on Oozla, you may recall seeing a gravity boot track.  If
not, look for it near the end, it's hard to miss.  Go up and slide down the
pipe at the top of the walkway.  Here you'll fight the swamp creature again,
only you'll see its true face.  Plus, it has quite a lot more life than before.
 You want to keep moving, and constantly shooting.  By the time you get the
Gravity Boots, you should have a lot of upgraded weapons.  The Meteor Gun is
the best way to go (meaning you'll have to get close to this gruesome
creature).  If you run out of Meteor Gun ammo, switch to the Minirocket Tube,
Vaporizer, or basically any other weapon you can use.  The Swamp Creature has a
few attacks; one, he sweeps at you with his tentacles.  Two, he shoots
acid-type stuff out of his mouth and destroys some lily pads.  Three, he comes
at you, stabbing with his pincers.  You need to just run away from him when he
does this, not bothering to attack.  If he hits you, he'll eat you, then spit
you back out.  However, the real danger is if you're not able to get out of the
swamp water in time; after you jump three times, you sink.  For winning, you
get the Box Breaker.

==Thugs-4-Less Leader (Helicopter)==(Endako)

He has a few main attacks.  He'll shoot out little purple balls of lightning
that travel across the platform on a set path.  Wait for their paths to be set,
then just run around them.  He'll also shoot a wave of missiles across the
platform that you must jump over, and some missiles that will break down the
barricades in front of you.  Near the end, he'll fly up a little (just out of
range of your guns) and shoot missiles at you.  As usual, the trick is to
strafe (mostly) and concentrate more on dodging attacks than shooting him.


He has the same two attacks from the train, as well as a new one that sends
bots at you.  Kill the bots by throwing a Mini-Nuke into the middle of the
groups, then continue shooting at the thief.  Because the battle started off
with the thief missing about a third of his health (maybe a quarter...hmm...),
this battle is incredibly easy.

==Thugs-4-Less Leader (Mech 1)==(Dobbo Orbit)

Here you'll be fighting as Giant Clank.  Square button punches, O fires
missiles, X jumps, and Triangle throws a bomb (if you have one).  Basically,
never lose sight of the Thugs-4-Less leader.  Shoot at him when you have a
clear shot, and when you're near him, punch him (or throw a bomb, which will
stun him momentarily, and then punch away).  You can also do damage by jumping
and landing on him.  There are health, missile, and bomb pickups scattered
around and in buildings.  The helicopters flying around are also not just a
mere nuisance.  If you're attacked by a lot of them, they can kill you pretty
fast.  Punch them or jump on them and they will give you health when you need
it.  The mech has the same attacks as you; when the screen turns red, it means
he's about to throw a bomb, which in turn means you should jump out of the way.

				VI. Enemies                             <6ENEM>

MSR I - Chainsaw Model
Location: Flying Lab over Aranos, Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array, Maktar Arena
Description: Mid-sized blue robot with...well, a big chainsaw on its arm.
Strategy: Just use a Hyper Strike (X + Square) and they'll go down in one hit.

MSR II - Flamethrower Model
Location: Flying Lab over Aranos, Maktar Arena
Description: Same as above, but red-orangey with a flamethrower.
Strategy: I recommend using your Lancer since the flamethrower never stops.

Blade Ball
Location: Flying Lab over Aranos, Maktar Arena
Description: Silver sphere with orange spots.  When it gets close, it opens and
shows many blades.
Strategy: Keep swinging at them or take them out with a weapon (one hit from
any weapon will do).

Mutant Muckdweller
Location: Oozla
Description: Small, with strange yellow eyes and long ears.
Strategy: These often come in good-sized groups.  Plow through them or use a
Gravity Bomb.

Mutant Swamp Beast
Location: Oozla
Description: As I like to call them, cycloptic snails of DEATH!
Strategy: You only have to worry about them at close range.  Still, it's
easiest to whack away with the wrench.

Mutant Firefly
Location: Oozla
Description: Small, glowing, flying thing, you really can't miss them.
Strategy: Wait till they're bearing down on you (they kinda look toward you
then move in fairly slowly) and blast with your Lancer.

