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Defeating the Sorrow?

I can't defeat the sorrow, he's very hard...

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DemonGuy792 answered:

The Sorrow boss battle can be "beaten" in 2 different ways.

If you want the Sorrow's camo, which (I think) eliminates all noise you make when you move, simply walk to the end of the river and reach the Sorrow's floating corpse. When you do this, Snake dies. However, unlike normal deaths, you can stil access your menu, so hold L2, select the Revival Pill and use it. Job done, and you've got a camo to boot.

However, if you simply want to pass the battle, either drown Snake at the beginning, or purposefully walk into the ghosts which plague the river. Either way, Snake'll die, use the Pill, and once again, job done.

However, do note that the ghosts who populate the river directly correspond with the number of enemies you have killed during the course of the game, so be careful if you've been a wee bit too trigger-happy, since you'll have a hell of a lot of dodging to do if you want that camo.

Fun side note: If you kill (not tranq defeat) the other members of the COBRA unit, you'll see their bodies float down the river as well.

Fun Side Note: Try catching a glimpse of the Sorrow's face. It's actually a distorted version of Hideo Kojima's face.
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Mookiethebold answered:

If you want The Sorrow's camo, walk to the end of the river and touch the floating corpse. After Snake "dies", press and hold L2 to use the revival pill.

If you don't care about the camo, instead of walking down the river just drown Snake right at the start, and again, press/hold L2 to use the revival pill.
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chrism678 answered:

You have to past through the guys you killed and so on and so for. Then
if your in the end you will die. Press L2 then use the revival pill. HOPE THAT HELPS!
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ZeroPoint88 answered:

lol i did a very funny and fast way, jus go in the water and stay and then drown once it says the gameover thingy with ppl screaming SNAKE!!! use ur life med by pressing L2
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