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Table of Contents

1. Disclaimers

2. Game Overview

3. Game Basics

	- Controls
	- Damage
	- Boosts 
4. Race Modes

5. Championship
	- Types of Events
	- The Events

6. Tracks

7. Racers

8. Unlockables

9. Hints n' Tips

10. Contacting Me

11. Thanks 

12. Revision History

			1. D I S C L A I M E R 

	I'd like to start out by saying, that like all my previous FAQs, 
I'm allowing anybody to use and/or host this as long as they follow 3 rules.

	1: This guide is not to be altered in any way, shape or form
	2. I'm to be given proper credit for my work
	3. This guide is NOT to be used to gain a profit or any other type
	of monetary gain. 

As long as you follow those 3 rules, then Rock on! \m/^,^\m/

	I also wanna say that I am in no way affiliated with anything 
pertaining to this game.  All characters, art, work and any/everything else
is copyright its respected owners. So suing me is pointless =b

		       2. G A M E  O V E R V I E W

First off, there is no story mode to this game.  None of the racers have 
any backstory, other than little blurbs here and there.  So what I say here
is just my own interpretation.

Basically, you are an underground street racer.  But since this is the future
on a different planet, you don't race with cars.  Instead, you race on 
devices called "blades".  (A Blade is essentially a personal hovercraft that
resembles the pod racers from Star Wars.  I hate to make that analogy, but 
even some of the tracks seem to be parodied from other Star Wars games.)  

Your only goal is to Race, Rabble Rouse and  ultimately prove that you are 
the best street racer around, by any means possible. 

			3. G A M E  B A S I C S


Unfortunately, the controls can not be customized to which ever buttons one 
would like.  But you can choose from one of four pre-set styles to use. 
Thankfully, of the four styles to choose from, at least one should be to your

For now, I'll just list the two main styles. The Default and the Analog. The
other two styles are just small variations of these. I personally prefer The
Analog style

|Default Style|:

Steering: Left analog stick

Look Around: Right analog stick

Accelerate: X button

Brake: Square Button

Change View: Triangle

Repair: Circle button

Gear Up/Down: L1 / R1

Boost: R2

Look Back: L2

Taunt: Digital Pad

|Analog Style|:

Steering: Left Analog stick

Accelerate: Right analog stick Up

Brake: Right analog stick down

Boost: R2

Repair: L2

Gear Up/Down: L1 / R1

Change view: Triangle

Taunt: Digital Pad


Damage of your Blade can be measured by the red bars on the bottom right of
your HUD. When the bars get about half way filled, your blade will begin to
move slower and handle more sluggish.  When the bars are three fourths filled,
your blade will enter critical state. Finally, when the bars are filled,
your blade will be destroyed.  Having your blade blow up, doesn't mean that 
you've automatically lost.  Instead, what happens is, after a moment, your
blade and your racer will automatically reappear where the destruction
happened, ready to go again.  

Damage is sustained when you run into walls (and other objects), other
blades, or have other blades boost ram you.

Damage can be repaired by doing a Boost Repair, which will be explained in 
the Boost section.


On the bottom left of your HUD is a series of blue bars. When all the blue
bars are filled up, you gain a Boost.  You can store up to three Boosts at
any one time.  The amount of Boosts you have stored so far is shown by 
Blue Squares on the right side of your HUD, above your damage display. 

Boosts are gained by racing in High gear with out hitting any obstacles. As
you go faster, your boost will charge faster.  When it fills all the way, 
you will gain a Boost.  However, if you hit anything, before it is fully 
filled, you will lose any charge you may of had up to that point.  

Once you have a Boost stored, it can be used in one of three ways. It can
be used for a Speed Boost, a Ram Boost or a Repair Boost. 

SPEED BOOST: This requires no explenation. It is exactly what it seems. When
	the boost button is pressed, you will gain a sudden surge of speed.

RAM BOOST: The Ram Boost is your only offensive technique, other than sheer
	skill.  In order to perform this, you must get close to another Blade
	(best if you're right behind it) and angle your nose towards the
	opponent. If you are close enough, then you will perform a Ram Boost.
	This will cause the Rammed blade to suffer some big damage, and go 
	flying out of control.  Also, if the targeted Blade is in the 
	Critical State, once Ram Boosted, it will be destroyed.

REPAIR BOOST: This is going to be one of the most important skills you can 
	learn to use.  It is also easy to misuse.  If you have a Boost stored, 
	and you have suffered damage, press the repair button.  Your Blade 
	will drastically slow down, and you'll lose one Boost, but you will
	also have about one fourth of your damage repaired.  This is vital to
	learn how to use, as it will help you from blowing up, but at the same
	time, causes you to lose speed.  Learn the proper time and 
	place for this, and you will be safe. Alternatively, you can just
	avoid any accidents. =

			4. R A C E  M O D E S

When you first start the game, you are presented with a variety of modes to 
choose from.  Here the choices you have, and a description of what they are.

