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How do I get out the cell in Groznyj Grad?

I am in a holding cell with no weapons only a fork and a empty revolver

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boltcollector answered:

Theres only 3 ways you can get out
1. frequency 144.75
2. go into survival viewer cure take out the fake death pill with fork use it when the guard is looking revive yourself
3. Make your self puke in survival viewer cure by rotating L when the guard is looking.
I should know I beaten the game 4 times
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snaker_cheif answered:

Go Into he 'Survival Viewer', Then, take out the transmitter, and a Bullet, Then You should drop a 'Fake Death Pill', then after that, when The Guard gives you food, Use the 'Fake Death Pill' etc. etc..
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Tohirun answered:

in the scene before that. press R1, you'll see the sorrow showing you a radio frequency... use that to unlock
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crossing789 answered:

Heres is what you should do in cell press start button then go to cure and heal the death pill and after you have done that a death pill falls on ground pick it up and swallow it then a screen comes up it says snake is dead continue or exit dont click either one wait till you see the guard come in the cell he will say is he dead then hold down L2 and ur equipment will come up click on revival pill and you will get up and the guard will try to run out of cell to lock it dont let him use fork on him and kill him.
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Reinhart79 answered:

when the guard gives you food, you must throw back to the guard, do it until three times, after that, there is a cut-scene, in the cut scene, there is a command to press the R1 button, then there is an 144.75 radio frequencies and call it
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mgsfan1231 answered:

Well my favirote way to do it is to go on my cure menu you use the analog stick that routates the body around, do this for 10 second non-stop, then exit the start menu completely and snake will be sick, then a guard opens the door to look at it, but when he gets close kill him then, because other wise he will see that it was a trick, and another way to do it is to through back the first pack of food he gives you, a few secongs later he will run to the toilet, this is you change to type in this radio frequency and make a break for it, and you can also cure your wounds(all of them) then snake will drop a fake death pill, pick it up, use it, then wait for the guard to come, and then kill him when you have the chance.
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mgsfan1231 answered:

Sorry i forgot to mention, the radio frequency is 144:75
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mgsfan1231 answered:

Sorry i forgot to mention, the radio frequency is 144:75
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