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##                       Drakengard (Game Script/File)                       ##
|Platform :- Sony Playstation 2 (tm)            |
|Genre    :- Action/Hack n' Slash               |
|Version  :- 0.4                                |
|Author   :- Haruji Sora (haruji[at]  |
|Format   :- Plain text, 79 characters per line |

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| Updates History |
(27-Mar-05 7:40 PM [GMT+8]) - Updates
I doubt I will ever finish this file. Things has been hectic so if I find time
to replay the game, this file will be completed... If not... impartial as it
is, I'm going to leave it alone for now.

- Version 0.4 - [03rd April 2004]
Completed the Chapter List section. Replaying my game to capture the in-game
conversations, and also working on the movies and scenes script section. Would
take a file to finish it.

- Version 0.3 - [01st April 2004]
April Fool! Nah not in a mode to make jokes. Anyways I completed the section
for weapons file. Currently updating the Chapter List to make it complete.

- Version 0.2 - [31st March 2004]
Sections are finalised. Starting my game from scratch to capture all the
conversation scripts happening during gameplay. But before that currently
typing out the informations for the Weapons File Section.

- Version 0.1 - [30th March 2004]
Started this file. Sections are being finalised and scripts/files are being
typed into the file.

| Table of Contents |
(PS: CTRL+F is a great way to find sections that you need viewing)

Section 0 - Introduction. (Pending Updates)

Section 1 - Readme First.

Section 2 - Chapter List. (100% Completed)
          --> 01) Chapter 1 - Beginnings
          --> 02) Chapter 2 - Complications
          --> 03) Chapter 3 - Chance Encounters
          --> 04) Chapter 4 - Betrayal
          --> 05) Chapter 5 - Destruction
          --> 06) Chapter 6 - An Old Enemy
          --> 07) Chapter 7 - Tragedy
          --> 08) Chapter 8 - Seals
          --> 09) Chapter 9 - Requiem
          --> 10) Chapter 10 - Astray
          --> 11) Chapter 11 - Partings
          --> 12) Chapter 12 - Chaos
          --> 13) Chapter 13 - Truth
          -->  A) Leonard's Regret
          -->  B) Arioch's Madness
          -->  C) Seere's Prayer

Section 3 - Events and Movie Scenes Script.                [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Section 4 - In-Game Intermission and Conversations Script. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Section 5 - Weapons File. (100% Complete)
          --> 01) Hammer
          --> 02) Mace
          --> 03) Pole Axe
          --> 04) Axe
          --> 05) Staff
          --> 06) Spear
          --> 07) Long Sword
          --> 08) Sword

Section 6 - Credits.

| Section 0 - Introduction |

--> Shameless plug on the author.
I'm a 21, Chinese male. Currently residing in South-East Asia. I am madly
involved in gaming, anime and manga. My other interest are PCs and cars.
Part-time student and part-time worker, I have still got a long ways to go
in life. My spoken language is English, Cantonese, Hokkien and little Malay.
I can understand Japanese and Mandarin, though I can't converse fluently in it.
I can read English and most Hiragana/Katakana. Not fluent in Kanji sadly.

| Section 1 - Readme First |
OK this section is for me to explain what exactly is this file about. Anyways
I started this file as a backup of the conversations/files that occur during
Drakengard gameplay. At first it started as a Plot Analysis, but then I found
that the story is quite straightforward and doesn't require any additional
in-depth plot analysis (like the one I did for Fatal Frame 2) so I decided
against doing a Plot Analysis and instead convert the information I collected
as a Game Script/File FAQ. Some of the scripts are quite good and the stories
written for the weapons are quite worth the time to read, so I am just going
to continue typing and keep a typed version of the files and scripts for
Drakengard. Anyways a plot analysis haven't been ruled out though, maybe if
there's someone who will need it, I might do it X-x. BTW, this is a long term
project, and I don't think I will have Version 1 ready too soon, seeing the
huge amount of scripts available in the game, it will take quite some time
to finish playing and typing out all the scripts.

| Section 2 - Chapter List |
This section is to list up the number of chapters and its description/type
that you will encounter/unlock for Drakengard.

-= Current Completed Percentage 100% =-

| Chapter 1 - Beginnings |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- The Bloodling
Type        :- Movie
Description :- The Empire relentlessly advances, and the goddess Furiae,
               protector of the world and sister to Caim, is threatened with

[Verse 2]
Title       :- To the Castle
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The Empire attacks the castle where the goddess hides. Caim
               charges into battle to destroy the devils.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Dragon
Type        :- Movie
Description :- A dragon.
               A dragon like the one that slew his father and mother. But
               without its strength, Caim cannot survive.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- The Way of the Sword
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The battleground affords no respite. Caim must choose to live,
               and murder to survive.

[Verse 5]
Title       :- A Pact
Type        :- Movie
Description :- To escape death, Caim enters a pact with a dragon. Their promise
               to each other is simple. Live at all costs!

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Shared Battles
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Caim mounts the dragon and soars into the sky. Before him await
               the winged weapons of the Empire.

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Quarry Chosen
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The flying warships of the Empire surrounds Caim. Can their
               awesome firepower be overcome?

[Verse 8]
Title       :- Hate's Strength
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The Empire draws close to Furiae. Now is the time for Caim and
               the dragon to show the Imperial minions the power of the pact!

[Verse 9]
Title       :- Pact Price
Type        :- Event
Description :- Caim has chosen to share his fate with that of a dragon. But at
               what cost?

[Verse 10]
Title       :- Infestation
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The Empire's forces have penetrated the castle. Caim must hurry
               to Furiae before it is too late!

[Verse 11]
Title       :- A Goddess Saved
Type        :- Event
Description :- By the breath of a hair, Furiae is saved. Inuart decides to
               take Furiae to the safety of the elf village.

[Verse 12]
Title       :- Inuart's Song
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Their fortunes clouded, their future uncertain. Inuart sings a
               song of hope...

| Chapter 2 - Complications |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- The Voice
Type        :- Event
Description :- A voice that only pact-partners may hear beckons fouth. Inuart
               refuses to believe that tragedy that the voice foretells.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- To the Elf Village
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The shadow of the Empire darkens the neutral lands. Caim strikes
               through the enemy and flies toward the village.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- The Untrod Path
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Again and again, Imperial soldiers appear to stand in their way.
               Can the elf village be safe?

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Despair
Type        :- Event
Description :- The voice did not lie; the elf village lies in ruins. Inuart
               curses his weakness.

[Verse 5]
Title       :- Ominous Words
Type        :- Event
Description :- What ill-omened prophecy lies behind the words carved bloodily
               upon the ground?

[Verse V]
Title       :- A Distant Sound
Type        :- Event
Description :- On the corpse-strewn battleground, Leonard hears a sound from
               the forest of the seal.

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Last Words
Type        :- Event
Description :- Amidst the ruins of the beautiful village, Caim hears a dying
               elf's tale.

[Verse 7]
Title       :- A Hidden Shrine
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Caim flies toward the valley where the faeries dwell. But first
               he must battle through the massed Imperial army.

[Verse 8]
Title       :- A Secret Plan
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- What awaits them at the ruined shrine?

[Verse 9]
Title       :- The False Country
Type        :- Event
Description :- The eyes of the corpses shine red. As doubt and unease graw,
               Verdelet's voice suddenly falls silent.

[Verse IX]
Title       :- Liberation and Slaughter
Type        :- Event
Description :- What passion leads Caim's heart? Mercy... or revenge?

[Verse X]
Title       :- A Lonely Battle
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The Empire invades the valley of the faeries. Caim and the
               dragon soar upwards to burn the monsters from the sky!

[Verse XI]
Title       :- Leonard's Lament
Type        :- Movie
Description :- The hermit Leonard, ravished by anguish and guilt, looks upon
               the bodies of his brothers. Suddenly, a dancing light appears
               beside him.

[Verse XII]
Title       :- Mockery
Type        :- Event
Description :- Leonard is brought back from the brink of death by the pact
               with the faerie. But he has merely chosen a different sort of

[Verse XIII]
Title       :- After the Torching
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The valley of the faeries has become the haunt of the goblins.
               Caim must cut through the monsters to reach the heart of the

[Verse XIV]
Title       :- Feeling in the Dark
Type        :- Event
Description :- Though his eyes have become blind, Leonard can see the anger
               and hate in Caim's heart.

| Chapter 3 - Chance Encounters |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Reunion
Type        :- Event
Description :- Inuart and Verdelet have been captured while protecting the
               goddess. Furiae forswears her own heart and urges Caim to
               rescue them.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- To the Dungeon
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Caim sets out to rescue Verdelet from his prison and destroy
               the Imperial monsters that lurk in the black desert night.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Prisoners
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Caim races to the dungeon where Verdelet is held.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Verdelet Released
Type        :- Event
Description :- Caim and Hierach Verdelet meet. What does Verdelet know about
               the Empire's ambitions? And what has happened to Inuart?

[Verse IV]
Title       :- Regret
Type        :- Event
Description :- The spirits tell them that the desert seal is broken. The path
               to the next seal in the ocean temple is laid out before them.

[Verse 5]
Title       :- The Temple in the Desert
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The seal of the desert temple is in danger! Can Caim stop it
               from falling into the Empire's hands?

[Verse 6]
Title       :- The Seal
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The Imprerial army surronds the desert seal. For Caim, the
               moment of reckoning is at hand. He hurls himself into the

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Dark Creatures.
Type        :- Event
Description :- As verdelet goes to see that the seal is unharmed, a new enemy
               rises up before them!

[Verse 8]
Title       :- Sacred Remains
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Caim's anger knows no bound. The sacred ground is dyed crimson
               with blood.

[Verse 9]
Title       :- The Harp
Type        :- Event
Description :- They return to find Furiae praying for their safe return. But
               she soon realizes that Inuart is not with them.

[Verse IX]
Title       :- An Unquiet Voice
Type        :- Event
Description :- A voice comes to Verdelet. Sensing new menace, he ignores the
               scorn of the dragon and urges them to search for the source
               of the voice.