	- This is a simple single race.  You can choose from any character 
	and track that you have unlocked so far and race once.

	- This is the "Story" mode of the game, sans any story. You race 
	through multiple types of events, to prove that your racer is the
	best at what he/she/it does.  This is also the mode where you can
	unlock all the extra secrets of this game.

	- You pick your racer, your track and then you just run.  There are
	no other racers and you don't take any damage. This is the perfect
	mode for learning the basics of this game.  You may also choose to
	save a "hologram" of your best lap to race against later.

	-You, and one other human player, can pick your characters and a
	track to race on in a split screen race. You can set the number of 
	laps for the race, up to 30. (basicaly, a two player version of a 
	Quick Race.)

			5. C H A M P I O N S H I P

This is the "meat and potoatos" of this game, and where you will be spending
most of your time. 


In order to keep Championship mode from being too repetative, you won't be 
doing just straight racing through out the whole thing.  There are a total of
four different events that you can take part in, during your Championship

They are:

	- This is the basic type of race. It is you, any number of other
	racers, competing for a placing position over the course of a 
	number of tracks. 

	- This is similar to the Circuit race, except for one explosive 
	addition.  It starts out the same. You and a number of oppoents are
	racing laps on a certain track, however, the person in last place at
	any given lap, is destroyed and taken out of the race. Obviously, 
	make sure you are never in last place. Alternatively, you can win
	by destroying the other racers. Unlike other races, if you or an
	opponent are destroyed, you won't respawn. 

	- This is a head to head grudge match.  You race against one other
	opponent on a certain track. Being grudge a match it usually takes 
	place on a track full of obstacles, and is only one or two laps. 
	The other racer is also quite aggressive.

	- One of the more annoying event types. There are 3, hidden, set 
	times and you have 3 laps to beat one. The best time beaten 
	determines which medal you receive. 


Here are the events that you will race through during your course of the
Championship mode.  I'll list the Type of event it is, The track(s) raced on
and the difficulty of the track. Also, I will give my recommendation of which
racer to use for that event (out of the ones you will have unlocked by then)
and I will list some helpful notes about the event, too.  However, I won't go
in depth of the track itself, as tracks tend to be repeated. Instead, I will
give various info on the tracks themselves in another section.   

About the way I'm going to list difficulty. I will give it a number between 1
and 10. With one being a very easy track and ten being very hard. I will list
the difficulty for each track raced on, as well as an overall for the event

Lastly, other than in an Eliminator event, the computer controlled racers 
will be nearly invincible, able to take heaps of damage. So don't get
over aggressive.  Only do so when it will immediately benefit you. 


Event - Circuit Race (1 Race)

Track - San Kei Speedway 

Difficulty - 2

Recommended Racer -  Either of the Starting Racers

This is a simple race, on a simple track.  The opponents won't be too 
aggressive and will be rather forgiving if you wreck or bump into things. 
Don't worry too much about this, as it is meant for you to learn the 
controls.  You should be able to place rather easily. 


Event - Circuit Race (3 Races)

Tracks - San Kei Outfield 
       - Mata Wai Ocean Dam
       - Acer Naim Orbital 

Difficulty - 3
	   - 4
           - 4
	   - Overall - 4 

Recommended Racer - Abel
		  - Jenna
		  - Jenna

Right off the bat, your going to have a challenging time with this.  Compared
to the pre qualify, these tracks are tricky. For the first track, I 
recommended that you use Abel because of his slightly higher handeling stat.
This will allow you to maneuver the many turns of the track. The next two 
races I recommended Jenna for her high armor stat. The opponents are more
aggressive in this event, and in the straight a ways, they will let you 
know! So Jennas maxed armor will provide some good help. Also, I suggest
that you use this event to practice your Boost skills, Fish Tailing and 
the other Extra Tidbits I mention below. You're going to need them shortly. 
Over all, You shouldn't have much trouble placing, but you will probably 
have to do some of the races multiple times before you get the gold.


Event - Hot Lap

Track - Imperial Die Bak Silo

Difficulty - 1 (3 if you want to get the Gold)

Recommended Racer - Abel

This is a very easy event.  There is no one else on the track, and you start
with max boosts. I recommend you use Abel for this, as he has a higher top
speed than Jenna, and if you want the gold, you need all the speed you can
get. Most important thing to know about this event is to BOOST! And Boost 
often!  There aren't many places where you'll bump into something, so you
don't have to worry too much about loosing your charge. Also, since a lot
of this track is straight a ways or gentle turns, Boost as you get them! 
As long as you just try, you should at least place.  But if you want the
Gold, you are going to have to make sure you beat 47.9 seconds in at least 
one of your laps, which is easier said than done. 


