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"I lit him up!"- SOCOM II player, SOCOM II

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To find anything in this guide quickly follow the following steps:
1.Find a section of this FAQ you want to get to quick (i.e. [60] Credits).
2.Press CRTL+F, which should bring up a box.
3.Type in the code (The code is the 2 numbers before the section, i.e. the
"[60]." before credits type in "[60]")
4.Select down.
5.Press "Find."
6.Press "Find" again.

[01] Introduction
[02] Getting Online, Headsets, and the HDD
[03] Making your SOCOM II Name/Account
[04] User Agreement Summary
[05] Online Menu
[06] Briefing Rooms&Servers (Games, Creating them, Joining)
[07] Clans&Clan Wars
[08] Weapons and Getting Used to Them
[09] Ranking System
[10] Voting System
[11] The SOCOM II Community
[12] Surpression Maps
[13] Demolition Maps
[14] Breach Maps
[15] Extraction Maps
[16] Escort Maps
[17] Mini-Games
[18] Other(Version History,Copyright,FAQ ect.)

=== [01] (Introduction)======================================================

SOCOM II is an amazing game and very possibly the best online game out there.
SOCOM II has one of the biggest capacities of players in a game than most PS2
Games have and the game play is superior to a lot games. The biggest differ-
acne I have seen from other games is the amount of teamwork involved in
Playing the game even in single player the game forces you to use your team
, But only is 10x better and single player is probably the best single player
Around, next to GTA and that's saying a lot.

In SOCOM II online you just join a game and play with up to 8 members on each
team and with over 22 maps that are completely different. Theyíre from Single
Player, but the only relation is the style of the level for example one map
may be in a jungle from a level in single player, but that's where the
similarities end because the layout is completely different.

Once online you have tons of extra features like clans, friends, downloads,
all of which make this game the best online game out there. It's defiantly
the best game out there for online play, and all I can say to you if you
haven't got it yet is why the hell you don't have it yet. It's a must have
kind of game.

=== [02] (Getting Online, Headsets, and the HDD)=============================

    Getting Online

Before one can get online one must buy the necessary equipment to get only
which is pretty cheap considering you can use it for every online game for
the PS2.
Hereís a list of all the things you'll need to get online followed on how to
install them:

-PS2 ($180-$200)
-SOCOM II disk ($50 new)
-Network adapter ($30-$40)(Sony NA only)
-Broadband Internet (DSL, Cable, ect.)($30 average, depends on type and
-Ethernet cord ($15-$50 depending on length) (Cat 5e or Cat 6)
-Router (Optional) ($30-$70 depending on company)
-Extra Ethernet Cord (Optional) ($15-$50 depending on length)(Cat 5e or
Cat 6)

Okay you bought your network adapter and now you need to install it to get
online okay here just follow these steps to get it installed:

1.Remove expansion bay cover in the back of your PS2.
2.Put network adapter in.
3.Use a coin to tighten the screws to the network adapter.
4.Insert Installation disk in your PS2.
5.Install disc.
6.Insert Ethernet Cord.

NOTE: Insert the installation disc into your PS2 for an installation movie.

Now how to get your Ethernet connection set up so follow these steps:

   With A Router

A Router is just a way of splitting your Ethernet cord so you can play online
and go online at your computer at the same time. The more expensive you router
the better your connection will be and the less lag you will get on SOCOM II

1.Plug 1 Ethernet cord from your Broadband modem into the modem and the
router's IN jack. Much like a VCR a router has an IN jack and usually 4 out
2.Plug 1 Ethernet cord into your router and the other end into your computer.
3.Install router.
4.Plug 1 Ethernet cord in to your router and the other end into your PS2.
5.Go play SOCOM II online.

   Without A Router

An established Ethernet connection is also possibly without a router and just
with a direct connection between the Broadband modem and the Network Adapter.
It results in less lag, but you'll have to switch your Ethernet cord between
your computer and your PS2 every time you'll want to go online. Unless of
of course you don't have internet on your computer.

1.Connect 1 Ethernet cord between the network adapter and your modem.
2.Go play SOCOM II online.

If you need more help go here:


Headsets are not necessary, but they sure do help and make playing SOCOM II
online more fun. A lot more fun. Using headsets you will be able to
communicate with your team members and make friends and get accepted into
clans. They will also help in single as you can give voice commands to your
team. You will have a speaker, which will be on 1 ear and a mic extending to
in front of your mouth.

There are only 3 major headsets for the PS2 computer headsets will not work
with the PS2 unless they say different on the package/manual. These headsets
however work with both computer and the PS2.

The first Headset is the one with the original SOCOM I game/headset package.
It has a small ear phone and mic, is rather flimbsy, but is surprisingly the
most durable IMO. You can only buy these with the original SOCOM I though.

The second headset is the Sony one I personally never had this one, but from
what I heard it's pretty small, and is the second most durable.

The third headset is the Logitech headset. It has a rather big ear piece and
the mic is pretty stiff were it bends, but it's a good mic. People have
problems with these breaking, but I haven't had any yet. Thereís a piece with
a volume control and a mute button that mutes your voice when talking for
future games where you don't have to hold a button to talk.

Now headsets can be a pain in the neck if they keep breaking or people can't
hear you, but here are some tips:

*NEVER leave your headset on the ground this is a very good way to break it.
*Careful about twisting the bendy part of the big for this increases ware and
*Loose wires usually result in loss of hearing people or talking to people or
*Don't have the mic too close to your mouth or else it distorts the sound and
people can hear your breathing.
*Don't have it too far away either or else people will not hear your voice.
*Check youíre mute if you have one.
*Careful not to drop your headset.

                                 THE HDD

The HDD is now avaliabale and to enable the downloading of new maps and guns
simply go to options and switch HDD from disable to enable and save. Although
there are no new maps there supposed to be coming out soon ,but my advice is
not to buy the HDD until new maps come out instead of wasting your money
unless you like FF. Then, again the HDD also is for NFSU.

=== [03] (Making your SOCOM II Name/Account)=================================

Okay your online and you need to make a name in order to play online. Easy.
Just go to online in the main menu and login once you connect a screen will
come up which looks like this:

-Name: Pick a name anything you like, your E-mail adress,your favorite movie,
Specter, Jester. Anything you want.
-Password: Pick a password for name, your birthdate,birthyear,pet's name,
anything you'll remember
Save Password: Do you want to save your password so you don't have to enter it
every time you log in? Yes, or no.
-Hometown: This is optional just enter your hometown.
-Gender:Also, optional are you male or female?
-Connect: Connect and login to SOCOM II online.

You can create up to 3 names and save them to your memory card. If you select
save password it will ask which memory card you want to save it to before you
login. Then, it will say player name not registered do you want to register?
Click Yes. If it does not say that the name is already taken and you will
have to think of another name. Be original add numbers the same stuff you do
when creating an e-mail adress. There are after all over 900,000+ registered
names on SOCOM II online.

   Putting Color and Symbols in to your name

Now the fun part to making your name. You can put color and symbols in your
name. Say you have Bludshot as your name so you would make your name red or
you want a PS2 button symbol in your name like X. I'm not going to tell you
what to do with your name just the codes.


Now how to input the codes:

2.Insert:The rest of the code.
3.Insert:Your name/message
(i.e.#C~! Bludshot would be red)

Now the codes:

#C(space)Message=Blueish Purple
#C!!(space)Message=Dark Gray
#C1Q(space)Message=Light Blue

=== [04] (User Agreement Summary)============================================

Remember that never-ending accept or decline agreement everyone select accept
before they read in order to get online? Of course you do. Just thought you
might want to know what youíre agreeing to in a nice short bulleted way. So
I've painstakingly went though and summarized the agreements major points,
but you'd better go though it toughly(*Holds little hope on that*)If you can
understand it.

-Declining in 1st 30 days results in a refund
-Accepted by only people 18+ years old, under 18 must have a guardian accept
-No putting product out for rent
-No modifying product
-Downloading content for anything other than game play
-Uses DNAS
-Game name may be used on tournament sites w/o permission
-Have an alias name for online
-No harassing players
-No inappropriate language
-No advertising commercial products or companies
-No game names that are other people's name or companies
-No disrupting chat
-No false SCEA reports(i.e. reporting someone for cheating that was not)
-No breaking laws online
-90 warranties
-People being brought to court will be tried at San Mateo Country California
-Agreement may be changed to be more enforceable

So who's never broken the agreement they agreed to?

=== [05] (Online Menu)=======================================================

This is where the SOCOM II messages are displayed. Sever maintenance news is
displayed at the top which usually says the following:
"Welcome to SOCOM II Online! SOCOM II standard maintenance window is between
5am and 7am PST, every Monday and Thursday. The SOCOM II servers may not be
available at that time."
Below however is your wonderful clan's news. Unless you don't have a clan,
in that case you won't have clan news, or if your clan leader didn't put any
clan news up.

   Player Ranking
This will show you how you stack up against other players. Itís shows your
rank in numbers and the ranks of the people around you.L1 and L2 can be used
to scroll the ranking list.
Not much more to say.

   Clan Ranking
Clan ranking is decided on basically 2 things the number of people that are in
your clan and their rankings. For example 8 captains are better than 6 ensigns
or even 10 ensigns since captains rank a lot higher than ensigns.
Again not much more to say.

Check and see if you got that invite from the clan you tried out for
yesterday. Accept to join that clan. Hooray you finally have a clan. Without
this options what would SOCOM do?

   Refresh List
Just click this and it searches for the number of people in each briefing room
,and refreshes how many briefing rooms their are. Once a briefing room gets
almost full another appears.

Options is where customize your personality through taunts,messages,and
descriptions. Here is also where you can enable the HDD.

   Option's options
Player description is first. This is where you can enter a 2 line,no,no wait
1 1/2 line player description. Who knows what this short paragraph can
imply on your leader as he checks your stats and sees what you have as a
description. I wonder if any one actually writes their description?

Messages next, and these are seemingly useless ,but can be useful to
communicating to your dead teammates like "I think I'm going to die" or
"Vote me if they are in the base" for a more practical use of messages.
I personal have my messages as "You have 1 votes against you, you have 2 votes
against you" ect.,and then my favorite: "Your account will be terminated in
10 min. "You'd really be surprised at how gullible people can be.

Then, come taunts. Taunt your team members as you play. You can customize
5 of your works of art to use against your opponent that are common among all
characters, but each character has 5 more taunts created by the programmers
that are unique to each and every character.

There are a few more options that are pretty self-explanatory like "Teammate
Names on/off, but I've covered all the major ones ,but saving the game is a
must if you want to keep your taunts and messages.

   Friends List
I know this guy that I became friends with on SOCOM and I invited him to my
friends list and  now I KNOW WHERE HE IS all the time. So the friends system
works like this, you join a game and find someone you get along with so you
ask to be friends with him and he says yes. So now you invite him to be on
your friends list and he accepts. This causes him to be on your friends list
,and you to be on his friends list. Now you both know where each other are
all the time and can bond even more. This is also useful for knowing if the
people on your clans 2nd roster are on.

   Ignore List
"I'm like 'LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!' and I put him on my ignore list."
The marvels of SOCOM II like automatic muting. Just enter the person's name
you want to be on your ignore list ,and he will be muted every time you play
on the same team as him/her. Although I must say the chances of you running
into a person twice are slim unless of course you both play Fish Hook or
something constantly. In that case this this comes in very useful, and if your
getting stalked.

=== [06] (Briefing Rooms&Servers)============================================

   Joining Games
This is where the gaming begins, click briefing rooms and select from one of
11 types of rooms: Ensigns only, Lieutenants only, Lt Commanders only, and
only, US East, US Central, US West, Canada East, Canada West, Clan games or
E-seals. All of which have at least 5 of their kind especially US East which
45-50 in prime time(10pm-1am).Some rooms is available to people of that rank
only which are Ensigns only, Lieutenants only, Lt Commanders only, and
Captains only. The rest are available to everyone. The US and Canada ones are
for people in those sections of the countries although you could go to west
if you lived in East. Clan games are for Clan wars(More on that in section
[08] ),and E-seals I'm not really sure what this is for ,but there sure are
a lot R^ rooms and GNK rooms. Itís a bad place to be people will start talking
about you if you get caught there, no just kidding go there if you want. I 
heard they really give a challenge in E-seals though.

