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Title - NCAA Football 2004 Rivalry Guide
Platform - PlayStation 2TM
Version - 1.2
Author - "DTheaterFan" Greg Necastro
E-mail - gnecastro@hotmail.com
Updated - July 23rd, 2003

2003 Greg Necastro. All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

i.  Legalese
1.  Introduction
2.  How to play rivalries
3.  Rivalries with Trophies
4.  Rivalries without Trophies
5.  Errors
6.  Closing

i. The legal stuff

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1. Introduction

Starting with NCAA Football 2003, EA Sports added rivalry mode to enhance the
college football experience.  The purpose is to enhance some of the yearly games
that have more on the line than just a win.  Sometimes it's a trophy that goes to
the winner.  Sometimes, it's just bragging rights.  

In the game, EA enhances rivalry games with special graphics and additional
commentary that talks specifically about the rivalry.  Some of the smaller rivalries
may not have as much commentary.  Also, many of the rivalries have trophies that you
can display in your trophy case by winning the rivalry game with either team.

2.  How to play rivalries

There are two ways to play a rivalry game.  The first way is to select Rivalry Game 
from the Game Modes menu option.  Once in rivalry mode, select the rivalry you wish to 
play, select which team you want to play with, and play just like a normal exhibition game.  
Also, you can play rivalries in Dynasty mode if the team you are coaching has a rivalry 
game that occurs during the season.  In both instances, if you win the game, the 
trophy (if there is one) is added to your trophy room.

3.  Rivalries with Trophies

EA has included many traveling trophies that can be won in a rivalry game.  This is not 
a list of every college football trophy, but it is the ones you can win in the game.  In 
the list below, there is the school, their rival, the historical record of the rivalry and 
who is leading the series, the name of the game (if it has a special title), and the name 
of the trophy you can win.  If there is no game title listed, then the game simply lists 
it as "Rivalry Game".  Also, if a game title begins with "BF" it stands for "Battle for the..."

Team		Rival		Record		Game Title
ODK-Foy Sportsmanship Trophy
Alabama		Auburn		38-28-1 BAMA	Iron Bowl		

Territorial Cup
Arizona		Arizona St.	43-32-1 ARIZONA	Big Game

Golden Boot
Arkansas	LSU		29-17-2 LSU	BF Golden Boot		

Commander-in-Chief Trophy
Army		Navy		48-48-7		Army-Navy Game		

Ireland Trophy
Boston College	Notre Dame	9-5-0 ND	BF Ireland Trophy	

Peace Pipe
Bowling Green	Toledo		35-28-4 BGSU	Battle of I-75		

Stanford Axe
Cal		Stanford	49-38-10 STAN	Big Game

Victory Bell
Cincinnati	Miami (OH)	57-43-7 MIAMIU	BF Victory Bell		

Textile Bowl Trophy
Clemson		NC State	44-26-1 CLEMSON	Textile Bowl		

Bronze Boot
Colorado St.	Wyoming		51-38-5 CSU	Border War		

Administaff Bayou Bucket
Houston		Rice		21-8-0 HOUSTON	BF A.B.B.		
Sweet Sioux Tomahawk
Illinois	Northwestern	51-40-5 ILL	BF Sweet Sioux Tomahawk	

Illinois	Ohio St.	58-29-4 BUCKS	BF Illiback		
Purdue Cannon
Illinois	Purdue		41-33-6 ILL	BF Purdue Cannon	