Event - Challenge Match

Track - Khalids Midnight Challenge Strip

Difficulty - 3.5

Recommended Racer - Either Racer

Either racer would be good for this event. Abels handeling will come in handy
with all the obstacles you have to maneuver around, while Jennas Armor comes
in handy from the Agressive Khalid.  The track itself will prove to be tricky.
Even though it is mostly straight a ways, the track is littered with 
obstacles that must be avoided, and narrow passage ways that must be entered
_just_ right.  But just remember, Khalid has to deal with these obstacles
too. And do to the fact that Khalid is an aggressive racer, it is easy to 
lead him into a wreck. On top of that, he often wrecks even with out your
help.  As long as you don't bump into to many things, you should come out

Rest to come come at a later date...

 	                        6. T R A C K S

I won't be doing any ASCII drawings of track lay outs (I don't have the skill
nor patience), so instead, I'm going to list various aspects of the tracks as
well as some hard spots and other things to look out for.

"Purpose built high speed Tri Oval"

There isn't much to say about this track. Being the first track, it is pretty
easy.  Most of the turns are gentle and subtle.  The only thing to really
watch out for is the 60 degree sharp turn at the end of the course.
It will catch many first time players off guard.  

"Extended speedway with open straights and bank turns"

With this being the second track of the game, it's quite a challenge. Right
at the start you faced with a series of S turns. And through out the track
in general, there are a lot of S turns and sharp turns in general.  You will
need to use your break often on this course, and your handeling as well.
You also face your first U turn here. Unfortunately, it is quite a sharp one.
If you can fish tail or skid into it, it won't be much of a problem. Finally,
boost carefully on the straight a ways on this track, as they all end with 
sharp turns.  (but, again, if you can boost then fish tail into one of these,
it could be advantageous to you)

"Hydro dam and shoreline sprint through natural chicanes"

This is a very tricky race. Other than a sharp turn at the start, there 
aren't too many turns you'll have to worry about.  What is tricky about this
race is that the course has some wide open spaces to ride in.  So it can be
easy to lose your directioning with so much freedom.  Also, in the midst of
these open spaces, are lots of columns, which require you to zig zag around
them. These columns can also help in confusing you in which way to go, as in 
the beginning of the race, the path splits on you.  If you are amidst other 
computer racers, follow them for the best route. If you are in the lead, and
not sure which way to go, I recommend going right, then left. Another, 
dangerous, thing to watch out for, is near the end of the race.  After one
of those wide open sections of the course, there is a giant wall in front of
you with a small, narrow, hole in it.  This "hole" is about only one blade
wide, so you have to angle yourself in perfectly to avoid hitting anything. 
But this can work to your advantage. If you are neck and neck with another 
blade, you can easily ram him into the wall for some damage, and loss of
time.  There is one good thing about this track though, and that is that 
the straight a ways are long! Its not all that rare to use up 6 boosts 
on a straight a way, and still have some left over when you come out of it! 

"Twighlight speedway on the Acer Naim Garden Orbital"

Hope you are good at handeling S curves, because this course is loaded with
them! Sometimes having three or so S curves in a row, with the turns getting
gradually sharper. There is also an S curve about 3/4 of the way into the 
course that is very narrow. If you're not careful, you'll crash into the wall
quite easily. But so can your opponent. The worse part of this course is
right before the finish line. There is a series of 90 degree turns you have
maneuver through. This is tricky even for an experienced player. Be sure to
use your brake as needed.  Finally, like in the San Kei Outfield, all the 
straight a ways end with sharp turns. So boost carefully on them, and be
prepared to fish tail or brake when needed.

"Mountain route with a plent buster missle complex"

This is a simple track.  There isn't much to worry about bumping into, as
you can drive up most walls on this course. The turns are mostly gentle, 
with the exception of maybe 2 of them.  One of which is a wide U turn, which
should really be fish tailed into to maintain speed. Other than that, the 
track is mostly straight aways, so boost constantly and stay on the throttle.

"Race Khalid head to head in the Mastan shipyards"

This course is very deceiving. It is mainly straight a ways, so one would 
think that you should boost a lot.  Unfortunately, this course is loaded
with obstacles you need to avoid, as well as columns that turn the already
narrow course, into even narrower pathways.  Be sure to brake as needed and
keep your eye on the horizon, so you can try to anticipate when the course
suddenly gets narrower.  If possible, use the colums to your advantage, and 
try to force any opponents into them.  The time it takes them to re-organize
will allow you to get quite a lead.  Best advice is to not be reckless, just 
tackle this course intelligently. 

