Stealth Camo/IFP Walkthrough by Mcondella

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 08/08/06 | Printable Version

Subject: Metal Gear Solid 3 SNAKE EATER
Stealth Camo/IFP Walkthrough
Played on: NTSC~U/C
Version: 1.00
Author: MCondella
Donations [Paypal]: Runbarefoot1(at)verizon(dot)net
Email: Thepeoplesdrummer(at)verizon(dot)com
Copyright 2006 Michael Condella
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|001 Table of Contents  |

001: Table of Contents
002: Version History
003: Introduction/Expedition
004: Controller Configurations
005: Requirements for Stealth Camo/IFP
006: Basic Terms
007: Walkthrough 

(To automatically be directed to the desired section press
and hold ctrl+F, or move your cursor to 'View' and then 
'Find' and input the corresponding code.)

Part 1
Virtuous Mission  |
7.1/  Dremuchij South................................(Wa001)
7.2/  Dremuchij Swamp Land...........................(Wa002)
7.3/  Dremuchij North................................(Wa003)
7.4/  Dolinvodno.....................................(Wa004)
7.5/  Rassvet........................................(Wa005)
7.6/  Dolinvodno.....................................(Wa006)
7.7/  Dolinvodno Riverbank...........................(Wa007)

Part 2
Operation: SNAKE EATER  |
7.8/  Dremuchij East.................................(Wa008)
7.9/  Dremuchij North................................(Wa009)
7.10/  Dolinvodno....................................(Wa00A)
7.11/  Rassvet.......................................(Wa00B)
7.12/  Chynoryj Prud.................................(Wa00C)
7.13/  Bolshaya Past South...........................(Wa00D)
7.14/  Bolshaya Past Base............................(Wa00E)
7.15/  Bolshaya Past Base Tsuchinoko.................(Wa00F)
7.16/  Boss Fight: Ocelot............................(Wa00G)
7.17/  Chyomaya Peschera Branch......................(Wa010)
7.18/  Chyomaya Peschera Cave........................(Wa011)
7.19/  Boss Fight: The Pain..........................(Wa012)
7.20/  Chyomaya Peschera Cave Entrance...............(Wa013)
7.21/  Ponizovje South...............................(Wa014)
7.22/  Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior.................(Wa015)
7.23/  Ponizovje Warehouse...........................(Wa016)
7.24/  Graniny Gorki South...........................(Wa017)
7.25/  Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Wall......(Wa018)
7.26/  Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls......(Wa019)
7.27/  Graniny Gorki Lab 1F..........................(Wa01A)
7.28/  Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East.....................(Wa01B)
7.29/  Boss Fight: The Fear..........................(Wa01C)
7.30/  Ponizovje Warehouse...........................(Wa01D)
7.31/  Svyatogornyj South............................(Wa01E)
7.32/  Svyatogornyj West.............................(Wa020)
7.33/  Boss Fight: The End...........................(Wa021)
7.34/  Krasnogorje Tunnel............................(Wa022)
7.35/  Krasnogorje Mountain Base.....................(Wa023)
7.36/  Krasnogorje Mountainside......................(Wa024) 
7.37/  Krasnogorje Mountaintop.......................(Wa025)
7.38/  Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins.........(Wa026) 
7.39/  Grozynj Grad Underground Tunnel...............(Wa027)
7.40/  Boss Fight: The Fury..........................(Wa028)
7.41/  Grozynj Grad Southwest........................(Wa029) 
7.42/  Grozynj Grad Southeast........................(Wa01p) 
7.43/  Grozynj Grad Southeast........................(Wa02o)
7.44/  Grozynj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing...........(Wa03k) 
7.45/  Grozynj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing...........(Wa04h)
7.46/  Grozynj Grad Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor..(Wa05u) 
7.47/  Grozynj Grad Torture Room.....................(Wa06m)
7.48/  Grozynj Grad Northwest........................(Wa07n)
7.49/  Grozynj Grad Sewers...........................(Wa08q)
7.50/  Boss Fight: The Sorrow........................(Wa09z)
7.51/  Tikhogornyj...................................(Wa030)
7.52/  Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall.................(Wa031)
7.53/  Grozynj Grad Hanger...........................(Wa032) 
7.54/  Boss Fight: Volgin............................(Wa033)
7.55/  Grozynj Grad/Motorcycle.......................(Wa034)
7.56/  Grozynj Grad Runway South.....................(Wa035)
7.57/  Grozynj Grad Runway...........................(Wa036)
7.58/  Grozynj Grad Rail Bridge......................(Wa037)
7.59/  Boss Fight: The Shagohod......................(Wa038)
7.60/  Grozynj Grad Rail Bridge North................(Wa039)
7.61/  Lazorevo South................................(Wa03A)
7.62/  Zaozyorje South...............................(Wa03B)
7.63/  Zaozyorje North...............................(Wa03C)
7.64/  Final Boss Fight: The Boss....................(Wa03D)

008: FAQ Overview
009: Frequently Asked Questions
010: Final Words
011: Disclaimer

|002: Version History  |

Version 1.20 August 09, 2006:

I dunno' man, I wrote some of these guides when I was an 
infant and I put commas all over the place, annoying the 
hell out of my readers. Spank me in the ass and call me 

Version 1.10 March 13, 2006:

Implemented a Frequently Asked Questions section. Made sure 
some variables remained consistent throughout the guide.

Version: 1.00 February 17, 2006:

Please adjust your fanny; welcome to my first installment of 
my Metal Gear Solid 3 SNAKE EATER Stealth Camo/IFP FAQ! I 
will periodically monitor and revise this guide for various
defects in grammar and removal of mistakes - even updates on
knowledge! Good luck with obtaining 'Stealth Camo' as well 
as the 'Infinity Face Paint,' the most omnipotent 'Special 
Items' in the game - all in one walkthrough!

|003: Introduction/Expedition  |

My condition has been revamped, and now MCondella is
back at the keys for his second FAQ! :the village people
chant in response: Been a long time innit'!?