So once you've picked a briefing room it's time to pick a room. Thereís
plenty of rooms: Breach Medlies,Medlies,Extraction Medlies,Escort Medlies,
Demolition Medlies and Suppression Medlies,as well as a game for every map
in the game that plays that map over and over again which is a good way to
get good at a map. There are also rooms that are created by users at the end
of the list that are in alphabetical order. To join a room just pick it and
click join game, and then click armory to pick your weapons and click ready,
or click switch teams, which needless to say put you on the opposite team.

To watch a game click watch game and select a game to watch ,but some games
do not allow people to watch. Once you've found the game you want to watch
click it and then click ready to become a spectator. Use up and down to change
views and left and right to change between players youíre watching. Left and
right analog sticks are for controlling the screen freely.

The player list shows all the players in the briefing room(256 max) and what
game they are in.

Refresh list refreshes the list of games and searches for new games just made.

If you want to create a game click create game. You will have a large variety
of options for your game to choose from. Hereís what they are and what they
-Game Name: Choose a name for your just like you would for your SOCOM II name.
Password: Do you want to have a password for your game, and if so what do you 
want it to be.
-Players: Select the number of players 2,4,6,8,10,12,14, or 16.
-Round Count: Select round count 1,3,5,7,9,11.
-Round Time: Select round time 4-10 minutes.
-Friendly Fire: Select friendly to be on or off. On will allow you to hurt
your team.
-Equipment: Select the type of equipment no limitations, no bombs, snipers
only,pistols only, shotguns only.
-Spectators: Do you want to allow people to watch the game?
Restore Defualts:Restore options to what they were.
-Resprawn: Do you want resprawn on? This will turn round count to 1 and round
time to 20 minutes.
-Rank Restrictions: What ranks do you want to be allowed in your game.
-Clan Options: What team do you want your clan on Terrorist, Seals or either.
-Choose Games: What maps do you want your game to have.

Then, click square to create the game.

=== [07] (Clans&Clan Wars)===================================================

Clans are one of the funniest parts of SOCOM II. There are basically...teams
you join. The clan leader creates the clan and recruits players for the clan. He
can hold tryouts in which people will tryout for that clan and if he thinks
they are good enough for the clan he sends them an invite and they can either
accept or decline it. If they accept the invite they join the clan and the
clan button will show who is in the clan and who is on at the time. A clan can
have up to 16 players in it and many people make 2nd rosters which is just
another clan with a similar name maybe like Bravo clan 2 to allow more
in the clan.

The leader of the clan can also make a clan tag which is a 3 letter tag that
exists before the all the people in that clan's name. For example, [ER]Bravo12
,and unlike clan names clan tags can be the same as other clan tags ,but that
is rare that you'll see someone with a clan tag the same as yours ,but is not
in your clan.

In order create a clan you must first not be in a clan and select the clan
option and enter the clan name and your down providing the clan name isn't
already taken in which case you'll have to make a different one.

   Clan Wars
Okay you've got a good clan now and your ready for a clan war. Go to
Clan Games whatever and make a room called: (Your clan tag)wants #v#.#'s
being the number of people in the war in your team. So a game might be like
this:[R91]wants 3v3 or [jkl] wants 7v7.Once someone comes you will pick maps.
Each clan picks 1 map each ,and both decide the tiebreaker map.

Another way to find a clan war is to just look for a room like [iop]wants 5v5
and join it if you have the right amount of players.

Game battles is another great way to find clan wars. Itís one of the best
SOCOM II sites around.

=== [08] (Weapons and Getting Used to Them)==================================

This is what most people have trouble with, at least from what I heard. This
is the art of taking someone out from a long distance. Iíd suggest starting
out with the .50 cal sniper rifles(M87ELR and M8281A).Practice in resprawn
rooms at first and then move into regular games like in Foxhunt and Blizzard
at first ,but keep practicing in resprawn from time to time. Aim for the chest
for a 1 shot kill ,and use the thermal scope in shadow falls and sandstorm at
first, but don't be afraid to use it in other maps if your having trouble
with it. Keep this in mind though: You CAN see farther without the Thermal
Scope. Once your confident with your sniping skills move on to the M40A1
in Sniper only rooms, and try using the SR-25 and SASR in regular games and
resprawn. Finally, when you've mastered the SASR and SR-25 move on to the
M40A1 although for terrorist you can use the M40A1 instead of the SASR at

If you need some expert help try this link:

Pistols are mostly for snipers and pistol only games. Rarely will you see
someone using a pistol because they ran out ammo. Pistols are weak compared to
other guns ,but thatís sparing the Desert Eagle which is perhaps the best
terrorist gun. Most pistols are single shot and have very little recoil. I
find it very strange how some pistols like the Mark 23 and SP-10 can easily
take someone down with an assault rifle. Generaly,people aim for the chest
with pistols although headshots are obviously preferred there pretty hard to
get with some of the less accurate pistols. So aim for the chest with pistols
with less than 13 rounds in a mag. If any more rounds the pistols is a bit too
weak for chest shots, with the exception of the SP-10, which is extremely
powerful for the clip size. That covers most pistols ,but with the DE .50 and
Model 18.The DE .50 is very inaccurate so your going to have to aim for the
chest ,but it's a 2 shot kill. The model can be full auto so switch to that
and aim for the chest at which point you will let the recoil ride up to their
head for a headshot. Pistol only rooms and resprawn can really help your
pistols skills, and regular games obviously too.

   Assualt Rifles&Rifles
Now assault rifles&Rifles might as well combine them there really similar in
the game. With these you'll want to aim for the chest, and usually 4-7 bullets
depending on the gun will take the other person down. Silanced guns will take
a bit longer to kill ,but not much at all. Genrally, you'll want your gun on
full auto ,but with the M16A2 there is no full auto. So you'll have to use
3 shot burst. Press the fire button fast and you'll have almost a full auto
,but you'll hear the distinct bursts by far. These guns are really easy to use
don't need much explaining to use. There also the most  common guns in

   Sub-Machine Guns
The forgotten power of SOCOM some say these guns are awful ,but most of the
time they never even tried or just started the game. These guns ARE NOT NEW
USER FRIENDLY. They are hard to use ,but are really effective. With everything
,but the HK5K you'll have to aim for the upper chest and get a neck or head-
shot, which really isn't too hard with their fire rate. Hell, they could beat
an IW in cqb if you know how to use them. The HK5K just aim for the chest, and
you'll be able to take them down. If youíre a veteran just go right to regular
games and use these and you should be O.K. your new to the game don't try
and use these just yet.

   Machine Guns
These are what you'll find most new users using when they first start the
game. Long clips and almost no reloading and big powerful bullets that take
someone down easily if you aim for the chest.M63A and M60E are the 2 machine
guns and both sides have both. Try and stop using these and recognize the
power of other guns ASAP.

4 grenades:M67,HE,Smoke,and Flashbang. First, 2 are lethal ,and the latter 2
are not. Standing and throwing the grenades make them go the farthest.
Remember that the harder you hold the fire button the farther they get thrown.
M67 have the biggest spread of the damage ,but the HE has less range and more
power. Smoke can provide cover and really messes up thermal scopes, and flash
bangs blind people and deafen them for a period of time. Boncing grenades off
walls and through doors can prevent exposing yourself.

There are 2 kinds of mines in the game claymores for SEALs and mines for
terrorist. Mines are basic landmines, you step on them you step on them you
die and claymores are remotely detonated. Landmines are small and hard to see
especially in grass. Call out every mine you place to your team and place them
in hard to see places and heavily traveled routes. Claymores are a different
story. Place them in tight place and hide. When someone comes by detonate them
,and they'll go flying. There very visible though so someone may throw a
grenade to blow them up. They may also be used as a delay tactic.

=== [09] (Ranking System)====================================================

Now comes the part where I explain to you the messed up and complicated
ranking system of SOCOM II. It's simple really you win you go you up you lose 
down, but there's also a lot more to it than that.

Although basics may be common sense the details are not. First,the teams come
into play. If your on the team with less players your get more points if you
win ,but If the other team wins and they have more players they will get less
points than a regular win(Even Teams,8v8).Besides the number of players on
the team their ranks also come in to effect. For example if 4 ensigns beat 4
captains they'd get a huge amount of points for winning since captains are
ranked higher than ensigns, but if the captains won they wouldnít get many
points for winning against ensigns.

So keep this in mind: winning GAMES not rounds raises your rank so you'll have
to play the whole game until the lobby. The number of rounds you win by also
comes in to play. A shut out(6-0) for example would be better than winning by

Who you kill is also ranked. If you killed a Lt Commander and youíre an Ensign
you'll get more points than is you killed another ensign. So you'll get more
points playing in rooms available to all ranks like US East than playing in
a LT Commanders only room.

Finally, bonus points also come in to effect when gaining rank. Bonus points
are like putting C4 on stuff, calling air strikes, and planting bombs is a big

When you get a rating at the end of rounds and games this is not your points
,but a mere rating on how you did.

Also, every time you join a game you get 15 or so points taken away and you
get it back at the end of the round with the other points you've earned in
the game too. Like poker.

Now the ranks are as follow from highest to lowest.

Rank           #Rank                   Nickname        Symbols       Percent
Admiral        10-Best Player          None            Silver Star       None
Captain        50,000-11               Wings           Silver Eagle    Top 5%
Lt Commander   285,000-50,000          Cookie          Gold Star     Next 25%
Lieutenants    850,000-350,000         Chopsticks      2 Silver Bars Next 55%
Ensign         Worst Player-850,000    Butter Stick    1 Gold Bar   Worst 15%
Unranked       0                       None            None             None

=== [10] (Voting System)=====================================================

Unlike the brutal monarchy of other games SOCOM is a demoacracy. Instead of
the host of the game being able to kick people out of the game, SOCOM requires
at least 4.8 votes or 60%(8 divided by 60%)of the people on the team to vote
against the person assuming there are 8 people on the team. So if thereís ever
a cheater or annoying player on your team vote him and most likely the other
team members will be happy to do the same. Although votes are also used for
some more practical use like telling a player to check his six because thereís
an opposing team member trailing him.

# of people      Votes      Percent
8                  5          60%
7                  4          60%
6                  4          60%
5                  3          60%
4                  3          60%
3                  2          66%
2                  0          00%
1                  0          00%

=== [11] (SOCOM II Community)================================================

The SOCOM II Community is made up of 900,000+ people of all different accents
and voices. Youíll find all kinds of people from all over New York, California
,Colorado, Canada all with their own style and rank. You can expect to find
people like the people you find in really life even people with disagreeing
personalities said in a polite way. So expect the unexpected as you travel in
the world of SOCOM II.Welcome to SOCOM II.
Before we start I'd like to thank the Sea Snipers clan and Generator Studios
for making their SOCOM II maps for people to use that are included in this
FAQ. Please visit their website at;
=== [12] (Suppression Maps)==================================================

OK suppression is a basic team deathwatch that includes 6 levels in which you
will have to "Surprises" the enemy. No special objectives just you and the
other team competing to see whose the better man. Surpression maps are pretty
even compared to other game modes or at least IMO. Sometimes the maps may have
some neat features to make up for a being a bit plain. These maps are also the
only maps you can have resprawn games in. Although non-resprawn is still
pretty strategic.

1.Eliminate other team.

[28]Chain Reaction
[30]Rat's Nest
[31]Shadow Falls

 [27] (Vigilance)
Vigilance is a good sized map with many sniping positions and is set in a
Residential area in Albania. Here snipers prosper ,and draws are often.
Searching the place for 1 terrorist can be a pain ,but it helps if you know
the map.

Map at:
None Yet


Route 1:
Start off by going left and watch for grenades and in to the canal and out
the other side. Watch for terrorist in the top of the building ahead of you
and by the turrent,as well as around the corner. Rush across the street once
you turn the corner and get in to the building left of you. Clear it out and
go down the stairs. Now check the area before going straight around and behind
house in front of you. Check the houses as you travel along the path when you
get to the stairs got through the building at the end of them and out the
other end. Now just go back to your base following the left side of the map
clearing out houses as you go along.

