Question from shadow2569

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat the doc octopus fight ?

How do you deafeat the part when doctor octopus's project goes haywire and then you have to destroy these computers in order to stop the plasma blasts and finish him off pls someone help me

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From: most_games_r_ok 5 years ago

There are a total of 9 switches. 4 are on platforms like the one the level starts with. 1 can be found high up on a wall. 3 are found in rooms downstairs. For the last switch head back to the platform that MJ is on and fall off of it to your left. You should see a gap-fall though that. To your left is a switch that you must crawl towards under the wooden structure (be careful with this one as it is a bit tricky).

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You need to dodge the shock waves that are coming at you and flip the 4 switches around the room to turn it off.

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