I really, REALLY, emit tonz' -o- joy when playing ANY
Metal Gear Solid installment. If you're a fan of Tactical
Espionage Action and a compelling cast of characters,
I would have to say this is the very embodiment; 
so much so, that I had to write a FAQ exclusively for it!

This FAQ will primarily embody a detailed walkthrough that
is worthy of obtaining the omnipotent special items, 
'Infinity Face Paint' and 'Stealth Camo' all in one game 
clear. There will also be a brief overview of other content 
as well as any other relevant manifestations.

|004: Controller Configurations  |

L2 + R2      Normal View: Stand on tiptoes.

L2           Item Window button.
             Normal View: Select, equip, and unequip items.
             Corner/First Person View: Peek

L1           Aim button.
             When holding a weapon: Lock in the direction 
             the weapon is pointed.
             First Person View: Shoulder aim.

D-Pad        Normal View: Move in stalking mode
             First Person View: Look around
Left analog stick  Normal View: Move around
                   First Person View: Look around

Right analog stick Change camera angle.

L3                 Initiate button while holding an enemy
                   to interrogate.

R3                 Lock the camera in the direction the 
                   right analog stick is pressed.
                   Press again to unlock.

Select             Enter Radio Mode.

Start              Enter the Survival Viewer.

R2                 Weapon Window button
                   Normal View: Select, equip and unequip
                   Corner/First Person View: Peek

R1                 First Person View button.
                   Change Snake's view.

Square             Weapon button. 
                   Use the currently equipped weapon.

Circle             Punch button, CQC button, Enter button.

Triangle           Action button. Climb trees, open lockers,
                   go up/down ladders, climb, hang, etc.

X                  Crawl button, Cancel button. 
                   Switch stance between standing, 
                   crouching, and crawling.

|005: Requirements for IFP/Stealth Camo  |

There are two (2) methods for obtaining the IFP:
1. Capture a live tsuchinoko keeping it in your inventory
until you clear the game. ***(Credit: Tetra224)***

2. Statistical evaluation.

I have been awarded the 'Infinity Face Paint' using both 
methods so I have decided to elect the 'tsuchinoko method' 
for the one to be accentuated in this guide for obvious 
difficulty ramifications. I have tested this method and 
examined it to it's upmost credibility and it has proven to
be the optimal path when compared to the 'statistical 

Even though the 'tsuchinoko method' will be the accentuated 
method outlined in this guide, you may still use the 
'statistical method' at your own discretion. You must either
chose the 'statistical method' or the 'tsuchinoko method'
but BOTH methods will be outlined in FULL, all entirely
from the SAME walkthrough. I have chosen my, "optimal 
path," so now, since I am providing two options it
is solely up to the player to choose THEIR best method based 
on THEIR own reasoning.

What is a Tsuchinoko?
A tsuchinoko pronounced (sooch -e- new kew) is a mythical 
creature from Japan resembeling a snake. Despite numerous 
sightings, no one has ever found or studied a tsuchinoko.


How can I catch a Tsuchinoko?
(please refer to Katamari's Infinity Face Paint FAQ
for near professional demonstrations and explanations
for all tsuchinoko guru's)

Since your food items are confiscated by your 
imprisonment at the Graznyj Grad Torture Room you will
have to recapture a new tsuchinoko, resulting in a total
of catching two (2) tsuchinoko's, (one before your 
imprisonment and one afterwards), and then being obligated 
to complete Operation: SNAKE EATER with the 
tsuchinoko alive in your inventory.

Tsuchinoko capture strategies will be discussed in the 
walkthrough section of this guide. SEE BELOW. 

Statistical requirements for obtaining IFP:

1. "Play Time" - Beat the game in 5:00:00 hours or less.

2. "Saves" - You can execute a total of 25 saves or less.

3. "Continue" - 0 continues.

4. "Alert Mode" - Occurs when the enemy spots Snake.
                  you are not allowed to enter Alert Mode.

5. "Humans Killed" - Every human must be neutralized with 
                     the 'Mk22' only.

6. "Seriously Injured" - Serious injuries are injuries that
                         appear on the cure screen of the 
                         Survival Viewer. Must be 20 or 
7. "Life Medicines Used" - You are prohibited from using
                           any life medicines. Must be zero.

8. "Special Item"          You are not allowed to use any
                           Special Items. 

***(credit: Katamari)***

There are two (2) methods for obtaining Stealth Camouflage:
1. Complete Operation: SNAKE EATER while commencing the
No Alerts/No Kills strategy. (Every human obstacle must be
countered with the 'Mk22' and you can never under any 
circumstances trigger the red 'alert phase')

2. Find and shoot all 64 Kreotan frogs. (A method that
is a time-consuming, tedious process, and all those who
pursue it suffer from a form of acute mental retardation.
I'm just kidding, in my opinion the No Alerts/No kills
strategy is much easier assuming you save accordingly.)

|006: Basic Terms  |

1. Whenever I announce, "Pop the guard," it will always mean 
shooting a guard in the head with the 'Mk22'

2. Whenever I announce, "Update your camo," it will always 
mean equipping the best possible camo applicable to the area 
your currently in.

3. All guards that are tranquilized should be frisked for 
items. This is mainly for 'Mk22 suppressors'.

4. Whenever navigating an area populated with guards, I
already assume that you know to use a suppressor. That goes 
without saying.

5. Use suppressors sparingly. An area with only one guard 
present does not require a suppressor, nor does shooting 
animals or objects in the same situation warrant suppressor 

System loading. 
Please wait...

Select 'NEW GAME' from the menu. Select, "I like MGS2!" for
additional dialogue. I recommend selecting "Normal" mainly
because that is the difficulty that is outlined here, you 
may choose a different difficulty at your own discretion...

                   |007: Walkthrough  |
                   ***VIRTUOUS MISSION***

Goals: Obtain 'Infinity Face Paint' (via tsuchinoko)
       Obtain 'stealth camouflage (via No Alerts/No kills) 

6.1/ /_Dremuchij_South_/     Wa001

Take a moment to enjoy the lush sounds of the jungle,
the delicate panning from abstract to distinctive bird

[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

Crawl under the log, up onto the tree pressing triangle 
above your pack.