Old Oaken Bucket
Indiana		Purdue		64-33-6 PUR	BF Old Oaken Bucket	

Old Brass Spittoon
Indiana		Michigan St.	36-13-2 MSU	BF Old Brass Spittoon	

Cy-Hawk Trophy
Iowa		Iowa St. 	33-17-0 IOWA	BF Cy-Hawk Trophy	

Floyd of Rosedale
Iowa		Minnesota	58-36-2 MINN	BF Floyd of Rosedale	

Telephone Trophy
Iowa St.	Missouri	53-33-9 MIZZOU	BF Telephone Trophy	

Marching Drum
Kansas		Missouri	51-51-9		Border War		

Governor's Cup
Kansas		Kansas St.	61-34-5 KANSAS	BF Governor's Cup	

The Bell
Marshall	Ohio		29-15-6 OHIO	BF The Bell		

Paul Bunyan's Trophy
Michigan	Michigan St.	62-28-5 MICH	BF Paul Bunyan's Trophy	

Little Brown Jug
Michigan	Minnesota	63-23-3 MICH	BF Little Brown Jug	

Michigan St.	Notre Dame	42-23-1 ND	BF Megaphone		

Paul Bunyan's Axe
Minnesota	Wisconsin	58-46-8 MINN	BF Paul Bunyan's Axe	

Governor's Victory Bell
Minnesota	Penn State	4-2-2 PSU	BF G.V.B.		

Golden Egg Trophy
Mississippi St.	Ole Miss	53-40-6 OLE	Egg Bowl		

Miss-Neb Bell
Missouri	Nebraska	61-32-3 NEB	BF Miss-Neb Bell	

Maloot Trophy
New Mexico 	New Mexico St.	60-28-5 UNM	Battle of I-25		

Silver Spade
New Mexico St.	UTEP		45-33-2 UTEP	Battle of I-10		

Jeweled Shillelagh
Notre Dame	USC		42-27-5 ND	BF Jeweled Shillelagh	

Shillelagh Trophy
Notre Dame	Purdue		49-23-2 ND	BF Shillelagh Trophy	

Golden Hat
Oklahoma	Texas		56-36-5 TEXAS	Red River Shootout	

Victory Bell
UCLA		USC		38-27-7 USC	BF Victory Bell		

Commonwealth Cup
Virginia	Virginia Tech	43-36-5 VTECH	BF Commonwealth Cup	
Black Diamond Trophy
Virginia Tech	West Virginia	27-20-1 WVU	BF Black Diamond Trophy	

Apple Cup
Washington	Washington St.	62-27-6 WASH			

4.  Rivalries without Trophies

These are the rivalries in the game that do not have trophies that can be won.  
Although some games list a trophy that the schools compete for, EA did not include 
them in the game. Again, if there is no game title listed, then the game simply 
lists it as "Rivalry Game".

