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  _____  ____   _____ ____  __  __ \/ŻŻŻ)   /          FAQ & WALKTHROUGH
 / ____|/ __ \ / ____/ __ \|  \/  |    /   /       by Shotgunnova/P. Summers
| (___ | |  | | |   | |  | |      |   /   /           10/04/07 ~ 10/15/07
 \___ \| |  | | |   | |  | | |\/| |  /   /
 ____) | |__| | |___| |__| | |  | | /   /_______  Best viewed in 79-character
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                  U.S. NAVY SEALS /     _.-~'˜    for information on hosting.

     I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR 
    II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

        Commands........................................................ CMMD
        Menu Overview................................................... MNVW
        Tips and Tricks................................................. TPST
        Playing Screen.................................................. PLSC
        Mission Statistics.............................................. MSSS

   III. MISSIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MSSN

        01) Seeding Chaos............................................... WK01
        02) Terminal Transaction........................................ WK02
        03) Upland Assault.............................................. WK03
        04) Urban Sweep................................................. WK04
        05) Stranglehold................................................ WK05
        06) Hydroelectric............................................... WK06
        07) Guardian Angels............................................. WK07
        08) Protect and Serve........................................... WK08
        09) Against the Tide............................................ WK09
        10) Lockdown.................................................... WK10
        11) Guided Tour................................................. WK11
        12) Doomsday Delivery........................................... WK12

    IV. UNLOCKABLES  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NLCK
     V. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
    VI. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

01) CONTROLS                                                             [CNTR]
                     ____          |  |          ____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                 / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  [_]   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                /            ____        ____            \
               /            /    \  __  /    \            \
               \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                 \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)


 D-Pad -------------> Highlight current command
 Select ------------> Open/close tacmap
 Triangle ----------> Cancel current menu page
 X Button ----------> Choose highlighted command
 O Button ----------> Open command menu
 D-Pad + R2 --------> Cycle through currently-held equipment/weapons
 Left Analog -------> Move tacmap around
 Right Analog ------> Zoom in/out
 O Button + Voice --> Use command menu [headset only]
 O Button + D-Pad --> Use command menu [w/ controller]


 D-Pad [U/D] -----------> Change point of view [first-person, goggles, etc.]
 D-Pad [L/R] -----------> Look around corner
 Square ----------------> Jump 
 Triangle --------------> Change body position [stand <-> crouch <-> prone]
 R1 Button -------------> Throw selected weapon [hold harder to throw farther]
 L1 Button -------------> Equip primary weapon [if not out]
 L2 Button -------------> Equip secondary weapon [if not out]
 L3 Button -------------> Toggle full/semi-automatic function [if applicable]
 R3 Button -------------> Reload
 Left Analog -----------> Controls Specter's movement
 Right Analog ----------> Controls camera
 X Button + Left/Right -> Select option from multiple ones [release when done]

 NOTE: Controls can be set to Sure Shot or Precision Shooting, depending on
       what kind of gamer the player is.

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
     COMMANDS                                                       [CMMD]

    By pressing the X/O button in battle, a menu comes up where members of the
    team [Jester, Bravo team, or the entire fireteam] can be given precise
    instructions from Specter on how to act. Examples of how full commands'll

    - Bravo    -> Follow
    - Jester   -> Overwatch
    - Fireteam -> Attack To -> Foxtrot
    - Bravo    -> Breach    -> Bang & Clear

 Here's the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey would say...

FOLLOW        | ...follow Specter
RUN TO        | ...run to certain navpoint or crosshairs
LEAD TO       | ...goes to the destination
REGROUP       | ...converge back on Specter's location
ATTACK TO     | ...move to navpoint/crosshairs, and attack enemies if need be
STEALTH TO    | ...move to navpoint/crosshairs using stealth and shadows
HOLD POSITION | ...will stay in current spot*
DEPLOY        | ...will toss a throwable weapon at crosshairs
BREACH        | ...will open door and clear room [with or without grenades]
ESCORT        | ...will lead Specter to the destination
CLEAR AREA    | ...enter area and clear of all hostile threats
FRAG & CLEAR  | ...enter a door, throw a frag grenade in, and take out enemies
BANG & CLEAR  | ...enter a door, throw a flashbang in, and take out hostiles
HOLD FIRE     | ...will only fire when fired upon
OVERWATCH     | ...will call out enemies nearby to Specter
COVER TARGET  | ...will fire upon a designated area if threats arrive
FIRE AT WILL  | ...will shoot enemies as soon as they are seen                


 - Jester will quit 'Hold Position' when Specter moves far enough away
 - In normal offline play, Jester is the only one who can use 'Overwatch'

     MENU OVERVIEW                                                  [MNVW]

 - New Game ------------> Start a new SOCOM II Game
 - Load Game -----------> Load a previous save from SOCOM II
 - Online --------------> Use internet [broadband or better] for online play
 - LAN -----------------> Use Land Area Network to play on ethernet
 - Options
   |- Audio Options
   |  |- Music Volume --> Adjust background music levels
   |  |- Sound Volume --> Adjust sound effects volume
   |  |- Dialog Volume -> Adjust players' speech volume
   |  |- Headset Volume > Adjust headset's volume
   |  '- Sound ---------> Adjust sound [Stereo/Mono/Dolby Pro Logic II]
   |- Video Options
   |  |- Brightness ----> Adjust game's brightness levels
   |  |- Teammate Names > Toggle on/off
   |  |- Video Mode ----> Choose either Interlaced or Progressive Scan (480p)
   |  |- Help Windows --> Toggle the in-game help windows on/off
   |  |- Head Bob ------> Turn first-person POV head bob on/off
   |  '- Screen Position> Adjust game screen to the television's screen
   |- Controller Options
   |  |- Vibration -----> DualShock controller's vibration function on/off
   |  |- Aim Assist ----> Toggle assisted aiming on/off
   |  |- Pitch ---------> Choose normal or inverted pitch
   |  |- Fire Rate -----> Choose L3 or Select Button for semi/auto functions
   |  '- Presets -------> Choose Recruit, Sailor, Seal, or Custom settings
   |- Controller Presets> Choose from different presets for controller buttons
   '- HDD --------------> Enable or Disable loading from the Hard Disk Drive

 Overview --------------> Mission's situation is described
 Mission Details -------> Mission's objective is described
 Objectives ------------> Rough overview of what's going to be accomplished
 Maps/Intel ------------> View intelligence on the upcoming map
 Armory ----------------> Select specific weapons & accessories for battle
 Deploy ----------------> Sent SEALs into battlefield with current equipment

     TIPS AND TRICKS                                                [TPST]

 Here are general tips the player should be aware of if wanting to have a fun
 time. Should a reader have a real doozy to share, send it to my e-mail and I
 may just stick it in here [credit and all, naturally].

 • The order the mission objectives are listed in is not necessarily the best
   order to complete them in. Case in point: the last level. The walkthrough
   does not necessarily list them in the order the player HAS to do, for that
   matter. Experimenting is half the fun in strategy-making.

 • Do not bring thermal scopes to the Russian levels. Due to the extreme cold,
   vision will only end up being impaired.

 • Abuse the camera and the L/R buttons on the d-pad in order to identify the
   insurgents around corners, before they spot the player.

 • Maintaining a good stealth and maintaining a good teamwork rating go hand
   in hand. If you have poor stealth, the enemy sees the SEALs more often 
   and has a better likelihood of wounding. Unless you're some kind of pro
   who likes sneaking up on everyone, bringing in a primary weapon that has
   LOW VOLUME is incredibly important. The M4A1 and SD sniper rifle have this
   capability and are highly suggested for normal play.

 • Weapon versatility is good battlefield policy. Since each squad's composed
   of a two-man crew, distribute, say, a silenced sniper rifle and a silenced
   assault rifle to have all fields covered. If you've ever tried to do near-
   -range shooting with a sniper rifle, it's pretty crappy -- even a sidearm
   can function better! This is especially important for Able squad since
   Jester CANNOT be left behind on missions; this ain't a one-man show like
   in Metal Gear Solid.

 • If the tacmap marks a specific route to the destination [it will be in a
   green line], this is not necessarily the route to take. Feel free to dink
   around by learning the enemy patrols and nests before committing to a
   certain strategy. For me, on each new mission, I would bring a powerful
   gun and run around to learn the lay of the land and what to expect -- it

 • Maintaining perfect stealth is near-difficult due to player messups, the
   computer AI's messups, glitches, etc. If someone sees you, it's not the
   end of the world! Only the end-mission rating matters, and even with
   poor stealth, an 'A' rating can be achieved if the other areas pick up all
   the slack.

     PLAYING SCREEN                                                 [PLSC]

 Here's an example of the player's screen whilst    The star symbol shown on
 on a battlefield map.                              the map indicates where
                                                    the current destination's
                                                    located. North is always
                                                    marked on the map, and the
     The objective updates when completed           (A)(B) mean the respective
                        \                           SEAL groups
                         \                                    \
|                     |     CURRENT OBJECTIVE      |    |  [*]     N          |
|                     |  Rendezvous with Informant |    |         /|\         |
|                     '----------------------------'    |                     |
|                                                       |         .           |
|                                                       |                     |
|                                                       |          (B)        |
|                                                       |        (A)(B)       |
|                                                       |_____________________|
|                                                                             |
|                     BATTLE MAP SHOWN HERE                                   |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|                                                                             |
|------------------.                                .-------------.-----------|
| 4/8              |                                | SPECTER [+] |           |
| CURRENT GUN      |                                | JESTER  [+] | OVERWATCH |
|                  |                                | WARDOG  [+] | FOLLOWING |
| [Ż] [Ż]          |                                | VANDAL  [+] | FOLLOWING |
 The current gun shown here has 4 shells            The names of the soldiers
 remaining in an 8-shell clip. The two              are listed here, as well
 [Ż] symbols below it indicate how many             as the actions currently
 magazines left it has -- in this case,             being taken. The [+] icon
 two.                                               tells who has a Satchel.

     MISSION STATISTICS                                             [MSSS]

 After you complete or fail a mission, the screen tells the overall percentage
 of the SEALs' accomplishment ranks. The higher the percentage, the better the
 team's done. Here's the breakdown on what goes into raising the numbers.

 • Stealth kills are those done by the player without the enemy aware of his
   presence. This includes throat-slitting/riflebutting & shooting from afar
   to mask one's location. The key is that the ENEMY CANNOT KNOW YOU ARE HERE.
   If you riflebutt someone in front of you, or shoot someone point-blank, it
   doesn't factor in here. It helps, but not this part.

 • Triggering Alarms makes this rating go down a lot, because it sets everyone
   on edge, even after it's ended [if possible]. Although not all levels have
   this function, enemies may radio in alarms, hit buttons, or in the case of
   the first level, ring a bell. These should be avoided at all costs, if at
   all possible [and on 'Guided Tour' it can be very difficult]. Getting a lot
   of stealth kills cushions the detriment alarms do.

 • Enemies' fired shots factor in, because they notify those around. However,
   with enough stealth kills and no alarms, these aren't as important. Still,
   every shot fired is a wasted stealth kill, so...

 • Player Hit Percentage is self-explanitory, and tells whether the player is
   hitting anything [enemy, camera, helicopter] or missing completely. When
   stealth is employed, this should always be in the high 90s.

 • Enemies Downed by Player -- you can't let the team do all the work, 'cause
   Specter is the team leader. Not that you'd want to anyway, because only
   the player has the refined touches of stealth in the game [mostly].

 • Total Enemies Downed is also self-explanitory. The more enemies killed in
   the infiltration, the better. Funny enough, if you kill an ally, their
   demise also contributes to this statistic. o_O

 • Anytime a teammate gets wounded or downed, the rating will suffer... To
   wit, this is anytime a SEAL incurs damage or gets completely 'killed' in
   the line of duty.

 • Capturing enemies will raise the ranks some. Mostly this is done through
   the use of flashbang [stun] grenades at which time the enemy surrenders to
   the SEALs. With a headset, it's possible to sneak up on enemies and make
   them freeze a la Metal Gear Solid. Either way suffices.


 • Primary objectives must be done -- they're the main mission targets. The
   secondary objectives OFTEN have to be done, but some can miss or fail [such
   as being unable to recon a patrol or killing someone who can be captured].
   Bonus objectives have to be figured out by the player because they aren't
   listed in-game until achieved. Overall, the more mission objectives done,
   the better the completion rating. This should ALWAYS be 100% unless there
   is some problem.

01) SEEDING CHAOS                                                  [MSSN][WK01]

 For the rest of the walkthrough, it will be written for 'Lieutenant' rank
 difficulty, which is the default and equivalent to 'normal.'


 OVERVIEW: US Special Operations Command has been called upon to assist in
           quelling the illegal arms trafficking of an organization known as
           the Sesseri Syndicate.Based in Albania, the group operates through
           an array of distribution networks stretching from London to Cairo.
           Their recent smuggling of volatile radioactive materials has sparked
           great concern in the United States and European Union. This has
           prompted American and its allies to take extended measures to
           ensure the syndicate's activites do not pass catastrophically
           potent weapons into the wrong hands. The SEALs have been given the
           go ahead from SOCOM to take out the Sesseri Syndicate, beginning
           with targeting their weapon supply caches. Our European allies will
           be watching, so show them how it's done.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD --- [RECOMMENDED]
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Grenade: Mark141
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Equipment: Double Ammo
           Grenade: M67

           * All of fireteam carries a Satchel, meaning only one extra piece
           of equipment can be brought. I recommend Double Ammo, although it
           doesn't matter if you plan on changing weapons earlier, and being
           stealthy throughout.

 MISSION : 01) Rendezvous with Informant.
           02) Recon Enemy Patrols.
           03) Destroy Enemy Contraband.
           04) Move to Extract.


 NOTE: You can take enemies prisoner and still not fail 'Remain Unseen'. o_O

 Mallard is waiting at the old basilica up the road, and to fulfill the 
 secondary objective, no enemies must be alerted to the presence of the team.
 Either the enemy will have to be taken out quietly or avoided altogether; if
 the syndicate fighters notice, the secondary objective fails. There's usually
 a moment of panic if the shots miss [depending on distance from enemy] before
 the SEALs are sighted.


 Anyway, the party is to head south down the road to where 'Whiskey' outlook
 point is. It's in the brush-covered ditch a ways further on. When reached,
 hold position and go prone (on stomach), waiting for the inbound syndicate
 patrol to come up the road.


 If you're in or around Whiskey point when the patrolmen stop to chat, there
 will be a conversation cued that name-drops a General Rugova. Wait a bit for
 the guards to double-back and get a clear headshot opportunity. If you have
 situated in the east ditch, there's a great trajectory to get both headshots
 at the same time.


 Up the road, there will be another sentry along a hillside cobblestone path.
 If things have gone on-time 'til now, he'll be coming down the footpath, and
 will spot everyone if they're not hidden. Against the west hillside, there's
 a rather easy shot that plays off his blindside; he only looks straight ahead
 so don't miss! He's the only street-side guard here.

 Upon approaching the basilica, use the ruins as cover and keep track of the
 guards who stop and talk on the hill [about itch cream or somethin' :p]. This
 conversation's useless, so take them out the first chance y'get. It's quite a
 lot easier to surprise them when they descend and head back towards Mallard's

 From there, make a beeline to point Charlie where the informant is. Objective
 2 will be completed as well if you were as quiet as church mice.


 NOTE: If any enemies spot the team here, the 'Move to Delta' part fails,
 and the belltower will ring, making some village guards approach down the

 Checking the map, you'll see the plan is to sneak under the guarded bridge
 via the river, and enter a tunnel system [not displayed on map] that gives
 a better vantage point to Delta, which is at the foot of an old church
 tower. But, first things first -- we have to take care of the surrounding
 guards. East of Charlie is a bunch of pillars, with a single guard walking
 its premises. The hillside's cover isn't that great, so don't spook him.
 [Objective #06 completes on its own around this time.]

 After taking him out, keep low [the bridge-walkers have clear line of sight]
 while you find the SR-25-SD snipe there. This can easily take out the two
 bridge guards, but it's a bit louder and they'll be attracted to the SEALs
 presence, searching the hillside if let loose. There's an extra guard down
 the road (away from the bridge) who won't bother the team, but can be taken
 out for good measure, too. :p


 Now, THE SNIPER here has taken out many good players and made them restart,
 because he's hard to find. Here's my suggestion for taking him out quickly
 and without danger. Hug the rock wall by the pillars, get prone, and crawl
 east along the hill. Do this until there's a clear shot down the bridge's
 length; then, move the reticle towards the NE corner of the t.v. screen. If
 you're close enough, a stooping sniper should be visible by a solitary tree
 on an inaccessible cliff ridge.

 With the sniper out of commission, there should be two enemies standing by
 the east end of the bridge. One will be standing near the pillbox (and will
 rush to its emplacement if alerted), while a second one crouches near some
 HIS COMRADE, who always stares straight ahead. Weird oversight or incredibly
 stupid guard -- you make the decision. Either way, kill the bridge guard w/o
 compunction, please!