[Verse X]
Title       :- Gaol
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Caim flies across the desert toward the voice. But who is it
               that leads them?

[Verse XI]
Title       :- Laughter
Type        :- A dark prison. A beautiful voice. A cursed home. Blood stains
               the stones red, and a broken heart is trapped in a clay urn.

[Verse XII]
Title       :- An Invitation
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Arioch, an elf woman bron of chaos and solitude. The writhing
               torment of her heart draws the spirits to her.

[Verse XIII]
Title       :- Release
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Winged monsters protect the skies above the gaol, but Caim and
               the dragon do not hesitate. Upwards they fly, to do battle
               with the beasts.

[Verse XIV]
Title       :- Found
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Before the gaol an army awaits. Caim attacks!

[Verse XV]
Title       :- Arioch Lives
Type        :- Event
Description :- They meet the new pact-partner, Arioch. Her black soul
               recognizes no friend.

| Chapter 4 - Betrayal |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Inuart's Confession
Type        :- Event
Description :- A reunion with Inuart. But the man with red eyes who rides the
               black dragon is not the Inuart they know.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Pride
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Inuart has made a pact with the most powerful of beasts. He
               snatches Furiae from Caim, and leaves nothing behind but
               despair--and a harp.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- The Holy and the Profane
Type        :- Event
Description :- When confronting Inuart, Verdelet's priestly mask falls away.
               But for Verdelet, without his priesthood, he is nothing.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Strength Remains
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Taken from Caim is the goddess, his last blood relative. Rage
               and grief fill his heart. Only slaughter can soothe his soul

[Verse 5]
Title       :- Violent Lands
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- In the lifeless wastelands, the subhuman monsters of the Empire
               gather. Their eyes reflect only bloodlust and hate. But Caim's
               eyes are the same.

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Caim's Past
Type        :- Event
Description :- The dragon learns of Caim's past--and the slaying of his
               parents by dragons. It is this that fill his heart with anger.

[Verse VI]
Title       :- Seere's Sister
Type        :- Event
Description :- "Please find my sister!"
               What sad truth lies behind Seere's entreaty?

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Forbidden Places
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Caim and the group break out of the Empire's net and escape the
               peril in the wastelands.

[Verse 8]
Title       :- The Last Seal?
Type        :- Event
Description :- The temple seals are all destroyed. Caim and his band must fly
               to the Imperial lands to rescue the last seal, Furiae.

[Verse 9]
Title       :- Voice of Stone
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- They follow the rocky path that leads deep within the gorge.
               There they find giants of stone guarding a secret land.

[Verse X]
Title       :- A Mother's Farewell
Type        :- Event
Description :- Whispering words of love, a mother dies and leaves behind a
               small child. The child holds the love tight in his heart as he
               turns to follow the difficult road.

[Verse XI]
Title       :- Survivors
Type        :- Movie
Description :- In the hidden and empty land, Caim meets up a young boy and a
               giant of stone.

[Verse XII]
Title       :- Seere's Friend
Type        :- Event
Description :- The young pact-partner is called Seere. He has given up his
               "time" for the protection of a golem.

| Chapter 5 - Destruction |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- War
Type        :- Movie
Description :- The Union steels itself for battle with the Empire and raises
               a mighty battle cry. But the Empire has built a fearsome war

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Turning Point
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The Empire throws the cyclops war machines into battle. Caim
               must destroy them and give victory to the Union!

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Rapture
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The two mighty armies clash. Caim and the dragon swim in an
               ocean of blood and gore.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- A False Peace
Type        :- Event
Description :- The battle belongs to the Union, and Caim raises his sword in
               truimph. But in the black clouds above, something evil

[Verse 5]
Title       :- Pandemonium
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Destruction rains down upon the celebrating Union soldiers. Can
               this be the day of judgement? Are the flames of hell that burn
               the ground black?

[Verse 6]
Title       :- The Gods Speak
Type        :- Event
Description :- Amidst the hellish wasteland, Verdelet wonders if the goddess
               is still safe. Caim can answer only with a fist clenched in

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Emergence
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Like zombies, the Imperial soldiers rise from the dead. Their
               dark malice poisons the land and makes it barren.

[Verse 8]
Title       :- Menace
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Unholy beasts fill the darkened sky, but Caim does not falter.
               He flies up to do battle, the Imperial fortress his goal.

| Chapter 6 - An Old Enemy |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Love Debased
Type        :- Event
Description :- Inuart carved power so that he might win Furiae's love. His
               wish has come true, but his crimson eyes can see Furiae no

[Verse 2]
Title       :- A Black Dragon
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Inuart's soul belongs to the Empire. Can any words break the

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Destiny
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Caim and the dragon soar into the sky after the black dragon.
               Together they must reach the fortress and save Furiae.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Unholy Prayers
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The Imperial minions defend the fortress like demons. Caim
               fights through them, toward the inner sanctum where Furiae is

[Verse 5]
Title       :- Mute
Type        :- Event
Description :- Caim's hope is shattered, the blood of his sister shed. The
               last seal is broken, and now Caim shall be witness to the
               great reckoning.

| Chapter 7 - Tragedy |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Realization
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Furiae's death breaks the spell that gripped Inuart. A young
               girl smiles innocently at the man with the broken heart.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- For Her
Type        :- Event
Description :- A selfish love gives rise to tragedy. Bearing the awful weight
               of his shame, Inuart clings to a new hope...

[Verse 3]
Title       :- A Decision
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Taking Furiae's cold body in his arms, Inuart cries out. A
               broken love shall be reborn!

[Verse 4]
Title       :- The Sorrowful Sky
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- A world without seals, thrown into chaos. Who fights for whom?
               Is there an answer?

| Chapter 8 - Seals |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Things Inhuman
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Imperial forces gather in the sky above the city. Caim and
               dragon fly into battle.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Living Myths
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The greatest of all dragons, the Wyrm.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- The Capital
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The fearsom child plays with the world as if it were a toy.
               Caim turns toward the city where he must end the priestess
               Manah's rampage.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Joy Unknown
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Caim descends into the City. There the last Imperial defender

[Verse 5]
Title       :- A Peaceful Casket
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Manah waits by the unholy altar.

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Struggle
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Verdelet places a seal on the trapped Manah. But no earthly
               magic can hold the priestess.

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Unrelenting
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- A battle with the giant Manah. What human dares face the power
               of the gods?

[Verse 8]
Title       :- Sin
Type        :- Event
Description :- A Manah released from the spell begs for death, but she finds
               no forgiveness. She must suffer the hatred of mankind for all

[Verse 9]
Title       :- A Soul Sealed
Type        :- Movie
Description :- The dragon offers to become the seal in place of the dead
               goddess. For the first time, a name is spoke. For the first
               time, tears are shed. For the first and final time, love is

| Chapter 9 - Requiem |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Dragonfire
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- They pursue the black dragon while stalked by the remnants of
               the Imperial army. A circle of hate. An impure lands. A broken

[Verse 2]
Title       :- In the Name of Love
Type        :- Event
Description :- Inuart desires but one thing: the rebirth of Furiae. But what
               harvest shall he reap from the seeds?

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Sowing Seeds
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- In the board sky, old friends do battle. Despair is deep, and
               the hatred runs black.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Encounter
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Furiae is reborn, all hate and grief enfolded in her wings. In
               that final instant, does Inuary at last see into her heart?

[Verse 5]
Title       :- The Demon's Wings
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The divine responsibility and unfulfilled love have crushed her
               soul. Free her now...for the last time.

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Goddesses
Type        :- Movie
Description :- The goddess is reborn from the seeds a million times over. Can
               anyone hope to be spared?

[Verse IV]
Title       :- Sleep
Type        :- Event
Description :- Inuart's eyes closes, and a smile crosses his lips. Only
               eternity knows if happiness is his.
               Meanwhile, at the altar, Manah learns about the true nature
               of the dragons.

[Verse V]
Title       :- Providence
Type        :- Event
Description :- The dragon reveals a new truth. Trapped between feeling and
               instinct, they begin a battle that neither desires.

[Verse VI]
Title       :- Under a Dark Sky
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- A bitter ending to a journey. They fight to live in this world.
               They fight for survival of all their kind.

[Verse VII]
Title       :- Light
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Caim stands over the corpse of the dragon. The dark shadow of
               death has fallen upon the future of humanity. But Caim will
               fight still, evertything resting upon his steel blade.

| Chapter 10 - Astray |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Barriers
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Caim and the dragon come to the ocean, where they find a
               barricade around the giant fortress.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Ark
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Together they must smash the Imperial forces that guard the
               fortress, and break through to the inside.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- A Lull
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Is Furiae safe? In the empty, eerie fortress, Caim races to
               find the goddess.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- To Drink Poison
Type        :- Event
Description :- Furiae is not in the sanctum. Did Leonard foresee her fate?

[Verse II]
Title       :- Hear the Ocean
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Where is Furiae? Caim must defeat the Imperial soldies and
               find the inner sanctum!

[Verse III]
Title       :- The Gods' Will
Type        :- Event
Description :- They arrive at the inner sanctum of the sea fortress. But their
               quarry is one step ahead.

| Chapter 11 - Partings |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- Maze
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Caim faces the Imperial enemy within the sky fortress. He
               strikes through the monsters to find the goddess!

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Dreams and Truth
Type        :- Event
Description :- Manah sings for Furiae's inner heart. Is she a goddess? Or a

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Falling Petals
Type        :- Movie
Description :- A burden she could not tell her own brother. A burden so heavy,
               she must take her own life...
               A senseless Caim is enveloped in the childish laughter of Manah.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Anger Checked
Type        :- Event
Description :- Caim turns toward Manah in hot rage. But the dragon urges him
               to hurry from the fortress. While the seeds lie upon the world,
               Caim's task is not yet done.

