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"This owns!"

This is underground the new Need For Speed game and well its awesome. If you had played Need for Speed Hot Pursuit well just forget about that for a second underground is nothing like that its better. Go deep into the night and race over 100 street racers. Remember race in the game not on the streets I'm sure you are definitely inspired when you played this!

These graphics are top notch. The cars are very awesome you have a wide selections of cars. The tracks look very cool also and every look just great.

Your Ride:
As I mentioned you have a vary selection of cars that's not just it. There's more then just selecting a car you buy a car and you have the power to upgrade it. Deeper in the game greater the upgrades. Also did I mention you have Nitrous for the late person its like a speed booster called nitrous you have probably seen this before if you had watched the movie the Fast and the Furious. Street racers don't just focus on the speed what if I told you , you could customize your tires the color of your car and you can add vinyl (giant stickers for you car). Still with me? Good

Point of game:
What is the point of this game you ask? Well beat tracks and earn money. Try and beat all of the top scores and customize your car to its limit. When your done play it again its very amusing to those who want a car me for instance :( anyway its good also you can battle your friend or total strangers with a network adaptor I don't have one but highly recommend one.

Game Play:
The gameplay is really cool as I mentioned the point of the game is to race over 100 racers. This game has a really nice soundtrack I mean really nice it doesn't have your music that you may have never heard of it has present day music like from Rancid, Rob Zombie, Etc...

Buy this Game NOW!:
You won't regret spending your money on this game. If your saving up for another racing game like Tokyo Extreme race 3 blow it all for Need For Speed Underground because it rocks.Well if your not completely sure why aren't you?Anyway if and that's a big if your not sure about it you should at least rent the game at blockbuster or something.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 11/25/03

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