Rest to come come at a later date...

				7. R A C E R S

Here is the format in which I'll list the racers:

Games description of character
Blade Name
Games description of Blade
Blade Stats
How to Unlock
My comment on Character

A quick note on about the Racers stats.  For a lot of them, their stats are
deceiving. Some have high armor rating, yet take damage like you wouldn't
believe. Others may have good handeling, but handle really sluggish. And,
except for the final racer you unlock, they all have the same Thrust rating,
yet some have noticeable faster and slower acceleration than others. The 
only real way to get an understanding for a racer is to actually choose 
them and race as them for a little.  Please, use the stated stats below 
only as a basis for the beginning of choosing a racer. 

Racer: Jenna Ferrante
"Crowd pleasing favorite with all-round racing talent"
Blade: Jannek Sabor Scout
"Street gang bike customized and tuned for racing"

Top Speed: ****
Armor	 : **********
Weight	 : ******
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: *******
Skidding : *******

Unlocked: Initial Character

Jenna is the girl to be if you want to be aggressive in the early races. 
What she lacks in speed, she makes up for in Armor and weight, allowing her
to push the other racers around, and not be pushed around that much herself.
Her armor is her best stat. Its maxed, so she can take a lot of hits during
a race, allowing you to save up your Boosts for Rams or just speed when you 
need it. The rest of her stats are about average, allowing you to play as 
her for a while, if you so wish, as she has no terrible weaknesses. 

Racer: Abel Vorsh
"Playboy maverick with a wide streak of luck and skill"
Blade: Polman Weaver Monoplex
"Light weight pro blade style, popular in street racing leagues"

Top Speed: *****
Armor	 : *********
Weight	 : ********
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ********
Skidding : ********

Unlocked: Initial Character

Out of the two starting characters, Abel is probably the best of the two. He
has a higher top speed, Handeling, Skidding and Weight than Jenna, while only
having a single point less armor.  But don't be fooled, that single less 
armor point can be well noticed in some races. On his strengths, his
handeling and skidding are his best assets.  They allow him to maneuver 
through the plethora of S turns in all the early races, with out having to
slow down too much. He also has a high weight stat, which allows him to be
agressive quite well.  But with his speed and handeling, it would probably be
better to just pass opponents, and only rumble when you need too. 

Racer: Khalid Freman
"Powerful swamp dweller from the forests of Soomis"
Blade: Thunder Head MK2
"Converted forrest transport with upgraded engines"

Top Speed: ****
Armor	 : ********
Weight	 : ******
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ********
Skidding : ********

Unlocked: Beat him in Khalids Midnight Challenge

Khalid is, essentially, a combination of Jenna and Abel.  Though it may not
be too obvious from his stats, he is real good at Boost Ramming. Able to 
knock away most moderate weighted blades with ease, while not being moved to
much when Rammed from others.  His handeling and Skidding are good too, but
they come with a lack of top speed. If you want more of a challenge in the
early races, use him. Otherwise, I recommend that you use Abel instead and 
save Khalid for multi mode, when you want to jack up a friend and make him
wreck. =D

Sun Mateeb
"Ancient mechanoid seeking a glorious death on the track"
Emmet Barant Barracuda

Top Speed: ****
Armor	 : ********
Weight	 : ****
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: *********
Skidding : *********

Unlocked: Gold Metal on Jannek Classic Event

Her stats are rather deceiving.  Despite having a high armor rating, she 
takes damage like tissue paper. It accumulates on her fast! Other misleading
stats on her, are her Thrust and Top Speed.  Though both of them are low, 
she is able to accelerate quite quickly. And her top speed seems to very 
fast as well.  Her handeling and skidding stats are dead on though. Her
Maneuverability is very good. Able to bob and weave among the best. 
Out of the early available racers, I deem her the best for straight racing.
As long as you avoid running into things, you should come out ahead with 
her. Once you get her, I recommend staying with her for a while. Unless you
prefer to be aggressive, then I recommend someone else. 