[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)


Tip: The Virtuous Mission is extremely short. If you
are shooting for the statistical requirements for the IFP,
any attempt to hunt for food is a complete waste of time
and is not recommended.

6.2/ /_Dremuchij_Swampland_/      Wa002  

At the end of the grass path head to the island to the 
Pickup: 'Sp/Mk22'
Head over to the middle island.
Take the suppressor off the 'Mk22'.
Shoot the beehive.
Pickup: 'Ointment'
Pickup: 'R. Nest'


Tip: Anytime before entering the quickmud press X to
execute a roll. (it's faster getting to the other side)

6.3/ /_Dremuchij_North_/     Wa003

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

Crawl under the log.
Pickup: 'Bug Juice'
Equip the suppressor and pop the guard in the head.
Proceed north, choosing the right path.
Pickup: 'Stun G' (obscured behind log)
Update your camo and navigate the tall grass, popping the
two guards that stand between you and the exit.

6.4/ /_Dolinovodno_/     Wa004

Immediately slide down the hill into the grass pit.
Pop the guard. Proceed to the patch of grass to left of the 
bridge. The patterns of the approaching guards are simple,
When they arrive at a certain point in the bridge one
of the guards stop. At this point, pop him and his friend.
Run across the bridge popping the new guard in this area.


6.5/ /_Rassvet_/     Wa005

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

Storm right in the entry way (no one will spot you) and pop
the first guard, then pop the guard to the northwest.
Enter the abandoned factory.
Update your camo, lie on the ground and pop the guard. 
(wait for him to come to you) After he is neutralized, pop
the other guard at the northern most opening. After that,
pop the final guard subsequently gaining access to Sokolov.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

When the game resumes and you finally get a hold of Snake
exit from whence you came.
6.6/ /_Dolinovodno_/     Wa006

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

6.7/ /_Dolinovodno_Riverbank_/     Wa007

Enter the CURE menu and treat your injuries accordingly.

                   |007: Walkthrough  |
                ***Operation: SNAKE EATER***

6.8/ /_Dremuchij_East_/     Wa008

Reach for some fruit using the M1911A1 and continue
to the next area.

6.9/ /_Dremuchij_North_/     Wa009

Jump off the cliff and to the end of the area.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

Immediately duck under the patch of grass and hide from the 
approaching sentries. As they're analyzing the downed 
aircraft with their backs turned to you proceed to the 
next area. (I never wait the 100 seconds for caution mode to 
clear) Update your camo accordingly and navigate. 


Note: However, before proceeding to Dolinovodno the 
caution mode must be cleared.

6.10/ /_Dolinovodno_/     Wa00A

Allow the guard to get a glance at you from the top of the 
hill. He will climb the inclined plane to investigate what 
he saw allowing access to the lower level. Jump down into 
the grass. Without stopping, run across the bridge and to 
the exit.
6.11/ /_Rassvet_/     Wa00B  

This area is now a ghost town. 
Pickup: 'Mine Detector' (obscured behind boxes adjacent to 
Sokolov's captivity room.)
Enter Sokolov's captivity room.
Pickup: 'Thermal Goggles' (inside locker)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
Open the BACKPACK.
Take: 'Mk22'
Deposit: 'M1911A1'

(Since we cannot trigger 'Alert Mode' we will have to
approach this situation with extreme caution and skill)

Hide under the bed and wait for the GRU soldiers to bust the
door down. From this vantage point you should be able to
tranquilize 4 of the 8 soldiers. One of the guards that
storm the room will attempt to look under the bed to 
counter this, supply each GRU with two darts as opposed to 

Exit the Sokolov room where another GRU is perched above. 
The trick is to isolate yourself to the western most area 
and pop him. That leaves 3. Next, if you look out the 
southern most window you will eventually spot another GRU
to pop. That leave 2.

Tip: While in First Person View, hold R2+L2 to look out the 
window more efficiently.

Next, there is a GRU occupying the western perimeter. You 
will be able to see the GRU's foot under a crawlspace. Shoot 
him with a dart (don't wait for him to ZzZzzZ) The eastern
most perimeter is occupied by the final GRU.

(If anything goes wrong with the simulation and you just 
happen to trigger 'Alert Mode' you will have to reboot the
game to the beginning of the GRU simulation where I 
specified saving)

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)


6.12/ /_Chyornyj_Prud_/     Wa00C

There are a couple of Coral Snakes in this area tranquilize 
one if you'd like. (Remember to take the suppressor off)

Enter the pond.
Dive down, evade all crocs., and aim for the secret entrance 
to the west. If you hear a kiss sound, it means you have a 
leach on you. Enter the CURE menu and use the 'Cigar.'

In the secret area...

Pickup: 'Grenades'
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x 24'
Resurface, follow the path...
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
Exit to the next area, evading the booby trap.

6.13/ /_Bolshaya_Past_South_/     Wa00D

Take: 'Thermal Goggles' (out of BACKPACK)
Take: 'Mine Detector' (out of BACKPACK)

The fence has a hole (to the right) you can crawl under to 
get across. Now, equip the 'Thermal Goggles' and evade the
little white rectangles (Mines) over to the tree with vines.
Climb up and look over the fence and pop the dog. The guard
might have heard the dog squeal, in suspicion he will 
investigate. Pop him.

Follow the path from whence he came. Follow the isthmus to 
the right climb up the blocks, and shimmy across.
Pickup: 'Uniform/Splitter' 
Expose yourself slightly and the guard will utter some 
dialogue and investigate. At this point duck into the grass 
pit update your camo, and pop him. After tranq. the other 
guard that was next to him. Enter the main opening in the 
fence and pop the guard at the top of the incline. Take the 
left path. 


Note: There are numerous booby traps here. If you trip one
of the string-wire's you'll set off an alarm device made
out of cans.