Thugs-4-Less Brute
Location: Maktar Resort
Description: Large, purple, alligator-like creature.
Strategy: Will sometimes shoot Chickenbots, but also shoots waves of missiles. 
They usually stand conveniently close to explosives...

Megacorp Chickenbot
Location: Maktar Resort, Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array, Notak
Description: Small, but with a big mouth and a glowing eye-like thing.
Strategy: Much like the Muckdwellers, they are very weak armor-wise and move in
groups.  Use Lancer, Bombs, Wrench, whatever you want, they're not that tough.

Megacorp Gladiator
Location: Maktar Arena
Description: Green skin, shield with big glowing sphere on it, and a large
Strategy: A lot of times, in trying to hit you, they hit each other and do your
work for you.  I prefer to take them out at a distance, but it's usually safe
to whack them around, too.

Megacorp Sweeper Bot
Location: Endako
Description: Small, spinning robot with a large spotlight on its head.
Strategy: Like the Chickenbots and Muckdwellers, they have next to no defense
and travel in groups.  Use an explosive weapon if you want to get rid of them

Megacorp Laser Bot
Location: Endako
Description: Hmm...kind of looks like a fire hydrant with a spinning laser o.o
Strategy: I recommend long-range weapons so you don't have to deal with the

Megacorp Rivet Bot
Location: Endako
Description: Big, black, and carries two guns.
Strategy: There weren't very many of these that I had to fight on Endako (only
about 3 of them), but they all had explosive boxes near them.  If you can knock
them into those boxes...

Gadgetron Hound of Cuddly Death
Location: Barlow
Description: Small, cute, big ears, and bright blue eyes.
Strategy: Basically the same as Chickenbots: travel in groups, and have
virtually no defense.

Vukovar Tribesmen
Location: Barlow
Description: Skinny, purple snake-like faces.
Strategy: They have shields, so they're basically the same as the Gladiators in
the Arena.

Barlowian Saur-Beast
Location: Barlow
Description: Big, dinosaur-like, purple, saddled.
Strategy: These guys are tough.  If they charge, RUN!  Otherwise, use weapons. 
Depending on the situation, you may or may not want to use heavy weaponry. 
Don't underestimate them.

Thugs-4-Less Henchman
Location: Notak
Description: Slim and lizard-like, with a big gun thing.
Strategy: Fairly easy.  They shoot slow-moving lightning balls at you, so you
only need to worry if you're surrounded by a large group of them.  Otherwise,
focus more on dodging their attacks.

Thugs-4-Less Attack Ship
Location: Notak
Description: Red & gold ship with a long cannon coming out of the front.
Strategy: Ranged attacks are required, as these ships like floating over deep
water or some other area you don't want to fall into.  Use the Lancer, or
possibly the Seeker Gun.

MSR I - Chainsaw Model V2.0
Location: Siberius
Description: Blue with somewhat greenish armor, and a chainsaw on one arm.
Strategy: They're basically the same as the original MSR I's except these have
better armor.  Use Hyper Strikes to kill them quickly without wasting ammo.

MSR II - Flamethrower Model V2.0
Location: Siberius
Description: Orange with red armor, flamethrower on one arm.
Strategy: These Flamethrower Models can actually shoot fireballs at you for an
effective ranged attack.  Use long-range weapons to kill them easily, or you
can Hyper Strike them.

Mutant Sandfly
Location: Tabora
Description: Silver flying beetle.
Strategy: They're exactly the same as their cousins on Oozla.  Just shoot with
your Lancer or wait till they come close and use your wrench.

Desert Dune Monster
Location: Tabora
Description: Glowing pink eye that shoots out energy beams, has a big mouth.
Strategy: For each one you defeat, you get a crystal, but it's not easy.  Your
Lancer is pretty much ineffective.  The best weapon I've found is the
Vaporizer, but it only has 8 ammo.  You may want to have the Minirocket Tube as

Spitting Dune Crawler
Location: Tabora
Description: Round mouth, very reptile-like, has yellow eyes
Strategy: Pretty easy, but they have some armor you must get through.  Only use
your wrench when you're not surrounded by them.  They shoot acid at you, so you
must be careful.

Megacorp Trooper
Location: Dobbo
Description: Bot with red armor and yellow eyes
Strategy: These guys travel in groups and hide behind durable objects quite
often.  Use an explosive weapon or Mini/Megaturrets when they're behind
barricades; otherwise, use the weapon of your choice.  Just be careful to dodge
their shots!