Gabriel Vorsh
"Abel Vorsh's older, wiser brother"
Decov DC5
"Heavily upgraded vintage racer"

Top Speed: **** 
Armor	 : *******
Weight	 : *******
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: *****
Skidding : *****

Unlocked: Win Gabriels ship yard challenge

Being Abel's brother, It's not suprising that the two are similar. Both are
able to maneuver very well. But Gabriel, like Sun, has a deceiving stat.  
Even though his handeling stat is low, he is probably the best, of the 
early racers, at taking corners. More good traits come from his armor, weight
and size of his blade. These allow him to be aggresive with other blades, 
with out having to worry about too much.  Down side to him is that he has a
lower top speed than his brother, and his acceleration is on the low side.
He's good for the early courses with lots of turns, but there are better

Machiko Hughes-Murata
"Daughter of PowerDrome legend Cyan Hughes"
Murata Engineering Red Snapper
"Custom designed, purpose built, state of the art racing blade"

Top Speed: **** 
Armor	 : *******
Weight	 : *******
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: *****
Skidding : *****

Unlocked: Get a gold medal on Sankei Speedway Exhibition Event

Judging by her stats, you would think she is the female equivalent of
Gabriel.  In reality, she is more like the Female equivalent of Khalid. 
Her acceleration and maneuverability are poor. And she can't corner as well
as Gabriel.  The good side to her is that her armor, weight, and blade size
allow her to be aggressive. But other than that, there are better blades to
choose from.  I suggest using her on Eliminator events, if you want to win 
by destroying the blades instead of coming in first all the time. 

"Former robot infantry: built for war, designed to win"
Lowell LOWD 451 (Low Orbit Weapon Deployment System)
"Heavily armored converted mobile heavy weapons platform

Top Speed: *****
Armor	 : ******
Weight	 : **********
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ******
Skidding : ******

Unlocked: Gold Medal on Mata Wai Invitational

Angul is probably one of the best racers you can use. For the second half of
the game, you will probably either be playing as this or Amran. Lets get the
negatives out of the way. First off, his acceleration is rather poor. You
really need to do the boost start if you wish to compete in the later races.
And that is about it! Angul has a very nice top speed.  And if you are 
drafting, watch out! He will gain an enormous amount of speed, and catch up
quickly! His handeling and turning are exceptional as well.  The best part 
about Angul is his weight and armor. He is a TANK! He can take a heap of 
hits, and just shrug them off. And he can dish out just as much as he can
take, too.  And not that it matters much in this game, but he is very 
capable of both on road and off road racing. Up until you get Amran, You 
will probably be using either Angul or Sun for most races. 

"Android test pilot turned racing pro"
Fairud Stingray Test Rig
"Lightly built racing blade with good power to weight ratio"

Top Speed: ****
Armor	 : ******
Weight	 : ****
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ****
Skidding : ****

Unlocked: Gold Medal on Empress Yei Memorial Trophy

Jinx sucks.  Heh. Ok. that is rather biased.  But look at him. By the time
you get him, you already have Angul, Sun and Gabriel. Three great racers. 
Jinx is completely average. All around.  He has a low top speed, and low
acceleration.  The only good thing about him, is that he has a thin blade,
which allows for easy navigation in the narrow corridors and tight turns
later in the game.  But by learning how to fish tail properly, you should
be able to do that anyways.  He is good to use in Time trial mode so you 
can accustom your self to the tracks.  And in Multi Mode if you want to 
handicap your self.  But don't use him in championship mode unless you want
to give yourself a challenge

Amran Dachs
"Veteran Racer and seventeen times Skydrome Champion"
CWC Tiger 4 Custom
"Light but strong chasis with CWC thrust system"

Top Speed: *****
Armor	 : ****
Weight	 : ********
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ****
Skidding : *******

Unlocked: Win Amrans Speedway challenge

This guy is going to be a valuable addition to your line up of racers!
First off, Think of Sun. Then think of everything about Sun magnified!
His acceleration is great! His top speed is fast! You will be a definate
contender with this guy! Sadly, he takes damage worse than Sun.  One good
hit sends him into critical. He is a racer for pure speed. If you 
use him, and you will, avoid collisions at all cost. Use his speed and
maneuverability to get ahead and stay ahead of the pack. He is a must
use for those annoying speed runs.

"Alien racer of unkown origin with a passion for raw speed"
Hooper Aerosports Exarch
"Heavily customized racing blade stripped of all safety equipment"

Top Speed: ****
Armor	 : *****
Weight	 : *****
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ****
Skidding : ****

Unlocked: Gold medal on Wirethrow Industrial Chips Shield

Wait a sec. I thought I already covered Jinx?  Ok, that was a bad insult
Roost is actually a decent racer. She is really good at handeling corners,
turns and just maneuvering in general.  Her speed and acceleration are 
nothing great, but for courses with a lot of turns, and you're tired of 
using gabriel, she is a decent consideration.  But for most of the races,
I still suggest you stick with Amran or Angul

Sarama Nimiette
"Aggressive, charasmatic cult leader from the dead colonies"
Orchis Model 8
"Vintage racer chassis with a newly designed thrust system"

Top Speed: ****
Armor	 : ****
Weight	 : *****
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: **********
Skidding : **********

Unlocked: Gold medal on Gainward Prospect Festival Cup

For the beginner that is having trouble with controlling their blade, this
is the character to learn with. She can turn on a dime. And if you 
mastered fish tailing, she is great for those really sharp U turns as well.
Her mediocre weight and blade design gives her decent drafting ability as
well as the option to be aggresive if needed.  But only when needed. She 
can't take hits especially well.  She is fun to use, too bad she doesn't
have better top speed or acceleration, or she'd be top tier definately.