6.14/ /_Bolshaya_Past_Base_/     Wa00E

Navigate the eastern perimeter where you will see a sentry
guarding the complex, pop him. Afterwards...
Pickup: 'Uniform/Snow' (under a plank in the dried moat)
Ascend the ladder.
Pickup: 'Uniform/Water'
From the roof take care of a couple threats.
Descend the ladder (better yet jump down) enter the complex.
Pickup: 'Mousetrap' (underneath 3rd bed)
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x 24' (underneath 2nd bed)
Exit complex.

There is a storehouse to your left.
Pickup: 'R.C. Mate'
Pickup: 'Mousetrap'
Pickup: 'Ration'

Afterwards, lean against the red wall to notice a sentry
adjacent to a drone gun, pop him.

Enter another storehouse to the east.
Pickup: 'Bandage'
Pickup: 'Antidote'
Pickup: 'C Med'

Then, head to the north opening.


Note: If you are aiming for the 'tsuchinoko method' of 
acquiring the 'Infinity Face Paint,' I instructed you to 
pickup two (2) mousetraps. Back track to "Bolshaya Past 
South," SEE BELOW. If not, skip the below section and 
continue with the statistical way of obtaining the "IFP."

6.15/ /_Bolshaya_Past_South_Tsuchinoko_/     Wa00F

Head back to the area where the guard dog was, of course
tranquilizing and evading the guards that may or may not
be in your way.

The only animal that exists in this area AND the only animal
you can catch in this area is the tsuchinoko. Place the two 
mousetraps in a close proximity of where the dog was, making
sure to separate them quite well. Then wait about 5 
minutes and come back. (feel free to physically leave the 
game; its okay) 

When you come back, check if your mousetraps have been
replaced with a small cage (notifying that you have indeed
caught a tsuchinoko) if they haven't simply repeat the 
above procedure until you catch a tsuchinoko. For me, I 
never had to wait more than 10:00 minutes and I've done 
this twice.

When you do catch a tsuchinoko call the PARA-MEDIC for some
dialogue and you will understand your goal.

Again, all credit goes to: ***Katamari*** and his creative
6.16/ /_Boss_ Fight:_Ocelot_/     Wa00G

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

Take the suppressor off of the 'Mk22' and tranquilize the
King Cobra for food. The pattern of Ocelot is manageable;
its all about who is the faster shooter. When he exposes
himself simply shoot him. Depending on the area Ocelot
is in you can shoot the beehives located above him, on the
tree branches, to distract him - FREE HIT!

Note: Stealth camo requires 'No Alerts/No Kills' from this 
point on you will have to kill EVERY boss with the 'Mk22'.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

6.17/ /_Chyornaya_Peschera_Cave_Branch_/     Wa010

Pickup: 'Uniform/Animals'
There is a 'Reticulated Phyton' to tranq. (your suppressor 
should still be off) Follow the right path and in the new 
area use the crawlspace. Be forewarned in the crawlspace 
lurks a Taiwanese Cobra that WILL bite you if prompted with 
the opportunity. Naturalize it beforehand.

Pickup: 'Serum'
Follow the adjacent path.
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x 24'
Pickup: 'Bug Juice'

6.18/ /_Chyomaya_Peschera_Cave_/     Wa011

Take immediate path to your right.
Pickup: 'M37 Shotgun'
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet X 24'
Head back from whence you came taking the other path.
Pickup: 'Smoke G'

6.19/ /_Boss_Fight:_The_Pain_/     Wa012

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
Take: 'M37 Shotgun' (out of BACKPACK)

The pattern of this boss is very rudimentary. Whenever
The Pain is exposed unload 'Mk22' rounds on his head. When 
the hornets shield him most people reach for grenades
which is a much more time-consuming; tedious process.
Instead, when The Pain has his hornet shield equipped,
a series of well-spent rounds from the shotgun will destroy 
the shield (careful not to kill him) and you can 
resume shooting him in the head with the 'Mk22' and knocking 
out his stamina gauge.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

For round 2 the same tactics apply. (mind his red super 

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

Pickup: 'Uniform/Hornet Stripe' (where the pain stood his
ground; jump off the cliff to acquire it)


6.20/ /_Chyomaya_Peschera_Cave_Entrance_/    Wa013

The jungle theme has arrived again.
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
If you have a cage to spare there is a 'Thai Cobra' ahead 
to tranq.
Enter the small cave to the left.
I would usually suggest using the Mine Detector or perhaps 
the Thermal Goggles to see the mines in the small cave but 
they're quite luminous by using First Person View of ANY 
explosive weapon. Shoot all the mines.
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x 24'

Before the exit mind the small walking spaces.


6.21/ /_Ponizovje_South_/     Wa014

Update your camo to...
Uniform: 'Water'
The guard on the flying platforms employ field of visions 
looking into the water. Ignore them, swim underwater, all
the way to the furthest exit.


6.22/ /_Ponizovje_Warehouse:_ Exterior_/     Wa015

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
When this area loads put the suppressor on the 'Mk22' and
from this vantage point you can pop two sentries.
With those two ZzZz, there is a final sentry on the 
dock all the way to the left. Pop him and climb up.
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x 24'
Pickup: 'N.V.G.'

Frisk all the guards that are asleep with the intent on
finding 'Mk22 suppressors'.


6.23/ /_Ponizovje_Warehouse_/     Wa016

Update your camo.
Ascend the stairs.
Pickup: 'Serum'
Pickup: 'Antidote'
From the location where you pickup the antidote you can 
pop all three guards that exist in this area. (two guards
patrol the floor and the final patrols the highest point 
to the north)
From the antidote location jump the banister. (its faster)

Pickup: 'C BOX A'
Pickup: 'Bandage'
Pickup: 'Face/Desert'
Ascend the staircase from the north.
Pickup: 'R.Noodles' (in storage room)
Pickup: 'R.C. Mate' (in storage room)
Pickup: 'Disinfectant'
Pickup: 'Syptic'

From the syptic's location lean against the banister,
hang down, and drop yourself onto the canister below...

Pickup: 'SP/Mk22'

6.24/ /_Graniny_Gorki_South_/     Wa017

Equip: 'Thermal Goggles'

Gather food sources at your own personal need/discretion
while evading all booby traps and trip wires.


