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Monster Rancher 4 CD/DVD List
English Version
By Vicky Moran
Version 1.05
Last Updated 11/23/03
This MR 4 CD/DVD List is Copyright (C) Vicky Moran 2003
May not be reproduced in any form without permission

First of all, I will not be accepting any outside information about CD or DVD
monsters that others have found, unless they are main/??? breeds.  It's not
that I don't love you all or anything, it's just that I will get 200 emails of
a couple CDs each and that's too much to handle.  If you have a lot of CDs,
make a FAQ yourself!  It'll be fun...really.  I will, however, post this on the
message boards, and you can make additions yourself there if you are registered
to post. If you are going to email me, realize that my RoyalPiratFatima inbox
gets spammed constantly (200+ a day, and I just enabled some more controls over
what emails can get through) and that it may be a while before I respond.  If
you need to ask me what a certain CD is (my boyfriend has a lot of weird CDs,
and you might not know what the CD is/where to get it) please feel free to
email me and ask me about CDs.

Second, this information/file is not to be taken/used for sites on the
web, other than:

Other than these sites, please do not take or use this FAQ for your own
website use.  Also, do not cut and paste my information and claim it as
yours.  I know that a lot of people have the PSX/PS2/DC discs that I have, but
I KNOW that a lot of you don't have many of the CDs that are listed from here. 
These CDs are weird/rare, and DO exist, otherwise I wouldn't post them on this
FAQ, because it wouldn't do you any good.  However, feel free to print it out
and use it to help you in the game.  Personal uses such as helping you sort
through your CD collection to find monsters is OK.  Using this information in a
site or "guide" is NOT OK.

That being said, feel free to talk to me on the message boards about
the monsters.  If you think I made an error on any of these discs,
please leave me a message and I'll double check the disc, but know that
in some cases there are variants of the same disc, and they may have
different monsters.

11/23/03- Added about 100 or so CDs...

11/19/03- Finished the game and unlocked all the monsters, so all of my unknown
monsters are now known. Also added some more CDs.

11/17/03- Added 50+ more CDs, and corrected the name Koropendora and

11/16/03- Finally posted on gamefaqs, so here's a CD update!  Added about 40+
new CDs to the list.

11/14/03-  Welcome to my Monster Rancher 4 CD/DVD List.  As of right
now, there are approximately ~132 CDs/DVDs Listed here.  All items are
listed by their main type breeds. As of 11/14/03, they are mostly PS2,
PSX, and Dreamcast games.  In the coming days, I will be adding a lot
more music CDs, so check in for those.


Parasite Eve Disc 2		PSX	Antlan/Suezo		PharaohEye
Laurent Garnier Unreasonable	CD	Antlan/Suezo		PharaohEye
Monster Rancher 4		PS2	Antlan/???		Ant. Red
Monster Rancher 4		PS2	Antlan/???		Ant. Blue
Monster Rancher 4		PS2	Antlan/???		Ant. Yellow
Kingdom Hearts			PS2	Antlan/???		Dolaine
Elliott Smith 			CD	Antlan/Antlan		Antlan
Virtual On: Otario Tangram	DC	Antlan/Antlan		Antlan
Unkle: Rabbit/Headlights	CD	Antlan/Antlan		Antlan
Bread: Anthology of Bread	CD	Antlan/Garu
The Cure: Staring at the Sea	CD	Antlan/Garu
Peter Murphy: Deep		CD	Antlan/Raiden
Elliott Smith: XO		CD	Antlan/Plant		Ecologia
The Beatles: Past Masters Vol1	CD	Antlan/Plant		Ecologia
The Long Kiss Goodnight Wide	DVD	Antlan/Golem		RageRock
Quarashi Jinx			CD	Antlan/RhinoRoller	Rhinorhine
Pink Floyd: The Wall Disc 2	CD	Antlan/RhinoRoller	Rhinorhine