Route 2:
Go the right way and breach the breach when you get to it. Check the house to
your left and the other one ahead of that one. Now go along the right side and
clear the church when you get to it and jump in the canal. Proceed along the
canal and get out when you get the stairs on the right side near the tunnels.
Clear out the alleyways between the houses there and then check the rooftops
of the houses.

Sniping spots in this map include church on the left side you breach with C4
,and the roof right in front of the SEAL sprawn. You may also want to continue
along down the main street and get on the rooftops near the middle houses.


Route 1:
Start off by placing some mines on the stairs on the left side and go
through the building there and jump off the ridge to your right. Go straight
across the bridge and then follow the street until it ends and go right all
the way to the breach. If it's not already breached wait for SEALs to breach
it ,but if no one breaches it soon go in to the building near it and go in
the room to your left and jump out the window. Now go to the SEAL spawn
watching the corners and checking the buildings.

Route 2:
Go to the right following the edge of the map and go up the stairs once in
the building near the wooden ridge. Go through the other door and dash across
the street and in to the ally. Go prone near the turret around the corner and
ambush any SEALs you see coming. Then, Jump in to the canal and follow it to
the stairs down near the tunnels. Go up the stairs and to the SEAL base
clearing out buildings as you go along.

Here you may want to start out by placing mines on top of the climbable wall
near your sprawn. You first should snipe the middle rooftops between the
building with 3 windows and the one right of it. You can also snipe in the
building with 3 windows. Next you can snipe on the right side in some bushes.
Finally you could follow the right side until you get to the street and snipe
behind the bicycle.

 [28] (Chain Reaction)
Chain Reaction is set in Russia in a submarine dry docks area. Itís in the
shape of a long skinny rectangle and has 4 floors. You can even go in parts
of the submarine as well as on top of it. There's really not much to describe
except Rushing and Sniping since both sides are identical.

Map at:
None yet


Go down the ladders for speed and the stairs for safety. Once you down off the
roof continues down the catwalks watching the floors below and on top of you.
Check any rooms you come across carefully and dash from  cover to cover to
avoid snipers. As you go down a catwalk make sure there aren't any snipers at
the end of it. Once you get to the end of a catwalk go the the other side and
clear out another once. Repeat until you've won.

Sniping from the widows looking down in to the area below isn't a bad idea.
Otherwise you could choose to sniper from a catwalk either on it or across.
Also try sniping on the oil tanks.


Go up the stairs quick before you get sniped and go down a catwalk watching
the floors below and on top of you. Check any rooms you come across carefully
and dash from  cover to cover to avoid snipers. As you go down a catwalk make
sure there aren't any snipers at the end of it. Once you get to the end of a
catwalk goes the other side and clear out another one. Repeat a until you've

Get up to a high catwalk and take position. Snipe anyone across from the
catwalk and down it. You may also want to take up a position to snipe the
ladders on the left and right sides of the SEAL side.

 [29] (Frostfire)

Frostfire(aka FF) is a common paintball room ,but we'll talk about that
later. Now we talk about Frostfire. It's a very small map and you can rush the
enemy in less than 10 seconds so act quick. Itís set on the oil rig from the
third mission of SOCOM I. People here may suffer from shell shock often from
the grenades exploding everywhere. Be quick into the tunnels now.

Map at:


Route 1:
OK start off by throwing a few grenades at the terrorist side. Stand and throw
trying to get them over the building to the terrorist platform. Now go right
to the tankers. Hide in the shadow in prone and see if there are any
terrorists around. Most likely there are so throw a few grenades over near
the terrorists ,and then rush them with a few teammates try and stay under
cover and spread out if there are any grenades. Work your way towards the
terrorist Platform. Once you've fought your way there make sure there arenít
any terrorists hiding there. Now go into the doorway to the computer room.
Check for mines and use 3rd person to your advantage as you look around
corners. Once you've cleared the computer room. Go to the porch thing through
the back door. Check the SEAL spawn and proceed to the tunnels. Go down the
middle and go through the entrance near the pipe. Go down and go forward to
meet a winding maze of corners. Watch for mines and go through it. You may
want to place a few claymores if you have them to slow down any terrorists
sneaking  up on you. Once you come to a split in the road go left to emerge
under the terrorist sprawn.

Route 2:
This time you'll go left. So start going left around the left side of the
warehouse. Run from behind box to box as you watch for terrorists going around
the corner. Once you reach the corner wait for any grenade throwing to die
down ,and get up and clear out the terrorist base. If no ones there go back
and check the warehouse before proceeding to the tunnels, but be careful
of any mines the terrorists may have placed their or any terrorists hiding
behind the boxes. Take the warehouse entrance in to the tunnels ,and watch the
corners for terrorists that are ready to ambush you and mines especially near
the entrance. Once you get to a split in the tunnels go left and watch
yourself around the turns for mines. Once you get to yet another fork in the
road go straight this time and work your way to the end watching the corners
and mines. You should emerge on the right side.

Route 3:
This way is a bit more dangerous than the last. Firstly, hide and wait for
any grenades to die down near the middle. Rush straight up the middles. Moe
down any terrorist and throw a grenade to your left and check the terrorist
platform. Afterwards,go down the other side of the terrorist platform and
check the right side(SEALs right,T's left).Finally, proceed to check the
tunnels. Enter through the right side entrance, and watch for mines and
terrorists around the corner. Once you've cleared that go down the hall ,and
be ready to face any terrorists jumping out at you. Through grenades around
corners and watch for mines. Once you get to the fork in the tunnel go
straghit,but check you right too. Now especially watch for mines around
corners and throw grenades down the tunnel. Once you've gotten past all the
turns and cone to another fork in the road take the right way. Work your way
to the end of the tunnel watching mines and terrorists ,and using 3rd person
to peek around corners before emerging at the warehouse.

Yall sure you want to snipe in this map? Really? OK the crane and boxes
are your best bets. Snipe the right side for any terrorists emerging from the
tunnels and around the right side.


Route 1:
Jump right down from the platform and go in to the tunnel. Take the left way
and follow the tunnel until you come up on the right side. Watch for SEALs as
you get up and rush there base. If you find nothing go around the left side of
the warehouse and in to the tunnels. Proceed down and place a mine or 2 around
corners. Check the tunnels until you come to a split go forward and then right
to emerge out of the tunnels.

Route 2:
Throw a few grenades towards the SEAL spawn down the middle. Then
jump off the platform and dash across to the warehouse. Go in the door ,but
watch for SEALs around boxes and traps. After the warehouse, check the SEAL
base, and go down the middle entrance to the tunnels. Continue forward
when you get a fork in the road ,and then turn go up a ladder to you right
further down the tunnel. Once up the ladder check the right side from your
vantage point and, then go to check the SEAL base and oil tanks.

Route 3:
Quickly, jump off the platform and to the right side. Check the corner around
the warehouse and go directly in to the tunnels through the nearby entrance.
Go forward and kill any SEALs you see. Then, when you come to a split in the
road go left and plant a bunch of mines. Now go forward and go left and when
you reach another split. You should emerge below your base. Check your base
then clear out the right side.

Yall really really sure yall want to to snipe? OK right from your platform.
Watch the left of right sides.

 [30] (Rat's Nest)
Rat's Nest is a small crammed together map hence the name. Itís set in the 2nd
last mission of S1 in a terrorist's base in a cave system in Turkmenistan in
the Middle East. Here you'll want to rush most likely rather then snipe.
Converted to night since SOCOM I makes this map look a lot cooler.

Map at:


Route 1:
Go left following along the wall. Once you get to a part where there are
wooden stairs jump down to them and go to the top, and keep going forward, and
when you get to where the path is blocked off jump right through the hole
,but watch for mines on the other side and terrorists at the back of the rock
ahead. Now you may want to put on your night vision goggles and proceed
forward up the hill to your left and to the terrorist spawn watching for
mines. Now go right through the terrorist spawn and out the exit on the
other side. Now go down and when you can go left or right go left. Go along
this cave and when you get to a rock you can climb to a tunnel get on it and
clear out the tunnel and and the open area below the end of the tunnel.

Route 2:
Go right this time and when you get to a fork in the road go right and down
to the room with all the boxes, and clear it out. Then go out through the
entrance farthest from the bridge and turn left when you get the chance
,but watch for mines now. Work your way up to the terrorist base and check
for terrorists. Go out the other end and just follow this along back to your
base after taking the box room bridge across.

Route 3:
Go right and go up the ladder when you come across it. Now check the other end
of the bridge ahead of you for terrorists and proceed across. When you get to
the other end just follow that path your on to the terrorist base and through
it. Now keep following that path and turn right in to the box room and make
your way back to the base.

Another map not too good to snipe at. Find a position overlooking on of the
open spaces or across the bridge above the box room.


Route 1:
Go left and place a few mines outside the entrance. Now turn right in to the
box room when the fork in the road shows up, and clear it out. Now go to the
SEAL base through the box room and clear out any SEALs there. Now make your
way carefully back to the terrorist spawn taking out any SEALs on the way.

Route 2:
Go light and when you get to a place where you can jump through a hole in a
barrier place a mine there and go across the bridge above the box room and
rush the SEAL base, clear it out and make your way back through the caves
backtracking your steps to the terrorist base.

Route 3:
Go left and turn left this time when the fork in road comes. Go though the
and in to the area it circles around when you get to the stairs at the end
the tunnel. Clear out that area and go up the other stairs nearby which should
put you back at the fork in the road mentioned before. Go left in to the box
room clear that out and go down the bridge on the first level of the box
room.Then,make your way back to your base.

Another map not too good to snipe at. Find a position overlooking on of the
open spaces or across the bridge above the box room.

 [31] (Shadow Falls)
Shadow Falls is medium or large map depending on your standards ,but it seems
very large the first time you play. If you get to know the map it seems
smaller. Itís very confusing at first ,but get to know it and you'll do well.
It's taken from the 5th mission of SOCOM II in the Brazilian Rainforest
(Amazon Rainforest).Using your night vision is a must.

Map At:
It's just a hand drawn map I made, not exactly accurate, but it does the job
for now. Red is underground, Brown is land the darker the higher it is, an
Blue is water.


Route 1:
You will be taking left this way. Dash from cover to cover once you pass the
SEAL spawn and get up on land around the time you see the first cave entrance
,and put on your NVG so you can see farther and mines stick out a bit more.
Make you way up and when you see the tent and bridge look around for any
terrorists and mines. Keep going forward and once you've passed the turret
throw some grenades down to the tent at the terrorist sprawn.Then go clear
out the terrorist sprawn,and head for the caves.

Route 2:
Get to the SEAL spawn island and north of that should be a entrance to a
canyon. Go through ,but watch for mines as you get to the narrow part and
beyond. Throw some grenades at mines and just some random ones towards the
end of the canyon. Now keep going forward and when you get to the waterfall
climb up it to the top and turn left. Go down the ridge carefully step by step
before clearing out the terrorist spawn and caves.

Route 3:
Go right and dash from cover to cover in the water until on the left side
you come across a part where you can get out of the water and on to a ridge.
Go up the ridge and turn left when you get to a rock. Rush across both bridges
and watch for terrorists and mines. When you cross the last bridge rush the
terrorist base after any grenade throwing is over.Then,just clear out the

Here you may want a thermal scope. Find a position on one of the ridges nearby
or on a large rock and snipe down one of the canyons. This also helps find
mines a lot easier.


Route 1:
Go left right up the ridges that look like stairs and you should be at a
Waterfall. Climb down the waterfall and in to the pond below. Go forward
and plant some mines below and rush the terrorist base. Before going back to
mine up a cave or two.

Route 2:
Go straight up the ridge on the right side and place some mines as you go
along. Pass the bridge and keep going along the ridge on the left and rush
the SEAL base. Backtrack to your base after that.

Route 3:
Go left right up the stairs and down the waterfall as in route 1.This time
go up the ridge you will pass right after the bridge that goes over that
canyon. Wait to see if any SEALs go across and ambush any who do before
following the bridges to the far left side. Now go in to the water by turning
right down the ridge and clear out the SEAL base.

Here you may want a thermal scope. Find a position on one of the ridges nearby
or on a large rock and snipe down one of the canyons. This also helps find
mines a lot easier.

 [32] (Abandoned)
Abandoned is set in Thailand from a mission from SOCOM I. Itís been converted
to night like Rat's Nest from SOCOM I, and is one of the darkest maps in
SOCOM II.Here night vision is a friend and sniping is OK.

