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How can i make a girl go sex with me?

When ?
+ is there any girl i can sex or every girl i see even strippers

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hotbigtoad answered:

If you have a girlfriend, she will have sex with you, but only if you get the Progess with her to a certain point first. To do this, go on enough dates, and eventually she will invite you in for "coffee."
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free-bee answered:

Get a prostitute, get girlfriend relationship to 100%. And I believe that is the only 2 ways.
For a prostitute, you get a cool car, honk at woman, or just sit in the car (police cars work too). When the prostitute asks for a "good time" press right on the d-pad. Then when she gets in, go to a secluded place. That should do it.
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gochickens answered:

Not every girl just oncs on the streets and girlfriends.
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jhorbok answered:

Get a car and drive in front of a prostitute when they stop and look at your car just wait and then they'll say you want to have a good time honey. Then press right on the d-pad and find a place with two walls on the side and just stop the car for five seconds and they'll say this seems an okay place.

(The car will start shaking and they will be making rude noise's).
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ross456123789 answered:

1.Get a car.
2.Drive near a women you think would do it.
3.Honk your horn.If she says:"You wanna have a good time?'', press right on the d-pad.She'll get in the car.4.Drive somewhere right on the d-pad.She'll say:"This place seems ok."5.The car starts shaking.
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Gamer-900 answered:

Take her out on dates and eventuly she asks you
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gamemasta2468 answered:

Just go to a prostitute. (im sure that you know what they look like in the game)... Pull up to them in any car i think a police car would work 2, but probably not military cars, honk at them and i think they will say (Do you wanna have a good time) and press right on the d pad go to a place maybe like an alley and there you go..
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