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What does it mean when it asks you if you've played MGS and what you like?

Is there any signifigance when it asks:
This is my first time playing MGS,
I like MGS1,
I like MGS2, or
I like MGS3.

JokerFett provided additional details:

Thanks Mookiethebold.
So which option is the best?

Accepted Answer

Mookiethebold answered:

From infoman80's FAQ/Walkthrough:

I'm playing the MGS series for the first time!
-- Default introductory cutscene.

I like MGS1!
-- Snake will lose stamina at a slower rate during Virtuous Mission.

I like MGS2!
-- Special cutscene; name in the upper left hand corner will be different
until the backpack is retrieved.

I like MGS3!
-- Unlocks all the cutscenes in Demo Theatre, European Extreme difficulty,
Duel; unlocks face paints and camouflages that were introduced after
MGS3: Snake Eater was released.
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