6.25/ /_Graniny_Gorki_Lab_Exterior:_Outside_Wall_/     Wa018

Update your camo.
You can neutralize the dog w/ minimal care from the guards.
Proceed west and pop the guard.
Crawl underneath the electrified fence.
When your on the other side pop the other guard.

Lean against the door and knock.
Hide behind the boxes and wait for the guard to investigate
the knock, pop him.

6.26/ /_Graniny_Gorki_Lab_Exterior:_Inside_Walls_/     Wa019

As soon as the courtyard is visible there is a patrolling
guard to Snake's right. Pop him.

The storage room is not important to this mission.

Exit to building.

6.27/ /_Graniny_Gorki_Lab_1F_/     Wa01A

Update your came to:
Face: 'No Paint' 
Uniform: 'Scientist' 

When you come to a fork in the hallway proceed straight.
In the new area go downstairs.

6.28/ /_Graniny_Gorki_Lab_B1_East_/     Wa01B

Enter the study.
Pickup: 'Cig Spray'

Open the brown door and study the scientists pattern.
You are aiming for the door to the right of the televison
and the scientist cannot be facing you when you enter it.

When your in the communications area the key is to wait
until both scientists are seated and use the Cig Spray
on the one closest to you. When he is ZzZ, repeat to the
other scientist.


Note: Never reveal your face to any scientists. As long as 
they don't see your face they will not trigger the Alert 
Mode, but if they get a look at your face they'll know 
your not one of them and Alert Mode will be commenced.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

Open the brown door to find the scientists awake again.
Wait for the one standing up to turn around and spray him.
While in First Person View, hold L2+R2 to stand on your tip 
toes and monitor the other scientists activity. When he is
sitting down you can actually run right by him. (again, as
long as he doesn't see your face) In the other area same 
tactics apply.

(If anything goes wrong with the simulation, and you just 
happen to trigger 'Alert Mode' you will have to reboot the
game to the beginning of the scientist simulation where I 
specified saving)


6.29/ /_Boss_Fight:_The_Fear_/     Wa01C

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
Enter the CURE menu and heal your injuries.
Update your came.
Equip: 'Thermal Goggles'
Equip: 'Mk22' (take the suppressor off)

Initially The Fear is right in front of you to shoot.
Afterwards simply follow The Fear (in First Person View) as 
he swings from branch-to-branch. If you shoot him each time 
he jumps to a new branch he will never get a chance to 
attack. Repeat this until The Fear is defeated.

I wouldn't be surprised if you end up rebooting a dozen 
times with your encounter with The Fear. Unlike previous 
bosses The Fear is the first boss who can heal his stamina 

(This is similar to the old days when I played Final 
Fantasy 7 and bosses used to use 'Cure' on themselves which 
is pretty annoying when your trying to damage them)

When The Fear's stamina gauge drops low he will jump to
a slightly obscured branch in order to "buy time" for 
shooting down food from the trees for him to subsequently 
replenish himself. He will emit some dialogue indicating
he needs food, at this point in time unload on him. If
The Fear feeds himself his stamina will sky rocket, his
sp (speed point) will max out, and you'll have to use
more 'Mk22' rounds. If this happens, YOU MUST REBOOT!

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
Pickup: 'Uniform/Spider'


7.30/ /_Ponizovje_Warehouse_/     Wa01D

Look down from the banister, you should be able to pop
all guards in this area.

Pickup: 'R.C. Mate' (in storage room)
Pickup: 'R. Noodles' (in storage room)
Pickup: 'Sp/Mk22' (on canister like before)

Exit to the red door.

7.31/ /_Svyatogornyj_South_/     Wa01E

[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
Equip: 'Thermal Goggles'

The plants that emit heat sources are various types of 
medicines that you can shoot to acquire.


7.32/ /_Svyatogornyj_West_/     Wa020

Update your came.
Equip: 'Thermal Goggles'

This area is dense forest and the sentries here blend in
quite well. Study a lot in First Person View and pop anyone
you may encounter. Evade all booby traps. Travel west.


7.33/ /_Boss_Fight:_The_End_/     Wa021

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

At last! I'm going to go on the record here, a person 
who..., "Has been gaming since infancy," and say that this 
is the most impressive boss fight I've ever seen in a game!

In particular I enjoy how the game tests your own endurance
by making this fight take place over 3 large maps. (a river, 
a plateau, and a clearing) What better medium is there to 
use other than a Forrest? While commencing the lengthy-
realistic duel, the game employs a seemingly gorgeous 
forrest to occupy the mind. Through a great portion of the 
battle some only see The End's life gauge and I like how The 
End himself remains an enigma for a while.

At first navigate from tree to tree, The End will emit
short dialogue and attempt to shoot you several times.
When The End flees move to another location. At first
run around aimlessly and wait for The End to shoot at
you, when he does it will reveal his 'sniping point'
on the MAP. Try to sneak up on him.

You can use the 'Directional Microphone' to sneak up on him
better via his breathing, or dialogue. Whenever you engage 
in close quarters combat (CQC) with The End he will throw a 
stun grenade. If you turn Snake to the opposite direction 
the stun grenade was thrown it will not blind Snake, 
and you will receive a great, crystal clear view of The End 
running off. When this happens follow him, even use your 
'Thermal Goggles' to look at his footprints.

(For depleting The End's stamina with the 'Mk22' your 
awarded the 'Mosin Nagant' The End's sniper rifle! We now 
have two firearms we can use!)

<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
Pickup: 'Mosin N.'

Head North for the exit.

7.34/ /_Krasnogorje_Tunnel_/     Wa022

Proceed to the end of the tunnel. 
Climb the ladder. (2:00)

7.35/ /_Krasnogorje_Mountain_Base_/     Wa023

Pickup: 'Serum'
Pickup: 'Smoke G'
Update your came.
Proceed west where you will discover a desert like 
environment with trenches.
There are some 'Thai Cobras' to tend to.
Pop the initial guard.
Pop the guard on top of the hill to the right.
There is a crawlspace at the end of the 2nd trench allowing
access to the hill where the sentry was posted. 
To the left there is a crawlspace underneath two stones...
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x24
Pickup: 'Serum'
When coming out of the crawlspace there is a guard right 
over the inclined plane and one to the right. Pop them.