Jed Clanton
"Ruthlessly cunning drifter from the Fringe Worlds League"
Eden Courier Custom
"Converted dust skimmer upgraded with stolen parts"

Top Speed: *****
Armor	 : *****
Weight	 : *********
Thrust	 : ****
Handeling: ********
Skidding : ******

Unlocked: Win Clantons Gutter Run Challenge

If you don't like Angul, then Jed is your alternative. He has only slightly
less weight, but better handeling. His wide blade also allows for easier 
blocking of racers that want to pass you. Sadly, his acceleration is very
slow and he doesn't seem to be able to draft very well. Thus leading to a 
long time to reach his top speed.  He isn't a terrible racer, but I prefer
Angul myself

"Living machine with perfect racing reflexes"
"Hi-tech NanoCarbon shell housing a perfect racing machine"

Top Speed: **********
Armor	 : **********
Weight	 : *******
Thrust	 : **********
Handeling: *******
Skidding : ****

Unlocked: Gold medal on Core Worlds Master Cup

"Perfect racing machine" indeed! This thing is FAST! Insane acceleration, and
a massive topspeed. It is fast to a fault! It has good handeling ability, 
which is good, because as fast as you are going, those turns and obstacles 
will come up on you before you realize it. This thing moves so fast, that 
I was able to do 10 second laps on some courses as well as get 3 to 4 lap
leads on opponents in certain events.  But be warned, even though Nexus
has a high armor rating, as fast as you will be going, one wreck will send
you straight into critical.  To use Nexus effectively, you must learn to 
anticipate what may come ahead, so that you can react in time. Definately
a fun racer to use, especially to go back and get golds on all those time

			8. U N L O C K A B L E S

This game starts out with everything except two racers and two tracks locked.
In order to unlock all the other racers, tracks, events and extra stuff, you
have to place in the events of Championship Mode.  The unlockables aren't too
hard to unlock. Usually you just have to place to unlock something, so I
didn't bother doing to extensive of a testing on these. Also, Gaining a gold
medal will usually unlock everything that a lower medal would of unlocked
as well. So only If I know what you will get with placing with a lesser medal,
I will note it. Other wise, I will just list what _all_ is unlocked, when 
placed with a gold. 

Event - Pre Season Qualify

Medal needed - Any

Unlocks  - Core Worlds Cup Event
	 - Jenna Ferrante Gallery
	 - Abel Vorsh Gallery

Event - Core Worlds Cup 

Medal Need - At least Silver

Unlocks  - Imperial Die Bak Complex Speed Challenge
	 - Acer Naim Orbital Track
	 - San Kei Outfield Track
	 - Cholo Turbines Trophy Event
	 - Khalids Midnight Run Event

Event - Imperial Die Bak Complex Speed Challenge

Medal needed - Silver

Unlocks - Imperial Die Bak Silo Track

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Original Power Drome Gallery

Event - Khalids Midnight Run

Medal Needed - Just win the Race

Unlocks  - Khalid Image Gallery
	 - Khalid as a playable racer

Event - Cholo Turbines Trophy 

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Sun Mateeb Image gallery
	- Caldera Circuit Track
	- Mata Wai Plains Track
	- Mata Wai Image gallery

Event - San Kei Eliminator

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Soomis Speed Challenge
	- San Kei Speed Way Exhibition
	- Mata Wai eliminator
	- Gabriels Ship Yard challenge

Event - Soomis Speed Challenge

Medal Needed - at least Silver

Unlocks - Other vehicles image gallery
	- Soomis Forest track

Event - Gabriels Ship Yard Challenge

Medal Needed - Just win

Unlocks - Gabriel Vorsh Image Gallery
	- Gabriel Vorsh Racer

Event - Jannek Classic

Medal Needed - Silver

Unlocks - Boosta image Gallery
	- Soomis Reverse Track
	- San Kei Outfield R Track
	- Imperial Silo R Track
	- Soomis Image gallery