 The next road patrol is just a single person who never bothers to walk near
 the bridge's vicinity. You can leave the corpses in plain sight if need be
 without fear. If you take him out from the road, make sure he's out of the
 2nd pillbox's sight as there's a guard there who'll immediately see him fall

 So, how to take out the 2nd pillbox guard? By the first pillbox, and on the
 other side of the bridge opposite it, is a small tunnel complex that leads up
 the 2nd pillbox's backdoor. The enemy here is diligent enough to watch the
 road, but stupid enough not to watch his aft -- kill him easily. The reward
 for being so sneaky is easy access to more sniper rifle ammo (or a SR-25-SD
 if you left the last).

 From there, the belltower is in sight. One sniper is up there, too, but he
 should have no idea about the infiltration. Pop his head (BOOYAKA!) before
 reaching the belltower's base stairway. Objectives 4 & 5 will be completed.


 From the top of the stairway, crouch and look south at the nearest house. By
 the road there will be a patrolman (eventually). Simply look at him through
 the rifle scope but don't shoot him yet or you'll alert the smugglers and
 fail a bunch of parts to come.


 Point Echo is within the belltower. The lower portion has one guard who will
 walk out into the open, check the doorway you want to reach, then enter one
 of the small antechambers (blindspot). Wait until he checks the east doorway
 and show take 'im out. BE QUIET THIS ENTIRE TIME or your presence may become

 Navpoint Echo is actually on top of the church, and if you took out the foe
 with a sniper there earlier, there's just one left. He's in the belltower's
 small room, and facing the door. This buffoon periodically looks to the side,
 though, giving the chance to take him out. HE CANNOT BE AVOIDED, which is why
 this might be one of the more annoying calls for precision thus far. Killing
 with small-arms fire might be best. AS LONG AS HE DOES NOT FIRE ANYTHING, the
 objective should go fine [whether he says something or not will go unheard
 by his buddies, haha].

 Echo is right by the entrance to the belltower, overlooking the town.


 It's a bit hard to see over this ledge (the heck!?) but luckily, Patrol 2
 is the man walking by the defunct gas station. Easily spotted, he won't see


 Navpoint Foxtrot is on the other edge of the roof, probably near where the
 visible sniper got shot down.


 Look at one of the guards by the footbridge just within the town limits, or
 the one walking by the church. Either should suffice.



 Point Romeo is in the gas station, and Juliet is in the small barn. First,
 let's take former since it's much easier to get done. From the roof, take
 out the patrolman walking the southern road, then move into the bell steeple
 to get a vantage point on the footbridge & wandering guard. When the latter
 is far away from the barn, neutralize him. There's a good chance that the
 other target doesn't notice, giving another free shot [although he will turn
 around eventually and get a visual on the corpse ^__^].

 Now, the roaming patrol by the gas station should be eliminated. Descend the
 slope by the belltower en route to the giant east house with a car parked on
 its dirt driveway. This gives a great shot of the patrolman and the enemy in
 the station's garage. When the wandering gunhand turns his back, take out the
 sheltered guard. Like before, he shouldn't notice [depending on his distance]
 and leaves his back wide open. And, no, you can't blow up the station. ;___;

 Run around the north side of the giant house and come out on the east side
 by the station. Don't enter the house yet. Put an eye to the scope and spy
 the outlook in the barn's [point Juliet] loft. He can be taken out without
 any of his cohorts hearing a thing. Place a satchel at the station when it's
 all clear.


 Now, to take the small barn. With the goofball in the loft window having got
 a new cranial cavity, assaulting from the north can be done. If you still
 like being stealthy, crawl all the way to the barn's east side and wait by
 the southern window. A sentry will eventually go there and put his back to
 the window while he stares around. Use your pistol at this point and silence
 him. The other guard can be taken out from the west window in the exact same
 manner; or, you can open a door and achieve the same effect. To place the 2nd
 satchel charge, point at the weapon cache and use:

  Able/Bravo -> Deploy -> Satchel

 Jester can do it, probably.


 Capturing the Foreman is unnecessary to finish the mission, but if you want
 a 100% completion rate, it'll have to be done. He's located inside the house
 by the car, and as the hint says, flashbang grenades will subdue him a lot
 easier. Dude has a shotgun which can plow into the teammates, so this part's
 gotta be taken seriously. If you examine the peremeter, the southern side of
 the house [2F] will have an open window, so the foreman's location can be
 pictured without entering yet.

 But anyway, yeah, you'll have to enter [I've tried throwing grenades through
 the window but it never worked]. Infiltrate the vacant ground floor, pick up
 a shotgun if you want [not recommended] and carefully creep up the stairs.
 THERE WILL BE A CUTSCENE HERE at the top of the stairs which completes the
 #17 objective. This may or may not take place, however -- I believe it all
 relates to the stealthiness of the infiltration.

 Also, the single guard present with the target will start moving around, and
 crosses into the room that passes right by the top of the stairs. If the team
 waits long enough, his back will turn to the stair and give an excellent shot
 or silent kill opportunity.

 Personally, I find the foreman will cooperate much easier if the delivery
 time was overheard, basically because they threatened to kill him. If the
 guard is dead under these circumstances, peek in the room so Foreman sees
 Specter and after a bit of talk, he will put down his weapon. Enter, restrain
 and lead him out of the house [point gun at him -> follow].

 Extraction point is up the road from the gas station. Make sure the terrorist
 foreman is with, and that everyone regroups there.

02) TERMINAL TRANSACTION                                                 [WK02]

 Now for my favorite mission in the game...

 OVERVIEW: Your successful demolition of terrorist supplies has severely
           disrupted the Sesseri Syndicate's operations. However, as long as
           the group's leadership remains at large, they are still a threat.
           SOCOM now wants to focus on gathering some additional intel on the
           group so that the leadership can be locate and taken out. British
           SAS operators, callsigns SABRE and REAVER, have been flown in to
           assist in the remainder of the operations by substituting for Bravo
           element. Command has no doubts as to your team's ability to handle
           the operation, but apparently it's political courtesy to allow some
           of our European counterparts to participate in the fun. Being as
           they're SAS, I'm sure they'll have no problems carrying their own

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Assault Rifle: IW-80 A2
           Submachine Gun: HK5K
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol -- [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: M11
           Equipment: Double Ammo
           Grenade: M67
           Grenade: MARK141 ------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Sniper Rifle: Thermal Scope -- [UNNECESSARY]
           C4 --------------------------- [Specter ONLY]

           * This level is fought in the dark, but the Thermal Scope ends up
             unnecessary since all allies have this technology built-in. The
             recommended setup is to bring the weapon of your choice, plus a
             couple Flashbangs on Specter or Jester.

 MISSION : 01) Locate Guard Post.
           02) Secure Factory Complex.
           03) Gather Intel.
           04) Move to Extract.


 This abandoned railway yard has some enemies around, but for this portion,
 simply look for an open boxcar that allows passage to a west loading dock.
 From there, belly-crawl out until the north guardpost is identified. Locate
 the single sentry.


 Snipe the guard up there, first and foremost. By where the boxcars are
 uncoupled [the entrance into the guardhouse grounds] are two enemies that
 are chitchatting with each other. From that loading dock, there's an easy
 shot to headshots. One will be alerted if you're not careful, so operate w/


 From that small loading area with the propane tank, put an eye to the scope
 in a western direction. There's another cement platform with an enemy taking
 a leisurely stroll. Headshot him and wait awhile to see if another enemy
 comes rushing to see what happened; this gives another opportunity to get him
 out of the picture as well. [If a comrade's death doesn't flush him into the
 open, it's because he's patrolling a small part west of the propane tank, by
 a pile of garbage and detritus.]

 Either way, there's only one additional enemy in the area, who patrols the
 grounds north of the guardtower's vicinity. If the platform enemies are in
 shallow graves by this time, shooting the unsuspecting enemy is a piece of
 cake. [Alternatively, if you approach from the tower area, it's possible to
 squeeze between the tracks that run perpendicular and the wall they run
 parallel to, giving good cover to sneak up on him.]

 When all enemies are pushing up daisies, search the western extreme of the
 rundown area to find a gigantic culvert leading into the factory complex.


 The entire factory ground is open at this point, but if yer smart, this will
 be done first because it has a failable objective. First off, get out of the
 little culvert area and look at the high west wall of the complex. There is
 one enemy patrolling by a small doorway [where the General is, actually] and
 another that periodically walks into sight a bit lower. These two will enable
 the imminent skirmish, so take them out before they can do harm [or they'll
 probably end up sniping yer behind from seemingly nowhere].

 This entire place is fenced by concrete walls, noticably. Go along the west
 boundary which will lead behind to an elevated backdoor. There is one sentry
 patrolling a pile of garbage [plain sight on concrete] and beyond, and a 2nd
 by the stairbottom. He may notice you or, laughably, think it's his comrade,
 and rush to see him -- take him out from afar for best effect.

 If you want an easier time, take out a few guards on the west side of the
 factory building. One walks by a weapon's cache, two by the gateside propane
 tanks, and even more further south. These guys reinforce the other squad if
 you're not careful, so neutralize now.

 Enter the compound in prone position [if undetected] and keep an eye out
 for the catwalk, where one sentry shambles along on the square-shaped part
 near the door; the others are all far across the place. The thermal imaging
 will pick them up, but if they're still 'invisible' in this darkness, put an
 ally on Overwatch.

 It's not impossible to get the pre-emptive on the general, although it's due
 more to weird AI than anything. When you first approach the section of the
 catwalk parallel to Rugova's office, one enemy will walk out on patrol. When
 he gets to the junction [and picks either way to walk], take him out. From
 there, there is one bodyguard near Rugova and stands by the window; the other
 is by the entrance to the office, and can be spotted through the grate with a
 little patience. As long as they don't see the SEAL team, Rugova follows his
 pattern. He carries a pump-action shotgun, so to capture him for the bonus
 objective, flashbang him and then bumrush [but don't shoot]. If you get near
 him when he's in a dazed state, he'll throw down his weapons and let Specter
 restrain him. NORMALLY, if you engage in a shooting match, one of the allies
 will take the guy out, which we don't want. =/


 The rest of the complex is secure only when all enemies are taken care of,
 Rugova has been dealt with [restrained for best effect], the foes inside
 the locker room are finished, and the skybridge is cleared. To get the locker
 room enemies [the room which is located under where Rugova was hiding], get
 in night-vision mode and look into the three doorways below. Two will have
 enemies, and there'll be another by some crates near the ladder. Stealth is
 irrelevant at this point, so mayhap you're interested in the M36A located in
 that changing area? ^_____^


 On the lower floor of the factory is a weapons cache, by the garage door
 entrance. If you overheard the delivery time in 'Seeding Chaos', this bonus
 objective can be completed by approaching the items.


 Before advancing over the skybridge [in southwest corner of factory's ground
 floor], get the Digital Camera in Rugova's office. While advancing over the
 building-spanning walkway, there should only be two enemies there, provided
 you killed the ledgewalker when first entering the factory, and the guy who
 was near the west side of the factory before infiltrating said building. Now,
 there's probably STILL one left below the skybridge; go out on the outcrop to
 get a good vantage.

 Now, this smaller building can be a little harder due to all the smaller
 rooms and the plentiful enemies within. It helps to have Bravo team enter
 from the lower door, with Specter/Jester doing the skybridge. It traps the
 enemies inside, and gives the player a great sniping point. There's about,
 let's say, 7 enemies here. Kill 'em all to secure the factory complex. BUT,
 for some reason, this objective does not count the two hiding on the 2F rooms
 of this little building. BE CAREFUL!!!

 A contact list is in a ground-floor room here, and a training film in one of
 the 2F rooms. This should complete all objectives satisfactorily.


 Navpoint Zulu is the destination, near the propane tanks and large iron gate.
 If you captured Rugova, tell him to tag along before leaving. The C4 charge
 can be placed on the gate as soon as everyone is nearby, and Rugova's with.

03) UPLAND ASSAULT                                                       [WK03]
 ...and onto my least favorite mission in the game. =/

 OVERVIEW: With their backs against thee wall, the Sesseri Syndicate is likely
           making plans to flee the region before SOCOM intercepts them.
           Unfortunately for the Syndicate, they won't get that opportunity.
           Intel has confirmed the location fo the Syndicate's leadership;
           they are hiding out in teh remains of the Sesseri family castle
           situated in the mountains. SOCOM's quick operational planning
           should land your fireteam there before any of the group has a
           chance to escape.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Assault Rifle: Iw-80 A2
           Submachine Gun: HK 5K
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Sniper Rifle: Thermal Scope
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol --- [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: M11
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Equipment: Double Ammo -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: M67
           Grenade: MARK141 -------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Mine: Claymore ---------------- [Specter-ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8

           * This level is also dark, so you may want a thermal scope for just
             Specter. Claymores are also good here, and sniper rifles as well.
             Many enemies are hidden inside and outside, so exercise caution.

 MISSION : 01) Neutralize or capture syndicate leadership.
           02) Move to extract.


 Silly enough, this first part can be hard to do if you want to be stealthy.

 • There are four enemies on the road leading up to the castle: one down the
   first bend nearest the party [may not appear], one up the second bend, and
   two near the gate. One of the gatekeepers will often approach a corpse if
   it was not killed silently [and often is if was]. Basically, once you kill
   the 2nd enemy, keep an eye in the scope for the person who stumbles upon

 • Proceeding can be done two ways. One leads through the underbrush along
   the cliffbottom, which carries a higher position. The second goes on the
   lower side of the road, giving great opportunity to get close to enemies
   and silently kill them. Personally, I recommend doing the first on the
   two enemies [#2 silently], then switching off to get the gatekeepers off-
   -guard. The silenced pistol can kill them both without attracting unwanted

 • The Aide-de-Camp will start up by the garage, but if you make a ruckus by
   alerting the guards and firefighting, he'll move [by default] to the gate,
   bringing his 12 gauge along for the ride. If you left Bravo team somewhere
   where they won't interfere [like I do], flashbang the guy and take him as
   a prisoner. Maybe lead him somewhere safe -- the extraction point at Zulu
   is a good dropoff.

 • Should the Aide-de-Camp remain by the house's main entrance, and all the
   other enemies taken out, he will be with one bodyguard, completely unseen
   from the front due to an obscuring wall. The best route to sneak up on 
   them is, from the gate, go around the west wall exterior until there's
   another opening/climbspot on the wall by where the cars are parked. From
   here, it's easy to hide behind the red [squished!] for great cover, or
   tiptoe to the blue one that gives a better sight of what's going on. Due
   to the wall's odd formation, one can get dangerously close to the target
   and toss a grenade there. If you get it right, he'll probably give up from
   the surprise; if you don't, Aide-de-Camp _KILLS_ his own bodyguard and goes
   on the rampage.

 • An alternate route to getting VERY VERY close to Aide-de-Camp is actually
   rather easy. After clearing out all the gate guards, and ensuring that our
   target is still by the house entrance, go up the north road a ways -- hug
   the wall, crawling when possible. Eventually the height will taper off to
   level ground, allowing the player to crawl [still] right up to the platform
   above the aide and his cohort. THIS IS SUPER CLOSE, and it's just a baby
   drop of a grenade onto them to make both surrender. [Or, if you misfire,
   the bodyguard will kill the surrendering aide. =/]

   HOWEVER, if you didn't eavesdrop on the conversation below Aide-de-Camp's
   position, that cohort will not appear. When the target is restrained, he
   and the enemies in the parking lot will appear out of thin air and foul
   things up. Keep Jester in check here or he'll go up the parking lot way
   and get smoked [which is good normally, but we need to be shadows here.]

   In fact, this is probably the easiest and safest way to capture the Aide.
   Don't want that shotty stuck in yo' face, right? ^___^


   It's highly recommended that you take out some of the enemies found in the
   outdoor area, as both Platz & Sesseri can escape and make you fail the
   mission. Tailing them is much easier without ten enemies shooting at you
   in the dark, yes? Recommend route uses the stairway by the cars, leading
   east to the backyard area.

   • With the Aide-de-Camp captured and his bodyguards having suffered their
     own fate, another enemy will appear at the stairtop near the cards. If
     you stand by the blue sedan and peer east up the small cliffs, seeing
     him running is very easy. Shoot him in the brush where his cohorts may
     not run to his help. Just to be on the safe side, watch the area for a
     bit -- if any enemies help him, there'll be two of 'em.

   • Should enemy [above] have fallen and no comrades followed, it isn't a
     puzzle to find the other two. One runs back and forth (north > south)
     and ducks into the brush. A couple might come out of the backdoor, also;
     make sure you're east of there by then to have the height differential.

   From there, the north gate leads to a lonely garage and a living quarter.
   Hide in some white brush, through the gate but on the little knoll by its

   • There is one soldier in the apartment, one patrolling by its porch (on)
     west side, and one guy inside the garage. For an order of operations,
     it's best to kill the garage guy (no one sees body), then the patrolling
     man. The insurgent inside the house can be pegged through the window. It
     makes noise, which is why he's done last.