Megacorp Sentinel
Location: Dobbo
Description: Floating bot with yellow dome on top, shines light on the ground.
Strategy: If you keep out of their light, they won't bother you.  If they DO
see you, however, run.  They have heavy armor, so fighting is not recommended.

Megacorp Hover Tank
Location: Dobbo
Description: Floating brown and yellow tank with a long cannon barrel sticking
Strategy: Long-distance weapons, like the Pulse Rifle or Visibomb Gun, are the
way to go.

Megacorp Security Turret
Location: Dobbo
Description: The bot itself remains hidden most of the time, but it shoots
electricity along a path that can be jumped over.
Strategy: Jump over the electricity it sends out, then hit it from behind to
disable it.

Blade Ball v2.0
Location: Dobbo
Description: Floating metal sphere with green lights on it.
Strategy: Same as the original Blade Ball, except these have more armor.

Megacorp Chickenbot v2.0
Location: Dobbo
Description: Small, red robot with a yellow visor.
Strategy: Takes more hits to kill than the regular Chickenbots.  One hit
usually takes care of the armor, the next kills it.  Use weapons when necessary.

		           VII. Gadgets, Items, and Armor           <7GADG>

--Hand Items--

Acquired: Oozla
Use: Starting broken-down electrical equipment.

Acquired: Maktar Resort, Arena
Use: Repairing busted electrical equipment

Acquired: (in three parts) 1. Smolg, 2. Damosel, 3. Grelbin, assembled on
Use: Controlling receiver bots.

Acquired: Joba, Arena
Use: Unlocking doors.

Acquired: Endako, Clank's Apartment
Use: Swinging across large gaps/chasms.

Acquired: Barlow, frozen Gadgetron scientist
Use: Freezing and thawing bodies of water/ice.

Tractor Beam
Acquired: Oozla
Use: Moving large or otherwise unmovable objects.

--Back Packs--

Acquired: Tabora
Use: Flying fairly long distances.

Acquired: Endako
Use: Long jumps, high jumps, gliding.

Acquired: Endako
Use: Moving quickly underwater (by holding R1)

Acquired: Joba, just outside of Arena
Use: Flying short distances.

Acquired: Endako
Use: Long jumps, high jumps, gliding.

--Foot Items--

Charge Boots
Acquired: Joba, after winning the first Hoverbike race
Use: Double-tap R1 to shoot along really fast.  However, you have very little
control over Ratchet when he's using them.

Gravity Boots
Acquired: Joba, Arena
Use: Same as the Magnet Boots from the first game--walking along metal walkways

Acquired: Endako, Clank's apartment
Use: Grinding along pipes.


Commando Suit
Available: start of game
Cost: None
Description: Standard issue commando gear that provides little protection.

Tetrafiber Armor
Available: Dobbo
Cost: 25,000 Bolts
Description: Stronger than the Commando Suit, this armor can protect against
33% of damage.

			     VIII. Weapons                            <8WEAP>

Note: In the Ammo section, the number before the slash represents ammo before
the upgrade, and the number after the slash is after the upgrade.

Blitz Gun
Price: 15,000 Bolts
Available: Maktar
Upgraded to: Blitz Cannon
Ammo: 40/40

Bomb Glove *
Price: 1,000 Bolts
Available: Barlow
Ammo: 40

Price: 100,000 Bolts
Available: Tabora
Upgraded to: Heavy Bouncer
Ammo: 25/25

Price: 5,000 Bolts
Available: Oozla
Upgraded to: Multi-star
Ammo: 35/35

Gravity Bomb
Price: 0 Bolts (Given at start of game)
Upgraded to: Mini-Nuke
Ammo: 8/8

Hoverbomb Gun
Price: 120,000 Bolts
Ammo: 10

Price: 0 Bolts (Given at start of game)
Upgraded to: Heavy Lancer
Ammo: 200/300

Lava Gun
Price: 25,000 Bolts
Available: Tabora
Upgraded to: Meteor Gun
Ammo: 200/200

Minirocket Tube
Price: 50,000 Bolts
Available: Dobbo
Upgraded to: Megarocket Cannon
Ammo: 25/25