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Sun Mateeb Racer

Event - Mata Wai Eliminator

Medal Needed - Just win

Unlocks - Storyboard Gallery

Event - San Kei Speedway Exhibition

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Machiko Hughes-Murata Gallery
	- Machiko Hughes-Murata Racer
	- Wire Throw Industrial Chips Shield
	- Mata Wai Speed Challenge 
	- Amran Speedway Challenge 
	- Empress Yei Memorial Trophy 
	- Imperial Die Bak Eliminator
	- Mata Wai Invitational
	- San Kei Image Gallery

Event - Mata Wai Invitational

Medal Needed - Silver 

Unlocks - Angul Image Gallery
          Mata Wai Plains R track 

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Angul Racer

Event - Imperial Die Bak Eliminator

Medal Needed - Just win

Unlocks - Track Furniture Concept Gallery

Event - Empress Yei Memorial Trophy

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Jinx Image Gallery
	  Acer Naim Substructure Track
	  Jinx Racer
	  Acer Naim Image Gallery

Event - Amrans Speedway Challenge

Medal Needed - Just win

Unlocks - Amran Dachs Gallery
	  Amran Dachs Racer
	  Challenge Tracks Gallery

Event - Mata Wai Speed Challenge

Medal Needed - At least Silver

Unlocks - Promotional Material Gallery

Event - Wirethrow Industrial Chips Challenge

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Imperial Die Bak Gallery
	  Soomis Forest R Track
	  Imperial Die Bak Track
	  Imperial Die Bak Speed Challenge
	  San Kei Outfield Eliminator
	  Cyan Hughes Testimonial Event
	  Clantons Gutter Run Challenge
	  Gainward Prospect Festival Cup
	  Roosta Racer

Event - Gainward Prospect Festival Cup

Medal Needed - Bronze

Unlocks - Caldera Circuit R Track

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Sarama Nimiette Gallery
	  Sarama Nimiette Racer
	  Caldera Image Gallery

Event - Clantons Gutter Run Challenge

Medal Needed - Just Win

Unlocks - Jed Clanton Gallery
	  Jed Clanton Racer

Event - Imperial Die Bak Speed Challenge

Medal Needed - Just Win

Unlocks - Core Worlds Master Cup

Event - San Kei Outfield Eliminator

Medal Needed - Just Win

Unlocks - Race Official Concept Gallery

Event - Cyan Hughes Testimonial 

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Imperial Die Bak R track
	  Acer Naim Substructure R Track

Core Worlds Master Cup

Medal Needed - Gold

Unlocks - Saber Rotational Render
	- Caldera Quary Track
	- Nexus Racer 
	- Racing / Tussling Pre Visualization
	- Super Speedway Sense of Speed Test
	- Cornering Pre-visualization
	- Racer Start Sequence Pre-visualization
	- Overtaking Pre Visualization
	- Machiko Facial Animation test
	- Tenna Rotational Render Test
	- Replay Pre Visualization
	- Clanton in game cockpit animation test
	- Crash and Debris Pre Visualization 01
	- Crash and Debris Pre Visualization 02
	- Overtaking dummy Pre Visualization
	- Impacts and damage Pre Visualization
	- Drafting and blocking Pre Visualization
	- Oversteering and sliding Pre Visualization
	- Breaking and cornering Pre Visualization
	- Clanton Cockpit animation test

			9. H I N T S  N '  T I P S

These are some extra bits of information that should help you gain the 
advantage in any race you are in.  


These are some extra things that, once learned how to do, will help you 
through the races, and, hopefully, give you an edge in multiplayer mode.

Boost Start: At the start of the race, during the count down, if you are able
	to rev your engine into high gear, with out making the red arrows 
	appear, you will charge your boost up.  If you can fully charge it
	before the count down is over, you gain a boost at the start of the
	race! (very valuable, must learn technique)

Boost Start
For Different: Different racers should use the boost start in different ways.
Racers		For heavier racers, such as Angul, It can be useful to boost
		yourself right into the blades in front of you, causing them 
		to start off balance. On the other hand, for light
		racers, such as Amran or Sun, Boost yourself, but aim your
		blade so that you go _around_ any blades in front of you.
		This will allow you to accelerate all the easier, and
		obtain your top speed faster.

Steering: Steering in this game is Analog only, no digital. So remember that
	the slightest touch of the left stick affects your car. Slowly move
	it as needed, don't slam it at the last moment.

Use the Brakes!:  Remember to use your brakes as needed. Especially on tight
	turns! If you think you are going to hit something, brake instead.
	Though you'll loose speed either way, if you're able to avoid hitting
	anything, you'll lose less speed from braking. You also save any 
	boost charge you may have had.  

Drafting: Whenever another blade passes you, notice the smoke trail coming 
	from them.  If you are close enough to the opposing blade, and are
	able to follow in that trail, you will begin to Draft.  Drafting
	gives you increased speed while you are doing it, allowing you to 
	catch up and eventually pass the blade in front of you. It helps
	to be close.