Ape Escape 2			PS2	Ape/???			Pipo Ape

Underground Jampack Su. 2K	PSX	Baku/Baku		Baku
SkyGunner			PS2	Baku/Garu		Red Hot Baku
Randy Travis: Heroes		CD	Baku/Garu
Square Pusher: Big Loada	CD	Baku/Hare		Gontar
Dual Hearts			PS2	Baku/Hare		Gontar
Stretch Princess		CD	Baku/Hare		Gontar
Richard James Aphex Twin	CD	Baku/Lesione 		Electrieel
Men in Black The Album		CD	Baku/Lesione		Electrieel

Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale	PSX	Beaclon/Zuum		Beegator
Shinobi				PS2	Beaclon/Beaclon		Beaclon
Prince: The B-Sides/Hits Disc 3	CD	Beaclon/Beaclon		Beaclon
Kenny Rogers: Best of		CD	Beaclon/Henger
Legally Blonde: Movie Side	DVD	Beaclon/Ducken		Ducklon
Louis Armstrong In Concert:WAWW	CD	Beaclon/Ducken		Ducklon
NIN Halo 14 Left		CD	Beaclon/Zan		Jelaydon
Billy Joel: Greatest hits Vol2	CD	Beaclon/Zan		Jelaydon
Disgaea				PS2	Beaclon/Golem		Beerock
The Beatles: Revolver		CD	Beaclon/Durahan		
Information Society		CD	Beaclon/Durahan
The Animatrix			DVD	Beaclon/???		Tanklon 2

Gungrave			PS2	Dragon/Golem		RockDragon
Indigo Girls: Rites/Passage	CD	Dragon/Golem		RockDragon
Air Supply: Greatest Hits	CD	Dragon/Golem		RockDragon
Highlander PAL version		DVD	Dragon/Golem		RockDragon
Digimon World			PSX	Dragon/Beaclon		Corkasus
.hack//liminality Volume 1	DVD	Dragon/Tiger		Crevasse
Harry Connick Jr. Trio: Lofty's	CD	Dragon/Naga
Klubbtraxx Volume 1		CD	Dragon/Raiden
Ani DiFranco: Living in Clip 1	CD	Dragon/Henger		TechnoDragon
Ani DiFranco: Living in Clip 2	CD	Dragon/Dragon		Dragon
Eric Clapton: Just One Night 2	CD	Dragon/Dragon		Dragon
Gamepro: December 2003		PS2	Dragon/???		Gameprobot

Legend of Legaia		PSX	Ducken/Golem		Blocken
City of Angels: Movie		DVD	Ducken/Golem		Blocken
New Order: Substance 1987 Disc1	CD	Ducken/Golem		Blocken
Superstar			DVD	Ducken/Golem		Blocken
John Mayer: Any Given Disc 2	CD	Ducken/Ducken		Ducken
O Brother, Where Art Thou?	DVD	Ducken/Ducken		Ducken
Billy Joel Greatest Hits II	CD	Ducken/Ducken		Ducken
Shanghai Noon			DVD	Ducken/Naga		Grapaduck
The Godfather II Disc 1		DVD	Ducken/Naga		Grapaduck
The Godfather Disc Extras	DVD	Ducken/Pancho		PumpkiDuck
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty	CD	Ducken/Pancho		PumpkiDuck	
Sinatra Reprise: Very Good Year	CD	Ducken/Pancho
STYX Classics Volume 15		CD	Ducken/Henger

Louis Armstrong: On The Road	CD	Durahan/Durahan
Xenosaga Soundtrack Disc 2	CD	Durahan/Suzurin		Versailline
Beavis and Butthead Experience	CD	Durahan/Suzurin
Sonic Shuffle			DC	Durahan/Dragon		Vesuvius
Portishead NYC			CD	Durahan/Dragon		Vesuvius
Madness				CD	Durahan/Naga
The Beatles Anthology Disc 1	CD	Durahan/Suezo
Catching Up with Depeche Mode	CD	Durahan/Tiger
Onimusha			PS2	Durahan/???		Kagemusha
LOTR:2 Towers Fullscreen EXTRAS	DVD	Durahan/???		Chaos Durahan

