Question from doomlord4

Asked: 3 years ago

Ruststones ?

I got a ruststone in a basarios hunt.i tried polish it but it always become a crossbow.i used the trick the ruststone faqs provide but it didn't work.i crafted the eagle cleaver and i'm going for the ancient blade but i just can't polish the ruststone into the rusted great sword.Please help.Thanks

Accepted Answer

From: KeybladeVanz 3 years ago

it means your Ruststone is a bowgun type, you can't change it's type, in the faqs, u can change the weapon into the rusted weapon, for Ex. Iron Sword, after several times you polish it, it became a Rusted Great Sword . .

but you can't change the type, Ex. Bowgun - Greatsword, noo, you can't

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