Map at:

Secret Places:
1.Get on top of "The Ridge"(See map)
Start off by getting to the "West Platform" and there should be a short wall
that's starting to crumble. Jump on top of this and then turn to "The Ridge"
and run and jump on it, and your there!


Route 1:
Start off on the right side and when you get to the pond and waterfall look
for any terrorist with your night vision and go right in to the cave nearest
the waterfall. When you get to the part of the cave where it starts getting
to the stone tunnel go forward and not up. When you get to the part where you
can go 4 ways turn left and when you get to the window at the end look out to
see if you see anyone and turn around. When you get to the 4 way part again go
forward and clear out the tunnels there.

Route 2:
Go Right and watch for terrorists near the pond, but this time go through the
cave farthest to the waterfall and you should be in a big area of water. Turn
right and climb out of it and then clear out the temple to your left and then
the terrorist spawn.

Route 3:
Go left and up on the stone path. Continue down until you get to the tunnel
,and then throw some grenades down it and proceed through it. Now get on the
ridge if you must or go off the platform your on and through the canyon
in front of you dashing from cover to cover with you night vision and then
clear out the terrorist base when you get to it.

The first spot is right on the bridge in front of your spawn ,and if not
that then goes to the right side and up on "Pond hill to snipe ,but watch for
terrorists.Finally,you could go on "the ridge" or right up on the wall to the
left of the "SEAL walk."


Route 1:
Go right down the canyon on the right. Throw some grenades on the west
platform and then down the tunnel before proceeding down there. Then just Rush
the SEAL spawn and the "SEAL walk."

Route 2:
Go left right in to the temple tunnels and place some mines in there ,but be
careful not to mine yourself in! The just go out through a cave and follow the
water until you get to a broken bridge. Under it is another tunnel just go
through it and you will emerge at the middle of the map. From here just go to
the SEAL spawn.

Route 3:
Go left ,but this time go right the the pond and watch for SEAL and go up the
platform you will come across, and down the "SEAL catwalk until you get to
the canyon at which point you should clear out your own base of any SEALs.

Both your spawn point and the temple are good chooses here. You could also
use the hill on the left side near your spawn as well as "The Ridge" to
snipe out any SEALs.

=== [13] (Demolition Maps)===================================================

Demolition maps are a bit different than suppression maps. Here you just have
to plant the bomb in the enemy's base ,and win easy if there were 2 bombs
,but there is only 1 to share between the 2 teams. Get the bomb and plant it
in the enemy base. These maps tend to be bigger than suppression maps and less
complicated. They are also more even than most maps are. Each map in
this category is quite different in it's setting.

1.Plant the bomb in the enemy base.
2.Or eliminate the other team.

[37]Bittier Jungle
[38]The Ruins
[39]Night Stalker

 [34] (Blizzard)
Blizzard is a rather largish medium sized level. Itís set in Alaska in a
well very weak blizzard. If it was an actually blizzard you wouldn't be able
to see. So it's more of a snowstorm with fog. Thereís some rather roomy
outhouses if you have ever been in one. There are some lovely pine trees,
a mere 3 buildings: SEAL cabin, Terrorist Building and the bomb house, which
is falling apart. There are tons of secret places most people don't know
about, and in case this looks familiar it's from mission 2 of SOCOM I. And
know on to my favorite level...

Map at:

Secret Places(Look at map for locations):------------------------------------
1.Getting on K2.Okay first get to the bomb house, and face K2.Go towards it
and go along the right edge of it until you can't go any further. Now back up
enough for a running jump. Run as close to the edge at possible and jump. You
should get up on top of the hill and just run left as soon as you land. May
take a while ,but you'll get there.

2.Getting on the Drumstick. As a SEAL take the farthest left route until you
get on the hill next to the drumstick(Lions Back).You should see a part
that jets out near the end of the hill. Back up as far as you can and run and
jump just left to part that jets out. You should make it across the crevice.

3.Getting on Pikes Peak. Get the Bomb house and go to the left or right side
of the mountain behind it. Just run and jump up the left or right side and you
should make it up there.


This way can be hectic with all the grenades sometimes so watch out. Travel
along the edge of the map near the trees to avoid grenades and cover from
snipers if it's late in the round. Keep traveling until you get to the first
mountain. If you go on the mountain you have a pretty good shot at the bomb
house, but watch your six and grenades. If you choose not to go on the
mountain going to the right avoids grenades, but going left gives more cover.
Once you get to the end of the mountain pick up the bomb if you have too and
continue on. Get on the mountain near the bomb for snipers, but beware you
could very well have company up there already. If youíre not going on the
mountain continue until you get to a ridge. Travel on the ridge, but stop
to recon the area. Once clear continue to the base...(Read Breaching the
Terrorist Base)

This way is more open and quicker. Get down from the SEAL spawn and get
the small hill with the tree in the middle. Do a quick recon and rush to
the bomb house. Throw a few grenades around the sides of the bomb house and
climb up the ledge to the left of the bomb house. Get the bomb and go around
the mountain in front of you. Take either the left ore right. I suggest the
left ,but watch for snipers on the mountain to the front-left of you once
you've turned the corner. Continue rushing forward until you get to the base
,but watch the trees for hidden terrorists...

This is pretty good cover-wise. Stay near the edge again and once you get to
the 2 mountains take the crevice between them and continue, but if your
sniping take the left mountain and then jump over to the right one. If not
once your out of the crevice go up to the hill in front of you and
throw grenades over it and near the edge of the map. Now continue to the
left of the hill between the edge of the map and the hill. Watch for grenades
and the right of you for snipers. Continue along the edge and go on the next
hill in front of you and recon the area before proceeding to the base beyond
the wooden fence...

As a SEAL sniper try the SEAL spawn first. Watch your six as it is very open
though. You have a good view of the bomb base, right and left sides. Take out
anyone you see or call them out to your team. More along the edge of the SEAL
base undercover. You could also try sniping from the mountain on the right of
the SEAL side towards the base or along the right side. The left side is also
a good spot. Donít try sniping the left though there's not enough room. Snipe
the mountains, bomb house, and right side.

Breaching the Terrorist Base:
The terrorist base is pretty open.2 ways to get in on the left,1 on the
right/front corner, and 1 in the back. Enter any way ,but watch for mines on
the 2 left ways. Now pick a stairway to go up. Prefferably some people go up
1 and some on the other. WATCH FOR MINES. Once up check the long metal tube
in the middle and WATCH FOR MINES. The, clear the rest of the upper floor
and plant the bomb. Have people watch the stairs and roof doors while the
counter is going down.

Defending SEAL base:
Your best bet here is to defend the sides of the mountains and 1 person
watching the front. Hide in the trees available to you and wait for the enemy
to past you or at least get close to you before firing to take him by
surprise. In the event that the bomb is planted throw a grenade throw the
cabin window and check the perimeter of the cabin while the grenade goes off.
If there is little time don't throw the grenade. Go in to the cabin now
and start defusing the bomb.


This side is a great side. Go to the right side and the right hill. Throw
grenades near the bomb house and the right side. once the first say 30 or 40
seconds have pasted continue right or pick out the bomb and go back to the
right side. Now stay along the edge and continue until you reach 2 mountains
go between them and once you emerge watch the top of the SEAL Mountain for
snipers and go up the SEAL Mountains right side...(See Breaching SEAL base)

You shouldn't have to worry for the first part of your journey along the
middle. Just simply stroll up the mountain near the bomb house. Wait a while
to see if there are any grenades ,and if there are wait for them to die down.
If not proceed around the left of the mountain and pick up the bomb and just
jump off the ledge near the bomb house. Now the pressure builds as you are
sniper pray. Zig left and right jump. Or just rush up to the small hill ahead
of you and recon youíre left and right. Then, climb up the middle part of the
mountain to the SEAL base...

I'd say this is my least used path for the Terrorists in Blizzard. Mainly,
because of snipers. Watch the SEAL base for Snipers and continue along the
top of the ridge. Once near the end of the ridge throw a few grenades to
clear out any Seals around the mountain ahead of you. Proceed towards the
mountain and watch for any ambushing Seals. Now just stroll up the left side
of the SEAL base...

Now the terrorist snipers have many different spots to choose from. The base
is one. Snipe from the terrorist roof or through the windows. Also, The
Mountain to the right is a great place to snipe as well as the mountain to
the right of the bomb. Another great place is the hill behind the bomb
although you may need to move back as the Seals move forward if they hat
the bomb.

Breaching the SEAL Base:
The SEAL base has 3 ways to get in to it. Left and right are the largest and
open. The middle is small and has cover from the side of the mountain. The left
way just watch out for Seals in the trees and check that outhouse for any
Seals that are hiding in there. go to the cabin. Middle check the area around
the cabin once up and go to plant the bomb. Right watch for Seals in the trees
and go right to the cabin. Watch for claymores in the cabin, and once the
bomb is planted watch the cabin from the outside.

Defending the Terrorist Base:
Generally you'll want to place mines on the stairs dark corners and around
corners. Hide up stairs in the tube or near the demolition area. You may also
want men around the base in trees and ready to weaken the incoming enemy

 [35] (Requiem)
Requiem is a map set in Russian town ,and a rather nice Russian town compared
to some Russian towns. Itís small and is set up as terrorist get one side, the
Seals one side and an Island between the 2 with a frozen river around it. Itís
actually on of the most even maps.

Map at:
None Yet


This way you can start by jumping off any porches you may be on ,and run
down to the river. Go around the side of the Island staying behind the snow
dunes and watching for snipers, and other rushing terrorists. Once you get to
the terrorist side doesnít go up the stairs and go to the terrorist base. Go
through one of the lower doors and watch for mines there and throw grenades
in the room and have someone watch your back if possible. Now just have the
person with the bomb plants it and protect it until it blows up.

Get down to the river and under the red stone bridge and go through the door
under it. Once in watch for any terrorist sneaking up behind you ,and go down
the stairs. There are usually terrorists there and you may want to throw some
grenades there and get the bomb and go back through you door you came in
through. Now just go up to the island and over the bridge to the terrorist
side. Go through one of the bottom doors to the terrorist base and watch for
mines. Go in and plant the bomb.

Go right down the top ally to the left side and in to the frozen river. Follow
it to the terrorist side and go up the stairs when you get there. Watch for
mines on the stairs and snipers down on the other end of the higher ally.
Go through the higher door to the bomb base and throw some mines in the room
and the stairs down before the bomb is planted.

You may want to stay back for this at first by sniping down the ally or to
the island on one of the buildings. You also can snipe on the side of the map
left or right of the island. Once your team has the bomb move up and snipe the
terrorist/SEAL side.

Defending the SEAL base:
Plant some claymores at the entrances so you know they're there when they
blow them up. Then set up positions to defend that door. You may also want to
hide around the bomb building so you can get them sooner.


Jump off any porches your on and go down the ally and to the frozen river.
Now go dashing from cover to cover to the SEAL side and then approach the
SEAL base and enter it from one of the entrances. Just whip grenades in there
To clear out any Seals. Then, have the bomb be planted.

Get to the river and under the bridge. You may want to place a mine in the
door before you enter and then grenade the bomb area and rush the bomb and
get out under the SEAL bridge and then on to the SEAL side. Now go to one of
the doors and throw grenades in there and then mine the doors and plant the

Get to the river shore and turn right, and there should be a ridge you can
go on. Run across this bridge to the SEAL side and get to their base. Rush
through the door and clear the room out of any Seals you see after any
grenades are thrown. Have the bomb planted and protect it.

You may want to stay back for this at first by sniping down the ally or to
the island on one of the buildings. You also can snipe on the side of the map
left or right of the island. Once your team has the bomb move up and snipe the
terrorist/SEAL side.

Defending the Terrorist base:
Start off by mining the doors and have a mine near the bomb area. Hide
behind one of the boxes that is the safest from grenades which is probably
right next to the stairs. Then, just wait for the Seals to come.

 [36] (Crossroads)
Crossroads is another even map. Itís the shape of a square ,and is set in a
Algerian City from mission 8 of SOCOM II. It's a large demolition map. The
Seals have to protect the Medical Tents and the Terrorists have to protect
the Warehouse full of missiles and explosives. Thereís almost always a
Crossroads full in every room.