Final Fantasy IX Disc 1		PSX	Garu/Hare		Moose
Leadfoot			CD	Garu/Hare		Moose
Legaia 2			PS2	Garu/Garu		Garu
Gomez Machismo EP		CD	Garu/Garu		Garu
Talking Heads Stop/Sense	CD	Garu/Garu		Garu
.hack//mutation			PS2	Garu/Ripper		Shidao
Motown Volume 1			CD	Garu/Ripper		Shidao
Dark Cloud			PS2	Garu/Tiger		Wolfie
Indigo Girls			CD	Garu/Tiger		Wolfie
Counting Crows: August		CD	Garu/Tiger		Wolfie
The Long Kiss Goodnight Full	DVD	Garu/Suezo		TriEye
The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night	CD	Garu/Suezo		TriEye
The Beatles: White Album Disc 2	CD	Garu/Naga
Elton John: Greatest Hits	CD	Garu/Durahan
Eric Clapton: Just One Night 1	CD	Garu/Durahan
Elton John: Hits 1976 1986	CD	Garu/Durahan
The Smiths: Best II		CD	Garu/Garu

Gallop Racer 2003		PS2	Gitan/???		Galloptan
Final Fantasy IX Disc 2		PSX	Gitan/Mocchi		Munitan
Final Fantasy Origins		PSX	Gitan/Mocchi		Munitan
Square Pusher Selection 16	CD	Gitan/Mocchi		Munitan
Chrono Cross Disc 1		PSX	Gitan/Mocchi		Munitan
Sega Soccer Slam		PS2	Gitan/Antlan		Giliant
Resident Evil Dead Aim		PS2	Gitan/Baku		Funbaba
Radiohead Airbag EP		CD	Gitan/Koropendora	Grindink
Dire Straits Brothers		CD	Gitan/Zan		Jet
Jason Faulkner: Everyone says	CD	Gitan/Zan		Jet

Final Fantasy VII Disc 1	PSX	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
Final Fantasy VII Disc 2	PSX	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
Suikoden III			PS2	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy		PS2	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
Mystery Men			DVD	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
Backstreet Boys: Millenium	CD	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
Mary Chapin Carpenter: Stones	CD	Golem/Mocchi		MochiMonk
The Bouncer			PS2	Golem/Zuum		Scalie
Jet Grind Radio Music Sample	CD	Golem/Zuum		Scalie
Run Lola Run Fullscreen		DVD	Golem/Gitan		GigaBio
Queen Greatest Hits		CD	Golem/Gitan		GigaBio
Rod Stewart: Greatest Hits	CD	Golem/Gitan		GigaBio
The Beta Band			CD	Golem/Zan		Jailkeeper	
Gitaroo Man Soundtrack		CD	Golem/Zan		Jailkeeper
Reindeer Section		CD	Golem/Raiden		Eagle King
Madonna	(23867-2)		CD	Golem/Raiden		Eagle King
Jim Croce: Greatest hits	CD	Golem/Raiden		Eagle King
Los Umbrellos No Tengo Dinero	CD	Golem/Jell		Poseidon
Elton John: Greatest Vol 2	CD	Golem/Jell		Poseidon
Liz Phair: White Chocolate	CD	Golem/Suezo
Natalie Cole: Unforgettable	CD	Golem/Pixie	