[Verse II]
Title       :- Hide and Seek
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The goddess is dead and the world is thrown into chaos. Caim
               has no time to mourn--he must find the mad priestess!

[Verse III]
Title       :- Betrayal
Type        :- Event
Description :- Seere tries to save her--the priestess who hungers for
               humanity's blood, the sister who craves her mother's love.
               But Manah's heart is deaf to his deaf to his appeals.

[Verse IV]
Title       :- Loved
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Manah, the instrument of the gods, is gone, and the divine
               trial is ended. But the world has already become a martyr to
               her evil.

[Verse V]
Title       :- Paradise
Type        :- Event
Description :- In the collapsing fortress, Inuart proclaims the death of the
               gods. Not even the voice of Furiae can reach him.

| Chapter 12 - Chaos |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- A Little Thing
Type        :- Movie
Description :- There are the doombringers...

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Extermination
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The heralds sound the end, the grotesqueries descend, and
               humanity prays for deliverance from the horror.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Toward Truth
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The grotesqueries drown the world. All hope and belief is lost.
               The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and all Caim can do is fight.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Gaia's Laughter
Type        :- Event
Description :- Arioch seeks to merge with the grotesqueries. In her mind's
               eye, does she see her own children? Or does she see the
               blackness of truth...?

[Verse 5]
Title       :- Different Endings
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Arioch and Leonard are extinguished by the grotesqueries. They
               were true friends in the end.

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Abnormal
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- The pitiless monsters stalk, and anarchy is loosed upon the

[Verse 7]
Title       :- The Great Time
Type        :- Event
Description :- The giant monster bends time, and the world begins to fade. The
               dragon offers Seere as their last hope.

[Verse 8]
Title       :- A Little Hero
Type        :- Event
Description :- A tale from long, long ago. A tale about a little hero with no
               name. About a world that had lost everything.

[Verse 9]
Title       :- Awakening
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Seere faces the giant beast that consumes time. With mankind's
               tiny hope on her back, the dragon dives toward the heart of the

[Verse 10]
Title       :- Seere's Solace
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Using all the time kept in his body, Seere freezes the queen-
               beast. Time turns to crystal that fall upon the earth, and
               Seere becomes the hero of legend.

| Chapter 13 - Truth |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- A Journey
Type        :- Event
Description :- Bidding the world farewell, Caim and the dragon slip into the
               light and disappear. Perhaps Seere will tell their tale.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- New World
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Time and space fall apart, and the fantasy begins.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- The Greatest Battle
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- I. Hear. A. Sound.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Recursion
Type        :- Movie
Description :- Good work.

| Leonard's Regret |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- The Forest of the Seal
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The Empire treads the sacred soil of the forest of the seal.
               Caim and the dragon fly to rid the sky of the Imperial filth.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Smells
Type        :- Event
Description :- The faerie mocks Leonard as it sees the forest in flames.
               Leonard curses the fate that gave him such a pact.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Grief
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- An Imperial garrison has been discovered in the forest. But no
               one notices Leonard trembling in fear.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Uncommon Mercy
Type        :- Event
Description :- Leonard tries to help the young soldier. But no kindness can
               touch the heart of a minion of the Empire.

[Verse 5]
Title       :- The Memories of the Faeries
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- Imperial forces appear in the sky, their objective the seal.
               Caim fights through the hordes toward the seal.

[Verse 6]
Title       :- Gleanings
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- Caim's band searches for the king of the faeries. What manner
               of creature guards the seal?

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Dragon's Rest
Type        :- Event
Description :- Deep in the vallet, they find the king of the faeries at last.
               But they are given a cold welcome by the sneering old elf.

| Arioch's Madness |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- The Soughing of the Waves
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- On their way to the ocean temple, the encounter Imperial
               warships. Leonard begs to save the prisoners, but the dragon
               tells him the seal must come first.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Her Favourite Things...
Type        :- Event
Description :- While Arioch rejoices at the sight of the corpses, the spirits
               tell of her past.

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Lantern Fishing
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- The Imperial fleet surrounds the temple. Caim and the dragon
               fly out to send its warships to the ocean floor.

[Verse 4]
Title       :- Playing Alone
Type        :- Event
Description :- The seal of the ocean temple is irretrievably lost to the world.
               As despair takes hold, only Arioch finds beauty in the

| Seere's Prayer |
[Verse 1]
Title       :- A Stony Path
Type        :- Event
Description :- My name is Seere. Everyone is looking for my sister! But I'm
               so careless...I put them all in danger.

[Verse 2]
Title       :- Remote Giants
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- My name is Seere. Lots of frightening golems appeared. Please
               help, Caim!

[Verse 3]
Title       :- Tossed About
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- My name is Seere. While looking for my sister, we came to a
               wild place. Look out! The Empire's monsters are in the sky!

[Verse 4]
Title       :- To a Friend
Type        :- Event
Description :- My name is Seere. No, it can't be!Golem is acting like he's
               "Golem! Hit me!"

[Verse 5]
Title       :- Journey
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- My name is Seere. The monsters keep appearing one after another.
               Can my sister Manah be in such a dangerous place?

[Verse 6]
Title       :- A Silent Place
Type        :- Event
Description :- My name is Seere. We're in the valley where my sister should
               be... Look out! A monster!

[Verse 7]
Title       :- Gone without a Trace
Type        :- Aerial Mission
Description :- My name is Seere. I've been captured, and now Caim is looking
               for me. There are lots of monsters, so be careful!

[Verse 8]
Title       :- Pursuit
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- My name is Seere. Caim and the others are close. But there are
               lots and lots of Imperial soldiers all about.

[Verse 9]
Title       :- A New Sword
Type        :- Event
Description :- My name is Seere. I've been taken to the coliseum to be a prize.
               But I'm not a good-for-nothing!

[Verse 10]
Title       :- Coliseum
Type        :- Ground Mission
Description :- My name is Seere. Caim has come to rescue me. I'm here, Caim!

[Verse 11]
Title       :- Gratitude and Carelessness
Type        :- Event
Description :- My name is Seere. I've caused trouble for everyone again. I
               don't want to be a burden anymore...

| Section 3 - Events and Movie Scenes Script |
[Chapter 1 Verse 1]
It is an ancient time, and dragons still roam upon earth. Two great powers,
the Union and the Empire, wage fierce war for the control of a goddess who
protects the harmony of the world.
In only a short time, the Empire has become powerful beyond reckoning, and now
it turns to attack the castle where the Union safeguards the goddess.
The world teeters on the brink of chaos. Its fate now lies in the hands of one

< Chapter 1   Beginnings >

*A room in the castle, where Furiae is sitting in front of a book deep in a*
*prayer. An ominous wind blows, and Furiae stands up and looked outside.   *

Furiae : It begins.

*The scene now shift outdoors, where a lone bird is flying overhead a massive *
*battle between the Imperial and the Union armies. Caim fought bravely in the *
*battle, but was slashed by a soldier on the back. After retaliating, he      *
*noticed an Imperial soldier putting fire to the Union's flag above the castle*

Caim : Furiae...

*Worried about his sister's safety, Caim run towards the castle.*

[Chapter 1 Verse 3]
*Caim enter the castle ground, where he saw an injured dragon on the ground.*

Caim : A dragon!

*Flashback of images of an Imperial dragon killing Caim's parents*

Red : Kill me if you desire.

Red : But you can never dirty my soul, wretched human.

Caim : Tell me. Do you still want to live, dragon?

Red : What?

Caim : A pact! There's no other way.

Red : What makes you worthy of a pact with me?

Caim : Worthy or not. I wish to live!

Caim : Despise me if you will, but I shall not die.

Caim : Your answer! A pact... or death?


| Section 4 - In-Game Intermission and Conversations Script |

[Chapter 1 Verse 2]
|Intermission            :-
Caim and his Union soldiers battle toward the castle to protect Furiae, goddess
of the seals and Caim's only sister.
The Empire murdered Caim's parents and destroyed his kingdom. Now it assaults
the very castle where his sister is safeguarded.
With revenge cold in his heart, Caim hurls himself at the army of the empire.
|In-Battle conversations :-
Soldier - Lord Caim! The Empire has surrounded the castle!
Soldier - The Empire is too strong!
Soldier - Show no mercy! Attack! (unsure)
Soldier - Your sister--I mean, the goddess Furiae--is in the castle.
Soldier - Lord Inuart is with the goddess!
Caim    - Empire rats! You shall feed the ravens!
Soldier - They are within the castle walls! Your sister-I mean, Her Ladyship,
          the goddess...
Soldier - The castle is under attack. Please help us!
Caim    - Arrrrrrrgggh!
Soldier - The Empire soldiers have caught a dragon, in the castle bailey.
Caim    - Protect her. Protect Furiae...

[Chapter 1 Verse 4]
|Intermission            :-
Inside the castle, Caim finds before him a dragon, the proud beat cruelly
His parents were murdered by a dragon, but Caim knows a pact will him the
power he needs to battle the Empire. And the dragon knows that only a pact
can save its life.
In the besieged castle, the dying pair make the fateful decision to live.
|In-Battle conversations :-


| Section 5 - Weapons File |
This section would be an archieve of the weapons explanation that you can find
throughout the game.