7.36/ /_Krasnogorje_Mountainside_/     Wa024

Pickup: 'Antidote'
Pop the guard.
Enter the small provisions cave...
Pickup: 'Syptic'
After you exit the cave crawl up the hill to the east.
There is a guard who patrols near the drone gun, pop him.
Pickup: 'Bandage' (at the summit in a small crevice)
Pop the guard at the top of the walkway.

Follow the small path around the mountainside to come
to an area accompanying two drone guns and three storage
houses. As soon as you see this area you can pop two
guards from the outskirt vantage point.

Pickup: 'RPG-7'
Pickup: 'Splint'
Pickup: 'Disinfectant'
Pickup: 'R.C. Mate'
Pickup: 'Ration' x3

7.37/ /_Krasnogorje_Mountaintop_/     Wa025

From the start you should be able to pop two guards. If
you happen to trigger 'Caution Mode,' don't sweat it.
Head east until you see a red door, enter the trench.
When you come to a fork inside the trench continue heading
straight. By this time there should be a guard here to pop.
Stay inside the trench and navigate with caution as you
pop the next guard. Lastly, there is a final guard towards
the end of the trench.

Exit to the storehouse with the red door.

7.38/ /_Krasnogorje_Mountaintop:_Behind_Ruins_/     Wa026

<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut Scene> (press start to skip)

Turn around and exit from whence you came.
Inside the storehouse...
Pickup: 'R.Noodles' x2


(When you come out of the storehouse there will be a new
formation of guards armed with flamethrowers. Clank, clank, 

Enter First Person View and monitor the area adjacent to 
the drone. When the guard becomes visible, pop him.
slide down the little hill to the right and exercise
EXTREME caution as you MIGHT enter a patrolling guards
vision. This cannot be conceivably overcome unless you give
him a good ol' poppin'.

Exit to the red door at the base.

7.39/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Underground_Tunnel_/     Wa027

Descend the staircase.
At the end of the corridor...
Pickup: 'Bandage'
Pickup: 'Ointment'
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x24'

Descend the ladder.
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.40/ /_Boss_Fight:_The_Fury_/     Wa028

Update your came.

As soon as The Fury flies by head north for cover. Climb 
on top of the platform. Take the 'Mosin Nagant' out of the 
BACKPACK and enter First Person View and equip the 'Thermal 
Goggles' to reveal The Fury. Shoot him in his helmet.

Overall the only parameter to watch out for in this fight
is being severely burned. If your going for the 'statistical
method' of obtaining the 'Infinity Face Paint', you are only
allowed to receive a miminum of twenty (20) injuries.

The Fury's pattern is very rudimentary. Use either the 
'Mk22' or the 'Mosin Nagant' at your own discretion. If 
there is fire on you at any time stop-drop-and-roll to put 
it out; this way, you wont get 'Seriously Injured.'

The dark corridors aren't very luminous so the 'Thermal
Goggles' make a good reference. However there can be some
notable frustration with thermos appearing EVERYWHERE due
to the intense heat of the flames.
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

Pickup: 'Uniform/Fire'
Pickup: 'Disenfectant'
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x24'
Pickup: 'Sp/Mk22'
Pickup: 'Ointment'
Pickup: 'Bandage'


7.41/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Southwest_/     Wa029

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
Update your came.
Climb the boxes onto the platform and into the crawl space.
(the guard in this area will never bother you)


7.42/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Southeast_/     Wa01p     

Crawl underneath the vehicle to the north.
From this vantage point you should be able to pop the 
approaching guard.

Pickup: 'Mosin N. Bullet x20'

Ascend the ladder.
At the top of the platform...
Pickup: 'Book'
From this vantage point you can easily pop the two guards
and subsequently entire access to the perimeter.

Head west amongst the cargo to find a crawl space.


7.43/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Northeast_/     Wa01o

Immediately proceed to the right to witness a guard on the 
beginning of his post, pop him. (when frisked, it appears 
that this guard is almost always carrying 'Mk22 Bullet x24')
At the end of the walkway you will come to an opening...

The clearing is heavily guarded however there is only
one guard that poses a threat to your destination.

To the right of the vehicle there is a guard posted 
amongst the boxes. Enter First Person View and pop him.
(You have to wait until he reveals himself)
Climb into the back of the vehicle...

Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x24'

Exit to northern red door.

7.44/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Weapons_Lab:_East_Wing_/     Wa03k

Update your came to:
Face: 'No Paint'
Uniform: 'Scientist'
Take the 'Cig Spray' out of the BACKPACK.

To the north you will see a staircase. (there are two 
staircases I am referring to the one next to the bathroom)
Wait here until you see an officer with long blonde hair
enter the door to the library. When the officer enters the
library he is hidden from the public eye giving you the
perfect opportunity to gas him.

(Just like before there is a scientist present. You can 
also gas him at your own discretion remembering not to
reveal your face to him.)

When Raikov is gassed be certain that ALL other officers in 
the area are indeed gassed and ZzZ. 

Tip: When gassing any of the mandatory officers be sure 
that other officers are not witnessing your attempts to gas 
their comrades.

When everyone is happily ZzZing, carry Raikov upstairs and
into the locker room.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)


7.45/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Weapons_Lab:_Main_Wing_/     Wa04h

Update your came to:

Face: 'Mask'
Uniform: 'Officer'

Follow the yellow line.


7.46/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Weapons_Lab:_West_Wing_Corridor_/ Wa05u


<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.47/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Torture_Room_/     Wa06m

Pickup: 'Fork'
Pickup: 'R. Bat'

Kill the mouse with the 'Fork' and afterwards eat the bat.
Enter the CURE menu, healing the injury and removing the
transmitter with the fork.

Pickup: 'F. Death P.'
Use: 'F. Death P."