Love and Rockets: Seventh Dream	CD	Hare/Koropendora
Pet Shop Boys Discography	CD	Hare/Pixie
Tales of Destiny II Disc 1	PSX	Hare/Pixie		Fairy Hare
Arc the Lad: Twilight		PS2	Hare/Pixie		Fairy Hare
Xenogears Disc 1		PSX	Hare/Tiger		Pulscorn
Rez				PS2	Hare/Tiger		Pulscorn
Dan Fogelberg: Innocent Age 2	CD	Hare/Tiger
Guilty Gear X2			PS2	Hare/Hare		Hare
Jump Little Children Vertigo	CD	Hare/Hare		Hare
Enya: Shepherd Moons		CD	Hare/Hare		Hare	
John Denver: Back Home Again	CD	Hare/Raiden
Spirit: Stallion/Cimmarron	DVD	Hare/Golem		Rocky Fur
Mars Volta: De-Loused		CD	Hare/Golem		Rocky Fur
Gestalt				DVD	Hare/Durahan		Gunbitt
A Bug's Life			DVD	Hare/Durahan		Gunbitt
Neutral Milk Hotel: Aeroplane	CD	Hare/Madillo		Anquihare
REM Monster			CD	Hare/Madillo		Anquihare

Soul Calibur			DC	Henger/Henger		Henger
Record of Lodoss War		DC	Henger/Henger		Henger
Castlevania: Lament		PS2	Henger/Henger		Henger
Gitaroo Man 			PS2	Henger/Henger		Henger
Final Fantasy VII Disc 3	PSX	Henger/Henger		Henger
Wild Arms 3			PS2	Henger/Henger		Henger
Meet the Parents		DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Harry Potter/Stone: Disc 1	DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
A Beautiful Mind		DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Star Wars I:Menace Disc 1	DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
The Princess Bride		DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Ready to Rumble			DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
There's Something About Mary	DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Moulin Rouge Disc 2		DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Aliens				DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Zoolander			DVD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Presidents of the USA: Frosting	CD	Henger/Henger		Henger
Best of Alan Parsons Project	CD	Henger/Henger
The Psychedelic Furs: All of..	CD	Henger/Henger

Phantasy Star Online		DC	Jell/Joker		DarkCell
Evolution			DC	Jell/Joker		DarkCell
Superstar Dance Club #1 Hits!!!	PSX	Jell/Suzurin		Puddingel
Digimon Rumble Arena		PSX	Jell/Suzurin		Puddingel
Guided By Voices Isolation	CD	Jell/Suzurin		Puddingel
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Gear	CD	Jell/Suzurin		Puddingel
Harry Potter/Stone: Disc 2	DVD	Jell/Jell		Jell
Gordy's The Last Dragon Full	DVD	Jell/Jell		Jell
The Who: Tommy Disc 1		CD	Jell/Jell		Jell
Men at Work: Business As Usual	CD	Jell/Plant

Rush Hour 2			DVD	Joker/Joker		Joker
LOTR: 2 Towers Fullscreen 	DVD	Joker/Joker		Joker
Eels Shootenany			CD	Joker/Joker		Joker
The Police: Every Breath You	CD	Joker/Joker		Joker
They Might Be Giants Istanbul	CD	Joker/Joker
The Cars Greatest Hits		CD	Joker/Joker
Godsmack: Faceless		CD	Joker/???		Ghars

Austin Powers In Goldmember	DVD	Koropendora/Madillo	KoroHelmets
Gordy's The Last Dragon	Wide	DVD	Koropendora/Mogi	MiniOgreKoro
Beta Band Three EPs		CD	Koropendora/Koropendora Koropendora
Tracy Chapman			CD	Koropendora/Mogi
Depeche Mode: Enjoy Silence	CD	Koropendora/Pixie	
Elton John: Candle/Wind 1997	CD	Koropendora/Naga

Crazy Taxi			DC	Lesione/Mocchi		MocchiSaurus
Enya: Watermark			CD	Lesione/Mocchi		MocchiSaurus
Newtype USA Sept. '03		DVD	Lesione/Dragon		LavaLessie
Ehrgeiz				PSX	Lesione/Dragon		LavaLessie
White Stripes Elephant		CD	Lesione/Dragon		LavaLessie
The WaterBoy			DVD	Lesione/Naga		Grapie
Star Wars Ep. I: Menace Disk 2	DVD	Lesione/Henger		Yuma
Jurassic Park Soundtrack	CD	Lesione/Henger		Yuma
Peter Gabriel: So		CD	Lesione/Henger		Yuma
Mortal Kombat Standard		DVD	Lesione/Zuum		Hibis
Undercover Brother		DVD	Lesione/RhinoRoller	Sharly
Ozma				CD	Lesione/RhinoRoller	Sharly
Garth Brooks			CD	Lesione/Beaclon