-= Current Complete Percentage 100% =-

| Hammer |
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though very heavy, this hammer unleashes blows that will
                    topple any adversary.
Magic            :- Blaze of Brisingamen
Magic Description:- 4 curved blades of light trace arcs through the air.
Weapon History   :-
A fearsome hammer that has the power to steal memories. With each blow of the
weapon, the victim loses more of himself till he forgets his own indentity.
One day, a soldier who carried the burden of a sorrowful past acquired the
hammer. He began to strike himself in the head so that one by one, his memories
began to disappear.
But as each unhappy memory was extinguished, an earlier one welled up in its
place: Deaths of his comrades... The unhappy decision to become a soldier...
The murder of his parents...
When at last all the sad thoughts were gone, and only the memories of a child
full of hope and promise remained, it was too late. The soldier's skull was
broken, and he fell over dead.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Its strike is slow, but this hammer deals a heavy blow
                    that sends enemies flying.
Magic            :- Bardiel's Blow
Magic Description:- 8 balls of lightning are hurled outward.
Weapon History   :-
Due the the scheming of vassals, an unwilling princess was sent to be married
in a neighbouring land. On the way to the wedding, her caravan was set upon a
gang of thieves hired to kill her.
Against the determined brigands, the princess's guards had no defense. But as
the death blow was about to be struck, a guard sacrificed his own life and
summoned a storm dragon.
By the time the storm dragon had slain all the bandits, the guard had breathed
his last. The dragon imbued this hammer with his own strength and the soul of
the soldier who had created him.
Then, in accordance with the soldier's dying wish, the princess bore the hammer
with her into battle, wreaking dread revenge on her treacherous vassals.

[Treasure Builder]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A strike from this weapon is slow, but it deals a blow of
                    deadly force.
Magic            :- Talos Fist
Magic Description:- 5 boulders of iron roll a long distance into the enemy and
                    explode together.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a man who built beautiful buildings that became treasures of his
kingdom. So many treasures did he create, people came to say that his hammer
was a tool of the gods.
But one day, a war broke out between his country and its neighbour. All the
men of his kingdom were called to join the army, and the builder was no
The man who hated destruction was no warrior. In the midst of the war, the
architect was killed, and the beautiful towns and buildings he created were
reduced to mere broken rock.
Until the moment of his death, the builder did not once take another man's
life. Will the next owner of the "hammer of the gods" be a lover of creation
or destruction?

[Tyrant's Hammer]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A slow but powerful weapon with a long reach.
Magic            :- A Handful if Lightning
Magic Description:- 16 exploding lightning orbs are summoned.
Weapon History   :-
In a land rules by a gang of demons, ten young idealists resolved to take up
this weapon and rise against the evil overseers. But not one of the cowed
citezenry rose to fight with them.
The human rebels were nonetheless victorious; the demons were vanquished. As
the rebels rebuit the goverment, all agreed the weapon they used were imbued
with the power of god.
But the young leaders began to forget their ideal world without fear. With
secret informers and public executions, their rule turned into one of terror
and tyranny.
The people rose up against them. The ten were arrested and sentenced to public
execution. One again, the people would witness the power of the weapon that
had chased away the demons.

| Mace |
[Mage's Promise]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its range is short, this heavy club send adversaries
Magic            :- Hellsplague
Magic Description:- 6 deadly portals to the demon world are opened.
Weapon History   :-
There was once two bandit brothers whose infamy was known both near and far.
With 200 men at their command, none dared stand against them. One autumn, they
began to terrorize a mountain village.
The desperate villagers appealed to a traveling mage for help. The mage
announced that he would help the villagers, but in exchange, he would require
a village girl as his wife.
The mage then gave this mace to the brothers as a gift. No sooner had they
accepted it than they began to fight. The whole gang took up arms, and in the
end, not one bandit survived.
But instead of giving him his reward, the villagers slew the mage. Soon
thereafter, an evil plague fell upon them and left not one soul alive. Only
the cursed mace remained.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Heavy and unwieldy, this mace inflicts great damage and
                    can knock foes to the ground.
Magic            :- Ares' Breath
Magic Description:- The war god's shield lasts for 20 seconds, and damages the
                    enemy by two thirds.
Weapon History   :-
During the first moon, it smashed the legs of a hundred men, women, and
During the second moon, it smashed the arms of a hundred men, women, and
During the third moon, it smashed the heads of a hundred men, women, and
During the fourth moon, nothing was left but a lake of blood and a mace
dripping with liquefied flesh.

[Holy Mace]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though the mace head is cumbersome, one blow can send
                    enemies to the ground.
Magic            :- Gabriel's Claw
Magic Description:- Light from the heavens converges into 12 beams and 
Weapon History   :-
This flanged ceremonial mace was presented to the hierach of an ancient
kingdom by his thirteen pupils. After the hierach died, the nation broke
down in chaos and strife.
The young pupils tried to stay true to their master's teachings and advoid
bloodshed. But still they fell one by one in the war, calling out helplessly
for peace.
Abhorring violence to the end and still refusing to wield the mace, the final
remaining pupil was killed in battle.
As the bloody mace fell, a great god weeping black tears descended from the
heavens. He gathered the thirteen soulds of the pupils, and in exchange,
cursed the mace with a frightful power.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though it inflicts slight damage, the weight of the mace-
                    head sends adversaries flying.
Magic            :- Pixie Wings
Magic Description:- 8 orbs of magic light fly forth.
Weapon History   :-
This is a mace made from the scales of a dragon. In an age long before the
founding of the Union and Empire, man lived in terror of the subhumans.
Tired of the oppression of the beasts, the people turned to a nameless young
hero to throw off their yoke. To gain the strength he needed, the warrior
resolved to enter a pact with a dragon.
He challenged the dragon again and again, and lost again and again. Though he
eventually beat the dragon, the creature was already pact-beast to another and
victory was in vain.
But in recompense, the dragon offered a piece of her own wing. Armed with the
mace forged of dragon flesh, the warrior battled the subhumans and brought
peace to mankind.

[Pupil's Club]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Each swing leaves Caim exposed, but the blows are powerful
                    and send the enemies flying.
Magic            :- Ishtar's Volcano
Magic Description:- Rocks erupt from 18 magic circles.
Weapon History   :-
This mace was made by an apprentice wizard with a single swing of a
blacksmith's hammer. However, this apprentice could conjure little more than
small flames.
As big as an ogre with an appetite to match, the apprentice did not look much
like a sorceror, and he found himself bullied by his master and fellow
One day, he and another apprentice began a violent argument that did not end
until the giant wizard lost his senses, swung his mace, and struck his
colleague dead.
As it tasted blood, the mace absorbed the fallen apprentice's magical poweres.
The pupil realized that he could make the weapon even stronger... so he slew
his master with a blow to the head.

[Spike Wisdom]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though difficult to swing, this weapon deals heavy blows
                    that easily drop opponents.
Magic            :- Xaphan's Horn
Magic Description:- 4 orbs of fire spin about Caim for 32 seconds.
Weapon History   :-
A philosopher was troubled by the ancient question: What is man? From whence
is man born, and to what pupose?
Did the gods place him here on this world? The philosopher brooded on the
question, his eyes cast skyward for the answers. Amidst all of creation,
surely mankind had a special purpose?
Then the philosopher came a realization. Amongst creation, amongst the stars,
the sun, and the moon, only man has the power to destroy. Proudly, the
philosopher announced his discovery.
In the philosopher's audience, a single old man laughed. He took out a great
mace and placed it before him. "Right," he said, "so this is the meaning of

[Iron Scraps]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its range is short, one blow knocks foes to the
Magic            :- Broken Earth
Magic Description:- 12 daggers of rock plummets from the sky and convulses the
Weapon History   :-
A village of serfs, suffering under their lord's corrupt goverment, cobbled
together this mace to serve as a weapon in their rebellion. Its crooked frame
was shaped by the blood of their toil.
No matter how they suffered, the lord would not grant the serf's relief. With
cries for justice and freedom, they gathered into a crowd and marched against
their overseer.
As dawn broke, the peasants charged into the castle. But there they found the
lord living as impoverished a life as their own. For as much as the lord taxed
the serfs, so was the lord taxed by the king.
The serfs took pity on their incompetent lord and cast aside their weapons.
From then on, serf and lord lived in harmony, hungry and destitute, together.

[Sorrow's Companion]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Can be swung rapidly, yet delivers a damaging blow that
                    knocks enemies down.
Magic            :- Jormengard's Tears
Magic Description:- 12 boulders of ice smash down from the sky.
Weapon History   :-
The mace owned by a warrior-monk who was charged with fighting pirates. When
he sailed the seas with his son at his side, no pirate could feel safe.
One day, they encountered a gang of pirates led by a wizard. The wizard
summoned a sea dragon to fight by his side, and during the fierce battle that
ensued, the monk's son was slain.
Rendered mad by the loss, the monk slaughtered the pirates and the dragon.
But no matter how much he raged, he could not bring back his beloved son, and
the monk soon died of grief.
Eventually, the sad tears of the monk reached the merciful god of the sea. In
sympathy, the god took the monk's mace and made it powerful with magic and the
talons of his own claws.

[Skull Banquet]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its reach is short, this mace delivers a mighty
                    blow that easily fells enemies.
Magic            :- Demon's Whisper
Magic Description:- For 15 seconds, speed is tripled, damage taken is reduced
                    to 33%, and attack power is tripled.
Weapon History   :-
A mace that belonged to a priest who gave his soul to demons. When his cult
was still young, the demons spoke to him, commanding that he gather fresh
The priest offered sacrifice after sacrifice to the demons, crushing each
victim's head in turn. Blow by vlow, the mace brought his ambitions closer
to his grasp.
As the cult grew, so did the mound of crushed skulls. But then the skulls
shifted and transformed, turning into the face of a man the priest knew all
too well.
The face was the priest's own. He had paid the ultimate price, and was turned
into a demon. He rose and bid farewell to his earthly body.

| Pole Axe |
[Twins' Fang]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A heavy weapon with a long reach and the ability to
                    inflict great damage.
Magic            :- Loki's Song
Magic Description:- 5 bolts of light-plasma fly directly at the enemy.
Weapon History   :-
A long time ago, there were twin gods who gave man the gift of fire and
knowledge, and protected him with their wisdom.
But mankind fell into corruption, and the twin gods became wrathful. They sent
storms and floods to destroy the cities, and great fires to burn the plains.
Acknowledging their sinful ways, the people offered this great axe in
penitence. It was a charmed offering, washed in the blood of sacrificed twin
The gods turned the souls of the young twins into stars. Then they sealed the
stars within this axe--a grim reminder to mankind that he must never fall into

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though heavy, this weapon has a long reach and can deliver
                    powerful blows.
Magic            :- Coldkill
Magic Description:- 5 curtain of deadly ice burst from the ground.
Weapon History   :-
Once upon a time in a small village, a young boy and young girl fell in love.
They boy was kind and just, and the girl was cheerful and bright.
By the flowing stream, over the hills, and through the field they played. With
a crown of dayflowers and a ring of lavender, they promised themselves to each
other for all eternity.
But one day, the girl's family was forced to leave the village to look for
work in the city. Though she cried and begged to stay, the young girl had to
The tears of the boy and girl fell to the ground and formed a small pond. This
bardiche was crafted the spirit who came to live in that lake, and was given
on a whim to the local woodcutter.