   Inside the apartment, take the laptop as part of some intel [which helps
   achieve a bonus objective]. Exit back outside and get a line of sight down
   the west road, past the flatbed truck by the garage.

   • The best part about this vantage is that many of the hidden enemies are
     only prepared for those coming down the west road from the other way.
     When they hide in the brush if spooked [i.e. any get shot] they're still
     fully exposed. One enemy in particular far down the way hides in some of
     the ruins, and gets a clear shot at any SEAL who rambles down the road.
     On Normal difficulty, there are five total: one by the house's northside
     fence, three down by the watchtower, and one in his perennial hiding spot
     that I already mentioned.

   • There's one last well-hidden enemy here, too, and if you run into him
     around a tight corner, you're going to get coldcocked like no tomorrow.
     He's beyond the northside fence, between it and the house, on a small
     decline. Even with events going on, he's always seems to face down that
     climb. Approach him from behind (from north) to blindside him.

 And with that, all areas of the outside should be completely done.


 The two leaders of the Sesseri are actually inside the house, so there has
 to be a good infiltration plan, yes? If you open the front door there's a
 mob of enemies that will put holes in the SEALs, if not the overall Stealth
 rating. [All following strategies are under the assumption the player hasn't
 alerted the enemy at all, i.e. enemy shots fired]

 • Want stealth? Here's the best way. First off, the front and back doors to
   the house may be good but give bad overall vantage points. From where the
   aide-de-camp was standing, go down to the road and search the brush north
   of there. The balcony vines will hide an extra entrance leading into the
   wine cellar. It's a great sneak-attack path.

 • The first door leads into the wine cellar, and when approached, an enemy
   will, with a given probability, open the door first. Be prepared to take
   him out immediately lest he alert his friend in the adjacent room.

 • A stairway leads up into the nice kitchen, where one enemy is posted. He
   may have his back to the door, he may not -- either way, he'll probably
   lower the stealth rating a bit.

 • Before entering the dining table area, see if the enemy there [who will
   continuously run around the house on a cycle] has noticed the SEALs. If
   the other guy screamed before, he may've been out. The point where he's
   vulnerable is when stopping by the fireplace, and immediately after when
   he stares at the wall.

 • NOW HERE IS A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES. If you were careful this entire time,
   creep south through the dining room with your stun grenades at the ready.
   Use the camera to peek around the corner and see...MANY guys pointing
   their guns at the door!! If you toss flashbangs in their direction, it's
   possible to get six or all of them to SURRENDER! Talk about practicing
   nonviolence! If you didn't bring stunners, well, it'll be a bloodbath,
   I'm sure. [NOTE: Enemies who surrender may be shot by their comrades, so
   save their lives please. ^___^]

 • With all enemies on this floor cleaned out -- and there are no others from
   what was told here, at least on this difficulty -- search out the rooms to
   find a codebook [in library] and a nautical map [in dining room].

 As the ground-floor becomes much more silent and less deadly, it's time to
 ascend to the second-floor area where the leaders are at.

 • Up the staircase, upon reaching a doorway, there will be two enemies in
   there. One initiates the attack probably, while one waits just nearby. Be
   careful he doesn't knock Specter out as he exits into the chamber. One of
   the doors here enters into the backyard. 

 • Upon entering the room with another staircase, a scene with Platz and
   Sesseri arguing will take place. NOW THE FUN BEGINS.

 The staircase goes to two rooms. The one going west enters onto the balcony,
 and that should be the first agenda because Platz has the means to escape if
 left to his own volition. The other room leads to Sesseri's bedroom where he
 will stay for a little while [if his door's shut, he's in there still].

 • Platz has two bodyguars who open the door when approached. Take them out
   to find Platz on a balcony and ready to escape. Since he's confronted at
   the moment, he'll engage with his little water pistol [at least that is
   the effect it has, luckily -- no shotgun here]! One flashbang will make
   him pee his pants and give up. Restrain him and truck back towards our
   friend Sesseri's bedroom.

 • If it's still closed, he's there. Open it up and toss a flashbang in to
   make him give up as well. If he's not there, he's taking the exit that
   opens into the backyard area, so at least his flightplan is known with
   that. [NOTE: I seem to remember Castrioti fleeing through the wine cellar
   one one run, so you may keep that in mind if he's unable to be found with
   a visual.] I've had Castrioti give up without any coersion also...well,
   besides Platz being captured. You might catch a break!


 With all leaders defeated or dead, point Zulu [by the front gate] is where
 everyone ditches this dour place. If all leaders were captured, a bonus
 objective is achieved. If all intel is found [laptop, codebook, nautical
 map, contact list (in Sesseri's bedroom)], another bonus objective completes
 They will 'disappear' into your custody. =p

 Now let's enter a whole new mission!

04) URBAN SWEEP                                                          [WK04]

 The RAFB is an equal-opportunity employer, so this is the first time we will
 see female enemies pointing guns in our faces! If you don't like using the
 thermal resonance imaging/nightvision goggles, prepare to set a new world
 record for resetting. ^___^

 OVERVIEW: America's staunchest ally in South America, Brazil, has contacted
           the U.S. for assistance. A separatist group calling themselves the
           RAFB, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil, is intent on
           destabilizing the govenrment there. The RAFB's operations focus
           primarily on terrorist acts against government targets and
           are financed by illegal drug trade. Opting to stand by their ally,
           US politicians have pledged their full support by lending
           operational assistance from SOCOM. Your fireteam is being deployed
           to the region to assist the Brazilian government in gathering intel
           on the RAFB and, if deemed necessary, potentially neutralizing
           their operational capabilities.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD
           Shotgun: TA 12 Gauge
           Rifle: M16A2
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Sniper Rifle: Thermal Scope
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol --- [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Equipment: Double Ammo -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: M67
           Grenade: MARK141 -------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Mine: Claymore ---------------- [Specter-ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4 ---------- [Specter-ONLY]
           * This is going to be another semi-dark urban area with a bit of
           close-range fighting. Nothing that can't be handled via small-arms
           fire, but... I'm saying I like sniper rifles for all occasions, so
           take a submachine gun if you don't care about stealth ratings. As
           this mission requires extracting with a target, bring flashbangs
           to be used in subduing that target. DO NOT BRING A ROCKET LAUNCHER
           on this mission -- it's a waste of time and space. =/

 MISSION : 01) Rendezvous with informant.
           02) Restrain RAFB Cell Leader.
           03) Extract with Cell Leader.



 Wardog and Vandal are back now! If you check the map, the insertion area's
 identified as the big pink rectangle through the block. Do not, under any
 circumstances, shoot civilians -- they're just bystanders and carry no
 weapons. They may distract soldiers, however!

 • From the start, don't enter the ornate doorway -- look down the ladder's
   small alley instead. One RAFB will be trying to pick a prostitute, and
   can be sniped easily. Down the north street, a female RABF member can be
   shot in a grassy between-building patch.

 • Continue north to come to a butcher's shop, now closed. A soldier's found
   here, and with his back to everyone, can be silently killed. Alternately,
   ...well, just shoot him in the head from the street. ["Here, try MY meat
   stick, sucka!"]

 • North is still the way to go. There is an enemy (Gaspar) who will talk w/
   a kid named Llucas here in a scene. The easiest and safest way to dispose
   of the RAFB recruiter is to shoot from the street sidewalk east of him,
   belly-crawling into range. Don't bother going through the building because
   Gaspar will notice through the window and approaching his front's stupid,

 • The last enemy in this area walks the block north of where Llucas and his
   'friend' were talking. He's a slow guy, and walks clockwise, so figure out
   how to take out this turkey.

 One more thing.

 • Ordering the fireteam to Delta will help for when the scene opens. Many,
   many times, the allies will still be on the street when it starts, making
   them open targets for the person in the apartment next door. The scene
   can start without Specter, so use this knowledge wisely.


 Ragbag is supposed to meet everyone at navpoint Delta, so enter the building
 nearby that has that marking. However, after entering the small villa it's
 shown [via scene] that Ragbag's been captured in the house across the way!

 • There's no door on the building, and there's a female RAFB standing up on
   the stairtop. She may or may not see the party, and is often snipe fodder
   from the sidewalk. This will most likely alert the girls beating up Ragbag,
   and will open the door. [NOTE: You can also snipe her from the other
   apartment access, also; use a thermal scope for better effect]

 • Use this chance to toss a flashbang into the room. Vidonia can surrender,
   but her female cohort might resist... It doesn't matter if you capture
   her, really, but what type of rookie walks into a room with guns pointed
   at the doors? No one, that's who!

 --- THERE IS A GLITCH HERE! Sometimes if you flashbang both women assailants
 and restrain them to complete the objective, Ragbag will not exit! There is
 no way to fix this other than restarting! ---

 There's a glitch where sometimes Ragbag doesn't move even if he's been freed
 from being harrassed.


 Ragbag will have to lead everyone to a new rendezvous point. This leads
 down a street in a southern direction. Keep an eye out on the boarded-up
 windows which will fling open to reveal gunners trying to off our informant!
 If he dies, mission failure. Luckily there are only two, and their heat
 signatures appear behind the windows as a tip-off. Talk with Ragbag in the
 overgrown atrium wannabe area.


 The red door at the foot of the building just recently occupied with snipers
 allows passage west. One RAFB member will probably barrel down that alleyway
 when opened so be careful!

 • Beyond is an alleyway that has dumpsters in it, which can be used as cover
   from the female RAFBs that appear. If you've been quiet up until now, the
   initial one can be potshotted out of existence, giving a clear shot at all
   others who appear (4). It's about 60 yards to the back, so hopefully your
   aim ain't slackin'!

 • Once the alleyway's ground enemies are done for, one building will have a
   couple RAFBs in it. The balcony is the first spot, but if they retreat
   inside, there's a shot at the stairway where they may crouch. Three in all.
   Infiltrate that building afterwards and be careful for any others (x2) that
   may be on the balcony that was obscured before. One may also be in the
   backyard by some ladders, so be careful! 

 TAKE OFF 'Fire at Will' now!

 Continue south through the cluttered apartments until a door opens onto the
 street. A scene just before talked about some drunk soldiers wanting their
 friend Joaquin to help carry them home... Also, you can take the yard by the
 ladders to get closer to the enemy position.

 • In one of SOCOM 2's genius break-the-norm things, Specter can climb up the
   hedges and lay there to get good vantages on the enemies.

 • The street leads north, and the best cover is the tall grass on the side
   opposite the entry door. The line of sight follows up the entire place,
   so maybe have everyone hold their fire and wait while Specter gets into
   that position. Shooting the two guys far away, over a dumpster, is not a
   hard feat. Joaquin will be by the dumpster too, however, so don't dash
   out into the open for him to gun y'down!

 • Besides the drunks, there are two RAFBs on balconies far down the street,
   who will snipe when given the chance. Don't get taken in, because allies
   may not be aware.

 The street ends abruptly with a barricade, but there's a small grassy alley
 right next to it that continues to where the wild things are...

 • Stealth is hard here -- tell your party to fire at will. Close-quarters
   combat may take place here, but it'll only be one RAFB if it does. This
   will no doubt alert the sniper [plain view, balcony] that the alley ends
   near, so take 'er out from the grass. She ducks in the grass mostly.

 • Under the flashing light, stay in the small walkway/embankment area. There
   is another enemy patrolling below the apartment balcony, and won't see the
   party if they stay there.

 There's a wide-doored barn already opened adjacent to the sniper building,
 get up to the second floor and the meeting will be eavesdropped on. Quixada
 will leave, so capturing her isn't possible. Three objectives are completed
 at this time, including 'Keep Vandal Alive' because he was the translator
 to the meeting.

 --- NOTE: There seems to be a glitch here where one ally will die for no
 reason when getting into position to eavesdrop on the meeting. Make sure all
 are on the 2F before initiating the scene, or leave them all out of the barn
 for safe effect. ---


 There are no enemies in this small urban area, so cross onto the nearby
 balcony into another house. Vandal adds that staying away from windows is
 now wise, since snipers may be prowling. There aren't any immediately, but
 this run-down, overgrown area can REALLY be annoying without thermal imaging
 on the sight. On the map, there will now be a purple square -- this is the
 hideout area.

 • If you enter the first building in the south, a tiny little shack with a
   glassless window, you can maneuver the camera to see an RAFB agent manning
   a machine-gun emplacement [she may not be there if you were silent]. The
   best way to take her out is to have Specter go alone, crawl perpendicular
   to the bridge entry, until he gets around an eastern shack. From there, a
   clear shot can be reached, probably without the insurgent noticing.

 • Don't go down the tiny footbridge into the hideout yet! Go east along the
   waterside (in the brush of course) to find another little shack. Get prone
   and look up the high stacked building complex. It's possible to outsnipe
   a person on a gunner emplacement.

 That's all the exterior enemies that can be spotted. Creep along the bridge
 [silently as possible] to the building straight ahead.


 That building straight ahead can be infiltrated without much problem, at
 least surprise-wise. Duck into the entry, use the camera to scan the ground
 floor, then see the stairbottom [leading to 2F] and east doorway. When it's
 all clear, grab the Lab Map on the cocaine-cuttin' table to achieve a bonus

 • If you took out the 2nd gunner emplacement before, proceed with a little
   less caution. If you didn't, go up the stairs backwards to pop 'er in the
   kisser before she alerts the others. Alternately, peek outside and stair
   up at the gun barrel. If it moves, there's someone on it. You may want to
   take the outside route that goes up and around, getting a free shot at
   the insurgent's backside.

 • The stairtop looks into an adjacent room. Eventually, that door will open
   and a guard will run out. There's an open shot to neutralize here. One of
   the guards is behind a desk and looking toward the stair entry. Strafe in
   view and get a headshot before the stealth rating decreases further. ^___^

 This next part is one of the most annoying, just because of the randomized
 part and maybe running out of flashbangs. Make sure to use your own allies'
 as well, and make sure the room is SECURE or a rifle-butt to the face ends
 this excursion pretty dang quick.

 • TAKE OFF 'FIRE AT WILL' and move to the large open doorway that the first
   guard ran out of. One of these rooms with have Lucimar inside, and we do
   not want her being killed by stray fire. Where is she, you wonder? She's
   always in the door that is open by DEFAULT. If it's close to the widest
   door, that's even more of a boon.

 • IF YOU DO NOT CLEAR HER ROOM FIRST, her comrade will end up killing her!!
   This gets annoying awfully quick, having to restart the mission over such
   a dumb contingency, but it'll happen. To take some of the heat off [there
   will be one room that is empty], order Bravo to clear a room and have our
   Able team Flashbang Lucimar into captivity. When she's done, make allies
   "Secure the Area" while Specter guards the hostage.

 I suggest [and this is just personal preference] that you leave Lucimar in
 the room where she was captured, shut the door, and clear out the rest of
 the enemies first. This ensures she's not in the crossfire at all, and is
 EXTREMELY safe. Getting here's hard enough; having the hostage die in lame
 firefights is a horrible capper.


 When Lucimar's reined in and the other enemies are complete, it's time to
 move to the extraction point at Zulu, where the initial eavesdropped meeting
 took place. It'll be an annoying gauntlet to break through, however.

 • Their leader captured, a couple enemies will assault the hideout. Manning
   that machine-gun turret can mow them down, but also let the allies switch
   their safeties off [i.e. Fire At Will] for those that breach the place
   looking for Lucimar. The turret isn't THAT good, however, so pick up one
   of those submachine guns and use that to guard the two entrances. Overall,
   there may only be one or two that enter, and one hiding by the low walkway
   In the room with the desk, keep her away from the windows -- there is a
   sniper far across the way...well, she has a machinegun but whatever.

   Also, some enemies will hide in the brush and approach from the water, so
   keep an eye out.

 • The road to Zulu is mapped out on the tacmap now, with the route traced
   for easy guidance. It goes north from the hideout up the dirt road, and
   is easy to follow. All enemies that arrive come from this route, so if
   you keep it in sight, picking them off is cake. Their lines of sight do
   not extend that far from up the road, and it helps maintain the stealth
   rating as well.

 • Said road to the last navpoint will be devoid of enemies until the leader
   is accompanying the SEALs. Then, there will be some firefighting. Bringing
   Lucimar up the road can be dangerous, so secure it piece by piece and make
   her hide in the grass/shadows while your business goes on.

 • The square with Zulu in it has a few enemies in it. One hides behind/by
   an angel statue, one behind a broken building, and a couple that seem to
   appear out of nowhere [which can happen sometimes]. Keep your back to the
   wall as much as possible so there's no slick tricks that put the kibosh
   on this mission. Order your team to secure the area and try to get our
   hostage out as fast as possible!