Map at:

Secret Places:
1.Get on top of SEAL medical tents. First, between the 2 tents is a stack of
medical boxes. Jump on top of the highest stack of boxes and then just jump on
to the tents.

2.Get on top of tent near half-wall. Start off by going on the awning behind
the tent ,and then just run and jump on to the tent. May take a few tries ,but
it's useful.


Once you get out of your sprawn go right down the street on the left edge of
the map. Once you get to the stairs watch for terrorists coming down the ally
with the dumpster. Turn right instead of going down the ally. Then take a left
up the stairs and in to the red room or "Nutz Cafe" in the sea snipers map.
Watch for mines on the stairs and look down to the ally from the porch. If
there's no terrorists move out of the cafe to the cafe deck and jump off it
to the terrorist base. Enter through the top left entrance ,and blow up any
mines there. You may want to throw a few grenades in there to clear any other
terrorists or mines. Then...plant the bomb.

Start off by going out of your base and to the building in the street corner
across the street. Go up the stairs to the half-wall. Throw some grenades here
and wait for any other grenades to die down. Now climb over and rush the bomb.
From here go under the bridge to the terrorist base unless it is blown. If it
is go up the stairs to your left ,and jump over the railing to the terrorist
base. Go through the bottom left doorway and blow up any mines there, and plant

Once out of the base turn down the street your base is at. Go down the ally
and turn left up the stairs, and watch greanades. Go in to the fish market and
blow your bridge, and then jump on to the awning and down to the street. Watch
for mines and stay on the sidewalk. Check out the terrorist sprawn before
going to their base. When there go through the 2 big doorways on the right
side. Chuck some grenades in the base and plant the bomb.

Snipers in this map generally defend their base. Snipe from you base down
either of the streets there. You can get a lot of time to hit an opponent
down the streets coming towards your base.

Defending the SEAL base:
First of all you'll want to blow the bridge if it is not already. Then, have
a guy hiding around the corner to the alley, and one at the corner near the
stairs that lead up to the half-wall, and 1 at the half wall. A few snipers
don't hurt either. If it's just you or very few people hide in the tents to
your base and around the corners of the archways.


Start off by going down the street to your base and go right to the ally.
Watch for grenades here and Seals around the corner. Jump behind the wall
across from the dumpster ,and observe the scene in front of you. If there are
no Seals go down the street to the SEAL base. Watch for Seals around corners
and in the tents. Now just plant the bomb.

Go right now the street on the left, and turn right in the ally next to
the fish market. Rush the bomb and bring it in to the fish market and out on
to the street you were on before. Then, turn right in to an ally when the
street ends and watch for any Seals around corners. Then, just make your
way in to their base ,and plant the bomb.

Get on to the left street and run down to the end of it, and when you get to
the dumpster get behind it and wait for any Seals to come down the ally. When
your team gets the bomb goes down the ally and in to the Seals base.

Snipers in this map generally defend their base. Snipe from you base down
either of the streets there. You can get a lot of time to hit an opponent
down the streets coming towards your base.

Defending the Terrorist base:
First, youíll want to plant some mines. Plant them 1 in each of the entrances
and hide behind the boxes in the lower left entrance. Just sit back and wait
for the Seals to come. You should be able to tell where they are by the mines
they blow up. Also, you can hide in your sprawn point and wait for Seals to
pass by.

 [37] (Bitter Jungle)
Bitter Jungle is set on a mission from SOCOM I in the jungles of the Congo
which is in Africa. There are even some large bushes, which can practically
conceal your whole body. Prepare to see the biggest lag game of your life.

Map at:


Go in to the caves on the left side and stop where it starts to narrow out
,and wait for the grenades to dies down. Then go threw the narrow part and you
will emerge on a ridge. Go down the ridge and it will end a little behind the
Terrorist base. Watch for terrorists base and go in and plant the bomb ,but
watch for mines.

Start off by throwing some grenades ,but wait a while maybe 30 seconds before
you go forward dashing from cover to cover behind rocks and get the bomb. Keep
going forward ,and when you get to base enter from the right side and watch
for terrorists in the bushes and in the back as well as mines in the
Terrorist's base. Plant the bomb.

Go right and a little ways up the ridge and throw some grenades towards the
bomb area and the terrorist base. Now go up the ridge watching for terrorists
and grenades. When you get in the caves look around for terrorists before
proceeding in to the terrorist base.

You'll probably want to snipe from on top of a rock here or from one of the
caves ,but just watch you back when you sniping.

Defending the SEAL base:
You'll want some guys in the caves and in the bushes, but hiding in a dark
corner in the back of the SEAL area is a good strategy as well as hiding in
the SEAL base.


Go right ,but throw some grenades up near the ridge you'll soon be on and the
bomb area. Go up the ridge and throw some grenades in the caves when you get
to them and go through to the SEAL base and clear it out before having the
bomb planted.

Start out by throwing grenades to the bomb area and dash from cover to cover
while going to the bomb hut and throw some grenades ahead after you get the
bomb. Now continue to the SEAL base and  plant the bomb in their bomb base
and clear out the area close by it.

Run right in to the caves and watch for Seals as you get out on to the ridge
kill any rushing Seals or grenades throwing Seals. Now rush the SEAL base ,but
watch for Seals in the bushes and Seals around the bomb base.

You'll probably want to snipe from on top of a rock here or from one of the
caves ,but just watch you back when you sniping.

Defending the Terrorist base:
You'll want to plant some mines in the base or even in one of the bushes
nearby. Then, hide in either the caves, bushes or behind the bomb base. Also,
you could try to hide in the back of the whole bomb area behind a rock or
in prone.

 [38] (The Ruins)
The Ruins is THE most even map. As closet to identical to each side as it gets
,and this makes a GREAT paintball map. This is set in Thailand from a mission
from SOCOM I and was the one picked for the demo disks for OPM. It's a night
map like Abandoned and is medium sized.

Map at:


Start off by going to the right side and throw some grenades to the other
side. Hide while any terrorist grenades die down and go forward. Now once you
emerge go left to the base ,but watch for mines in the grass and stairs.
Once you get to the base itself watch for mines in the doorways and on the
other side of the parts in the wall you can jump over. You may even want to
throw grenades in there before planting the bomb.

Jump down off your sprawn and climb up the wall to the temple that the bomb
is in. Once on top jump down in to the area with all the water and kill any
terrorists jumping down in to the water on the other side ,and grab the bomb
and go left in to the tunnels in to the river, and go down the river up the
bomb area. Once you get to the base itself watch for mines in the doorways and
on the other side of the parts in the wall you can jump over. You may even
want to throw grenades in there before planting the bomb.

Jump off the platform your on and go up the temple. Run along until you
get to the river ,and go on to the walkway above. Go along until you get
to the terrorist base and watch for grenades and terrorists as you go down to
the bomb spot. Once you get to the base itself watch for mines in the doorways
and on the other side of the parts in the wall you can jump over. You may even
want to throw grenades in there before planting the bomb.

You'll want to go on to the temple and snipe from there, but you'll want to
snipe on the bridges on the left and right of the temple. Once your teams
moving out to plant the bomb go to the terrorist base and snipe.

Defending the SEAL base:
You'll want people behind the walls in the SEAL bas? ,and some on the
walkways to the SEAL base. Some on the "Guard house" might help too. Now just
wait for terrorists.


Go on the right walk near you base and work your way down it. You may want to
throw some grenades in the river or near the bomb temple. Continue down until
you reach the Terrorist bomb base ,and plant the bomb.

Rush right up the stairs to the temple and jump down to get the bomb.
Then, rush forward and kill any SEAL near you ,and climb up out of the temple.
Now go forward and turn right in to the river ,and up on the walkway and
plant the bomb in the SEAL base. Watch for Seals around the walls too.

Go to the left side and chuck grenades to the other side and wait for any
SEAL grenades to blow up before proceeding down the ally dashing from cover
to cover. Now turn right and go down the side of the temple until you get to
the river and get up on the walkway and plant the bomb.

Your first choice is to snipe on one of the buildings near your sprawn or in
your base. If not that there's a nice sniping spot on the left side on a hill
near your sprawn.

Defending the Terrorist base:
First plant mines in the doorways and the half-walls. You could also hide near
the half-walls instead of planting mines there. You may also want to stay a
little farther out on the walkways of behind a building or bush.

 [39] (Night Stalker)
Night Stalker is another map set in the deserts of the Middle East in
Turkmenistan from Prison Break from SOCOM I...ah memories didn't that take
everyone forever and a year to complete. Itís basically a canyon ,and is a
large map set at night.

Map at:

Secret places:
1.Get on the top of the bomb house. First get on the lower roof ,and see
the higher roof next to you? Just jump up and your on there, but jump in the
middle in order to get up. Very easy.


You'll want to be careful of grenades once you get past the skinny little
canyon on the left side near your base ,and dash from rock to rock to avoid
snipers further down the path. Once you get to where the rocks end run to the
terrorist base jumping so you don't get sniped and go down the stairs near
the rock ,and have the bomb planted.

Start out by going to the bushes in the middle of the map on your side right
up near the edge of the map ,and wait for grenades. If there are none rush
to the bomb house and grab the bomb ,but be careful of grenades on your way
out of the house ,and rush the terrorist base and hide behind the boxes in
the tent after you plant the bomb.

Run to the right side and up the stairs ,and be careful of grenades as you
fight your way to the building a head. Hide behind rocks and foliage while
making your way forward. Once in the building watch yourself as you exit for
terrorists rushing around the corner. Now just go down the right side,
watching for mines ,and get the bomb planted when you get to the terrorist

You'll want to snipe either from the left side behind a rock or on top of
the ramp ,or on the right side on top of the big mountain near the stairs
you can climb up.

Defending the SEAL base:
You may want to hide behind your tent or in some foliage or behind a rock.
Basically you'll want something to hide behind and watch for grenades.


Run to the left and plant some mines as you go up to the higher ground ,and
go around the building when you get to it. Wipe out any Seals as you fight
your way down to the SEAL side ,and rush the SEAL base after throwing a few
grenades in that direction.

Run to the middle of the map and throw some grenades from behind a rock ,and
get to the bomb building. Grab the bomb and go out through the way you came
in. Run from cover to cover hiding from snipers and once you get to the SEAL
base check behind rocks and the tent for Seals before planting the bomb.

Run up the stairs and throw some grenades down the right way to keep the
Seals at bay down there and get behind the first cover you see and when your
about half way down throw some more grenades and check in buildings and rocks
for Seals before going the small canyon ahead. Throw grenades to the other
side ,and get the bomb planted.

Your best bet is on the big rock near you tent on the right side, or you
could go further down and find a position there to snipe from ,and get some
kills although you'll probably be more open there.

Defending the Terrorist base:
Plant some mines near the entrance to the tent and hide in a nearby building
or in some bush and wait for a unsuspecting SEAL to wonder by...

=== [14] (Breach Maps)=======================================================

Breach maps I'll say right off the bat are geared to the terrorists ,but the
Seals got better weapons. That doesnít mean there unwinnable for the Seals. I
win a lot on the Seals. In fact this is my favorite map type. This is a form
of Demolition where the Seals get the bomb and have to plant it in the
terrorist base, while the terrorist have to defend their base from SEAL
attack. Air strikes are available on these maps.

1.Breach the Terrorist base.
2.Plant the bomb.
3.Or eliminate the terrorists.
1.Eliminate the Seals.
2.Hold the Seals back until time runs out resulted in a terrorist win.


 [41] (Sujo)
Sujo is set in the slums of Brazil set in mission 4 in SOCOM II. Itís a
good map that is very fun and is one of my favorites. Itís very winnable by
both sides, but Seals just takes a little more effort. The grenades are mild
compared to some maps and it's at night! Some people don't like night maps
,but It's pretty bright compared to some other night maps. Itís pretty cool
looking and even has a few secret spots.

Map at:
None yet.

Secret places:
1.Getting on top of left shacks. As a terrorist go to the left side near the
middle breach ,and the broken car. Near the grass on the left side you should
see a little mound. Just back up a little ways and run and jump off the top
of the mound and you should just get on to the roof of the shack that has
the large opening facing you. From here you can jump from roof to roof of all
the shacks.