Miniturret Glove
Price: 25,000 Bolts
Available: Endako
Upgraded to: Megaturret Glove
Ammo: 20/20

Omniwrench 8000
Price: N/A (start of game)

Omniwrench 10000
Price: Found on Tabora

Plasma Coil
Price: 150,000
Upgraded to: Plasma Storm
Ammo: 15/15

Pulse Rifle
Price: 20,000 Bolts
Available: Endako
Upgraded to: Vaporizer
Ammo: 8/8

Price: 1,000,000 Bolts
Available: Barlow

Seeker Gun
Price: 5,000 Bolts
Available: Barlow
Upgraded to: HK22 Gun
Ammo: 25/20

Price: N/A
Available: Todano
Upgraded to: Black Sheepinator
Ammo: N/A

Shield Charger
Price: 100,000 Bolts
Upgraded to: Tesla Barrier
Ammo: 5/8

Price: 65,000 Bolts
Available: Tabora
Upgraded to: Kilonoid
Ammo: 12/12

Tesla Claw *
Price: 8,000 Bolts
Available: Barlow
Ammo: 300

Price: 1,500,000 Bolts

*These weapons can't be upgraded, and can only be found at Gadgetron.  There's
a Gadgetron store on Barlow.

				IX. FAQ                                 <9FrAQ>

                        X. Secrets/Extras                       <10SEC>

First, a BIG THANK YOU to Jared, aka ragnaroker2 on the GameFAQs boards, for
doing this section (in its entirety).

--|Insomniac Museum|--

How to get there:

Once you reach Silver City on the planet Boldan, you can get to the Insomniac
Museum. First, you have to travel through the super-highway section in order to
get to where you open the gate: Once there, look to your right, (or right in
front of you if you are coming from your ship through the open gate) and there
will be a ladder part where you have to jump on a climb. This will lead to a
section where you have to grind the power lines to reach another weapon mod
shop. Hop on the power lines and grind until you reach the last transformer
before the FIRST construction area. Purposely hit the transformer on the left
and glide over to the ground to your left. There will be a road at this area,
which forks in front of a purple building. Take the path on the right and head
towards the building down that path.

Once you reach it, go around it to the left and behind it. You will sink down
if you are walking on the grass, but don't worry about that. Equip a good
weapon at this point. You will have to jump around the corner of the building
to get behind it. Now, face the building and try to walk through it, (you may
have to jump into it) and, once inside, immediately center your camera, (tap
L1) because there are some Thugs-4-Less goons inside. Kill them all until they
quit warping inside. Inside this building there will be two warp pads, one
takes you back to the ship, and one takes you to the Insomniac Museum. Step on
the latter and press triangle, and you will be in your ship, flying to Planet
Burbank, (called Planet Dantopia on the save) which looks just like Earth.

Now that you're here:

Now that you're here, there are many things you can do. You'll probably notice
little floating squares with pictures of people in them. Under them will be
little pads. Step on one and a box will appear saying "triangle Play help
message" The help messages are introductions for the room you are in.

The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Okay:

The Good: A few of these rooms have pretty neat stuff. The room just to the
right of the start point has some gravity spheres created for Silver City, but
were cut out, largely due to the fact that they are quite nauseating.

Right behind the wall that says Insomniac Museum at the entrance will be a
vehicle you can drive. There are two other vehicles in here, one that looks
like a pathetic taxi, and one that looks like an early concept for hoverbike
racing, complete with guns that can be fire by pressing the fire button.

If you head left from the entrance, then come back around the wall, (basically
go left, head to the end, and turn left again) you will see what the water
system originally looked like. This water effect is really amazing.
Unfortunately, just that little patch taxes the game to the limits, so it was
cut. You can still play with, and see it in action.

There is a room where you will see a Thugs-4-Less goon shooting a little block
man, a giant beam of what the goon is shooting, and an explosion. You can
change these using wonderful debug technology. You can change the beam to how
you like it, then see them block man get shot by it (don't worry, he's evil). 
There is another room nearby that you can do similar stuff to a tornado, but
this room is better.