 It's best to "Attack to > Zulu" and follow the fireteam to that point while
 giving them support enemies. Enemies will eventually respawn a bit, but if
 you can get Lucimar to the extract point, the mission automatically ends.
 Whew! If you thought this mission was annoying, just wait until the next
 one... =/

05) STRANGLEHOLD                                                         [WK05]

 OVERVIEW: The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil finance their operations
           through the harvesting, processing, and trafficking of cocaine.
           Recent attempts by the Brazilian government to suppress these
           activities have proved fruitles. However, through interrogation of
           the RAFB cell leader you captured, we have acquired the coordinates
           of a key RAFB cocaine processing facility. Your team is being sent
           in to terminate terrorist activity at this drug lab, a takedown
           that will curtail the RAFB's financial resources.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD
           Rifle: M16A2
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD -------- [RECOMMENDED]--.
           Sniper Rifle: Thermal Scope                    |- Pick One
           Assault Rifle: M4A1                            |
           Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD -------- [RECOMMENDED]--'
           Rifle: M16A2
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD --- [RECOMMENDED]--.--Pick One
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol --- [RECOMMENDED]--'
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Equipment: Double Ammo -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: M67
           Grenade: HE
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore ---------------- [Specter-ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4 ---------- [Specter-ONLY]

           * Everyone but Specter is carrying satchels and red smoke, which
             means there's not much leeway as far as accessories go. There's
             a bunch of jungle here, so, again, thermal imaging helps make
             out the enemies a lot safer. Give Specter the sniper and special
             scope, and all the rest can get M4A1 SDs, which are good backup.

           * At the end of the mission there will be a plane that needs to
             detonate, so if you want a fallback, leave two slots open (bring
             a T. Scope) for taking an RPG-7 rocket launcher. It carries only
             one shot, but if you make it count, one of the more annoying
             dash-to-the-finish parts gets completed no matter what. [Notice
             that Specter starts the mission with <None> selected as secondary
             items -- the game plans for this.]

 MISSION : 01) Intercept Radio Frequency.
           02) Locate Lab Site.
           03) Demolish Drug Lab.
           04) Neutralize Plane.
           05) Move to Extract.


 Starting in the swampwater, the radio hut is due south on dry(er) ground.
 Jester will alert Specter to an enemy on the bridge; s/he can be taken out
 silently and no enemy will notice. Proceed through the _swamp_ rather than
 on dry land to get better overall shots.

 • When that conversation about Quixada's 'affectionate side' begins, two of
   the guards will be standing at the north side of the outpost talking. From
   the swamp water, headshot one of 'em and gun down the next when he's thrown
   into confusion. If that's too risky, one of them will eventually cross the
   bridge and walk back via the shallow water -- easy pickins.

 • If you were spotted somehow, there will be a cutscene where a helicopter
   is called in to survey the area. It's got machine guns and, seemingly, a
   great gunner 'cause it can spot a SEAL pretty easily. Also, four enemies
   will creep near the riverside down to the hut. Overall, a lose/lose 
   situation. Avoid this if possible. [Actually, anytime the enemy gets to
   radio in, the helicopter appears. STEALTH above all, sirs!]

 Only one enemy blocks entrance to the radio hut, and he walks north on a
 patrol. Easy target. Once downed, inspect the radio to ascertain it.


 If you look at the map, you can see the __HUGE__ area that this entrance can
 be in. That purple square depicts where the lab is located, so the safest
 way to take. You'll see why in a sec.

 • Aim Assist is great for jungle play. It's the function that puts those
   red brackets (i.e.: [ ]) around enemies in view. With visual sight in the
   toilet here, it can be a nice pick-me-up. Make sure it's on.

 • Switch 'Fire at Will' on at your own risk. If your weapons are silent, the
   other SEALs'll truly have your back as their AI allows them to be much
   better shots and locators when a pre-emptive strike is possible. However,
   this kind of play is rather sloppy when enemies are not alone, so don't
   rely on it too much.

 • By the first hut's bridge, lead everyone down the westernmost portion of
   the river. A fort on the ridge should come into view -- two enemies. Take
   out the one ducking in the brush with his back to the river, then the one
   on the gun emplacement [officially the Worst Sentry Ever as voted by this
   guide...blind as a bat!]. 

 • Killing that gunner will make the radio operator [other end] get frantic
   and think someone's attacking. By that hilltop fort, go prone and switch
   to 'Fire at Will'. Watch the riverside road and east for someone who may
   approach. If you wait long enough, 2-3 enemies will leisurely walk down
   that east road. The last thing needed is a jungle ambush -- neutralize
   and regulate, suckaz!

 • When the coast is clear, hug the creep alongside the southern cliffside.
   Scan with the barrel to see if any red circles appear on the map, and use
   his presence on when to continue. Alongside the cliff is a small cocaine
   cache, so one will be walking near there.

 • Upon arriving at said coke stash, keep an eye out for another sentry who
   walks east by the huge butte. He's got a target painted on his back... At
   this time, Jester will warn of an imminent watchtower ahead. The reason I
   told you to take this path is revealed: the grenade launcher does not have
   full 360-degree swivvel capabilities, thus this is it's blindspot.

   When the first guy's gone, stick around -- one more enemy will eventually
   approach from the other side of the butte, and two more'll patrol into
   the area from the east jungle.

 • East of here, along the south cliffside, the path wraps to another small
   outpost. One enemy patrols outside, and by the small swamp pond, do the
   team a service by sniping the grenade launcher...launcher. He won't see
   it coming 100% of the time!

 • Now, the outpost has one enemy inside it. There's a window facing north
   by the underbrush that gives an easy shot, although he may see you if
   Specter moves too much.

   To find the lab entrance, identify the purple square on the map, and go
   south of that outpost, then west a bit. There is a built-in ladder that
   descends into the ground.


 • Before entering, take a look down the ladder well and see if any smugglers
   come up. If you see them before they see you, you can stand at the top and
   rifle-butt 'em into the afterlife before they can get any shots off [other
   things like shouting are not likely to matter].

 This is simple for the most part...that is, if you look around hit that dang
 light switch. This makes the entryway completely dark and no enemies will be
 able to see at all, or approach [unless they see you first]. 

 • All enemies but one will be in view for that first hallway, meaning there
   is minimal movement necessary to secure this place. Shoot the two nearest
   the doorway [Duarte and a Drug Worker], wait for one to patrol back and
   forth. The last is in the south, and when standing straight up, can be
   shot through that hallway's screen. If you're having trouble even with
   this handicap, shoot out some lights to further decrease enemy visibility.

 • If someone gets to the radio and the helicopter comes out, there's a very
   high chance that the plane will leave before the SEALs can even approach
   it. There is about 1.5-2 minutes before it leaves, so either try to make
   a world record for hotfooting to navpoint Charlie with the RPG-7 or just
   restart. You __CAN__ come back and demo the lab if this is the case.

 Afterwards, all enemies are down and the notification comes, flip the lights
 back on and head to the very southeastern table in the shadows. Enemies had
 a bomb schematic sitting there which completes a bonus objective. If you're
 not looking for it, you'll probably skip it accidentally.

 • If you've been waiting to get your paws on that rocket launcher, it can
   be found leaning against the wall by the radio control center. This's only
   able to be taken if Specter has TWO free accessory slots, and it's got a
   single shot, only.

 • One thing I've had happen is that Bravo team somehow can't make it out
   of this place, or camps right by the exit no matter the order. To prevent
   unfortunate accidents this close to the end, it may be wise to find the
   exit, lead Bravo out, then have Jester plant the satchel.

 • To complete the #4 objective, command Jester [or whoever, since all other
   SEALs can do this] to place a Satchel by the gasoline cannisters. The
   command is, of course: Able/Bravo > Deploy > Satchel. At this time, there
   will be a small time to escape from the lab. The exit is in the eastern
   area, and the door opens when a switch by it is pulled.

 Evacuate everyone into the jungle and make sure they're not near the door or
 they may be fatally hurt by the explosion.


 The path leads east and a small outpost by the fenced-off cliffside is very
 visible. Take care just the same, however! If you need, scan the small bluff
 just west of there for a good vantage point. One enemy is by the railing and
 can be shot from afar; there's another on a machine-gun emplacement that can
 be attacked aft without him noticing. There's an M40A1 sniper rifle here w/
 better zoom power, but isn't silenced -- your decision.

 • There is one enemy by the bluff [aforementioned] that walks around in a
   counterclockwise manner, assuming north is the twelve o'clock. He's pesky
   and a fast walker, which means you should wait and take him out when the
   opportunity arises, rather than let him go and rush through. There's also
   one SLOW-WALKER who you may encounter after passing the clifftop m'gun
   installation. Going down that north road, survey the NW area when the path
   opens up a bit.

 Down the fenced-in path, a helicopter will eventually come up.

 • Get to navpoint Charlie on the cliffside and see if you can take out a
   few enemies on the airstrip below. There's a sniper in a tower, as well
   as a couple enemies walking around. Switch to 'Fire at Will' and let the
   other SEALs shoot down the chopper, which will leave smoking. If all goes
   well, the plane below will not have been alerted.

 If all goes well, the plane below will not have begun pre-flight preps. It's
 time to go down the cliffside this time. Keep an eye out for three enemies,
 one of which may have attacked while the chopper was around. Keep 'Fire at
 Will' on doing this. When you get to the decline leading to the camp, look
 down by the tree next to it and kill the two enemies hiding in the shade

 • The hangar itself has a few enemies in it, and maybe one or two walking
   in front of it. With all SEALs firing, there's a good chance they may not
   be much of a threat. Y'know the drill -- snipe from covered areas. If
   the plane propellers start warming up, tell a teammate to plant a satchel

 • Note that, if you have the RPG-7 rocket launcher, you can destroy the
   plane when it's first in sight. However, the enemies down the airstrip
   will swarm quite a bit, so it's in those who choose this path's best
   interest to maybe take a machine-gun or sorts to help. [UNCONFIRMED: A
   frag grenade can also demolish the plane if lacking other means?]

 The chopper also 'downs' somehow when the plane is destroyed. Anyway, the
 next portion involves running down the north runway, until a small eastern
 footpath appears. This leads to navpoint Whiskey. Go as quickly as possible
 to avoid getting swamped by masses of enemies from both sides of the place
 [Attack to > Whiskey = a good command].


 The huge swarm of enemies will quell when the plane explodes...sort of. It's
 no reason to take a stroll -- get down the path to Whiskey immediately! Kill
 all enemies on the bridge and the few tailing the party, and get to the spot
 the navpoint is at. Order someone to display Red Smoke to signal the helo.


 After the signal's up, hold off enemy forces that come down the canyon path
 from the airstrip. This should be the easiest part yet, especially if all
 position themselves under the bridge [where enemies above have no range] and
 'Fire at Will' is set back in motion. After a minute or so, the helicopter
 will swoop down for the rescue...finally ending this "FUN" mission. ^______^

 After about 30 times of failing this mission somehow [Hey, I'm rusty!], the
 first time I passed got an "A", even after someone died. Mission completion
 and accuracy rating should be easy 100%s; stealth rating will suffer, but
 80%+ should be enough. If you don't slip up like I did and order Bravo to
 wait at the canyon mouth, it's no hard trial. Just follow what I wrote. =p

06) HYDROELECTRIC                                                        [WK06]

 OVERVIEW: Despite American and Brazilian efforts to dismantle the RAFB and
           prevent it from inflicting any serious damage, the terrorists have
           still managed to assemble the resources and manpower to initiate a
           takeover of the Granda Paranda Dam in Brazil. Details about the
           terrorist operation emerged after the leader of the group appeared
           on local television with a list of demands for the Brazilian
           government. Intel has confirmed through satellite surveillance that
           the terrorists have indeed seized the dam.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Rifle: M16A2
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol --- [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Equipment: Double Ammo -------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: M67
           Grenade: MARK141 -------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Mine: Claymore ---------------- [SPECTRE ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8

           * I used two SR-25 SDs and two M4A1 SDs here, no particular reason
             'cept to give each team a little versatility. The usual standard
             of Double Ammo + Thermal Scope + Flashbangs applies.

 MISSION : 01) Infiltrate Dam.
           02) Disarm All Explosives.
           03) Eliminate Terrorist Leadership.
           04) Secure Dam.


 Now _this_ is large-scale activities! The SEALs start in the west, by the
 drive-up to the dam's facility. The object is to the use the ventilation
 shafts to infiltrate the dam silently [the route is traced on the tacmap].
 Shoot the guard standing by the gate booth, and peer further down the road
 to see two more enemies.

 • If you consider yourself a dead-eye, do an exercise in excellent sniping
   by taking out the guard above navpoint Charlie, the dam administration
   building. It can be hard, but if you do it at the start, it'll save some
   grief later. In this same vein, the south-facing windows of that upper
   floor has one guard staring out the window. He doesn't move, and those
   types of targets are easy to hit, no?


 The infiltration is rather simple, to be honest. Move east along the cliff
 wall to the mesh fence area where some offices are. North leads to a large
 bunch of water pipes, all of which can be maneuvered under. It may not be
 a great idea to take the entire team through until the two road patrols've
 been neutralized. Best chance for this comes when the enemies chitchat for
 a moment and move northward with their backs to the SEALs.

 • If you follow the map precisely, go north under the vents and west into
   the building. There are no human enemies on the ground floor, but be sure
   to destroy the video camera by the dam entrance door, and the one inside
   said administration building [in garage]. Small-arms fire will suit the
   job well 'nough.

 If any camera see you, EVERY SINGLE ENEMY within the dam will be on-guard
 more than normal, which is really a short stick of the deal for the SEALs.
 Approach the stairway within the aforementioned garage to clear this part.


 This place is close-range fighting, and for stealth purposes, try to rely
 on pistol shots and riflebutt/throat-slitting instead of loud livewires. If
 you want to be silent, there are two routes to do this:

 • The first and longest involves taking out the three enemies within the
   cubicle area. One patrols the first cubicle room, one walks into both,
   and a third RAFB insurgent stays in that adjacent room with a shotgun.
   It's best to operate with Specter alone in this part due to the limited

   To begin, the cubicle guard has to be taken out. The easiest chance to
   put him down for an eternal sleep is when he stops after looking out
   the window nearest the ladder. His back will be to that room, and our
   other enemy will be elsewhere.

   To take care of patroller #2, enter that first cubicle room and lie in
   wait for him [prone] at the other side. Shoot him when he peeks around.
   Shotgun lady is the third one, and sticks around her area, occasionally
   patrolling a sidedoor area [which leads outside]. Duck into another
   desk region when her back's turned and fire when possible. Alternatively,
   toss a flashbang and make her surrender.

 • Second way involves the small entryway before the first cubicle room. It
   has a ladder that leads to the roof. The sniper here will have to be
   dealt with, but the control-room guard might be left alone. Either way,
   making the other SEALs scale the ladder unnoticed can be hard, so I would
   recommend taking the first cubicle guard before doing this [the other one
   won't enter]. If the rooftop's clear, use the east ladder.

 Either way, the door at navpoint Delta has a camera that needs to be short
 circuited, lest the enemies take the 'sneak' out of this 'sneak attack.'
 Enter when ready to complete this objective; if no enemies saw the party at
 all, the bonus objective is checked off as well.


 The trigger man is the person who has control over detonating the explosives,
 and may turn suicidal if enemies are spotted. Obviously, he's a high priority
 to take out.

 • Enter into a room full of electronic machines and locate the downward
   stairway. Don't go down yet, however -- eventually an enemy will walk into
   view. Should he fail to appear, he'll come back to that position in the
   stairwell, although it'll be from the lower floors. Be ready to ambush him!

 The plant is crawling with enemies on all levels, and this can be quite an
 annoying part to get through with perfect stealth. Here's how I did it.

 • [Upper] - Walking catwalk & generator tops' nearest entry stairs
 • [Upper] - Walking catwalk nearest entry stairs
 • [Upper] - Hiding south of catwalk nearest stairs, behind a pillar
 • [Upper] - In southern of the two glass-windowed rooms*
 • [Upper] - May walk onto 2F bridge spanning both walkways

   * - I've had it where this guy did not show up. Maybe it was a floor foe
       who climbed the ladder when alerted?

 When the upper-floor enemies are dead, move south to navpoint Echo and find
 two dam workers alone in a room. Restrain them to complete the objective.
 Now...it's time to get the rest of the 'beatcop' enemies down on the floor.
 Use the stairway by the interior's first enemy and head downward.

 • [Lower] - female by southernmost generator [may patrol]
 • [Lower] - male by southernmost generator [walks around generator]

 With those two dead, it's safe to come out of the stairwell. Turn your
 sights northward.

 • [Lower] - Patrolling around northernmost generator
 • [Lower] - Patrolling around northernmost generator

 The above are easy to shoot if you haven't been spotted, maintaining their
 course. If one dies, the other can get baited into appearing. If they have
 been alerted, walk on the southernmost generator's top and peer north to
 see them huddling together. The high line of sight gives good snipe


 When the dam's floor enemies are cleared, move to the crates stacked up by
 the southernmost generator and defuse Bomb #1.