2.Get on the roof of the shack in the middle. First as a terrorist go to the
middle of the terrorist side. You should see a large concrete structure with
some moss on it. On top is shack. To get on it climb up to the shack and then
get to the roof of other shack to the right of it. Stand at the edge of the
roof and point your crosshairs at the door of the shack. Run and Jump. It may
take a few tries ,but you should get up on top of the shack. Now to get on the
other part. Inch a little to the edge and run forward and jump.


Here is a simple way. Just go down the street until you get to the barred up
store. Throw a few grenades over the wall and go back to the left side of the
store. Go around the store and over the half wall in the way. Then, go forward
not right. Jump down off the ledge after you've check for grenades. Youíll have
to move quickly now. Breach both the small wooden and large iron gates. Hide
behind the dumpster while your waiting for the C4 to blow and watch for
snipers from Foxtrot(The air strike building).Now go through the largest
breach and stay against the right side of the frame. Look around the corner
and down the street if you see anyone kill them. Now move Up to Foxtrot. Now you
have to ways to go. The first way is up foxtrot. Go around to the ladder and
watch for mines at the bottom of the ladder. Climb up and stop near the top to
check for mines at the top too. Get up and check the bird coop and recon the
are in front of the base. Then jump down off the building and go to the shack 
across the water. Look for mines as you climb up on the dock and breach the
base...(Read breaching terrorist base)The second way is to go around Foxtrot.
Go around the right side of foxtrot ,and watch for mines around where the
street stops and the grass begin. Blow up any mines by throwing a grenade
in there and run up to the nearest shack that's right next to foxtort. Lean
off the left side of the shack ,and look for mines in the dark area between
the shacks. Blow any up ,and do a quick look left and right around the water
to check for terrorist's and dash across the water and up on to the dock.
Watch for mines and enter...(Read breaching terrorist base)

First off grab the bomb before proceeding. Quick. Run to the first middle
breach and throw a few grenades over near the wooden breach all the way
down the street. Stand and throw them so they go farther. This should stop
any rushing terrorists. Breach the gate and run to the ally to your left. Look
for any jumpers/grenades. Then, go all the way down the street up to the
building to left of the large wooden breach, and go prone. Wait for any team
members to catch up and then pit C4 on the middle breach. Once it's breached
throw 2 grenades around the corners and 1 towards the shacks on you right.
Then, go down the street on your left and peek around the corner to look for
any terrorists and mines. Then rush right down the middle checking your left
and right. Hurry up and get in the terrorist base...

Call the air strikes ,but wait a while maybe 30,40 seconds. Call the bottom
one first though. Now go forward and jump over the fence on the right and
go right near the truck once youíre out of the alley. Check around the corner
wait for the air strikes to caome. Now go down the street ,but watch the
building ahead of you for terrorists. Once all the way down go prone near
the corner of the building and wait a couple seconds. If thereís no grenades
breach the right breach and go around the corner to your left. Throw some
grenades down the ally. Now run and turn left when the ally splits. This is to
avoid snipers. Then, go down that ally and turn right when it ends. Go around
building, past the broken car and in to the left shacks. Watch for mines
around corners and terrorists. Now once you've gotten to the end of the
shacks and the start of the water look for snipers in the windows of the
terrorist base, and on top of the shack near the right entrance near the
water. Throw a grenade near the right side to clear out any mines and go
across the right side to the right entrance to the terrorist base...

Snipers do well on this level. The first position is on the left side. Proceed
to the left side and once you go over the half wall turn left and go in to
the bushes there to snipe the left side. The second is on top of a roof. Go
down the left side and limb up the ladder once you see it. Throw a few
grenades all the way to the building that leads up to the billborad. You can
snipe hear or jump over the railing to you right and on to the awning. Jump on
the top of the concrete wall and on to the building ahead of you. The next
position is in the bushes on the right side. Once in the base sniping
positions are in the middle shack, right shacks and foxtrot. Snipe the
terrorist base and breach it later.

Breaching Terrorist Base:
This can be a little challanging. Have to groups of 2 or more if possible.1
team enters through the front door. Throw grenades to clear out mines and some
more grenades throw the 1 story window. Clear out the first floor and go up
the stirs on the left ,but watch for mines. Then throw some grenades in the
bomb room and clear it out. The 2 team breaches throw the right door/ramp.
Throw some grenades near the ramp to clear out mines and enter. Toss some
grenades in the room ahead of you and enter it. Now check the hallway in the
next room. Clear out the bomb room after tossing grenades for the mines and
plant the bomb.


Protecting the Base:
Here you'll want to plant a few mines. Put 2 in the front door, and some on
on the stairs and 1 on the floor in between the 2.Then hide behind the wall
in the middle of the room or between the wall and the boxes on the other
side if the room. Another thing to do is to plant mines near the ramp.1 in
front of the shack between the deck and grass,1 next to the little box,1 a
little ways on front of the box and 1 in the door off the side a little
hidden behind the doorframe. Finally, you could plant mines near the bomb
room.2 in the entrance to the hallway,1 in the entrance to the hallway by
the stairs and 1 in the farthest entrance to the bomb room. Then, hide in the
bomb room.

Protecting the Area:
The first thing you may want to do is place mines in the right shacks and
hide near the right breach. Jump out and kill anyone you see coming through
it. Something else you could do is a plant mine all over the deck in front of
the base ,and then hide in or near the middle shack that you can get on top
of. The third thing you could do is plant mines in the left shacks ,and hide
around the corner of the left breach. You could also plant mines in the street
that's in the shadow and hide in the sidewalk between the middle breaches.
Jump out and kill any one going through either one. Stay away from the corners
to avoid grenades though.

Here you could sniper in the base just snipe through the 2nd and 1st story
windows. You could also snipe on the billboard by going to the right middle
breach and going up the ladder. Then, go on top of the boxes to get up
on the building and jump up over to the billborad. Foxtrot is also a choice.
Go prone in the corner that is in the right corner opposite the turret.
Lastly, snipe on the left shacks or the shack near the ramp entrance.

 [42] (Enowapi)
Enowapi is a jungle based map with air strikes and set in Brazil from mission
5 of SOCOM II. This is perhaps THE most one-sided map geared to the terrorists
although as long as you have teamwork to Seals can wipe the terrorists clean.
Mines are easily concealed and so are Seals and Terrorists in brush of this

Map at:
None yet.


Front Breach:
Depending on where you start you may get here quick or slowly. Either way
watch for grenades over the breach as you go up the hill ,and throw some
over the breach before planting C4 on it. Watch your back for any terrorists
that jumped ,and rushes the breach once blown. There may be terrorists in the
bushes ahead of you and mines so stay away. Once in the base throw some
grenades in the bushes around the base and get to the ramp entrance of the
base. Blow up any mines on the wooden area in front of the ramp and in the
ramp before going in to the base...(Read breaching terrorist base)

Air Strike Breach:
First, make sure the air strike is called.
Go to the front breach ,but this time keep on going down the canyon to the
right of the breach and when you get to the breach above you there should
be a ramp near you. Once you find to the left of you go up it ,but watch for
mines on it. Once up on the edge of the mountain go through the breach
,and throw some grenades to clear out mines. Now go to the ramp ent?ance ,but
watch for mines and enter the base...

Bridge Breach:
Go the same way as the other too, keep on going past the front breach, but go
left of the canyon this time on the ridge. Keep going ,and watch for terrorist
that jumped ,and snipers. Once you get to the GL tower go across the bridge
watching for mines ,and breach the door. Rush in and check you left before
hill to your right ,and checking the bushes ther. Afterwards, go to the near by
shack where the ladder to the base is and blow up any mines in the shack and
on top of the ladder, and throw a grenade down to the base to blow up mines
there. Now cut the power if not already by the switch inside the shack ,and
enter the base...

Breaching the terrorist base:
The base in Enowapi is very unique. For one it's underground ,and it's very,
very dark.Unfontunatly,night vision only comes with our pistol, but do not
fear or switch! For your eyes can adjust, just stay in the dark for 30 seconds
or so and your eyes will adjust. Be sure to have someone watching your back
though. Thereís 2 ways to breach the base. The first is the ramp way. Once at
the bottom of the ramp let your eyes adjust or switch to your pistol for NV
if youíre in a hurry. Once that is done. Make your way to the base slowly
searching the ground for mines or terrorists. If there are mines it almost
certainty means terrorists so clear the area out first before planting the
bomb. The second way to enter is through the ladder. Once down do the same
thing as before and walk down the hallway. Turn right and plant the bomb.

Here youíre limited. You may want to watch the front breach or nearby for
jumpers or go to the bridge breach and search for snipers. Once in the base
search the brush for terrorists if you have thermal before going in to the


Defending the base:
Before you plant any mines let your eyes adjust...Now plant mines at the
bottom of the ladder, and around it as well as the nearby hallway and wait for
Seals. Also, you can plant mines around the corner from the ramp way ,and hide
nearby for some Seals to turn the corner. Lastly, you can hide near the bomb
,and plant mines for when the Seals come around.

Defending the area:
There are 2 areas to defend. The first is the air strike breach and the front
breach. Plant some mines near the front breach and some around the air strike
breach and then wait. If you hear planes you know the air strike breach is
about to be blown so get theyíre quick on to the platform nearby. If there's
people near the front breach throw some grenades or go around the rock to
the right of the breach and jump down to get behind the Seals. The second
area is the bridge breach. First you may want to plant mines in the shack
where the ladder is and on top of the ladder. Next, hide near to the bridge
breach ,and to the right of it or behind some brush to the left and wait for
it to be breached and kill any Seals coming through.

Here you may want to first snipe in the brush to the left of the bridge
breach to the GL tower. Plant some mines in the bushes there if youíre leaving
and get in one of the towers to snipe if you want after the air strikes are
called. You can also snipe the bomb although it will be a long shot from the

 [43] (Sandstorm)
Sandstorm is desert map set at night. Itís a large map although most of the
fighting is concentrated in 1/4 of the map. Itís in Algeria although it looks
nothing like any of the single player missions, and I only know it's in
Algeria because for the terrorist characters. My favorite part of this map
is the cool looking thunderstorm in the distance just over the cliffs. This
map is the most even breach map, and the only where terrorist's get
air strikes.

Map at:


Cliff Breach:
Start off by going northeast or right from your starting point. Soon you'll
get to an open space in front of a dirt road. If you've been having trouble
with snipers throw some smoke to camouflage you as you cross. Once across go
to the breach and plant C4.Watch for mines as you enter and go up the hill to
your direct left and plant C4 on the radio tower ,but be careful of snipers.
This will stop the terrorists from calling air strikes as well as get you
some points. Now continue down and go down the first ramp you get to and the
left to get off the cliffs. Now watch for terrorist as you go to the base and
enter the base. Watch fro any ambushes from the left or right though...
(Breaching the terrorist base)

Middle Breach:
Run forward from your base until you reach the terrorist wall. Travel right
along it until you get to the middle breach and plant C4.Throw some grenades
near it to clear out the area and proceed right to the base, which is very
close. Be aware of terrorists though...

Left Breach:
Go left from your starting point and once you get to the area where you can
see the breach be careful of jumpers and grenades. Now put C4 on the gate and
rush in. Avoid the bush in case of hidden mines ,and watch for mines before
you go up to the base and enter...

At first you'll want to find yourself a good hill and brush to camp out on
and snipe the terrorist base from outside. Once you go in either go to the
cliffs and snipe or go right to the base.

Breaching the terrorist base:
There are 3 entrances; the first is facing the main gate or middle gate. Mines
will most likely be placed here so be careful. Once in check the picture
taking area to your left and then go forward left and 2 rights to face
the stairs. Clear any mines out there and wipe some grenades in to the room at
the top of them. Now go up and check six and plant the bomb. The next faces the
left breach. Enter check for mines and your left. Go up the stairs, blow up
mines, rush the area, and plant the bomb same as before. Finally, the stairs in
the back of the building. Check for mines on the stairs and go up them. Once
on top enter through the door. Throw mine near the door and in the room to
clear out mines. Now turn left ASAP and check the area. Then, plant the bomb.


Defending the base:
First, plant some mines in the 2 bottom doors, and then hide either in the
picture booth or behind the desk. Now wait for Seals. You could also hide in
the upstairs and plant mines on the stairs and upstairs door, as well as the
outside stairs.