The guard will open the cell door and investigate the 
happening. Wait for him to exit the cell and then...

Use: 'Revival P.'


[Grozynj Grad Southeast]

Make your way back to the begging of Grozynj Grad.

[Grozynj Grad Southwest]

This is where you first entered Grozynj Grad this time,
explore the area to the west.

You have no weapons and no camo (even worse, your shirt is 
off) in result, you must exercise extreme caution while 
evading all encounters.

Exit to the red door to the western most area.

7.48/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Northwest_/     Wa07n

Proceed, leaning against the first tank you see. When it's
safe lean against the second, third, etc, until you get to
the end of the tank parking lot where there is a vehicle.
Crawl under the vehicle and monitor the strolling sentry.
In a matter of time he will stroll away...

Follow from a distance behind only to his right, where you
will eventually come across a guard dog ZzZ. When the dog
becomes visible, WALK (not run) past it entering the open 
gate door...crawling under the red pipes.


7.49/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Sewers_/     Wa08q

[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

Descend the staircase.
Pickup: 'Ration' (obscured at the bottom of the staircase)

Proceed down the water tunnel crawling under the crawl 
space to the left. Proceed down THIS tunnel crawling under 
the crawl space to your RIGHT. Run to the end of the next 
tunnel resorting to the crawlspace to your RIGHT. Proceed 
down THAT tunnel crawling under the crawl space to your 
LEFT. (if this is getting confusing, you can confirm a 
checkpoint by noticing a dog behind a gate in this area) 
Finally, run towards the light...and listen to the cool

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.50/ /_Boss_Fight:_The_Sorrow_/     Wa08z

Due to the fact we're commencing 'No Alert/No Kills' (for 
the stealth camo reward) we haven't killed anything yet. 
This "Boss Fight" is going to be a lot easier (momentum 
reasons) because we don't have to walk amongst all that
we have killed.

All you have to do for now is evade The Sorrow's blue 
tornado pulse. When you hit the skeleton use the revival 

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

7.51/ /_Tikhogornyj_/     Wa030

How beautiful! I hope you enjoy the environment as much as I 
do. Use your 'Fork' to nourish yourself as you see fit. 
Afterwards exit to the water fall.

7.52/ /_Tikhogornyj:_Behind_Waterfall_/     Wa031

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

With all your inventory back retrace your step back to the
Tikhogornygj area. Major Zero gave you an order to bring the 
Tsuchinoko back to him but remember how all of our 
nourishment was seized at the Grozynj Grad Torture Room? In
the Tikhogornygj area, there is another chance to capture a

When you reach the Tikhogornygj area Proceed along the path
until you come to the first tree present in the area. In a
short vicinity of this tree you will see the Tsuchinoko.
Tranquilize it with the 'Mk22' and keep it alive in your 
inventory until the game is cleared.

Thanks Tetra224! ***(Credit: Tetra224)***

Head back to Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall...
Pickup: 'Mk22 Bullet x24'

Enter the red door.

Exit to the ladder.

Head all the way back to the facility where Raikov was
using the tactics I already provided. Once there...

Update your came to:
Face: 'No Paint'
Uniform: 'Scientist'

Check the locker you stored Raikov in...

Pickup: 'Uniform/Sneaking'


7.53/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Hanger_/     Wa032

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
Update your came.

Ascend the stairs and pop the maintenance worker at the 
summit. From this vantage point you should be able to
neutralize some threats to your simulation.

You have to plant one C3 on each of the four liquid fuel
tanks. The first tank is right above the ramp in the first
area to the north. Pop all peoples in this area.

Plant your first C3.

Head down the ramp opposite to the first ramp.

Plant your second C3.
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)

Crawl under one of the vehicles and pop the guard that
prohibits access to your third liquid fuel tank.

Plant your third C3.

Head up the ramp and pop the mainentence worker.

Plant your fourth and final C3.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.54/ /_Boss_Fight:_Volgin_/     Wa033

Every time Volgin hits you with electricity it subsequently
causes you to lose rounds in the current gun you have 
equipped. So for that circumstance unequip your gun 
whenever he is about to strike you with electricity.

The strategy here is to get BEHIND Volgin while he is 
engaging his electric attack. When your behind Volgin pop 
him in the head with the Mk22.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

For the second round same tactics will apply. He has a new 
attack and he also has a newly aquired method of regaining
his stamina. He will try to electrocute the wall panel and
absorb the electricity to make his stamina gauge grow; it's
a prefect opportunity to pop him. 

Pickup: 'Uniform/Cold War'

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.55/ /_Grozynj_Grad/Motorcycle_/     Wa034

Update your camo to:
Face: 'No Paint'
Uniform: 'Cold War' (none of the guards will shoot at you)

You have infinite ammo for the 'Mk22,' and with the Cold War
Camo equipped the guards wont shoot at you. This should
be pretty simple.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.56/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Runway_South_/     Wa035

You have infinite ammo for the 'Mk22,' and with the Cold War
Camo equipped the guards wont shoot at you. This should be
pretty simple.

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.57/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Runway_/     Wa036

For this sequence regarding the enemies on the motorcycles,
it is always better to shoot the driver of the motorcycle
rather than the passenger. This is where the famous, "Kill
two birds with one stone," comes into play.

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

When The Shagohod appears you don't have to attack it yet.
instead, you have to endure IT'S attacks. When it launches
missiles into the air use ANY weapon to destroy them.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.58/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Rail_Bridge_/     Wa037

Place the cross hairs of the sniper rifle on one of the
red blinking C3 charges. When Eva says, "It's Here!" SHOOT!

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.59/ /_Boss_Fight:_The_Shagohod_/     Wa038

This boss has one of the most simple patterns I've ever seen
in a boss not to mention an important boss...LATE in the 

Equip: 'RPG-7' (take it out of the BACKPACK)

Shoot both of The Shagohod's spinning wheels. When this 
happens The Shagohod is inable to move and at this point,
Eva will operate the motorcycle behind the Shagohod where
damage can be done!