 Now there's the task of clearing the generator facility's ground-floor rooms,
 found underneath the catwalk on the west side.

 • Look at the map and you'll see two rooms here, one small and the other
   bigger [guess which one is a bathroom?]. Anyway, order Bravo team to
   Breach > Bang and Clear the room with 'Fire at Will' on for good measure,
   as the guy there often becomes suspicious of noises. Secure the techies
   to complete this part.


 The hallway leading to navpoint Foxtrot has one enemy in it. If he's not been
 alerted to the SEALs arrival, he will be standing with his back to the team;
 if he has, he'll be behind a glass door and waiting. The door at navpoint
 Golf [little-used, huh?] has one enemy by Bomb 2.

 Because the enemy is behind a piece of equipment and can't hear a stealthy
 door opening, it's possible to just move Spectre in, sneak up, and whack
 her with the rifle. The "Breach > Move and Clear" command works as well,
 but isn't necessary. Disarm the bomb ASAP.

 With the generator room completely clear, enter the corridor on the eastern
 wall that leads further down into the plant. [Technically, you can go and
 kill Quixada at this time as well, but there's no real reason to unless
 you want to take the triggerman out from a different direction, one which
 he's more likely to see the SEALs in.]


 Surprisingly, this is easier than one would have thought. At the very end
 of the stairwell path, where it opens into the room, view southwest through
 all the pipes and whatnot to [barely] see a man poking out behind the wall.
 Jester will notify you that it's the trigger man, so shoot well. If he gets
 away, there is a good chance he'll go kamikaze and fail the mission with a
 gigantic 'splosion.

 Way easier to see him with the thermal scope, of course.


 When the trigger man is toast, peer south and shoot the guard when she gets
 into the scope's sight. There's another guard to take out near where we just
 downed the "bomb guy" as Jester so affectionately puts it, and can be taken
 out in the same fashion -- through the obscuring pipework. But, don't go
 that way just yet. We need to go north to the dead-end area. It's shaped
                                There's one guy [the X] who just stands in a
                                single spot, looking toward where the SEALs
              |ŻŻŻŻ|            have to get in. You'll have to pop out from
  |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ [J] |            behind the wall and cave his head in with a
  |   _     |Ż|____|            quick shot. Make sure you do this when there
  |  |_|    |                   are no enemies around -- not because they'll
  |_______  |    N              see you, but because they need to see /him/.
   _______| |   /|\             He's the bait and gives another shot at the
  |   _     |    |              guard who goes to see what's up. If no one
  |  |_|  X |    |              comes, don't get hasty. Behind that partition
  |  _______|                   there [probably] is one girl just looking at
  | |_______                    it. o_O
  |         |__
  |          __|--STAIRWAY      When she's gone, the second wide-open area
                                before Juliet needs to get cleared as well.
                                There may not be an enemy there, because I
 think that woman from before is the patrolling one for the 2nd area. But
 if she's dead, who cares? PAR-TAY!

 Just kidding -- the room Juliet's in has to be cleared. One person is inside
 and crouching, as you can probably see from 'looking around the corner' with
 the camera angles. Personally, I just threw a flashbang in there and beat
 the crap out of the two people inside. I don't recommend throwing a frag
 grenade in there 'cause we have a bomb present, people. THINK!

 Disarm it and no more boom-boom in these rooms, I assume.


 From this point on, switch to 'Fire at Will' because this is the last leg
 and we don't want slow trigger fingers.

 • There is a sideroom by navpoint Whiskey that leads into some pipes and
   other mechanical stuff. Ignore it since there's no one inside.

 • Just north of the wall by Whiskey is another patrolling guard, much in
   the same fashion as those before Juliet. Look around the corner to find
   her position and when her back's turned, plug her in the face.

 When the long room here is cleared, head north to the stairway that leads
 toward navpoint Zulu. When the stairs come up to a room with lots of servers
 inside, you can 'peek' around the corner and see Quixada there.

 • Now, there's no bonus points for taking Quixada alive or anything, and you
   can't do it even if you try, so don't bother. If she gets tipped off to
   the SEALs' presence, she goes into the hallway-slash-room north of Zulu.
   Just slug her 'tween the eyes and finish this mission already.

 Funnily, she can still talk even after dying. Also funnily, even after she
 dies, the objective switches to killing the trigger man. Let's just get the
 heck outta Brazil, please!

07) GUARDIAN ANGELS                                                      [WK07]

 OVERVIEW: Gentlemen, we have a grim situation developing in Algeria. The
           Algerian Patriotic Front, a group of violent separatists, has
           initiated a military coup and is sytematically expunging all
           opposition and outsiders. Pockets of humanitarian aid workers,
           peacekeepers, and Americans at the US Embassy are now trapped in
           the city of Bejaia. The Americans are already being safely evacuated
           from the Embassy, but the aid workers and peacekeepers are trapped
           in areas currently engulfed in heavy fighting. No chances are being
           taken with the lives of these people. SOCOM is sending in the SEALs
           to ensure that all friendlies are escorted safely to a neutral zone
           until they can eventually depart the country altogether.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD ----- [RECOMMENDED]
           Rifle: M16A2-M203
           Rifle: M16A2
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ----- [RECOMMENDED]
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Assault Rifle: M4A1-M203
           Laser Designator ----------- [SPECTER ONLY]
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4
           Grenade: M67 --------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: HE
           Equipment: Double Ammo ----- [RECOMMENDED]

           * Specter has to have the Laser Designator this time, but it will
             replace his pistol instead of an equipment slot. Double Ammo
             never grows old, but no thermal scope even though it's dark. =/
             Also, there are no prisoners and junk this time, so feel free
             to bring along frag grenades if you haven't. If you want the
             bonus objective, bring the AT4 which takes up two slots [keep
             the double ammo].

 MISSION : 01) Locate Aid Workers.
           02) Escort Aid Workers to Neutral Zone.


 The SEALs wash up on a beach outside of Bejaia. It's nighttime so we'll have
 to be extra careful because there's no thermal scopes here. Use night-vision
 goggles to identify enemies when possible!

 • Sneak west up the beach and hit the deck when a gate comes into view. One
   enemy can be gunned down from this position as he walks in the grass. Keep
   low and let a second beret'D enemy walk into sight. He suffers the same
   fate. [NOTE: Sometimes the enemy does not start near the first sentry and
   screws this part up. Reset for an easier time.]

 Continue up the beach and snipe the enemy walking on the skinny beach. The
 path up to the town [navpoint Charlie] will be available for the taking.

 • I've found three ways to do this successfully

   #1 - On the west side of the sentries' location, stand on the beach and
        face where they stand over the barricade. Throw a grenade up & over
        to incapacitate them. You'll have to bank it off a building to get
        it in position, but it's possible. This is the hardest to do, but
        if attempted before the conversation cutscene's initiated, the enemy
        duo will act like nothing ever happened.

   #2 - Stand on the furthest outreach of the dock and it's possible to see
        the sentries' heads between the railing. When one walks inside, be
        sure to neutralize the other; it's rinse and repeat, even if number
        two is alerted and goes to investigate. This can also be done to a
        lesser extend from below the west railing, but on the small ledge
        above the beach.

   #3 - The most boring and longest involves going up to the northern side
        of the house and listening to a conversation. One guard will patrol
        the interior of this shanty, check the door, and walk back. Destroy
        him at this time before the 2nd guard gets back, then shoot that'un
        from the rectangular-shaped window.

 With the sentries gone, it's only a small matter of time before a T-72 tank
 rolls in from the southern tunnel, headed up the street. There's a limited
 amount of time to destroy this with the AT4, but any clear shot will do. It
 helps to take out the machine gun nest on one of the buildings [for cover,
 look NE from behind the broken wall by sentries to spot].

 • Personally, I take up position near navpoint Delta because it's got one
   of the best line of sights to where the tank's inbound. To boot, both
   accompanying enemies' movements can be observed as well. If Jester's
   along, tell him to 'Fire at Will' because an enemy may descend from the
   ladder at Delta and assault the group [that is, if your firing spot was
   found out which may not happen if it's far up the street].

 The enemies may investigate who tanked their tank, however, so be prepared
 for anything. Leaving Bravo by the "beach house" and telling them to fire
 at will is a good backup.


 • When 8:00 have passed on the game clock, the last remaining consortium
   of humanitarian agencies worker [CHA] will be murdered. This cannot be
   avoided by anything other than speed.

 The aforementioned machinegun nest should be taken out pronto. To get the
 jump on the soldier, head to point Delta where a ladder leads east. Creep
 to the sheltered part, ignoring the 'fake' doors. There may or may not be
 two enemies here, so ricochet a frag off a wall or something to neutralize
 silently [at least by enemy detection standards ^___^]

 • But it ain't over yet. There is a building entrance immediately east of
   the gun nest that has an upstairs and downstairs corridor. The 2nd enemy
   who may appear by the machine gun patrols the upstairs floor. It's got a
   good visual down to the Delta ladder, so keep your sights there when

 • If all enemies up to this point [noted by me] have been destroyed, simply
   run to Foxtrot and restrain the peacekeeper. Tell him to follow, although,
   technically, you can leave him where he is and clear out hostiles first.
   That's the long way 'round...


 Now we can to do a little urban warfare, in the small side-streets and alley
 webs there are. There are two entrances leading south into the cramped

                           In the first passages that eventually join up,
        | |                there is only one guard. The stealthiest way's to
        |  ŻŻ\             use the eastern of the passages which allows the
     |ŻŻ   _\ \            team to sneak up on his rear. When the mayor has
     |    |_   |           a broadcast [dialogue], he'll be moving away from
     |      |  |           a doorway -- strike!
     |      \_ |
     |         |           Head toward point Romeo and leave the team there
     (  |ŻŻŻŻ|Ż            with 'Fire at Will' on. Move Specter into the house
      \ \X   |             right by there, and stick by the east window. One
       \ \/ _|             enemy will walk by on patrol, but at some point, I
        \  /               have seen him duck into the eaves of the house for
         \R\_/\            cover. If you're standing by the window, he won't
          \   /            notice and can be riflebutt'D like it's an Algerian
 |         | |             custom. :p  [A guard conversation may play here.]
 |         | |__/ŻŻ)
 |       /Ż       /        There's one more enemy upstairs by a window, and
 |      /X(ŻŻŻŻŻ\(         can be taken out silently in the player's preferred
\|/     | |      \\        fashion.
 N      | |      ) )
        \ \     / /        Now, if you heard the conversation, the dual roads
        /  \   (  |        leading to Romeo will have acquired a couple new
       _\  /    \ |        enemies. I ended up leaving Bravo at the main town
           |    | |        road and having them Attack to > Juliet which was
           \____/ |        not a bad idea.

 The house near Romeo overlooks the town square, and the southern access road
 will have two enemies. As they walk away [south], put a trigger finger to
 good use and silently eliminate. If you wait too long and they're gone, the
 two will split up at the southern fork and hide in the small dead-ends on
 either path. Consult the tacmap to find these.

 With the town square cleared somewhat, there are two more paths leading to
 point Zulu, located in a house.

 • Suggested path is the southern-driving squiggly one. When it opens up into
   a small street with a wagon and stuff, duck down and peer northwest. There
   is an enemy who walks by there sometimes and is a sitting duck [now and
   if you can't wait].

 • The southern window of the Zulu building has a window overlooking the
   tiny street, and an enemy peering out. He's spaces out enough for Specter
   to creep under some eaves and peg him, however.

 • Round the Zulu building into another square, peer east and see if an enemy
   is watching the road. If so, easy target; if not, he may be investigating
   further north. Ignore him if y'want, but it does pay to be thorough...

 With all enemies in the vicinity clear, lead the worker west of Zulu square
 to where navpoint Whiskey is. Before approaching, however, leave the hostage
 and Bravo to protect him. This street is crawling with enemies.

 • Go prone and sidle south with yer gun pointed west. If no enemies have been
   alerted, one will be crouching by the street -- first victim. Scanning of
   the area behind said insurgent reveals another standing straight up. Put
   him in the morgue.

 They are the only two enemies on the street, so take cover on the other side
 by the red-painted garage doors. The broken building's remains lead west to
 an open doorway. An enemy may approach here unexpectedly, so do some fancy
 rifle-butting before he can get any shots off.


 • The western building has 4 snipes; two on mid, two on lower. If Specter's
   up to it [i.e. not injured severely], it's not a Herculean feat to destroy
   'em with him alone. Crawling by the sidewalk leading to navpoint Juliet'll
   give good shooting opportunities. When all four are on a slab, use the
   Designator Specter is carrying to destroy that building. [Before this it
   may be wise to hide the escortee in Juliet's apartment husk.]

 • There are three enemies left before the neutral zone is reached. They're
   able to be taken out from Juliet's broken wall, or the street itself --
   the latter may be easier and more unobstructed. When they're done, lead
   the escortee to navpoint Xray to finish this.

08) PROTECT AND SERVE                                                    [WK08]

 OVERVIEW: The forces of General Mahmood's Army continue to lay seige to the
           city of Bejaia and it's only a matter of time before the city falls
           completely under the control of this ruthless leader. SOCOM is
           using every asset in its arsenal to ensure all Embassy staff and
           American tourists are safely extracted from the city. The heavily
           equipped troops of the General have utilized Soviet-made armor to
           spearhead their attacks and anti-aircraft systems to prevent any
           American air support from intervening. Because of this, your SEAL
           team is being sent in on foot to rescue the remainder of the
           peacekeeper troops and to neutralize any heavy weapon assets you
           encounter. The situation in Bejaia is ugly, and from the look of
           things, is only going to get uglier.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD ----- [RECOMMENDED]
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Rifle: M16A2
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ----- [RECOMMENDED]
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol -[RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4
           Grenade: M67 --------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: HE
           Equipment: Double Ammo ----- [RECOMMENDED]

           * Specter has a mandatory AT4 rocket launcher and everyone else
             has a Satchel, so there's only room for one optional secondary
             accessory here. Double Ammo is always good, of course.

 MISSION : 01) Rescue CHA Personnel.
           02) Neutralize Enemy Armor.


 This place is so sad. You can hear the families locked up behind their doors
 talking about the loved ones slain by the bad guys. VENGEANCE IS OURS!

 • If your team gets spotted [drawing gunfire], this 2ndary objective fails.

 • For best effect while strafe-shooting or even just strafing into targets'
   sights, make sure you're standing straight up. The enemies don't seem to
   mind this when they're engaged in conversation, and the reticle will not
   move when going lateral directions [unlike crouching].

 • The SEALs make an insert into a small passageway not unlike the other part
   of Bejaia, and the path forks. Each 'prong' leads to the marketplace area,
   with two guards talking there. The western one of the two is the hardest
   to deal with as one enemy is facing towards the other, maybe alerting him
   to the team's presence. However if you go prone, there's a good chance one
   shot can take both of them out.

   Afterwards, quickly run to the east passage and neutralize the enemies
   there. They both have their backs to the entrance and are sorry excuses
   for vigilant sentries.

 • Navpoint Charlie is within the marketplace. Without the entrance guards,
   there are only three more enemies within.

   - One navigating marketplace grounds
   - One by south/east junction road [walks east]
   - One by south/east junction road in the east [walks west]

   Killing any of the road guards often makes the next stumble upon the
   corpse, so there should be a free shot in there somewhere.

 • There's also a glitch where the objective can succeed even if you don't
   kill all enemies. More specifically, if you kill everyone but the guard
   engaged in conversation in the west fork, and who also patrols those mini
   alleyways. This, of course, isn't that important but it may come up at
   some time.


 • There are two ways to take to the large street. One involves going almost
   straight north of Charlie, up an angular road. It's gone one guard and he
   is no Employee of the Month -- dude doesn't even patrol the entire length
   of the small ramp! The second road is in the east of the marketplace and
   is a long, continuous twisty path. This route also has one patrolman &
   the best cover, but gives a bad position if you want to plug some enemies
   pronto. Overall, I suggest the former path -- it's shorter. =p

   NOTE: If you take the east marketplace path and witness a tank rolling
   in, YOU CANNOT GO BACK NORTH or it's "leaving the battlefield". o____O

 • The avenue north of Charlie opens onto a street. Duck behind the cement
   architecture before then, however, and defeat the enemy crouching behind
   a barricade. Jester will remind Specter about snipers and, what d'you
   know! -- a sniper pops out of a window in the east apartment building. If
   the team is prone on the declining road below him, they'll go unnoticed.

 • Our first CHA personnel is located at the building by navpoint Delta. But,
   before running across the street, there is a few enemies to take care of:

   - by park bench area in front of Delta building
   - the guard who comes to inspect the park-bench guard when killed
   - sniper in building west of Delta structure [only after bench foe KO'd]

   When they're done, move towards the street a little until a teammate gets
   a visual on enemy armor -- a tank coming east down the street. Strap on
   that AT4 and blow it to smithereens when it approaches. If you wait too
   long or had wasted it earlier, the tank destroys the CHA's building. ^__^

 • At this time, more enemies may appear in the street vicinity:

   - approaches from entrance to decline, by east barricade
   - sniper on roof east of Delta building, hard to see due to railing

   When all enemies are neutralized, locate the first peacekeeper. Point yer
   crosshairs at him, and pick: Soldier > Pull Out. He'll leave the battle
   zone and be rescued. Creep west up the street until the overhanging bridge
   is in view -- one more enemy up there.