[Widow's Death]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- With the power of an axe and the range of a spear, this
                    blade deals deadly damage.
Magic            :- Plasmalogical Phantorium
Magic Description:- 8 plasma orbs gather and concentrate energy, then release
                    it explosively.
Weapon History   :-
Queen Brunhilde, daugter of Visigoth king Athanagild, was wife to Sigebert I
of Austrasia, and ruled the kingdom as regent in her son's name after the
death of the king.
Neighboring Neustria was ruled by Chilperic I and Queen Fredegunde. Seeking
to expand their kingdom at the expense of their neighbour, they had Sigebert
This sparked a long and bloody feud between the two kingdoms. The rift between
the countries deepened as the Brunhilde's and Fredegunde's relatives were
murdered one by one.
Eventually, Brunhilde was betrayed while attending peace negotiations, and was
sentenced to death by Chlotar II. This is the pole axe that was used to chop
off her head.

[Fheng's Glaive]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A swing of this glaive is slow, but its range is great and
                    its blade is keen.
Magic            :- Greed's Venom
Magic Description:- From 8 magic circles a poisonous gas pours, dealing death
                    to those who breathe it.
Weapon History   :-
A wealthy Eastern merchant spared no expense when he ordered the forging of
this magnificent glaive. So fine is its blade that when it slices off a man's
head, the victim feels no pain at all.
Yet it harbors evil powers. Any man who dares look into the blade sees a
warped image of his face. The greater a man's greed, the uglier his reflection
When the merchant looked into the blade, he saw a reflection more hideous than
any other. He could not bear to see the ugly face, and swore never again look
at the weapon's shining surface.
But one day, a demon whispered in his ear, and he was again tempted to look
into the blade. There he saw a face so abominably deformed and repulsive that
he turned the weapon on himself and cut off his own head.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This polearm boast a long reach and inflicts great damage.
Magic            :- Storm's Eye
Magic Description:- A whirlwind rages around Caim for 25 seconds.
Weapon History   :-
This bardiche is imbued with the might anger of the storm god. Any victim that
has the misfortune to be caught in the tempest will have his very flesh and
blood blown clean off his bones.
In a small village, there lived a boy who could control the winds. Hearing of
this, the jealous storm god came down to earth and challenged the boy to a
duel of magic.
They agreed to see who would be first to remove a passing knight's cloak.
While the god tried to blow a storm to tear the cloak away, the boy simply
summoned a warm breeze that made the knight take off his cloak.
Enraged that he lost to a mere mortal, the storm god summoned a wind that blew
so hard, nothing was left of the boy but his bones. At the same time, the
storm of rage entered the knight's bardiche.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- The unwieldiness of this pole axe is compensated for by
                    its powerful blows.
Magic            :- Belial's Embrace
Magic Description:- Light envelops Caim for 25 seconds and strengthens his
                    attacks by a factor of 3.
Weapon History   :-
In a time when gods and mankind still lived together on the earth, a great war
raged between the gods and the demons. The nights burned red, and scores of
gods fell victim to hellfire.
The conflagration burned for 10 days. Then a flood covered the earth for 100
days, and then for 1000 days great tempest swept the land. All plants and
animals were turned to dust.
But at last the gods struck down Belial, master of the giants and the mightiest
of the demons. They shut him up in his hell, sealing the entrance with layer
upon layer of thick ice.
It is said that the blade of this pole axe is made from a scale of the demon
Belial's hide, cut from him when the gods sealed him into his hell.

[Reaper's Scythe]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This scythe has a very long reach and a fatally sharp
                    blade that slices through any foe.
Magic            :- Demon's Lust
Magic Description:- 10 magic circles of demonblood devour the life force of
                    the enemy.
Weapon History   :-
They say that the reaper waits by the gate to Hades. With this scythe he cuts
the passage to the eternal darkness--a place from whence no soul has ever
A man was sentenced to enter dark Hades. He waited beside the reaper as the
grim god sliced open a passage to the darkness.
At that moment, the man swung his sword at the reaper! The blade struck home,
and the reaper felled. "Foolish human," he laughed. "Your sword cannot help
you now!"
As he spoke, the scythe rose up and cut off the man's leg with one blow. The
true guardian was not the reaper; it was the scythe. And by the gate it still
waits for each sinner in his turn.

[Apostate's Misery]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though this polearm inflicts little damage, its long reach
                    is deadly.
Magic            :- Sylph Soughs
Magic Description:- 10 wind spirit tempests are conjured.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a wind spirit who fell in love with a mortal man. Though it was
against all the laws of her race, each day she allowed her love and passion to
The spirit was condemned to death for the betrayal of her race. The Lord of
Spirits sent vassals to carry out the sentence, armed with a bardiche
enchanted to slay spirits.
Sensing that her life was in danger, the spirit made one last visit to the man
she loved, then fled through the forests and seas and mountains, pursued all
the while by her would-be executioners.
Some years later, a healthy young boy was seen playing around the village.
This remarkable boy could control the very winds. His father never told him
who his mother was...

| Axe |
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though cumbersom, this axe inflicts great wounds when it
                    strikes home.
Magic            :- Spirit Horn
Magic Description:- 5 spirits fly about Caim.
Weapon History   :-
A young couple, blessed by fortune, were to be wed. But on the night before
the wedding, a small, shining spirit appeared before the young bride.
The ghost whispered in her ear, speaking straight to the weakness in her heart
: "Do you wish to make him all yours? Do you wish to ensure his heart is yours
for all eternity?"
When the girl recovered her senses, she found this gore-splattered axe in her
hand, and before her, the bloody head of her beloved. "Now he is yours 
Even now, the ghost of the young bride can be seen wandering the village,
garbed in a blood-splattered dress and clutching the sightless head of the
man she was to marry.

[Crimson Hood]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though it is a heavy weapon with a short range, its blows
                    can knock enemies to the ground.
Magic            :- Jotun Storm
Magic Description:- From a nebula of black stars, 9 meteorites smash the
Weapon History   :-
Hundreds of years ago, there lived a noble robber who always wear a scarlet
cloak. Unsure what to do with the wealth he pilfered from corrupt merchants,
he melted it down to forge this axe.
He was pleased with how he had disposed of the merchants' ill-gotten loot. But
as he became obsessed with making the axe even more gorgeous, he started to
rob the innocent as well.
One day, he raided the mansion of the most powerful sorceror in the kingdom,
and was quickly caught by the wily wizard. The wizard urged the robber to
return to his noble ways of old.
But the bewitched heart of the robber could not be swayed. The wizard cast a
spell that sealed the robber in a brilliant red crystal, and he then set the
crystal in the eye of the axe.

[Foul Blade]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though each swing leaves the wielder exposed, great damage
                    can be inflicted.
Magic            :- Eye of the Salamander
Magic Description:- The fire of the salamander is released, and then produces
                    a mighty explosion.
Weapon History   :-
An ambitious wizard sealed a salamander within this axe. It became imbued with
potent fire magic and even greater destructive power.
The salamander whispered to the magician: "Feed the axe blood...and we will
become even stronger!" Bewitched by the power, the wizard began to seek
victims to slay.
"Well? Shall you give us more blood?" so whispered the axe, its appetite for
flesh growing. The wizard, intoxicated by the power, had no means to resist.
Not so long ago, the axe was discovered lying next to a withered mummy as dry
as a petrified tree. Even now, the axe whispers to those drawn by the dark
night. "Kill," it says...

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This axe inflicts light damage, but has strong reach. Each
                    blow knocks the adversary off his feet.
Magic            :- Ymer's Fang
Magic Description:- 12 pillars of rock burst from the ground.
Weapon History   :-
This simple, common axe is made of a shaft hewn from plain oak and a head cast
crudely from pig iron.
A simple, common old blacksmith made it at the beginning of the year in order
to open the door of an old shed.
Inside the simple, common shed, the old man saw piled high before him the
jumbled bones of more men than he could count. He told no one of his find.
This simple, common axe made by simple, common old blacksmith came to be called

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This axe is heavy and cumbersom, but it inflicts
                    tremendous wounds.
Magic            :- Phantom Eye
Magic Description:- A mighty shock wave of damnation is discharged, and then
                    explodes in flame.
Weapon History   :-
THere was once a surgeon who saved many patiens from sickness and death. Word
of his skills spread, and so great did his renown grow that he was appointed
physician to the king.
Several years passed. One day, the king's daughter fell gravely ill. Despite
all the doctor's skill and efforts, the illness proved fatal, and the princess
slipped into death.
A hateful grudge toward the doctor took root in the grieving king's heart.
Deaf to the doctor's entreaties, the king sentenced the physician's family
to death.
Mad with grief, the doctor threw deadly poison in the royal well, and the
entire royal household died agonizing deaths. The blade of this axe was
sharpened using water drawn from that well.