Tip: For faster reload times, press R2.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

For round 2 the same general strategy is optimal. What's 
different is now your on foot. When you shoot both the 
spinning wheels...

Equip: 'Mosin Nagant' (take it out of the BACKPACK)

Shoot Volgin right in the forehead and watch his stamina
perform a downward spiral. 

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.60/ /_Grozynj_Grad_Rail_Bridge_North_/     Wa039

Shoot everyone with the 'Mk22'.

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.61/ /_Lazorevo_South_/     Wa03A

When Eva says, "Shoot the log!" look in front of Eva and
in a matter of time the log will appear. Shoot it with the

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)

"Snake, here come a jump!"

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
Cure all injuries
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

7.62/ /_Zaozyorje_South_/     Wa03B

Pickup: Everything.
Update your camo.

Proceed (you can press triangle to signal EVA to hurry)
There are some 'Reticulated Pythons' to capture here.
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

Take: 'Smoke G.' (out of the BACKPACK)
Take: 'Thermal Goggles" (out of the BACKACK)

Throw a generous amount of smoke grenades into the path of
the approaching guards. When there is ample amounts of 
smoke use the 'Mosin Nagant' & 'Thermal Goggles' to snipe 
out the guards. Use A LOT of 'Smoke Grenades'!

When all guards are ZzZ signal Eva to get out of here. 
Choose the path to the right acquiring most of the food
sources in your path. (Eva's stamina gauge drops fast make
sure to feed her in generous proportions for doing so, 
she'll move A LOT faster)

At the end of the path there is a platform to get to with

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)


7.63/ /_Zaozyorje_North_/     Wa03c

From here follow the same tactic as before...

Throw a generous amount of smoke grenades into the path of
the approaching guards. When there is ample amounts of 
smoke use the 'Mosin Nagant' & 'Thermal Goggles' to snipe 
out the guards. Use A LOT of 'Smoke Grenades'!

When this is accomplished head north where you come to a
cliff. You'll reach some dense forrest...

Throw a generous amount of smoke grenades into the path of
the approaching guards. When there is ample amounts of 
smoke, use the 'Mosin Nagant' & 'Thermal Goggles' to snipe 
out the guards. Use A LOT of 'Smoke Grenades'! HAHAHA!

At the end of the path there is a platform to get to with

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)


7.64/ /_Final_Boss_Fight:_The_Boss_/     Wa03D

<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

I'm going to start by saying that this environment is one
of the most BEAUTIFUL one's I've ever seen in a game.
Update your camo.

Initially The Boss with rush you and engage in CQC with
you. At this point you should always tap circle as fast
possible who knows, you might actually win the duel (which
is HARD). If you win the duel knock her to the ground and
pop her.

As I type this Boss strategy I actually in truth, just 
defeated The Boss using CQC only. When The Boss engages 
you push the circle button HARD and you will get an 
advantage over her. It's funny because I had to edit my 
section on it being, "extremely difficult", to take the boss 
down with CQC, I can't believe I just beat her exclusively 
with it!

If your having trouble with the CQC hide well and engage
her with the 'Mosin Nagant.' For this fight I'm not a big
fan of the 'Thermal Goggles', you may use them at your own

<Cut scene> (cannot be skipped)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
Choose the gun to the right
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
[CALL] (hold triangle to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)
<Cut scene> (press start to skip)

***THE END***

Congratulations! You beat the game! But wait, you already 
beat the game haven't you!? Well, that's what I recommend 
so, lemme' scratch dat'. Congratulations! You got the
'Infinity Face Paint' and 'Stealth camo' Yahoo!


|008: FAQ Overview  |

Here's a list of all the FAQ'S I've written...

1. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X  
   Infinite Launcher/A ranking guide

2. Metal Gear Solid 3 SNAKE EATER
   Stealth Camo/IFP FAQ

|009: Frequently Asked Questions  |

From: V. Hau (Vince)

(This question is concerning the bridge in the Dolinovodno)

I tranqualized both guards that are posted on the bridge
but afterwards, when I ran across they both fell of into
the river below. Does this count as a kill?

Answer: If your trying to unlock the 'Infinity Face Paint'
via the statistical requirements then I recommend rebooting
your game back to this area. Personally I have never tested
this variable. Most people claim that it DOES affect your
final kill count, and many say it DOESN'T.

The only thing I can provide is a method that will prevent
the guards from falling off the bridge. Simply walk across
the bridge instead of running, i.e. stealth mode L3 is
pressure sensitive.

|010: Final Words  |

My inbox these days warmly welcomes you - any suggestions, 
kind words, or anything at all; I would gladly take into 
consideration. I strongly recommend to leave many questions 
or concerns because I plan on making a 'Frequently Asked 
Questions' section. Oh, if this FAQ helped you send me an 
email. It would be nice to know that I have helped someone. 
Or, maybe, perhaps, you would like to go bowling? 

Email: ThePeoplesDrummer(at)Verizon(dot)net

Donations [Paypal]: Runbarefoot1(at)verizon(dot)net. 
Some feel that the donation is a way of recipicating the
numerous long hours that have gone into the FAQ.

Thanks to Randy Gamboa! -(Katamari) for helping me with the
statistical requirements for the 'Infinity Face Paint'

Thanks to Tetra224! - For the alternate 'Tsuchinoko Method'
of unlocking the 'Infinity Face Paint'

Thanks to - For information about 

Thanks to Konami Computer Entertainment Japan and Hideo 
Kojima for producing this great game.

Thanks to anyone reading this FAQ.


|011: Disclaimer  |

This text is (c) 2006 by Michael Condella (MCondella)
All rights reserved. Game concept and characters (c) Konami.

I published this guide for the intent for it to be viewed on & ONLY. This may not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. 

If you would like to use this guide publically or broadcast 
it on the internet you may ask me, I will gladly approve of 
the matter if, and only if, it is deemed evident that it is 
my walkthrough without no other person(s) taking credit for 
MY walkthrough.

Lots of personal hard work, careful considerations and 
strategic game play went into this guide. To protect my 
work, if anyone should disobey the above terms, they will 
be reprimanded with a copyright infringement.