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can I beat the troublesome pair quest with my stuff?

I need to know If i can beat the troublesome pair quest with
Monoblos Torso
Monoblos Gauntlets
Monoblos Helm
Rathlos Tasset
Rathlos Greaves

Iron Katana (Upgrading to eager cleaver eventually)
Tarnished Great Sword (Need 99 more earth crystals to get final)
Red Wing (Need a rathlos wing to upgrade)

My general strategy is use my seigmund and hunt down which ever one i find first and kill it. Usually the rathian is the one first to die. I can kill it in like 15-20 minutes easily but by the time i'm going for the rathlos i don't have any potions left. i figure i can win easily if i do a combination of things: kill rathlos first because he's harder, bring mega potions (all i do is take the first aid meds and 10 potions), or i could take out the rathian first if i dont waste all my healing items.
I have never played online. i have never needed help from anyone defeating anything on monster hunter before but i do play freedom 2. This obviously is the last mission before i beat the game, please help me

Accepted Answer

Cathbar answered:

Your armor and Siegmund will work fine.

Keep in mind that the offline Rathalos and Rathian from TP are the equivalent of the online 13+ versions of themselves, meaning that they have more health, attack power, and defence.

I usually go after the Los 1st, since he can be quite the nuisance to kill, what with flying every 2 or 3 hits... Depending how quickly he goes down (15 minutes or less) I'll either restart or proceed to the Ian.

Things I take with me are:

10 x Mega Potions
1 x Pitfall Trap and enough materials for 2 more (For use on Ian only
10 x Flash Bombs
5 x Well-done steaks
10 x Herbal Medicine, and
All of your books

Plus whatever you get in the box.

Good luck.
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