Fish Tailing:  Fish tailing allows you to more easily take those tight turns.
	To perform, while going full speed, turn into the corner and slam on
	your brake.  Release the throttle for a longer slide effect, or 
	keep on it for a smaller slide. (Another valuable, must learn tech)

Ram Boosting: Not every Blade is designed for Ram Boosting.  The Heavier ones
	,such as Khalid and Angul, can do more devestating Boost Rams while
	at the same time, recieve less damaging Rams from others. Armor helps
	determine the damage you recieve from the Ram, while weight 
	determines the ferocity of Rams given and recieved. Avoid ramming if
	you have a light weight blade.

Manual Shifting: As with any racing game, Manual gear shifting is the way to
	go. Once mastered, it allows you to gain a slight bit of speed when
	needed, which allows you to shave precious seconds off your time.

Race to the Finish!: ALWAYS save at least one boost for the end of the final
	lap.  Most tracks have their end of laps on a straight a way
	allowing you to make a last ditch effort if needed.  And after the
	first couple of tracks, you are going to _need_ to have a at least
	one boost available if you want to place first. For some of the end 
	races it is probably preferable to have 2 or 3 instead. 

Repair Turn: I've already mentioned that Repairing slows you down and that
	you should learn the best times to repair.  Well, one of the best
	times to repair is as you enter a sharp turn. This way, you get
	the benefit of the repair, and the fact that it slows you down 
	also aides you, allowing you to turn all the more sharply. Learn
	what turns are best for this.

Regular Rams: Try to avoid ramming opponents blades, unless you are doing
	a boost ram.  Merely ramming an opponent will usually result in
	you giving them a boost of speed while slowing yourself down, or

Watch the Arrows: Be mindful of the arrows that appear at the bottom of
	your screen.  They are telling you the location of the racer
	that is closest behind you.  By watching the arrows, you should
	be able to place your blade in front of theirs, causing a road
	block effect. Or even better, causing them to ram you and 
	giving you a boost of speed.  You will _NEED_ to do this in the
	later races, if you hope to win. 

Watch the Map: Even though the game flashes an arrow to let you know 
	what kind of turn to expect, the arrow is vague in exactly how
	sharp the turn is, or how far ahead the turn is. To aide in 
	your reaction, watch the map on the top right of the screen. 
	This is a map of your position on the current course, and will
	give you a better idea of how sharp of a turn it will be, and 
	how from it you are located. Until you have the courses
	memorized, try to keep one eye on the race and the other eye
	on your map. 

Watch the Smoke: The color of the smoke coming from opponents blades
	displays how much damage they have received. If you see a 
	blade is spouting black smoke, it usually means that it is
	in the critical state. If you can do so, with out interfering
	with your current position, take advantage of this by trying
	to cause them to wreck, or by boost ramming them, and thus
	causing them to explode!

Watch the Loading Screen: That loading screen that you constantly
	see can be helpful. Between events, it displays some
	hints and tips that may prove useful.  Be sure to read 
	them from time to time. you may learn something. 

			10. C O N T A C T I N G  M E

There is only one way that I wished to be contacted anymore, and that is by
email.  I used to allow people to contact me through AIM, but because of a 
great deal of jerks out there, I no longer care to even use AIM or 
any other instant messenger program.

So if you wish to compliment, comment or critiscize this guide, just send an
email to Shen_long36@hotmail.com and please label the subject as GAMEFAQs or 
similar, so that I don't accidentally delete your message, thinking it's spam

				11. T H A N K S

I'd like to thank my friend Brandon for giving me this game.

Thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting this guide

Thanks to the Steelers for winning Super Bowl 40, and causing many drunk
	Pittsburgh females to strip down to their panties in the snow out
	of excitement! 

Thanks to the local news for showing the above ^_~

And thinks to whomever is reading this. As I now know i'm not the only person
	to play this game. 

                    12. R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y

2/03/06 - Got this game from a friend of mine, in exchange for Tony Hawk 

2/06/06 - Finally played this game.  Realized I got ripped off

2/07/06 - Couldn't find any info on this game, ANYWHERE. Decided make my own 

2/08/06 - Added more Racer stats and unlockables. Fixed some previous errors.

02/11/06 - Added the Hints n' Tips section. Finished the Racers and 
	Unlockables section

3/24/06 - Remembered that I started this guide, but never finished it o_O
	fixed some typos in preperation of finishing it later. 

5/27/06 - Forgot I even started this guide.  Realized that I sold the game on 
	eBay and won't be able to finish it.  So i'm uploading what I have 
	so far in hopes it can offer some help. 
	Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.  But not like this game is
	hard to figure out.