Over in the area where you find the vehicle with guns, there is a spot where
you can make you own Infiltrator puzzle. Simply stand on the pad and press L1 &
R1. This will bring up a menu of stuff I don't understand. Play around with the
values a little, then press triangle to exit the menu, the press triangle again
to play your puzzle.

By now, you're probably wondering what all those little ramps are for. Well,
these little ramps are gravity ramps! You'll be bouncing off the walls with
these babies!

In the back of the building you will find a hard-as-heck Electrolyzer puzzle
(sorry, you can't edit this one...) that will allow you to go outside. Once you
beat it, the giant garage door looking doors will open. Here, you have two
options, if you look around where you are outside, you'll see another floating
head/help message thing that tells you about the warp pad in front of it. You
can step on it and go to the pink building that you can see. Inside here is a
bunch of test stuff for jump heights/lengths, wall jump, and floor angles. Not
much here.

If you choose not to go there, there is a really neat Gravity Tower on the side
of the building. If you'll look, you'll notice a ledge that just sticks out
past the fence. Jump over the fence and onto the ledge, then head right. You'll
run into a column that you'll have to jump around. Continue on until you reach
another area like where you came from and head to the right some more, and
you'll reach a giant gravity tower! Please note that there is a glitch in the
building that, if you try to jump from the big ball on the tower to the
building, you'll get stuck in a ventilation shaft like thing and can't get out
unless you reload. If you continue on past the ramp and around the building,
you'll find another floating head, but no help message. Head back to the Tower.
If you walk to the corner and look off, you'll notice your ship way out there,
but you can't get to it. In front of the Tower is another of those warp pads
like the one that takes you to the pink building. Step on it and press triangle
to be warped back to the gravity sphere room.

The Bad:

You'll not find that much bad stuff here, mostly bosses that were cut, which
just ticks me off, saying they're not fun. Bosses rule! On the left side of the
building, you'll find an enemy and a boss that were cut along with the Water
World level from RC1. They look like spaceships with landing gear.

On the right side of the building, you'll find a three-headed hydra miniboss
cut from Pokitaru. You would've fought him on the hovercraft part.  A little
farther along the right side, you'll find the jet ski that went on the water
world. You can't drive it, it just sits there colorless and bland.  In the
middle, you'll find a giant squid cut alongside its test level for RC2.

There are a few dumb things here. In the room on the back right, you find a
hologuise helmet, the original version of the hologuise. Walk under it and
you'll see it doesn't fit. Apparently it was changed because of squirrels with

You'll find the original version of the Gadgetron vendor near the water effect
room. It, too, was cut by squirrels with hacksaws. However, they had backup
from Insomniac's lawyers. The big pink building mentioned above falls under the
category of bad. It's at the bottom because it's the lowest of the low.

The Okay:

In the back-left corner of the building, you'll find a weird screen used for
distortion bubbles and heat hazing. Try going up the ramp on the short wall and
look at it in first person. Looks kinda cool. In the connected room (the one
with the taxi), you'll find a block dude like the one the Thugs-4-Less dude was
shooting. Hit him, run him over, shoot him in sensitive areas, whatever! He
won't mind.  In the next room on the left side of the building, you'll find the
drill used by the guy who gives you Raritanium on the first game. Apparently it
used to be a weapon called the Revolverator. It turned out to not be a good
weapon, so they found a new use for it.  In the middle isle, you'll find a bug
ship that was cut from Snivelak. You wouldn't have fought it, it was just

In the area where you find the gunship, there is a room with a small pyramid
with the top cut off. This is called the Corn system, and was used to make the
breakables prettier. Give it a whack.  In the connected room (you'll have to go
through this room to get there) is a random robot NPC, who was sabotaged in by
chickens in the infamous "Day of Poultry" where chickens swarmed Insomniac.
Looks like the Morph-o-Ray really worked...

		XI. Acknowledgements                                <11ACK>

Thanks are in order to the following people:

thekingofthisgame - for rating my ASCII art o_O

Gallavant - for your wonderful praise and suggestions.

Warhawk - for complimenting me to no end.

Jared (ragnaroker2 on GameFAQs) - for complimenting me, making suggestions, AND
contributing to this FAQ.  A LOT.

Stephen Ng - for tuning me into faqs.ign.com

And all the readers - heh, well, you know.  Without you, I'd be writing a FAQ
for...well, no one in particular.