Team		Rival		Record		Game Title		
Air Force	Army		25-10-0 AF	BF Commander-In-Chief Trophy
Air Force	Colorado St.	23-17-1 AF	BF Ram-Falcon Trophy
Akron		Kent St.	13-7-0 AKRON	BF Wagon Wheel
Alabama		Tennessee	43-34-8 BAMA	Third Saturday in October
Alabama		LSU		43-18-5 BAMA
Alabama A&M	Alabama St.	29-29-3		Magic City Classic
Alabama St.	Miss. Valley St	16-12-1 MVSU
Alcorn St.	Jackson St.	37-19-1 JSU	Capital City Classic
Appalachian St	West. Carolina	49-17-1 APPST	BF Old Mountain Jug
Ark. Pine-Bluff	Texas Southern	17-11-1 UAPB
Arkansas	Mississippi St.	7-5-1 ARK
Auburn		Georgia		51-47-8 AUB	Deep South's Oldest Rivalry
Ball St.	Northern Ill.	17-11-2 BALL
Ball St.	Miami (OH)	11-6-0 MIAMIU
Baylor		Texas		66-22-4 TEXAS
Bethune-Cookman	Florida A&M	43-12-1 FAMU	Florida Classic
Boise St.	Idaho		17-14-1 IDAHO
Boston College	Miami		21-3-0 MIAMI
Bowling Green	Kent St.	50-15-6 BGSU	BF Anniversary Award
Brown		Columbia	42-23-2 BROWN
Brown		Rhode Island	64-21-2 BROWN	BF Governor's Cup
Buffalo		UCONN		6-1-0 UCONN
BYU		Utah		46-28-4 UTAH	Holy War
BYU		Utah St.	40-33-3 BYU	BF Old Wagon Wheel
BYU		Hawaii		19-8-0 BYU
Cent. Michigan	West. Michigan	15-7-1 CMU
Cent. Michigan	East. Michigan	16-5-2 CMU
Chattanooga	East Tenn. St.	21-16-1 CHAT
Cincinnati	UAB		5-1-0 CINCY
Cincinnati	Louisville	26-15-1 CINCY	BF Keg of Nails
Clemson		South Carolina	60-36-4 CLEM	Battle of the Palmetto State
COlorado	Colorado St.	54-18-2 CU	Rocky Mountain Showdown
Colorado	Nebraska	43-16-2 NEB
Cornell		Penn		62-42-5 PENN
Dartmouth	Princeton	41-37-4 DART
Delaware	Villanova	18-17-1 VILLA
Delaware	William & Mary	15-11-0 UD
Delaware St.	Morgan St.	26-20-1 MORGAN
Duke		North Carolina	50-34-4 UNC	BF Victory Bell
E. Washington	Portland St.	15-9-1 PORTST
East Tenn. St.	Furman		22-7-0 FURMAN
ECU		Southern Miss	21-7-0 USM
Elon		Wofford		17-9-0 WOFF
Florida		Florida St.	27-18-2 FLA	BF Governor's Cup
Florida		Georgia		44-34-2 UGA	World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party
Florida		Miami		26-25-0 MIAMI	BF Seminole War Canoe
Florida		Tennessee	17-15-0 TENN	
Florida	A&M	S. Carolina St.	29-11-2 FAMU	Orange Blosom/Palmetto Classic
Florida St.	Miami		26-20-0 MIAMI
Florida St. 	Virginia	10-1-0 FSU	BF Jefferson-Eppes Trophy
Fresno St.	San Diego St.	26-21-4 SDSU
Fresno St.	San Jose St.	32-31-3 SJSU
Fresno St.	Hawaii		18-16-1 FS
Furman		The Citadel	51-28-3 FURMAN
Furman		GA. Southern	10-4-0 GSU
Georgia		Georgia Tech	54-38-5 UGA	Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate
Grambling St.	Southern	28-24-0 SOUTH	Bayou Classic
Grambling St.	Prairie View 	38-12-1 GRAMB	State Fair Classic
Hampton		Norfolk St.	21-17-1 NSU	Battle of the Bay Classic
Hampton		Howard		40-38-1 HOWARD	
Harvard		Yale		64-47-8 YALE	The Game
Hawaii		Wyoming		12-85-0 WYO	BF Paniolo Trophy
Idaho		Washington St.	65-16-3 WSU
Idaho		Montana		55-26-2 IDAHO	BF Little Brown Stein
Idaho St.	Weber St.	27-14-0 WEBER
Illinois St.	Southen ILL	32-30-3 SIU
Illinois St.	Western ILL	44-37-3 WIU
Indiana		Kentucky	17-16-1 IU
Indiana St.	Illinois St.	27-25-2 INDST
Jackson St.	Southern	22-20-0 JSU
James Madison	William & Mary	13-11-0 W&M
James Madison	Richmond	12-8-0 RICH