The All American Rejects	CD	Madillo/Madillo		Madillo
Hook				DVD	Madillo/Madillo		Madillo
OPSM #49			PS2	Madillo/Madillo		Madillo
ABBA Gold			CD	Madillo/Madillo		Madillo
Gooding No God			CD	Madillo/Mocchi		Madillo
Bryan Adams: Waking/Neighbors	CD	Madillo/Gitan
Mad Maestro			PS2	Madillo/Ripper		TumuDillo
Lilo & Stitch			DVD	Madillo/???		Mr. Fujiyama
Gran Turismo 3			PS2	Madillo/???		DriviDillo
Radiohead: Hail to the Thief	CD	Madillo/???		Drividillo
Elvis Costello This Years Model	CD	Madillo/RhinoRoller	Rhinotank

Tales of Destiny II Disc 2	PSX	Mew/Mew			Mew
Fastball: All the Pain		CD	Mew/Mew			Mew
Billy Joel: River of Dreams	CD	Mew/Mew			Mew
Legend of Dragoon Disc 1	PSX	Mew/Tiger		Bowmew
Legend of Dragoon Disc 4	PSX	Mew/Tiger		Bowmew
Saga Frontier 2			PSX	Mew/Tiger		Bowmew
Clock Tower 3			PS2	Mew/Hare		Eared Mew
Starship Troopers: Movie Side	DVD	Mew/Hare		Eared Mew
ColdPlay: Rush of Blood		CD	Mew/???			HipMew
REM Automatic			CD	Mew/RhinoRoller		Psymew
Violent Screen: Hangovers	CD	Mew/Baku		BowBow
Toni Braxton: Secrets		CD	Mew/Baku		BowBow
Our Lady Peace			CD	Mew/Antlan		Antmew
Mary Chapin Carpenter: Come On  CD	Mew/Pixie

Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot	CD	Mocchi/Mocchi		Mocchi
Skies of Arcadia Disc 1		DC	Mocchi/Hare		Mucchi
Skies of Arcadia Disc 2		DC	Mocchi/Hare		Mucchi
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms VII	PS2	Mocchi/Raiden		OwlMochi
Sorority Boys			DVD	Mocchi/Tiger		PengiMochi
Apollo 18 Might Be Giants	CD	Mocchi/Tiger		PengiMochi
Dave Matthews Band: Under/Table	CD	Mocchi/Tiger		PengiMochi
Buzz				CD	Mocchi/Beaclon		BttleMochi
Garth Brooks: No Fences		CD	Mocchi/RhinoRoller
Dar Williams: End of the Summer	CD	Mocchi/Dragon
Monster Rancher 2		PSX	Mocchi/???		Devi
OPM Disc #74 			PS2	Mocchi/???		OPMocchi

Matchbox 20: Yourself or...	CD	Mogi/Mogi		Mogi
Xenosaga Soundtrack Disc 1	CD	Mogi/Durahan		Cybernetico
Dan Fogelberg: Innocent Age 1	CD	Mogi/Durahan
Xenogears Disc 2		PSX	Mogi/Garu		PanQuiche
Parasite Eve Disc 1		PSX	Mogi/Garu		PanQuiche
Legend of Dragoon Disc 2	PSX	Mogi/Garu		PanQuiche
Magic Pengel			PS2	Mogi/Garu		PanQuiche
Squaresoft 2000 Collectors vol3	PSX	Mogi/Garu		PanQuiche
Soul Coughing: Ruby Vroom	PSX	Mogi/Garu		PanQuiche
Boy George/Culture Club:best	CD	Mogi/Garu	
Zone of the Enders		PS2	Mogi/Raiden		Freebird
Pink Floyd Piper		CD	Mogi/Raiden		Freebird
New Order: Substance 1987 Disc2	CD	Mogi/Suzurin
Monsters Inc.: Movie		DVD	Mogi/???		ShogunMogi