 Now, it's time to rescue the second worker. Go east up the street until a
 small alley leads leads near the next part of town. There will be one foe
 here walking; if he's further down, simply wait for an opportune time for

 • Look out the east end of the alley and to the nearby street to the SE. A
   single enemy is giving support fire, but the back of his head's an easy
   target 'cuz he doesn't move. BOOYA!

 • The street northwest of navpoint Echo [where last CHA is located] contains
   a machine gun nest and an extra soldier. Their backs are also turned, so
   to capitalize, take out the gunner first then his escort.

 • Go west to the tunnel leading behind navpoint Zulu. Two enemies here and
   an AA gun, which is where that loud 'crack!' sound emits from. Take the
   hapless duo out for good measure.

 • Southeast of echo, on the street level, is a barricade stuffing up a tiny
   dead-end. There's a tank there, but more importantly, there's two soldiers
   who stay put no matter what. One-way ticket to afterlife, please!


 When the anti-aircraft gun is standing by its solitary, tell someone to drop
 a satchel there. Be sure to reissue the crucial 'Follow' order to the bagman,
 in case one of the SEALs doesn't get away in time -- these don't have long
 fuses like in the Stranglehold mission. With the gun out of commission, all
 tanks in the surrounding area will be destroyed as well.


 There are snipers all around here, pinning down the last CHA member. They're
 unable to kill said civilian [I think], but they can do serious damage to
 the SEALs. The greatest weapon in a sniper's arsenal is being hidden, and
 without that, putting 'em in a coffin is easy as pie.

 1) Building west of Echo, mid-level balcony. Shootable from machinegun nest.
 2) Weird-shaped spire building southeast of Echo. By the railing part.
 3) Building w/ curvature south of Zulu, southwest of Echo. Roof.
 4) Building north of Echo. Best line of sight [with shelter] is at Zulu.
 5) Building south of Zulu. Shoot from the northeast direction or similar.
 6) Building northeast of Echo, on the roof. Shoot from south or west.


 With all threats in this area like dust in the wind, locate the CHA ally at
 navpoint Echo and send him home [Soldier > Pull Out]. Note that when the
 lady on the radio says to 'move to extract,' there is no designated point
 on the map. It just happens. =p

09) AGAINST THE TIDE                                                     [WK09]

 OVERVIEW: Team, your performance has been outstanding thus far in this
           operation. However, no matter how hard we try, we can't stop the
           PFA onslaught. General Mahmood's Army is far too strong for our
           limited forces to counter their actions. The best we can hope for
           is to get all of our people out safely. We have however hit a
           serious snag. Mahmood's forces have closed on the American Embassy
           much faster than anticipated and though choppers continue to ferry
           staff out of there, the Embassy's security forces will surely soon
           be overwhelmed by contingents of enemy soldiers. We need you to get
           in there and hold back the enemy for as long as it takes us to
           evacuate every last American.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD ----- [RECOMMENDED]
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Rifle: M16A2
           Rifle: M16A2-M203
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ----- [RECOMMENDED]
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Assault Rifle: M4A1-M203
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol -[RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4
           Grenade: M67 --------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: HE
           Equipment: Double Ammo ----- [RECOMMENDED]

           * Specter has to have Red Smoke & C4, so there's only one open
             slot left for him [Double Ammo!]. Everyone else can be custom-
             -fitted with whatever. Frag grenades will be more useful in this
             level than flashbangs. The Thermal Scope is available, and very
             useful for this level. Decide if it's worth giving up the extra
             ammo for -- after all, y'can always find another gun, yes?

 MISSION : 01) Reach US Embassy.
           02) Defend Embassy.
           03) Extract with Embassy Staff.


 There are a number of ways to approach the embassy, but since the entrance
 is actually the subterranean garage located near navpoint Delta, we're not
 going to take the cut-across...the safest way. 

 • At the very start, there are a few enemy patrols to take out. Some may
   toss a frag grenade your way, which is why extra-stealthiness makes for a
   good idea here. First things first, at the very beginning, snipe the man
   SE of the insertion point [this is done within seconds of starting]. Then,
   next target should be the one that patrols by the burnt-out bus. He never
   checks the other side, and is easy prey. [NOTE: Sometimes he can 'look'
   through the bus and identify the SEALs. What the heck?]

   From the broken city bus, go south a bit until the street opens up. Snipe
   the guy to the east, then look west through the barricades and burning
   barrel. If you're a good eye [or have a thermal scope], a head sticking
   out from behind some sandbags will be plain as day.

   Turn east until a street opens south again to the anterior of the Embassy
   building, at a curved road. One enemy can be shot from by the corner if
   Specter stands straight up. Another patrolling insurgent will run to his
   aid; pop his head too. Continue west until the teensy-weensy tunnel as
   viewed on the map is in sight.

 • There will be a conversation here about enemies wanting to kill instead of
   doing routine junk. After the convo ends, they will both be standing in an
   alignment that lets them be shot through the tunnel. Whee! Proceed south
   to a desolate sidestreet.

 • Hide in the shadows and wait for an enemy to run by [screaming like Xena
   the warrior princess, no less]. This happens if there are bodies laying
   by that northern Embassy barricade. Snipe him before he does harm to the
   stealthy infiltration. If he does not appear [because an enemy was not
   killed previously], he will be on-guard near navpoint Delta instead.

   If y'look south down that street, there will be one enemy who runs across
   the width-wise part, standing by some rubble before moving to the sidewalk
   where someone can easily bump into him. Take him out silently from afar if
   possible. The road to Delta is now available, so run there and descend
   into the garage.

   [NOTE: I don't suggest entering through navpoint Echo if you want a good
   stealth rating. In the long run this is irrelevant if other parts get a
   good grade, but this is my personal preference. DEAL WITH IT, SUCKAZ!]


 Find where Thomas Tanaka is located by the central stairway, and go north
 along the wall. A door will open to the east into a room with servers and
 such. A silenced M4A1 is here, and a stairway leads up to a small room w/
 a writing desk. Take the "sensitive material" the Embassy workers left there
 on accident. It really pays to get said weapon because the weapons dropped
 by enemies are AK-47s and don't work with the thermal scope [if brought].


 This lower-level garage by navpoint Juliet has two enemies. Both can be
 taken out with a slow strafe with an eye already in the scope [standing up
 all the way for best effect]. Make Specter put a C4 charge on the gigantic
 blast door that leads up into the Embassy proper. There are no enemies to be
 found within the interior at this point.

 When you find a worker, Restrain and tell him/her to Follow!

 • Nancy Raines - west hallway dead-end
 • Thomas Tanaka - southern 2F area by the central staircases

 There's only two to save here. Before collecting them, think about searching
 the place for extra ammo. The place west of Tanaka is a lockerroom with some
 in it. There's only one minute of the 10:00 to evacuate to safety before the
 place becomes a hotspot for enemy activity!


 Now here's the annoying part -- staving off all enemies for 9:00 in-game
 time, and doing it without sacrificing any lives. No civilian personnel can
 be killed, so the best vantage point at the moment is moving to the roof. A
 dual staircase in the south part of the 2F leads up and up to that location,
 and we'll have to go there anyway.

 • Three commands help here. 'Fire at Will' goes without saying, 'Hold
   Position' may have to be reordered if allies move out of good firing
   locations, and 'Cover Target' is good for selecting areas that should
   receive the suppressing fire [i.e. roof access doorway].

 • I had a huge thing written out for this part, but ended up deleting it
   because there's one thing that makes this simple: RIFLEBUTT! Believe my
   advice or not, it's great. Move everyone to the roof, put Jester on the
   staircase by Zulu and Bravo a little ways north of the access doorway. If
   you put Specter by the door, you can riflebutt just about every enemy that
   comes up unheeded with support fire.

   Putting Specter in danger like this can backfire if you're not careful,
   but if you stay out of sight and pay attention, it can work 100% of the
   time [or is at least worthwhile until snipers appear].

 • Riflebutting is also a good way to conserve ammunition, which can get a
   lot of consumption here. Those who took a sniper rifle can put it to some
   good use without wasting needless bullets!

 • After the nine minutes has dwindled to 1:30, the radio lady alerts Specter
   to possible sniper presence in the nearby buildings. This thread will be
   in the last objective as well, so try and sterilize the surroundings for
   help down the road.

 When the time limit runs out, hopefully none of the allies are downed 'cause
 one of them getting coldcocked is a reality. Surprisingly, most of the foes
 who invaded this "anthill" came up the same flight of stairs. Stupid idiots
 or just poor AI? ONLY YOU CAN BE THE JUDGE. Hehe, good luck maintaining a
 high accuracy rating. =p


 The huge torrent of enemies coming into the Embassy will ebb when this part
 of the mission plan takes the center stage. Earlier, the radio girl warned
 that multiple heat signatures around the roof area had been sighted, being
 snipers probably. And they are -- in the north, south, and east buildings
 that surround the Embassy. At this time, it still helps to leave Bravo by
 the door to kill any other insurgents that still may be in the building!

 When snipers are a minimum thread and Bravo's watching the door, deploy some
 red smoke [Specter has it] in the extraction zone at navpoint Zulu. If it's
 deployed right, the helo pilot will notify the SEALs and the mission will be
 in the history books soon after.


 I got a 62% Stealth Rating, but if the other categories are borderline 100%
 [and they should be with my rooftop riflebutt strat!], then it's still easy
 to get an 'A' ranking. Yippee-ki-aye!

10) LOCKDOWN                                                             [WK10]

 Gawd, I can't believe the Spetznaz uniforms on here are BLUE! They barely
 blend into the frozen Baltic! Personally, I usually dump them at the start
 and go vigiliante with Jester, but that's not something I recommend if you
 have never played this mission before. =p

 OVERVIEW: Our intelligent soruces in Eastern Europe have sent word to
           alarming terrorist acitivty in Kamchatka. This activity is
           attributed to an organization known as Force Majeure, at times also
           referred to as the Global Liberation Front. Hate is an operative
           word for this group of ex-pat Russians, Chinese, and Europeans.
           They attribute the demise of the Soviet Union entirely to policy
           and view our country as a threat to their world order. Supplied by
           black market groups such as the defunct Sesseri Syndicate, their
           full strike potential is assumed deadly and extensive. We must
           discover if Force Majeure is planning an attack against the US and
           how advanced their strike capabilities are. Sounds just like your
           line of work.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Assault Rifle: AK-105
           Assault Rifle: RA-14
           Assault Rifle: 552 Silenced
           Rifle: M16A2
           Rifle: M16A2-M203
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Sniper Rifle: Thermal Scope
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Sniper Rifle: M87ELR
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Assault Rifle: M4A1-M203
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol - [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: SP-10
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore -------------- [SPECTER ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4
           Grenade: M67 ---------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: HE
           Equipment: Double Ammo ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Explosive: C4 --------------- [SPECTER ONLY]

           * Specter/Bludshot keeps a satchel, so only one free slot there
             for extra equipment. Double Ammo, maybe? Note that Specter is
             the only one who can carry C4 to complete a bonus objective, so
             that doesn't exactly help things. DO NOT BRING A THERMAL SCOPE!
             The frigid temperatures actually impede sights when enemies are
             not around.

 MISSION : 01) Locate Fabrication Lab.
           02) Dismantle the Nuclear Devices.


 The opening sequence shows a truck skidding off the road and into a snowbank
 by navpoint Charlie. They'll wait around and start walking west up the road
 if left long enough. All three have their backs to the SEALs' insert area,
 so get a good snipe site on the li'l hill before the truck's location for
 quick excision.

 If they aren't taken out quickly, an enemy will radio in and the base will
 be alerted to the SEALs' presence!


 There is a guardshack by the compound's entrance at point Echo. The best
 route to navpoint Delta is actually not via the road, which some people may
 think -- going the other way around the wrecked truck is a sufficient route
 as well! The woman on the radio tells the team to hold the building in view
 while reconnaissance takes place. Shoot the guard when the all-clear's been

 If you take the enemy out before recon's done, the objective fails!

 • I should mention that point Echo is a great place to snipe from given the
   cover and the high ground. The thermal scope impedes the overall visual,
   however, when enemies aren't around. At least five enemies that can be
   taken out in this fashion by my count.

 Since this mission can be...annoying due to its size and the number of
 enemies hidden around, I'll make a map and number the buildings for easier
 reference. I know when I first played SOCOM II, this was the most vexing of
 any place. [The 'S' is snowbanks where the player can move around also]

 Crates and obstacles aren't shown, however,

       |ŻŻ|         --------------> NORTH
       |7 |
       |    _____________         |SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
       SS| |             |        |SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
       SS| |    6        |        |SSSSSSSS|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|
       SS| |             |        |SSSSSSSS|          /5\       |
       SS| |_____________|        |SSSSSSSS|          |_|       |
       sS|     __                  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ            _____    |
       SS|____|SS|______                              |  4  |_  |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|                             |       | |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|                              ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  |
       SSSSSSSSSS|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ               |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|      _|ŻŻŻŻŻ| |
       SSSSSSSSSS|______               |   2    |     |    3  | |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|  |     |         /|\                  |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|  |_____|          |                   |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|               Fab. Lab                |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|Ż   |ŻŻŻŻŻ|                              |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|    |  1  |                              |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|_   |_____|                              |
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|                                       | 
       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS|___________   _________________________|
                                    | |
                                 POINT ECHO

 Here's an overview of enemies around this place. THIS IS NOT THE WALKTHROUGH

 • Listing of terrorists who walk around the outdoors:

   - Patrols by north side of houses 1
   - Patrols by southern fence, moving south towards point Echo
   - Dock south of Building 1
   - Patrols west/south side of House 1 [and one beside w/ no entrance]
   - Patrols by west & south side of house 2
   - Stands around west of house 2
   - House 4's balcony [sniper]
   - House 4's balcony [sniper, after 1st dies]
   - Patrols House 4's street, entrance
   - Patrols from Building 5's south edge to north dock/sea area
   - Dock south of Building 7 [north of crane base]
   - Crane south of Building 7 [sniper]

 • House #1 has a windows on all four sides of the house. If unalerted, there
   will be one enemy within the barracks portion. Sometimes he stands by the
   fireplace [blindspot]. Dispose of him from any of the windows, preferably
   the SE one. A frequency book can be pocketed here.

 • House #2's ground floor has two enemies, one for each room. A plainclothes
   guy totes a gun on the south side, and can be shot through the window. The
   parka-wearin' freak on the northside stands in a corner and provides a very
   poor vantage point for shooting except through the west window.

   The weapon fabrication lab entrance is also found here, for reference.

 • House #3 has no entrances...or rather, it does, but snowdrifts block them
   off. It's got a nice broadside that prevents enemies from seeing well, so
   use it to your advantage. If an alarm's going on, an enemy may be wedged
   between this house and #4, so be careful.

 • House #4 has a sniper on its south balcony, which is the first target
   before approaching. Eventually another will take his place, so commit that
   to memory. With those two threats gone, inside is one guy who patrols the
   ground floor. The 2F office has a wall safe that can only be opened with

 • House #5 is a small building/garage. There is one enemy inside -- for
   the cleanest shot, plug 'im from the north, through the boarded-up window.
   A uranium facility map can be stolen here.

 • House #6 is a large hangar on the Baltic Sea, and is the largest one in
   the compound. Enemies outside are:

   - Sentry on west side
   - Sentry by north side [near crane]
   - Sentry by north side [near north brick wall]
   - Sniper on north-side crane

   Within are a couple more enemies who, if alerted, will pour out of the
   east or south doors [the latter a huge hangar bay opening]. If you choose
   to infiltrate through the hangar doors, just inside to the west is a small
   table by a stairway, containing a nautical map.

 • House #7 is just a small shack 'n' garage, and no enemies within the office
   area. It's near the eventual extraction point, however.


 As mentioned, House 1 will [always] have a single enemy inside, located in
 the barracks if unalerted, and probably by an east window if the opposite.
 When taken out, the small table within has a codebook. Ooh, ciphers.

 • There may be a glitch here [one of a sort that is commonplace later on]
   where the enemy in House 1 may spot the SEALs from through the wall.
   To avoid this, make sure that everyone creeps along the southern fence
   and gets a position through the window/door to neutralize. An alarm going
   off doesn't do anything but put the enemies on guard and mess up most of
   their routines, but it's still inconvenient.