Kentucky	Louisville	10-5-0 UK	BF Governor's Cup
Kentucky	Tennessee	66-23-9 TENN
Louisville	Memphis		20-18-0 LOUIS
LSU		Ole Miss	50-37-4 LSU
LSU		Tulane		65-22-7 LSU	BF Tiger Rag
Maine		New Hampshire	42-40-8 MAINE
Maryland	Virginia	38-27-2 UMD
Marlyand	West Virginia	19-19-2
Memphis		Southern Miss	35-17-1 USM
Miami		Syracuse	14-7-0 MIAMI
Miami		Virginia Tech	15-5-0 MIAMI
Miami (OH)	Ohio		48-29-2 MIAMIU
Miami (OH)	West. Michigan	36-16-1 MIAMIU	BF Peace Pipe
Michigan	Ohio St.	56-37-6 MICH
Michigan	Notre Dame	17-12-1
Michigan St.	Penn St.	10-9-1 MSU	BF Land Grant Trophy
Montana		Montana St.	64-33-5 MONT	Brawl of the Wild
N. Carolina A&T	S. Carolina St.	20-18-3 SCSU	Carolina's Classic
Navy		Air Force	25-10-0 AF	BF Commander-in-Chief Trophy
NC State	North Carolina	60-26-6 UNC
Nebraska	Oklahoma	40-37-3 OU
Nevada		UNLV		15-13-0 NEVADA	BF Freemont Cannon
New Hampshire	UMASS		37-25-3 UMASS
New Hampshire	Northeastern	37-12-1 UNH
New Mexico	UTEP		41-28-3 UNM
New Mexico St.	North Texas	20-9-2 UNT
North Carolina	Wake Forest	65-32-2 UNC
Northeastern	UMASS		23-8-1 UMASS
Northern Iowa	SW Missouri St.	19-4-0 UNI
Notre Dame	Stanford	11-6-0 ND	BF Legends Trophy
Oklahoma	Oklahoma St.	74-16-7 OU	Bedlam Game
Oklahoma St.	Tulsa		37-27-5 OKST
Oregon		Oregon St.	53-43-10 OREGON	Civil War
Penn		Princeton	61-32-1 PRINCE
Penn St.	Pittsburgh	50-21-2 PSU
Pittsburgh	W. Virginia	58-34-3 PITT	Backyard Brawl
Pittsburgh	Temple		24-8-1 PITT
Prairie View 	TX. Southern	39-15-1 TSU	Labor Day Classic
Rhode Island	UMASS		47-33-2 UMASS
Rice		SMU		44-35-1 SMU	BF Mayor's Cup
Rice		Tulsa		6-1-1 RICE	BF Williams Trophy
Richmond	William & Mary	57-50-5 W&M	South's Oldest Rivalry
Rutgers		Temple		17-15-0 TEM
San Diego St.	UNLV		6-6-0
SMU		TCU		38-38-7		BF Iron Skillet
Southern Miss	Tulane		17-7-0 USM	BF The Bell
Syracuse	West Virginia	30-20-0 SU	BF Schwartzwalder Trophy
Tennessee	Vanderbilt	65-26-5 TENN
Texas		Texas A&M	70-34-5 TEXAS	Lone Star Shootout
Texas		Texas Tech	38-14-0 TEXAS
UL Lafayette	UL Monroe	9-7-0 ULM
Utah		Utah St.	68-29-4 UTAH	BF Beehive Boot
West. Illinois	West. Kentucky	4-3-0 WKU
West. Illinois	Youngstown St.	9-9-0
West. Kentucky	Youngstown St.	8-4-0 WKU

5.  Errors

This section contains errors found in the rivalry listing.

a) Military Acadamies
The Commander-in-Chief trophy is given to the best service acadamy after the Army-Navy, 
Army-Air Force, and Navy-Air Force football games.  Although Air Force has won the trophy 
16 times (Army 6, Navy 5) and have won every year since 1996, it appears the game only 
awards the trophy, for your trophy room, to the Army-Navy game.  Games with Air Force  are
listed as "BF Commander-in-Chief Trophy", but the icon of the trophy does not appear.

Thanks to everyone who enlightened me about this.

6.  Closing

I compiled this guide to create a single source for people to look at the rivalry portion 
of NCAA Football 2004.  If you discover any errors in what is written and what the game 
shows, please let me know.

Do not contact me about the following:

Why isn't this game listed as rivalry game?
How come this trophy isn't shown?
Why are there so many Big 10 trophies?
Any gameplay questions.