Smashing Pumpkins:Siamese	CD	Naga/Naga		Naga
The Postal Service		CD	Naga/Naga		Naga
Roger McGuinn: Back From Rio	CD	Naga/Naga
Mary Chapin Carpenter: Shooting CD	Naga/Naga
Enya: The Celts			CD	Naga/Ripper
Vampire Night Guncon 		PS2	Naga/Plant		Jungler
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi 	CD	Naga/Plant		Jungler
Legally Blonde: Extras Side	DVD	Naga/Mocchi		RoseoCobra
The Specials Go Feet		CD	Naga/Mocchi		RoseoCobra
City of Angels: Extras		DVD	Naga/Henger		Ceto
Fire Blade Demo Disc		PS2	Naga/Henger		Ceto
REM Out Of Time			CD	Naga/Henger	

FF Chronicles: Chrono Trigger	PSX	Ogyo/Durahan		OsakaKnight
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2	DC	Ogyo/Dragon		Gyoruna
Steve Miller Band: 1974-78	CD	Ogyo/Dragon
Dynasty Warriors 2		PS2	Ogyo/Ripper		Ramuna
The Monkees: Greatest Hits	CD	Ogyo/Ripper
Underground Jampack Su 2002	PS2	Ogyo/Madillo		BeetleFish
Dune: Expedicion		CD	Ogyo/Zan		EvilFish
4 Non Blondes: Bigger, Better	CD	Ogyo/Zan

Madden 2003			PS2	Pancho/Pancho		Pancho
The Velvet Underground Disc 1	CD	Pancho/Pancho		Pancho
TSOL: Behind the Music		CD	Pancho/Pancho		Pancho
Soul Coughing			CD	Pancho/Pancho		Pancho
Celine Dion: Falling into You	CD	Pancho/Ogyo		Shellincho
French Kicks One Time Bells	CD	Pancho/Ogyo		Shellincho
Beck: Midnite Vultures		CD	Pancho/Suzurin		SuzuriCho
Digimon World 2			PSX	Pancho/Suzurin		SuzuriCho
Okage: Shadow King		PS2	Pancho/Suzurin		SuzuriCho
Robot Alchemic Drive		PS2	Pancho/Suzurin		SuzuriCho
Not Another Teen Movie		DVD	Pancho/Suzurin		SuzuriCho
Lionel Richie: Back To Front	CD	Pancho/Suzurin
Reo SpeedWagon The Hits		CD	Pancho/Suzurin
The Bourne Identity		DVD	Pancho/Zuum		BabyDino
Simon and Garfunkel Greatest 	CD	Pancho/Zuum
Run Lola Run Widescreen		DVD	Pancho/Madillo		ArmorCho
Fountains of Wayne		CD	Pancho/Madillo		ArmorCho
Supergrass Life/Planets		CD	Pancho/Beaclon		MellonCho
Pink Floyd: The Wall Disc 1	CD	Pancho/Koropendora

Final Fantasy Chronicles: FFIV	PSX	Phoenix/Phoenix		Phoenix	
Valkyrie Profile Disc II	PSX	Phoenix/Phoenix		Phoenix
The Thompson Twins: Best of	CD	Phoenix/Phoenix		Phoenix
Beach Boys: Endless Summer	CD	Phoenix/Phoenix		Phoenix
David Bowie: Changesbowie	CD	Phoenix/Phoenix		Phoenix
Hackers				DVD	Phoenix/???		Deathwing