Defending the area:
Places to plant mines are in the cliffs or lower cliffs. If not there near
any of the breaches and around the area of the base. You can also plant mines
behind the "School House.Ē Afterwards you generally want to hide behind
something and throw grenades at recently breached breaches before ambushing
any entering Seals. You can jump just don't have too many people jump.

You can snipe in the cliffs, which is a good spot or any of the breaches. On
top of the bomb building is good ,but common. Finally, you have the dome
building or "school house." to snipe on. Oh yeah you also have the "barracks"
as in the Sea Sniper's map.

=== [15] (Extraction Maps)===================================================

Extraction Maps are based on getting those hostages out of terrorist hands
and extracted. Niether side can kill the hostages ,and the Seals must rescue
them. Both sides can have hostages follow them ,but the Seals have to lead
them to the extraction zone for them to be rescued. There are 3 hostages
and if a team kills any one of them it counts against them.

1.Rescue Hostages.
2.Or eliminate the terrorists.
1.Eliminate the Seals.

[45]Fish Hook
[46]Death Trap
[47]Blood Lake
[48]Desert Glory

 [45] (Fish Hook)
Fish Hook is favorite by the SOCOM II Communtity. You usually can't find an
empty one unless the room just started. Itís a bit laggy though with all the
grenades. Itís based on 7th mission of SOCOM II. Itís set in a nice Algerian
town in Algeria. Seals start on the breach and Terrorists in town with the

Map at:

Secret Places:
1.Jump through window. To get in the hostage building easily just shoot the
window in the hostage building that faces the beach under the porch. Just jump
though. Itís really easy and doesnít need much effort or tries.


Start off by running towards the right alley. Watch for grenades on the breach.
Run up the stairs and go up to the building ahead and wait for grenades to
dies down. Check around the right corner for terrorists and see if thereís any
snipers at the end of the ally. and go down the alley. Check corners for
terrorists and mines. Once at the final part of the ally at the tunnel throw
grenades at the end of the tunnel and some to clear up any mines. Then go out
of the tunnel and check youíre left and right. Follow the H's on your radar to
of the hostages. Watch for mines around or near them, and tell them to follow
you. Take them back down the ally to the beach. Check you back to make sure
Theyíre following, and extract them at the beach.

Start off by going to the area between the 2 beaches and on the mountain.
Throw grenades towards the left and middle breaches. Then, go up the wall near
the middle breach and climb up it. Look around for terrorists ,and watch for
grenades. Put C4 on the middle breach and wait for the C4 to blow. Throw some
grenades down the ally and go down it with caution. Then once in side look
for the hostages and watch for mines. Once you find them take them down the
ally at the middle breach. Then bring them to the beach.

This ways a bit grenadaish. Go to the left breach and hurry to avoid grenades.
Stick to he mountainside to help avoid grenades more. Now stay under the
awning thing and get as close as possible to the left breach without getting
out of cover. Wait until there are no more grenades, and dash to the right
breach. Breach it and check youíre left and right as you go through it. Throw
grenades up on the roof where people can get up. Now find the hostages and
take them back through the breach and to the extraction point.

Finding the Hostages:
Now youíre in the base and need to find in order to extract. There are 3 basic
places there hidden. The first is in their original spot in the hostage
building. This way is common place for mines so throw a few grenades to blow a
ny up. Make your way up the stairs by making a right and a right. Throw a
grenade on the stairs if there are any mines, and rush up and kill any
terrorists. You may want to throw a few stun grenades if you have any. Grab the
hostages once the area is clear and take them to extraction. The second area
is at the end of the base. Follow the cobble stone street as far back as it
takes you and there should be a turn up ahead. Look for and mines and throw
flash bangs if you got'em around the corner. If there are any mines you'll
probably want to lure the terrorist out by getting close or try and shoot the
mines in case the grenades kill the hostages. If theyíre in a straight line
just jump over them. The third and final place you'll find the hostages is in
the boathouse. Open one of the doors and blow up any mines ad clear the first
level before going up the stairs. Watch for mines and clear the second level
and take the hostages to extraction.

First off you may want to snipe any Terrorist's down the beach on top off the
SEAL Mountain. Next down by the beach you can snipe anyone one the catwalk and
buildings. Finally snipe straight down the alley on the right for any
terrorist rushers or snipers.


Defending the Hostages:
3 basic spots to hide them the boathouse, the hostage room, and behind the
corner. Not that you shouldnít place them near the breach so C4 kills them all
and you win. The first, the boathouse is right across from the hostage building
so just take them across there and place some mines near the doors and take
them up stairs. Place a mine on the stairs so when you hear the Seals blow it
up you know there coming. The second spot is the hostage building. Take the
hostages up stairs from where they start and place mines in 4 places; by the 2
doors down stairs one on the stairs and 1 on the doorway upstairs, and wait
for the SEALs. Finally, is the corner at the back of the base. Just follow the
cobblestone path around the corner and hide the hostages there. Place a few
mines on the cobblestone street too.

Defending the base:
There are 4 places for the Seals to enter. The first is through the tunnel on
the left side. Hide around the corner and kill anyone coming down there. The
next is the middle breach. Thereís not many times the Seals breach hear but
place a few mines around the cobblestone around it and go up on the catwalk
above it. The next is the breach is the middle one. Place a mine around the
corner there and watch the opening left of the alley that leads in to the
breach. Finally, the last breach at the right. Place mines around it and go
around the corner and wait for someone to breach.

Here you best spot is on top of the Boathouse and snipe the alley. You may
also want to try sniping on the catwalk right down the middle and the beach
if you can. Lastly you can try rushing down near the breach and snipe Seals
on the mountain near there start and on the beach.

 [46] (Death Trap)
Death Trap is an extraction map where the terrorists must keep the hostages
away from the Seals using everything they can include the big bunker
complex they start in. The Seals start inside the bunker ,and have to breach
the bunker in order the extraxtion. Set in the Congo jungles from mission 9
of SOCOM II this mission is fun, and unquiet.

Map at:


Ally Breach:
Right from your start go right and down the mountain after watching for
terrorists on top of the mountain. Now go down to "box ally" ,and throw
grenades to the other end-running from box to box to get closer. Once at the
gate breach it if it's closed, and watch your left for terrorists and for
mines. Now continue forward ,and do a quick check of the area near you and go
down the big ramp. Now this room is dark so you may want to put on your night
vision ,and watch for mines hidden around corners. Once you in the hostage
room grab the hostages ,and take them to extraction through the way you came.

Main Gate Breach:
This time go left from the extraction point ,and down the hill to the main
gate watching for terrorists from the left side. Place C4 on the gate and
once in check the room to you right, and then go back and down the hallway.
Turn left down the hallway ,and once you emerge in the room with the big
ramp goes down it and makes your way to the hostage room watching for mines
,and extract the hostages back though the way you came.

Go left from the extraction, and to the big hill on the left side. There will
be an entrance on the right side so go in it ,and clear out the area in front
of you before going left down the ramp. Watch for mines and terrorists around
corners ,and once your at the bottom fight you way through the hallway with
the boxes ,and you will be in a dark room. Turn right with your night vision
on to spot mines ,and go to the hostage room ,and take the hostages to
extraction back through the way you came.

Here you have few choices. You can snipe to the right side down the box ally
,or on the left side sniping the area between the middle and left entrances.
Finally, you can snipe on the big hill on the left.


Defending the area:
The first entrance can easily be defended with some mines around it ,and a
terrorist hiding around the corner ,or outside the base. The middle gate can
be defended with mines and people hiding around corners of the hallways
nearby. Finally, the left side is defended with mines on the long ramp going
down, and the box alley. Then, you can hide at the end of the hallway. You may
also want to hide in the hostage room and wait for Seals.

Youíre probably going to have to get to a turret opening and snipe from there
,and use the turrets.

 [47] (Blood Lake)
Blood Lake is a big lake ,and set in the Congo from SOCOM I mission 8.Here
you'll be surrounded by fog in lake ,and mostly everywhere there is water.

Map at:


Start off by going left ,and watching for terrorists in the distance who will
be hard to see ,and throw some grenades once you get to the tower ok? Now go
forward ,and go through "Hostage PassĒ, and grab the hostages and take them
for extract.

Go right in to the lake running from rock to rock ,and watch for snipers.
Throw grenades at shadowy figures on the other side ,and shoot terrorists
close by. Then, rush forward to the shore and make you way past the tents
,and to the hostage house ,and extract them.

Once your going right watch the lake for terrorists, and once your at the
tower through some grenades towards the tents. Now go to the hostage house
,and tell the hostages to follow. Now extract them.

You can snipe from the "SEAL hill" on the right side ,or find a hill on
left to snipe from. The extraction point is also good ,and the tower in the
middle of the lake as well as in the lake.


Defending the area:
You'll want people to watch the "Hostage pass" ,and on the mountain next to
it. People on the hill also may help as well as hiding in the nearby tents
for cover. If youíre going in to the lake don't go too far ,and wait for Seals
to pass by kill them stealthly. Left or right just rush to get any Seals ,and
plant some mines.

The 2 mountains near your base is your best chance although any of the towers
can be useful too. If you really want you could try getting on a rock or
something to snipe from.

 [48] (Desert Glory)
Desert Glory is a desert map set in a Turkmenistan town ,and is set at day
from mission 12 the last mission of SOCOM I.I actually completed that mission
by accident while I rush running around shooting everything not expecting to
win. Anyway, this mission is medium-small sized ,and many people like it.

Map at:


You'll want to wait 40 or so seconds because of grenades here. Go prone in the
little canyon on the left, which will really help, lower you profile ,and break
it up so it's hard to see you. Now proceed down ,and once you get out run up
to the run down building to youíre right and look around for terrorists. Now
go quickly across the empty area to the tunnel that leads in to the hostage
building ,and go up the stairs. Be careful of mines and go out the door in
front of you and turn right in to the hostage building. Now throw some smoke
or flash bangs in to the room and free the prisoners. Take them out of the
room and to extraction near the truck.

Start out by going right down the middle, but turn in to the building to your
left ,and wait for grenades of any kind to pass. Once the grenades are gone
go out and go to the left side up to the wooden deck in front of the hostage
building. Climb up on it and go up the stairs and in to the hostage building.
Now grab the hostages ,and take them to extract.

Go right in to the first building you come across. Go to the top of it ,and
throw grenades towards the terrorists. Now jump down off the building and go
check the run down building in front of you and get to the garage in front
of that. Now go around the left side of the garage and between the buildings
,and the rock nearby. Now go around the building ,and in to the hostage
building. Put C4 on the crack on the wall as a diversion ,and go out
the door behind you to get to the hostage room through the other way. Get the
hostages ,and go the extract them.


Defending the Hostages:
Here you'll want no mines in case the Seals run the hostages over them. You
can stay right in the prison and use the hostages as shields or go outside
the prison ,and rush the Seals. You may want to hide at the entrances to the
hostage building and fend off the Seals or hide in other places around the
map to stop Seals around there. Throw grenades towards the SEAL side at the
start too.

You can snipe on top of the hostage building for a start ,but there's no
cover. The garage at the back of the map is a good place to snipe(On top of
it).Also, you can snipe on the ground in an open space as well.Finally,you
can snipe in the middle building or "Hotel."

=== [16] (Escort Maps)=======================================================

Escort maps are like Extraction in that they both have civilians ,but this
time their VIPs. The terrorists must kill the VIPs and the Seals must rescue
them. Most of these maps are very large maps. Most.

1.Extract VIPs.
2.Eliminate the terrorists.
1.Eliminate the VIPs.
2.Eliminate the Seals

[50]The Mixer

 [50] (The Mixer)
The Mixer is a map set in an abandoned Albanian Factory from mission 2 of
SOCOM II. Itís a small map where the Seals have 2 extraction points ,and
must get the VIPs there without them getting killed, but why would VIPs go to
an abandoned factory?

Map at:


Extraction 1:
Take the VIPs and go past the train tacks and stay close to the wall ,but
don't go up the stairs. Keep close to the walls. Go along until you get to a
second set of stairs. Donít go up them either just keeps to the wall ,and go
under the walkway above and turn left when you get to it. Now go the
extraction ,and extract the VIPs.