 • If you haven't taken out the guy south of this house by the frozen-over
   sea, make sure to do that. There's also a sniper in the crane nearby [an
   orange rectangle represents these on the tacmap] that needs to be taken
   out ASAP, as he will phone in most alarm soundings if you take out his
   cohort at the base before then. Good policy anyway. But that ain't all!
   Position yourself by the southern dock and look straight down the walkway;
   eventually a poorly-dressed mercenary walks by on patrol and can be put in
   a watery grave. ^____^

 • Also, from near House 1's north side, look northwest past House 2. There
   is a guard who eventually walks towards House 1, and should be taken out
   before such a tragedy happens.


 Move north along the fence by Echo/Delta until the four buildings in close
 proximity are in view.

 • First things first, take out the sniper at building #4. He'll quickly put
   a damper on the stealthy infiltration [if you got one! ha!]. Keep that
   balcony in-sight as well, because another sniper will take his place.

 When clear, continue moving along the fence until it goes west.

 • Before moving like a stampede, stop before the snowy alley separating the
   3rd and 4th house. If an alarm's been triggered, there may be an enemy in
   this place with his gun pointed toward the street. Get the jump on him if

 If no one's there, continue north by the fence and using buildings as nice
 shields from the street.

 • The north side of House #5 has a boarded-up window...but that doesn't mean
   flimsy plywood stops bullets! Go prone and shoot the enemy behind there!

 • If no alarms have went off, yer one smooth customer! Two enemies will be
   found in their regular spots here. One in white standing in the road, and
   one in camouflage down by the frozen water. Both can be shot from behind
   House #5.

 • When they're all taken care of, enter House #5 and take the facility map!


 The next objective can be done in House #4.

 • There is often one guy standing in the doorway of this place, so there's
   not a very good direct way to neutralize. Instead, backtrack around east
   to the fence area and do it from there. Also take out any snipers you may
   have forgotten about on the balcony.

 This is often where people mess up. Play it safe!

 • Inside, there is one enemy on the ground floor, patrolling behind the
   stairway and pipes. He may walk towards the entrance, at which time it's
   good measure to coldcock him out of existence.

 • When the upstairs office is completely clear, put a C4 charge on the wall
   safe and get out of the blast radius. For some reason, even if y'get near
   the target, it can be hard to get the icon to appear. Try different angles
   because simply standing and pointing with the crosshairs does nothing. =/


 Is the alarm getting annoying? Don't worry -- it'll be silenced soon. The
 next target is House #2!

 • This place is divided by a wall, making the one room like two. An enemy in
   camouflage can be shot through the southern window/doorway, while a parka-
   -wearin' guy stands in the northern half of the room, often in a corner.
   The latter's in a pretty inconvenient shooting spot, so either lure him
   out with gunfire/flashbangs/etc. or fire through the west window.

 Now, there's a doorway inside here that leads to the underground fabrication

 • With an alarm going off, there may be one or two enemies standing at the
   stairtop, maybe behind a door. If possible, open the door without belying
   Specter's position, adjust the camera, and bumrush + riflebutt as silently
   as possible! Wait and see if more enemies come up the stairs.

 • With Bravo also in the place, order everyone to Fire at Will and Secure
   the Area. Alternately, stand on the stairtop which lets any coming up the
   lower area get shot by Jester, and those to the east on the 2F level can
   still be riflebutted through the banister.

 Make sure to shut off that g'dang alarm on the north-wall switch. ^___^


 In a 2F room is a nice scroll of bomb blueprints! This will solve the #8
 objective as well. If it doesn't, you missed a piece of intel somewhere
 along the way, either at House 1 or 5 [or both!].

 Eventually, the lady on the two-way will say there's a change of plans and
 destruction of this "weapons lab" has to be cleared before it can be burnt
 to a crisp. This does take a while, too... I suggest waiting inside of the
 white tent because, even if you leave Bravo team upstairs to fend off any
 enemies, I've had some basically 'appear' out of nowhere downstairs and
 kill me!

 NOTE: It helps to leave Bravo team by House #2's south entrance, because
 that is where enemies spawn in a second when the lab goes boom.


 When the head's up is given, set a satchel in the downstairs laboratory and
 hightail it out of there. Get the intel here as well if it was forgotten,
 because it fails two objectives if blown up. Make sure Jester doesn't get
 stuck down there. Everything up to the entry stairwell gets nuked, so keep
 away when exfiltrating.


 Whew, the lab's gone!

 • Two enemies will attack House 2 from the south, so be sure everyone's got
   a finger on the trigger. They're by the crates and may enter inside, also.
   A couple approach from by House 1 when you get near, too. [They may be
   leftover from House #6, I'm not sure]

 But anyway, House 6 is actually a gigantic hangar we're aiming at. 

 • Attacking from the north is the best gameplan. Destroy the sniper on the
   north crane rig, then the two enemies on that side of the hangar. Walking
   on water [hehe] is a pretty good cover with ledges over chest high.

 From here, switch southeast to the frozen bay on the east side of the hangar.
 Ride some waves here and use your sniper scopes to pick off enemies walking
 around there [newly appeared] and any that may be approaching from House 7.
 They'll be frantic so let your teammates do some of the work as well!

 • There's a 'spawn glitch' here where enemies suddenly appear in side when
   someone walks on the southern door grate. Use 'Fire at Will' to get these
   guys good, although I should note that if you visited here previously and
   eliminated all threats, there won't be too many enemies left that didn't
   already get smoked on the approach.


 With all threats done, enter inside the southern hangar doors and locate the
 small lamp-lit table with the map on it. This doesn't contribute whatsoever
 to the 'Recover Intel' objective even though it's a secondary part of it...
 Just another weird SOCOMy thing.


 Extraction point is marked with a star, south of the hangar. Hopefully all
 teammates made it. It's awfully hard to get through this level with great
 stealth due to glitchiness and dumb ally AI. <sigh>  If you pull out with a
 'B', you're awesome. If you get 100% on Accuracy, Teamwork, and Mission
 Completion, it might be possible for an 'A'. Only in dreams, aye?

11) GUIDED TOUR                                                          [WK11]

 OVERVIEW: The Russian Security Service has just discovered another of Force
           Majeure's clandestine operations. A recent radiation spill at a
           uranium processing plant in their country was orchestrated by Force
           Majeure posing as plant technicians. The spill sent hundreds of
           Northern Star employees home indefinitely while the supposed clean
           up crew de-contaminated the facility. The de-contamination crew
           almost certainly consists of terrorists masquerading as decon crew
           members. The RSS informs us the plant has enriched uranium cake
           powder stored off site. We do not know if Force Majeure has
           accessed this storage facility, but it is evident that our enemy is
           smarter than we would like. They may well have already obtained an
           indeterminate amount of nuclear fuel.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Assault Rifle: AK-105
           Assault Rifle: RA-14
           Assault Rifle: 552 Silenced
           Rifle: M16A2
           Rifle: M16A2-M203
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Sniper Rifle: Thermal Scope
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Sniper Rifle: M87ELR
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Assault Rifle: M4A1-M203
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol - [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: SP-10
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore -------------- [SPECTER ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4
           Grenade: M67 ---------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: HE
           Equipment: Double Ammo ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Explosive: C4 --------------- [SPECTER ONLY]

           * No mandatory things here, so pick Double Ammo and whatever else.
             Like previous missions, do not bring a thermal scope because it
             only deters vision in these freezing temperatures.

 MISSION : 01) Escort FLATFOOT to Area One.
           02) Escort FLATFOOT to Area Two.
           03) Escort FLATFOOT to Area Three.
           04) Extract with FLATFOOT.

 NOTE: If you want to get all bonus objectives and such, the long way around
       has to be taken. Silo 1 and 2 are joined, but it's stupid to enter a
       base full of enemies, aye?


 Yay, more Siberia-like temperatures! There is an escort throughout the
 mission named Flatfoot, needed to check on the missile silos.

 • Alarms will go off if the enemy gets time to radio in. The first time it
   happens, a helicopter will be summoned to the premises and needs to be
   shot down. Although only one base gets the alarm, other enemies get put
   on alert as well [especially road enemies]. Those indoors may not be 

 • The mission fails if Flatfoot bites the big one, so take care to keep him
   out of harm's way. Ditching him in a safe hiding spot while neutralizing
   the enemies nearby is a good idea, at least until the player familiarizes
   him/herself with the topography. One good thing is that Flatfoot has a
   radio so he doesn't have to be nearby to be told to Follow/Hold Position!
   Just be careful because Flatfoot does not follow Fireteam-issued orders,
   and may muck things up if you forget this.

 • The road in front of area one has two patrols. They walk south and stop to
   chitchat a bit, so if shot from the south [go around rock by insert point]
   there's a good chance they won't notice anyone. It also pays to do it here
   because no enemies will see the sentries downed. For a nice 'trick shot',
   try and use one bullet to kill both enemies while approaching the convo
   point. ^___^

   If you're patient, after a minute or two, another pair of patrolling
   patsies will leave the compound gates and start walking the road. Don't
   stumble into camp with these guys around -- safety first!

 • There is a camera on the silo entrance within the camp, surveying the
   road leading into the small compound. Take it out from across the road, if
   your weapon's got a scope to do it. If an enemy/camera idenfies the SEALs,
   a helicopter springs up and will basically perforate the stealth rating.

 Here's how this place is shaped.

                      ---------------> NORTH

                   |     |Ż ŻŻŻ|    |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ'     |
                   |     |     |    ,       |     |
                   |     |     |    |_______|     |
                   |  _  |___ _|                  |
                   | |_|                ___       |
                   |                   |   |      |
                   |  _                |___|      |
                   | |_|                 C   ____ |
                   |  _                     '    ||
                   | |_|                    '____||
                   |___________________     ______|
                                       |   |

 • If no one's been alerted, this place isn't that hard to clear. Approach
   by the southern fence [prone of course] and a conversation about how no
   resistance has been met plays. Eventually the two starts walking toward
   the silo entrance at navpoint Charlie -- snipe both before they can get
   air support. [Alternately, park Fireteam across the road and shoot one
   to get the other's attention; order Fire at Will and they'll neutralize
   and regulate.]

 • The southern of the two big buildings is the exact same shape and make of
   the other, except this time there's only one enemy within. He's standing
   by some bunks, and shooting through the SW window gives the best chance
   of being undetected.

 • The northern of the two big buildings has two enemies within, one around
   the barracks portion and one in the small office adjacent. Breaking glass
   at this part would probably alert one, so shoot the bunkmate through the
   open door. KO'ing the other can be done in whatever fashion, although a
   tiptoe through the house + riflebutt works alright.

 Now it's time to enter the silo. It's below-ground and has two floors that
 can be accessed. When the main stairwell is reached, enter the first door.

 • Flatfoot is not armed, so you might as well leave him in the stairwell for
   this part -- keeps him safe and he doesn't get in the way.

 • There's a small concrete corridor leading into the circular room. Unlatch
   the door and [if unalerted] there will be an enemy with his back to the
   thing. Riflebutt him when possible, although waiting for the patrolling
   guard to leave is wise. Said patrolman walks counterclockwise, if 'north'
   is 12:00 high. A 3rd enemy is in the room surrounding the shaft, and is a
   wild card of sorts. Fire at Will + Secure Area helps if you don't want to
   make Specter flush him out.

 Return to the main stairway and go down to the 2nd and final doorway, which
 is the silo bottom.

 • If alerted, one enemy will come through the door, giving another takedown
   opportunity with the riflebutt. Try and take out the other two before they
   summon a helicopter, something the mid-level guys may not have. Locate the
   clipboard by the shaft and order Flatfoot to 'Take Item'

 This completes the objective.

 • Should luck have ran dry and a helicopter is about, hide Flatfoot in one
   of the buildings and order team to 'Fire at Will' and 'Hold Position' on
   the grounds. Eventually they'll down the 'copter. Don't waste too much of
   Specter's ammo doing this because the others can take care of it. [Also,
   the flight pattern is always the same, so there's no unexpected drop-ins.]
   The helicopter's machinegun can KO allies pretty easily, so give them some
   cover [such as along east side of building that had two enemies within.]

   Sadly, the alarm does not stop if the heli's sent to hell. =/


 So, Silo #2 is up the road at navpoint Delta.

 • There are four enemies that will approach down the road, quickly if they
   heard an alarm, and slowly if on casual patrol. Both come in twos, so if
   you lie in wait for them, they may just walk into the SEALs' sights. [One
   thing I've liked is taking them out /before/ Area 1's tackled, helping a
   bit later on].

 • If you look at the tacmap, the road between Compound 1 & 2 curves around a
   ridge. This ridge can actually be gotten onto, before or after nearing the
   2nd outpost. It overlooks Delta and is generally a great place for sniping
   without being seen, although I'll note two enemies can be found up here on
   the beat -- don't let them ruin the day!

                   | |Ż|  |Ż|       ___________   |      /|\
                   |  Ż    Ż       |    '      |  |       |
                   | |Ż ŻŻŻŻ|      |____|     _|  |       |
                   | | MAP  |                     |       |
                   | |      |             \   \   |       |
                   | |____ _|        |ŻŻŻ| |   |  |       |
                   |                 | D | |   |  |       |
                   | |Ż ŻŻŻŻ|        |___| |   |  |       |
                   | |ALARM |             /   /   |       |
                   | | OFF  |            /   /    |       |
                   | |____ _|           /   /     |       |
                   |___________________/   /______|       |
                                       |   |

 • Before entering, check by the entrance gate for enemies who may standing
   on edge, and take down the camera attached to the silo [not that it will
   matter if the alarm's on]. Enemies will pour out of the compound if they
   know the SEALs are present; if not, one group of two will patrol around,
   and one will stand guard by the old flatbed [maybe in some brush].

 • The eastern of the big buildings has an alarm switch that turns off the
   alert. There is often two enemies inside -- one in the barracks looking
   out the south window, and one who uses the north door and steps out for
   patrol. Take this guy out [from behind west fence for best measure] 'cuz
   he will radio in if friend is shot through the window. The other large
   building has no one in it, but does have a cargo ship map that completes
   a bonus objective.

 • One house has boarded-up windows. A glitch is here where if you walk by
   them, the enemy may become alerted to the presence. I think the game
   treats them like normal windows, so you may be able to maintain a neutral
   alarm state by stealth. Alternatively, enter through the garage entrance
   and quickly riflebutt the guy to get him out of the picture.

 The silo is next up.


 • If an alarm went off at all, enemies in the first silo door will probably
   be waiting for the SEALs. Thus, any frags or something thrown in may just
   bounce back. Riflebuttin' is the quickest way, and there'll be a 3rd man
   who walks down the hall. Hide in the corridor's corner and slap him with
   the equipped weapon.

 • On the basement floor, the map changes -- this place is HUGE! Destroy the
   three enemies here in the first silo as silently as possible. Two walk by
   the door, and can be riflebutted + dragged out of sight, while a third is
   in the main silo shaft. The passages lead south from here.

 • A tunnel leads to a small junction, continuing south even more. No enemy
   will be in this part at first, but when nearing the door, there's a high
   likelihood that someone(s) run out. Preserve the stealth rating somewhat
   by doing headshots immediately. One more man is in there, and the tunnel
   door adjacent to the generator location will probably open also, showing
   a single foe.

 • Beyond, only one of the tunnels is accessible [the rest stuffed with casks
   of sand]. Headshot the one that runs out, and when the coast is clear, a
   soldier inside the room will peek out from his hiding place. Shoot him,
   then the parka-wearin' one that emerges. There are actually two or three
   more within, so an HE/Frag grenade might help just the same. The bathroom
   and barracks have no purpose, so skip 'em. However, the room with some
   crates has a ladder that opens into a storage loft. Bomb blueprints sit
   on one of the boxes. This complets all bonus objectives if the cargo ship
   map was acquired.

 • The silo at navpoint Charlie contains the 2nd intel sheet. Beforehand, an
   insurgent will probably emerge when the door's approached; take him out in
   a previous fashion. 99% of the time, he's the silo's only enemy. However,
   a small antechamber in the north is actually a stairway leading to


 Just one more compound left.

 • Check the ridge between Compounds 1 & 2 for an enemy duo if you haven't
   already. Don't need these annoyances running around with life still in 
   their veins. Two more walk the road near Area 3; pretty good shot from any
   location, although I prefer the ditch by the frozen lake.

 • The good thing about the third compound is that the information isn't in
   a silo, but rather a maintenance office adjoined to the garage. Destroy
   the camera on the garage's upper wall when given the chance!

 • Use the brush to survey the entrance to the facility, so Specter is peering
   southeast. This allows him to see the patrolling enemies in the distance
   behind the lone guard. Shoot him when the other two are walking away.

   Two more patrol the facility's inside, and are open targets from basically
   any direction, really. One more patrols by the north edge of the garage's

 • To take the garage, use the sheltered door [not the west one] and get your
   gun ready. The enemy will be standing near the entrance either way, facing
   it most likely.


 The extraction zone is at navpoint Foxtrot, in-between Compounds 2 & 3, on
 a frozen lake. Pretty easy to get there, although don't underestimate any
 patrols you may have missed...