The Matrix			DVD	Pixie/Pixie		Pixie
Wayne's World Soundtrack	CD	Pixie/Pixie
The Cure: Kiss Me Kiss Me	CD	Pixie/Pixie
The Smiths: Strangeways, Here..	CD	Pixie/Ripper
Unlimited Saga			PS2	Pixie/Ripper		Faerilina
Ed Harcourt: Here Be Monsters	CD	Pixie/Ripper		Faerilina
Swap Magic DVD version		PS2	Pixie/???		Kasumi
Final Fantasy IX Disc 3		PSX	Pixie/Suezo		Sueko
Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo Disc	PS2	Pixie/Suezo		Sueko
Jackie Chan Half a Loaf of KF	DVD	Pixie/Dragon		Daina
The Godfather I			DVD	Pixie/Dragon		Daina
Ozma Doubble Donkey Disk	CD	Pixie/Naga		Allure
Wachenroeder			CD	Pixie/Tiger		Aero
Depeche Mode: Violator		CD	Pixie/Tiger
Gomez Bring it On		CD	Pixie/Lesione		Undine
Robert Miles Dreamland		CD	Pixie/Ogyo		PinkPrincess

ANY GC Game			GC	Plant/???		Mushtan
Warcraft III			PC	Plant/???		Mushtan
Monster Rancher 2		PSX	Plant/???		Mushtan
Bust a Groove 2: Tengoku 	JPN	Plant/???		Mushtan
.hack//liminality Volume 2	DVD	Plant/Henger		Coconutty
Ninja Assault Guncon		PS2	Plant/Joker		SkelePlant
She's All That			DVD	Plant/Pancho		PumpkiPlant
Mortal Kombat Widescreen	DVD	Plant/Mocchi		MochiPlant
Gosford Park			DVD	Plant/Koropendora	BugBugFlower
Aimee Mann Bachelor No. 2	CD	Plant/Dragon		Mandrake
Harry Connick Jr. 20		CD	Plant/Dragon		Mandrake
Harry Connick Jr. We are...	CD	Plant/Zuum	

The Who: Tommy Disc 2		CD	RhinoRoller/RhinoRoller	RhinoRoller
The Cure: Mixed Up		CD	RhinoRoller/RhinoRoller	RhinoRoller
Caution Seaman			DC	RhinoRoller/Ripper	SkunkRoller
Sonic Adventure Demo		DC	RhinoRoller/Dragon	HighRoller
Cafe Del Mar: Volumen Siete	CD	RhinoRoller/Dragon	HighRoller
Jet Grind Radio			DC 	RhinoRoller/Dragon	HighRoller
Final Fantasy IX Disc 4		PSX	RhinoRoller/Baku	BakuRoller
Xmen				DVD	RhinoRoller/Henger	CarRoller
Jeff Hanson Son			CD	RhinoRoller/Ripper	SkunkRoller
Vanessa Williams: Sweetest	CD	RhinoRoller/Golem	RocknRoller
The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits	CD	RhinoRoller/Golem	RocknRoller

LOTR Fellowship			DVD	Raiden/Raiden		Raiden
Star Ocean 2 Disc 2		PSX	Raiden/Madillo		Anquiloden
When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack	CD	Raiden/Henger

Monster Rancher 3		PS2	Ripper/???		NightSickle
Final Fantasy X			PS2	Ripper/???		NightSickle
The Godfather II Disc 2		DVD	Ripper/Lesione		Parasarian
Prince: The B-Sides/Hits Disc 1	CD	Ripper/Lesione	
Ladytron 604 			CD	Ripper/Hare		Folkes
Belle and Sebastian TigerMilk	CD	Ripper/Joker		AssasiRipper
Air Moon Safari			CD	Ripper/Joker		AssasiRipper
Carpenters			CD	Ripper/Joker
Gomez Abandoned EP		CD	Ripper/Durahan		MailRipper	
Mariah Carey: Rainbow		CD	Ripper/Ripper		Ripper