Extraction 2:
Take the VIPs ,and go up the stairs to your right. Now face the "High
Extraction" and go forward ,and between the warehouse ,and wall ahead. Now go
between the 2 buildings ,and watch for mines and terrorists. Go up the stairs
ahead of you and turn right and then left to get to the extraction ,and save
the VIPs.

Just follow the VIPs and watch for other snipers as you travel with your
team, and keep them safe.


Go right out the right door from your sprawn, and go between the 2 buildings
as before in the SEAL stragity. Place some mines here if you want and go to
the end of the alley and wait for the VIPs.

Go out the other door of your sprawn this time ,and go down the stairs, and
your sprawn building. Turn right  to the extraction. Place some mines and hide
out at the extraction as you wait for the Seals.

Your probably want to snipe from your base roof or from one of the walkways
nearby your base's roof.

 [51] (Foxhunt)
Foxhunt is a map set in the Albania countryside from parts of the first
mission of SOCOM II, and has 2 extraction points. A rising star of a map in
SOCOM II.A good map to start sniping on.

Map at:


Extraction 1:
Grab the VIPs ,and head straight down the middle. It would be wise to have a
sniper with right now, and continue past the building with the pool of water
and the church. Now go up the mountain ahead and watch for snipers to your
left. Now get on the road ahead, and watch fro mines as you approach the
extraction. Once you got the VIPs in the extraction be careful of terrorists
that are sure to come.

Extraction 2:
Get the VIPs and take them to the river. Go along river until you get to the
cave ,and put the hostages there while you scan for snipers. Now keep going
back down the river and go up the bank on your left. Take the VIPs to the
extraction ,and protect them as you wait for the extraction to come.

Your best bet here is to pick one of the hills nearby and go prone in the
brush and snipe any enemy nearby.

Alternate Stragity from:Dustin Mitchum,T.H.E. Rock & FMJ clan;
"I can say we have never lost more than 2 rounds in a clan war using this
strategy on this map, It only works if you work as a team.  Everyone has to
stay "back" (generally no one past the turrett or the first broken wall on
the right side of seal hill. Strategically placed members of a team:
generally 1 on the turrett, 1 on the riverside of the crack, 1 on each side
of the "birdbath", 1 on the back of seal hill, and 1 person in the seal
spawn will do the trick, the remaining members can kind of serve as rovers
to help out when need be."


Get to the left side rush right down the open space in front of you. Moe down
Seals and VIPs alike and run all the way to the SEAL sprawn. You don't have to
worry about snipers here.

Go right to middle ,but take a sniper along to get any other snipers on other
hills. Make your way to the SEAL base keeping your eyes peeled for VIPs ahead.
Watch for shapes moving in the grass since half of the bottom will be covered
behind the grass.

A sniper can also be useful here. Go down the river ,and watch for snipers as
you make your way down. There will be no cover in the river if a firefight
breaks out so be careful. Once your reach the turret without seeing any VIPs
they most likely snuck around you so go back.

Your best bet here is to pick one of the hills nearby and go prone in the
brush and snipe any enemy nearby.

 [52] (Guidance)
Guidance is a map from mission 10 or 11 of SOCOM II set in the snowy and icy
hills of Russia. Thereís only 1 extraction in this map unlike other escort

Map at:
None yet.


Take the VIPs and get them out of their ASAP. They are very valuable to
grenades. Make your way around the hills, and buildings clearing them out as
you go along the. Once you get to extraction use C4 to blow gate open to get
to the extraction zone.

Trail a little ways behind your team watching for snipers. Follow them to
extract as they progress along to extraction.


Killing VIPs:
Spread out and move your way forward. Fast. Throw grenades to the Seals ,and
rush them. Make sure you got the whole map cover so the VIPs can't escape.

Travel with your team sniping Seals and VIPs ,but be careful of grenades and

=== [17] (Mini-Games)========================================================

Mini games are not exactly games that came with SOCOM II Online. They were
basically made up by people from SOCOM II who wanted new game mode types. The
ones you are about to learn about are the most popular although you will
defiantly see paintball while your playing SOCOM II.

Paintball is much like paintball in real life; take a shot and get back under
cover. The team with the last man standing wins. There are boundaries you must
stay in though. So just have fun ,and play fair

*Thank you Neil K. for help with the paintball rules/boundries*

(Also listed at:
20Clans%20Ladder with maps, and boundries marked)

- Maps are PICKED, no random generator. All other regular ladder rules apply
 to this ladder. Click Here to view them.

* Game Set Rules

- Time Count set to 4 Minutes
- Round Count set to 7
- Can Not go past Boundaries
- Do Not pass the Center Boundary 
- Weapon Limitations: Set to No Bombs
- No Flash Bangs
- Switches that trigger bridges to blow must NOT be used
- Match starts at 3:30 on timer countdown
- Center Boundary may ONLY be crossed at the Center Boundary Time Expire
- Clan match consists of 6 players per team

* Weapon Set Rules
- No Bombs
- Seal Guns: HK5K, HK5
- Terrorists Guns: 9MM Sub, F90

*Map Boundaries & Rules
-If a team goes outside the boundry they forfiet that map. (score for that
map is 4-0)
-If you KILL or INJURE an opponent before the start of the match you forfiet
the map. (score for that map is 4-0)
-There is a 10 second grace period for you to assemble on your side of the
playing area, after that the player is inelligable for that round and must
do 1 of 2 things. #1 he must find a suitable place to jump off and kill
himself, or #2 after all his teamates have been killed he must go to the
middle of the centerline and allow the other team to kill him. The round
must not be allowed to come to a draw because the late player did not kill
himself. If this occurs, the map is a forfiet and the score is (4-0). This
rule does NOT change the match start time and does NOT allow you to be on
the other side of the center line for an extra 10 seconds.


- Ruins 
Boundaries: Only use of the River. (Terrorist right hand side/Seal left hand 
Center Boundary: 2nd Wall into the middle of river. 
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:30 

- Rats Nest 
Boundaries: Only use of the Warehouse also known as the Box Room
Center Boundary: Bridge (Seals have just as much area as terrorist, map
shows differently)
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:30

- Night Stalker
Boundaries: From middle of Seals yard to Terror Outpost Ė GOING INSIDE or
Center Boundary: From Seals Point of View Ė Left stair case in front of
water fall, last window of bomb shack. Please Check Map for Details.
Terrorists Point of View Ė First window of bomb shack, rock on right side
next in front of stair case. Please Check Map for Details.
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:45

- Cross Roads
Boundaries: Inside courtyard, with building walls being the perimeter.
Center Boundary: Bomb (DO NOT PICK THE BOMB UP)
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:30
Other: Do NOT blow the bridges with switch.

- Frost Fire

Boundaries: Inside box room only. Seals CAN NOT use RAMP or infront of ramp.
Yellow handrail is the boundry line. Terrorists CAN NOT go under RAMP.
Center Boundary: Smallest box against the wall to Terrorist right-hand side
and Seals left-hand side.
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:15

- Abandoned
Boundaries: Temple, 1st and 2nd floor. Room to basement off limits. 
Center Boundary: Palm Tree in center of temple.
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:30

- Desert Glory
Boundaries: As indicated on map. 
Center Boundary: Deck in front of guard house.
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:30

- Requiem
Boundaries: Casket room only Ė From TOP of stairs to center boundary.
Center Boundary: Bomb Ė Do Not pick up bomb.
Center Boundary Time Expire: 0:15

SOCOM Football
SOCOM Football is not really like football except there are endzones. The bomb
is the football and the offense team rushes the bomb and goes past the bridge
in Crossroads. Yes, it's only played in Crossroads. The team with the bomb
makes a plan for getting the bomb to the enemy base.

1.Offense teams must make up a plane before they rush the bomb and have 1
person picks it up ,and that personís team will provide covering fire.
2.Defence teams will go on top and around their bridge ,and protect it.
4.Sub machine guns only.
5.Once the team with the bomb gets past the bridge the defense team cannot
shoot them.
6.Mines can be placed in the base.

   Capture the Base
Capture the Base is played in Resprawn only rooms. One team has to take the
base from the other team to win. Here are the rules:

1.Decide on a base before the game starts.
2.One team will take the base and hold it for as long as they can.(As long as
1 person is in the base)
3.If everyone in the base dies the other team takes control of it.
4.Once resprawned players on the defending team must go directly to their
5.After the 20 min. is over the team that had the base the most wins.

=== [18] (Other)=============================================================

Q.I shot a guy many times ,and he didn't die, how come?
A. Well either you missed most of the time or he was lagging. He could have
been glitching, but thankfully there's a patch now since September 9th 2004.

Q.I don't have a rank help!
A. Either your game didn't connect or load right, just restart your PS2 ,or
your just started a new name. In this case you will have to play a game before
you get a rank.

Q. How do unlock the locked characters & Weapons?
A. You have to play through single player first. Go to "Extras" at the main
menu ,and it will tell you what difficulty you need to unlock each character.
Completing the game on Lt Commander will unlock most characters.

For the weapons the same thing just look under "Extras."If you want the GL's
you need to beat the game on Captain and for the M79 on Luteniet I think.

Q. How do you blow the bridges in Crossroads?
A. Just go to either the "Fish Market" or the "Red Room", and there are
detonaters in the 2nd levels of both of them that will blow up the bridge
nearest to them.

Q. How do I join Gambattles?
A. Just go to They cover about 8 or 10 games, and have
the largest SOCOM II community. Just register here:
And register your clan here:
You do not need a GB name to be on your clan's GB roster ,but you can have
one if you want. Just let your clan leader know GB your name, and he just
has to invite you through your GB name. You willget an e-mail from GB with
a link telling you where to go to join the clan.

Q. I've been downloading patches for the past 30 min how many are there?
A. There have only been 2 patches so far. You either don't have a memory
card or the memory card has little or no space for the patch. Delete some
things ,and try again.

Any other questions?
E-mail me at

Version History

Version History:

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-Fish Hook
-Chain Reaction
-Rat's Nest

-Shadow Falls
-Abandoned(Finishes Surpression Maps)

-Bitter Jungle
-The Ruins

-Night Stalker(Finishes Demo Maps)
-Sandstorm(Finishes Breach Maps)

-Death Trap
-Blood Lake
-Desert Glory(Finishes Extraction Maps)
I'm going to spend the next 2 hours writing this FAQ,IT ENDS TODAY!
-The Mixer
-Guidance(Finishes ALL MAPS and Escort Maps!)
-Section G,56
-Section F,53
-Section F,54
-Section F,55

9/7/04 Version 1.05-
-ASCII Art Title
-Section Headers(Section A,B,C ect.)

9/8/04 Version 1.15-
-Grammar/spelling mistakes

9/8/04 Version 1.20-
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-ASCII Art Title
-Opening Paragraph

9/16/04 Version 1.30
-Centered ,and outlined opening paragraphs
-Fixed ASCII art title
-Fixed lists of options,online menu,game options,ect.
-Paintball rules
-Added 3 F.A.Q.s

9/21/04 Version 1.32
-Foxhunt Stragity
-Udated a FAQ
-Symbols in name(Fixed with the 9/9/04 patch)

10/15/04 Version 1.32
-Submitted to

Here it is the copyright which is tucked far away into the frontier of the
end of FAQ away from everyone's eyes except CjayC's and anyone one who
actually took their time to look over the whole FAQ. It's here, meant to be
small and unnoticeable from the rest of the FAQ like the fine print in a

Copyright Michael Dietz 2004

Simple, no?

Legal Notice
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However if you wish to use this guide kindly E-mail me at
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This guide should only be on:

-Thank you Sea Snipers Clan and Generator Studios for making thier SOCOM II
-Thank you Zipper Interactive INC. for making SOCOM II.
-Thank you for thier paintball maps and rules
-Thank you Neil K. for correcting the paintball rules, and informing me of
the link to the official rules.
-Thank you Dustin Mitchum,T.H.E. Rock & FMJ clan for thier Foxhunt Stragity.

E-mail me at to contribute and credit will be given after
your contribution and here.

What I need most:
-More color codes
-Sony headset description
-Map stragities
-Spelling/grammar mistakes
-Full effects of the "Ignore List"
-Rank it takes to earn each medal updates
-Anything else

Hope you learned and enjoyed from my first FAQ.