[Executioner's Song]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This axe is heavy but its range is long, and adversaries 
                    are easily knocked to the ground.
Magic            :- Ifrit Sword
Magic Description:- 4 seimitars of light trace deadly arcs through the air.
Weapon History   :-
An axe used on the executioner's block of imperial gaols. Forged as an
executioner's tool, the axe has severed the heads of more than a thousand
But after it was used to decapitate the very man who forged it, the axe
became like a living thing. It seemed to be searching for something as it
looped off each head in turn.
Once, a popular general was condemned to death. The people watched as he lay
his head on the block and the axe did its bloody work. A headless corpse
knows neither innocence nor guilt.
Hundreds of years have passed, and still the axe continues its grim search.
Scores of rulers and kings have fallen beneath its blade as it wends its
bloody way through the pages of history.

| Staff |
[Magi's Sorrow]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- It lacks the force to send enemies flying backwards, but
                    this staff can be swung quickly.
Magic            :- Sirensong
Magic Description:- 10 fountains of incandescence erupt from the ground.
Weapon History   :-
Far, far to the west was a land of magic, governed in peace by the five
hundred wise magi of the Council.
In both night and say the streets shone, and the people lived free of fear
or hard labor. One day, the five-hundred-and-first magi was appointed to the
He was only a child of ten, but so great were his powers and his intelligence,
that within two years and fifteen days, he was made Leader of the Council.
A genius of magic, but also a boy of twelve. Fears assailed him, and
bewildered by a life without meaning, he transformed himself into a crystal
that would exist for all eternity.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- With middling damage and short range, this staff makes for
                    a poor weapon.
Magic            :- Thus Spake the Aesir
Magic Description:- 5 forbidden runes flies forth to chase down the enemy.
Weapon History   :-
In a northern island country, there was a wise man trusted by all people.
Known as the Man Who Can See a Thousand Leagues, he wandered the countryside
with this staff in his hand.
The staff could cure diseases and injury in all those who touched it. When
placed on the ground, it could make even the most barren lands fertile.
If the staff was touched to a person, it could tell if that person lied or
told the truth. If the staff was touched to a wicked man, that man would fall
on his knees and repent all his sins.
If the staff was touched to monsters, they would flee. And if the staff was
touched to demons, with words forbidden by the gods, burn them to blackened

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This staff has a long range, but its strike are far from
Magic            :- Silver Solace
Magic Description:- 5 magic coronas of light appear and heal Caim when he is
                    within their circumference.
Weapon History   :-
This was the staff of a lean, thin wizard. His mean indifference and cold
heart heart made him hated by the townspeople and his apprentices.
Growing fearful for his own life, the wizard used the black arts to form a
staff with fearsome power--power that drew its energy from the wizard's own
life force.
As the staff gathered more and more energy to itself, the wizard grew thinner
and weaker. But the wizard was intoxicated by the staff's power, and could
not let go, no matter the cost.
Obsessed with protecting himself from his resentful apprentices, the wizard
clutched the staff tight till he died. In the end, all that remained of him
were brittle bones and dried, translucent skin.

[Philosopher's Staff]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This versatile weapon allows thrusting attacks as well as
                    vertical and horizontal slashing strikes.
Magic            :- Wing at Moondown
Magic Description:- 5 bolts of plasma are launched at the enemy and explode.
Weapon History   :-
There are a number of elements that determine one's own will. Conceptual
objects, scientific facts, and empirical realities all play a role when
considering any immediate question.
Hypothetically, in the regulation of judgement or in progress toward facts
concerning the question, any thinker can acquire a rough estimate, or
intuition, based on personal experience.
Alternatively, the process is under the control of reason; what selection to
make, on what issue to focus, and so on. In other words, the methods of fact
consideration, judgement, and reasoning.
Only those who understand the foregoing have the power to understand thought
or sense, and recognize its worth in others and in themselves, thus achieving
"true and justifiable belief."

| Spear |
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This lightweight spear has a long reach and is easy to use.
Magic            :- Surt's Touch
Magic Description:- 6 lightning orbs fly at the enemy.
Weapon History   :-
There once was a nest of vampyres that lived in an old castle deep in the
forest. Each night, the vampyres would creep out their lair and terrorize
the helpless farmers of the nearby village.
Hearing of the villagers' plight, a renowned vampyre slayer came to the
village. But he told the villagers that he could not battle an entire nest
of vampyres alone.
Some young men of the village volunteered to help, and together they prepared
four spears set wtih powerful crystals. That night, the vampyres came
shrieking from their lair and attacked the village as one.
The battle raged all night long. But when morning broke, all that remained of
the vampyres was gray ash. Ever since, the villagers have worshipped the
spears as guardian spirits.

[Robber King]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A long-ranged spear capable of thrusting and slashing
Magic            :- Orion's Dart
Magic Description:- 5 arrows of lightning are hurled at the enemy.
Weapon History   :-
In a kingdom of the Union, a general beloved by the common people slew the
wicked queen that had taken power when the king had died.
The general came from the lowest classes, making a living as a murderer and
highwayman. After killing his fifteenth victim, he was at last captured by
the authorities.
Judgement was swift; the sentence was death. But the general had a great
advantage--he was an extraordinarily handsome man. When the queen saw him,
she could not bear to have him killed.
She gave the general all her love, but her love turned to obsession. She
became his prisoner, and he took her throne. People who knew him came to
call him Robber King.

[Knight's Vow]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- With one powerful trust, Caim can knock down any
                    adversaries that stands before him.
Magic            :- Url's Bolt
Magic Description:- 8 daggers of ice are hurled in all directions.
Weapon History   :-
A long time ago, there was a dragon who could not fly. This gruff yet noble-
hearted dragon had never seen a human until the day he came across a gravely
injured knight.
The dragon tended to the knight, but when the human opened his eyes, he stared
in fright and tried to flee. In those days, wingless dragons were despised by
men as ill omens.
But the knight recovered, and vowed as he returned home to repay the dragon.
Many years passed. One day, the aged dragon found himself surrounded by an
army of men, and he prepared himself for death.
"My wingless friend! It has been a long time!" Striding from behind the
soldiers came the knight of old, now a king with an army of thousands. The
dragon let out a roar of delight.

[Balberith's Tears]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- With an overhead strike, Caim can do powerful damage to
                    foes in front of him.
Magic            :- Eye of the Jinn
Magic Description:- 4 cyclones of the storm god are summoned.
Weapon History   :-
Balberith is the demon who seals all pacts between devils and humans. His evil
contracts sends ill-fortuned men and women one after the other into hell.
One time, Balberith fell in love with a human woman. This woman's father was
very sick, and she appealed to the demons to save her father.
But Balberith knew that with a contract, she would be thrown into hell and
lost to him forever. He thought and thought, and at last decided that he
himself would go to hell in her place.
But when he hurried to the girl's home, he found the father dead; the girl's
lifeless body lay beside him, as if in sleep. Ignorant of death, the demon
tried to shake her awake, over and over again.

[Broken Dogma]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This long weapon deals damage with thrusting attacks.
Magic            :- Undead Sigh
Magic Description:- 5 clouds of icy vapor are hurled forth.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a great sect that boasted 246 shrines and centuries of devotion
to the holy way. The continuation of the sect's sacred truth was entrusted to
the great hierarch, 57th in the line.
The hierarch was a grave and frankly honest leader; upstanding as a child of
the gods, he was a good and holy man. But at times, his honesty made him weak
to the pressures of the secular world.
One day, the ruler of the kingdom and protector of the sect asked the holy
leader, "Who is the more just, the gods or I?" The hierarch answered that the
gods were, and the king became enraged.
The king decreed the sect a heresy, and in one stroke. the proud, centuries-
old religion was snuffed out. The hierarch, seeing his entreaties fall on
deaf ears, plunged this trident into his breast.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This trident's heavy head makes it somewhat difficult to
                    use, but it inflicts great damage.
Magic            :- Sin's Weight
Magic Description:- 9 lethal gravity orbs are summoned.
Weapon History   :-
The leader of warriors seeks out their death
Deep in his heart fall the tears of heaven
The lakes of blood gilmmer like beacons in the dark
The lesson steals life and blesses it anew

[Victor's Spoils]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its strike lacks power, this ranseur's long thrust
                    deals death.
Magic            :- Seraph's Touch
Magic Description:- 8 comets of flame whirls around Caim in a widening gyre.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a country founded by two brothers, masters of martial arts. One
brother fought with strength, the other with speed. Great friends, they ruled
their country in peace.
One day, a small girl asked the two brothers an innocent question: "They say
that the two of you have never fought. But if you were to have a fight, which
one of you could win?"
Both answered that he himself would be the victor. Thereupon the brothers
began to argue--an arguement that grew more and more heated, until they found
themselves in a fight to death.
Seeing the brother's battle, the angry gods hurled down this mighty spear and
impaled them both. Awed by the gods' wrath, the people of the country
enshrined the spear in their temple.

[Wolf's Plague]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This trident deals damaging strikes and boasts a long range
                    for forward attacks.
Magic            :- Fenrir's Fang
Magic Description:- 8 fists of ice bursts from the ground.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a small village that made its livelihood from rearing cattle.
But it was terrorized by a pack of wolves that slaughtered the villagers'
livestock each and every night.
Desperately, the villagers tried to protect their herds, but they were
defenceless against the wily white wolf that led the pack. Each night, more
livestock was lost.
As the situation grew more grave, some began to talk of abandoning their homes.
At that, the quietest villager of all took up his spear and stepped out into
the night.
Two days later, the white wolf was found dead in the woods, impaled by the
spear. The villagers raised the weapon over the village gate in hope that one
day it might greet the silent one's return.

[Ozymandias's Might]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though this weapon in slow, it has a long reach and a
                    powerful attack.
Magic            :- Lightning Strife
Magic Description:- 5 globes of white lightning whirl about Caim.
Weapon History   :-
This monk's spade was owned by the ruler of the greatest empire to the age.
Said to control lightning and slice through blackness, it was dedicated as
a guardian wepaon in the shrine of the gods.
A warrior famed for his courage plundered the weapon and set out to conquer
the world. Summoning lightning and thunder to his aid, he brought nation after
nation into his empire.
He sat at the center of a vast empire, but the vassals states chafed under his
rule and rose up against him. In the end, betrayed even by his own army, the
warrior's empire collapsed.
He took refuse in a small castle. As the besieging army put the castle to the
torch, he held the monk's spade at his side and, together with his favourite
concubine, waited for death.