 I lied -- this is probably my least favorite level. The long way 'round does
 not exactly help the overall performance percentage half the time. 

12) DOOMSDAY DELIVERY                                                    [WK12]

 OVERVIEW: Our intelligence sources have been working round the clock to
           locate Force Majeure's dirty bomb. We now believe that members of
           Force Majeure and their bomb are onboard a cargo ship registered
           as the Bitter Moon. Their current heading take them to the upper
           Western Seaboard and the port of Seattle. If Force Majeure's has
           used the missing nuclear fuel to build a single dirty bomb, it
           would be the longest ever constructed. Intel indicates that the
           terrorists will detonate their bomb in or near the city of Seattle.
           The resulting fireball and seasonal offshore winds will carry the
           radioactive material high into the air resulting in signfiicant
           fatalities, untold illness, and economic devastation. Force Majeure
           must be stopped at all costs.

 WEAPONS : Assault Rifle: M4A1 SD ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
           Assault Rifle: AK-105
           Rifle: M16A2
           Rifle: M16A2-M203
           Submachine Gun: HK5 SD
           Submachine Gun: HK5
           Rifle: M14
           Sniper Rifle: M40A1
           Machine Gun: M60E3
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25
           Sniper Rifle: SR-25 SD ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Assault Rifle: M4A1
           Assault Rifle: M4A1-M203
           Silenced Pistol: MARK 23 SD
           Silenced Pistol: 9MM Pistol - [RECOMMENDED]
           Pistol: SP-10
           Pistol: MARK 23
           Grenade: MARK141
           Mine: Claymore -------------- [SPECTER ONLY]
           Grenade: AN-M8
           Rocket Launcher: AT4 -------- [SPECTER ONLY]
           Grenade: M67 ---------------- [RECOMMENDED]
           Grenade: HE
           Equipment: Double Ammo ------ [RECOMMENDED]
           Explosive: C4 --------------- [SPECTER ONLY]

           * Specter has mandatory Red Smoke & C4, meaning he only gets one
             extra accessory for this final mission in the game. His allies
             are all clear, however. No sniper thermal scope this time...go
             for Double Ammo or flashbangs, for the leader's capture part.

 MISSION : 01) Secure Ship's Bridge.
           02) Disable Explosives.
           03) Signal All Clear to Sub.

 Ah, one of the best missions in the game... If you want to preserve a stealth
 rating in this level, and it can be hard with glitchy alarms, achieving a
 high number of stealth kills [enemy not currently aware of SEALs] is a great


  - If you found Bomb Schematics, defusing bombs takes half as long!
  - If you found the Cargo Ship Map, bomb locations are marked on the map!

 MAJOR NOTE: If you hate this level as much as I do, it's possible to get an
 'A' as long as you just ensure there aren't that many shots fired, and the
 other categories [Accuracy Rating, Teamwork Rating, Mission Completion] are
 very high. I had 4 stealth kills and 181 shots fired and still got an 'A'...
 and I went around with a team having two shotguns! Consider it if you find
 uber-stealth an annoyance.


 • GLITCH WARNING: Often times if you move by the hallway and fire, or even
   if you don't, an alarm will trigger and screw things up a bit. I suggest
   taking out the first enemy normally, then moving everyone by the stairway
   to destroy the sniper. It CAN save some grief. STAY AWAY FROM THE SOUTHERN

 The SEALs start in the cargo ship's mid-level section, which goes west past
 ladders leading to the upperdeck, and east to where a helicopter is [also on
 upper deck.]. All objectives must be completed within 35:00 in order to get
 away from this uraniumbomb of a boat, comprende?

 • Here is the suggested order of movement at the very start:

   01) Kill enemy east of initial position
   02) Move to nearby stairway and kill sniper
   03) Move Fireteam to east part of upperdeck. Kill foe inside stealthfully.

   I suggest this route because it completely avoids the southern of the long
   hallways, which has an alarm glitch of sorts [or at least appears to, 'cuz
   it's dang annoying]. After many methods of hiding and such, I find the
   best way to take these guys out is from the northern stairway, after they
   have just walked under the eaves.

 • Climb up to the sniper's position [a good reason to bring a rifle here].
   It's possible to pick off any enemy(s) around the crates -- I counted at
   least two. They won't be alerted unless Specter has done so, although
   when the helicopter blows up, they MAY investigate depending on where they
   are in their route. You may have to wait awhile to get both; however, more
   often than not, they come in pairs or one finds the corpse.

 When the all-clear's around, plant a C4 charge on the heli and watch it burn!
 Even though it's a huge explosion, still-living foes may not investigate.

 • At this time, you may want to kill Arjan Manjani and his cohort since they
   may mess up a bonus objective later. On the mid-level deck, railside, move
   west along the northern of the two corridors. When you get near the area
   with the stairs to the bridge tower, a conversation with Arjan and his
   friend will play. If you stand erect and approach from the north, there's
   a clear shot through BOTH of their heads in one bullet! Take the shot,

   Does Arjan look familiar? He should, if you listened to his conversation...


 Now it's time to work on the bombs. Going 1-4 is REALLY hard [and that's the
 strategy I was trying to sell the first time I wrote this], but going through
 the opposite isn't as much. Here's how we roll:

 • After Arjan and his friend have a new cranial cavity, go west to the ship's
   bow. Enter the door [leading south] to navpoint Delta. There's a stairway
   here -- take it down.

 • There are three doorways here, two in close proximity. One opens south to
   a laundry room [vacant] and the west one leads to a room with two guards
   in it. Open it, see the enemy with his back turned to Specter, and shoot
   him. The other enemy here wears a large furry hat, easy to spot through
   the central mechanical pillar-thing.

 • The room adjacent [north] is a dead-end with Bomb 4. It contains one guard
   inside, so either throw a flashbang and subdue/kill or wait for his head to
   turn and attack then. Disable the bomb and we're good to go!


 A word before this next part. The rooms with the bombs are at navpoints Echo,
 Foxtrot, and Juliet. If the player found the cargo ship map in the previous
 level, their locations will be marked with a purple triangle. The good thing
 about approaching from this direction is that there is a mess of enemies we
 don't have to bother with [mostly]!

 • Before we can get to the 'easy' parts, bypassing the 'decoy room' [west of
   Juliet] must occur. The stairway leads down to that level, but an enemy is
   patrolling there. HOWEVER, he does not appear until Specter touches the
   cement at the stairbottom. Do it quickly [the 'enemy near' music plays at
   this point] and retreat back upstairs. Salvaging the stealth can still be
   done -- shoot him in his head when walking nearby.

   Silly enough, even if he does see you, there's a good chance he gets off
   a few shots and stays put. o__O

 • There are two doors by where the enemy patrolled, leading to some ladders
   that descend to the decoy room's access. Open the north one and wait a sec
   -- an enemy may spawn out of nowhere. Coldcock him before he's able to
   alert the others

 • Bomb 3's room has an access point at Juliet. Two enemies will walk on the
   upper balcony under normal [unalerted] circumstances, although if you get
   the short end of the stick, an enemy who normally walks the side hallways
   [past all three rooms] may be inside and get alerted. You'll know whether
   or not this contingency should be planned for if any of the sidedoors on
   the ground floor [Juliet or south entrance] are opened already.

 Disarm the bomb when given the chance.

 • Bomb 2's room is right next door, accessible from navpoint Foxtrot. This
   gives a good shot and scouting opportunities from the lowest area, although
   using the west doorway at the stairtop is good for surveying the patrols as
   well. Either way, the balcony only has one enemy to shoot. Disarm the bomb
   in the SE corner.

 • Bomb 1's room has to be assaulted a little more carefully, because there's
   no wall or partition that prevents the enemies near the deck entrance from
   having their suspicions aroused...that is, if the floorwalker hasn't been
   neutralized. Check either of the hallways' north/south passages for someone
   walking by. He's the first target.

   Enter through Foxtrot for the safest time, but be careful because the SE
   part of the balcony looks right down on the door. Two enemies within and
   there's a bomb in the middle portion of the room, around a cane-shaped path
   made by crates.

 If all four bombs have been unplugged, a major mission objective completes!


 The bridge is the ship's west tower, so backtrack the way you came until the
 open deck is reached.

 • Scout the stairs to see if any enemies are there. If you had alarms in the
   past, some may linger around [or be caught on the stair in my case, making
   for easy kills]. In normal circumstances, the vicinity's clear.

 • Take the stairs up twice, arriving at a balcony by a door. Ignore the door
   and creep west until you can see the path leading to another door. A parka-
   -wearin' enemy will be around here. His route is standing around and seeing
   the sights of Seattle mostly, watching over the railing. Not a hard enemy
   to neutralize.

 • Stand off to the side and open the door, staying out of harm's way. There
   is one enemy inside a hallway, and the sideroom is the crew's quarters --
   2 insurgents within. They'll hear gunshots so a throat-slit's the best way
   to keep them in the dark. The bunk area has one enemy inside patrolling,
   and makes an easy target when his back's unguarded.

 • On the westernmost exterior, climb three more stairways VERY CAREFULLY --
   an outer patrolman is at the highest point. Take him out silently and 
   order Fireteam to 'Attack to > Delta' which is the bridge. Three enemies
   are inside initially, and there's a lot less grief this way. Make sure to
   take Able around the other side to get enemies that pour out of that place.
   It's not a bad riflebutt corner, either.

 When all enemies inside are exterminated [one may be standing by computers
 and facing the wheel -- take care], turn the wheel and get this objective
 over with.


 Approaching from the east is the only decent way to do this bonus objective,
 really, if you think about it. For one, it forces the target to do fight and
 doesn't let her escape; secondly, it kills all cohorts so she can't get any
 fire support.

 • Here is the enemy breakdown leading to the leader.

   - Two enemies around boxes near Echo, often in a pair
   - One enemy walking boxes by Foxtrot
   - Jasha will be alone by some boxes if alerted [probably, anyway]

 • When all enemies are finally able to die, Valeska is the last target. She
   is located west of all the crates and may be with Jasha. If stealth has
   been employed, take him out first. Then, FLASHBANG her! It often takes more
   than one to subdue her, so keep tossing. Make sure the 'Fire at Will' order
   is not in play or this will not go well!

 • If things go badly, Valeska will head towards the helicopter and try to
   escape the situation. Should she reach the heli and it's been wrecked, the
   desperate woman jumps overboard into the chilly waters. Either contingency
   fails the objective!

 NOTE: If done with extreme stealth at the very beginning, this may not mess
 up belowdeck bomb-defusing activities [except Bomb 4] whatsoever! It's also
 got a good placement because the Arjan conversation starts when near Valeska
 and they'll [always] be preoccupied, or revert to that state of mind if they
 were alerted before. Great deal if pulled off.


 Return eastern uppermost deck's crow's-nest and deploy red smoke there to
 tell the Michigan to stand down. Hopefully the stealth rating here was not
 that perforated. ^____^

 END OF GAME! Congratulations. There'll be an extra scene if you capture our
 dear Valeska, too (;p). Our radio leaves us with these words:

 "Team, you have succeeded in neutralizing Force Majeure and prevented certain
 disaster from striking the city of Seattle. Your valiant efforts have not
 only saved the lives of thousands of American citizens, but also helped send
 a clear warnign to terrorists across the globe. By now they must certainly
 know that those who dare to threaten the civilized world will be pursued and
 taken down. As you have demonstrated here today, the SEALs will not falter.
 Congratulations on successfully completing one of the more important missions
 any fireteam has every undertaken."


 Now that the game's been beaten, you can choose any of the previous missions
 in any order, and fight them on new ranks. To unlock harder and harder ranks,
 you need to beat the game on the current highest. The order goes:

          Ensign -> Lieutenant -> Commander -> Captain -> Admiral

 Also, check the 'Extras' tab to see what new weapons and characters are now
 able to be used regularly in play.

IV. UNLOCKABLES                                                          [NLCK]

 On the main menu, the 'Extras' tab shows all unlockables. Beating the game on
 various difficulty settings is what usually opens more options.

 • Exchanging Weapons                 | Default                               |
 • Dealing With Doors                 | Default                               |
 • Climbing                           | Default                               |
 • Close Combat                       | Default                               |
 • Bodies                             | Default                               |
 • Placing and Taking Satchels        | Default                               |
 • Taking or Using Objects            | Default                               |
 • Defusing Bombs                     | Default                               |
 • Using Turrets                      | Default                               |
 • Selecting Betwen Multiple Actions  | Default                               |

 Training movies are obviously meant to be didactic and informative, something
 that aids new players in a tutorial way.

 • SOCOM II Online Theme              | Default                               |
 • Dance of the Unknown               | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • Insertion Site                     | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • Infiltrator                        | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • Contortion                         | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • Tari Tari                          | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • KGM                                | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • Gnostec                            | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
 • Dark In Your Heart                 | Finish game on Captain or higher      |
 • Beach Bossa                        | Finish game on Captain or higher      |
 • Brazilicious                       | Finish game on Captain or higher      |
 • SOCOM II Finale                    | Finish game on Captain or higher      |

SAS (Sabre)                           | Clear Albania missions on Commander+  |
Pius                                  | Clear Albania missions on Lieutenant+ |
Feral                                 | Complete game on Admiral difficulty   |
Quixada                               | Clear Brazil missions on Commander+   |
SAS (Reaver)                          | Clear Albania missions on Commander+  |
Algerian Officer                      | Clear Algeria missions on Lieutenant+ |
The Specialist (Flatfoot)             | Clear Russian missions on Commander+  |
Valeska                               | Clear Russian missions on Lieutenant+ |

 For reference:

 Missions 01-03: Albania
 Missions 04-06: Brazil
 Missions 07-09: Algeria
 Missions 10-12: Russia

Albanian Intro Movie                  | Default                               |
Brazilian Intro Movie                 | Finish Albania missions on any rank   |
Algerian Intro Movie                  | Finish Brazil missions on any rank    |
Russian Intro Movie                   | Finish Algeria missions on any rank   |
Making the SOCOM II Music Movie       | Clear game on Lieutenant+ rank        |
Credits                               | Beat game on Ensign or better ranking |

M16A2                                 | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
HK5 SD                                | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
HK5                                   | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M14                                   | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M60E3                                 | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M63A                                  | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
SR-25                                 | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
SR-25 SD                              | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M87ELR                                | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M4A1                                  | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M4A1-M203                             | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M4A1 SD                               | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M16A2-M203                            | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
12 Gauge Pump                         | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
Mark 23                               | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
Mark 23 SD                            | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
9MM Pistol                            | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
Double Ammo                           | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M67                                   | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
HE Grenade                            | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
AN-M8                                 | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
MARK 141                              | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
Claymore                              | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
C4                                    | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M203 HE Round (6)                     | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M203 Smoke Round (3)                  | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
M203 Frag Round (6)                   | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
AT4                                   | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
Thermal Scope                         | Finish game on Ensign or higher       |
                          [TERRORIST] |                                       |
AK-47                                 | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
AKS-74                                | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
552                                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
9MM Sub                               | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M40A1                                 | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M60E3                                 | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M63A                                  | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M82A1A                                | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M79                                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
F90                                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M3 12 Gauge                           | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
TA 12 Gauge                           | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
STG 77                                | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
SASR                                  | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
552 Silenced                          | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
226                                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
Model 18                              | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
F57                                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M9                                    | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
DE .50                                | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
Double Ammo                           | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M67                                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
HE Grenade                            | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M79 Frag Round (8)                    | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M79 Smoke Round (3)                   | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
M79 HE Round (8)                      | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
PMN Mine                              | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
RPG7                                  | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
Thermal Scope                         | Finish game on Lieutenant or higher   |
                                [SAS] |                                       |
HK5K                                  | Finish game on Commander difficulty   |
M11                                   | Finish game on Commander difficulty   |
IW-80 A2                              | Finish game on Commander difficulty   |
                           [SPETSNAZ] |                                       |
RA-14                                 | Finish game on Commander difficulty   |
SP-10                                 | Finish game on Commander difficulty   |
AK-105                                | Finish game on Commander difficulty   |
                                [MGL] |                                       |
MGL                                   | Finish game on Captain difficulty     |
M203 Frag Round (6)                   | Finish game on Captain difficulty     |
M203 Smoke Round (3)                  | Finish game on Captain difficulty     |
M203 HE Round (6)                     | Finish game on Captain difficulty     |
                               [OICW] |                                       |
OICW                                  | Finish game on Admiral difficulty     |
OICW HE (6)                           | Finish game on Admiral difficulty     |
OICW Smoke (3)                        | Finish game on Admiral difficulty     |
OICW Frag (6)                         | Finish game on Admiral difficulty     |

V. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS                                               [UPDT]

 10-15-07 -----------------------------> Added to GameFAQs
                                         Walkthrough complete

 One thing I can't write about is online play, so until I get a section about
 that up, I'm afraid there's no use writing to me about it. On the other hand,
 if someone authors an original writeup on this end and sends it to me, I may
 be add it here. Better than nothing, as long as it's thorough.

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