Digimon World 3			PSX	Suezo/Jell		Clear Suezo
Tales of Destiny II Disc 3	PSX	Suezo/Jell		Clear Suezo
Civilization III PC		PC	Suezo/Tiger		Hornie
The Godfather III		DVD	Suezo/Hare		Gamba
Moulin Rouge Disk 1		DVD	Suezo/Hare		Gamba
The Hobbit (WB Cartoon Movie)	DVD	Suezo/Raiden		Nycta
Muse: Showbiz			CD	Suezo/Mogi		Hipzo
The Smiths: Best I		CD	Suezo/Mogi

NHL 2K				DC	Suzurin/Gitan		Drarin
The Best of the Doors Disc 1	CD	Suzurin/Gitan		Drarin
Saga Frontier			PSX	Suzurin/Joker		Wizring
Yu-Gi-oh! Duelist of the Roses	PS2	Suzurin/Ducken		GattchaRin
The Specials: Collection	CD	Suzurin/Ducken		GattchaRin
Monsters Inc.: Extras		DVD	Suzurin/Ducken		GattchaRin
The Beatles: White Album Disc 1	CD	Suzurin/Ducken		GattchaRin
Dynasty Warriors 3		PS2	Suzurin/Lesione		MalincaRin
The Beatles Anthology Disc 2	CD	Suzurin/Lesione		MalincaRin
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter	PS2	Suzurin/Suzurin		Suzurin
Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia	CD	Suzurin/Hare
The Cure: Wish			CD	Suzurin/Mocchi

Gallop Racer			PSX	Tiger/Zan		Nightfang
Xenosaga			PS2	Tiger/Zan		Nightfang
Disney's Aladdin Soundtrack	CD	Tiger/Zan
Star Ocean 2 Disc 1		PSX	Tiger/Tiger		Tiger
The Bad Plus These/Vistas	CD	Tiger/Tiger		Tiger
Legend of Mana			PSX	Tiger/Tiger		Tiger
Simon & Garfunkel: Central Park	CD	Tiger/Tiger
Parappa the Rapper 2		PS2	Tiger/Joker		Bargest
Radiohead Amnesiac		CD	Tiger/Joker		Bargest
Star Wars Episode II		DVD	Tiger/Joker		Bargest
Jurassic Park III		DVD	Tiger/Madillo		Helmhound
Hot Hot Heat Make Up		CD	Tiger/Madillo		Helmhound
The Hives: 33 1/2		CD	Tiger/Mogi		Ryulon
NightS into Dreams		SAT	Tiger/Mogi		Ryulon
Morphine Like Swimming		CD	Tiger/Zuum		Datonare
The Walkmen Everyone		CD	Tiger/Henger		PodDog
The Hippos			CD	Tiger/Henger		PodDog
Prince: The B-Sides/Hits Disc 2	CD	Tiger/Henger
Radiohead B-Sides Disc 1	CD	Tiger/Beaclon		JaguarBeat
Beastie Boys: Licensed to Ill	CD	Tiger/Lesione

The Game of Life		PSX	Zan/Ripper		Fang
.hack//Infection		PS2	Zan/???			Doodle	
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 	DVD	Zan/Pixie		Aya
Supergrass Bonus CD		CD	Zan/Zan
Classic Queen			CD	Zan/Zan
Radiohead Live Recordings	CD	Zan/Koropendora

Legend of Dragoon Disc 3	PSX	Zuum/Plant		AlohaSaurian
Ronin Warriors: Message		DVD	Zuum/Plant		AlohaSaurian
Yanya Caballista: City Skater	PS2	Zuum/Plant		AlohaSaurian
Chrono Cross Disc 2		PSX	Zuum/Plant		AlohaSaurian
Vagrant Story			PSX	Zuum/Plant		AlohaSaurian
The Best of the Doors Disc 2	CD	Zuum/Plant
ANY XBOX Game			XBOX	Zuum/???		Dino
Austin Powers 2			DVD	Zuum/Baku		Hachiro
Starship Troopers: Extra Side	DVD	Zuum/Suezo		Mustardy
John Mayer: Any Given Disc 1	CD	Zuum/Gitan		Cocadrille
Boston Third Stage		CD	Zuum/RhinoRoller