[Mermaid's Feast]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This weapon's long reach allows Caim to strike at foes all
                    around him.
Magic            :- Undine's Sigh
Magic Description:- 8 spinning spirits claw emerges in the air and then
Weapon History   :-
This monk's spade belonged to an ugly mermaid who lived on a solitary island
in the south ocean. With her fearsome songs, she would lure the islanders out
to sea and feast upon their raw livers.
One day, a young man came to the island, seeking revenge on the mermaid for
the slaying of his family. The man sliced off the mermaid's tail, leaving her
on the brink of death.
Unable to swim, the mermaid despaired. Seeking forgiveness, she gave to the
youth her beloved weapon and begged for the return of her tail in exchange.
But the youth knew that she would return to her wicked ways of terrorizing
the islanders for the livers that gave her sustenance. With one thrust of her
own spear, the pitiful creature was slain.

| Long Sword |
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Boasts a fine, sharp cutting blade. Well-balanced and easy
                    to use.
Magic            :- Fang of Ifrit
Magic Description:- 12 giant pillars of flame erupt from the earth.
Weapon History   :-
This sword is forged of a granite that burns red with eternal heat. Only those
who enjoy the protection of the moon god, ruler of the cool night, may dare
grasp the hilt.
Legend tells of a great warrior who carried this sword into battle. Roaring a
battle vry, he charged into the fray, where a hundred enemy archers struck
him through with a thousand arrows.
Yet not a drop of blood flowed from his wounds, and though arrows pierced his
heart, his strength failed him not. His army was the victor on that day.
With the battle won, the warrior returned to camp. But in the instant he laid
down his sword, he froze as cold and as still as ice. The protection of the
moon god had finally claimed his life.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This standart broadsword is easy to handle and inflicts
                    grave wounds.
Magic            :- Thunderclaw
Magic Description:- 16 bolts of lightning smite down from storm clouds above.
Weapon History   :-
This sword belonged to a demented painter who murdered innocents every night
and collected their blood. With this grisly harvest, he painted masterpieces
the likes of which the world had never seen.
The painter had a dream. He dreamt that one day he would create paintings so
powerful that all who viewed them would be at peace. Each day he painted
feverishly, chasing his dream.
But none cared for his work, and he began to feel the cold, uncaring stares
of others. Eventually, the soul of the sensitive artist was broken.
"Red! Crimson! Scarlet!" In a frenzy, the artist embarked on a rampage of
murder and creation. It did not end until he turned the sword on himself and
forged his last masterpiece.

[Soldier's Sword]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though it only inflicts moderate damage, this blade has a
                    long reach and is easy to wield.
Magic            :- Breath of Sleipnir
Magic Description:- For 15 seconds, a magic shield envelops Caim, allowing
                    him to move at an unholy speed.
Weapon History   :-
A sword forged using secret techniques known only to one family. The family's
secret was jealously guarded, and no stranger was allowed to learn it.
Hoping to discover how the sword was made, a soldier from an enemy kingdom
joined the family. His plan was to steal the secret and return it to his own
But the young soldier fell in love with the family's daughter, and he could
not bear to part from her. He confessed his plot, and begged her to flee with
him back to his country.
But when the daughter heard his scheme, she murdered the soldier and then took
her own life. And so was the secret of the sword kept within the family.

[Skald's Song]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Inflicts little damage, but the blade is sharp and its
                    reach is long.
Magic            :- Crimson Sentinel
Magic Description:- 8 crimson fireballs spin about Caim and conflagrate all
                    those that dare apporach.
Weapon History   :-
There were two sisters who were renowned as the greatest swordsmiths in the
kingdom. No matter who challenged them, none could make a finer sword.
One day, a wandering bard visited their home. He sang with a voice so beautiful
that the gods wept to hear it, and both sisters fell deeply in love with the
kind and gallant skald.
Each of them set about making the most magnificient sword, so that they might
win his love. But their bitter rivalry led them to make only dull and brittle
Seeing their discord, the skald offered to take both of them as his brides.
With their rivalry ended, together the sisters crafted this magnificent sword
and named it Skald's Song.

[Guardian's Sorrow]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- With excellent balance and reach, this blade inflicts
                    tremendous wounds.
Magic            :- Cherub's Breath
Magic Description:- Health is restored, and 3 protective starstorms spin about
                    Caim for 30 seconds.
Weapon History   :-
This sword once belonged to the guards of a holy sage. Though made simply and
without ornament, the sword's blade never breaks nor bends, no matter how
often it is swung in battle.
Fourteen boys and girls protected the holy sage, all of them orphans abandoned
by their parents. They lived together with their master as a family.
One day, the party was set on by a gang of brigands. The guards fought a
desperate battle, rising again from the most grievous wounds to guard the path
to the sage's carriage.
At last, not one bandit nor guard was left alive. The weeping sage took the
sword his guard had held and blessed it, so that it might protect others as
his guards had protected him.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This sharp thrusting blade deals well with head-on attacks.
Magic            :- Voice of Gungnir
Magic Description:- 7 swords of light fly forth.
Weapon History   :-
A sword wielded as a symbol of justice by the successive heroes of a kingdom.
The church of the land imbued it with powerful magic so that any who fought
for justice would be blessed.
The first hero was a great general who smashed an invading army. He killed a
score of enemy by his own hand.
The second hero was a great general who defended his country from a mutinous
rebellion. He captured each and every one of the mutineers and, by his own
hand, carried out their sentence of death.
The last hero was a general who invaded and colonized a foreign land. In this
conquered country, he ordered the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent

[Hymir's Finger]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though unwieldy, this sword has a mighty swing that
                    instills the fear of death in enemies.
Magic            :- Mizzle of Tears
Magic Description:- From Caim's own body bursts a mighty blast of spectral
                    energy that destroys all attackers.
Weapon History   :-
This is the largest sword in the world, too heavy for any mere mortal to lift.
It is believed that till now, no warrior has been able to wield it.
It was ordered forged by the warlord Vahk the Pitiless. Made from the melted
armor of his vanquished enemies, the sword announced Vahk's might and grandeur
to the world.
The sword grew heavier and heavier each time it took a life, and it gradually
became more and more difficult to wield. At last, even its mighty owner could
no longer swing it.
One morning, Vahk the Pitiless was found dead. Beside him, dripping with flesh
and dyed scarlet with blood, lay the sword. Who had managed to raise the
mighty weapon against him?

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A fine blade that slices as well as it thrusts.
Magic            :- Dragonspeak
Magic Description:- 5 great fireballs fly over the ground and seek out their
Weapon History   :-
A sword who name can also mean "fire". The rippled blade deepens wounds and
makes them fatal. This was a common sword in days past.
In ancient times, a warrior and a dragon fought a battle. Seeing his sword
melt in the dragonfire, the warrior tore out the dragon's tongue and wrapped
it round his weapon's blade.
The enraged dragon blasted a mighty fireball at the warrior. So great was the
conflagration that both warrior and dragon were reduced to ash. All that
remained was the sword, untouched by the flames.
Since then, the sword has held a special magic against the flames of dragons.
But it is said that should a unworthy man try to wield it, he will be engulfed
in a column of fire.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A long sword that is light, balanced, and fatally sharp.
Magic            :- Susano's Veil
Magic Description:- 8 clouds of deadly ice vapor erupt from the ground.
Weapon History   :-
In a far-away Eastern land, there was a poet who made a living reciting songs.
But he keenly felt the limits of his own skills, and so be made a pact with a
With the power of the ghost inside him, he began to compose glorious and
beautiful songs. His fame spread through the city, and before long, he was
named the official Poet to the Imperial Court.
But one day, the ghost returned to the him, and she said thus: "Your life as
a genius poet is over. You shall henceforth never sing a song again."
It was as the ghost said. The poet fell silent and no more songs came from his
lips. His dream gone, he plunged this sword into his breast. It still gleams
with the glistering of his blood.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- With a blade as sharp as harpy's claw, this weapon lets
                    its user easily spin and slice.
Magic            :- Breath of Amaterasu
Magic Description:- A curtain of fire envelops Caim for 25 seconds, tripling
                    his attack strength.
Weapon History   :-
When I first met him, I found it hard to imagine that the irascible, smelly
monk that stood before me was once the vassal of such a mighty lord.
Yet the gleaming sword that he held at his side suggested his tale might be
true. What, under heaven, had happened to bring such knight so low?
He told me that he had grown tired of the feuds of the noble families. But it
is a hard thing for any warrior to abandon the discipline of the way of the
"At that time...things might have gone better," he said, looking thoughtfully
into the sky. I suppose that now, in some place, he is coming near to the end
of his path.

[Greed's Reward]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Its range is short, but this sword is easy to brandish and
                    delivers a mighty blow.
Magic            :- Voice of Balam
Magic Description:- 5 small fire-orbs seek out targets.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a great merchant who sailed all the seven seas, discovering new
lands and trading around the world. This merchant amassed a fortune beyond all
One day, the merchant heard of an enchanted weapon known to some as the Dark
Summoner. It was said that this sword was hidden in the ocean ot the south--a
land swalloed in ages past.
The merchant set out, resolved to find the rare and valuable sword. After many
adventures and much hardship, he found it at last; the sword was impaled in
the mouth of a demon's statue.
Suddenly bolts of hellfire flew from the sword, and the merchant's ship sank
into the watery abyss. Weeks later, his corpse was washed up upon the shore,
the scimitar clutched reproachfully in his hand.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This sword's speed and range compensate for the light
                    damage it inflicts.
Magic            :- Stricken Soul
Magic Description:- 7 pulses of plasma are hurled outward and seek targets.
Weapon History   :-
In the twisted, misshapen blade of this sword lies an evil curse. Within it is
the hate of the woman who used it to slay herself--and the lover who betrayed
All who take up this sword are bewitched, and against their own will they find
they must slaughter others without mercy. Only by cutting their own arm can
the curse be broken.
When a victim cuts off his arm, his soul becomes a part of the blade. He is
able to wield it with nothing but the power of his own thoughts.
Only one other way exists to break the curse of the sword: If the spirit of
the girl were to fall in love with wielder, then she would lift the spell.
But no man has yet won her love.

Current Level    :- Level 3
Weapon           :- A sharp-bladed sword with a long reach.
Magic            :- Skoll's Feast
Magic Description:- 3 target-seeking burning orbs are hurled forward.
Weapon History   :-
This sword was forged as an instrument of revenge by a swordsmith whose family
was slain by demons. It sucks in the souls of its victims to grow stronger and
The skilled swordsmith was commanded by the king to make a sword to behead
demons. But as he struggled to craft the famous weapon, demons appeared at his
The demons, enraged that such a sword was being made and determined none
should ever wield it, slaughtered the swordsmith's family and left him alive
to weep over their bloody remains.
(Level 4)

[Caim's Sword]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- with a good balance of weight and power, this sword is
                    easy to wield.
Magic            :- Cometdance
Magic Description:- 3 giant fireballs are hurled at the ground before Caim.
Weapon History   :-
A gift to Caim from his beloved father. Since he was a young child, Caim had
idolized his gentle father and longed to fight strongly and bravely in battle
beside him.
But the dark shadow of the Empire fell over their peaceful kingdom. The Empire
grew stronger and stronger, until one day, Caim's castle was attacked by
Imperial black dragons.
"Caim! Take Furiae and flee!" So ordered Caim's father. But even before Caim
was able to answer, his parents were slain before his very eyes.
Clutching the sword that was a gift from his father, Caim swore upon it
revenge for the loss of his kingdom and the murder of his parents. Even now,
an unquenchable rage still fills his heart.

| Sword |
[Glory's Bane]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- The weapon inflicts light damage, but allows the swordman
                    to turn quickly.
Magic            :- Damocles' Strike
Magic Description:- 8 swords of light strike down from the heavens.
Weapon History   :-
This sword belonged to a royal family whose kingdom was destroyed by an evil
dragon. The vengeful rage of the family smolders deep within the blade, hidden
by the sword's gaudy beauty.
Whoever takes up the sword will suffer from the family bitter curse. Evil
dreams will haunt the victim's nights till he is overtaken by a baleful death.
A king of a certain small nation was struck by the sword's beauty and took it
for his own. But he, too, became plagued by nightmares, and one day his life
and kingdom were taken from him by dragons.
There is but one means to escape the sword's curse: Slay the same dragon that
killed the royal family. But no man has yet possessed the strength to cheat
fate and break the spell.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A light weapon that has a long reach but allows quick
Magic            :- Thor's Flame
Magic Description:- 12 magic shafts pierce the ground to conflagrate all those
                    who venture near.
Weapon History   :-
In ancient times, this black sword once belonged to a mighty king who built a
glorious empire. Under his wise and just rule, the empire thrived and
prospered, and knew no equal.
But a ripened fruit can only rot. Spoilt by their wealth and prosperity, the
servants of the king began to swell with pride--and fell into corruption and
Powerless to cease the rot, the king's summoned a wicked god into the blade of
his sword. He then began to murder his treacherous vassals one after another.
The god inside the blade reveled in the bloodbath. When only the king himself
remained, the sword slew him as well, and the silver blade was dyed by the
royal blood.

[Hunter's Joy]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its blade and reach are both short, this sword is
                    light and easy to wield.
Magic            :- Gyllir's Hoof
Magic Description:- 5 shock waves pulse through the ground and explode
Weapon History   :-
In a certain country lived a feudal lord. This lord was enamored of the hunt;
each day he rode out to find animals to slay, his favourite hunting sword by
his side.
One evening, the animals of the forest gathered together in council. "We
cannot survive much longer! We must kill the lord if we wish to live!"
So the animals of the forest surrounded the lord's manor, seeking a way in.
But when the lord saw them all, he danced with delight. "So, they have all
gathered for the hunt!"
With joy coursing through his veins, the lord rode out and slaughtered all
the animals till not one remained in the forest. By the by, the lord lived
happily on to a ripe old age.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This blade has a short reach and inflicts light damage,
                    but the wielder can turn quickly.
Magic            :- Queen Hel's Comfort
Magic Description:- 8 swirls of black shadows spin out from Caim.
Weapon History   :-
A long time ago, there was a small nation that was invaded by its mighty
neighbor. The country was helpless as the invaders put its women and children
to the sword.
In the small country, there was a brave and beautiful princess who became
determined to save her homeland. She disguised herself as a dancing girl and
presented herself to the enemy emperor.
The emperor, entranced by the beauty of the dance, immediately fell in love
with the princess. But as he approached her, she plunged this sword into his
breast and slew him on the spot.
After that, the mighty empire fell into ruin and decline, and the princess's
country was saved. To this day, every girl of the kingdom dreams of becoming
the dancing princess of legend.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- This weapon has short range, but its rapid swings can
                    strike at enemies behind.
Magic            :- Faerie Horn
Magic Description:- 4 faeries spin about Caim for 15 seconds.
Weapon History   :-
There was once a handsome young man who stole from village to village,
seducing the maidens and promising his hand in marriage.
Captivated by his charm and beauty, the young women gave him their land,
their gold, their livestock, and their hearts. But at one midsummer festival,
his victims met and discovered the young man's faruds.
The incensed women vowed revenge. With the help of the King of the Faeries,
they cast a cruse on the youth, dooming the suitor's still-living soul to be
sealed within this sword.
Even now, from deep within the cold steel of the blade, you can hear the
pitiful screams of the young man as he laments his callous crimes.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Allows sharp changes in the direction of attack; Caim can
                    strike at enemies behind him.
Magic            :- Breath of the Aesir
Magic Description:- For 30 seconds, runes of the gods swirl about Caim and
                    make him invincible.
Weapon History   :-
A circular-bladed sword owned by a noble family that lived deep within a great
forest. It was said that the user of this weapon would be blessed by the gods
with three lives.
The sword was originally designed as a tool for torture. Its outer blade is
sharp enough to bisect a man with one stroke, while the inner is kept dull
to inflict hideous pain.
Poison can be poured into the handle. As soon as the victim is cut, the poison
flows into the wound and causes nearly instantaneous death.
So cruel was this weapon judged to be, it was banned by the old kings. Soon
thereafter, it became infamous as the tool of assassins.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its range is short, this sword can deal fast,
                    powerful blows.
Magic            :- Ironfall
Magic Description:- 8 great boulders of iron crash to the earth.
Weapon History   :-
An imperial archaelogist unearthed this weapon's blade from the ruins of an
ancient holy place. Believed to be fossilized remains of some beast, the
substance was incredibly hard.
With great care and reverence, the scientist tried to sharpen the rock. But
the substance was impervious to fire, to acid, and to all the tools of his
Driven mad by the unyielding substance that say reproachfully before him, the
scientist smashed it against his head again and again till he fell dead of
his wounds.
The darkly glimmering subsstance was the claw of an earth dragon, and only
human blood can sharpen its edge. And so for ignorance did another scientist

[Butcher's Joy]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Inflicts weak damage, but the flashing blade protects the
Magic            :- Sacrificial Breath
Magic Description:- A curtain and 4 flame orbs persist for 20 seconds. Attack
                    power in increased to 300% Damage is reduced to 33%
Weapon History   :-
Juices oozing from tender, succulent flesh, the sweet aromo of fine herbs...
The master cook made dishes of meat that none in the city could resist.
Every day, customers lined up outside his inn, waiting for their chance to
partake. Even the king himself would sneak down from his castle to sample the
master's art.
But once he entered his kitchen, the smiling cook's face would grow stern. The
meat he used was no ordinary meat...
The years passed, and the cook and his inn disappeared from the town. But his
cleaver remains as gleamin and sharp as ever, waiting for its next master.

[Maiden's Kiss]
Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- Though its blows are weak, this weapon's rapid strikes
                    help precent counterattacks.
Magic            :- Crescentsong
Magic Description:- 9 crescent blades of light fly at the enemy.
Weapon History   :-
When the great shrine was built, young women were chosen to be sacrifices.
They plunged this kris sword into their own hearts. The blade glimmers with 
the souls of its young victims.
The first sacrifice was a respected and pious believer. The pure woman was
chosen to serve as the foundation stone of the new shrine.
The second sacrifice was a kind girl of the village. Though sad to be chosen
for death, she consoled herself with the knowledge that her sacrifice would
help others.
The third sacrifice was a girl who made her living as a thief. She cursed the
gods angrily as her life was taken. At the moment the sword struck home, it
coiled and writhed like a wounded snake.

Current Level    :- Level 4
Weapon           :- A keen-edged long sword that can be swung with great speed.
Magic            :- Pale Death
Magic Description:- Caim turns invisible for 25 seconds, and his attack
                    strength inceases by a factor of 3.
Weapon History   :-
A sword serrated like a saw, able to cut through enemy weapons. But with each
use, vibrations shake the user's arm, causing the flesh to turn weak and
translucent like wax.
Many, many centuries ago, there was a brave knight who fought and defeated
countless enemies. But as he fought, his flesh became paler and paler.
Then came a war on which the fate of the kingdom hung in balance. The knight
took the head of the enemy general and won the battle. But he had grown so
pale as to be transparent.
As the soldiers celebrated the victory, a single arrow struck the knight
through his heart. But none could see the invisible knight, and his death
went noticed by none.

| Section 6 - Credits |

/\ cavia/Square Enix - For developing and publishing this game, Drakengard.

/\ Sony - For creating PSOne and PS2. The best gaming device for me.

/\ Jeff "CJayC" - For creating the great!

/\ GameFAQS Drakengard Msg. Board members - You guys are great, many thanks
for all the gameplay tips and replies!

/\ All readers of this file - For sparing time to take a look, giving
feedbacks and contributions.